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To make a long, long story short; after that day with my sister
something strong changed me from within,
I was invincible in the eyes of morality,
I thought that and I believed it.
How much more would God allow me to get away with,
I asked myself? I wanted more;
I wanted to stretch my limits with Amy and her family or
with anyone I could for that matter.
How much more could I do? and not care about what I did?
I would soon find out.
Two weeks passed after that night and I fucked
and got sucked by Amy many times,
Jamy sucked me at least 4- 5 times
during those days and Tonya flirted even more and more provocative too during that time.
I had almost moved in to Tonya’s by now
and the relationship with my sister and my family deteriorated every day since they tried one of those
like on T.V. what a joke.
Jamy’s jealousy was getting more and more evident every time he saw me starting to get intimate with his sister and they both fought almost every time I was there.
My drug use had increased since I had first met Jamy.
Amy had a right to feel jealous also since half the time
I spent it in Jamys room with him. It was around this time when Jamy had an opportunity to suck me in his room
in the middle of the night that he asked me if I loved him
I lied and said yes, yes I did love him too.
As soon as I answered him he stopped sucking me and got up off his knees and laid on top of me,
then kissed me deeply and then said “I want you to fuck me”
and with that he pulled off his shorts and went to his dresser
and pulled out a tube of KY and said
“I’ve been getting ready for this day,
I want you to make love to me like you do to Amy.”
I remembered that just a few days ago after I had taught Amy as many sexual positions as I knew of,
I told Amy about anal sex and how I wanted to try it since I had never done anal before she agreed.
We used Vaseline on both tries on different days
but she didn’t want me too try anymore because it hurt her too much, is what she said so I didn’t think about it anymore
but now here I had my chance to do anal
and with a guy! He told me that he had already inserted one of his moms sex toys (and she had 3) to see if he could take me and he said he would be able too.
I wasted no time I laid him on the bed faced down and as he lubbed up his entrance for me,I lubed up my cock.
I dragged his legs down coming off the bed bent over on his bed and placed my cock on his lubed up rosebud,
I told him about Amy and how I truly wanted to try anal
and told him I thought he was cool
that he wanted me to fuck him in the ass,
I also promised him that if I was able to cum inside of him
then I might want to fuck him more often.
The lube worked well as I pushed the head past his sphincter,
it was tight, tighter than Amy’s pussy and soon I was all the way in Jamy did hesitate and sounded uncomfortable during but he took it like a man. I know I could have lasted longer fucking his girly Amy ass but I wanted to finish fast before he got too sore
so I fucked him faster and deeper then I came.
Wow! My first anal sex and I was spent.
The next several days after that I spent it fucking and getting sucked by both twins and their fighting between them also subsided during these days and Tonya had been wearing more and more provocative clothing,
like see though clothing, very short skirts
and dresses without panties on also.
Summer was days ahead and something unwanted,
by both Amy and Jamy was to happen.
They had to spend at least two weeks with their father since last year they stayed with their mom for the summer
and they promised him that this year they would definitely go with him. They had called him days prior to the day they would leave trying to convince their dad they didn’t want to go
but he threatened to not send them any extra spending money to them if they didn’t go and that was enough to force them to go.
Tonya and I didn’t want them to go but we knew it might happen so I had gotten4 days vacation from work.
They usually flew there by plane because it was two states away but this time I agreed that I would drive them there.
Their dad didn’t know anything about me and they had agreed that when we got to their dad’s place that I would be introduced as Tonya’s boyfriend because if he ever knew how they lived he would use that to take custody away from Tonya.
With Tonya helping to drive (Drink and drive) we made good time.
We had a good time getting there, We stopped for the night half way to Alabama at a motel and Amy and I got our own room, that night she fucked me all night and cried during most of it telling me, not to forget her, how much she loved me, would miss me and telling me not to cheat on her.
It was during the night as I unpacked that I found out that I had forgotten to bring my cell phone charger. Then 45 minutes after we left the motel in the morning Tonya exclaimed that she had forgotten her cell phone at the motel somewhere around the buffet tables and she called them on Jamys cell phone
and asked if anyone had found it or had turned in her cell phone but no one had. During the drive to Richards house Tonya told Amy that she better not cry and make a scene at their dads house over me because her dad might find out.
Tonya also told Amy that she should say her good byes to me before we got there so with Tonya driving, Jamy on the front passenger seat and Amy and I in the back seat
we got her hint so Amy threw a small blanket over us and gave me one last blow job before we got to their dads.
We arrived at Amy’s and Jamy’s Dads home; it was a big house in a very nice neighborhood.
I never got out of the car while Tonya talked with Richard, Amy’s and Jamy’s dad. All along while I waited in the car most of my thoughts were not about missing sex with Amy or Jamy
but were focused on all the sexual tension there was between Tonya and me and on how soon she would try something
with me on our way back home.
Tonya stayed outside the house as she waited to see them go inside the house. Amy yelled out to me “Bye David!”
all I did was wave good bye.
After we left Amy and Jamy were calling us on my cell phone every 10 to 20 minutes until my phone battery went dead.
And now it was just me and Tonya driving back together
all alone without any /> is the end of this series. Amen.

story by: Saved Sinner

Tags: young bi-sexual true story sex story

Author: Saved Sinner

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