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‘I feel it,’ she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. She kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

I sat the wine glass down on the railing of the balcony that overlooked the vineyards, and put my arm around Marina. She looked at me, and then kissed me softly. After my sixth divorce, I was looking at real estate for investments, a friend told me about a small vineyard here in Grapevine that was going up for auction. My real estate broker bought this vineyard. As more land became available around the original twenty acres, I bought more land, and now, after twenty years of investing the chalet sits on five hundred acres of prime vineyards. We have graduated from field hands to managers and wine makers, and have four full time employees. During the heavy months in the spring and summer, migrant laborers do all the work except for the original twenty acre patch of vines that surround the farm. There is special staff that care for those vines, the grapes from those vines make wine for me and a few close friends. I raised my glass. " This is a Chardonnay, from the twenty acres. The conversation flowed easily between us and she relaxed, enjoying my attention, my eyes looking deep into hers. It had been so long since Marina felt this with another man as she had married her husband at 30 and had been a virgin. Although nervous of being divorced after five years of marriage, she and I have been seeing each other for two months.

Marina is from Russia, she still has family in Russia. Her divorce has left her independently wealthy, she recently bought a Porsche and she enjoys the luxurious life. She likes to go out to fine dining restaurants, she exercises 3 to 4 times per week. She looks forward to being with me, but is always nervous about sex, she has never experienced primal rough sex until me. " Here, Marina, try one of these." I picked up a plump juicy olive and held it out to her. " Taste how delicious it is." She opened her mouth and I placed it inside in such an erotic gesture that she feels her insides twist in desire. The longing is getting worse now and she can't believe how strongly she feels for me, after two months. " Mmmmm, that's delicious." She murmured as I pick up another and held it to her lips. " You like me feeding you, Marina?" I ask softly and she nodded, her imagination running rampant as she thought about tasting, my cock, having my cock in her mouth, and my lips exploring her pussy. " You have that look again. What are you thinking?" " It's nothing, John. I'm just hungry, that's all." " Marina, we're eating together. I'm feeding you! I feel as if I know you so well except we've been together for two months. This is strange for me as well, do you believe that?" She looked up at me and saw my vulnerability too. " What happened between you and your wives?"
" They couldn't handle someone as busy as me. I work too many hours, Marina. I'm a womanizer, I'm surrounded by beautiful women all the time, I have a sexual appetite, a constant desire to satisfy my sexual need and craving.

" It's the way I am. But what about you?" Marina told me about her marriage to a wealthy black man, how they had grown apart, two people living parallel lives and how her husband had re-discovered an old girlfriend who had made him feel young again. " I'm sorry, Marina. You deserve more than that." She felt tears spring into her eyes as she remembered the way her husband used to look at her when they were first married. " Let's not think of that now." I laughed and held out another olive. " I love the look on your face when I do this. Why do I get the feeling you're enjoying it!" She was stopped from replying when my personal chef brought his speciality to the table and She suddenly realized how hungry she was. The food was delicious and time seemed to pass so quickly as we chatted about my life and her career as an executive with Southwest Airline. As the afternoon stretched on we were soon finished
with our meal. " Marina, I'd like you to see the cellar and perhaps you can try some of the wines I have. Then we can go to the house for dinner."

" Over here Marina," I said. " What are you doing? Are you trying to hide from me?" I heard her say. Then she reached me. " No! I'm not trying to hide from you. I'm trying to find the right size barrel to bend you over and fuck you from behind." Marina came up to me, planted a kiss and said this one looks perfect. With that, she pulled her jeans down, exposing her blonde, wet bush to me and said, " You've had to hold out all day. Stick that huge hard cock in me and fill me up." I start to unbutton and unzip my pants and give her what she asked for, Marina put her forearms down on the Oak barrel, and spread her long legs for me, looking back over her shoulder invitingly. Her ass and pussy at perfect fucking level. I squeeze her ass checks and she lets out a whimper. I move in behind her, standing between her spread legs. Being taken from behind is rough, some women are reluctant to try it. I thrust hard into her tight pussy with one smooth motion. Once there, filling her completely, I begin fast and furious fucking, reaching both hands around her torso to play, alternately, with her clit and her tits. Her panting increasing, " Please," she begs, it in me. Fuck me. Please." Marina gasping, then begins to whisper over and over " oh god…oh god…oh god…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck e…" Suddenly Marina, while continuing her chant of, " fuck me…fuck me…fuck me," raised her head, arching her back seeming almost impossible, and pushing back against me hard. She forces the last half of my cock into the depths of her tight pussy so suddenly and hard that my balls slaps against her clit with a wet

When the head of my cock slammed against her cervix, she is unable to control herself and calls out " FUCK ME…YOU BASTARD!" I'm surprised by her outburst, wrapping a hand around her mouth. While managing to stifle her cries of passion, Marina is pushing back onto my shaft much harder and faster. The walls of her young cunt grabbing my cock, massaging it. Impossibly tight and yet slick as a oil spill. I have trouble explaining the sensation of fucking this Russian minx. Marina raises her chin, freeing her mouth, she gasps as she looks over her shoulder, pleading in her eyes and words ' Please John," reaching up placing her hand over mine and guiding it to her throat. She turns her head this way and that, nestling my hand around her neck just the right way… and helps me squeeze, choking herself. " Force me, take me, pin me down, make me yours…mount me like a bitch in me like you own me." I respond by slamming into her tight pussy with all I had. I planted my arms on either side and slammed my knot into her. " Oh my god that's fucking fantastic," Marina screamed. A look of primal pleasure on her face. She makes no attempt to control my thrusting. I slam into her at a frantic pace, as she screams in delight, she is stretched to the limit. The inevitable happened as she thrust back against me in uncontrollable extacy. My knot slipped between her pussy lips, we were now knotted. From a frantic fuck it is now just the two of us pushing against each other. Marina is crying, tears running down her face. Marina suddenly screams " OMG…He's cumming," dropping her head down on the barrel, she is screaming as a massive orgasm overwhelms her. I remain motionless before my knot deflated then slides out with a satisfying plop.

I growled loudly, " I'm not done with you yet…We need to go to the main house now." Marina nodded in agreement and we left the winery. She feels a shiver of desire run through her as we were heading towards the main house. The sun is sinking behind us as I abruptly turn off the road onto a small track that wound its way through tiny fields. " I remodeled this house after I divorced," I told her. " It has no bad memories for me and I've decorated it in my style without any woman's influence." Marina sees a large stone-built house in the distance surrounded on three sides by trees, tiny lights just beginning to twinkle in the dusk. She realized as she gazed at the view just how wealthy I was, she hadn't felt this happy in a long time. Marina seen the name above the iron gates, Bogomolov Winery. She gasped then screamed " OMG…John…You named your winery after me…I'm so surprised and honored." She knew then that she had made the right decision to date me and come here for a while. I slowed the car as I swept through the iron gates and onto an immaculately kept driveway bordered by Crape Myrtle trees. A gravelled parking area lay in front of the house which is old with shuttered windows and pale cream woodwork. " Oh John, it's beautiful," she sighed as I came around to open the car door for her. " Does anyone live here with you?" " No …I don't live here…I rarely come here…This is just one of my many real estate investments…No one else has seen this place."
Marina followed me into the foyer of the house, our steps echoing on the stone floors, the decor very masculine but elegant nonetheless. " I'll show you the indoor pool first and then the cellars. We can then have something to eat. ..drink… and relax." Behind the house lays the indoor pool lit by hundreds of tiny lights. A curved terrace followed the lines of the pool house and in the distance, she sees a long table with chairs under a vine-covered gazebo. Lawns of lush grass stretched into the distance and trees seem to loom over us, their beauty visible in the falling light.

" The cellar is this way," I said descending a short flight of stone steps to a lower level where there are a set of curved wooden doors. Taking a key from my pocket I unlocked the doors and led the way inside, flicking a light-switch which suddenly illuminated a huge cellar, rack upon rack of wine lined up against the walls. " What do you think?"
Marina stood still and breathed in deep. The scent of wine lay heavily in the air combined with a woody smell from two huge barrels that lay near the entrance doors. In the middle of the cellar is a large wooden table with a tray of glasses and various corkscrews. " This is heaven," She breathed looking around again. " It's so beautiful." I pull her close and kiss me on the lips. She tasted the faint hint of the wine we had drunk and responded to my touch. The kiss turns more erotic as she opens her mouth and feels my tongue probe hers. She feels my warm body pressing next to her and my unmistakable erection as we kissed, neither of us wanting to move away first. " Oh Marina," I groaned. " Tonight's going to be fun don't you think?" She nodded. I then swiftly maneuver Marina over to the table. Bending her at the waist, she laid her face onto the table. I reached around her waist and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, pulling them and her panties down to her ankles, she stepped out of them. " Now hold still. Close your eyes."

Marina closed her eyes, and feels a tear trickle down her cheek. She hears the whisper of fabric then a clunk. She turns her face sideways. Then there is heat under her ass. She gasped. My warm hand caressed her thighs, slowly sliding over the skin, sliding between them to open her up. She rapidly conceded, feeling the heat spreading.
" Very nice. Oh yes. And a bit wet I see." My hands continue to explore Marina, she feels both of my hands on her thighs, running up around the curves of her ass then back around the top of her thighs. She is spread a bit wider then there is a pause. Then Marina feels the most intense pleasure she'd ever experienced in her thirty five years.
My strong tongue slides over her, while my fingers slide alternately inside her, and then up and down… spreading the her wetness everywhere. Marina groans, and grips the table edges, her body sliding on the surface. " Am I hurting you, Marina?" I paused, my fingers still working inside her. She tried to vocalize, but all that came out was a wail.
" I'll take that as a 'no' then." She feels her knees weakening. Her hands convulsed around the edge of the table.
Her mouth opened and closed, then opened as my fingers slide under her nose. I rubbed her upper lip with her own wetness then forced my fingers into her mouth. " How do you like your taste, Marina?" I asked, as I pressed down on her tongue. " Lick them."

She complied, her tongue gliding around my fingers massaging her tongue. As she did, I continue to finger her, harder, stroking her to the same beat I'M using in her mouth. " Yes, it feels gooooood, doesn't it…" I whisper, bending to her ear. She can only moan. " Now, Marina come for I kissed her ear. She sucked convulsively on my wet fingers and then bucked down against my fingers stroking her, her body shaking. My fingers are removed from her mouth, and I slowly slide my hand away from between her legs. I lifted Marina up
off the table and walk over to where I had laid a blanket and pillows on the floor. Marina got down on her hands and knees on the pillows. She spread her legs, I kneel behind her, sliding between her legs. Marina feels me mount her, leaning my body on top her back, I reach down for my cock and guided it to her hot pussy. Then I reach around grabbing her breasts. My face resting against her neck as I push inside her wet sensitive pussy thrusting hard and deep into her. Marina is at the point of no return as I keep going deeper into her, my knot pushes into her. Again the pain is intense as I knot her, I made her realize what it is to be full of a cock again. The pressure is driving her out of her mind. She knew she is always going to have me fuck her. As I fuck Marina, she is moaning and pushing back against me wanting me deeper inside her. After an hour of fucking, I stop thrusting into her and shoot my cum in her. She feels the extra heat as it is released in her. Marina has never had so many orgasms in her life as I have given her. With her ex-husband she thought all there was the one maybe two times.

After Marina and I separated we both rested, but I'm not ready to quit. We get up and go back to the house. We went to the bedroom, I sat on the bed. Marina kneels down in front of me, she starts to play with my cock hoping to get me to mount her again. It took a short time to get my cock hard again and ready to mount her again. What a slut, she is trying to go for a third time. Marina got on her hands and knees on the carpet, I kneel behind her and lean over on her back. I reach down and guide my cock to her pussy lips, then I wrap my arms around her chest grabbing her breasts. I thrust into her. She screams as I impale her, the walls of her pussy squeezing harder, her moan encouraging me. Marina slumps forward, moaning, " more… more… almost… please… more." I pull almost out, just the head of my cock splitting open her pussy, holding her in place I let a long stream of my spit string out and land on her finger and rosebud, " oh God yes," she moans happily and mixing my spit to her own before using it all to lubricate her finger as she pushed it knuckle deep into her ass. Not waiting for her to finish, my own need over taking rational thought, I begin to again ram my cock in and out of her pussy, now even tighter as she finger fucks her own ass.

We are fucking like animals, unable to control my lust. Her energy and enthusiasm feeding my own. " Fuck me… fuck your little whore, John. Own this pussy… Ahhh!," Marina is saying, as her eyes are rolling back and her body convulsed and shook. " Oh John…Yes… you own me, yes you own me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my ass, I'll do anything. I'm yours, I'm your whore. I'm yours." I feel her pussy spasm as her orgasm over took her. Her juices squirting out at her peak, soaking my crotch, down the inside of my legs. I could have cared less. Marina seems to suddenly be awake again, responding to my desires immediately as though they are the most important thing of all.
Marina feels my cock swelling then erupts sending load after load into her.

Marina awoke in the darkened bedroom and remembered where she was and what was about to happen. After her shower and swim she had read for a while before sleep claimed her. It is now 6am and I was already gone and she so wanted to look good for me. She has never slept with anyone other than her ex-husband and she feels a nervous tingle run down her spine as she imagined what we would be doing in a couple of hours time. She shaved her pussy carefully and took another long shower, massaging creamy soap into her skin before drying her body and rubbing in a rich moisturizer that smelt wonderful. She dried her hair and left it loose before applying the minimum of makeup, as the sun had warmed her face to a light bronze glow that highlighted the brown of her eyes and her dark lashes. Picking her panties carefully, she chose a white satin bra and white lacy panties before dressing in a long white dress that is gypsy in style and very pretty. She hopes I would appreciate it. Pouring herself a glass of wine she sat on the terrace and wrote some notes on her laptop, feeling slightly guilty at spending such an indulgent morning. She loved this place. The sound of a powerful engine brought her back to reality and she saved her work and closed her laptop as I stepped out of my car. I'm freshly showered too and smelt of expensive cologne as we kissed a good morning. " You look beautiful," I murmured into her hair as I pulled away and looked at her. " So Beautiful, Marina."

I move away from the doors and stood behind her, wrapping both arms around her waist and drawing her closer. I kissed her hair and the back of her neck while she leaned back into me enjoying the warmth of my body and the feel of my erection through the thin cotton material of her dress. Soon, my hands left her waist and she feels me lean down and lift the hem of her dress, my hands travelling slowly up the length of her legs getting ever closer to her waiting pussy which aches to feel my touch. By now her dress is bunched around her waist and my fingers are gently stroking the cheeks of her ass through her panties. It feels so good, my slow rhythmic movements as I massage her firm skin and she shudders. " Are you cold, Marina?" I ask and she shook her head. " No, that just feels so good, John." Closing her eyes, she moans as I move my hands around to her pussy and pull her panties down. She stepped out of them and I swung her around and lifted her easily onto the wooden table. What followed is pure bliss as I spread her legs apart and start to kiss her inner thighs in turn, my head so dark against the creamy softness of her skin. She lay back, the wood warm against her dress and closes her eyes as I gently part her pussy lips with my fingers and bent to lick her clitoris. She feels my breath against her skin and the feeling is so erotic she cries out. " Oh John," She gasps as pure pleasure swept through her. " It's been so long since this has happened. Don't stop" " You taste beautiful, Marina," I murmured as I parted the soft folds of skin and probe her pussy with my tongue. " You're so turned on by this – so wet and sweet. Mmmmmmm!"

She is. Her only pleasure is oral sex and she loves how I concentrate on every inch of her soft skin, my tongue gently licking her juices that are flowing out of her like a river, and then probing inside, rubbing her clitoris, bringing so much ecstasy. I enjoy it so much too, murmuring words of pleasure as I kiss her and explore her sweet pussy. She feels faint stubble on her thighs as my head moves from side to side, licking and sucking her until she feels she can bear it no longer. I'm obviously a master at this and it is just what she needs. Reaching down she undid the top buttons of her dress and frees her breasts from the satin bra. Her nipples are standing erect and she gently strokes them as I continue my intimate exploration. I'm probing her gently with two fingers and is now thrusting them inside her, my lips still sucking on her clitoris. Being so close to her and with the attraction between us, her arousal is evident by the juices she is producing, all of them lapped up eagerly by me. She knew she is about to come at any minute, can feel the orgasm building inside her, layer upon layer of pleasure. She hopes that no-one else is around to hear her. I murmured her name as she took my head and held me close to her, the climax exploding as she opened her legs further to enable my tongue to thrust ever deeper into her. She cries out my name, her mind filled with the pictures of us together and the day we had experienced together. " Oh God, Marina, that was good! You enjoyed it?"

She sat up feeling dizzy and I pull her tight, kissing her hard on the lips and letting her taste her own desire. Through the open doors she can see the lawn and knew that she will remember this moment forever. I help her down and we stood and kissed deeply again, our tongues entwined. As I stood there with my arms around her, she moves away slightly and reaches down to unzip my trousers. My cock is straining to be freed and she took it out, stroking it gently along its length as I moan in her ear. Licking her finger she circles the tip and feels my pre-cum covered cock head, using it to slide her fingers up and down. I look at her and smile, taking her breasts in my hand and then bending to kiss them as she continues to massage my swollen penis, squeezing and caressing while I lick and suck at her erect nipples. Holding my hard cock feels so good to her, and my pleasure is unmistakable. With my eyes closed I left her breasts and move to kiss her once more, my tongue probing deeper and deeper as the passion between us grew. She feels me tense up and then with a moan I erupted into her hand, my cum oozing through her fingers as she brought me to a shuddering climax. We stood still for several minutes, her head on my shoulder as we held each other tight and she wanted this feeling to last forever, but with a kiss on her lips, I held out her panties. " Do these belong to you?" We both laugh and made our way back up the flight of steps to a terrace by the house, a table set with a bottle of wine, glasses and more olives.

She sat down opposite the view and took a deep breath. She still feels her juices dampening her panties and a warm glow has filled her, her pulse now returning to normal after the heights of ecstasy she had just reached. " This is a wine from Petra, Marina. Here on Bogomolov. It is called Aia which I think is a beautiful name." She pours some rich red wine into a glass and she swirls it around, watching the fat legs of alcohol slide down the edges of the glass. She breathes it in deeply and is reminded of ripe red fruit, the aromas exploding in the evening air. " It smells beautiful," she said, and then took a mouthful, letting the flavors swirl around her mouth as I watched her.
" You look so sexy doing that," I said, my eyes dark as they looked deeply into hers. " I always think wine and sex are closely linked? Do you think so too?" She nodded. " So many words used to describe wine are sexy. Full-bodied, rounded, juicy, smooth…" " Are you good at your job? Does it make you happy?" She nodded again. " Yes." I want to fuck your ass, Marina." I whispered. Marina shook her head no, then she looks at me whispering, " Please be gentle…I have never allowed anyone to touch me there."

I growl in her ear, a low, husky voice " Your ass is mine." A shiver ran through her entire body bedding itself down in the moist warmth of her pussy. I meant exactly what I said. It excited her. She has never given her ass to anyone before. The truth of the matter is that it belonged to me already, it always had. Memories flashed through her mind. The first time I slipped a finger into her tight little ass, she nearly came. When my tongue followed, she squealed and wriggled. I held her hips and ground her ass down on my soft slick lips. She can't contain herself. That is one of the erotic things I had given her in two months together. Playing with her ass every now and then making her come harder than she can imagine. I tease her with it, made her want it more and more. Then finally, after telling her for days all the dirty things I was going to do to her, the moment is here. My rough kisses claim her like they never had before. She drank them up like she would delicious wine, arching herself into the heat of my embrace. Her whole body came to life under my hands. I squeezed and kneaded with an intensity so new to her, then paused and started again with caresses so gentle their sweetness moves her. My kisses came more sweet and delicate than before as well on her mouth, her cheeks, along her chin, down her neck, then up to her ear. Then, squeezing one of her tits I bit down. She cries out, startled and oh so turned on.

Running his strong hand down my spine to my ass he squeezed it too. He whispered again, in my freshly bitten ear, "Bend over." I was all to happy to oblige. His hand stayed on my ass as I bent forward, touching my fingers to the floor. Once I was down with my ass as high as it would go his hand was gone. But only for a moment. There it was again with a thundering crack across both of my cheeks, stinging my flesh and teasing my tight virgin asshole even more. I rocked and moaned as his hand came down again and again. Then, with more unexpected tenderness, he knelt and kissed the heated red skin of my ass. "Now lay down." I did, on my stomach lifting my hips just enough that he could survey his handiwork. He ran his hands along my inner thighs squeezing and kissing here and there. He spread my legs apart lifting my ass higher still. His tongue surprised me as it slid into my dripping wet pussy. He lapped at my juices, licking and sucking my swollen lips. I pushed myself into him rubbing my clit while his tongue teased my ass hole. It was too much. I was about to cry out, begging him to give me anything, to end the beautiful torture.

But I'm gone, my tongue, my lips, my hands, even my weight have vanished from the bed. She whimpers at my absence, but the sound of my belt sliding out of my pants gave her shivers, she quieted, waiting. She is surprised to feel my weight above her. " You're ready for me." My voice in her ear again soft and slow. " The ass doesn't lie, baby." She feels my cock, rock hard, as it slides between her ass cheeks, nudging her tight puckering anus. She squirmes under me, writhing to meet me. Her pussy, wet and hungry took all of me as I thrust once, twice, hard and fast then once more slow and deep. She cries out again, a sound more animal than human. She feels empty as I pull out of her pussy, but not for long. She feels the tip of my cock as it rubs on her ass hole, huge as I push it in. Oh so slowly, I slip deeper and deeper. Marina turns to look at me, her eyes huge as she feels me ream her ass. It hurt, but it feels so good. There is a fire in her body like she has never known. It burns in her tits and face. I keep on easing myself into her, pulling back a bit then dipping back in.

When my hips met her ass cheeks, she feels so full and wonderful, she moans and purrs rolling her ass against my hips. I stood still while she accustomed herself to the girth of my full cock, reaching around I rub her tits and pinch her nipples. She wails with joy. That's when I gave it to her. Pulling out my huge cock just to jam it back in, in one hard thrust. Her eyes watering, she screams and begs for more. It keeps coming, harder and faster, over and over again. Marina came so hard, it ran down her legs. Every part of her pulsing and throbbing with pleasure as I pummel her ass with my cock. With both hands on her ass I squeeze hard spreading her ass cheeks apart. Then, pulling out and plunging deeper still I let out a low groan. More pulsing flesh, as I shot my load into her ass deep and hard. She rocked against me feeling another tremor of joy as I pull my still hard cock out and gave her ass a playful smack. We went to the bathroom to shower.

We chatted easily again and I told her about my conglomerate, how I built it from one company to a corporation consisting of a number of subsidiary companies or divisions in a variety of unrelated industries, as a result of mergers or acquisitions. How it had contributed to the break-up of my six marriages. As we talked I produced tiny dishes of tapas, occasionally feeding her a slice of tortilla, or a plump olive or spoonful of potato salad. As we talked long into the evening. The night is warm and full of the sounds of cicadas. She feels herself relax as the wine took effect, all thoughts of work and her disastrous marriage receding. She knew by now that she would be staying the night here and she noticed that I had barely touched my glass while hers is being constantly re-filled. She decided to slow up or she wouldn't be awake to experience the pleasures that she hopes the night will bring.

" Would you like to see the rest of the house?" I asked and led the way through more wooden doors to a huge living room dominated by a large and well-used fireplace. " It's great in here in the winter. So good to light the fire and cuddle up beside it!" Marina laughed and I showed her the formal dining room where I said, she could entertain friends, family and business associates. " It is available to you year round." " Do you have any children?" She asked. " Yes, I have eleven children from six marriages. My wives wanted children and I five children from three mistresses. But what about you?" Marina told me, " No…her ex-husband didn't want children…that was one of the reasons they divorced." " I wanted children and still want children," She sighed. " No sadness, tonight, Marina," I murmured in her ear as we ascended a long sweeping staircase. " I want you to see the master bedroom…so you can imagine yourself there when the time comes for us to return Dallas." The master bedroom is beautiful and dominated by a huge bed, draped in burgundy and cream throws. A bank of windows looking out over the pool area and two cream sofas stood at either ends of the room, plump cushions adding to the colors of the room. Opposite the bed is a large mirror and she has a sudden vision of us entwined on the bed, our bodies sweaty and hot after a night of rough and satisfying sex. " You have that look again, Marina," I laugh, " I think I now know what it means!" Slowly I took her over to the window and stood behind her again. " There is no-one to see us here. I want to undress you and see you naked again. Can I do that?"

She nodded as I begin to undo the buttons of her dress, kissing her neck at the same time. She feels tremors of pleasure sweeping through her as she feels my erection begin to grow and push into the cheeks of her ass. As her dress fell to the floor, I unclip her bra, catching her breasts as they fell out of their confines. Kneading the erect nipples I groan into her ear as I stroked and squeezed them. She turns around wanting so badly to feel my cock again but this time get me out of my clothes as well. She pulls my shirt over my head and begins to undo the belt of my trousers while I put my arms around her waist and drew her closer. " You can feel me," I groan as she unzips my trousers and frees my cock. Pulling both garments down I step out of them and stood naked in front of her, my tanned body heavely covered by black and gray hairs. " Touch me, Marina, " I groan as she knelt and took my hard cock into her mouth. I held her head as she slowly licks and nibbles the head of my penis, her tongue gently exploring the tiny hole at the tip. She looks up at me all the time and I looked straight at her, our eyes never leaving each other's faces, the desire and need clear. I tasted just as she imagined I would and she slowly moves her mouth down over my shaft, stopping every now and then and working her way back up before moving down again. She fondled my hairy balls gently in one hand while with the other she drew me closer to her, her hand moving over my firm ass. I fill her mouth and she took my cock out and ran her tongue along the length of me, paying special attention to the ridge underneath and on top the head of my penis. I groan again and she feels me grow harder as she sucks and nibbles, running the tip of my cock around her lips and tongue, making me wetter and wetter and teasing me by alternately putting me in her mouth and then taking me out again and kissing the soft hair on my balls.

Marina feels me start to come and I groan out loud as she presses her head against my cock, my hands tangled in the silky softness of her hair. She sucks hard on me, up and down rhythmically, her hands stroking my balls in time with her mouth and then feels me explode in her mouth, my warm salty cum spilling out of her mouth and down her chin. Some landed between her breasts and she wipes it off with her fingers, looking at me as she put them in her mouth and licked them. " Mmmmmmm. You taste so good. Was that OK?" In answer, I pull her to her feet and hugged her tightly. Leading her to the bed we cuddled together and I gently remove her panties, revealing her smooth shaven pussy glistening with her juices. I softly stroke her mound, gently probing inside with my fingers while our lips met and our tongues explore each other's mouths. I kiss her hair, her neck and then move to her breasts and nipples which are standing erect and proud. Taking the left one in my mouth, I lick every inch of the skin, gently encircling the nipple itself with my tongue. She moans with pleasure as I begin to suck on her nipple, almost as if I were feeding from her. Oh, how erotic it feels to have me gain such enjoyment from her soft, full breasts! I then turn my attention to her right breast and suck hard on her nipple making her gasp in pleasure. She reaches down and strokes my penis which is now rock hard again and she realized how badly she needed to feel me fill her up.

" I want you inside me, John," She whispers as I bent my head once more to tease her clitoris with my tongue. " I need you so badly now." Kneeling up I took my cock in my hand and stroked it while I looked at her. The air is electric as she gazes at me and I knew that she is finding it unbearable. " Stroke your breasts, Marina. Stroke them for me." She did as I asked, licking her fingers slowly and then gently rubbing her swollen nipples, her eyes never leaving my face. I continue to stroke my hard penis as she moans in ecstasy, her hips moving from side to side. " Now your pussy, Marina. I want to see you give yourself pleasure." While her left hand stayed on her breasts, her right moves down to her soaked pussy, her fingers stroking her swollen clitoris gently, but firmly. " John! I need you now," She groans, as she rubs herself. The need is building within her and she has never known such a craving for one man before. She wants me to fill her up and have me so close to her that I was almost part of her. I lean forward and gently rub the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. " How does that feel, Marina?" I asked as I continue to rub her, her juices glistening on my skin. " I can feel how wet you are. You're so ready for me aren't you?" She nodded.

" John, please. I want to feel you so much." I slowly lower myself onto her parting her pussy lips with my rock-hard cock. She groans as I enter her and spread her legs wider, opening herself up to me compeletely. " Oh God, Marina, you feel so good," I moan as I slowly thrust myself into her, the look on my face full of desire, my eyes dark. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist, drawing me into me deeper and deeper. She shudders with pleasure as I thrust into her, my eyes on hers. Slowly at first, I sink into her, my hands either side of her as she strokes my back, feeling my muscles beneath my warm skin. Our eyes are locked and the feeling is so intense and erotic it took her breath away. We had become one, our bodies molding into each other. As I thrust into her, she rose to meet me and our thrusts moving together in rhythm, our bodies giving off heat and warmth with the delicious smell of sex. We carried on moving together slowly, taking pleasure in the feeling of being one, and there is no rush. I thrust all the way into her and then almost all the way out, loving the reaction on her face as she feels me withdraw from her. But then she feels me stiffen even more and she reaches down to rub her clitoris as she sees my face change and she knew that soon I'm going to come inside her. She needed to feel my warm cum flooding into her but wanted to orgasm at the same time so she controlled her thrusts in time to my thrusts and when I finally let out a cry of pleasure she is there with me, her cries mixing with mine as we attained the heights of pleasure that we had been aiming for all day.

I collapse on top of her and we stayed like that for a while, our breathing growing slower as we relaxed. Both our bodies are sticky with sweat and our combined juices and she has a sudden urge to have a shower and then curl up in bed with me and go to sleep. I must have thought so too, as I gently lifted her up and we made our way to the en-suite shower, our hands caressing each other as we soaped our bodies and enjoyed the rush of hot water on our skin. After drying each other off, we collapsed into the huge bed and cuddled up. Sleep came swiftly and the last thing she remembers is hearing my soft breathing as she drifted off, her thoughts still full of the feeling of my body on hers…The gentle touch of lips on her inner thighs awoke her the next morning. Sunlight streamed in through the large windows and she sees the lawn. The kisses on her thighs are light and erotic and she wills them to move higher so she can feel them on her vagina. She groans slightly and arches her body towards me as I lean over her, my gray hair contrasting with the smooth creaminess of her skin.

She feels her dampness already as she strokes my hair as I continue to pay attention to her thighs. She closes her eyes and thought back to last night, how good it had been and how well we had fitted together, our bodies moving so well in unison. I slowly slide upwards to her waiting pussy and she tenses as my lips found her clitoris, bringing her legs wider apart so I gain full access to her most intimate part of her. She groans as I rub it between my lips while one finger gently strokes the inside of her wet pussy, driving her mad with the sensation. She moans and lifts her hips off the bed, both hands playing with her breasts as I continue my exploration. The sensations I'm giving her are unbelievable. I take so much pleasure in tasting her and making sure she feels she is sensual and sexy, but she knew I had a hard cock and the thought made her shiver inside with the need for me. " Come for me Marina," I murmured as two of my fingers found their way deeper and deeper into her. I continue to kiss and nibble but the other hand is now rubbing her slippery clit and doing expertly what she thought only she could achieve. " Oh that feels so good," She cries as her hips bucks and lifts off the bed. No-one except her has managed to bring about her orgasm this way and my touch is doing the job expertly. She feels the pleasure building deep within her and she opens her legs wider as I thrust my tongue in deeper, my hands rubbing rhythmically at the nub that gives her so much pleasure. Unable to stop herself any longer, she feels herself falling off the cliff and into ecstasy as I give her the most incredible orgasm she has had for a long time. Shaking and shuddering she brought my head up to her chest and held me tightly, as the waves of sensation still wash over her as we lay together.

She turns over and got on all fours like a bitch in heat. She laid her head down on her arms and raised her ass up high for me to do as I wished. I immediately had my face buried in her crotch. My long rough tongue is working her over again. My tongue licking from her clit to her asshole and when she starts whining and humping her ass up and down. I slip my tongue up inside her tight young pussy. Then I start humping and Marina's telling me " fuck me John…breed your hot bitch." Suddenly I mount her. I have my arms wrapped around her torso pulling her back as I wildly stab her with my long thick wet cock. She is being bounced and pushed around by me but she manages to reach back and guide me into her pussy. When I slam into her, I sank every inch of my cock straight up in her making her shriek and gasp for air. If she is wanting me to stop it didn't show. I'm over top of her, my hips thrusting so hard and so fast, slamming her relentlessly. Bitch fucking that pretty young thing just as viciously as I can. I knew without a doubt she loves it. I'm ramming it up her cunt and she is slamming her cunt back to meet every thrust. I slam my knot up inside her cunt. Marina went crazy, her body thrashing around underneath me as I quivered. My cock stretching her womb with the amount of cum I'm filling her with. Eventually I got up off of her.

We are knotted as I stood there as she is moving her ass up and down telling me how much she truly loves being my bitch. For the next 20 min. She orgasms four more times then finally my massive cock slips out of her with a loud popping noise followed by a flood of my cum mixed with hers. Marina slips away quietly to the bathroom. Soon we are laying in bed again, she said " Ok I`m ready." It is obvious however that she is my bitch, for only I have my complete and total way with her.

After dinner we started towards the stairs, I set her on the steps, and we begin groping at each other's clothes. She tore through the buttons on my shirt, and I fumbled with the clasp on her bra. As her breasts sprang from the confines of the cups, I buried my face in her cleavage. She sighs as I took her left nipple, already pert and alert from mere moments of foreplay, in my mouth. I suck and nibble my way around her breast, as she begins to hastily undo her leather belt from her jeans. As she pulls them down her legs, she puts my hand on her right breast, and the dual sensation made her moan aloud. She works on my belt buckle, and I release her breast from my mouth. I fell on top of her as she pushes my pants to the floor, and my boxers quickly follow. I wasted no time taking advantage of our position. I kiss her deeply as she places my left hand on her right nipple. She grew hornier by the second as I tease her relentlessly by twirling and pinching the bud of her breast. My right hand caresses down her body and lingers over her burning mound. " Put your hand inside me," She whispers breathly. I smile and lightly flick her erect clit, rubbing her juices around her mound. She cries out as I continue to tease her mercilessly. Her pussy begging to be filled, as she feels my cock growing against her thigh with each completed circle of her clit.

" Turn over," I commanded, and she did as she was told. I spread her legs until her left knee pushed against the banister and her right is forced against the wall. I raised her ass and rub my cock against the opening of her pussy. " Oh, baby, you are so wet," I said, my voice sounded so sexy, she nearly pushed her back onto my cock. I didn't make her wait long. Grabbing her hips, I stood on the stairs and shoved my full nine inches inside of her tight pussy. Her unused pussy has only experienced my cock weeks before, and her recently devirginized pussy has yet to adapt fully to the rough sex I'm accustomed too. She winces in pain and pleasure, she lowers her head onto the stairs. I went deep, as my thrusts increase, the pain decreases. She moans with pure pleasure as I buried my cock all the way into her, I reach around to her clit. At first, I only lightly grazed her bud, but her moans grew louder, encouraging me to rub harder and faster. Soon, I had two fingers rubbing small, fast circles on her clit as I continue to relentlessly ram her tight cunt. She feels herself slipping over the edge into an orgasm. " Baby, I'm cumming." She cries out, to overwhelmed with pleasure to care about the answer.

I let me suffer for a few seconds, and whisper, " yes," into her ear. I held on tight to her abdomen, not stopping the attention to her clit nor her drenched pussy. She feels the burn deep within her stomach, and the first waves of orgasm crashes onto her with welcomed relief. She stretched her hands out on the stairs and clung to the short fibers of carpeting. She can't form coherent words, a loud moan escapes her lips, each thrust of my cock sending bursts of pleasure through her. Her body is tingling. As the orgasm ravaged her, she slumps down on the stairs. " Not so fast," I said, " we're definitely not done yet." I pull my cock out of her, and she rolls around on the stairs to look at me. I stood over her, my cock dripping with the juices of her passion. Marina sat up and looks up at me, the glaze of climax still clouding her vision. I arch my back, pushing my cock closer to her. She slowly took the head of my penis into her mouth and lick the juices off it. I close my eyes and grab hold of the banister. She moves her mouth farther down my shaft, swallowing her cum and my pre-cum off the warm head. I close my eyes, breathing deeply as she begins to bob her head up and down. She uses her hot mouth as a pussy, sucking and swallowing, completely enveloping my cock to the back of her throat.

My cock grew harder again and an involuntary moan escapes my lips. She placed her left hand on my balls and gently massaged them. The new sensations made my cock twitch in her mouth. I pull her head off my cock, pushing her head against the stairs. I dip my ball sack in her mouth, and she sucks on my rocks until I'm close to cumming. " Not yet," She said. Her orgasm-ravaged body has recharged, and she is ready for round three. She stood up next to me and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I gave her a knowing look, and she knew that twinkle in my eye meant we would both get something special on the stairs tonight. I sat down on the steps and pulled her down towards me, with her back facing my chest. I kiss down her back and lean against the staircase. I reach my left hand around waist and begin fingering her pussy, still drenched from our second coupling only minutes before. While tormenting her snatch with a slow, deliberate in-and-out motion with my index finger, I begin rubbing circles around the star of her ass. She drew a breath in. I have fucked her tight virgin ass once during our relationship, and anal orgasm is her favorite. I withdrew the finger from her hole, dragging a trail of wetness from her pussy to the opening of her ass. I'm careful to lube up the outside, then poke the tip of my index finger through the opening. She shudders as I force my finger further inside her. Nothing feels more dangerous or wrong than the two of us, sprawled naked on the staircase, while I finger her ass. I thrust my finger in and out of her ass, picking up speed. After a few minutes, I added a second finger. She groans, " that's right, sweetheart, finger my ass…fill my ass up and give it to me!"

" Oh, you like that?" I ask her. I remove my two fingers from her ass and she groans with the thought of delayed pleasure. " You'll get what you want." I grab her hips and force her ass cheeks apart. She leans forward, balancing on the stairs while grabbing the banister. I guide the tip of my cock to her ass hole, pausing at the entrance before easing it in. " Ready?" Her answer didn't matter–I'm going to fuck her, in the ass, for the second time. I shoved inside, as she winces, my hard cock struggles to enter her tight ass. The tip of my cock soon pops past the tight ring of muscle, and the pain of penetration is intense. she slowly gyrates her hips as the pain subsides. She bounces up and down on my cock, relishing in the fullness in her ass. I thrust into her as she pushes back until our moans of escasty fills the room. " Fuck! Yes! Ahhhhhh!" melds into a jumbled mess of pleasure. It is impossible to distinguish between our moans. She rubs her clit in a frenzy, attempting to quell a fire that burns deep inside her. We humped and jostled our way to orgasm. Her orgasm starts first. She bounces faster, using the banister to hoist her up and down on my hard cock buried deep inside her ass.

Her anal muscles clenching hard on my cock, as her breasts jiggled. She calls my name in a scream of passion. My hand replaces hers on her clit, I rub it fast, my knuckles are a blur of motion between her legs. My other hand wrapped around her abdomen as she came hard, and she hears me " Fuck!" " Yes!" become an indistinguishable yelp of pleasure. As her orgasm reaches a peak, she feels hot jets of semen pulse into the upper reaches of her ass. I shot six full bursts into her as the last waves of pleasure subsided. Her ass pulsated as the electricity emanating from her clit washes away. She hoisted herself off my cock and cuddled next to me on the stairs. Her mind is reeling from pleasure , she can hardly think straight. " Thanks for making me stay," She managed to choke out before collapsing on my bare, heaving chest. " No problem…" I smiled. We got up to to the bedroom.

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