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One – Taken

I had a hard time listening to what our tour guide was rambling on about as I blended into the back of our large, huddled mass. The only reason I agreed to spend my spring break in Europe was for the parties and experience the craziness abroad. During the last seven days it had been one museum after another, after another. I was so sick of staring at statues, old buildings, and other shit I didn’t care about. We were in college for God’s sake; did they really think these were the most interesting things in Europe to people our age? I only had one more night here and I was going to make the most of it. I decided I could get a better tour of Europe working solo than I could if I stayed with the group.
In only a matter of minutes, the group turned the corner. Since I was already in the back, I was able to slip out a side door and made my way down the streets of Berlin. I’d spent hardly any of my Euros, so I dropped into a nearby bar for a frosty drink. I sat down alone and figured a few drinks would give me the motivation to go out to look for a mysterious guy. I shifted on my stool in my skin tight jeans while staring up at the mixed drink list. I paid no attention to the other few people in the place before I decided to tell the barkeep what I was having.
“Can I help you, doll?” he asked me, surprisingly in English.
“Yeah, I’ll take a whiskey sour,” I told him, my drink of choice back home.
right up,” he nodded and spun around. A moment or two later he appeared with a stunningly large glass filled to the brim and set it swiftly down on the napkin in front of me. “This drink is compliments of the gentleman in the black coat in the booth behind you.”
“Oh,” I said in half genuine and half mock surprise before spinning on my bar stool to check the identity of my alcohol donor. He didn’t even so much as smile from behind his sunglasses and the tall coat collar that shadowed his face. He seemed to just be staring right at me.
That’s creepy, I thought to myself, but be nice Audrey. He’s just showing his strange appreciation for a sexy American college student. I raised the glass to him and smiled before taking a generous sip.
I mumbled before turning around to hide my uneasiness. I didn’t like when people I didn’t know did nice things for me. Even when strangers would offer to help me carry heavy things or walk with me to my car, it kind of made me uncomfortable. Sure, it was nice to get a free drink, but I felt obligated to talk to him in some way. Sure, I understood a kind gesture, but I liked being self-sufficient and independent.
I sipped the drink slowly before I wondered what I could do with my suddenly open afternoon. After glancing around the bar, I decided that I wouldn’t bother sticking around too long. It didn’t look like there was anything or anyone interesting here. After this drink I would see what else the village had to offer, maybe visit a couple of shops or hope to meet a dashing European guy who would take me out for the evening. It was Europe, after all, anything was possible.

Two – Trapped

I felt the staleness of the air around me, waking me up from my deep sleep. I didn’t know how long I had been out or why it was pitch black in the room I was in. The last thing I remembered was sneaking off on my own from the tour group and maybe going into a bar. I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head and I went to reach for my scalp when I realized my hands were bound together. What the fuck? I thought. Now I was scared.
I tried to slip my hands from the ropes that held them together. I rolled off the dirty mattress and felt around with my feet to get a feel for the size of the room. It was barely bigger than a closet. I was dressed just in my thong, my bra and a tank top. My pussy wasn’t sore so I didn’t think I had been raped, flooding me with relief. I shook off the fake optimism as I felt slow tears roll down my cheeks. I should have listened to our chaperones and stayed close to the group. I can be so stupid sometimes.
I screamed through the tears, But there was no one to hear me.
A few moments passed before I heard the distinct sound of boots on the stone floor outside the room. They were getting louder as they approached.
“Hello? Let me out of here?” It was a long shot to ask but I didn’t have much to lose. There was no response except the sound of the door being unlocked and a dim light seeping in from the hallway. The figure before me was a dark shadow which I couldn’t to see because I had been in complete darkness for so long. I began to cry profusely and beg for answers.
“What do you want with me?” I cried out. /> The figure said nothing and moved closer toward me. I kicked and flailed, fearing the worst, only to realize he was not trying to touch me. He sat on a nearby wooden stool.
“My name is The Caregiver. I am sure you have many questions. All I can tell you right now is that I am here to alleviate your suffering. In several hours time you will meet my counterpart, a much meaner, crueler, and soulless man. Just remember it’s always darkest before the dawn. I will always be here for you.” With that, he rose from the stool and stepped into the hallway. My eyes widened in panic. What the fuck was he talking about? I wondered.

“Wait! Please let me out of here, I can pay you,” I pleaded as I listened to the sounds of the door locking and his feet carrying him further away from my fragile body. Tears continued to stream down my face as I thought of my parents and my friends, wondering whether I would ever see anyone I loved again. I stood and backed into the stone walls to feel for anything I could use to free my hands. I gave up after several minutes, after falling onto my face when I tripped over the stool. I lay back onto the mattress to wait and eventually dozed off. I snapped up from my sleep when I heard the rattling of keys and the locking mechanism of the giant cell door.
“Hello? I’ll do anything you want if you please let me go,” I lied, sitting forward on the mattress. My eyes were growing accustom to the dark and I noticed the figure before me was a light skinned man, standing firmer and much shorter than the man from before. This was not The Caregiver.
“I am The Depraved and you are here for my amusement. You are not being held for ransom, you are not going to be killed or sold to a foreign sex traffic trade. You are now a permanent slave and resident of this manor. You will not be released and all attempts to escape will be treated as treason and issued a severe punishment. I—“
I screamed, interrupting him, unwilling to hear anything else he had to say. “Somebody let me out of here!”
The next thing I felt was a sharp smack to my face, knocking me from a sitting position, back onto the bed. I had never been hit by a man before. My parents never even spanked me as a child. I had also managed to avoid ever getting into a fight so this was a shock. I was left on my back, speechless.
your only warning. I will not issue you any further punishment than I intended when I came down to your room. I will reiterate to you. I am not here to be your friend or comply with your wishes. Do not fight me and do not try to escape and this will go much easier and less painful for you. Today I am going to start you off easy. You are going to suck my cock until I cum. If you use teeth, bite down, or injure me in any way, I will put you through an agonizing pain that you will not forget.”
“There is no way I am going to put your penis in my mouth!” I stammered. He said nothing and approached me forcefully. The Depraved undid his pants, freeing his massive cock which was already almost fully hard from what I could tell and knelt on top of me. His legs squeezed my sides and the 10 inch wonder sat right in front of my face.
I sealed my lips as tight as I could and thrashed my head from side to side in a defiant no. His strong hands grasped my head and kept it still as his hips inched his cock against my lips. As much as I wanted to bite his fucking cockhead right off, I was still scared and hoping I could eventually escape to even try that. But I was still not going to open my mouth for this bastard.
His left hand moved to my shoulder and pinched me as hard as he could to cause an involuntary gasp. This allowed him the perfect opportunity to slide his hard cock into my now open mouth. He didn’t make a sound as my mouth close around his cock, he just resumed his two handed stronghold on my head and thrust his rock hard dick in and out of my mouth. I lay there motionless, not moving my lips or tongue and all I could think about was not gagging when his cockhead hit the back of my throat. I could feel his sticky precum dripping down my throat and it took all my willpower to keep from throwing up. I shifted my tongue which had become uncomfortable to the other side of my mouth real fast.
It slid across the underside of his pulsating cock and I involuntarily elicited a sharp moan from him. He continued to thrust in sharp, deliberate pushes into my throat and I just prayed it would be over soon. A few minutes later I felt him spray his hot cum down my throat and I tried to hold it in my mouth, not wanting to swallow it.
“I’m gonna hold my cock in your mouth until I feel you swallow my cum, you little bitch,” he laughed. Realizing I had no choice, I allowed his dirty cum to slide down my freshly fucked throat and into my already sickened stomach. He slid his spent dick from my pursed lips and stuffed it back into his pants. I rolled over onto the mattress and crawled to the toilet in the corner, listening to the sound of the door locking me back inside me dark prison. I gagged and gagged until I was able to force myself to throw up the cum I had just swallowed before rolling back onto the mattress and closing my eyes.

Three – Acclamation

Many hours later I was trying hard to listen for any sounds that could give me clues about where I was. I heard the familiar sound of the key unlocking my cell door as I backed up, scared, into the corner. I immediately recognized the taller figure as The Caregiver and relaxed a bit.
“Stand up, my little one, I am here to bring you for your shower,” I didn’t shy away as he approached me and complied right away when he asked me to turn around. I felt him free my hands but noticed the nightstick tucked into the belt on his hip.
“You must be starving,” he smiled and handed me a tray with an array of hot foods. I dove in with my hands like an animal, force feeding myself. What the hell, I thought, I have no one to impress here. After I finished, he led me down the hall to a large room with a drain on the floor and a showerhead near the ceiling.
“I am sorry we do not have a hot water heater, you’re going to have to make due,” he apologized, turning on the freezing cold water and nudging me under the stream. The Caregiver stroked my face and my neck gently before lathering my long hair with what I assumed was some form of soap or shampoo. He then rinsed my hair and stroked it slowly through his fingers.
Next, he lathered his hands with soap and moved further into the shower room with me before rubbing soap all over my body. He started with my neck and arms before working his hands forcefully over my tits and stomach. He went in gentle circles, squeezing in a pleasurable way which might have actually excited me if the water weren’t suitable for the Arctic Circle. He made his made to my hips and legs going all the way to my toes while simultaneously rinsing me in the flowing shower stream. The last place he washed was my nearly clean shaved pussy. Since I had been here, a few hairs had begun to regrow. I felt him grab a razor from a shelf nearby and spray something upon it. How many times had these two done this? I wondered. He shaved my pubic region bare before re-soaping his hands and lathering up my pussy really well. After it was clean, he let his fingers linger between my lips and rubbed me gently, causing my eyes to close and bite my lip in anticipation. It didn’t last, however, as my eyes snapped open when the water was shut off and a towel was thrown around me and I was rubbed dry. I was dried as quick as can be and usher back into my cell. He took a few steps toward the door to leave before I finally spoke.
“What about my clothes?” I asked him.
“Oh, you won’t be needing those any longer,” he smiled and shut the door.

Four – Punishment

I came to after a weird tapping noise broke my deep sleep from my place on the firm, dirty mattress. It was the Depraved who was rapping his foot against the stone floor while sitting on the stool in the corner. When had he come into my room? I wondered. I must have really been out cold.
he cackled before approaching my side. “I have good news and bad news, which would you like first?” he laughed.
“Fuck you!” I spat at him, landing on his chest. He shook his head and simply looked at me, clearly disappointed.
“Actually it’s going to be vice versa and since you didn’t decide, I’ll start with the good news, that’s always my favorite. My brother and I have many things to do today so we’re going to have to make this quick. The bad news? This is going to be a lot more painful than me fucking your tight little throat last time. Turn over onto your stomach.”
Good, I thought. Fuck me and get it over with so I can continue brainstorming some sort of way out of here. He knelt over me with a leg on either side of my ass and stroked his hardening cock as he prepared to enter me. I lay there still, dead weight and disgusted at my current circumstances.
I heard him spit and feel his cockhead above my pussy, square with my asshole. My eyes widen in fear and I desperately try to pull free, realizing what was about to transpire.
“No, no, baby, hold still now, it’ll all be over soon enough. Your ass is mine now.”
“NO! Please don’t, I’ve never had anything up my ass. Fuck my pussy, please, it’s still really tight, please, please. Not my ass,” I cried out fiercely as I felt my eyes well up and tears coming down my soft white cheeks.
“Ssshh sshh. It’s okay, relax your little bottom for me.” I felt his first thrust towards my quivering asshole and I clenched as tight as I could to prevent the unwanted intruder. “It’s only going to hurt worse if you clench, ease up and it will go much easier, trust me. You know I’m going to get it in either way.”
Reluctantly, I took his advice and went limp, feeling his cockhead stretch my tight ass open. At least he is being gentle, I thought as he carefully rocked back and forth, sliding only an inch or two into my virgin ass at a time. I grabbed two giant handfuls of mattress as this continued for several minutes. It felt weird at first, like nothing I had ever experienced. Once he had most of his cock going in and out of my ass, I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. It was extremely uncomfortable but strangely it was turning me on at the same time. His hands were kneading my tender white ass cheeks apart as he began to thrust a little more forcefully into my waiting ass.
“Oh God, you are so much tighter than I’m used to. You really were an ass virgin. I’m gonna enjoy this.” The Depraved moaned. I ignored his taunts and continued to focus on what felt like a telephone pole splitting my backside in half. My anus burned with each thrust and I use my free hands to furiously rub my clit to keep my mind off the pain. His hands crawled up my back as his cock stretched my ass wide open before making their way to my hair. He grabbed two handfuls of hair before announcing:
“I’m cumming, I’m gonna fill your tight little virgin asshole with my hot cum. You’re mine forever.” Right as he said that I felt filled with his hot seed and I reacted to my hair being tugged hard. Injection after injection of cum filled deep in my ass before he collapsed onto my back. He finally withdrew his cock before patting me on the back and leaving the room and locking the door. I crawled toward the toilet in disgust.

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