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How on earth do I describe Mark? He had to be one of the strangest yet most interesting guys I ever dated if you could call what we did date. All he wanted to do was hang out and party. Never wanted to go anywhere or do anything except party. Mark was a tall red head with even less inhibitions than myself and I didn’t have very many so I should have figured he’d be trouble. I first met him at Tim my friend and co-worker’s house. I was attracted to his intellect and I loved how tall he was at six feet two inches. I’ve always been more attracted to personality rather than looks so I thought I’d try to get to know him better.

He had a tendency to just blurt out the most inappropriate statements at any given time. It kind of made staying home and partying preferable to going out in public. He was also into experimenting with hard drugs a little too much for me though he never did enough to become addicted or to cause himself any problems. Experimenting with drugs to Mark was like doing a science project. He was really quite scientific about the whole thing researching his contraband to make sure he would use it properly to achieve the desired effect but never suffer the consequences of addition. I always liked a cocktail and a doobie but wanted nothing to do with heroin or cocaine or whatever else he might have. Sometimes I didn’t know what the heck he was on. He would offer me whatever the drug of choice was for the night but I wasn’t interested. There was however a fun little side effect to Mark getting shit faced on all that stuff. It made him very kinky! Sometimes he didn’t even remember what he did the night before.

Mark had a great big cock that was curved like a banana when he had a big boner. He’d slam me so hard with that huge thing my guts would be sore the next day. When my English boss I was fooling around with sucking his cock all the time made me to horny I'd call Mark my fuck buddy for a good lay. There was no miss understanding when I called, he knew exactly what I wanted. He always spent the night but took off first thing the next morning. I always wished he’d stick around awhile longer because I love a good fuck in the morning but he never did and that’s what made me eventually stop calling him.

One evening when he was particularly toasted his kinky side showed up. We were in bed and he was eating my pussy which I always enjoyed.

He said "You are cleanest girl I've ever been with."

I thought "What the hell kind of dirty girls have you been with?!?"

Pulling my outer lips open with his fingers and licking my clit then running his tongue up and down my slit drove me crazy. Each time he went down a little lower then he just started eating my ass hole. I mean really giving it a tongue lashing. A complete rim job. That was a first for me and it startled me a little but it felt so good. That tongue was circling my tight hole and making it quiver. Before I knew it my ass was cumming on his tongue! What a sensation that made my pussy so wet and tingly. I was really hot ready for the big schlong to pound me now. Mark finished up my pussy and ass with his skilled tongue then mounted me with my legs in the air and fucked my brains out. What great sex we had that night getting my pussy fucked by that big dick after having my little ass hole eaten out.

The next morning I figured he wouldn’t remember anything he had done so I asked him “How did you like eating my ass last night?”

He said "I didn’t do that!" vehemently with quite a surprised look on his face.

Oh yes he did! I was straight as a pin that night and remembered everything clearly. I didn’t mention it again because he was getting embarrassed but yes my crazy kinky Mark was an ass eater at least one night of his life. I am a hygiene freak so I guess that was lucky for him.

He wasn’t always smashed and we did have some great philosophical conversations. He was very intelligent and sucking that big banana of his was pretty darn fun to. We were watching TV one night on the couch in the living room. Mark laying on the couch while I sat with his legs over my lap. I could not keep my hands to my self knowing what was waiting for me in his jeans. I started playing with his legs running my hand up his thigh and rubbing his cock through his jeans. When that big cock was hard I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans to release it and spread the pre cum all over the head with my finger.

I asked "How does this feel, do you like?"

"Oh yes run your finger around the rim" he said with a groan.

Mark got up wrapped himself around me and we had a very hot make out session. Hands groping all over each other and tongues exploring mouths building up the heat. Then he came at me so hard I ended up balled up in the corner of the couch.

When the kisses broke I said "Put that dick in my mouth I want to suck it."

So Mark climbed up on the couch. stood over my face and fed me his huge cock. I was folded up in such a position I grabbed my big round white tits with hands that had my long fingernails painted blood red and wrapped them around that cock. Mark's eyes got an excited sparkle in them and he started fucking my tits thrusting in and out of my mounds of flesh being held together with those red nails. His dick was so big I tilted my head forward and the head of his cock went straight into my mouth with every forward thrust. I sucked the head as it slid through my tits. We got up and went back in the bedroom and fucked like animals till we were both to tired to move. I got another great fucking that night he was so turned on by fucking my tits.

In the after haze Mark told me "I will never forget the image of your hands with those red finger nails holding your big white tits around my dick as the head slid into your mouth.

Mark does have the honor of being the last guy I fucked before I became exclusive to my husband. He probably doesn’t even know that or remember that last time he came over to my condo for that last piece of ass.

I recently talked to Mark for the first time in around 15 years and he has bought a house with his girlfriend just 15 minutes from my mother’s apartment. He sounded exactly the same as always and was still playing in a band. Funny we both have pet rabbits. He said he was the same except he had gray hair now. I just can’t imagine him with gray hair. I’ll always think of him as my only red head. I was surprised he even mentioned how he used to like to do heroin in moderation because he loved the high and that it gave him what he called dope dick. Guess that dope dick was the kinky side I saw a few times. Wonder if his girlfriend ever got to enjoy that dope dick I hope so because it sure was a fun ride. Maybe I’ll drop in on them next time I visit Mom. It was really fun talking to someone who remembers all the good old times we had in our 20’s.

story by: MistressB

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Author: MistressB

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