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As the taxi pulled away from the parking lot I looked down at the card I printed out and then looked back up to the huge hotel. I walked up to the door wondering why he would want a little kid like me to come to such a fancy place. As I walked inside I was amazed at the beautiful scenery inside the immaculate hotel. Stunned I walked up to the front desk with my note secure in my hands. The bell on the desk gleamed brightly as I gently tapped it.
“Hello welcome to the Tipton how may I help you?” said the manger behind the desk smiling down upon me.
yes ma`ma I need to find room 475 where is that?” I said studying my note once more.
“O you go down the hall and get on the elevator it’s on the 8th floor and u go right, straight down the hall ok sweetie.” The lady said grinning.
I smiled back and politely said “Thank You.” as I started my way down the hall.

Still thinking about what happened earlier today I blindly pressed the 8th floor button. As I went over everything in my head flashbacks filled my mind. I read my note once more out of anticipation. It read “Dear Dominique, You seem like a very excellent person and ive wanted to meet you for quite a while please come to the Tipton hotel and go to room 475” My thoughts stopped as soon as the doors opened and I walked out. “Hmmm I can’t wait to meet this person finally.” I mumbled to myself as I walked down the hall going right.

My thoughts came back as my anticipation grew. As I made it to the door I knocked gently and found the door to be open. “Should I go in?” I asked myself quietly
“Well I was told to come to this room so whoever it is must be expecting me.” I said in almost a whisper as I entered the big room.
I called out looking around. I called once more. I walked in all the way and looked around “Is anybody here?” I said silently. I turned around and saw a note propped up on a tray sitting on a table along with a silk blindfold. I picked up the note and read it quietly. “Hello Dominique I know you’ve been curious about what’s goanna happen today well I have some very interesting plans for you.” My mind started to race “The reason ive asked you here is for me to know and you to find out very soon, what I would like for you to do is put on the blindfold I have set out for you on the tray and strip down. I shall accompany you shortly so feel free to lie down on the bed and wait.” I re-read the note quickly an put it back on the tray. I took the blindfold in my hands and held it for a second. “A blindfold? Why in the world would I possibly need a blindfold for?” I asked myself as I stripped out of my jeans. As I got more excited about these plans I began to feel my panties get damp and warm. I slid them off followed by my coat and shirt. I stood there naked and hot. I picked up the blindfold and walked over to the bed and sat down. I tied it and saw nothing but blackness. I thought about the note and lay down on the bed with my hands folded over my tummy.

After about 15 minutes I heard the door of the room shut and gentle steps approach me. “Well well well …..” said a mild Irish accent.
“I’m very pleased that you’ve made it Dominique, ive been expecting you.” DPM said gently resting a hand over mines “Are you wondering why you have a blindfold over you?” he asked sweetly.
I nodded my head
he said getting up….. been talking for sometime and I’ve been wondering for quite a while what a night with you would be like, you as my slave me as your master.” He said running his finger gently over my cheek. I asked quietly. “Yes indeed are you up to this?” he asked. His touch excited every nerve in my young body. I felt my snatch get wetter with every stroke of his hands across my cheek.
I nodded my head once more.
“But what’s the before I finished the sentence I was interrupted with a gentle “eh but master what’s the blindfold for, if you wish to addressee me you must do so with a respectful and I will choose to answer or not he said pulling his hand away from my cheek I felt him grab one of my wrist and then handcuff it to the bed then the other.
“Yes master.” I said quietly
He said back. I felt his hands return to me only not my face this time on my tummy. He touched gentle and soft, delicately like a feather. He ran his fingers slowly over my stomach up to the undersides of my chest and moved away from them, to my neck. His hands gently rubbed my neck and ran down to my shoulders. As he kept teasing me I got more and more excited! He placed his gentle fingers on my thigh and ran them around and around carefully.

“Slave girl open your legs for your master so I may see your sweet young pussy.” He said still touching me gently. I opened them slowly as I felt warm liquid slide down onto the bed beneath me. He started to chuckle “I see you’re excited about this.” He said going in between my legs. He sat there and began to touch gently around the insides of my legs. Running them up and down slowly. As he continued to do this he got closer and closer to my snatch then he’d jus pull away and start over. My mind started to race again my pulse was going wacky my body was getting weak with ever stroke of his loving hands. A squeal escaped my throat when he finally did gently tap a sensitive spot in my pussy. All he did was chuckle lightly and continued to touch around my legs. I loved this even tho he didn’t openly jus give it to me….. In fact I think that’s why I wanted it more then I ever have. Something about his ways just gave me a tingly feeling that went up and down my spine in to the pit of my tummy.

Suddenly every nerve ending in me almost exploded when he started to rub my snatch. He gently rubbed my extremely sensitive and wet clitoris and I couldn’t help but squeal at every touch, but then he told me to close my legs. Huh??? I asked in my head. But I just decided to be obedient slave and I closed them back up without saying a word. He once again touched me gently over my body till finally he came up to my ear and whispered silently “Open your legs again I want to see how good my slave taste.” When he said that I felt something that kinda twitched down in my stomach it was a pleasurable twitch that, once more, made my heart beat fast. I opened them again, and felt him get between my legs again.” Slowly he rubbed my clit again his touch was smooth and loving; all I could hear was the sound of my heart beating out of its chest.

Then I felt his tongue flick over my clit and I almost blew right then and there. He began to suck, lick and tease my pussy driving me outta my mind with pleasure till I began to feel an intensely powerful surge go threw my body up my spine, I was gonna cum. I then loudly moaned “Oooo master im going to cum!!!”
He rose his mouth up from my aching snatch and then walked away. I lie there trying to catch my breath. How in the world is he making me experience so much pleasure by doing so little? I was still pondering on it when he cam back to the room.

He whispered in my ear “I didn’t say you could cum yet.” I felt a grin sweep my face but then quickly I got serious again “I apologize for my incompetence my master.” I said quietly. I rubbed leg once more and said
“Well don’t let it happen again.”
Then he told me to open my legs up wider than b4efore. Like a good slave I did as I was told. I basically did a split in the air and waited. Then I felt my master’s warm wet tongue tease my clit once again. I sighed a very pleasurable sigh and lay there as he rocked my world. Soon I started feeling that Cumming feeling so I quickly tried to stifle the thought off my mind I started to squirm because the thought wasn’t leaving. I started thinking off other things like how I know my mom is probably wondering where I am or other things and it was working pretty well. After a while he moved up from my snatch and got close to my ear again. His warm breath captivated me.
“Since you’ve been such a good little slave, not Cumming before I told you to, I wanna reward you.” I just nodded my head and a gentle “yes master” escaped my lips.
“Open your legs once more for your master.” He said kindly. I opened them wondering what my reward would be, if he was gonna eat me out till I came or fingered me so I could finally cum.

Soon I felt something hard rubbing against my pussy but it was much thicker than a tongue or a finger it was his cock. I could feel myself slipping into ecstasy. His cock excited me more then his mouth and fingers. He slowly rubbed his dick around my dripping wet snatch, carefully running it over my clit then near my cunt then quickly pulling away.

“Very clever master I I thought to myself as he continued to play with my honey pot. Suddenly after a while of him stroking me so tenderly I felt the head of his cock prop up against the entrance of me. I bit my lip and sorta jerked as he slowly entered in me. His cock felt different then the other ones ive dealt with. It felt like it was to be curved, curved and long. He penetrated me deeply and slow and held it there for a second or two. Then pulled out completely he entered me once more only about half way then pulled out once more. He kept that up for a while, driving me crazy with lust. I started to squirm and push myself down on his cock and get in better contact with it. He could definitely tell I wanted it “Does my slave need something more?” he asked me
I shook my head no. “Be honest my sweet he said quizzitivly
I quietly said
“Yes master.” He chuckled once more and pulled out of me and started to rub his cock around my pussy again. And then he got up and stood over me, and rubbed his cock up and down my tummy. I felt the now cool liquid from my snatch streak on my stomach each time his cock passed it. I started to get tense in anticipation. I started to crave DPM’s cock more than anything.

Finally he went back over to my aching pussy and placed his cock at my entrance once more. I braced myself; I felt my writs go numb at the feeling of being handcuffed for so long. Soon I felt his curved cock slide into me slowly. I gritted my teeth as I felt all my sensual tension store up in my tummy again. He went in about half way then pulled back out not but he didn’t pull all the way out this time. Instead he jus penetrated me deeper and slower. His curved cock bumped against my g-spot and sent a tingly feeling up my thru my veins. He continued to slowly go inch by inch till he was in the hilt of me. I moaned silently and started to breath heavy.

He put a hand on my stomach and started to rub it as he began to slowly push himself into me. He started slowly letting his cock slide in then pulling far back then sliding back in. Each time he pushed in his cock would brush pass my g-spot which each time brought me closer to my climax. Then he began pushing into me harder with each stroke. I was going to cum any second I could tell. He began to thrust into me.
“Oooo master!!” I cried as I felt him hit the hilt of me once more. His cock filled my pussy up and it felt so good, every thrust and push drove me closer to an orgasm. Then it happened I hard thanks to all that sexual tension that’s been stored up. The orgasm made me a tad limp but I was still up for this. He continued to give me heavy pounding each throw down into me made me weaker and weaker and I didn’t even know this mans true name. As he fucked me I felt every vein of his cock slip into me then back out which added to the intense pleasure I was already getting.

I was having multiple orgasms each one more powerful then the next. If you were to walk anywhere near the room all you would is the constant orgasmic moans, and squeals coming from me. Soon after an hour or so he slowly pulled out of me and un-did my hand cuffs. I rubbed my wrist and sat up. I started taking of my blindfold till I heard him say
“No no you’re going to keep it on, right now I want you to give me a finale.” He said lying down. I wondered what he meant that is until I felt him grab my hand and placed it on his cock. I then crawled over on top of him in a 69 position and felt around and found his cock and wrapped it with both hands. I started to rub it and I was right it was curved; it’s was thick to and long. I didn’t jus wanna touch it I wanted to taste it. I gently put my mouth over the head of his cock and started to gently lick and tease it with my tongue.
“Do you like this my master?” I asked quietly.
sufficient slave.” He said as I continued to lick and suck on the tip. I started to lick the under side of it up and down then get back to the tip. After a few minutes of that my master said to me
enough slave, take it deep in your mouth and suck it hard like the little nymph you are.”
When he said that I felt a need for it deep in my throat. So I put both hands around it and opened my mouth wide. I got my lips around it and got about 3-4 inches of him down my slender throat. I ran my hand over the remanding part and felt about 4 or 5 more to go. So I relaxed my throat muscles and slid it about three more inches down. I began to suck and roll my tongue over what was in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down. His cock felt hard and stiff in my mouth. And the way his cock curved at a certain angle made it easy for me to get it down.
“Good slave, faster now, as fast as you I heard him say as he started to rub my clit. I then started to bob my head hard and fast as fast as I could. I felt the need to please my master. “O yes that’s a very good slave.” He said as I contracted my throat around his cock.

As he continued to rub my clit I began to get that ‘im about to cum feeling’ and started to squirm but quickly regained focus.
“Ah yes slave harder, harder and faster.” He said in somewhat of a moan. I tightened my lips and made my throat contract a few more times to make it tighter around his cock and began to throat fuck his cock. Soon after a while I couldn’t take it any more the way he rubbed my clit was better than I ever did I came once again. I started to shake a little then I got back to my job. His cock filled my mouth and throat and it was getting ready to blow after a while. Suddenly I felt his cock expand in my throat so I braced myself for a mouth full of cum, and he blew. His hot steamy cum coated my throat and slid down into my tummy. Squirt after squirt his cum filled me mouth. I swallowed it all and rolled off of him. He was breathing heavy in long drags as I lay next to him. I started to take off my blindfold once more but he put his hand over mines and said
“No no.” again.

I removed my hands from my blind fold and just laid there tried and weak. I heard him get up and walk over to pick up his clothes.
I said quietly
“Yes slave girl.”
“May I know your true name?”
I heard a zipper go up and a slight chuckle
“That, my dear slave, is for me to know and you to find />


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