Vengeance, a sweet delight

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Vengeance, a sweet delight

We had always been competitive, me and Jennifer. We grew up competing against each other. First in the neighborhood games, then with the neighborhood boys. We would do anything to better one another. We stole each others bikes, clothing, friends, eventually we started to hurt each other more directly, more physically. That’s when things had to stop.

I moved away, just across town, but away from Jennifer. I graduated college, got married, got divorced, and had a boy, who loved me. Jennifer life was almost identical, but she had a daughter, Lucile. Lucile was a killer, gorgeous girl. Tough as steel, cold as ice, one of those calculating viscous girls that you see, feel in airports or who pass you on a city street. One that you just know to leave alone, to let pass by. Lucile was one of those girls.

As life has it, the not so random nature of nature, my boy had met Lucile at a pick-up volley ball game, took her home and fuck her all night. I guess the kids today would say they well they fucked. My boy kinda of told me in a shy sleepy way, then as the story went on, in a more detailed way, constantly asking for my permission to tell more, telling more. My god, to be young.

“Will you see Lucile again?”

“Yes, mom” he stated, as though it was an obviously annoying question.

To bring back old demons, to have them rise again goes against all wisdom. Let sleeping dogs lie, they say. But, they also say that vengeance is a meal best served cold and I just wanted pleasure, not wisdom.

I told my son about Jennifer, Lucile's mom. The mean things she had done to me, the humiliations, the pain, the innocent me.

“I want you to fuck Lucile hard, I want her to want you. She is a hard girl, and she needs a man, a real man. Find her desires, find her fantasies and pursue them. If she wants to be fucked in the ass, fuck her in the ass. If wants to be tied up and controlled, do it. You are not there for yourself, you are there to consume her with her own desires. Do you />
My boy looked a bit confused, I was asking him to be more of a man then most men are ever asked to be. “I think so, Mom, but I may need your help, … advise at times.”

“You will have it, and anything else you need.”

Inside some of us, both men and woman lives a little warrior, a calculating strategist, a phyco-puppy just waiting to light someone up. Here I was.

The weekend came and went, my boy spent time with Lucile, a good deal of time.

“Well son, tell me about your weekend, how was your girl?”

“She was fine, she was hot.”

“Mom, she likes it up the ass … really”

“Did you tie her up?”

“No, …. but when I fucked her, she let me hold her hands tight against her back and push her head into the bed.”

“Next time, tie her up. Have her take her cloths off, have her climb upon the bed, facing away from you. Have her kneel, face into the bed. Tie her up kneeling, hands behind. Loop her thighs to her body. Cover her eyes. Pull her on the edge of the bed. Spread her legs by tieing her ankles to each of the bed posts, front then back. When pull her wrist over her head, again looping them to the opposite bed posts, front then back, keeping them center to her body. Be careful not to hurt her shoulders, but this will force her face into the bed. You have to get equipment. Be />
“After she is tied up, wait. Tease her. Tease her exposed privates, with a whip, a stick. Don't hurt her, that will come later.”

“I want you to take two 100 mg of Viagra, a hour before. You are not to drink, only water. It would be good, if she was a little drunk, maybe some Tequila. When you fuck her, lube her ass-hole, and only fuck her ass-hole. But, don't put your dick into her mouth unless she begs for it. Always, make her wait. You can tease her mouth with your dick, but don't put it until she begs for it.”

“Have her call herself something. A whore. A slut. She will say that she wants to be called, let her decide.”

“Fuck her for as long as you are hard, and you are a young man with 200 mg of Viagra in you, it will be a long time.”

“Take pictures, video. Don't let her know. Try not to film yourself, just her. Record what she says. Take your time. When you are all done, clean up, put away the equipment and leave her. Untie her from the bed post, tell her to stay and leave.”

“Where do think you will fuck her next?”

“The motel on Rt 56, near the horse barn.”

“OK. Put together a bag of equipment, the items I mentioned. Use your computer bag, she won't think about it when you bring it in.”

“Get her drunk, this is a critical point, after this time it will be much easier.”

“But, Mom />
“But, Mom, nothing. Think about how her mother hurt me, and how I have lived to hurt her back. That fucking cock sucking whore bitch. I have for lived years with so much pain, so much humiliation, I need you to help me. Please”

“Mom, of coarse, I am sorry. I will fuck her like she has never been fucked, I will fuck her so hard, that her mother will feel it.”

what I want.”

I help set up his stuff, gave him the Viagra, a video camera and some money.

“Have fun tonight, and let me see what happened as soon as you can. Love you son”

“You too Mom.”

TV had nothing on that could entertain me, nothing could entertain me except my sick little thoughts. I watched, I waited, I played with myself, had a beer, chips, another beer, more TV. Fuck me.
I hope my son was doing what he was suppose to do. I hope so.

I must have falling asleep in the early morn. When I awoke there was the video camera lying on the table near me. Good boy.

The film started with Lucile naked on the bed. Her hands were tied, so were her ankles and wrists. She was blindfolded, face pressed into the bed. All four bedpost were doing their job. Good boy.

The film wandered around her, watch as she struggled a bit, begged, when she got mad, slap. “No, no, no” my son's voice came across. She stopped being mad.

The lube came out, and was pushed into her ass, not so nicely. She stiffened. Then my son's dick came out, what a nice dick, it was thrust in with two, maybe three firm, relentless pushes. She stiffened a bit more. And he started to fuck her. Oh my God. Poor kid.

He fuck her. He fuck that ass-hole as though he wanted to rip her apart, to collapse her, and she did. He keep fucking her. He did not make a sound, only her, her mouth, her ass-hole made sound, much the same sound. And he just kept fucking her.

“Please, no more.”

“Please, anything. Fuck my mouth.”

“What do I call you and why should I care?” my son's voice broke the silence of pleads and that sound of her hole sucking on his cock”

“You can me whore, slut, slave, meat, cum whore, anything you wants, just please…stop fucking my ass .. Please”

“No, no” as he continued to jam himself into her “ what do you want to be called?”

“Lucile … Lucile the cunt-whore, cunt-whore Lucile”

“Well, Cunt-whore Lucile, why will your mouth bring me greater pleasure than your ass-hole, aren't they the same, a fucking hole?”

“No … my mouth is clean, it has a tongue … it can tease, it can suck, it can lick your cock clean.

“ Please … put your cock into my mouth … please”

“Please let me suck, clean all that filth, all my shit of your cock …. please”

Her voice was so clear, so begging.

I watched as the camera was repositioned, her face pushed against the bed, my son's legs wrapping her head, his shit coated cock placed near her face, her head pulled up, her mouth placed on the shaft of his cock, as he held by her hair “Lick, cunt-whore Lucile, lick”

And she licked, she licked and licked. Every part, long, slow, full licks of her lounge, up the shaft, from balls to head, she licked until it glistened in moist, clean manner. “Now suck, cunt-whore Lucile”

The head of the cock was forced backwards, her head pulled up, the rigid cock entered her mouth, pushing her head further upwards and forward. My son just grabbed her and fuck her like he did her asshole.

“See, cunt-whore Lucile, your mouth is the same as your ass-hole, just a hole to fuck” and he fucked her. As he fucked her mouth, pleads came. “Please stop” she said once as her mouth slipped from him, then placed quickly back again.

He rose, pushed her head down, and returned to her rear. His cock was now clean and wet and slid into her gaping hole with ease. she stiffened, and he fucked her hard.

Over the next hour or so, my son would move his cock from one hole to another, from ass to mouth, mouth to ass, each time fucking her with such vigorous blows that I started feeling sorry for the girl. Then he cummed, deep inside her ass, he exploded. He pulled back, gathered his equipment, released the ropes, said something to her and left. She remain, destroyed, kneeling on the edge of the bed as though waiting for permission to get up.

Good boy.

My son had stop by for late morning coffee and wanted to know if he had done good with Lucile. He had.

By noon the first text messages started.

Hey Loverboy
Had so much fun
Want to do it again

“Don't text back Honey, not till she calls herself by her name and she make no request of you. Do you />
“Yes, Mom. I guess. Will she do that?”

“Yes, Honey. She will.”

Please text
I am so hot
your ATM friend


“Just wait”

It was as though every 30 minutes or so, another text came in.


My mouth
My asshole are waiting for your cock

tell me what you want me to do




“Nah. Not quite right”

Cunt-whore Lucile wants to taste her filth on your cock

tell me how

“Tell her that the name is right, but she is to make no demands of you”

Cunt-whore Lucile

You are to make no demands of me

The response came fast

Cunt-whore Lucile

is sorry

will wait

“OK son, let me text her, I have arranged a few things” and he handed me his phone.

Cunt-whore Lucile

You are to wash thoroughly

Use a stiff toilet brush on your privates

You are put on your shortness dress and nothing else

No shoes

No underwear

No bra

You need 250 dollars

in cash

Go to Luke's on Stripe Street

There will be an envelope

waiting for you

Ask for Sarah

Do as instructed

“Sarah will call me when she is done and I will call you”, I kissed him, as a son and he left.

Lucile just looked at the text. Whats up. Why Luke's? She knew Luke's, it was a biker bar slash tattoo parlor in one of the worst parts of town. She had driven by it on the way to work sometimes, never went in, no way. Two hundred and fifty dollars, why and how was she going to get the money. She would have to go to the bank, take it from the ATM, pretty sure she had the funds.

“wash thoroughly” “Use a stiff toilet brush on your />
I guess I should, she thought, but why would she do it, why not. She had already begged to be fucked up the ass and to clean the filthy shit covered cock with her mouth. Begged. In writing. Already today. So what is the big deal about a cleaning.

She went upstairs, took off her cloths, remove the toilet brush from it holder behind the toilet, washed it out in the spray from the tub. Clean enough, who cares. Switched to the shower, got in and started to wash. The stiff bristles felt kinda of good against the outside of her pussy, but hurt a bit on the inside. She liked it. She washed harder, pushing down and pulling slowly across her lips, her asshole, her clit. Up and down, back and forth.

Ahh, this is fun she thought as her skin became a redness tone. She thought of sliding the brush inside her pussy, she wasn't sure if she could that. You fucking Pussy. So she tried. Mmm, interesting.

It was a cute little brush. Plastic handle, 3/4” or so, white plastic bristles forming a ball about two to three inches in diameter. Hey, might work, why not. So Lucile raised her left to the rim of the tub, holding onto a wall rail she started to push the plastic shape into her cunt. The bristles pushed back, forming a smaller shape and with little effort entered her. She could feel the drag, but as the first roll of bristle passed through, they pushed forward, scraping at her inside. OMG. She pushed harder, faster, thinking if she could do it in quickly, there would room. There was no room, just soft flesh of her insides pushing against the expanding plastic bristles as they comb her skin. God did that hurt, she almost fell down.

But, there she was. The plastic toilet brush, bristle end first, lodged inside her privates. Yesterday that brush was scraping the hardened shit from the toilet bowl, was now ripping against her softest flesh. “Lets fuck”, she said to herself, “you are that shit eating whore, who allowed yourself to be tied and abused, and begged today for more.” “Yeh, fuck you whore, and she grabbed the handle and started to fuck herself with the brush. Back and forth, not in and out, just the moving the brush inside her cunt. The pressure of the bristles changed as it pushed against her flesh. OMG, how beautiful, the pain moved like waves, so pretty. She was light headed, and she decided to rotate the brush. AHH, Jesus, like an animal clawing. She suddenly lost her grip, the leg slipped from the tub's rim and she fell into the basic, the hard porcelain basin. Her foot caught the handle of the brush and drove it deep in side her. She screamed and past out.

When she awoke, lying in the tub, shower still on, nude, the plastic handle protruding from her pussy, trail of blood darkened the water, she hurt. And she knew she had to remove the brush. Shit.

With one, maybe two firm, hard, straight pulls she launched the plastic demon across the room. She scream again and started to cry. Lucile lay there in the tub, floating in and out of sleep, then sleep.

“Wake up you fool, you have to get going. What ever is happening you have done this to yourself and now you have to leave, to go somewhere, somewhere you would never go for some unknown reason.”
she yelled at herself. Got out the tub, god she hurt inside, dried off, found her smallest dress, a summer dress, strapless, short, deep drop, not sure why she had bought it, but it was her smallest dress.

Went downstairs, pick-up her wallet, keys, check for the ATM card, thought about where she was going, Luke's, ask for Sarah, envelope, oh well …. got into her car and left. The trip to Luke's was uneventful, no one really noticed the almost naked girl who walked across the parking lot and went to the ATM machine. No one notice as she park her car two blocks away from Luke's and walked through that war torn neighborhood, maybe someone noticed, she didn't notice.

Luke's was on the inside as it seemed on the outside, a dump, a dive, a place she never would have gone to. She walked in, the door was pegged open, passed a sleeping hooker, a dog and went to the desk.

She waited.

A man came up from the basement. “Is Sarah here?” she asked.

The man just looked, then he disappeared.

A few moments later a woman, maybe forty, used looking, dark hair, thin, covered in apparently random tats. “You looking for me?

“I looking for Sarah”

“I am Sarah” the woman stared back at Lucile as though she was a thing, not a person.

“I was asked to ask for an />
“Yes…hold on”

The woman disappeared and then reappeared holding a business envelope, sealed, with the name Lucile written across it.

“Are you Lucile?”

“Do you have something for me?”

“Oh, I am sorry” and Lucile reached inside the pocket of the dress and handed Sarah a fold a money, containing the $250.00.

and Sarah started down the basement stairs.

“You might need a drink before we start” and handed Lucile a plastic cup containing what seemed to be Coke-Cola.

“One way or the other, Lucile knew she had to, so she quickly drank the soda. It had a different taste, but not bad.

“You should sit down, lie down, rest for a moment, this will take time”

What will take time? What is going to happen? Lucile thought to herself as she lifted herself up upon the examination table and laid back.

She awoke to find herself naked, hands secured behind her back, a slight burning pain on the base of her spine, little pains in the area of her privates, a sickly pain inside her belly. She was surrounded by Sarah and two biker dudes.

“She is up. The Bitch is up” proclaimed one of the bikers.

and Sarah move closed to Lucile. “We are going to have fun with you. We have made some changes to you, and now you are going to do anything we ask, anything.” Sarah said in sadistic, clear voice.

Lucile rose to a sitting position and looked down upon her privates. There seemed to be metal rings, with metal plates attached them suspended from each of her lips in three or four locations each, and she was bald down, really bald. But, as she looked she noticed two small screw heads seeming coming from inside her. They were high on her privates, one on each side, just below her clit.

“Yeh, the rings and weights, they are pretty common. Yeh, and you were waxed, more like electrologist, nothing is growing back, ever. But, the screws they are the fun.”

“Do you know what they are? Huh Cunt-whore Lucile.”

Lucile just looked at Sarah.

“They are attached to quite an interesting gadget which in now locked inside. It is locked by the two screws and about a tube and a half of Super-glue, methylate. And do you know what is really clever? “

“Well Cunt-whore Lucile, do you know what it is?” said one of the bikers.

“It is a mini-stun gun attached to your G-spot, just on other side of the nerve mass that makes up your clit. And what is really neat, it never needs batteries, just your motion, moving, walking, running charges it. And, if you would stand up Lucile for moment. />
Lucile pulled herself to the edge of the bed, and slid to the ground.

“It has an RF receiver built in. It can be triggered through clothing, furniture, even walls, from a good distance. Let me show you” And Sarah pressed a small bottom on what seemed to be a TV controller and Lucile lit up.

She dropped to her knees, bounced and then fell forward onto the concrete floor, face first. Unable to protect herself, she could feel the blood pour from her nose as she lay.

“You are now going to do whatever you are told. You are going to service me and my friends. You are going be to fuck up the ass, and beg to suck the cocks clean. You are going to do what ever we wish.”

“Do you />
Lucile understood, though she wanted to fight, she knew she could not win. She was only fucked in the ass, and then her mouth, never her pussy. That burning sensation, she found later was a tattoo on the base of her back that said

Cunt-Whore Lucile
ATM only
no pussy

Though she had never tasted or thought of tasting another woman, she serviced several woman that day, in many ways. As day ended, Sarah gave her the TV controller, saying “You will be asked for this and I may ask to borrow you later this year. In a couple of months, you should be quite loose by then, if you are still alive.”

She gave Lucile, who was still naked except for metal draping from her cunt her purse and sun dress.

“No, no, no” shouted one of the bikers and grabbed the dress. Ripping it in half the long way, he then threw it at her. “You are just a piece of meat that should be on display, now put it on and walk” Lucile did, the front of the dress was ripped and it hung on her like a open cape. Her ornaments chimed as she walked and she walked slowly to her car. This time she noticed that she was noticed.

I got a call from Sarah, saying things had gone well and that Lucile was on her way.

Lucile meant nothing to me, it was Jennifer I wanted. But, having her daughter was a good start.

Lucile returned home, hurt, humiliated, scared and confused. What had she done that was so wrong, what had caused things to go so wrong. Having fun with a boy, a boy who took things to the edge, her edge. A boy that knew what she would do, what she was willing to do, …. a fucking boy.

That drink is what got her into trouble, she knew better. Fucking dumb cunt, now look. She started to cry. Text came in.

Cunt-whore Lucile
Clean up
Wait on your knees
head down
front hall
door open
TV controller on table
as you enter

OMG. Oh boy, I have to.

Lucile quickly showered, pulled her hair back, ran to the front door, opened it, placed the TV controller on the table, walked a few feet, turned around, knelt, face against the floor and waited.

She waited. Lucile lived in an apartment complex, many floors, she was on the third, a staircase and an open elevator. Her door faced the elevator. She waited. She felt people walk by, some slowed down, some didn't. Two times the elevator stopped, people got out, talked and eventually walked away. No one came into her apartment, though some may have taken pictures, Lucile was not sure.

After an hour or so, time went on forever, someone entered the apartment and closed the door.

and metal handcuffs were put on her ankles and wrist, a chain feel loosely fell against her calf.

A ball gag was attached, as was a blindfold. “Very nice job” came a woman’s voice from down the hallway. “There are two people” Lucile thought. Shit.

“Light her up” the woman said, and Lucile lit up. She tried to stand, but she couldn't. She tried to scream, but she couldn't. She tried to see who was there, but she couldn't. All she could do was roll on the floor, unable to touch the pain, unable defend herself, unable to do anything but hurt.

“Nice, we are going to have so much fun” I said.

“Yes, Mom.” said the boy.

Suspended on her toes, left breast tied, right breast not, she stood held by a thin nylon rope wrapped several times around and attached to a ceiling hook. Hands held behind in cuffs, legs spread with a hobbler, metal plates hung from her privates, ball gagged and blind folded; quite a sight.

“Well Lucile, it is time to call mom” as I stated to dial Jennifer number on my I5.

“Hi Jen, just an old friend calling to say hello.”

“Why now?” I mimicked “because I was lonely, thinking of old times and spending my afternoon with your />
“Yes, your daughter …. Lucile … yes Lucile.”

“Do you want to see her?”

I spun the camera over so that Lucile's bound body came into view for Jennifer.

“Yes, Jenny that is her … your daughter, your Lucile”.

“Hold on for a moment while I place my phone on a stand and start to show you the wonderful things I can do.”

I locked the phone into the stand, put it on speaker and picked up a fiber glass rod, like the ones that you would use at the of your driveway as a marker.

“I love these rods, they can cause so much damage and never break”

I quickly struck Lucile's bound breast three times … wack, wack wack. Lucile spun, Jenny screamed.

“Cool, wasn't that”

“Oh Jenny, I am not a fucking bitch. But, because you called me that, Lucile will be punished.

Wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, five times, same breast, same placement.

Lucile tried so hard to escape, to run, to hide , but to no avail.

“Now Jenny slow down. Slow down Jenny. Oh, Jenny you didn't just call me that again?”

Wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, seven times, same breast, same placement. Blood had started to leak from several of the strikes.

“Now, now Jenny … no more or poor Lucile's breast won't be fit to tie.”

Jenny was quite, not a sound.

“Now, Jenny you understand the deal. As long you do what I say, show me respect, things will go fine with Lucile. But, if you even hint that you are not my submissive piece of meat, then things won't go well for this hanging piece of shit. Do you />
There was a moment, only a moment of silence, when a />
“Yes, />
“Yes, />
“Now, spin your phone around so I can see you.”


“Place against something so it can be stable”

“Move into it's view and walk backwards …. Stop. Right there.”

“Now pull up a chair and place it in that area. A little back … OK … now”

“Very good, Jenny.”

“Now strip”

I watched as Jennifer removed her clothing, shoes first, then her shirt, jeans, underwear, socks and then her bra. “Pull your hair back, tightly I want to see your face”

“Jenny, you have done such a nice job taking care of yourself. What nice tits, but that hairy bush has got to go.”

“Go into the bathroom and get a razor and shaving cream, come back here and get rid of that.”

Jenny turned and started to leave.

“Quickly, or Lucile will start not having so much fun”

Shortly, but only after a few wacks to Lucile's exposed belly Jenny returned. She sat at the edge of the chair, legs spread, facing the camera, lathered up and started to shave. She understood the deal.

“Quick and clean”

“Yes …. />
“Good. Let me see. OK. Now make yourself cum.”

She leaned back into the chair, and started to play with herself, for me. Cool. The next hour or so was like that. I would say “Get carrot and fuck yourself … in the ass … deeper … now eat it.” and she would. “Get a glass …. piss into it … all your piss … now drink up .. and she did” What fun. Lucile just hang there, just like a piece of meat.

Everything can become … boring … tedious. Fucking around with Jennifer was getting that way. What else can I have her do.

“Jenny, keep fucking yourself with the bat. That right. Now your asshole. Deeper, Jenny, deeper.”

“Keep doing that, I have to spend some time with your />
I went over to my bound and abused Lucile who was hanging from single engorged breast. “I want to show your Mom that toy you have inside, but I am afraid you will rip your tit off.”

I hooked another rope to the ceiling hook and wrap a noose around Lucile throat. “It shouldn't tighten much more than this “ as I choke her “so don't worry about dying yet.”

I unhooked her breast and transferred her weight. She hung more balanced. “Good, that looks better” I thought.

“Now Jenny, do you see your girl”

“Yes. Yes, />
“Watch this” and push the little button on the remote. Lucile roared, thruster her body upwards and then fell, limp against the noose.

“No, you bitch … no” and I pushed the button again.

All I could see was Jennifer falling to her knees, crying, pleading. “Please no more, please. I will do anything, anything you want … />
I stood there for a moment, realizing I had won. “Shave your head, quick and clean”

In life, as in battle sometimes you have to hold down the pillow, and I held the pillow down. Jenny was mine, as was her worthless piece of flesh daughter. In time I would take everything from Jennifer, her body, her properties, her mind, even her soul. That year, both Jenny and Lucile were given to the boys and girls at Luke's and spent several long days entertaining the />
Vengeance with some luck, good planning and right teacher can be very successful. Any stories of successful vengeance, the domination and eventually the total destruction of an enemy would be appreciated. “Holding down the pillow” is from the book of five rings.

story by: mis lin

Tags: torture bondage and restriction fantasm non-consensual sex cruelty blackmail body modification ass to mouth sex story

Author: mis lin

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