Wife's friend comes for a visit~!

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Wife’s Friend comes for a visit

Enough time has passed after my divorce, (12 years now) that now allows me to tell this story, where it wouldn’t matter any longer to those who might think it was a story about them. Some names have been changed, but most “is”, as it occurred, barring memory loss from time lapses. So, enough disclaimer, on with the story.

Scratching my chin, looking up in the air sideways, eyes half closed, as one does when they are trying to remember. Seems to me it happened this way, and in this time frame.

My Wife, X-now, decided to try out my new rollerblades that I had gotten for Christmas that year, still new in the box. She went in to the garage, put them on, skated across the floor, and fell. She broke her fall with her arm, dumb ass. So as it happens she broke her arm in 2 places just behind the wrist.

Well, I received a call at work that there was an emergency at home, and I was on my way. This was about March, maybe April, 1995 or so.
She had an office to clean but, she was in a brace, and needed emergency surgery the next day. I called my parents and they met us at the office to help clean it, she had to be there, she was the only one with the alarm codes, too we had never cleaned the office before.

I was quite upset that she had been so foolish as to try that, not only alone, but at a time when she had another job, so I had to clean her building after I put in a full day at my job.

Surgery went ok but she had pins to hold her arm together, also a cast. Lois, “my x’s” name had a friend Alisa who found out about Lois’s surgery… she was a few years younger than us, but that didn’t seem to affect our friendship, sometimes I wonder whose friend Alisa was because we got along so well.

It was good to hear from Alisa. It had been a while. My wife met her while working at the college book store and Alisa was in college. They got along so well that they started taking lunch together; soon she was stopping by for a visit, shopping, maybe even dinner, out, or at home. Alisa has fine blonde hair, about 5’6”, 34B breasts, very nice hips, blue eyes, cute butt, and a devilish grin. She was feminine, but acted like a tomboy at times, as she was the first to jump on the back of my motorcycle, grab a hammer, or just help mow the yard or wash the car. If my wife was doing something she was right there, if I was doing something, she was right there. Very loveable as well…hugs n all.

Alisa came by to see Lois, but as she was out of it, on her meds, we spoke at length,
She said as you know, I am out of school, and I need two things from you if it’s ok. I asked, what do I have to offer you? Alisa grinned at me, looked me up n down remember that grin I told you she had? She laughed, and said, as you know, I’m no longer in school, don’t have a dorm to stay in, and no job, or money to pay for an apartment. She told me if you let me stay here, I can help you take care of Lois when you’re at work, drive her around, cook n clean. By the time she is healed, I should be able to find a job, with the money I’ll save I can afford an apartment.

Alisa! I told her, you are a genius, that is the best idea I think I’ve ever heard. You know that you could have stayed with us for nothing, but that I accept; we hugged and had a good laugh. I told Alisa that we had a few things to work out. She said like what?

Well for one thing, I keep my clothes down stairs, and I also shower down stairs, that is in the room you will be staying in. I explained that if I dress n shower upstairs I make too much noise, waking the whole house up. She told me she slept hard, that it would not be a problem. We take dinner at the table, one piece of fruit a day, at least. Alisa assured me that these were non issues. I said; great~!

For the next few weeks, Alisa was great, she took care of my wife during the day. As soon as I got out of the marital bed she would crawl into it, just in case my wife needed something, before time to get up.

When I would get home, we would fix dinner, go out to eat, go shopping, or maybe even go for a ride on my motorcycle, if the weather was good; spring was in full bloom at around that time. One day I came home with a paper to fill out for a personalized tag for my motorcycle, she asked what is “ I need to fill it out for my personal tag for my bike…got any ideas? She stuck her tongue out, thinking, how many spaces we got…I said 7.
She blurted out She looked at me, and… Well we had a moment. I was shocked, but also said “why thank both laughed a hardy laugh. I explained that if you put that on a bike, you’re gonna get harassed constantly, or at least challenged. I told her I like to ride not get ran over. Laughing… We did figure one out though. JST4FUN. I told Alisa…Good Job~!

One evening Alisa and I were running a few errands in my ole subcompact, and decided to get an ice cream cone, we pulled into a parking lot to eat them, so they wouldn’t melt, watching the sunset overlooking I-35, under a few trees. We rolled down the windows, soft breeze blowing through her fine blonde hair, Sun on her face. Alisa was so beautiful. Cd in the player, yeah John Denver, Nancy Griffith. “I am never far from some kind of J. Denver” Just the way it is. (Sun is slowly fadin in the western sky, sometimes it takes forever, the days ta end, sometimes it takes a hummm, hummm.)

Alisa looked at me, and I at her, what a perfect moment, no words. She broke the silence, What, She asked…? I have wondered what it would be like to kiss you since the day I met you, even more now. Why now? Because of the sun, music, breeze, At first she blushed a little then she said. I have wondered the same thing. She leaned in and I rushed to meet her, mmm her lips were cold from the ice cream, and tasted like butter pecan. I brought my hands up to her face and cradled it while I kissed her so very deeply. If it was going to be the first, and last time I kissed her, or that I was gonna get into trouble for it, I was going to make it worth my while, possibly even change her mind. I sucked her lips one at a time, licked them, used my tongue to taste hers, and every inch of her mouth, as far back as I could go, moaning as did she. She backed off and said to me, ‘Oh Yeah”. Wrapping her arms around me and pulling me closer. I sucked and bit her lips, one at a time. When she breathed in I breathed out, when she exhaled I captured her it was a hot kiss, and I really never wanted it to end. Alisa said and I said …Yeah.

We sat for a while holding squeeze, and caress. I pulled her hand to my lips, kissed it while looking at her. Alisa asked if I kissed Lois like that, I responded with a sigh. She doesn’t like to kiss, at least not me. I miss it so much. That kiss that we shared just now was about 10 years’ worth in one kiss, but really I don’t know if I can wait that long again. She told me that I didn’t have too. She kissed me again, this time I pulled her towards me, cradled her in the crook of my arm, her hair hanging free, as I leaned over and controlled her as I kissed her. My right hand was free, and it freely roamed over her hair, shoulder, upper back, lower back, just lightly across her hips and up her stomach, she moaned in to my mouth. My hand was on her side just under her breast; thumb front side, fingers back side. I held her so tightly, kissing her for a very long time. My left hand was holding her shoulder, pulling her chest to mine forcefully. She felt like putty to me. Passion flowed from me, to her, and back again. We drove home in silence; I guess we were both in uncharted territory.

The next day, she asked me about my marriage, I told her that I was very lonely, she said as sexy as you both are? I figured that you were jumping each other’s bones every night. I told Alisa that I wished it was so, that she rejected me constantly, and sex seemed dirty to her. I always put my wife’s pleasure before my own. I can’t even use sexy or dirty words. Besides I’m never alone, I mostly jack off in the bathroom in the morning. She looked at me, grinned, and said; Oh Really?!? Look Alisa, I don’t want to make you feel sorry for me or think I’m trying to…she put her finger to my mouth, and shushed me. She reached up and kissed my cheek, patted my side and went to the kitchen to fix dinner.

The next morning I got up early for overtime, went to the downstairs bathroom to shit, shower, and shave. As I turned on the bathroom light, I turned to shut the door, and I saw Alisa lying on her stomach, legs spread one knee pulled up, and her micro panties were up in her crack. I stood there staring at her ass cheeks for a long time. I hadn’t noticed that she had woken up and was staring at me, staring at her. My cock was rock hard, I sat down on the toilet, door open, light on, grabbed some hand lotion, and I started to jack off, looking at her. Alisa just laid there not moving watching me, as I was getting close to Cumming, she raised up, put her hand under her head, and watched me, as I stared at her, grunting, shooting, one jet, two jets, then three, finally I finished, she laid down, still watching me. I wiped the cum on my chest, smelled my finger, then ran the tip of my tongue along one of my fingers, staring at her. I then shut the door, and finished getting ready for work.

That evening she told me, that was so erotic watching you this morning… she had never seen anything like that. I told her she didn’t look that young. No, I’m not naïve, or a virgin, but no man ever shared anything so erotic with me. I told her that I never watched a woman, watching me, jack off either …grin.

After dinner my wife, Alisa and I were watching TV. And chatting, she told me that she could help me get limber again, as she was dating a Karate instructor from Texas. She said that he was older and that she was attracted to older men, he seemed to have some power over her. We began stretching and trying different things. We spread our legs sitting on the floor, feet touching, and I leaned in to her sex as far as I could go, then she would stretch towards mine, oh yea I was feeling it ok…I swear I could smell her sex….when I would lean forward I would take a deep breath, then I saw it, a wet spot in her red shorts I had gotten her at Wal-Mart. I tickled her for a little bit and we wrestled around some. My wife was watching us but her eyes were glazed some, she had to keep her arm elevated, and she was still taking pain meds. Is that a pimple I see on your back? She pulled her Loose T-shirt down a bit said where…I said there; touching it…she said yea I get them, I said let me see. Alisa sat down in the floor and pulled her shirt up from the bottom, to up around her neck, I sat on the fireplace and ran my fingers all over her back, she got goose bumps. You have some under your bra strap, she said; I know, I got up, got some alcohol and a few cotton swabs. I unhooked her bra; shit, her B+ or small C’s tits fell out, as she had her shirt too high. My wife looked up with her mouth open and said. Well Alan…I apologized; she pulled her shirt back down. I finished popping a few zits and cleaned her up with the alcohol. She leaned back and my hard on was in her neck, she moved her head left n right all the while pushing her head back against it. To my wife it looked like she was flipping her hair and stretching her neck.

My wife went upstairs to bed and left Alisa, and me alone in the living room. We chatted for a while then she came over, sat down beside me, whispering in my ear. Did you like seeing my tits fall out? You know the answer to that, as you were groping my hard on with your neck. She stuck her tongue out, bit it and wrinkled up her nose at me. I reached over, pinned her arms behind her back and started kissing her, forcefully, she pushed her chest back at me, and kissed me harder. I reached up her back, pulled her hair, jerking her head towards her back, lifting her mouth to mine. At the same time with my right hand I pulled up her shirt, and started groping her tits one at a time. I pulled away from her and the look on her face was one of anger and passion she was trying to bite at me but I had her head pinned with her hair. I went in fast and kissed her again. She was groaning in my mouth, her arms came around, but I caught them, spreading them wide, pinning them out to the side of her to the couch. I pushed them around her back again, that made her push her chest out at me, there they were, mmm the twins were out, firm, pink large nipples. What could I do? My tongue came out, my mouth came open, and I attached my mouth to one of her grand tits, sucking, licking, bathing them one at a time in said…shit, no, yesss, oh you bastard. I sucked one very hard, pulled back as I sucked, then licked her nipple, that did it. She hissed out at me…suck me….suck em, suck em. I let her arms go and pushed them together, licked them; pulled them apart; letting my tongue follow the spread to her chest, then back out as I closed them. Together this time I bit them at the same time, then sucked, then licked, then sucked them while said oh; Alan, I’m Cumming. She moaned through her orgasm, grasping my head and pulling it to her chest. She even used her forearms to push her tits together more for me. I’ve never cummm with just my tits being sucked…oh my gawd~!
We heard what sounded like my wife stirring upstairs and moved away from each other, as it was late we both went to bed.

The next morning, there I was, jacking off again, Alisa was watching me again, accept this time she sat up in bed, crossed her legs, her feet almost touching, she pulled her panties to one side, and masturbated, watching me, watching her. She put a finger inside her wet pussy, and then spread it all over her outer lips, and her clit, brought her wet finger to her nose, and put it to her nose, inhaling her scent, her eyes closing as she smelled it. So I did the same I rubbed my finger under my balls and smelled my finger. She was rubbing her clit and I was stroking my cock with fervor. As I came I pointed my cock at her and shot my cumm as far across the room as I could, not reaching her, but the idea must have hit home, as she started cumming. She leaned back on one arm, raised her ass off the bed and inserted her finger in her pussy, withdrawing it across her it in drawing it out, moaning loud, breathing hard. She got off the bed, walked over to me, waved her wet finger under my nose, then shoved it in my mouth. I sucked it, savoring the taste and smell of pussy from a 23 year old. I raised my finger to her nose, let her smell it, then shoved it in her mouth. She did circles around my finger, as I did hers with our tongues. She bent over and we kissed tasting our mingling juices, with moans passing back and forth. Again we heard a noise like a door closing upstairs, she disappeared back to her bed, and I got ready, left for work.

That evening after dinner n dishes was done we went for a motorcycle ride she put her arms around me, then her legs over mine in front, riding real close to me. As we left the city for the country, I put my arm behind me as if too scratch my back and massaged her firm breasts, tweaking her nipples. Alisa held me tighter nibbling my ear. Dropping my hand to her sex, I massaged her pussy through her thin shorts. She rose up pulled them away from her crotch so they were loose; I pulled them to one side, reached inside, wow…no panties, I finger fucked her while riding with one hand, she leaned back to give better access. I was Rubbing her clit and fingering her. She almost yelled in my stop…im Oh, voice trailing off with the wind. I pulled over on the side of the road, rubbed my pussy soaked finger on my lips, and we kissed, kissed, kissed, and lustfully kissed. She told me she loved it. I didn’t always make her cummm, but every time we rode together, I fingered her or played with her tits, she would rub my dick for me but not the same. She was not able to jack me off while going down the road for obvious reasons.

This situation was in one way wonderful, but another way it was nerve racking. Fucking around with another woman in the same house as your wife~! to say the least. She drove me nuts, and my nuts. I could not stop thinking about this young beauty.

One evening we had a talk. She didn’t understand what was wrong with my wife, her friend, that she wouldn’t give herself to me. Alisa told me that She was attracted to not only me, but in some way she always wondered what sex would be like with another woman. Not that she is gay or even Bi-sexual, but she found women to be, vibrant, sexy, feminine, soft and warm. My wife she explained has all those quality’s plus she is nice looking and has a good body. I said that is everything I like in a woman as well, but I didn’t know you felt that way, especially about my wife. You know she is so religious she would never go for such a thing! She said let me work on her…well one night she talked her in to kissing her, my wife said what for? She explained. she wanted to know “she told my wife, if she was a good kisser. Unless I can kiss Alan, the only other person here is you. Never in my life did I believe that she would kiss another woman, but fuck if I didn’t stand there and watch those two French kiss each other for a good 5 or 6 minutes. It must be the meds she was still on…no other explanation, if you asked her today I bet she would deny it. My Dick was so hard, I wanted to watch them fuck…I wanted to fuck them, I loved my wife dearly, and I was falling for our young friend.

When Alisa tried to take it further she wouldn’t let her, my wife stopped her. Well later my wife bumped one of her pins on the counter in the kitchen moving a plate. It hurt straight to the bone. She took more of her pills than normal but still within preion allotment. Plus I fixed us all a round of Margaritas. My wife didn’t have much, but the booze…the pills; she was quite happy, a little horny, and a lot drowsy.

We went up to bed and I started playing with my wife; I dressed her in a flimsy, sexy nighty, fondled her at every turn, no panties. Turned out the light, turned her around in the bed, legs over the side, man was she out of it; I went around the other side of the bed and kissed her. Can’t move her arm much. I opened her mouth and put my dick inside and she sucked it a little bit. Damn she was out of it. I went around the other side of the bed, pulled her legs up to the edge of the bed, and then lay her knees flat on the bed. She was wide open to me. I reached over and flipped on the radio for a little background noise.

I licked her thighs all the way up the middle to her pussy, she moaned a little as I teased her clit, sucked her, and then licked her juices out. Rising up I guided my cock to the entrance of her lips. Slowly I sunk my cock inside her slick, warm pussy. I just stayed there not moving, enjoying the feeling. Then I felt something. It was Alisa, she pulled my hips back, crawled under me, her back to the bed, facing my cock. She pulled me out of my wife, rose up, put my cock in her mouth and started to suck me! She pulled it out, guided it back in to my wife. She pushed my hips forward causing me to sink into my wife again, oh shit I couldn’t believe this, so fuckin hot. She was licking my balls, then pulled me out of my wife again, to suck her juices off of me. She got in to a rhythm, three thrusts in to my wife, lick my balls, pull me out, suck my cock, I was fucking her mouth with three strokes, then fucking Alisa’s mouth three strokes.

She then did something I never expected, Alisa pulled me out, got up between my wife’s legs, and started eating my wife’s pussy. She took my hand and made me hold my wife’s hand so she wouldn’t reach, and feel Alisa’s hair. She pulled my wife’s cunt open with her thumbs, licked her down to her ass, sucking her whole pussy, licked the juices out, and then attacked her clit. She must know what she was doing, all at once my wife started moaning, breathing harder, trying to reach down to pull her face tighter to her pussy, but I had her hand so she couldn’t. I Held her hand tight, while Alisa ate her friend to completion. My wife said, cummmminn, uhhhnnnn, moaning she filled Alias’s mouth with her cummm. Alisa was cumming too, I was finger fucking her as she ate my wife. I could hear her sucking, licking, and swallowing my wife’s juices~!

Alisa dropped back down, licking her lips and wiping her mouth off on her arm. She kissed me for a couple of seconds, as she was guiding me back to my wife’s pussy. She whispered in my ear, thank you. Now “Fuck her good”. I sank my cock back in to my wife as Alisa went behind me, I started fucking my wife like I never had before, just as I thought the night couldn’t get stranger or better…I felt a my ass cheeks being opened, and Alisa’s tongue, licking my ass while I fucked my wife. I didn’t know which I liked better pushing in to Alisa’s face, or pushing in to my wife’s pussy. Well I fucked her, just as I was about to cum, Alisa shoved her tongue up my ass, pushing hard. Shoving me hard in to my wife’s pussy, I let it all go, weeks of not having any pussy shot out of me like a cannon…I said oh fuck…im cumminnnn. Alisa pushed me hard with her arms, pinning my cock in my wife where I had to empty all my cumm way up inside her. My wife must have cummm with me but I never heard it. Our juices were every where. Then she was gone…drugs and booze. She was out.
After I pulled out of my wife Alisa was there to suck my cock dry and clean me off, still in the floor. She had me lay my head on top of my wife’s stomach above her pussy. To block the view of my wife in case she woke. She then got up and licked all my sperm, and my wife’s cummm from her pussy. Not trying to make her cummmm avoiding her clit. She even opened up her ass cheeks with her thumbs, and licked her ass, cleaning any juices that had spilled there…I could see her tongue curl up and try to force its way in to her ass, then lick back to her hole. That was a damn clean pussy.

Alisa helped me turn my wife around in the bed to the headboard, pushed me in bed next to my wife. She climbed in to the bed with me and kissed me, held me for a few minutes and said goodnight and went to bed.

We talked the next day and she thanked me for sharing my wife, her friend with her. Well, I told her, I can’t say the pleasure was all mine but I sure enjoyed it and, Your fuckin welcome~!

Two or three days later I awoke to the alarm, got up went to take a shower, There was Alisa bare ass, covers pulled off, face down in the sheets. I snuck up on the bed, eased myself between her ass cheeks, and started to make love to her ass. I kissed them, licked them, spread them open, then I found her puckered pink spot. Felt its heat on my tongue, I ate her ass like she did mine,…mmmm her ass tasted good. Warm, clean, opening up. I reached under her and played with her clit while I speared her ass with my tongue. She was close to cuming. She rose up, pushed her ass to my face, and spread open her legs so I could finish her with completion. She reached back, holding my face to her ass, humping me, afraid that I might pull away, leaving her incomplete. She need not have worried.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I got up on my knees and rubbed my cock in her juices from her pussy, and my saliva. I pushed my dick to her ass hole and I pushed…she was so surprised. I held my cock at the entrance of her ass, pushing, steady, pop, my head slipped in, she gasped, telling me to take my fuckin cock out of her ass. Take it out mother fucker, you bastard, I pushed harder. She tried to get up, as she did my cock shoved in another 2 inches, she reached around spread her ass cheeks open, telling me to not fuck her ass. Don’t fuck my ass please Alan. All the while holding it open, rotating her white cheeks around, all the while slipping my 7 inches deeper, and deeper. I’m gonna tell everyone how you ….unnnn my ass… oh! I can feel you, deeper, don’t fuck my ass, don’t fuck my little ass hole. She pleaded, pushing back against me, feeling my groin settling down against her ass cheeks. Don’t fuck my ass, don’t fuck my ass, “Oh Alan” Fuck my ass ,she lay flat down on the her ass up as high as she could get it…holding her cheeks open to me ….oh your so deep in my ass….im, im gonna cumm honey. Im Cummmin Oh Fuck me… hoarsely she grunted…I must be an ass whore. “Oh” fuck my whore ass…I slammed in to her, lay all my weight on top of her back and ass and I humped her till I was shooting my fuck seed deep in her bowels…I spread my legs on either side of her ass and just fucked it. When I was done I held it there till her body rejected me and I fell out. We kissed passionately, fondling each other for a while but I soon had to go to work.

She is a little scary when you get her turned on, she is like a little tiger, but who am I to complain, in my younger days I would have listened to what she said, and stopped but these days I listen to what their body tell me.

My wife had to go somewhere and stay for a while so Alisa took her there and came home to wait for the call to pick her up. We pulled up about the same time, I hugged her hello, and then we went inside the house. Fixed something to drink, she said Alan I don’t think we should be doing what we are doing, I said are you kidding me? If you try to cut me off like my wife did, I will tell her and everyone you fucked my wife. No you can’t tell anyone that.
You wanted this as much as I did, I told her. You seductress. She started to protest. I pulled her over my knee and spanked her ass. She resisted at first then as it got to hurting and she knew I meant business. She held still, and I could see a wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. . Man spanking her felt good turned me on so much.

We started kissing, wet, deep kisses, pulling hair kisses. I was undressing her, before she knew it; she was down to her panties and me naked. She asked what I was doing, I said, only one thing left to do! She went to the bedroom and lay down with her legs spread open, she said” Eat me, I dove between her legs and, shoved my face in her pussy. She pulled my face to her cunt and moved my head around till my face was coated in her juices then I teased her little pussy till she couldn’t stand it anymore, oh lick me…lick me. The more she got turned on the more she soaked the bed and my face. I flipped her over in to a 69, her on top so her juices would flow in my mouth. She started sucking my cock, first licking all the precum off it like an expert. She said” your precum taste so good Alan. Sliding most of my 7 inches down her throat. I used her ass to pull her pussy to my mouth, and circled her clit till she was ready to explode, then I sucked it in to my mouth, and flicked it without stopping till she filled my mouth with her cummm. She was yelling, I’m cumming into my dick which felt like a vibrator, and made my balls boil.

Alisa stop sucking me after she had her orgasm, she flipped around and got on top of me. She aimed my cock at her opening and sat down on it. She was so wet but it had been years that I felt a cunt that tight. It was as tight as her ass, don’t ask me how.

She sank down on my rod, drew her hands to her tits and pinched her nipples. Shen then pulled her hair up like she was in a world alone, she started pulling her ass off of my cock, rocking her hips back and forth, up n down, getting closer to her destination she rocked and rode. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down till my cock hit her cervix, she drew in a gasp of breath, I flipped her over and pulled her legs up as far as they would go. Then sunk back in to her depths, I leaned forward and grabbed both her tits pinching her nipples hard, put my full weight on her and we kissed. We were full of in to each other’s mouths. I don’t think I can really tell you how good her pussy felt. She was so fuckin wet, so fuckin tight. Her legs were pinned over my shoulders, her arms were rubbing my neck and my back. Her pussy was off the bed and I was just fuckin her, We kissed so hard, I fucked her till I was exploding inside her. I Held her still and shot my load in her Cervix. She said oh my god Alan! I’m Cumming , im sucking your cumm in to my cervix, I can feel it shooting in me…hot sticky cummm. She pushed down from inside and rubbed my shooting cock head with the entrance to her womb~! I pulled out and shoved in to her a few more times then I was done~! We lay together for a while then she said she had to get going. I told her I loved her as a friend and a lover, and I hope she understood. You mean a lot to me Alisa. Alisa said I love you too Alan.
She left two days later, didn’t say much to us. She came by about 3 months later seemed all down, seems she was traveling from state to state for a job and needed a place to stay the night. We had a good time catching up some, just light chatter. When it was very late I was working at my computer she came and sat down on a side chair. She wouldn’t talk to me. I told her I missed her and that I would love to make love to her again. She said “NO” I said ok well I miss you and I’m still cut off for the most part from my wife. I said if I could just taste a pussy again, I would be so grateful; she had on a pair of parachute pants that were popular at the time. She stared at me for a minute, reached under her pants, rocked forward, hooked her thumbs in her waist band, and pulled her pants and panties down in one swoop. I got on my knees, lifted her legs up, scooting her ass to the edge of the chair, and I ate her pussy. She was so fresh, tasted so good. I licked her and sucked her and she whimpered a little, shuttered, and filled my mouth with cummm. She didn’t say a word to me just filled my mouth with her sweet young nectar. She got up told me good night, went to bed. Next day she was gone.

It was said she went to California for a visit and told some people that she was pregnant by a man in Texas. But she told her cousin’s the baby was mine. This did not come out till after I was already divorced and she got married, changed her name. She lost the baby. To this day I have no way to ask her if she was really carrying my baby or not. Her family never forgave me but hey. I may not be proud of what I did, but it is what it is. My X didn’t have to cut me off for months at a time. A mercy fuck does not a marriage make. A man needs love too and a hug n a passionate kiss once in a while. I know I’m a good man.

Oh yea my wife X=Now, got her cast off and the pins out of her wrist, and she is still a bitch. Alan007~!

story by: Alan007

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Author: Alan007

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    “And today Amanda you will count them all. I know you were late on purpose. I saw you pull up 10 minutes early. So you will count them all from fifty down to completion. If you forget to count or get the number wrong we will start again. Do you understand?†she said making sure I understood and agreed. “Yes Mistress I will, I will keep count.†The double whacks, one to each cheek started with the count down. She...

  • Roomate slut

    I thought I would share this with you and see what you think, I'm 38 divorce because hubby played around on me, But I got the house but all so the bills that come with it. So I ended up renting out a room to help pay my bills , He was late twenty's and on the quite side, He all was went and spent the weekend with his family so I only had him around during the week, His...

The show


Thick busty wife craves older pervert men who are very aggresive and dominant

Truth or dare

First time on camera

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