A change of plans | chapter 2

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If you haven't read Chapter One of "A Change Of Plans", I suggest you do before reading Chapter 2. If you find any of my stories to be offensive, feel free to stop reading at any time.

Please give me any feedback that you have, whether it be positive or negative. I appreciate all of the feedback that I received regarding Chapter 1.

Also; remember, I am a constantly-horny teenage male who enjoys writing stories as much as reading them. I don't judge others for their interests nor do I discriminate them either. My work is based off of day-to-day fantasies that I have.
A Change Of Plans
Chapter 2

Five miserable years of my life had gone by and I still mourned Allison's death. Since then I had spent two years serving in the United States Air Force. I came out of the service with only minor injuries which healed within a few months.

The following year, I returned to Chrysler Corporation which is where I worked previously before joining the USAF. I was rapidly gaining promotions and raises throughout the first year of being back.

I was an promoted to an executive position of the modelling department which I gained a high pension from and a large paycheck each week to last me four months. I decided to retire shortly after gaining this position to take advantage of my pension and high pay earnings.

After retirement at the age of 31, I moved to Northern Michigan, into a mansion that overlooks Lake Michigan. The view was spectacular, and the people were all very friendly.

My local church had gatherings every Sunday which I would go to. I started to make friends with a few of the people at the church, and oddly enough, one of my friends that I wrestled with in highschool went to the same church. I didn't always go to church just to make friends though, I spent most of thetime I spent there praying for Allison.

One day at church, I found a seat next to a family consisting of a mother and her two daughters. The two daughters seemed to be in their mid to late teenage years, and I couldn't tell what age the mother was; but, she seemed to have a look than most women my age.

After the church gathering ended, I greeted the mother of the family by saying, "Hello, my name is Michael Jacques, I have seen you around the church many times before, I don't beleive that we've ever met though."

She looked me in the eyes with her beautiful blue eyes and said, "Hi, my name is Megan, and these are my two daughters, Samantha; my younger daughter, and Natalia; my older daughter.", she paused for a moment and then said, "Well, it was nice meeting you Michael, I think the girls and I should leave, we have a long walk home.".

This statement bothered me, considering that I own three vehicles, one of them being an SUV with six seats in it. I decided that I would help Megan and her family by giving them a lift home, so I said, "Megan… It's raining outside, and you and your girls don't need to fall ill. I will happily give you and your girls a lift home in my SUV."

She responded by saying, "Michael, I can't let you do that for me… I really appreciate the offer, but I don't have any money to repay you with." I then responded by saying, "Megan, I have more than enough money, I won't be losing out on taking you home… Also, I'd enjoy the company."

She thought about this for a moment and the replied by saying, "Okay Michael, we'll accept your ride home; but, let's not make this a regular thing, alright?", I don't understand why she wouldn't want a ride home after church every weekend; but, that's not my business.

We made our way to my car which was parked three or four cars away from the first one in the lot. I unlocked the car and allowed everyone time to get in and get situated. The girls seemed excited about not having to walk home; but, Megan seemed unsure about it.".

On the ride home; Megan seemed to be lost in thought, but I interrupted her deep thought and said, "Megan, where do you live?", she replied by saying, "We live on Hall Road, our address is 84.". I knew exactly where this was as I passed it everyday on my way home from the main town.

I drove through the main town and stopped at a fancy restaurant for breakfast. Megan looked at me and said, "Michael, I can't afford this…". I then said, "Well, that doesn't matter, because I can, and you and your daughters are probably hungry.". Her daughters both looked at me and nodded, trying to not let Megan know that they weren't against making use of my offer.

I took them inside, and we sat at a large booth in the corner of the restaurant. I turned to Megan, Samantha, and Natalia and said, "You all may order anything you'd like, it's all on me.". Megan glared at me and said, "Michael, the girls and I don't know too much about you… I mean; how are you able to afford all of this, and why are you being so generous to us?". I cleared my throat and said, "Megan, I am a retired executive from Chrysler Corporation, I have more than enough money to live six or seven lives comfortably, and my generousity just comes from the kind of person that I am."

Megan seemed to feel more relaxed as I did my best to assure her that she wasn't harming me in any way. We then ate breakfast and I took them home. Their home seemed to be very small, it needed a lot of yard work and slight repairs on the exterior on the home itself. I dropped them off by the front door and wesaid our goodbyes and then I headed home.

All week, as I did everything I usually do; I seemed to be losing focus as I couldn't stop thinking about Megan and her two daughters. I know they have a home; but, she couldn't afford food for her children and she has no efficient method of transportation. I decided to let these thoughts pass me by; assuming things would get better for them.

I didn't see Megan or her daughters at church for three weeks, and then on the fourth week they were there. After church ended, I confronted them and said, "Hi Megan; how have you and the girls been doing?". Megan responded by saying, "We haven't been doing too great, but as time passes, things usually get better…", I responded by saying, "Oh, if this isn't too intrusive, may I ask what's been wrong?".

Megan pulled me aside and told me that they lost their home; and that they are now living in a public shelter on the east side of the town. I thought about all of this for a few moments and then started to speak, "Megan, I want you, Samantha, and Natalia to come live with me.

You are a mother raising two young women by yourself… I have the space in my home to hold twenty people comfortably, and would be glad to have you.". Megan gave this a lot of thought as I carried on a conversation with the girls about school, Megan then started to speak to the girls and I saying, "Girls, Michael has offered us a place to stay until I can get another job and get back on my feet… I decided that we'll stay with him for a short while, and as we do, we will show as much respect as we can to him and his />
Samantha and Natalia were extremely happy to hear that they would have a nice place to live for awhile; and, I have a feeling that Megan was relieved too.

We walked to my car, I brought my SUV to church again, as I was planning on picking up some lumber on the way home to fix some boards which were loose and rotting on the side of my back patio; but, that would have to wait until later.

The drive to my home from the church is around twenty-five minutes, which isn't terrible, as it gives me time to clear my thoughts before entering deep prayer.

We arrived at my house at 10:37 AM and I gave Megan, Samantha, and Natalia a tour throughout the house before showing them a selection of rooms that they could choose from to stay in.

After getting all of them situated in their own rooms, I told them that they could shower, and then we would head back into town later to purchase them some new clothing to use, as they had little or no clothes with them.

I prepared a large breakfast, as I hadn't been sure how much they'd eaten lately, and felt the need to completely satisfy their appetites. We ate and discussed the places that we'd be going later in the day.

I had made the decision to go to the mall which was around thirty five or forty miles away which had a larger selection of clothing, make-up, and other accessories than the local stores did.

We left home around 12:30 PM and headed to the mall. Once we arrived at the mall, Samantha and Natalia ran off, leaving Megan and I alone. I started to get to know Megan better, finding out that she has never been married; but, she had two daughters as a result of her ex-boyfriend getting her pregnant twice, and then he ran off.

I find situations like these to be very tragic, especially when she has no support as a single-mother to raise two young ladies. I decided at this moment; that, she wouldn't be leaving my home anytime soon… She's very unprepared, and needs to have substantial shelter and support while getting back on her feet.

Megan and I were sitting on a bench inside of the mall while the girls shopped with some money I gave to them before; and I said, "Megan, I know you dislike taking advantage of me; and, I completely understand that feeling; but, you need to do what's best for yourself and for your two girls, and you need to stay with me for awhile… Probably longer than you />
Megan sat with an unsure look on her face for a few moments, then she stared into my eyes and said, "I appreciate this Michael… I never thought that I would find someone to help support me and my two girls while they finish school and while I look for a job… I am sorry that I deny all of your support so consistently as I'm just not used to the great sum of />
I then said, "Feel free to make use of my assets as long as you need; like I said before, I have enough money to last six or seven life times, and I am glad to share it with you and your girls. View it as… My fortune is your fortune. I'll be honest, I'm not only doing this to help you; but, I've noticed for awhile now that… I'm getting very lonely after my wife Allison killed herself five years ago…", there was a pause as Megan gasped and began to hug me, then I continued saying, "I appreciate your company, aswell as your daughters' and I would be glad if you stayed forever, actually… I guess now would be a better time than later to ask this, so, would you like to go on a date with me, Megan?".

Megan stopped hugging me and immediately nodded as she was too choked up to speak after hearing about my wife, and she was probably extremely happy that she may have a regular relationship for the first time in her life.

Megan and I then got up off of the bench, held hands, and walked around the mall for awhile. We talked about what could become of our future, her various debts that she owed, and most of all her position at her old job, and what she should do financially.

I assured her that she and her girls would never have to work another day in their lives as long as they didn't want to. She seemed extremely relieved as I told her this; because, she seemed to relax much more as we discussed some more things.

Eventually we met up with Samantha and Natalia and headed to the car. For the car ride home, Samantha and Natalia kept thanking me for taking them shopping and they showed us what they'd bought.

I then figured out that I was correct as I'd thought a few weeks before, Samantha was 15, Natalia was 17, and Megan was 27. As I'd thought before, Megan was quite close in age to me, as I am 29.

We went back home; and, I told Samantha and Natalia to go get changed into something classy, and Megan followed their lead.

I took the three girls out to an expensive Italian restaurant which I used to go to a lot with my co-workers at Chrysler Corp. After eating, I payed the bill and left a large tip for the waitress. When we arrived home Megan and I talked for alittle while, while the girls were busy showing off their new clothing.

Megan and I decided to be open with the girls about our relationship. Megan called the girls down to the dining room, in which they sat across from Megan and I at the table.

I told them that they wouldn't ever need to worry about working after they're done with school as long as they don't want to. They assured me that they didn't want to. Then we discussed that they'd be staying here for as long as they'd like, which had made them very happy.

Megan then took over in telling them that her and I were dating now, and would be doing things that couples do. They seemed to be fine with this, but were hesitant at first due to their actions to their mother.

Another week passed us by, and as the girls left for school on Monday morning, I planned to take Megan out of lunch. I took her to a fancy seafood restaurant on the shore of Lake Michigan. We had shrimp as an entree, and for lunch we had lobster with red wine for drinks.

After having a fantastic lunch; Megan and I headed home to enjoy the rest of they day. I went up to my room to find some more comfortable pants and a shirt than the dress-wear that we'd had on for lunch. Megan followed me up to my room; and, as I was changing, she pushed me onto my bed, and then started to kiss me passionately on the lips, so I returned these passionate kisses, and then she started to kiss down my neck and chest. She then removed my underwear which is all I had on at the time because I was changing.

Then Megan opened her mouth; and slowly, in one fluent motion, put my entire cock into her mouth. She twisted her tongue around my cock-head slowly and stroked my cock with her hand as she sucked on it. I was then about to cum; but, knowingly she pulled my cock out of her mouth, and got up onto the bed.

I then started to kiss her, and I took off her shirt and bra. I then started to slowly rub and squeeze her tits which made her nipples extremely hard. I started to suck on her extended nipples and she moaned fiercely as her back arched up.

I then got onto the floor as I positioned her at the end of the bed. I took two of my fingers and jammed them inside of her vagina and continued to finger her as I continued to lick around her labia; eventually making my way to her clitoris.

She squealed and squirmed when I licked her clitoris, then came. She wasn't yet spent, as she got up and pushed me back onto the bed and stood up above me, and slowly eased my cock into her tight pussy. She started to moan loudly the further it went in.

She bounced up and down, causing her d-cup breasts to bounce vigorously up and down. She then started to speak saying, "I- I'm c-cumming!", and then released cum which I could feel covering my cock. I then came shortly after, with a never-ending amount of cum shooting from my cock into her.

We were both spent as we could hear a car door outside. When we looked out the window it was the girls pulling up after getting off of school. Megan kissed me on the lips and then took her clothing to the downstairs bathroom, and I took mine to the upstairs bathroom. We then spent the rest of the night by watching television with the girls and eating.

Megan and I started to both sleep in my room that night, and we slept so soundly, for the first time in so long, I wasn't lonely.

End Of Chapter 2

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