"trying it on for size"

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"Trying It On For Size"

Sam and Luke pulled into the mall parking lot in their Dodge challenger, finding a spot easily. Sam was really looking forward to spending most of this Friday afternoon working her way around the mall, the absolute best shopping spot in all of London. And it's not that Luke wasn't looking forward to going shopping, but for him the best part of the deal was spending so much time with Sam.

As it was just about lunch time, Sam thought it best to get Luke fed, as he'd be a better shopping companion if he wasn't complaining about being hungry. The mall had a fabulous food court, with tons of choices. They split up to fend for themselves, Sam buying herself some wings and a Root beer to drink, while Luke purchased a Fried stuff with a mountain dew chaser.

Luke got his food first, and found a table. He kept his eye on Sam, waiting for her meal, all the way across the food court. Even at this distance she seemed to so lovely to him. Things had always gone so great for them, it just always clicked. And the sex – wow! It started great, and just kept getting better. Like last night. It wasn't just the way they reached a hot and sweaty explosion after fifteen minutes of Luke rhythmically sliding in and out of Sam. It was the way they kissed throughout the act, and moaned together, and giggled. How when Luke whispered "I love you so much" to Sam, her internal muscles grasped him tighter, and she clamped her legs around him even harder, and pushed back against him more forcefully. And when Sam said "I love you, too," how Luke's heart soared, and his member felt like it grew even firmer, and he just wanted to stay inside her forever. And how, when they had finally finished, they stayed connected until each drifted off into a blissful, peaceful sleep, not waking for a couple hours, Luke still lying on top of Sam. Thinking of all that, Luke was glad he was sitting down – he was getting another erection.

Sam finally got her food, and started back, looking for Luke. Even among a crowd of people, she never had trouble finding Luke. Starting toward him, she couldn't help but notice the way Luke was watching her. And knew instantly what was on his mind. Not that she could blame him. It was on her mind, too. She was still a bit knocked out by last night, and as she thought about it, a nice little buzz began to grow in her clitoris. Which only got stronger as she approached Luke, looking as good as he always does. Particularly when he wears just his Shirts. Yeah, he is one sexy guy, Sam thought, with his great brown hair, those gorgeous brown eyes, and he has definitely got the most fantastic hair I've ever seen.

As Sam approached to sit down, Luke said "I'd stand up, but it might be Replied Sam, "I had a feeling you were thinking about that. I could just see it in your eyes." "So maybe we can hurry through the shopping and head back home?" Luke inquired. plenty of time for that later," Sam answered. They powered though their food court meals, bussed their tables (being the responsible mall citizens they are), and set off on their shopping expedition.

First stop was a large department store, where Luke basically followed Sam from counter to counter. Sam bought a hairband, Luke agreeing it looked great atop her thick brown locks. Sam found some fun earrings, Luke endorsing them by saying they went great with her brown eyes. That new top she was considering? "Perfect, really shows off your fabulous ass," Luke assented. Basically, they both knew he was just finding different ways to approve everything she was considering… and it was a system that worked well for them.

They shopped a bit for Luke, who was his typical "It's fine, let's just buy it" self. A quick trip to the pet shop produced a bag of food for their dog, as well as lots of "Oh, God, is that the cutest thing you've ever seen!" from Sam in regards to each and every one of the puppies.

But then they went into a small, very sexy lingerie shop, one that offered its customer quite service. Soft rock was playing, and a vanilla scented candle was burning. Luke followed Sam as she cruised around the shop, picking out a couple of different items. Then she went into the dressing room to begin trying things on, leaving Luke out on the floor, with that awful feeling men get while alone in such places: I must look like a total pervert standing here.

But he began to feel better the moment Sam stepped out of the dressing room, wearing a very revealing, very sexy bra. Luke, who had been so quick to approve everything Sam had tried on earlier, now took quite a while to study it. "Turn around, let's see it from all angles…" Luke ordered, and Sam was happy to oblige. She loved showing off for him, reveling in his lustful gaze. Luke finally declared, "Might even be as sexy as when you wear your crop top." said Sam, then added, "You know what? Why don't you just come back in the dressing room? Then I won't have to parade around out here." "Is that okay?" Luke asked. Sam answered by taking his hand and leading him back.

Alone together in the dressing room, its door locked, Sam removed the bra she'd been wearing, then tried to decide which of several others to try on next. "You think you'll like this one?" she asked Luke, holding one up for him to see. But Luke was staring at her bare breasts. "I don't know, but I really like those two," Luke said. "Thank you," Sam said with a giggle, "but right now I need your opinion of 'those two' in this one." Sam put on the bra in question, and modeled it for Luke. "Looks good," he said, "but let's really check it out." With that, Luke reached out to gently heft Sam's breasts. "Okay, good support," he said. Then, lightly running his fingers over the cups (and tickling her nipples in the process), Luke declared "Fine material." And finally, reaching back to dexterously unhook the bra with one hand and allow it to drop to the floor, Luke said "And excellent quality latching mechanism. I approve."

Standing topless in front of Luke, Sam couldn't help but laugh. "You are too much," she said. "No, you are," Luke answered, gently kissing Sam's cheek, then trailing his tongue lightly down her face, her shoulder, to the tops of her breast, then around her nipple. "Sweetheart, we can't do this in here," Sam said. Causing Luke to now flick his tongue across Sam's nipple, bring his hand up gently caress her other breast, then begin to suck her nipple. Sam certainly enjoyed the feel – her clitoris, which had been buzzing earlier, was now at it again, as she happened to have a direct line from her nipples to her lower regions. But she didn't want to do this, now, here. After a moment, she pulled Luke's head away, and cupped his face in her hands. "Babe, we'll head for the bedroom as soon as we're done here. I'm just into the public thing. Okay?" "Sure," said Luke, "no problem."

Luke looked through the items Sam had brought into the dressing room, then held up a sheer teddy. "Why don't you try this on?" he suggested. "Sure," said Sam, slipping it over her head. It felt so delicate on her upper body, particularly the way it lightly hung on her erect nipples. Luke studied Sam for a moment, then said, "Yeah, it's okay. Of course, you wouldn't be wearing pants. Right?" With a slight smile, Sam undid her pants, let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. Luke continued his inspection. "Do those come with matching panties, or might you not be wearing any panties at all?" Her smile now taking on the nature of "wry," Sam removed and stepped out of her panties. Though wearing the thin, gossamer-like negligee, Sam was for all intents and purposes completely naked now in front of Luke. And frankly, beginning to get really turned on by the situation, as she could feel the moisture seeping into her womanhood.

Luke continued his act of Sam in her negligee, but his rapidly hardening penis was making him quite uncomfortable, a fact not lost on Sam. "Having a little trouble there, big boy?" Sam asked him. "Nothing I can't handle," Luke replied. "Well, how about if I handle it for you?" Sam asked, reaching for Luke's crotch. She gently adjusted his shaft so it now pointed up under his pants, then began to rub up and down it. "I take it you like how I look in this thing?" Sam asked. "Oh yeah," Luke replied. "When we get home, you can put it back on, and we'll have some fun." "Why wait 'til then?" Sam said with a sly smile.

"What happened to 'I'm not into the public Luke asked. Sam didn't even bother to answer, opening Luke's pants and reaching into his underwear to get her hand around his firmness. Luke responded by reaching under the flimsy negligee and finding Sam's already wet vagina. He dipped a finger into her, then spread the wetness up into her crevice. Sam used her free hand to push Luke's pants and underwear down to his thighs, freeing his manhood so she could give it even more attention. Luke continued teasing Sam, letting his middle finger circle her clitoris for a moment, then slide back down into her opening. Both were extremely turned on by now, eyes closed, breathing getting ragged. And then…

"Do you need a hand in there?" It was the salesgirl, outside the door, checking up on Sam. They both froze, and held their breaths, while still holding each other's private parts. "Um, no, thanks," Sam finally managed to say. "Everything I need is right here." "Okay," said the salesgirl. "I've got another customer on the floor, but I'll be back in a couple minutes. I have something else for you to try." Luke and Sam held it together as long as they could, then both burst out laughing. "All right," Luke said, "I guess we'll pick this up when we get home." "No way," Sam countered. "I want it, now. Right now. Let me just get you ready." And before Luke could even reply, Sam had engulfed his penis in her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around, trying to produce as much lubricating saliva as she could. Then she licked up and down and all around the shaft. When she finally pulled back, the wetness on Luke's manhood made it shine under the high intensity store lights.

Wearing just the negligee, Sam backed up against the wall of the dressing room, and stood with her legs apart. She reached out for Luke's erection, and pulled it, and him, towards her. Luke squatted down a bit to allow Sam to line up the engorged head with her very warm, very wet vagina. They both held their breath, then with Sam pushing down, and Luke pushing up, he slid in effortlessly. "Ohhhh" they said together, Sam squeezing down on Luke's shaft. "God, that feels so good," Luke moaned, "I'm sorry, but this isn't going to take long." "I don't want it to," Sam gasped back, overwhelmed by the instrument of pleasure splitting her open. Sam wrapped her legs around Luke's back, letting him support her against the wall. Holding her tightly in his arms, her weight resting on his hips, Luke began to move in and out of Sam.

This was a new position for Sam and Luke, and it took them a moment to find a rhythm. But soon they were in sync, Luke's erection pushing in and out of Sam's wetness. Sam's muscles grasping and ungrasping his huge penis. Their pelvises were mashed together in this position, resulting in lots of pushing and pulling and rubbing of Sam's clitoris, which was driving her wild. Opening her eyes, Sam realized she could watch the proceedings on the mirror behind Luke. And what a sight it was, seeing her bare legs around Luke's hips, and his bare butt pulling back and pushing forward into her. The sight brought her to another level of excitement. "Oh God, I'm so close already," Sam moaned. "Just a little more, a little more…"

Luke was on the verge himself. He couldn't believe he was with this gorgeous woman, wearing this incredible outfit, in a dressing room, with a salesgirl due to return any second. He felt like he'd never been this deep inside Sam, and he'd never seen her acting this wild. She was moaning in his ear now, and then, when she stuck her tongue into his ear hole, she pushed him over the edge. He felt the semen surge into his shaft. Sam could feel her tension rising, and involuntarily began the quick little "ehhs" that signaled she was about to orgasm, too. Luke tried to hold on – one stroke, another, now all the way in… And then Luke exploded, shooting wave after wave of hot seed deep into Sam's vagina. Sam felt herself soar, as if weightless, as she exploded, too, clamping herself on Luke's pulsing erection, waves of pleasure washing up into her core, and down through her thighs.

It was at least thirty seconds before they could speak, two hot, sweaty lovers, mashed up against each other in the small dressing room. They looked deep into each other's eyes, and then just started laughing. They couldn't believe what they'd actually done. Carefully disentangling themselves, Luke crammed his barely softened penis back into his underwear, and pulled up his pants. Sam quickly got herself dressed as well. Just as she finished zipping her pants, the salesgirl was back, knocking at the door. Sam opened it, the salesgirl holding out another negligee, and saying, "I thought you might like to try this teddy." "No thanks," said Sam, holding up the one she had been wearing during their tryst. "This one works great. I'll take it." Happy to make the sale, the salesgirl took it from Sam and started away to ring it up. Sam and Luke followed her out, happy to have the memory, and looking forward to making more.

story by: Willie G 123

Tags: teen male/teen female fantasy sex story

Author: Willie G 123

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