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Chapter 4, In which I get the girl — and the guy

If I got a signature to match the verbal commitment I'd just obtained, the commission alone would more than double my total compensation for the past two years combined — and it would do great things for my standing in the bonus pool.

It didn't, however, change the fact I was totally wasted, mostly naked, and leaking semen from every part of my body. That didn't bother me, although part of me wondered if it should. The problem was that it was late at night, I was sitting in the nearly empty parking lot behind the Bad Hoss, and I couldn't remember what my rental car looked like or where I'd put my keys.

After a few minutes of thought, I remembered I'd left the car at the hotel precisely to avoid having to drive drunk. I tried a few times to button my skimpy vest, and gave up on it. I switched tracks and struggled to my feet so I could tug my denim miniskirt down over my ass.

My original plan had been to use a little of my girlfriend Stacey's magic to coerce my prospects into giving me their business, but I hadn't factored in fucking them all silly. I giggled drunkly, thinking it was pretty weird for a self-professed maybe-lesbian to have done all that. The thought I was a flip-flopper made me laugh harder, endangering my balance.

I looked up, wondering where I would find a cab, when I realized somebody was watching me.

It was Jenny, our waitress. She reminded me superficially of Stacey, although the all-black outfit seemed more a work uniform thing rather than personal choice. My impression was that she didn't have a very high opinion of me, and I was surprised to see her. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

Jenny hugged herself, reminding me it how late it was. "I don't know. Y'all got me fired tonight," she bitterly added. "But I guess I've got a soft spot in my heart. Besides, you never took back your credit card, and I'm no thief." She held it out to me.

I accepted it, sliding it into the vest next to my license, and thought a car would be more useful.

"Can I drop you off somewhere?" she asked, sounding a little reluctant.

Belatedly, I remembered swallowing one of her hairs in the bathroom about a million years ago. Stacey claimed doing that, with some special lip gloss, let her influence people. I'd been able to make Jenny show me her panties, but it hadn't worked so well with my "business />
"I'm at the Holiday Inn off the business loop," I told her. "I'd appreciate the ride. But can we visit the restroom first?"

Jenny shook her head, making the ponytail dance beneath her western hat. "I think we're persona non gratis," she replied, mangling the Latin. I thought her accent sounded cute. "Can you wait? The hotel's only about 10 minutes up the road."

We trudged across the parking lot to a Chevy parked near the back corner. By the time we reached it, I knew I wasn't going to make it to the hotel. "Hold on, Jenny. This'll just take a minute."

I hiked up my skirt and spread my feet a bit, and unleashed a torrent of piss onto the asphalt. I didn't feel bad about peeing in front of Jenny, since I'd already done far worse than night, and she watched me calmly as if drunken sluts relieved themselves in front of her all the time — for all I knew, they did.

Actually, it was a little exciting exposing myself to her. Yeah, I'd probably done every man in the county, but I wanted a woman's body, too. I'd been eating Stacey every day since we'd met, and I was missing the taste of her sweet nectar. Semen was good, but it wasn't the same.

I smoothed down my skirt and we climbed into the car. A graduation tassel hung from the rear view mirror, and a faint feminine scent reached my twitching nose. Jenny removed her hat and tossed it into the back seat, then looked over at me. "Do you mind taking off your hat? I don't like to advertise, you know. Men think they can take />
"I totally understand," I said, removing my hat too. I didn't even remember getting it, so she could keep it for all I cared.

We both noticed about the same time that my breasts were completely exposed. "I think I'm too drunk to fasten the buttons," I apologetically explained when she looked at me.

Jenny sighed and then leaned over and pulled on the vest until it was straight enough that she had a prayer of buttoning it. The most obvious result of this was that my nipples hardened, eager for her attention.

"You can touch them, if you like," I offered.

"I do not," she snapped shortly, roughly tugging on the vest so she could fasten just enough buttons to be decent. She managed to do it without any physical contact with me, unfortunately.

The drive passed in uncomfortable silence, but it was as short as she'd promised. "Here you are, Ms. Richwell," Stacey said, after pulling into a loading space near the door. I wondered how she knew my name, and then guessed she'd remembered it from the credit card.

"Oh, call me Linnea, please," I said. "Ms. Richwell sounds so formal."

She shrugged. "Linnea. You've got your room key, right?"

I did, happily. "Will you come up with me?" I asked, very much wanting her to, as I climbed out of the car.

"No, I should be getting home," Jenny replied, but she got out too and locked the doors.

The lobby was locked for the evening, and I dropped the keycard trying to run it through the reader. Jenny fetched it and opened the door for me. The night clerk looked at us closely, but went back to his reading after Jenny waved the card at him.

I stared at her in the elevator, remembering the glimpse of her thighs I'd gotten earlier, and wanting more. I edged closer to her, inviting a touch or a kiss, but got nothing. We walked down the hall to the room and I stepped aside so Jenny could open the door.

"Okay, you're all set, Linnea," she told me, holding out the keycard.

"Just come in!" I snapped, feeling frustrated, and tried to kiss her when she did.

She stiff-armed me away, looking surprised, and shrieked, "What are you doing?" but fled into the room instead of back to the hallway.

I locked the door and followed her into the suite, feeling hot and bothered. I'd thought I wanted to sleep, but now I realized I wanted Jenny. Sexual tension was building inside my body, and for some reason I was unable to just touch myself. I needed to have my tongue inside her. She'd be my first woman except for Stacey.

Jenny was standing in the room hugging herself and looking disoriented. I couldn't understand what was happening, but I knew I wanted her. I wanted to see every inch of her body.

I watched incredulously as Jenny kicked off her shoes and untied the short apron. She pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a basic black bra, and unzipped her skirt before stepping out of it. I remained frozen in place, unwilling to disturb anything, while she removed her underwear and bra and then sat down to skim the elastic top thigh highs down her legs.

"Ca-Can you help with my buttons, again?" I asked, feeling new moisture between my legs.

She looked like she wanted to roll her eyes, but politely rose and walked to where I stood. Jenny was so lithe and scrumptious, and the dark delta above her mound drew my eyes to it. My nipples felt almost hard enough to burst open the vest on their own, and I fought to keep my hands by my sides as she unbuttoned the vest. I shucked it onto the floor as soon as she was finished.

"What are you doing?" she asked, voice rising in dismay, and backed away from me as I fought with my skirt.

The little tease was driving me crazy. I stopped messing with my skirt and looked at her, wishing I were sober. "It's been a long day. We need a shower," I improvised.

"Not together!" she protested, looking horrified at the idea.

"Of course not," I sighed. "You go first." I needed time to think.

She edged around me and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open when I thought hard that there was no reason to close it. I heard the shower start and carefully did not think too much about when, or if, Jenny would notice she was already naked.

For myself, I tore open a foil packet of coffee and dumped it in the coffeemaker. I needed something to keep me going and hopefully clear my thoughts. How could Big Bill have been so aroused, and Jenny so unaffected?

I walked over to her clothes and looked at her panties, searching for signs of arousal. There was nothing. I picked up the rest of her things, and looked in her purse. There was the usual junk, including a wallet and cell phone, but also my lip gloss!

Had she gone to look for it, driven by my thoughts? But why hadn't she warmed up to me? What was I overlooking? I turned and looked at the bathroom, watching tendrils of steam wafting along the ceiling, and made a connection. I'd burned Big Bill's hair! Something made my mind switch into overdrive.

There wasn't a candle to be seen, but I refused to let that deter me. Hurriedly I returned to the pile of clothes and selected a few strands from Jenny's shirt as well as a pube from her panties for good luck. The water in the shower shut off as I twisted her hairs together.

I dropped the lip gloss several times trying to extend it with one hand, but finally managed to smear some of it on the hairs. I was dripping with anticipation, so adding some of my dew to the mixture was child's play. There was a travel pack of tissue in my suitcase; I tore off a piece of one sheet and wrapped it around the hairs.

No sign of Jenny yet, but I didn't think I had much more time. Ignoring the fresh coffee in the mug, I snatched the foil packet and bent it into a crude bowl, setting the tissue bundle inside. The whole assembly went into the compact microwave next to the coffee maker and I punched the "30 seconds" button and stood back.

The oven began making frightfully loud zapping sounds almost immediately, and I could see flashes of arcing electricity through the shaded window.

"What's it doing?!" gasped Jenny from the doorway of the bathroom as ribbons of smoke began filtering into the room from the top of the door. "Lord, it's on fire!"

I darted close enough to hit the "stop" button before retreating. "It's okay, I think," I reassured her — and myself — before turning to look at Jenny. She was wrapped in a towel that covered everything important, but in a way that was more titillating than when she'd been completely nude.

The smoke was slowly dissipating, but I'd already lost interest in it. For the first time, Jenny was looking at me the same way I'd been looking at her. I approached her slowly, wary that I was imagining things, but she held her ground, mouth parted and pupils dilated like she was seeing me for the first time.

She trembled slightly when my hands touched hers. I gently tugged the towel free of her grasp and let it fall, revealing her beautiful body. I breathed softly on her tits and watched her soft pink nipples erect themselves into crinkled points.

They looked tasty, begging to be sucked and fondled, but I had a more primal need. I squatted before her and looked at her flowering labia, already glistening with aromatic droplets. I pressed my face against her and my tongue found heaven in those soft folds. Moisture gushed from her and Jenny moaned incoherently, obviously as aroused as I.

I felt bad for cheating on Stacey, but this girl tasted so good I just couldn't help myself. Her body was shuddering, clearly on the edge of orgasm, and I wanted to bring her there. I dipped a finger inside her, coating it well, and then worked it into her tight rosebud while I lashed her clit with my tongue.

"Oh My God!" she screamed, thrashing in a monstrous orgasm and buckling at the knees. I lapped eagerly at her sudden gush of nectar and came too without even touching myself — she was that erotic.

"Oh my God," Jenny repeated, staring into my eyes as we knelt facing each other on the floor. "I never realized!" She pulled me into an enthusiastic kiss I was only too happy to return. Our tongues fought with each other while our hands roamed each others' bodies. "I want to taste you too, Linnea!" she exclaimed when we broke apart.

I grinned, feeling my second wind, and pulled her towards the bed. This time, she showed no hesitation in pulling off my boots and socks, and helping me unfasten my skirt.

Jenny crouched between my legs, almost drooling into my well-used slit, but I couldn't forego the pleasures of tasting her. "Turn around," I panted, and she understood immediately.

What followed was probably the best sex I'd ever had, Stacey included. It pained me to admit it because she was the love of my life, but that 69 with Jenny punched every one of my buttons, repeatedly. I fed on her mound, savoring every bit of her nectar, and teased her delightfully sensitive and accommodating asshole with a few fingers. Unlike Stacey, who was all about receiving, my Texas belle was all too willing to reciprocate fully and lavish her creative attentions on my own cunt and ass.

We passed orgasms back and forth like hot potatoes, alternately shaking in erotic ecstasy and inciting the other to scream and clutch tight. I wanted it to go on forever, but my body finally pooped out about 6 AM and we just lay in the bed, holding each other.

That lassitude was what made the buzzing coming from Jenny's purse audible. I just lay there, but Jenny sat up bolt upright. "Shit! Daniel!" She looked at me and amplified, "My boyfriend. I was supposed to be home hours ago."

"You live together?" I asked.

She nodded. "But… I love you, Linnea."

I felt a matching warmth inside me, nearly matching what I felt for Stacey. I understood how it felt to be torn. "Do you love him?"

Jenny hesitated. "I did. I wouldn't have hesitated to say 'yes' yesterday." Tears welled up in her eyes. "He's a good man; he doesn't deserve this."

Sitting up, I gave her a quick kiss. "You don't have to choose, Jenny. I won't be here forever, anyway." After another moment of thought, I added, "What do you think he would do if he knew about us?"

"I don't know," she admitted. "He's joked about inviting one of my friends into bed, but I don't think he ever thought I'd agree."

"Invite him here," I impulsively urged her. "If he doesn't understand, he's not the man for you."

She flashed me a grateful smile and scampered off the bed to collect the phone from her purse. Her fingers started flying across the slide-out keyboard. Jenny's expression morphed into a silly grin as she continued texting, and I knew she wasn't ready to leave him.

I watched her lovely body on display as she stood there, unconsciously shifting her weight and twisting a foot back and forth. The sight of her was too delicious to resist, so I slid off the bed and helped myself to another taste of her.

"He doesn't believe me," Jenny announced with mingled humor and exasperation. />
Without interrupting my slow licking, I looked up at her and the phone. As if she had read my mind, Jenny angled the phone and snapped a picture. She showed it to me; the upper part of my face was framed nicely by her breasts and it was clear where my mouth was located. Smiling triumphantly, she sent it.

Her smile disappeared a moment later. "Porn? I did not find that picture on the Internet," snarled Jenny as she typed furiously. "I can't believe he doesn't recognize me!"

I had to stop teasing her and laugh. "Let's try again." I stood up and moved around behind Jenny, wrapping one hand around her waist to keep her close, and the other around a tanned breast and stroke her nipple. "Take a shot now," I whispered in her ear.

Jenny sighed, "You are so bad, Linnea," and held out the phone with one trembling hand while she ground her butt into me. The resulting picture was a little crooked, but I wasn't going to complain.

There was a brief, if enjoyable, pause before the response arrived. I watched over Jenny's shoulder as she opened the picture. It was a close-up of an erect penis, presumably Dan's from the way she was giggling, and a brief note appeared on its heels: "20 MIN!!!"

"Just enough time for a shower," I decided. After an all-nighter of no-holds-barred sex, I was a little ripe and I wanted to make a good impression on Jenny's significant other. "Will you join me?"

This time, she agreed.

They looked so beautiful together I couldn't help but touch myself watching them. Daniel was tall and lean and had come off as a bit shy and uncertain initially, but possibly that was because we'd both been naked when Jenny'd answered the door.

He'd warmed up quickly enough under the stimulation of our tongues and his first load of the morning had emptied across both our faces. Jenny and I had turned our attentions to each other, licking each other clean, and Daniel had ended up as hard as he'd been before he'd cum.

I watched Jenny's face in the soft glow of the rising sun and started stroking myself more urgently. Her lips parted, eyes closed, she was one of the most beautiful sights I'd ever seen. Kneeling behind her, Dan was easing his lotion-slicked erection gingerly into her virginal back door.

"Oooooh my Jenny moaned throatily. "Don't stop, Baby!"

The excitement on Dan's face suggested he wasn't planning on stopping any time soon. "You are so tight, Jenny! You're gonna make me pop in no time."

"Not yet," she pleaded, sighing again as he worked a little deeper inside her.

I knew how she was feeling. Something about being dominated by a real man, feeling his cock spreading me and spearing deep in my gut, made me light up inside like nothing except the feel of a woman's pussy beneath my tongue. I wanted Dan's slippery meat up my ass, but it was only fair to let Jenny have him first.

That didn't mean I had to sit out all the fun, I realized. I crawled closer and rolled onto my back before eeling underneath Jenny. My breath caught in my throat as I watched, up close, as Daniel bottomed out inside her stretched pink rosebud. Jenny's fragrant juices trickled down the insides of her thighs, calling me. I craned my head upwards, tasting her and watching Daniel's flesh slide in and out.

Jenny's breath gusted against my bare mound, making my clit stand up like the goose bumps on my arms. "I think I'm in heaven," she gasped between slurps at my dripping pussy. "I — oh fuck!"

My teeth released her clit from their gentle grip as she flooded my face with her sweet juices. Watching Jenny cum filled me with a breathless delight that only increased when she began reciprocating more actively. I guessed she'd cum again, even harder, when she felt Daniel shooting his warm spunk into her ass. Impatiently, I reached between his legs so I could tickle his sphincter with a fingernail.

I wanted my turn on his rod, too. It never crossed my mind that Jenny wouldn't share him; somehow I just knew we'd be the kind of friends who'd share everything with each other. I was less certain how Stacey would react, but surely she couldn't expect me to go for days and days on trips and not have any relief, could she?

Daniel grunted and I half-imagined I could see his balls contracting as they pumped his sticky load into Jenny. The thought of it — okay, and Jenny's devilishly active tongue — left me feeling like I might explode, and my toes curled just before I cried out and clutched her to me.

A girl could have worse ways to start the day.

story by: VirtualScott

Tags: fiction mind control lesbian female domination sex story

Author: VirtualScott

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