A dark night

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Alana walked quickly and furtively down the deserted, brooding street that was Spinner’s End. Breathing heavily with each step, she gazed over her shoulder repeatedly, convinced she was being watched. I hate going down this street by night, she thought to herself, why, oh why did I miss the bus? And as she walked she felt a cold chill descend upon her body, like a wave threatening to envelop her. It slowly slid its way up her back; inhibiting her limbs and making each step seem smaller, constricting her breaths to feeble, anorexic wisps and freezing her very heart. Alana was scared, heck, screw that, she was petrified. There was something about this particular street that always creeped her out: apart from the scarcity of streetlights, phonebooths, police or people in general, that is.

But for some reason, going down this street tonight just seemed a bit too … sinister. She was convinced that someone … or some people were watching her; following her every move; waiting to capture her. Then she heard it. A loud Crack! And before she knew it, she was running away, screaming at the night. She had no idea who or what was following her, and she didn’t care, she just needed to get away … to get home. That was her last thought before she tripped, colliding into one of the few working streetlight poles.

Head aching with a sore body to match, Alana struggled to get back up, holding onto the pole for support. At least now I have some decent light, she thought, groaning to herself. Then she surveyed her surroundings clumsily, trying to get her bearings. What she saw nearly made her faint again. The street was no longer deserted. Instead it was quite populated by a group of tall, pale people: men and women; all with looks of either lust or hunger on their faces. And they were slowly getting closer, steadily getting illuminated by the light of the streetlamp. What Alana saw shocked her, their lips were a deep, deep red, being almost crimson. But what scared her most was the sharp white objects which peeked beneath those lips; their fangs.

What kinda freaks are they? She thought to herself, but out loud she said, in a more scared voice than intended, “Who are you people?”

No answer. Instead they slithered over to her even more quickly, wanting eyes piercing her body while moans of deep need invaded her ears. She needed to escape from them, but she was petrified to the spot.
“Please, leave me alone! Don’t come any closer!”

And with that she attempted to run away from the menacing group, but her head seared with blinding pain, nearly making her collapse again. Thankfully she hung onto the pole, not like running would make a difference. She was surrounded, and these things only got closer and closer. I’m going to die here, thought Anna, her consciousness steadily leaving her, I don’t know why, but I’m going to freaking die here. And with that thought her legs buckled from underneath her, making her collapse onto the ground. Clinging to the pole she cried out “Someone, anyone, HELP!!!”

But as expected, no one answered; the monster club surrounding her just laughed. Then one of them, a man with exceptionally long fangs, loped up towards her, a wide, demented grin on his face.
“Oh, I’ll help you alright babe, then I’ll help myself to some of your boiling, succulent blood!” he said, only a few feet away from her now. Disgusted, Alana took up the biggest rock she could find, and desperately threw it straight at the man. It never reached his face; the man disappeared altogether. Then she felt a sharp pain to her neck, and a drop of blood trickled down from it as she gasped in pain and surprise.

“Good … we have a feisty one here” the man said, extending his tongue to lick away the drop of blood. She shuddered intensely in disgust. What the hell is he? Alana thought, no one can move so fast. And then she plunged her hand in her bag for her pepper spray but the man stopped her, seizing her wrist and wrapping his arm around her body, rendering Alana helpless.

“Now just be a good girl and we won’t kill you … the man said with a depraved tone of voice, sliding his filthy, scarred hand up her body to cup her breast, violently rubbing the rough fabric of her dress on her nipples. She wailed and struggled, trying to break free from his grasp, but in vain; he was too strong.

worry baby, we’ll all take good care of you …” he whispered in her ear, opening his mouth wide to bury his fangs in her neck. Alana squeezed her eyes shut in despair; not only were they going to kill her, but rape her and God knows what beforehand. Why is this happening to me? Alana thought, hearing the jeering voices of the crowd closing in on her. Her head hurt, her legs hurt, her chest hurt from her assailant’s rough advances and now this same freak was about to bury his fangs in her neck. Even now he was squeezing her neck, making it hard to breathe. Alana couldn’t take it anymore. Her consciousness, which was steadily slipping ever since she collided with that pole, definitely took a backseat now.

Her eyes closed, she gave into the darkness of her mind, her other senses shutting down, helping her retreat far into herself, where no one could hurt her. Meanwhile, the person holding her made strange noises, as if he was angry. But that was trivial. She didn’t care now, not even noticing that the man was taking quite long to bite her. She laughed to herself, bite … what is he, a vampire? And with that last thought, she departed into the sanctuary that was her dreams.


Alana opened her eyes slowly, feeling thoroughly, and strangely … rested. That’s weird. She thought, wasn’t I being attacked by vampires a second ago? No, that couldn’t have happened. Bringing her hand up to her neck, she felt it slowly; no wound. Apart from that she was unharmed, and her clothes were intact.

But she still felt weird. Something wasn’t right. Then she looked under the covers for more injuries, but what she saw down there shocked her. Alana was wearing a lace teddy, which just seemed to cling to her body, like a second skin; emphasizing what she thought were her best features: her slim stature, her long, voluptuous legs, her perfectly curved, tight and firm ass and her well-endowed breasts. It also matched her dark caramel skin colour. But what surprised her most was how comfy she felt in it; like a second skin. Wow, she thought, I don’t remember going to bed so … skimpy.

And then Alana felt a firm yet gentle hand on her shoulder. As she was about to turn around, she felt the most amazing sensation as this man started to kiss the back of her neck; gentle, delicate kisses, which made her sigh in pleasure, not even noticing when this man wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her closer to him.

“Baby, you didn’t tell me that you woke up,” said the man softly, right next to her ear. Alana then realized who her companion was, and she smiled in amazement. It was Luke, her office crush from floor 21. Somehow, in some way, she was able to get him in bed with her, and judging from the way he was acting, he was enjoying every moment of it!

“I’m sorry sweetie, I should’ve told you … you’re not gonna punish me now, are you?” Alana replied in a silky, sensual voice that was unlike her. And then, she pressed herself onto his body, kissing his chin and his cheek before his sweet lips locked with hers.

“Of course not baby, now relax, and let me take good care of you,” said Luke, as he proceeded to fondle her, feeling her body in his hands while at the same time caressing her neck with sweet, soft kisses. He then gently blew cold air onto the back of her sensitive neck, making her gasp as her hairs stood up. Extending his tongue, he made contact with her weak spot, making her shudder as hot tongue met the back of her neck, but it wasn’t over yet.

Luke proceeded to lick her sensitive skin, which responded eagerly to his hungry licking, then to the gentle yet sensual fondling of her breasts and the slow, continuous rubbing of her panties; rubbing the fabric against her swelled clit which sent off fireworks of pleasure that skyrocketed through her body, rapidly reaching her brain which responded instinctively: the result being Alana moaning and gasping erotically, pressing her body into the hands which knew how to turn her on so well. With a boldness that was unlike her, she spread her legs wide, allowing him to sample more of her sacred treasure.

Alana didn’t know nor care about what had come over her. Wearing such sexy lingerie, rubbing herself against Luke, especially his hard ready cock and moaning so eagerly to his attentions; it made her feel so … naughty. And to her surprise, this newfound naughtiness made her wetter than she had ever been in a long time. Suddenly she more than enjoyed Luke’s touch, she craved it and his body like a desert worn man craves water.

As he kissed and worshipped her body, she took hold of his head and seized his lips in a fiery kiss, brazenly invading his mouth with her tongue and enveloping his delicious tongue with hers.
Luke moaned with approval, kissing back with the same force and lust, while sliding his sly fingers right where she needed them to be. But she wanted more, no, she craved more. Getting up, she quickly dislodged her panties, while Luke, who noticed the increase in tempo, pulled off the top of her skimpy teddy.
Lying on his warm body, Alana moaned as a breeze teased her stiff, erect nipples, which stood atop her C cup breasts like a ripe cherry on a sundae, begging for attention. Taking his hands, she very boldly rested them on her breasts, gasping in ecstasy as those nimble fingers worked their magic; rubbing and fondling her precious globes, plucking and flicking her erect knobs like a fine tuned harp, he composed a symphony of euphoria upon/right through her body; a perfect, addicting balance between pain and pleasure.

Moaning intensely as she writhed against his body, Alana took Luke’s beautiful face in her hands, seizing his mouth in a fiery, lust-filled kiss while his hands ran over her body, moving closer and closer to where she wanted them to be the most; where she ached the most. Then, taking the initiative, Alana pushed Luke back onto the bed and straddled him, smiling seductively down at him as her breasts poked into his face.

“Baby, you know I want more than your fingers down there,” Alana said, no longer recognizing her voice as she took Luke’s long, thick cock in her hands and slowly stroked it. Luke groaned as she did this, trying to sit up but she pushed him back down, playing with his stiff extension all the while.

“No Luke, it’s my turn to take care of you now.” Alana said wickedly, taking his wonderful dick to her pulsing clit, rubbing it slowly and thoroughly on her aching nub. Alana gasped and moaned as she did this, making herself even wetter as Luke’s rubbery cockhead created sweet, electric friction while grinding onto her grateful clitoris. Luke also moaned, as Alana did this, feeling a drop of precum emerge from the head of his dick. Alana saw this too, and in one swift motion, her face was right in front of the head.

Looking at Luke with eyes full of lust, Alana slid her tongue up the length of his cock; from the base where his balls and dick connected, to the very tip of his cock, lapping up the drop of precum and with several more licks, the rest that leaked out. And then she circled the swollen, throbbing mass of flesh that was the head of Luke’s penis with her hot, wet tongue.

“Alana baby, stop that, please.” Luke said, groaning in obvious pleasure, “I won’t last too long if you keep doing that.”

“What could you possibly be talking about baby?” replied Alana wickedly, while she slid her tongue along the tip of his cock, “Do you mean … this?”

Alana proceeded to encircle the head of his cock with her mouth, sucking it quickly and hungrily. Luke gasped intensely, shuddering a bit as Alana slid her tongue right underneath his cockhead. It felt incredible, the way she was sucking him. But as soon as she had started, Alana moved her mouth away from his cock. Luke groaned again in disappointment, only stopping when Alana caught his mouth again in an overwhelming kiss. And as she did this, Alana took Luke’s hard cock again in her hands and, opening her legs widely, slowly inserted his massive erection into her wet, aching pussy.

Gasping loudly, Alana aligned herself to Luke’s girth, pushing more and more of it into her throbbing slit. “Oh my God!” Alana gasped intensely, looking down at Luke with eyes full of lust, so much bigger than I thought you would be.”

“I’m glad that you like it,” Luke replied, grabbing Alana’s waist while helping her impale herself on his cock, “Your cunt’s a lot tighter than I thought it would be too.” And then, he pulled her onto the rest of his cock, slamming her body onto his in one swift motion.

Alana screamed out loud, gasping as Luke’s cock suddenly filled her, bringing a plethora of pain mixed with intense pleasure. But he didn’t stop there. Sitting up, he descended onto her breasts, licking and sucking her stiff nipples, blowing and nibbling onto the very sensitive flesh. Alana was unable to speak. The intense pain and pleasure of having her cunt roughly filled, the sharp pleasure emanating from her nipples being sucked; all the while being embraced by this wonderful, muscular, intense lover … how would she be capable of coherent speech?

She couldn’t, not like it would matter. Moaning explicitly she wrapped her hands around his head, inviting him closer into her bosom while she subconsciously gyrated on his large extension, enjoying the numerous pangs of pleasure she got from having his cock rub along the walls of her pussy. It was incredible; the way he was making her feel. Alana couldn’t believe what she was feeling; closing her eyes as the intensity of the moment fully possessed her. She felt herself go under for a moment; lost in a trance of pure pleasure. Alana wanted it to last forever … but unfortunately, she surfaced again, with a deep, profound hunger for more.

Looking down at Luke, who had stopped sucking her tits so that he could give her a kiss; Alana instead grabbed Luke’s head and kissed him passionately, invading his mouth with her snakelike tongue, using it to constrict his docile tongue. After a moment locked in this passionate embrace; Alana promptly pushed Luke away from her, pushing him back onto the bed. She then sat on him; his wonderful cock fully impaling her, setting every nerve on her body on fire. She needed to be fucked by him right now. And so, as Luke placed his hands on her waist; Alana rested her hands on his chest, slowly moving her hips up and down on his cock. The pleasure she received from just that action was extraordinary. But she knew it could get better than this … way better.

So in one swift motion, Alana moved away Luke’s hands, trapping them in her while she let her sensual body fly free; bouncing rapidly on Luke’s body as she rode him, his body in her control while she held him spellbound with her alluring gaze and erotic form. Faster and faster she bounced, moaning and gasping as her cunt was filled repeatedly. Luke was gasping too, as Alana impaled herself on his dick, stopping only to gyrate on it while using her pussy muscles to squeeze it, like an anaconda constricting his victim. He could only watch as Alana stimulated herself, fucking him intensely with a look of pure enjoyment and lust on her face.

But as fast as she was going, he knew he could do better. The more she grinded herself on him, the weaker her attempts to restrain him were. So he patiently waited for her to get close (which at the rate she was going, wouldn’t take too long). Alana bounced on him harder and faster, elevating herself to the point that only his cockhead was inside her and then crashing back down with a small scream. Falling onto his body, gasping for air, she kissed Luke intensely, rolling his thick cock around in her pussy while kissing him, making her moan in his mouth.

“Oh baby, I’m sooo close for you” said Alana in a heavy, soft sensual voice, “Your cock feels so good inside me. I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

“Then I’m gonna take over now.” Luke replied wickedly, easily breaking his arms out of Alana’s grasp, to her surprise. His hands latched onto her butt, making Alana gasp in shock and pleasure, as he promptly brought her back down to his cock. And then, sitting up in the bed with his arms around Alana’s waist, he rocked … no, he demolished Alana’s world.

Passionately pounding into her body, Luke rapidly brought Alana close to the edge, threatening to topple over. With his hearty gasps invading her ears, her feminine moans reverberating through her body, and her arms and legs securely wrapped around his body, nothing stopped him from bringing her the greatest pleasure imaginable. And as her moans and gasps became more and more frequent, Alana knew she couldn’t hold back any longer. She willingly cast herself over the edge, screaming all the way as she landed into an ocean of bliss. It was beyond words. All she could do was cling onto Luke’s body like an anchor as she screamed; her juices pouring out of onto his body while her cunt sporadically clenched Luke’s cock, squeezing it more and more strongly with each squirt. And eventually, that heavenly moment passed.

Collapsing onto Luke’s body, Alana just lay there; slowly regaining full use of her senses in between gasps for air. Luke held her close to his warm body, kissing her and sliding his hands all over her as she rested. Moaning softly was her response, smiling up at him and kissing back while she got more comfortable in his arms. But after a much needed reprieve she noticed one key detail: Luke’s cock was still inside her, and it was still very hard.

“I’m sorry baby, didn’t you get to finish?” purred Alana, turning her body around so that her back was now lying on Luke. The foreign object inside her made her quite pleasurable, to her delight.
“No sweetie, I didn’t, but its ok. I was just making sure you were satisfied first,” Luke replied, groaning a bit when she moved.

“Well, you satisfied me really good, and I mean: reaaaallly good” Alana replied.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not finished. It’s time I started round 2.” Luke said, making Alana giggle as he wrapped his arms around her waist to start again. Alana knew she was going to enjoy this alot. Luke knew exactly how to turn her on … and then some. She knew he was going to make all her sordid fantasies come true …

To be Continued

story by: DaAuthor

Tags: blowjob consensual sex male/female mature fantasy violence oral sex sex story

Author: DaAuthor

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