From friend, to stepsister, to lover? part 2

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Alyssa moved into my house and things have been awkward since I’ve experienced the two things that changed my life. First was having sex with Amanda in the break room, and the second was witnessing Alyssa masturbate on my bed. Since then, I’ve been avoiding eye contact with Alyssa, and generally been avoiding her altogether. It proved harder than I thought.

We were in the kitchen, eating breakfast on a Saturday morning. I just came back from my morning run, and got cleaned up. I got dressed into my jean shorts and a plain gray t-shirt. I was never a big fan of designs on clothes. Our parents were sitting next to each other, and Alyssa was sitting next to me. While we were eating, Alyssa kept rubbing either her left hand or her foot against my dick. I’d think sometimes that during our family meals, she’d drop something on purpose just so she can get her face or press her boobs against me and my dick. It wasn’t the first time she’s done anything either. She would walk in on me when I would shower, or finish showering. At first, I thought it was an accident. But after the third time, I knew she kept doing it on purpose. I kept my door shut at all times, and locked when I was sleeping. If it wasn’t for our parents, and the fact that we would be siblings in a couple of weeks, I would’ve gone insane long ago. It doesn’t help when our parents were out for almost all hours of the day making last minute plans to the wedding and work. I was glad that I had a job, or two, and went to the gym just so I can get out of the house and away from Alyssa.

Work at Five Guys wasn’t easy either, especially when Amanda was around. Since we fucked each other, and I learned that she wasn’t on birth control, we didn’t really talk to each other, or wanted to be around each other by ourselves. I was sure that she didn’t want to say anything related to the potential pregnancy. I was also mentally preparing myself in the case that she did get pregnant. Things really got awkward, to say the least. At night since those incidents, I couldn’t even sleep without jerking off to both Amanda and Alyssa, and it was hard not to cum quickly imagining being in a threesome with them, or even fucking one of them.

I had the day off, and after eating, and being lazy to do any schoolwork on my day off, let alone the entire summer, I decided to watch some TV in the living room. Alyssa came down, dressed in the skimpiest tank top she had to show a lot of cleavage, and shorts that showed off how round her ass was.
“Good lord. I thought she already pulled out the big guns. And now she has that? Fuck!!! Don’t panic. Just remember: Mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” I thought.

Alyssa came up to me and asked, “So? Whatcha doing, big brother?” seductively. She was trying to give me a good view of her cleavage.
“Crap. She’s trying to get you to look at her boobs. Play it cool. You got this. Just don’t look at her.” I thought.
“Watching TV.” I didn’t look at her while I was talking. I knew that she wanted to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck her till she dropped, but I couldn’t do that if it meant ruining my mom’s relationship with Alyssa’s dad.
“So? What’s on?”
know. I’ve just been flipping through /> “I got an idea.”
“What is it?” I ask.
“Why don’t we play a game?”
“Depends. What game is it?”
“Strip /> I shrug. “Why must you insist on playing anything in a strip variant?” I ask, without trying to sound angry.
“I just want to spend time with you. That’s all.”
“I do too. But there’s all those times during dinner or family meals in the house where you’ll do something and then lean on me, rubbing your boobs on me or grabbing my crotch. Then there’s the times you walk in on me in the bathroom. Then again, I can only somewhat blame you since it’s connected to your bedroom. And that one /> you dare say it.”
“You attempted the Naked Man when I came back from work.” For those who don’t know, the Naked Man is sort of a Hail Mary when it comes to first dates, and you know there won’t be a second one. It works 2 out of 3 times.
“You said it.”
“I did. And by the way, what kind of sister tries to seduce her own /> We’re not related by blood.”
still my sister-to-be. I don’t care about blood relation, you’re my sister, and that’s final.”
/> “No my stepsister-to-be. We’re still siblings, and I am not gonna bang my sister, no matter what the relation is and how attractive she is.”

Silence filled the air and Alyssa and I just stared at each other. I saw her face, and she was about to cry. I couldn’t blame her. After hearing what I just said, if it was fired at me (flip the gender stuff), I would cry too.
“Listen, Alyssa. /> “Just shut the fuck up, Kevin. I just wanted to be with you, and I wanted to give you something special, but you just said how you felt about me.”
“I’m sorry. I was…”
“You were what? In the heat of the moment? Oh, go ahead and use that excuse.” Tears started to go down her cheeks. “It sure will get you out of this.”
/> “Get away.” she yelled at me. She then runs up the stairs to her room. I follow her, but when I got to the doorway, she slams the door shut, and locks it before I can get my hand on the knob.

I yelled, several times. I was angry that Alyssa didn’t want to talk. But I was even angrier at myself because I caused everything that just happened. I couldn’t leave the house because Alyssa might try something. I couldn’t let my mom and her dad know, because I might split them up accidentally.
“I’m such a fucking idiot!!! Why the fuck did I say all of that?” I kept muttering to myself.

After trying to find ways to vent my anger without leaving my house, I end up getting a phone call.
I say, angrily.
“Is that how you’re supposed to talk to the person you fucked a couple of weeks ago? Especially with no birth /> “Oh. Hey Amanda. Sorry about that angry greeting. I’m just pissed.”
“Something /> “Yeah. I can’t describe it right now.”
“You wanna discuss it at Dairy Queen?”
you stop by my house? I need your help with /> “Why not get Alyssa to help you?”
/> “What /> “We got into a fight, and now she won’t even talk to me. I just want to apologize to her, but she won’t even listen. I don’t want to leave my house. I don’t know what she would do if I left the house and I would can’t take that risk.”
“Alright Kevin. But you owe me big for this.”
I already pay you back?”
“That was for saving your ass a week ago.”
‘Damn it’ I thought.
“I’ll be there in 10 /> “Thanks Amanda. You’re a life saver.”

I waited till I heard the doorbell rang. It was Amanda, and I let her in. She was in a black tank top that snuggled into her slim figure while showing some cleavage (without a bra I might add) and a jean skirt. We sat on the couch and started to talk.
“Kevin, before we help you with Alyssa, there’s something I have to tell you.” Here it comes. She probably got pregnant. You trained for this for a couple of weeks. You can pull through. That’s what I kept telling myself.
“I’m pregnant.” she tells me.
“Are you…are you sure?” I ask, stunned.
“I’m sure.” she says, somewhat smiling, as she pulls out the pregnancy test from her pocket.
I react by putting my head in my hands as my thumbs were grabbing my temple. I sighed.
“Something wrong? Other than Alyssa.”
“I don’t know how to react right now.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m really happy that we’re gonna have a kid. But I’m also sad because of what we have to do. I mean, everything in the future is for the kid. Whether we’re gonna keep the kid, put the kid up for adoption, go to college, just anything relating to school and the kid. You know?”
“Yeah. I know. If we can’t raise it ourselves, then we’ll make sure the kid goes to a good family.”
I then kissed her on the lips, and then her stomach. After talking about how we would talk to Alyssa for a couple of minutes, Amanda had to ask a question.
“Should we go talk to Alyssa now?”
The two of us go upstairs and to Alyssa’s door and knock on it.
“Kevin, go away. I don’t even want to talk to you right now.” she muffled through her pillow.
“Look, Alyssa. I don’t expect you to do anything. We both know it’s my fault for what’s happening right now. We both know that we have to confront it sooner or later, and I can’t apologize through the door. I have to do it face-to-face. And deep down, you know it too.”
After a couple of minutes, Alyssa came to the door and opened it. Her eyes were red from all the crying and itching she did. When she opened and the door, she asked, “Amanda, why are you here?”
“Kevin asked me to help him apologize to you. So, can we come in?”
We get settled, with Alyssa sitting on her bed, along with Amanda and me to her right and left, respectively.
“Listen. What I said back there, most of it I didn’t mean. I just said it out of anger and frustration, and I don’t even know what was crossing my mind. All I knew was that you were dressing less and less around me. To be honest, at first, I didn’t mind. But I didn’t want to cross any lines because of our parents. This relationship our parents have: it’s really important to them, and I didn’t want to interfere with it or do anything to break it up.”
“You thought that the two of us, with each other, would break it up?”
“Yeah. Right now, nobody deserves to be together in the whole world more than those two. They’ve spent their whole lives trying to find each other, and through roadblocks, and other mishaps, they eventually found one another. To my mom, your dad’s ‘The One’. I can’t do anything to possibly break it up. Even with each of our parents’ dating history, and us, they’re still together after the past couple of years. It means a lot to them.”
“I never thought of it like that.”
“I’m not saying stop all the perverted stuff. I’m just saying stop walking in on me in the bathroom or in my room, trying to grope me during family meals, and not covering up while our parents are home. When it’s just the two of us, go nuts. But when the family’s around or some friends, please cover up and be discreet about it.”
“I /> “At the end of the day, we’re still siblings, even if we aren’t blood related. But damn my grave that I’ll treat you as if we were blood related.”
“Sorry for acting the way I did.”
“Sorry for yelling at you.” Alyssa moves in to hug me, and I thought why not. Amanda decided to join in the hug. It turns out, that during the whole apology, she was somewhat crying.

Both Amanda and I got up and stood next to each other.
“So, should we tell her?” Amanda asked.
“Tell me what?” Alyssa asked.
“We should.” I said. I then turned to face Alyssa. “This is pretty big news. So before we tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone. Not our parents, not your friends, not our friends, not a single person.”
“I /> I sighed.
“Maybe I should tell her.” Amanda said.

Amanda began. gonna be an aunt.” I completed.

Alyssa went into a state of complete disbelief after hearing that.
“Are you guys…you she asked. Amanda pulls out the pregnancy test and shows Alyssa.
“Oh my God. I don’t know what to say.” She said in shock. She hugs both me and Amanda. “I’m glad that you two are gonna have a baby. How was it /> not talk about that.” I said nervously. Amanda nervously laughed.
“Just wondering. Are you two, you know, going out again?” Alyssa asked.
Amanda and I stood in silence and stared at each other, not knowing the answer to that question ourselves.

At that point, my mom entered the house.
“Kids. I hope you’re ready for dinner.” she yelled from downstairs.
be down in a minute mom.” I said from Alyssa’s room. ‘Thank you for coming home the one time I needed you!!!’ I thought.
‘Fuck!!! Just great. Thanks a lot.’ Alyssa thought.
go downstairs then,” Alyssa said to the two visitors in her room.
“You wanna join us?” I asked to Amanda.
“I gotta get home.” she said.

We went downstairs, and I get my shoes on.
“Where are you going, Kevin?” my mom asked.
“I’m going out. You don’t have to make me dinner.” I said.
At that point, Alyssa and Amanda came down the stairs. My mom sees Amanda and says, “Oh, Amanda. I didn’t know you were here. Would you like to stay for dinner?”
“No thanks. Kevin’s gonna take me out.”
“So are you two dating again?”
Amanda and I look at each other nervously.
course not. Can’t exes still be friends?” I said, nervously. Amanda had a sad look when I said that, but I didn’t notice that. “Anyway, I’ll be back later.”
“Alright then. Don’t be late.” She said, directed at me. She turned to Alyssa to say that dinner was going to be ready in a few.

Amanda and I went out and got in my car, and I drove her home. After I got on the road, Amanda places her hand on my thigh and said, “Well, my parents won’t be home till the early afternoon tomorrow if you wanna hang out or something.”
I looked at the clock in the car and it read 6:44. I started to get a little nervous cause I knew what Amanda meant, and I was worried since there was the possibility that her parents could come in early and barge in on us.
“Before I answer I started off. “Do your parents know?” I ask, about her pregnancy. She takes her hand off my thigh.
“They don’t. I called you right after I found out.”
There was an awkward silence before she said she continues to rub my leg while asking this.
“Well what?” I ask. No, I was not angry. I just needed some quiet time to think.
“Do you want to hang out at my house or not?”
“Do I want to hang out with you at your house when your parents aren’t around? I was saying, making it suspenseful for her. After about a minute or two, “Of course I do.” I said. I now had a raging hard-on because Amanda kept rubbing her hand on my thigh.
“Let me give you a sneak peek at what’ll happen, then.” Amanda said. She then unzips my pants and takes out my 7” dick. “I’ve been craving this for the past couple of weeks.” she said as she starts sucking my dick.
“Oh shit. This feels great!!!” I struggle to say. “I gotta pull over before I crash.”
wrong? Can’t focus?”
“Not with you doing this.” I said, referring to her sucking my dick.
“Pull over and I’ll give you a preview to the show of a lifetime.” she said. I could tell she had a lustful tone in her voice. I wasn’t sure if it was the hormones talking or her talking, but either way, I liked it.

I pulled over at a private lot and she continued to suck my dick.
“Enjoying the preview so far?” she asked, though it was muffled because she was still giving me head while asking.
“It’s great babe. Keep sucking and I’ll give you something in return.” I said. I then proceed to move my hand to her skirt and start playing with her pussy.
“Wait. What are was all she could say before I interrupted.
“Since you’re giving me quite a preview, I thought that I should give you something in return. Plus it seems like you’re really enjoying this.” I told her. I then continued to play with her wet pussy, and started to play with her clit.
“Fuck!!! You’ll pay for that.” she says, and proceeds to deep throat me.
“Shit!!! You’re definitely getting your payback.” I use my other hand to hold her head down till she gagged on my dick. She then starts bobbing up and down on it again.
After a few minutes, I yell “Fuck!!! I’m gonna cum!!!!” I rubbed her clit harder and she reacts to it.
“I’m gonna cum!!! I’m gonna cum!!! I’m she reacted. We both had our orgasms, and I came in her mouth, again. She ended up swallowing every load she could, and cleaned me up. For a little, before she swallowed, I thought about giving her an angry dragon. I was glad I didn’t, though.

“Holy shit. That was amazing.” I say.
“If you thought that was amazing, then you’re gonna have a great time during the show.”
I looked at the clock and it read 7:22. I then get on road and arrived at her house around 7:30. We got in and she headed straight to the kitchen. I followed her.
*No, I don’t mean to be sexist. This is just how the story goes.*
“You hungry?” she asked.
“Yeah. Haven’t really eaten anything since this morning. Though I know you had a nice snack in the car.” I said, with a little chuckle at the end.
“Haha. Funny.” she said, sarcastically. “Anyway, you wanna order /> “Sure. Where do you want to order from?” I ask her. We decided to order from Theo’s, a local sandwich shop that was near Amanda’s house. The food arrived at around 7:54, and we decided to watch TV and flip through channels until we found something interesting. We decided to watch the end of a movie, and then flipped through even more channels, seeing as how nothing was on until we stopped at a random channel to watch Rush Hour.

Well, we ate while watching the movie, and during then, I realized something. It’s a Saturday night. Amanda and I are watching a movie AT HER HOUSE. We’re not hanging out with our friends, or with family. We’re with each other, together, at her house, and watching a movie. Are we dating again?

About 45 minutes into the movie, including commercials, where we barely talked, after having all those thoughts in my head, I see that Amanda was cuddling up to me. I decided to grab the remote when I said, “You mind if I mute the TV for a couple of /> “Sure. Why?”
I muted the TV before I continued. something that I think we need to talk about.”
“Is this about the /> “No. about us.”
“What about us?”
“Are we…you know…going out again?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about us. I mean, look at this. It’s a Saturday night, and instead of hanging out with our friends and family, we’re here, watching TV, in your house with the probable chance of sexual advances. Plus after everything that happened during the past week and a half, it’s kinda hard to not say that we’re back together.” I said, as calm as I can. I wasn’t angry at Amanda at all. But a part of me needed to find out if the two of us were dating again.

Silence filled the air as we stared at each other. What I said was still ringing in her head. In her head it sounded like I said ‘Amanda, do you love me?’
“I…I don’t know. I guess I’ve never thought about it like that until now.” she said.
“I see.” I said, as I sighed. “I guess I better get going.” I got up and went for the front door to get my shoes.
Amanda said as I was about to get my shoes. “It’s just you said something about it, I didn’t think about it since things got awkward after what happened last week.”
I turned to her and said I proceeded to get my shoes when Amanda walked up to me and grabbed my hands.
“Listen. I can’t tell you whether we should go out again or not, but all I know is that after finding out, I /> “You what?”
“It’s just that after finding out today, I really don’t want to be alone tonight.” Amanda told me.
“She must’ve been shocked finding out. She’s too vulnerable to be by herself.” I thought. “Sure. I’ll stay tonight.” I told her.
/> “Yeah. I told you I’d be there for you if anything /> “What about your mom? She’d probably find out or /> “I’ll tell her I was at another friend’s and stuff happened. Though you might have to give me a decent injury to make that I had a tendency to go out with my friends without notice, and I crash their place for a night. When I came back, I would normally have some sort of injury. It was usually a couple of scrapes, a bruise, a black-eye, or a combination of the three. My mom’s picked up on this since I was around 13 so by now, she already knew the drill.
worry about that. By the time I’m done with you, we might not have to give you a fake injury.” she said, with a lustful tone in her voice.
“Oh.” I said, faking a questioning tone while slightly nodding repeatedly. “I like the way you’re />
I leaned into her to kiss her. After a couple of minutes, she breaks us apart and starts to talk.
“Kevin. I…I don’t know how to say this.”
“Say what?” I ask. “Please don’t ruin this.” I kept repeating in my head.
“I’ve been thinking about a lot of things since last week. Mostly about us. /> “Oh god. Where is she going with this? I know I said I’d spend the night with her, but it looks like something else is going on here.” I thought.
“I don’t know how else to say this, so here it goes. I love you Kevin.”
I was stunned to be honest. The first couple of minutes, I couldn’t piece together what I wanted to say. was all I could manage to say, in a surprised tone.
“I love you.” she said, in the same tone as before.
I wasn’t sure if she was saying it out of desperation or actual feeling. “I love you too.”
We ended up making out for a good couple of minutes until Amanda starts to rub my now growing dick and whispers, “Ever fantasized about fucking a pregnant woman?”
I could tell that what she whispered was filled with pure lust. “Not yet, but there’s one that I really want to be with right now.” I said, as I proceeded to move my hand so that it was under her skirt and rub her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that even a blind man could see.
She broke the make out session and said “Upstairs. My room. Now.” She then pulled my arm and I followed her to her room.

We didn’t say a word on the way to her room. We get to her room, and she opens the door and swings me into her room. Amanda then came in, slammed the door shut, and we then proceeded to continue making out and eventually got to her bed. She went to unzip my jeans, and wrestle through my boxers to get my dick out and starts giving me a handjob. I moved my left hand down to her skirt and proceed to rub her pussy and her clit as my other hand rubs her boob covered by her tank top. We both moan in pleasure into the other’s mouth. We continued for a couple of minutes until Amanda broke it off.

“I think it’s my turn to help you out.” she said, playfully. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down so that I was fully nude from the waist down.
“Since we were in our work uniforms during the last time, I figured this time we’d be completely nude. And you don’t disappoint one bit. Then again, what do I know? I’m only your girlfriend after all.”
That last sentence was the part that hit me the most. I was in a state of surprise when she said all of that. It didn’t take a psychic to know what I was thinking. Hell, even a blind person would know what I was thinking based on my face. Amanda looked at my face, went up and landed a pecker on my lips and broke it off.

“Shocked that I called myself your she asked.
“Well, yeah.” I said nervously. “I mean, I thought you needed some time to think about us.”
“I spent the last couple of weeks doing that. And to be honest, I realized something during that time.”
“What did you /> “You were never out of my head. Listen, /> At that moment, I moved my hand and had my index fingers over her lips.
“Listen. Just because something needs to be told, doesn’t mean it needs to be heard.” I tell her, while moving my hand. “Plus, why am I the only one who’s partially naked here?” I retorted.
She laughs a little at my comment, though she is somewhat vexed. ‘Going from serious to playful. Challenge completed’ my head rung.
“You pervert.” she says jokingly while lightly punching me in the face. I played along and pretended to flinch.
“Jeez. Anymore of that, and this might be relationship abuse.” I joked. I then proceeded to make out with Amanda again and started to take off her tank top and undo her skirt when she grabbed my hands.

“My my. Looks like someone’s going too quick.” she said, giggling. “How about I help you out?”
She then stood up to take off her tank top and skirt, leaving only her panties on. I couldn’t stop looking at her, stunned that she was almost naked, in front of me. “Like what you see?” she asked, giggling with a lustful tone in her words.
“I don’t know…” I said, hesitantly, adding emphasis on the ‘w’. “Of course I like it!!!”
Amanda walked over to me and rolls me over so that I’m on my back and lies on top of me. She made sure to add extra pressure when she was on top of me.
“Oof. What was that for?”
“For delaying what you felt about seeing me almost naked. Now to complete the last part of that.” she said with a smirk on her face. And it was no ordinary smirk. The smirk on her face was an ‘I’m gonna make you pay for what you did ten-fold’ kind of smirk. And to be honest, whenever she gave that smirk to me while we dated before, she made my life a complete hell till she got bored, which was usually about 3 to 4 days.
She went for another kiss and I found out why she did it. Next thing I knew, my shirt was off and on the floor.

“Guess someone’s been working out a lot lately. And it’s turning into quite a looker.” she said, as she ran her fingers through my chest and arms. I was starting to form a six-pack and had a good amount of muscle in my arms. “Thank god I tried to avoid Alyssa for the past couple of weeks.” I thought.
mean that you’re off the hook.” she whispered in my ear. “Plus I think it’s time to start the show.” She then moves down, grabs my dick, fully erected since we got in her room, and starts sliding her hands up and down its entirety. I wince back in pleasure, and went into a euphoric trance.
“Enjoying the show?” she said, as I broke out of a trance. She rubs her thumb on the head of my dick and pre-cum starts to ooze out of the head. I was so enthralled in the pleasure that I couldn’t answer. Amanda takes notice of this and starts to lick the entirety of my shaft (all-around) before sucking on the head, and eventually my dick. I already knew that pre-cum was coming out before she was sucking on it, but it started to build up gradually.
“Oh shit. I’m gonna cum soon.” I managed to grunt out. Amanda stopped and used her index finger to poke my dick.
She climbed up on me and whispered, “Too bad. A naughty boy like you doesn’t get to cum.” She got off of me and just stared at how I would react.
“Fuck!! I’ve been I screamed in my thoughts, as my face started to blush. I was angry, but that was nothing compared to the pain I felt being blueballed. Amanda giggled at that fact that I was blushing. I knew this was her current version of making my life a complete hell.
wrong?” she joked, as my face made it look like I had a broken arm or something.

It took me a little bit, but I realized that I could use being blueballed to my advantage. I motioned Amanda to come closer so I could whisper in her ear.
“I know you’re completely soaked.” I whispered, while rubbing my fingers on her pussy and playing with her clit. “I know if I don’t cum, well, let’s just say that I won’t know if you’ll get to do so.” While I whisper this in her ear, she starts to get wetter, her clit gets harder, and her panties get soaked. As she’s about to cum, I stop, and bring back my hand.
“I think I’ll end it here.” I whispered.
I couldn’t think of anything else on the fly, plus most of my payback methods are out of the question for two reasons: One: She’s pregnant. Two: It can get pretty kinky, and I don’t want to harm her.

Amanda starts grinding her pussy on my dick, obviously wanting more, and moaning. “That did the trick.” I thought.
I went to grab one of her boobs with a hand and started to suck on the other one.
After a couple of minutes, I manage to grunt out “Amanda, I’m
Before I can finish my sentence, Amanda stopped grinding me and turned around so that her pussy was in my face. While she sucks me off, I pull her panties to her knees and started licking her wet pussy while my thumb was playing with her clit. She winces in pleasure, and continues to suck my dick.
was all I could muster before I came in her mouth about a minute or two after she started to suck on my dick. After I shot my first load into her mouth, her eyes went wider in surprise, she shrieked, and she came, on my face. I later found out that her shriek was her trying to tell me that she was going to cum.

As I finished shooting the 4 to 5 loads of cum into Amanda’s mouth, she turned around to face me as quick as possible. Some of my cum was leaking out of her mouth onto her hands and boobs, while some was splattered across her face. She managed to swallow all the cum that was left in her mouth.
“Amanda. You didn’t have to swallow it.”
“I know. The truth is, I wanted to do it again. I have to say, it’s not as bitter as those stupid documentaries in health class said it would be.”
even mention health class ever again.” I said, while chuckling a little. She laughed a little at the comment. She then proceeded to get the remaining cum from her face and boobs and proceeded to ingest the remaining cum.
“Easy there. Based on how you talked about it before, you might become a cum-guzzling whore.” I said. ‘What the fuck?!?! Are you fucking stupid?!?! You just called your girlfriend a cum-guzzling whore. Now she’s gonna dump your ass, kick you out, and make you go home naked, and have some explaining to do at home. FUCK!!!’ I thought.
“That may be true, but at least it’s yours.” Amanda said, emphasizing and held on to my arm. I couldn’t help but to blush a little when she was like that. We stayed like that until Amanda sees that my face is wet, from her cumming on my face while I was licking her pussy a couple of minutes ago. When she saw my face was wet, she blushed and turned away.

wrong?” I asked.
“It’s just…your she stuttered.
“What about I say, as I rub my finger on my face. I quickly found out that it was Amanda, and that she’s a squirter. worry about it.”
“Is it me?” Amanda asked.
worry about it. It isn’t bad if that’s what you’re wondering.” I pulled Amanda closer and whispered “Plus, I like a girl who can squirt.” In my head, I was thinking, “You fucking idiot!!! You basically said that you liked something about her from watching porn!!! Fucking dumbass, what do I have to say?!?! Don’t tell her you watch porn!!! Way to fuck it up!!!”
Amanda leaned in and whispered “I know.”
Before I asked her, she explained “You really need to hide your porn better. And don’t worry; I get off to some of that stuff too.” she said the last part of that in a lustful tone while rubbing my dick. Before I knew it, I was already rock hard again.
“Looks like you’re ready for another round.” She giggled, while getting on her back, and spreading her pussy, waiting for me to stick my dick inside of her.
I went to her, and before I stuck my dick inside of her pussy, I decided to tease her a little.
“Wait. Kevin. What are you doing?” she asked.
“Oh, nothing much. Just wanting to have a little fun before the main event.” I said, as I rubbed my dick on her pussy, and groped her boobs. “Besides, it seems like you’re enjoying this too.”
“Are you kidding? There’s no way that Amanda tried to say through grunts as I continued to tease her, and she moans in pleasure. My plan was simple: getting her to beg me to fuck her.

After a little bit, she starts to moan louder.
“Kevin. Please. Stop teasing me and fuck me. I want it.” she said quietly.
“What was that? I couldn’t really hear.”
“Please stop teasing me and start fucking me. I want it.” she said loudly.
I happily obliged (well, I found it kind of boring after a while, and decided to stop teasing her. I kind of wanted to just fuck her already and caved).
I just stared at her, with a few thoughts running through my head, ranging from ‘Am I going to hurt her, or worse, the newly developing baby inside of her?’ to ‘What will our parents think of this situation?’ I quickly dismissed those thoughts, and proceeded to bring my dick to Amanda’s pussy.
Before I stuck it inside, “You sure you wanna go through with this again?” I asked. ‘Damn it. You already banged her before. Why the hell are you asking her like it’s her first time?’ I thought.
She nodded, and I went in slowly. I wasn’t sure if she was used to the feeling from before, but I knew that I had to be careful, just in case. She kept wincing in pleasure, with a little pain (not as much as the first time, obviously) as I kept going in, and before I knew it, I was completely inside of Amanda. Her pussy was still as tight as the first time, maybe a little tighter, considering she was hornier this time around. She buckled and ended up cumming on my dick as I went inside.

I said. I leaned into her and whispered into her ear, “You must’ve really wanted it, seeing as how you came just from me inserting my dick inside of you.”
wrong.” Amanda said, stuttering in denial.
“Is that why you’re soaking wet?” I asked, in an tone, with a lustful twinkle in my eyes.
“ Amanda tried to say, until I started to move out of her, until only the head of my dick was inside of her, and pushed in again. She shrieked in pleasure and surprise when I did it. I continued to move while she started to grind her hips to match the rhythm, and moaned in pleasure. I kept going until Amanda decided to push me onto my back.
I yelled in surprise, not knowing what she was trying to do. The next thing I know happened was Amanda climbing onto me, with her legs on both sides of my body and her pussy was lined up with my fully erect dick, soaked from Amanda’s wet pussy. She grabbed my dick, and lined the head so that it was poking the entrance to her pussy.
“You think you can have all the fun, huh?” Amanda said, giggling lustfully. I just chuckle nervously at this. She leans into me, and whispers “This is payback.”

I thought. ‘At least I still get to bang her though.’
Amanda, still having one of her hands on my dick, slips it inside of her pussy. She moans in even more pleasure and I felt that her pussy was even tighter than before while she was sitting on me. I started to move my hips when she laid on top of me and started to move her hips as well. It took about a minute for our movements to match and she snaked her arms around my neck.
“Oh god!!! That’s it!!! Fuck my pussy!!! Fuck my tight, little cunt with your big dick!!! Don’t stop baby!!!” Amanda kept screaming, as I kept fucking her pussy, while she was grinding her hips along my dick and dug her nails into my back. It wasn’t hard enough to cause any bleeding, but not soft enough to completely ignore.
“Oh shit this feels so great!!!” I managed to say, as I looked at Amanda and decided to go in for a kiss. We moaned in pleasure to each other’s mouths, and I slid one hand down to grope her ass.
She moaned even more, and I started to feel a little pressure building up. ‘Fuck!!! I wanted this to last a little longer.’ I thought. I was secretly hoping that I wasn’t suffering from premature ejaculation.

Amanda broke the kiss and started grinding her hips along my dick even harder than before.
“Kevin. I’m gonna cum soon! I’m gonna cum soon!!!” she kept saying.
“Fuck. I’m gonna cum soon too.” I told her, through pleasured grunts.
We continued for another couple of minutes until I yelled, “Gonna cum!!!”
“Inside. Cum inside of me. I want to feel it again.”
I said, going faster, knowing that I was a few seconds away from cumming inside of Amanda. was all I could get out before I started to cum inside of Amanda’s pussy.
Amanda was surprised of how much I came with the first load, and she screamed “Holy shit!!! I’m arching her back and having her own orgasm. I shot about 4 or 5 loads inside of her pussy. I came a lot harder than the last time I fucked her and all the times I masturbated to her or Alyssa. She collapsed and was on my chest after she had her orgasm. The two of us were breathing heavily before we looked at one another in the eyes.
“I love you Kevin.” Amanda said.
“Amanda, I love you too.” I said, pulling her in to kiss her.
We both grew tired after breaking the kiss, so I pulled a blanket over the two of us and we fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning in Amanda’s room. I looked at her clock and it read 8:54. Her head was resting on my chest, and I realized that I had a hard-on and was still inside of Amanda’s pussy. It twitched for a moment, and Amanda slowly woke up.
“Morning, babe. How’d you sleep last night?” I ask, and I kissed her forehead after asking.
“Very good, with you here with me. I do have to admit, your chest was softer than a pillow.” I just chuckle at the comment. That was when Amanda felt that my dick was inside of her. “Looks like someone’s excited.” she said, chuckling a little.
“I’m with one of the hottest girls, if not the hottest girl, that I know. Can you blame me for that?”
“I guess I can’t. I do know that I can help ease your Amanda said, as she started to move up and down.
“You sure know what to do.” I joked, as I started to grope Amanda’s boobs and suck on one of her nipples. She moaned in ecstasy, and I got up so that she was on her back while I was fucking her.

“Ooh fuck!!! This feels so good!!! Ooh that’s it baby!!! Fuck my pussy!!! Fuck me harder!!!” Amanda kept saying, slurred with lust.
“Oh shit!!! You feel so good, babe.” I managed to say through grunts. She kept moaning as I slid in and out of her pussy, while sucking on a nipple. I moved one hand down and started to play with her clit. She started moaning louder, and I stopped sucking her nipple to make out with her. I wasn’t sure if her parents were going to be back soon or have already came back from wherever they were. All I knew was that I needed to keep Amanda somewhat quiet.
‘Good grief. She’s also a screamer.’ I thought. She kept moaning in my mouth as we made out.
Every time I moved in and out of her, I felt that her pussy was getting tighter. We kept going at it for about 5 to 10 minutes, until I felt like I was tightening a little.
I broke the kiss, and managed to say “Fuck. I’m gonna cum soon.”
Amanda kept moaning in pleasure, while managing to say “Inside. I want it inside. Cum inside of me!!!”
I could tell that she was close to cumming. I tried my best to hold it in so that we would both cum at the same time. I went faster, signaling that was I close to cumming. Amanda moaned louder, saying, “Fuck!!! I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m before she came.
was all I managed to say, as I came after Amanda started to cum. I shot about the same amount of cum as I did the night before inside of Amanda’s pussy.

We both collapsed on the bed, side by side, each of us regaining our breath before we talked.
“I will admit you knew how to ease the I said.
“Well you did scratch an itch I had.”
I chuckle at the comment, and turned to her.
“I love you, Amanda /> “I love you too, Kevin />
We ended up making out until my phone rang, and I went to pick it up. Turns out that it was my mom.
“Kevin. Where are you?”
“I’m over at a friend’s house. I went out with them after dropping off Amanda last night.”
“Well, we need you to get home right away.” My mom said, in a serious tone.
“How come?” I ask, wondering why there she said it in an urgent tone.
gone. She ran she brokenly said through her sobbing.

To be continued.

Author’s Notes:

Some may not like the fact that Amanda is pregnant, how I did not put as a tag, ended the story on a sad note, or why Kevin and Alyssa haven’t even hooked up yet. I made Amanda pregnant because of the direction I wanted the story to go. Leaving off from the tags was done to avoid spoilers. Ending on a sad note is just a cliffhanger for the next part. And Kevin hooking up with Alyssa will happen eventually. I cannot say what part because I have not written the story that far in yet.

I apologize for the lack of sex or how bland the sex scene was described in the story. I was dealing with a bad case of writer’s block while writing it.

I also do NOT take any credit for using the Naked Man in the story. If you want to go into further detail with it, please use Google.

I will apologize in advance if I do not get Part 3 up in a timely manner. I will be busy with classes, so that will take up a majority of my time.

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Author: MAhole89

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