Under the bridge 2/3

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There we were. Alex and I under the bridge during a mid summer day. He was knelt in front of my abdomen and was unbuttoning my pants. He pulled down my shorts and left my underwear still on. My raging hard on was throbbing against my tented boxers. He pulled them down leaving his face inches from my dick. I could feel his warm breath against my balls as he began to lick. He started at my sack and licked all the way up to my mushroom head and slowly kissed the tip of my dick. He sucked my cock into his hot and wet mouth. He worked his way down until my hard cock felt his uvula press against it. He kept going and my cock slid past it to his tonsils. I was moaning loudly now as 3/4 of my dick was in his mouth. Alex took a pause to breath and the began to take in the last bit. He slid my dick past his tonsils and down his esophagus. He kept it there while he swallowed his spit to massage my cock. The wave like motion of his throat made me cum a lot. Since my dick was already 2 inches down his throat, the cum shot down into his stomach. He swallowed some more to get all of my cum and then took out my dick in one giant release of suction. The sound accompanied my moans of ecstasy. "Gosh man how did you do that?" I finally said. "I don't know I just kinda did it. I hated the taste though" said Alex. We headed back to the house and spent the afternoon watching movies and playing games. When night came, we slipped into the bed long after his grandparents were asleep downstairs. They were very heavy sleepers and apparently the room was close to sound proof. Before Alex got into the bed, he locked the door and turned off the lights. I couldn't see him but I heard a rustle of clothing that I guessed was him taking off his shorts. He slid into the bed and we sat in silence for a while. He finally whispered, "man I've got a huge hard on thinking about that blowjob we gave each other" I thought about earlier in the day and my dick began to rise, pushing my boxers up. "Me too" I said back. He reached over and found my upper thigh, moving his hand until it was over my cock. I did the same to him only to find my hand touching his silky naked cock. It was rock hard and extremely warm in my grasp. I took off my boxers with my other hand and he began to stroke my dick as I stroked his. We scooted closed and spit on each other's dicks to make them wet. I could feel him as well as myself coming to orgasm before he stopped. He looked at the clock, 3:34 AM. He pushed off the covers and got up, his dick still hard as he walked. My eyes had adjusted to the room and I could see his hard cock gleaming in the moonlight. "Come on" he whispered, opening the window. I followed him out the window down a makeshift ladder to the ground. "I made that a while ago" he whispered. "Follow me." We walked across the cow pasture to a wooded area. "Dude come look at this, I found it last weekend." We walked up to what seemed to be a large group of big bushy pine trees. Alex led the way around the back where a tiny hole was visible. We crouched down and entered the hole and we were soon standing in the middle of a cleared circle of pines. "Someone planted these trees in a circle so that their trunks would all touch and make a big room." Alex said. A tarp was set out on the ground and we both sat down, our dicks hardening after the walk. I stared at Alex's cock and started to rub my own while he did the same. "Hey bro" he said after a couple of minutes. "Yeah?" I said. "I wonder what it feels like to actually have sex, like in her vagina" I thought about this for a moment,"yeah me too. I wish there was a girl here we could try it with." Alex looked down between my legs "have you ever seen anal porn?" He asked. "Yeah, it kind of looks hot I would love to try it sometime" I said back. "Why don't we?" He said. I was shocked that he would want to try this but after some thought I agreed. "Yeah man" I said. Alex stood up and walked over to me and layed down flat on the tarp. I spit on my cock to lubricate it and told him to hold open his ass cheeks. I pressed my warm cock against his hole and layed on top of him. I gave him a massive pelvic thrust but my dick remained outside of his ass. After about 10 try's, we switched, with Alex trying to penetrate me. It didn't seem to work at all. Then I had an idea. "Hey get on all fours" I said. Alex obliged and got down on his knees, his ass spread open towards me. I moved towards him and spit over my cock. I rubbed my saliva covered dick all over his ass and slowly applied pressure. My head and shaft were throbbing while I pressed against his ass. Then the unexpected happened. Alex grabbed my hands and placed them on his hard cock. Then, using his cock as a handle bar, and with him pressing hard against me, I thrusted my hips and the head of my dick sunk into his extremely warm ass. The feeling of his muscles contracting around my dick felt hot and wet. He pressed against me again and half of my shaft sank into him. Finally, I pulled hard back on his cock against me, pushing the last of my dick deep into his colon. He moaned and cried out at the pain but kept pushing against me and saying how good it felt. After this I pulled out my dick just enough to insert my ball sack as well as my dick. I started to fuck him slow at first, my balls bouncing around inside of him, but then I went faster and faster until I cummed more than I have in my life. Load after load of hot sticky cum quickly filled up his ass. I started to remove my dick but he pulled me against him and said "I dare you to piss in me" I waited until my cock softened in his ass and began to piss. The warm feeling of my piss filling his already cum stuffed colon felt amazing. I finally pulled out and he managed to suck up the cum and piss into himself. He stood up and came behind me while I bent down on all fours. I felt his warm wetness on my ass and shivered. He began to hump my ass until his head popped in, sliding the entire thing in after. He started to fuck hard and bent over to lay on my back as he fucked. He grabbed my again hard cock and started pumping it. As he did this, I felt his cock slide past my prostate. He cummed inside and I felt myself fill up with his warmth. His cock softened and piss flooded my ass. When he removed his dick, his bodily fluids poured from my ass. I had gotten hard again and we cleaned ourselves with an old rag and he became hard again as well. He laid on his back and I got on top of him the other direction. He slurped my cock into his warm mouth and I deep throated his dick. He slid my head around the same place as last time, so I did the same. We one upped each other, taking more and more in until we had our cocks completely lodged down each other's esophagus. We both started to spasm and release our load of cum at the same time, shooting every bit down those last few inches into each other's stomachs. We both forcefully jerked out our cocks, created a loud erotic sound. We walked to the creek and cleaned up and then headed back to the house. As I headed home the next day I realized this would be a very eventful summer.

story by: Wither.lover

Tags: blowjob anal true story teen male / teen male sex story

Author: Wither.lover

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