12 – college years 4 – back from christmas vacation

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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off-chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the deions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the first story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this – while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time. Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection.

The last month and a half had been a blur. I had written finals for my first bunch of college classes (and done quite well), been home for the holidays, and was now getting off the train on my way back to college. It was cold as hell outside, and there was snow everywhere, but it was nice to see some familiar faces waiting for me when I walked outside.

Judy yelled, waving me over to her car.

“Hey, thanks a lot for picking me up,” I hugged her hello.

“Hi, Rob,” Ashley smiled from beside her. She had gotten in the day before and demanded to be there with Judy to pick me up.

“Hey there,” I smiled, kissing her hello. get going – it’s freezing out here.”

We drove back to campus, and I lugged my bags up the many flights of stairs to my room. We talked about how everyone’s break was, laughing and being happy to see our new friends again. We had gotten really close over the few months living together, and it was easy to see some of these people as ‘best friends’. It’s hard not to when you spend all day with some of them.

“What time does Bill get back?”

“His dad is driving him up. He’ll probably be back around nine or ten,” I told them, looking at my clock.

Ashley looked at the clock too, probably thinking the same thing I was – if we were going to have uninterrupted sex, we had about an hour or two to do it. She looked at Judy, clearly trying to send some kind of telepathic message for her to scram, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t mind putting off the sex for a little while – I had spent a lot of time with Alexa over the break, and while I was comfortable with Ashley, I still felt guilt for being able to fuck her more than my own girlfriend.

Alexa?” Judy asked.

great. She said to say hello to you. She thinks you’re sweet,” I told her.

“Sweet. Story of my life,” she rolled her eyes. Judy had gotten with a few guys in the first term, but hadn’t managed to have any lasting partners.

I hugged her to me, playfully giving her a fake noogie, before giving her a kiss on the cheek and telling her it’d happen and to just have patience. She thanked me and sat down on my bed. I sat down beside her and put my arm around her.

“So, Judy… Bill’s going to be back soon.”

“Ya, you said that,” she replied.

“So… could me and Ashley like… can you go for a little while?”

“Oh… oh man… ya, sorry,” she blushed, standing up and quickly trotting out of my room.

Ashley closed and locked the door behind her, before taking a few steps and jumping into my arms. The force knocked me on my back and she ended up beside me, kissing me gently.

“I missed you,” she told me, smiling gently.

I missed her too in a way. She was almost like a second girlfriend at this point. I spent more time with her than my own girlfriend, had probably had more sex with her than my own girlfriend, and slept with her even when we weren’t fucking.

“I missed you too,” I finally responded, playing with her hair.

She put her head on my chest, and I began to wonder how this was going to work. I wasn’t supposed to have feelings for any of the girls I slept with, but I had developed genuine feelings for this girl in just a few months. Here she was, just lying in bed with me, the both of us fully clothed, and just enjoying the proximity of each other. We ended up like this for about thirty minutes without realizing it, just holding each other, before I heard a key in the door.

“Knock knock, don’t be naked,” Bill said, purposely loudly, as he entered the room.

“Fuck off,” I laughed at him.

it goin, bud?” he asked as I got up to hug my friend hello.

Even though we lived so close to each other at home, I hadn’t seen him in a few days.

“It’s good, man. Your dad not come up with you?”

“Nah, he wants to get home before midnight. Do you two want some privacy? I just need to unpack a few things,” he said, quickly putting things in the closet.

“It’s ok, Bill,” Ashley said from my bed. “We were just hanging out.”

“With the door locked… Bill laughed.

“No, for real,” I told him.

“Cool, well Erin should be back already. I’m gonna go see what she’s doing. I’ll catch you guys later.”

“Can we talk?” Ashley asked me, as I lay back down beside her.

“Ya, what’s up?”

“I don’t expect you to say anything in response, but I just have to say it.”

I sat up, looking down at her.

“Go ahead,” I told her.

“I think I… I think I love you,” she looked away.

I searched for the right words. “You know I I won’t break up with Alexa,” I began.

“I know… that’s fine. I understand. I just needed you to know,” she told me.

I love you too… it’s just… well you know how fucked up my relationship with Alexa is. But she’s my girl.”

“I know. I like her too, Rob, really.” They had gotten along well after that initial evening together. We had slept together, the three of us the last time Alexa visited as well. “Do you think… do you think Alexa would be open to something like that?”

“Something like what?” I had no idea what she meant.

could we… the three of us.”

“Like what… a three person The idea seemed confusing.

“I don’t know. Not seeing you the last three weeks was awful. I wanted to call you so many times, but I didn’t because I knew you’d be mad.”

“I wouldn’t have been mad,” I told her. “Alexa might have, but I like you. I like spending time with you.” I grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at me. “I really like fucking you, too,” I laughed, smiling encouragingly at her.

“So… what do you think?”

“I have no idea how that would even work,” I told her.

you said Alexa was going to come here next year, right?”

not sure yet. I might go there.”

“Oh,” Ashley’s head dropped again.

we have months to talk about this,” I reassured her. “Come here,” I held out my arms, hugging her to me. “I promise we’ll talk about this, ok?”

“Ok… sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” I told her. “I get it. If Alexa comes here next year, I’d be pumped to live with the both of you,” I laughed.

“Do you think it could work?”

I don’t see why not. We could even save money getting a big one-bedroom or something,” I joked. “Can I ask you something?” I didn’t wait for affirmation. you get />
“Ya,” she answered. “But at least I’d get to have you sometimes, right? You still fuck other girls and then come to bed with me anyway… that part would be kind of the same.”

She had a point. She had also changed a lot in the last four months. When I first met Ashley, she was a strong, confident loudmouth. Now, she seemed submissive, and I hadn’t heard her blabbing things to anyone. I wasn’t ready to put her to the ultimate test, but I knew eventually I would have to see how trustworthy she had become. Over the holidays I had told Alexa (as per usual) about my encounters. Since I hadn’t seen her in over a month, I told her all about Bill’s sister and Bill’s mom. She thought it was hilarious, and urged me to fuck his mom again if I ever got the chance. The question was, when would I be able to trust Ashley on that level? I hadn’t really seen her mad, so I had no idea how she would act if she was feeling malicious or that she needed to get back at me for any reason.

We talked for a while longer, about how our breaks from school had been, what we did, and what classes we were beginning on Monday. Eventually we both fell asleep.

The first week back had gone by in a blur. I had been enjoying my time back with Ashley, but she seemed genuinely concerned about what was going to happen to ‘us’ after the school year was over. I had spoken to Alexa about it on the phone and she seemed interested in the idea of living with the both of us, but still wasn’t sure if she would be able to transfer to my school for the next year.

“What a weird situation,” Bill said after I explained what was going on. “So not only is Alexa ok with you sleeping with other chicks, but she would be ok with you living with another girl.. and her.. />
“I guess,” I laughed.

share the fuckin’ wealth, Rob,” Bill joked.

“I don’t get it, man.. I just go with whatever works,” I told him.

“I doubt Erin would go for something like that. She doesn’t even like when I talk to other girls at parties and stuff, even if she’s there.”

“She seems nice enough, man. I wouldn’t worry about it,” I reassured him.

“I’m not… it’s just bullshit that you get to fuck whoever you want and I’m not allowed to even talk to other girls.”

“Well shit, man… I kind of didn’t think this far ahead. I figured we were going to live together throughout college,” I confessed.

“We still can. Nothing’s been decided, Rob.”

We went to get dinner, putting the conversation on hold as we joined some people from our floor for the meal.

After dinner, I decided to do some research about Alexa’s school – applications for transfer probably didn’t have to be in until near the end of term, but I was curious about what kind of programs they even had available. After looking around for an hour, I found out they didn’t offer a pre-MBA program, which is what I was in. I had to talk to Alexa – she didn’t pick up so I left a message. I went to tell Ashley the somewhat-good news.

“So you can’t />
“Not unless I change my major, no,” I explained.

“Are you ok with that?” she asked. I could tell she was happy, even though her face only showed concern.

“I don’t really have a choice. I could transfer home and be 3 hours away from her, but that doesn’t really help.”

“Not really,” she agreed. “You should call Alexa.”

“I already did,” I smiled. “I left a message – she might have class />
“Ok… what are you doing />
“I don’t really know,” I answered. everyone else up to?”

“A lot of people are going to some big frat party.”

“Do you want to go?”

“Kind of,” she told me. “I haven’t really partied outside of the dorm in a while.”

“Do you want me to come?”

“I don’t know if you’re allowed to. Girls get in free, but there’s a limit how on how many guys they let in.”

“Oh… ok.”

“Is that ok?” she asked, placing her hand on my arm.

“Ya, it’s fine,” I laughed. “I’ll find something to do around here.”

I went back to my room and grabbed something to drink and sat down to play some Nintendo to just kick back for a bit and relax. Bill came into the room and told me there was a big party going on in Erin’s pod and I should come down, so I grabbed a few drinks and followed him downstairs. There were more people than I expected, and it was kind of too much for my tastes, but I stuck around for a bit, chatting to some people. I noticed some people from my pod were there and mingled with them for a bit until they invited me back upstairs.

“That was too much,” Roxanne said as we turned into their floor.

“Ya, it’ll get shut down for sure,” some guy I didn’t know agreed.

everyone on your floor?” Roxanned asked me.

“A bunch of them went to some frat party. I dunno.”

“Oh the Phi Beta Kappa one? Ya, I was gonna go, but Sally left without me,” Roxanne told me. “Apparently it’s the biggest party all />
“Those guys are assholes,” the guy, whose name I found out to be Mitch, said.

“He’s mad he didn’t get in,” Roxanne whispered to me, laughing afterwards.

Roxanne visually stood out in a crowd for a weird reason – she was tall. Not just tall for a girl, either – she was tall for anyone. At 6’4”, she was a little over half a foot taller than me. She wasn’t unattractive by any stretch of the imagination, but I could easily understand most guys being intimidated by a girl being so tall.

We sat in her room drinking and talking about nothing for a while, and people kept leaving and coming to join us. Eventually it was just Roxanne, another girl Patricia, and myself. Patricia excused herself not long after and said she was going to go find something to drink.

“So you’re with Ashley right?” Roxanne said after a few moments of uncomfortable silence.

“Kind of, I guess?” I laughed. “It’s a lot more complicated than I really want to get into.”

“No problem,” she smiled at me. “Look, I know you have a girlfriend back home, and it’s weird… I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s ok,” I returned the smile. “I just normally don’t like to talk about that kind of stuff.”

“Ya, word travels fast in this place.” I noticed her glancing at my crotch a few times very quickly.

“I was pretty pissed about that whole thing,” I sighed. “I get it – if you fuck a girl your first night in a place like this, word is bound to get around without a thought. I just didn’t realize that girls would be chatting it up so openly and often.”

“It can be a bad thing, for sure… but for you, I would say it was probably a big unintentional favor,” she laughed.

“I know… but it’s still not something I want shouted from the rooftops, you know?”

“No, I agree… but these walls aren’t exactly thick, and I see you leave parties with girls quite often. I’m not trying to criticize… sorry,” she said, her gaze dropping to the floor.

“It’s ok. I made some shitty choices my first few days here, but I think I’ve made the best of a weird situation. Not much I can change now, anyway.”

“If I was a guy, I’d probably be going around trying to fuck as many girls as possible anyway,” she laughed. “You just got a head start courtesy of some rumors.”

I asked. I thought it had just been the one.

she answered in question.

“I thought there was just the one rumor,” I explained.

“Oh… well is it ok to talk about it openly?”

“Can we close the door?” I asked. “I just don’t want more people hearing this.”

Roxanne got up and closed and locked the door.

“Well first,” she said, sitting down on her bed again, the rumor about your… dick.”

“What about it?”

“Well the first week here, Ashley said you were like eight inches. Then other girls were talking about it, and over the last few months, people have said anywhere from eight to a foot.”

“A foot?” I asked, laughing. insane. What else?”

“Well, that you’re good in bed. That you don’t go down on girls. Oh yeah,” she added. “Also that you refuse to wear a condom.”

All I could do was sigh.

“So?” Roxanne asked as I looked back up finally.

“So what?”

what’s true?”

“Are you />
“Come on,” she smiled playfully. no one else here. I just want to get some straight answers about this. Girls talk – I just want to know what’s what, you know?”

I sighed again. “What first?”

“Do you really refuse to wear />
“No, I don’t refuse. I don’t always have one handy, but I don’t refuse.”

“I get that,” she agreed. “Heat of the moment.”

“What else was there?” I asked for a refresher.

“Do you go down on girls?”

“Of course. Who the hell do you hear these things from?”

just rumors,” she reminded me. “Are you good in bed?”

not really for me to say,” I laughed. “I don’t know? I don’t get />
“That makes sense. It’s kind of a subjective matter,” she agreed. “Ok, well lastly… how big are you?”

I held my hands apart to show her.

so like eight inches?”

“Eight and a half, ya,” I corrected her.

she laughed again. “Good for you… good for Ashley, too.”

“So do I get to ask about things I’ve heard about you?”

“I guess that’s fair,” she smiled.

“Do you really not put out?”

“I would put out if guys would even try,” she looked down at the floor again.

is it because you’re tall?”

“Ya… I’ve had these problems since I was twelve,” she explained. “No guys would ask me to dances because I was so tall. I was like a novelty girl throughout high school.” She looked like she was about to cry.

I stood up and walked the few steps between the bed I was on and hers, sitting down beside her and putting my arm around her to hug her.

“That was insensitive of me to ask… sorry,” I told her.

“No, it’s fine. Fair is fair.”

“Do you really fuck any girl?” she asked abruptly.

not any girl. I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but I’m not going to fool around with an unattractive girl.”

“Would you fool around with me?” There were tears in her eyes now as she looked up.

“Of course. You’ve got a banging body, Roxy.”

She really did, too. Height aside, she was fit as hell. Big DD breasts, a flat, toned stomach, and a nice sized ass. She was very athletic, and it showed especially in her legs. Long legs are always sexy – on a girl as tall as her, they were like a lightning rod for my hormones.

Roxanne looked up immediately, bringing her face to mine, and surprising me with a kiss. She immediately pulled back.

she looked down again.

I told her it was fine and not to worry about it. I sat with my arm still around her, thinking for a few seconds, before putting my other hand on her chin and lifting her head to mine again. We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled my face from hers.

“Do… do you want to sleep with me?” She was visibly nervous.

“I absolutely want to ‘sleep with I teased her over her choice of words. “If you want to, let’s do it,” I smiled.

“Ok,” she said, sounding unsure.

“If you don’t want to, we don’t have to,” I offered.

“Can we fool around a bit and then like… I can see how I feel?”

“Of course,” I laughed. “Can I ask you />
“Ya,” she bit her lip, pensive about the impending query.

“Are you a virgin?”

“I lost my hymen years ago, and I’ve used a dildo,” she said.

“But, no,” she continued. “I’ve never had sex.”

I liked how honest and open this girl seemed. I brushed her curly blonde hair to the side of her face, offering reassurance through my actions.

“We can go as slow as you want,” I smiled. “And we can stop when you want.”

“You won’t think I’m a tease?”

“No,” I told her. a virgin at some point. I was pretty nervous my first time. It’s normal.”

“So… do we get naked?” she asked.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “We don’t have to get naked to fool around, but if you want, we can.”

She answered by taking her sweater off. Her tits were pretty well popping out around her bra. Standing up, she took her jeans off, and sat back down in her panties and bra. I stood up, pulling my shirt off as I rose, and had my jeans off in seconds. I sat back down beside her, my hard cock poking a few inches out the bottom of my boxers.

She put her hand out briefly, pulling it back. “Can I touch it?”

I smiled, grabbing her hand and wrapping it around my hardness.

“That feels… weird.”

I laughed.

“Well, just different than I />
Her hand squeezed the top of my dick, a little too hard. I jumped a little, and showed her how to handle one properly, running her hand up and down my length. I stood up, taking my boxers off, and was about to sit back down when we heard keys in the door. Running to the door, Roxanne held it closed as her roommate had arrived home.

“Roxanne, what the fuck? The door is stuck.”

“It’s not stuck, I’m just… I’m busy.”

“Busy with what? Let me in.”

“Can you come back later? I’ve got />
never alone with a guy. Come on, I want to go to bed.”

“She definitely has a guy in here,” I said loudly.

“Can you sleep in someone else’s room tonight?” Roxanne asked through the door. she added.

“Fine, you owe me. You’re supposed to give me />
Roxanne relocked the door, coming over and explaining her agreement to give each other notice if they had a guy staying over.

“Sally is kind of a bitch sometimes,” she finished her explanation.

“Oh, her… ya she is,” I laughed in agreement. “Where were we?” I asked as she rejoined me on the bed.

Her hand wrapped around my cock again, gently tugging up and down its length. We kissed while she continued her rubbing. I undid her bra, letting her large breasts free. I pushed her on her back, playing with her nipples with one hand, and rubbing her pussy through her panties with the other.

“Let me know if you want to stop,” I reminded her, licking my fingers and sliding them into her panties to play with her clit.

She moaned hard when I took one nipple in my mouth and slipped a finger inside her hot hole. She may not be a virgin, but she was a little looser than I anticipated – not overly loose, but it was still surprising. I slipped a second finger inside, feeling her walls tighten around me. The heel of my hand rubbed on her clit as my fingers rubbed inside her pussy. Her hips rose into my hand, grinding against me, as she elicited moan after moan. I pulled her body sideways so her head was near the wall and her legs were hanging over the bed, supported by my shoulders. Kneeling on the ground, I kissed her pussy, licking the entire length of her long lips. I sucked her clit, jamming my two fingers back into her pussy as her legs started to tense around my shoulders. I continued to finger her and suck on her clit as her orgasm overtook her. An incredibly loud ‘oh my god’ was released from her mouth as her legs squeezed my neck on either side. I climbed onto the bed, my hard cock poking between her breasts as I kneeled above her.

“So do you still want to know if I eat pussy?” I smiled down at her.

“That was amazing,” Roxanne gasped to catch her breath. “I should return the favor, right?”

“You don’t have to,” I laughed.

“I want to learn, though” she tried to lean up on her elbows.

I grabbed her breasts, pushing them against my dick, gently pushing my cock back and forth between them, her sweat allowing me to slide with only a little resistance.

I don’t really have any tips to offer in that regard.”

“I’ve watched enough porn to figure it out,” she smiled at me, before pushing me off of her and telling me to stand up on the floor.

Standing in front of her, I watched her eyes widen as she got up close to my swollen member. Taking it in her hands, I noticed her hands were almost big enough to encompass my entire dick when they closed around it. Just the head was poking out. I grabbed the hand that was on the end, replacing it on my balls and telling her to be very gentle down there. She took me into her mouth, clumsily scraping me on her teeth and demonstrating her rookie moves. I spoke to her briefly about trying not to use her teeth, and she corrected it immediately. She was definitely new, but I was enjoying looking down at her working hard.

“When do you cum?” she asked, taking a quick breath.

“Depends on a lot of things… but right now, it won’t be for a while. Sorry,” I shrugged. “Do you want to try… you know.”

“Not tonight, but… maybe another time?”

alright. No pressure,” I told her, leaning down to kiss her softly.

you want me to make you cum?”

“Only if you want to,” I smiled.

“My jaw is starting to hurt. But you made me cum, so fair is fair.”

“It’s not a big deal,” I reassured her. “We can take a break or something, if you want.”

“That would be good,” she said, standing up and putting her clothes back on.

I didn’t realize a break meant probably the end of our encounter, but that was fine.

“Thanks for not being a jerk,” she said, as I got dressed.

worry about it.”

“Seriously, it means a lot. I assume most guys don’t want to stop once they’ve gotten that far into it.”

“It’s really not a big deal,” I smiled. It wasn’t – I had plenty of sex when I wanted it and hadn’t really felt an overwhelming need to have sex in months. “Whenever you’re ready, if you want it to be me, just ask. I’ll be as gentle as you need.”

We talked for a little bit more before she said she was going to go to bed. I kissed her goodnight and went back upstairs to my floor, bumping into a group of girls returning from the frat party in the staircase. They had apparently had a great time, as they held onto each other for balance, sashaying down the hall towards their respective rooms. I turned the corner to see Ashley sitting in front of my door, asleep with her back against it. I gently woke her up and helped her to her feet.

“How was the party?”

“It was ok. I didn’t have a good time, though.”

“Why not?” I brushed her hair out of her face with my hand, before taking hers and entering my room.

“Guys were trying to finger girls while they were dancing. I had to hit a guy in the face to get him to stop.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that,” I hugged her to me, picking her up and carrying her to my bed.

“What did you do all night? Where were you anyway?”

“How long have you been back?” I asked her.

“Like an hour and a half,” she answered.

“I’m sorry. I went down to a party on Erin’s floor and then ended up coming back up with some people. We were just hanging out down one floor.”

“Oh… I looked around, but no one’s doors were open,” she sighed.

“Ya, I was in Roxanne and Sally’s room.” I noticed her look me in the eye when I said that. “We didn’t fuck, if that’s what you’re />
“It’s ok if you do. I’d rather know than be lied to.”

“Well we didn’t fuck. I ate her pussy, and she blew me for a few minutes, but that was it.”

“Does that mean you’re too tired for me?” she smiled up at me as I leaned over her.

“I didn’t cum,” I told her, pouting.

“I can fix that,” she said, undoing my jeans and seeking my cock out.

It only took a few quick strokes and sucks to get back to my fully erect state. Ashley took me all the way in – something she was doing with increasing ease as time went on. I moaned as she tensed her throat around me, sending electric waves of pleasure from the tip of my cock to the base. I let her work my cock with her mouth and throat for a while, reveling in the pleasure she was giving me. I made her take her dress off, and ripped her thong off as well, before pulling her on top of me so we could give each other oral together. I tasted her sweet pussy, and moaned into her as she took me all the way back into her throat.

“Ass or pussy?” I asked her, climbing out from under her and spreading her legs with my own.

“Pussy tonight,” she smiled at me, her legs reaching out around me to welcome the intruder to her privates.

I plunged into her, choking her lightly with one hand while I jammed four fingers into her mouth. I slowly began to pump in and out of her hot pussy, forcing her to moan around my fingers. Stabbing her repeatedly, I picked up speed, the slapping of our bodies echoing in the small room. I slapped her breast roughly, continuing to choke her as I fucked her without mercy. As I neared the point of orgasm, I pushed hard into her, filling her with my sperm. We kissed tenderly, and I pointed out that she hadn’t cum herself.

“It’s ok. I love making you cum more,” she smiled.

I kissed her gingerly on the nose holding her to me while still firmly entrenched in her hot pussy. We lay together for a few minutes before getting up to go shower off and get some sleep.

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