7 days in heaven: day 1

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Seven Days of Heaven: this is the first part of a 7 part story. This girl i like was coming to visit me and one night i had a dream about it. after i wrote the dream down i decided i wanted to keep going with the rest of the week. so here it is. This is is also my first story and i don't know how it will turn out. so please i am open to all criticism. i need to learn my pros and cons about the story so feel free to comment. Thanks

Day 1: The beginning

Tonight's dream was amazing, recently I started talking to this girl and she is amazing. In fact I think I can say she is perfect for me. I fell asleep at like 3…maybe 5 in the morning and started to dream about her… well actually I dream t about us, and what life would be like if we were together.

It started with her coming to visit me. I drove to the airport to pick her up. I was so scared, so nervous, and I kept thinking she wouldn't like me or something… but then I saw her it was like time stood still, when she saw me she dropped her bags and we started running to each other embracing each other for what seemed like forever, then I picked up her bags and went to the car and drove home.

We got home and I introduced her to the family and then we went to my…err…our room and I dropped her bags and we embraced each other in a passionate hug and kiss. Holding each other never wanting to let go.

That Night

The end of the day goes by and me and her head into our room and get ready for bed. Me in my sweat pants and her in this cute tank top and booty shorts. We crawl into bed not being tired at all and knowing what will soon be happening. I look at her in all of her beauty and move close so I am almost on top of her as I lean in and kiss her so deeply that she feels like she will melt. As we kiss I reach my left hand around her and pull her close to me so we feel like one being. While we kiss my right hand starts to caress her body, starting with her cheeks and face, her neck, arms, and moving down lifting her shirt up just enough so I can caress her stomach sending shivers all over her body. I deepen the kiss as I start to reach and pull her top over her head pausing momentarily to admire her beauty. I continue to kiss and tease her as I start to kiss down from her lips to her neck, biting it softly as I go moving lower and lower until her right breast is in my mouth.

I start to suck it and tease her nipple with my tongue as my other hand wonders her body teasing the skin with my fingers. I then moved up to kiss her mouth and playfully bite her lip before I start to move slowly seductively down her chest leaving a trail of kisses as I make my way towards her cute booty shorts. I bite the elastic and slowly move them down her legs taking them off and throwing them to the floor and as I look up at her my breath is taken from me as I look at this naked goddess lying in my bed.

I then move up her sliding my almost naked body against hers moving to her mouth kissing her intensively as she feels my weight on top of her. I slide off and look deep into her eyes before I ask her to roll over so I can give her a massage I promised.

She rolls over willing to do almost anything I say at this point as I straddle her hips/lower back. I start to give her a massage starting on her head. Running my hands through her hair and moving to her ears kissing them after I'm done with them. I work my way down to her back. Massaging them deeply as she starts to relax. I blow gently as my hands run all over her back giving her a small breeze giving her goose bumps. I then move to the back of her arms working my way down them as I leave a trail of kisses on her getting to her hands and fingers. Massaging each one and kissing them after wards. And I do the same to her other arm.

I then slide my body down so I am sitting on her legs as I start to gently massage her lower back especially where she’s been hurting as I blow on it and cover it with kisses. At this point I moved down to her perfect butt massaging it gently and giving it a playful slap before I bend down and bite it ever so softly as my hand slips between her legs and just brushing against what I came to realize was a very wet pussy. I moved down spreading her legs so I could work better. I moved to sit on one leg and started massaging her thigh working down to her calf and stopping just short of her ankles since like me is very ticklish there. I then move to her other leg and do the same thing. Afterwards I get off her and lean in and whisper in her ear if she would roll over for me

Unable to control herself she rolls over as I asked and I straddle her waist and lean forward massaging her ears again and kissing them, moving to her mouth and massaging her tongue with mine. I bite her lip playfully as I sit up and massage her neck and shoulders kissing them when I finish, then I move down her chest playfully brushing them with the tips of my fingers and finally massaging her perfect breasts and beautiful nipples. I lean over and kiss them softly but I breathe on them hopefully sending shivers all through her body. I then move to her arms and massage them again once again kissing each finger as I finish with them.

I move lower to her stomach by leaving a trail of kisses starting from her neck. I rub my fingers along her skin giving her goose bumps as her breathing started to deepen. I slide down her body so I am on her legs and I start to massage her waist and hips working my thumbs in this special place kissing softly as I do that. Then I moved lower to her beautiful pussy that has now started to leave a wet stain on my bed. But I didn't care I was glad she was enjoying it. I spread her legs only a little as I slid 1 finger up and down her slit massing the outer lips, I then spread her open and massaged her clit but only for a moment as I then inserted a finger into her for a few seconds just to be a tease. I then moved my mouth closer and massaged her most privet area with my tongue. I came up and opened her legs wider as I straddled her right one massaging her thigh and working to her shin and stopping before her feet. I then repeat the process on the other leg.

After I finished I slid up her body and kissed her but she surprised me with a kiss so passionate I started to melt. I asked her how that was and she told me wonderful. We proceeded to lay there holding each other for a few minutes before she rolled me onto my back and straddled me as she started to kiss my neck working down my chest biting my nipple as I did to her. And she started to follow my treasure trail lower, and lower, and lower until she suddenly moved up to my mouth and kissed me. I moaned in my throat and told her she was a huge tease. She proceeded to whisper in my ear “you know you like it” and moved lower gripping my sweats and slowly sliding them off exposing my 8 inch hard on.

She looked at it amazed and said she loved it and wanted it. Just as I started to say something she moved her head down and slowly started to play with the tip using her tongue. And when she finally took me into her mouth I thought I was going to come that very second. I moaned as she worked wonders on my shaft. Sliding up and down slowly yet with speed. It was amazing the best I have ever had. But I told her I wouldn't be able to last much longer and in a swift movement I pulled out of her sat her up passionately kissed her and laid her on her back.

I moved seductively across her kissing her and biting her lip as I moved lower on her kissing every inch as I moved. I caressed her breasts with my tongue taking her nipples into my mouth and playing with them for a few minutes. I continued to move lower and lower kissing as I went finally getting to her wet pussy.

First thing I did was run my tongue along her slit tasting her sweet juices anticipating what was going to happen next. I slowly slid one finger into her moving it in and out faster and faster. After a minute I inserted a second finger and started to go at her. She told me she was about to come so I slowed down teasing her making her want me more and more. And when I moved my mouth to her clit she almost came on the spot. But I held back for a minute teasing her licking her. I reached up with my free hand and found hers as we held hands as I did this going faster and harder as my tongue continued to do its thing. And then it happened. She started to tense up and moan as she told me she was coming. In that moment I moved up on her, our hands still together as I entered her we both moaned in pleasure as I just intensified her orgasm and as I felt one of the warmest tightest pussies I have ever felt.

As we lay there me slowly thrusting in and out of her she looked at me and in that moment I knew I knew she was perfect for me. The way she looked at me said I want to be with you forever. Please never leave me. I leaned close to her and we kisses passionately as I continued so slowly thrust into her. After a moment she started matching my thrusts with her own. And soon we were having the best sex… no we were making love like we have never done before.

Time goes by and soon she was in heaven, climaxing every couple of minutes and an hour goes by as I start to feel my own climax start to happen. I kiss her and tell her that I am going to come soon and just as she comes out of her last orgasm she has me pull out and move to her face as she starts to suck my throbbing shaft. And then it happened I tilted my head back and almost screamed at the orgasm I was experiencing. Load after load I came into her mouth it felt like I was coming for a good 5 minutes and when I looked at the clock I realized that I had come for 5 minutes shooting every load into this goddess mouth as she tried to swallow all of my seed she couldn't keep up and a little bit started to drip down her chin. By the time I was finished we were both spent. And we lay there holding each other tightly not ever wanting to let go. And finally slowly drifted off to sleep.

story by: acheron

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