Vip chauffeur chapter 4 part 1

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VIP Chauffeur 4

Mr K called my cell early in the morning asking me if I had time to talk. I responded sure, whats up. I have a new assignment and before I call in a reservation to the limousine service, I wanted to be sure you were not just available but were willing to take an extra sensitive assignment. I told him, give me some details. Mr K continued: I have a new client who has a very deliberate and somewhat dangerous problem. It’s a Fortune 500 company out of downtown Chicago and they have had a serious security breach. They are 99% sure they know who’s responsible but cant use conventional law enforcement. This guy has stolen critical data from the company that if it fell into the hands of a competitor it could mean disaster for the company. They want it back and they don’t want it done the traditional way. Sounds interesting so far, I replied whats the danger part. Well Mr K continued the plan involved you, I and a team going to his home and finding out through some of our unique techniques where the data/discs are. If we’re successful, I will have to go off site, no doubt some kind of safety deposit box with the guy and retrieve them. Your job will be to hold his family as collateral while to be sure we get the data back. This job could take a while. In fact I did something similar last year and it took over two days. Do you think you can handle your end? I don’t see why not. When are we scheduled to do this? I’d like to arrive at the house very late Friday night and use as much of the weekend as we need to torture the information out of this guy. My guess is we’d be able to get our hands on the discs by Monday morning when the bank opens. Once I have them in my possession, I’ll call you and you can release the family and we’ll go our separate ways.

OK I’m in I told Mr. K. Will you be calling in the order to the service. Yes I will, he replied. Plan on picking me up on Friday evening about 6pm. As instructed I was right on time on Friday and this night Mr. K had a full suitcase to bring with us. He got in the car and gave me the location which I put into the GPS. It was a 90 minute drive. We chatted along the way as he gave me the specifics about the people we were going to have to deal with. They were a couple in their mid 40’s had a single daughter of 16 years old. They lived in a modest house in the suburbs. The advance team would be there to secure the premises and allow us to enter after they had perceivably gone to bed. We arrived at 8:00pm and cased the home and neighborhood. As usual Mr K had a meticulous plan put together and as the jobs of the past it looked almost flawless. We waited patiently a block away, had some refreshments and talked in a most calm way. It seemed to me to be rather remarkable given what we were about to do that Mr K could be so calm. At about midnight we received a signal from the 3 man advance team that the coast was clear. Mr K was sure to bring his suitcase with him and we entered the home while putting on our surgical gloves and masks. As was customary the daughter was already neutralized, bound hand and foot with a very large gag in her mouth. She was wearing a long nightgown. The fear in her eyes was obvious. As we moved through the entire house making sure certain things were as they were supposed to be, we entered the bedroom. It was rather large and Mrs G was bound in the bed hand and foot just as her daughter was however she had on an old looking sweatshirt and light blue panties. Mr G was seated in a kitchen chair, his legs bound to the legs of the chair and his hands bound behind his head and tied to the tops of the chair. It seemed odd but quite effective. He had a gag in that Mr K took out almost immediately. Mr K had his handgun out and told the guy if he made one sound it would be his last. The guy was obviously scared beyond belief. Mr K held the gun to his head and began to remove the gag but stopped abruptly. He told the guy the following: Mr Gxxxxx we know everything there is to know about you, your wife her friends, your family, your daughter, her best girlfriend Allison, where you bank and where you go to church. You have in your possession or know where it is, a very valuable computer disc or discs that belong to your employer. We are going to stay here and do whatever is necessary for you to tell us where those discs are and then you and I are going to go and get them and you are going to give them to me and I will return them to your employer. Do you understand everything I just said Mr Gxxxxxx. He shook his head NO! Do you understand Mrs G? She shook her head NO violently. Did you hear what I said Mrs G? She shook her head YES! But you don’t know what I’m talking about is that right Mrs. G? She shook her head yes. Mr K said oh boy Bucko this is going to be difficult.

He undid Mr G’s gag with the gun right at his temple. Lets have a talk Mr. G he said and reminded him to be as quiet as he could because if he made a lot of noise his daughter would become more fearful than what she already was. The gag came off and Mr. G immediately began to speak: I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t have any discs, I don’t have access to discs. Now, now, now Mr G, Mr K replied, you are just not telling me the truth. We know you have them and we know that they are not here in this house. You are going to tell us where they are and to convince you how serious we are I’m going to give you a very slight example of what we are prepared to do. Get my suitcase Bucko! I brought in the suitcase and Mr K placed it on the bed near Mrs G’s bound foot. He opened up one section and took out what looked like a small generator with many long cords. He placed it at the foot of Mr G’s. chair and then took out a huge paid of shears and began to cut off Mr G’s pajamas as roughly as he could. He pulled the remnants of the pajamas off and took what looked like six alligator clips all attached to wires and began to attach them to Mr G. He started by attaching one to the middle of Mr G’s nose. Put one on each nipple, one right into Mr G’s piss hole and one on each ball. He then said to me, plug this thing in and go over and untie Mrs G so she can have a ringside seat to our circus’s main event. There was a control box the size of a boombox and Mr K turned the power on. There was a large dial in the middle and he was allowing the machine to war up. I approached Mrs G. She had a lean hard body, no extra pounds at all. Dirty blonde hair. She had what looked like a mans sweatshirt on so her tits were not immediately visible. She had a pair of bikini panties on and nothing on her feet. I untied her, left the gag in and brough her over to the other side of the bed and sat her down right near her husband. Mr K said, you know better Bucko, take those clothes off of her and show her we mean business. I wasn’t exactly sure I knew what he meant so I grabbed the sweatshirt at the collar and ripped in completely down. She had a white camisole on underneath and now I could see her tits were extraordinary, large 36D at least, firm and real no fakes here. I figured I had to do the same to the camisole and ripped that right down the middle. Her tits were gorgeous, hard brown large nipples and really firm. I then did the same to her panties, ripped them in one pull. She was shaking like a leaf and Mr K was watching intently. He never seemed to get too involved sexually with our victims before but for some reason Mrs G really had his attention. He actually came over to her pushed her back down onto the bed and spread her pussy lips with the barrel of his handgun. She was waxed with a hot landing strip about ½ inch wide. He rubbed the barrel of the gun up and down her pussy and she was obviously scared, shaking in the wake. Mr K said Bucko did you get a good look at this pussy? I shook my head, No! Come here and see if its wet. I came over and he said taste it for me Bucko. I immediately inserted my tongue into this very hot woman. Is she wet Bucko? Mr K inquired again quickly, is she? I inserted my finger all the way in and she shook from head to toe. She was sopping wet. I withdrew my finger and held it up to Mr.K. He took my hand strongly and licked my finger. Now that is a delectable cunt, he exclaimed. I have to have some of that. Here hold my gun of this faggot. He dove into Mrs G. cunt with wild abandon and ate her out like no one I’d ever seen. She began to meet his every lick with her own wild buck and it was obvious to me fairly quickly she was having multiple orgasms. When I looked over for a closer view there was cum oozing out of her pussy extensively. All the while Mr G was squirming like he had a huge fist in his ass. I finally went over to him and whispered in his ear, does she respond to you this way, fella. He just mumbled something into the gag and got more agitated. Mr K finished with her and left her completely spent. He spun around and slapped Mr G forcefully in the face, knocking off the alligator clip in his nose. Can you get her to come like that pal? He re-anchored the clip angrily and immediately went to the controls and turned up the large dial. Electricity began to be sent to each clip and almost just as immediately Mr G shook all over, bit down on the gag and began to piss wildly. Watch out yelled Mr K, this guys out of control. He left the jolt on for just a few seconds and then turned it off. It was like Mr G was inches off the chair even though he wasn’t. When the surge subsided he seemed to come back down onto the chair. He was out of breath, drooling from his nose and mouth in fact these was a timy bit of blood oozing out of the gag. Mr K screamed at him, still don’t know what we’re talking about asshole? He G could barely shake is head no and instinctively Mr K turned it on again, this time stronger. The noise that the generator made coupled with the ungodly noise coming out of Mr G’s mouth was slightly frightening. Mr K left it on for only 5 seconds but the screaming through the gag seemed to last for minutes. There appeared to be tiny burn marks where the clips we attached and when the juice was on it seemed every muscle in Mr G’s body was spasaming. I was so intent on watching this mode of torture that I had never seen before, I completely lost track of what Mrs G was doing. I looked over and saw her sitting in the middle of the bed, sobbing her face in her hands. I looked at her intently and began to see what Mr K must have seen early on. She had luxurious tits, full firm with really big brown nipples. She was waxed neatly with the hottest of landing strips and had really pouty cuntlips.

Mr K let Mr G come down from the last jolt and said to him we can keep this up all day but that he (Mr K) would tire of this quickly. He continued: I’d rather spend the rest of the weekend waiting for whichever bank you have those discs in to open, fucking your really hot wife and alternating with your daughter. So since this is boring me so, I’m going to kick it up a notch. He unclipped all of the leads and reached into his briefcase and brought out a large pair of long needle nose pliers. Now this wont take too long pal but I’m prepared to do it 20 times and each one I remove I’m going to make that lovely hot wife of your eat. He grabbed Mr G’s right hand very tightly in his own huge mitt and drove one side of the pliers down underneath the guys pinky finger nail. Mr G screamed worse then the electric shock and adeptly as a surgeon Mr K pulled the bloodiest of fingernails right off the guys pinky finger. Mrs G gasped but continued to sob softly. Now then Mr K asked Mr G do you want me to continue or will you tell me where the discs are. This obviously got his attention because he seemed to be wanting to say something from behind the gag. Mr K inquired further, do you have something to tell us? He shook his head wildly, YES. Take his gag off Mr K said to me. I did so as quick as I could. When it came free Mr G was totally gasping for air and unable to pronounce anything. Weellll Mr K said. Where are the discs. He was mouthing something but nothing was coming out. Mr K yelled louder, where are they? Mr K handed Mr G a paper and a pencil but Mr G was shaking so wildly he couldn’t hold either. Where are they Mr K screamed. Wells Fargo downtown he hoarsely said. This illicited a complete breakdown from Mrs G. No, no, no she was screaming. Why did you tell them you fuckin wimp! I was shocked to hear her. She was obviously the trooper here and that sent a whole new look to Mr K face. He turned his attention to her and waved to me to put the gag back on. So there my hot little number what has upset you so much? The wimp cant handle shit she replied. I knew he’d give up without much of a struggle. He has no balls whatsoever. It took him 6 months to get the courage to steal the stuff in the first place. Mr K looked at me and mused, no what the hell do we do Bucko? I think Mrs G has got to pay a stiffer price than hubby here don’t you? I’d say so I replied. Then lets get to it. I want to sink my 9in deep inside that dreamy, wet cunt. I suggest you get yours wet in her mouth and then get ready to double play her ass. Can you handle that Bucko. You bet I responded. As he inserted his cock into her I heard him whisper to her that this was just a warm-up for what we were going to do to her daughter since she and her wimpy husband had been so nasty to his employer. Surprisingly Mrs G replied, knock yourself out fellas, I have nothing left to live for anyhow.

Mr K drove her really hard and it was easy to figure out having seen her husbands cock in action that she hadn’t been used to a full 9 inches before unless she had as much balls to fool around as she did to plan a theft. Mr K was really into fucking her as I throat fucked he with my mere 7 inches but she didn’t gag at all. She was taking it without so much as a whimper and actually seemed to like it. She had my cock soaking wet with spit and slober when Mr K asked if I was ready to “fuck her shithole”. I said I was. As I withdrew he rolled both of them over so she was on top of him still bucking him like a stallion as she said I’m glad I’m getting that prick in my ass and not yours darling to Mr K. He replied almost immediately, don’t be so glad honey, I’ll be stretching that sphincter myself as well. I got a whole months worth of Viagra with me and we’ve got two full days left to each other. I didn’t need any lube as my cock had spittle still dripping from it as I lined up my helmet to what was an inviting hole indeed and popped my head right in. I slowly advanced and she pushed right back at me. I could immediately feel Mr K’s cock through what was a very thin layer of lining between us and I began to attempt to alternate stroke for stroke. This was sending Mrs G into orbit. She was loving every minute of it and began to talk wildly with Mr K and he seemed to be enjoying just as much. She said she had only done this one other time in college and had forgotten how great a feeling it was. She was meeting each of our thrusts and had at least 3 orgasms that I could perceive in the 15 minutes we were fucking here. Now for his part her husband was purposefully looking away and didn’t want to have any of what was going on right under his nose. But Mr. K was going to have none of that. He said after awhile, Bucko pull out. I did so. Are you close to coming Bucko he inquired? I said I had been holding it in for 5 minutes or so. Well Mrs G and I would like to see you jerk off all over her wimpy husbands face and get him to lick of some of that shit that’s on your dick, OK? I said Yes Sir.

I took off Mr G’s gag and he was whimpering no, no, no. I said don’t try any funny stuff here pal. Just do as you were told or you could expect a generous flesh wound from that luger pistol and will not heal for months. His body was still not his own, meaning he had very little control of anything from the series of shocks and then the fingernail incident but he opened his mouth slowly as I prepared to shove it down his throat. Mr K yelled over make him lick it clean before you blow and be sure you don’t come in his mouth. His wife wants it all over his face so she can lick it off and then spit it down his throat, right honey? I thought I heard her utter a little laugh and said anything you say, lover ! What was going on there I wondered. Had Mr K fallen in love with this mastermind r was he just going to have a solid 48 hours of kinship with her? I found it all too interesting. I did as I was told and had Mr G lick my cock completely from my head to the base, my balls and bush and then I began to stroke myself with deliberance. I knew I wasn’t going to last long but I didn’t want to disappoint the boss. Both he and Mrs G had concluded their romp and were taking up their positions, sitting on the side of the bed as my first spurt hit Mr G square between the eyes. Spurts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 were extensive and powerful and his face was covered with jiz. I squeezed out just a bit of come from #7 and as I stepped back Mrs G moved right in and licked every speck of come from the guys face and neck. She had a good mouthful when she forced his mouth open and spat good and strong and then said, here you stupid, spineless faggot. You have ruined our future today and I hope you never forget what you cost us. Mr K was laughing out loud and pulled Mrs G back over to the bed with him. Mr K said Bucko put his gag back in his wife wants to re-install his clips and give him a little more juice herself. I did as I was instructed but thought this assignment has changed considerably since we came in a few hours ago. I could only wonder where it would all take us. I overheard Mrs G saying to Mr K. promise me you wont leave her with any scars, physically or emotionally, please she’s only 16, surely a virgin or so her mother thought so but not sheltered from some form of heterosexual sex. Mr K responded, I told you before, I cant spare her from whatever happens but I can assure you nothing I’m going to do to her will permanently affect her. Mr G found what little spirit he had left and started to scream, although it was hardly loud or screaming, you fucking cunt, how cruel can you be, you only wanted all of this for yourself, you greedy pig. Mr K laughed and so did Mrs G but I wondered what exactly was happening.

Things were beginning to calm down as Mrs G had decided she was going to wait before hooking up hubby for a second round of voltage. Mr K said to her, why don’t you go and get my friend and I something cold to drink. She said sure, beer or soft drinks darling. He replied, beer would be great. As soon as she was out of ear shot he laughing looked at me and said, somewhat confused Bucko eh? I said not slightly boss, totally. Don’t let me demeanor fool you partner. I am an accomplished phsychological tormentor. I know that this bitch is the brains behind this operation and I just need some time until the morning until I contact my client to see what he wants to do about it now that we know the real story. My guess is our client will want her justly punished for what happened and I’m just the guy to do it. In the meantime, I’d like to have as much fun as possible before I completely turn the tables on this vicious bitch. Comprehendee my best friend? It all makes sense now boss. I know were new at his partnership but you did have me slightly confused and I’m very glad its all back to normal now.

Lets let this bitch take care of us for the rest of the night, friend.

Stay tuned for: PART 2 Chapter 4

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Author: Doverover

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