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It was the second marriage for both of them. She was a beautiful college trophy bride of a self made millionaire and he was a workaholic contractor who was a widower due a tragic accident that took his first love much too soon. While she finally divorced herself from her husband’s imposed exile to their glorious mansion and dinner parties, he was left to pickup the pieces of his life and to continue to suffer through.

These two separate tragedies where sad enough in this crazy world without the fact that each one of these two people had brought an offspring into the world with them and these kids had to experience the self doubt and guilt of wondering if they had done anything wrong to bring on this life altering change to their tender development.

After the initial shock of the divorce had run its course, she took part of her rather large settlement and hired a contractor to engineer, design and construct her modest house of nearly 6000 square feet and in the process found she was falling in love with him. He eventually asked for her hand in marriage and thus a blending of families and traditions, of compromise in religions and life styles, of incorporating new rules and desires and the total reshaping of the family unit as a whole, happen for everyone concerned.

She brought to this family a son, Chuck, who was 14 at the time and he brought a daughter, Joanie who was 12. Both of these children who bright, well adjusted teenagers who were not only attractive, but were athletic, musically talented and outgoing in every respect. Their grades were near perfect and were both leaders in their respective classes. They were almost perfect in every way. They were a parent’s dream.

Chuck played soccer and was a fine striker for his team, played basketball in the winter and ran track in the spring, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and serving as his class president. Joanie also played soccer in the fall, volleyball in the winter plus she played golf in the spring. She was very popular with her teachers and friends and was voted the freshman princess of the Home Coming Court last year. All in all, they were as near perfect as you could imagine.

Everything went along as planned in their hectic lives with Mr. working unbelievable hours by day and night, Mrs. doing her volunteer work, serving on the Hospital Board of Directors and the children running crazy with their own activities. All were content and well adjusted; all were thriving in their perfect world.

Chuck and Joanie had formed a close friendship as they grew up into their teenage years. Chuck was a senior and Joanie, a sophomore in high school by this time. Chuck was busy deciding on the campus he was going to grace the following year and Joanie was trying to pick out a formal for the Winter Ball that was scheduled for December. Nothing had changed in their lives; everything remained perfect.

It was a dreary Saturday morning in middle December. Mrs. was at a board brunch at the hospital and Mr. was busy downtown at his office, trying to tie some loose ends of a major project before taking a break for the holidays. The kids were doing what most kids did on a Saturday morning, much less a dreary one at that, just hanging out at the house, watching some TV and playing video games. These kids were near perfect but they were still teenagers so they often looked forward to doing absolutely nothing sometimes and this time seemed as good as any.

Joanie was downstairs in the basement watching an old soppy love story from the DVD collection as Chuck was coming down the stairs with his smart phone playing the latest version of He stopped to notice that Joanie was tearing up during one of the love scenes in the movie so he stopped what he was doing to observe the make out session as it played out on the screen.

As the scene concluded, he remarked, “That seems a little put on don’t you think? No one really kisses like that />
“Oh I don’t know,” she said. “I would like to be kissed like that, just one time. I mean my gosh Chuck, every girl in the whole world would love to be kissed like that. Not just me.”

“Well, now I’m not bragging or anything, but I do have a reputation of being a fair kisser in my own right and let me tell you that I don’t kiss like that,” he said, puffing out his chest just a little at his claim.

“Well how do you kiss then Mr. Lips,” she said sarcastically with a grin on her face.

“I kiss with my lips parted just a little at first and as I get her to respond, I open my mouth wider and press my tongue into her mouth. I use my teeth sometimes to nibble on her lips and chin and really use my mouth as a love he explained.

She felt a sudden rush as he explained his kissing technique and as the blood turned her complexion to a crimson shade of red, she said something that turned their lives upside down. “I’ve got to experience this.”

She turned to him and invited him to sit beside of her as she said to him, “Will you give a kiss like you just />
he recoiled in shock. “What are you saying anyway? I’m not going to kiss my sister like that. What are you crazy or />
“Well I’m your step sister and what’s the big deal about a kiss anyway? I just want one kiss,” she explained in a convincing tone.

he began to give in a little, “I don’t know about this.”

“Oh for God’s sake, what’s the big deal? I just want to experience a kiss like the one you described that’s all,” she argued in a convincing manner.

“Oh all right,” Chuck finally relented. “Just one kiss.”

As he made his way around the end of the sofa and found his seat beside of her, his instinct told him that this was going to be great because Joanie’s beauty had not escaped him during the four years that they had shared this house. He had often fantasized about being alone with his step sister and what he would do to her but he didn’t realize that his fantasy was going to get a kick start into reality.

She was wearing an old warm-up suit from her freshman year in track that was keeping her warm during the dreary hours of the morning but he was wearing his typical cutoffs and tee shirt. So when he sat down next to her, she had moved her leg up onto the couch and turned to him to receive his demonstration kiss.

She felt the thrill of finally getting her hunk of a step brother to give her some sort of affection and she was looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience. She smiled as he sat down and leaned his upper torso into her, indicating a touching of their lips was imminent. She closed her eyes and waited for the touch of his lips and as it came, she felt the disappointment overtake her and left her feeling flat and uninspired.

“Oh come on, Chuck, you can do better than that,” she said with a tone of frustration and let down. “Come on, kiss me like you said that you kiss other girls. Pretend that I’m this hot chick that you just met and you’re dying to kiss her.”

He thought for a second about the way that she was treating him and decided that if she wanted kissed then he was going to give her the biggest kiss that she has ever had. He scooted up next to her leg and pressed himself into it, forcing her to remove it back down to the floor and then, taking her gently into his arms, he bent in with his head to give the most tender, heartfelt kiss that he could muster. He gently placed his lips on hers and opened them slightly, pressing them lightly into her mouth. She responded by parting her lips just a little and tilting her head 45 degrees to the right and pressing her lips firmly against his.

Chuck glided his hand away from her chin and placed it on the back of her head and pulled her gently into his as he broke the kiss to take another angle at it and this time, he opened his mouth even wider. He chewed at her mouth as she caught her breath in between kisses and he detected a strange desire start to build in her and in himself. It was a demanding feeling of acceptance, almost like a fulfillment of an expectation as he started to increase the pressure on his lips and hand and he moved his kiss into an open groping of his tongue.

She pulled away panting for her breath as he nuzzled her neck and she raised her chin in acceptance. “Oh my God Chuck. Now that’s what I call a kiss. I feel so great when you kiss me like that. It sends a sensation all the way down to my toes. I think I want another one,” she cooed with her eyes still closed.

All the while, he was nibbling on her neck as she strained to capture the feeling of love course through her body and the heat that was generating from under her sweats. She started to feel flush with desire so she lowered her face down to his once again and invited him to continue with his demonstration turned actual kiss.

He started kissing her lips again but as he did, he pressed against her with his body, forcing her to recline herself down into the sofa cushions as he lay down almost on top of her young slender body. Her breath caught in her throat, feeling this bold move on his part but she soon felt the pleasurable pressure of his weight pressing down upon her and if felt as close to heaven as she could ever imagine. She relented to his presence on top of her and began to wiggle her body into his in a way that showed him her enjoyment.

All the while his mouth was exploring hers and his hands were starting to explore elsewhere. As he lay there, partially on top of his step sister, Chuck’s natural tenancies took over his hand movements as they started to roam over her budding little body. They started at her shoulder but then ventured to her front as they settle on the zipper in front of sweat shirt and grasping it, started to descend down her chest. Joanie’s heart raced feeling the cool air strike just above where her bra came and she realized that it would soon be on display to his eyes.

Her first thought was to stop the steady downward motion of the zipper but she secretly wanted him to continue so she didn’t voice her objection. His hand stopped just short of exposing her bra and her desires were thwarted for the moment but his hand took up the charge and placed itself right over her left breast and gave it a little squeeze.

She inhaled her breath and held it deep in her lungs for a moment or two but when she exhaled, a small moan escaped from her vocal cords as she relished under his touch of her bra covered breast. She wanted to stop this intrusion into her privacy but it felt so delicious that she had to feel it completely, so she turned herself into his hand and moaned even louder into his grip.

His fingers went to the upper part of the cup and inserted themselves down into the interior of the bra and just brushed her nipple. She gasped for air when he touched it and an even louder moan came out of her mouth. She cried out with pleasure and hoped for him to touch her entire breast. She felt the thrill of doing something deliciously wicked as his palm mashed down on her small mound and began caressing it firmly. She wanted to feel his touch but she didn’t know how to tell him or what to say, so she said nothing.

Chuck moved his hand around and over her bra, switching breasts and fondling it with his palm. She was going wild with anticipation and then, with one movement of his hand, he slid it under her bra to engulf her bare breast. She cried out her surprise as her bra came sliding up over her entire area that a second ago was safely tucked under her bra and she started to object but instead thrust out her chest to relieve his warm touch.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as he massaged her tender breast. “It feels so good. It is just how I imagined it would feel.”

Chuck massaged first one and then the other, sliding the bra up and over her chest area until it had ridden up and out of the way. He placed his knee between her legs and again she was shocked at his boldness but she then moved involuntarily to separate her legs to accommodate the presence of it, just as he moved the zipper all the way down to the bottom of her warm up shirt to expose her fine breasts to the world. With his one hand, he unfastened the snap at the back and released the tension from her chest.

Joanie began to breathe heavily into his ear as he pressed his knee into her crotch and she pressed back with a light upward push of her hips. He knew that he had been bold in his movements but he felt vindicated by receiving her pressing hips into him so he threw himself into her chest with his devouring mouth wide open.

Joanie was panting with her excitement through her parted lips, feeling his mouth as he sucked on one and then the other of her sensitive little nipples. She couldn’t grasp the fact that she was making out with her step brother and the thing that was weird was that she was enjoying it immensely and wanting him to increase her level of enjoyment.

If he had only known of her desires he would have gone for the gusto but he was ignorant of this fact so he slowly made his explorations more in keeping with his desires and continued to suck and nibble on her nipples. They were small and perky sitting there on top of her pink little areolas and as he sucked on each one, they began to stand tall with appreciation.

He knee was right up against her crotch as he scooted down to lick her on the tummy. She gasped as her muscles tightened up and she tossed her head to the side. He could smell a definite feminine odor come from somewhere near where his nose was and he was dying to find out where it was emanating from. She wiggled her hips in her reaction to his tickling tongue on her tummy muscles and she spread her legs out wide to receive the pressure of his knee.

He licked and tongued her navel until she shrieked with pleasure and begged him to stop. “No more,” she panted out loud. “No more.”

Chuck took her by her waist, slid off of her onto the floor and pulled her down on top of him. The thick blush carpet made a perfect cushion for him to lie on so as he lay flat on his back so as Joanie’s 100 pound frame came down upon his body, he felt only a rush of excitement flow through his body. He caught the top of the sweat suit plus her dangling bra and helped her off with both. Now she was nude from the waist up and before he settled her down next to him, he admired her firm little breasts. She caught his stare and she began to blush a little and then laid herself down on top of him.

His hands were on her breasts again, squeezing, rubbing and fondling them both at the same time. He loved the touch of her soft skin as it melted into his hands. They were so round and small and perky, he just had to taste them so he pulled her up on his body until they were just at face level and then he opened his mouth and took them in, one at a time.

Her aching breasts each sought out his active mouth as he licked and sucked them into submission. She was staining her back trying to press her chest down into his orifice and her neck was angled high into the sky with her eyes tightly shut. She was just about to let out an involuntary moan when he moved his legs in between hers and raised his knee to make contact with her crotch once again.

The moan turned into a sigh as she settled her crotch down and ground it in just a little and spreading her legs out wide. He hands followed the contact by running down the outside of her sweat pants and settling on her butt cheeks. They grabbed hold, one for each hand, and began to massage and separate them in a stretching motion that caused her to express her delight with a loud cry of approval.

She was pressing her crotch into his front as he sucked on her breasts and separated her cheeks with his hands. He was getting rather rough with each stimulating movement but she didn’t seem to mind one bit but when he stuck one of his hands down her sweat bottoms and grabbed her panty covered little rear end, she tighten up for a second as if making a decision.

He slid his hand down even further, taking the sweats down with it and partially over her butt exposing her blue panties to the air. She was wearing flimsy little bikinis that barely covered her butt and they were riding up her crack exposing her entire cheek to his view. The sight drove him insane and his hand made a dive into her crotch area and she stiffened her objection.

“Chuck, you’ve got to stop,” she panted though she continued to press forward with her hips. “We can’t go on with this.”

have to make me because I can’t stop on my own,” he whined through his sucking voice from her breasts.

“Oh Chuck, I can’t make you stop. It feels too good. But you’ve got to, I mean, if you don’t then neither can I,” she said almost crying.

He didn’t say a word but savagely bit down on her nipple and reached directly into her crotch. She cried out loud, “Oh Chuck, this is my first time. I’ve never let it go this far before but I want you so bad. Oh Chuck, it’s my first time,” she cried out her final objection in a fading voice. She knew it was inevitable and she knew that the time was now and she also knew that her dreams were about to be answered by giving herself to her step brother.

His hand was on the inside of her panties through the leg hole and it was applying pressure to her tender folds that covered her treasures. He was rubbing her wet lips through her curly little pubic hair and the sensation was almost too much for her to bear. She cried out with her expectations and threw herself off of him to cuddle her crotch directly into his hand.

He landed by her side with his hand still buried inside of her sweats and her panties. She spread her legs out wide and silently invited him explore her treasures with total abandonment. He pulled out of her leg hole and jammed his hand down the front of her bikini panties, moving them completely away from her skin. She raised her hips in acceptance as she tried to press his hand deep into her confines to scratch the unbelievable itch that he had created.

His hand stretched the elastic of her panties complete out as he forcibly tried to remove them over her wide spread legs so that his hand could go further into her crotch. She cramped her legs shut just long enough for him to tear her sweats and the remaining rags of her underwear off of her slender legs and when he had finished, she treated him to the most wonderful sight that he had ever seen.

Her taunt little lips were peeking through her curly blown pubic hair, resembling a vertical clam shell that had forgotten to shave for a month. They were tightly placed together and even though there was a lot of moisture seeping between them, they gave every appearance of wanting to stay just like they were. Her aroma came to his nose like the scent of honey to a bee as he admired her inviting Pons area. It was begging to be touched and explored but he had to get his clothes off first.

Moving up on his knees, he tore off his shirt and slipped his cutoffs over his hips, taking his underwear with them. He rose up and moved them down over his knees and removed them from his legs. Now he was as naked as she was except that he had a raging pole sticking straight out in front.

The sight of his manhood made her shudder to think that in a very short time he was going to insert that thing into her vaginal opening. Although she was technically a virgin, having nothing larger than a tampon inserted in her cavity, she had stretched her hymen out to the point of breaking it long ago through her athletic activities, but she did had her doubts as to whether she could accept anything into her body of the size that she was now looking at.

He must have detected her discomfort because as he moved himself between her legs, he asked in a soothing voice, “Are you ready for this?”

Panic struck her at this point, realizing that the moment of truth was now at hand. After waiting and thinking a second, she uttered, “Uh huh.”

“I don’t have a condom. Do I need one?” he suddenly asked.

She had done her calculations from her last call from nature and determined that, for this time, she was safe so she said in her anxious tone, “It’s okay, I’m safe right now.”

“Okay, but before I continue, I’ve got to see you this one time. Is it okay to look at you?” he asked.

A pang of self consciousness swept over her and she could feel her blood rush to her cheeks but she said in a small little voice, “Okay, if you want to.”

“If I want to?” he thought. “Of course I want to. You have the most fabulous body in the whole world and I now have her permission to explore every last inch of it.”

His gaze moved from her crotch to her face as he smiled warmly into her blue eyes. She forced a smile back at him but she still was feeling very nervous exposing her tender young body to his explorations. He didn’t touch her at all but his eyes caressed down to her breasts and on south to her pubic area. She could feel his stare on her skin as she squirmed under its intensity.

After visually seeking out her treasures, he moved his hand tenderly up to her cheek and caressed it the back of his fingers. She turned that side of her face into the touch as she closed her eyes and tried to breathe normally. As his caress moved down her body and to her breasts, her breath seemed to catch in her throat as she muttered a small moan through her open lips.

His touch was just that, a mere brush of his hand over her tender little mounds, all tight and tingly. Her nipples were standing at attention for his passing caress and then it was moving downward to her belly. Her muscles twitched from the stimulation of his touch barely brushing over her skin and she could hardly restrain herself from squirming away. He circled her navel and then slowly proceeded down to her abdomen.

She could not help herself at this point, she had to move. She had to stop this madness that he was placing upon her so she drew up her legs and then immediately stretched them back down to the carpet as she cried out, “Oh Chuck, oh please I want you so bad.”

“I know Joanie, I know but I’ve got to see you, I’ve got to touch you. Please, can you wait just a few more seconds?” he pleaded.

She didn’t answer but moved her hips up to meet his hand and as they met the exploring finger, she screamed out at him, “Oh my God, Chuck, I can’t take much more of this.”

“Just a little bit,” he pleaded. “Oh my God I’ve got to touch you down there.”

He lowered his touch hastily and placed his finger right at the opening between her still closed lips. Pressing it into her slit, he gently inserted it into her vagina as she jerked and let out another cry of desire. He quickly pumped around in it, causing the fluids to flow out all over his hand and his cock jerked with anticipation of feeling it slide in.

He rubbed his finger up the channel until it hit her pleasure button and she erupted into a mini-orgasm as she cried out her pleasure and displeasure all at the same time. She was caught up in the emotions of the forced stimulation that was bring her to an orgasmic state and she was getting angry at her tormenter for teasing her in this way. She wanted satisfaction and she wanted it now!

“Chuck PLEASE, you’re driving me crazy!” she begged. “Please Chuck, take me NOW!”

He scooted his knees up to her butt cheeks as he handled his raging erection to her opening. It touched her lips and he pressed it in between her slick folds to rest right at her tightly closed vagina. He rested there for a second, afraid to push it in for fear of hurting her yet wanting so desperately to shove it in all in one final push. He decided that he would not harm Joanie in any way but enter her slowly and easily until she gave him the sign to begin making love with her.

His steel rod began its entrance, slowly and tenderly, pushing through her tight vaginal walls as they were forcibly being pried apart. She had tightened up her muscles in general as she held her breath but the muscles that were the tightest were now being forced apart by his erection. As he made headway with his entrance, her muscles began to loosen their grip on her opening and soon he had bottom out right next to her cervix. Gently touching it, he stopped and she let out her breath as she muttered, “Is it all the way in?”

“Yeah, does it feel as good to you as it does to me?” he asked.

“Oh my God yes Chuck. It feels fabulous,” she moaned in an almost inaudible voice.

He began to withdraw and her vaginal muscles took it as a sign of surrender as they spit it out of their domain but when it reversed itself and plunged back in, they withdrew their objection and began to allow it the freedom of repeated passage in and out with no more objects from them. They were still tightly protective but gave up their dominance to the intruder and even began to encourage its presence.

She was delirious with the emotions that were building deep within her womb, starting from the clitoral muscles that ran through her vulva and entered her vaginal wall, that were being stretched and pulled with every insertion and ending in the expansion of the uterus through the stimulating pressure of the intruder. The sensation became contagious as it drove her onward in acceptance to want and demand the wondrous feeling that she was experiencing. She felt it build and build and she knew that she couldn’t take it much longer. She had to get release before she burst.

But it continued to thrust itself into her vacuum as his desires outpaced his emotional release. Slamming it in and out with his uncontrollable rhythm, he was impaling her open vagina with every insertion as she orgasmic release continued to build. She was mad with desire, she had quit breathing long ago and she was straining every muscle in her young body. She lifted her legs and threw them around his body and clamped down on his waist. Pulling him into her wanting canal, she rode him like a bucking machine as she dug her fingernails into the skin off of his poor back.

He was past the point of no return as he repeatedly slammed his huge member into her sopping wet vagina causing it to leak out with her fluids with every one of his withdrawals until he could hold it back no longer. He strained to ram it into her but as he lost all sense of coordination and ability to direct his emotions, he began to violently send rope after rope of his hot sperm deep into her begging vagina.

She felt his sperm splash off of her cervix as it was sucked up through her tubes to the area of fertilization but since there were not any eggs there at this time, so they just swam around until they all died away and were flushed out of her system. But as she felt the spray of his fluids, it caused her to begin her own release as she erupted into a total elimination of emotions that literally shook the very essence of her being. She cried out her jubilation through her first breath in a few moments, “OH GOD CHUCK, YES, YES, YES!!!” she cried out to the heavens. “OH YES, OH YES!!” she yelled as she squeezed out the last of her orgasmic build up and exploded into a wild eruption like she had never experienced before.

As he continued to slide in and out of her vagina that was sopping wet from their combined juices, they each were straining their bodies in a wild combination of lustful release of fitful desires and then started to finally come down from their joint and individual experience. Their actions slowly came to a halt as they lay there in their coupled position and each took a deep breath from the exhaustion that they had just experience.

They loss consciousness for a brief moment but as he rolled off of her and pulled his wet limp penis from her opening, she looked over at him, rolled up on her elbow and reached over to give him a kiss on his lips.

“Thank you Chuck,” she said in a whisper. “That was />
He didn’t hear a sound through his fogginess but she didn’t mind. She got up, grabbed her clothes and put her panties down around her opening as it began to leak and then walked hurriedly towards the downstairs bathroom adjacent the family room. She reemerged in a couple of minutes wearing her sweats again and carrying a wet washcloth. Landing on her knees beside of the wet spot on the carpet, she began scrubbing the fluids from the rug as he woke up and looked in her direction.

She knew when he was looking at her and she said, “Better get this cleaned up before your Mom sees it.”

He took her by the shoulder and pulled her down on top of him. She smiled at him with this unknowing look in her eyes as he said in the most loving voice, “Joanie, I don’t know what to say but I think that I’m falling in love with you.”

She blushed with embarrassment at the statement but she secretly thought to herself, “I know the feeling,” as she looked longingly into his eyes. In a brief second they were kissing each other deeply and passionately just as they heard the garage door go up and their secret exchange of this unnatural love came to an abrupt end, for now anyway. As he hastily ran to the bathroom, Joanie thought to herself how it all started a few moments ago with a simple kiss; a step brother’s kiss that she would not soon forget.

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Author: 2stfauther

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