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She was my first crush and when her family bought a cottage next door to me, it was one of the better days I have known. Aside from being my first 'love interest' she was all I thought of the first time I masturbated and was the object of my lust for quite awhile after that. It was her ass that I loved the most, it's very well the reason for my hunger of anal sex. There were ways she fed that hunger without even knowing, for example, she had a pair of skin tight jean shorts that she cut just a little too short, that she wore often. Another example, was when she went out with her family on their boat, whenever they returned it was usually her responsibility to secure the boat to the dock and whether she was wearing her bikini or those shorts, she'd always bend over to tie the boat to the dock.

As much as I loved her, I began to hate her. My fantasies became violent. I had known her from school, I had watched as she blossomed and became very much a flirt around other guys, which angered me to see, after all she was mine, noone desired her the way I did. Sometimes, at the cottage, I would see her with another guy, sometimes she'd kiss him under the dock, sometimes it was a friend of her brothers, other times it was just a friend of hers, sometimes it was even one of her girl friends boyfriend. I guess it's a reason why I did what I did. You see I never really acted on my feelings for her, I was somewhat of a shy one, kept my thoughts to myself. Though sometimes I got lucky, I'd see her sunbathing or she'd be over at my place in skimpy clothes.. but best of all, once, at night, I watched her swim nude. Her body in the water, at one point she went under and then stood up in the shore. How the moonlight hit her with pale white skin, like a white rose in the dark. What still turns me on to this day, was that I was close enough from where I was watching her, that as she stood there with her fingers through her hair, I could see the water dripping from her breasts.

Late one summer day, I had found out that she would be at the cottage alone for a couple days and I just couldn't take it anymore, from watching her I'd swear she knew I was watching her and that she was teasing me. The masturbation just wasn't enough anymore. What would drive someone to worship someone so, I don't know what I could tell you to make it look sane, I say it was her ass, but then it was her incredibly seducing body, it was her blue eyes, it was her dirty blond, almost reddish hair styled like an over grown mushroom cut, I just loved the way her bangs would hang just about to her chin. Its angst and its desire.

I was a little nervous when I first walked over to her place, but it seemed to disappear as I reached the side door to the cottage, even if she caught me walking in I figure I could just say that I was told to check in on her. When I entered, it was quiet, as I walked through the kitchen, I could hear the shower.. hearing that, the erection started to grow in my pants. I went through a couple drawers in the kitchen, looking for a knife or something, but the best I could find was duct tape.

As quiet as I could, I walked closer to the sound of the shower. Coming to a door I could feel the heat of the shower, I pushed the door open as hard as I could which almost sent it off its hinges. I grabbed her as quickly as she screamed, I took her in my arms out of the shower, tearing the shower curtain as I did and threw her on the floor. She was trying to cover herself with her arms as I stood over her, I froze for a moment..

"Should I fuck her right here?" I thought to myself

A moment of ignorance and Sara had already started to get up and started to run. I chased her, she was going for the kitchen, for the side door no doubt. I pushed her from behind and she fell hard, on the kitchen floor. I wouldnt make the same mistake twice, I got on top of her before she could get up and grabbed both of her arms and reached for the duct tape and with that I binded her hands together behind her back.

A sigh of relief as I stood up. Sara was able to roll over onto her back, she stared up at me with a frightened look in her beautiful eyes. I knelt down again and felt her pussy, I then glided my hand up her stomach and caressed her breasts. I felt her pussy once more, this time spreading her cunt and fingering her, I brought my hand back up to put my fingers in her mouth but she wouldnt open her mouth and turned her head away.

I found it amusing.

"No…. Please…" she said crying as I began to pick her up.

I tossed her over my shoulder and slapped her ass into a good grip. The ass I've adored all these years is mine. I turned and began looking for a bed. Coming to the biggest bed I could find, I tossed her onto it. I took my shirt off and began to take off my pants. I had them unbuttoned and pulled down to my knees when she tried to get up again. I slapped her clear across the face with the back of my hand to knock her back down. She fell back down and began to cry even more so, writhing. I took off my pants, dropped them to the floor and climbed onto the bed with her. I'd start to play with her pussy, masturbating her, at times she'd try to twist her body away and other times, …she liked it. Even though at times she liked it, she'd still scream.

"Scream all you want" I said. "Noone is going to fucking hear you!"

I grabbed her by her hair and brought her to the window, "look, I'll yell with you… HELP!… SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!"

As Sara yelled with me, she began to breakdown with her screams for help turning more into cries "Pleee… hee… eease" she'd now cry.

Still having her by the hair I pulled her head back close to my face and said "We're in the middle of fucking nowhere, bitch"

I was good and hard, I wish I could've trusted her with her hands unrestrained, I would've loved a hand job from her. I bent her over the bed, to admire that ass and then began to spank her. As hard as I could, she would fall to her knees sometimes but I'd pick her right back up. How I wanted to fuck her as hard as she screamed. The last time she fell to her knees, I kept her on her knees, enough spanking for now. Instead, I rubbed my cock over her tits. I picked her up and threw her back onto the bed and crawled onto the bed with her. I took her legs and spread them, rubbed the head of my dick over her pussy lips before I penetrated her. I couldn't believe how soft and warm her pussy was. I slammed fucked her too. As soon as I got enough in her, I pounded that pussy as hard as I could. Her crying just intensified how hard I wanted to fuck her. I started to slap her, full on, right across the face and then I'd start slapping her tits. She'd cry louder and louder, I'd then start to suck on her nipples and spit in her face. I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't open her mouth,

"Good girls do what there told" I said, "Open your fucking mouth!"

She did. I sucked on her tongue, her lips, kissed her and she'd kiss back sometimes. I could feel myself starting to cum so I pulled out. I could see how wet she was too. I went down between her legs and fingered her again,

"Do you want more?" I asked

"Please stop.." She cried "It hurts"

I slapped her pussy, "One last time, do you want more?"

Sara didn't say a thing, just cried, nothing I could make out anyways. I grabbed her by the hair again & put my fingers in her mouth,

"Taste your fucking pussy! Don't you want more?" I said for the last time and took my fingers out of her mouth

she said in a low, desperate voice

I then flipped her over onto her stomach and licked her ass. I spread her cheeks and licked her asshole, then started to push my tongue as far as it would go up her ass. I pulled out and started to finger her pussy again, once they were good and wet, I used those fingers to finger her ass,

"Please… No… Don't …Not there… please" she cried as I pushed my fingers further

I took my fingers out and began to spread her asshole,

"Get up on your fucking knees" I demanded

"No… Please…" she said softly as she reluctantly got on her knees, it sounded like she was losing her voice

That beautiful ass now gaping just a little, I started to push my dick into her sweet ass and then slammed myself into her. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, they went as wide as they could go, she started gasping for air,

"Stay on your fucking knees!" I told her

She started screaming, almost maniacally, I stopped fucking her for a moment but never pulled out and she continued shaking, almost convulsing, what a ride she gave me. When she stopped shaking and panting, I started to fuck her again, this time with each thrust, her hips got lower and lower to the bed until she was laying on her stomach and I was still pounding away in her ass. I'd watch over her, watch her biting the blankets, the sounds, the moans.

"You feel so good" I said to her as I kissed the back of her neck.

Her tears running, never stopped.

I could feel myself about to cum, I grabbed her by her hips and placed her back on her knees

"I'm going to fuck you as hard as I'm going to cum" I warned her

and I did, I spanked her and slammed into her even harder, if possible, had to hold her in place, I could feel her body trembling too

"AHHH, Ooooh, Fuck!" as I came in her ass

I pulled out of her ass, she rolled over with her hands on her ass, she was in a mix of pleasure and pain. I still had a strong erection, only a little faintish from such an orgasm in the ass I've adored for so long.

"I'm far from finished with you" I said

I took her and placed her the way I wanted her, on her back with the back of her head on the edge of the bed. I put my dick up to her mouth,

"Now suck your ass off my dick" I told her

She opened her mouth, reluctantly, I pushed only the head of my dick in her mouth, which she started to suck me half decently, what she didn't realize was that this was going to be an all out throat fucking. I pulled out, let her take a breath and without warning shoved my dick back in her mouth, all the way down her throat and kept pushing, grabbing her tits while she's gagging and then would pull out a little and start thrusting. I loved feeling her struggle. Her throat felt so good, so good being that deep. I wasn't worried about her biting me, I told her that anything she does that displeases me, there would be consequences.

She was starting to pass out, I was starting to cum. With my dick down her throat, I'd grab her tits, they were so soft. I pulled out once more and slammed back in and kept going and when I came I pushed my dick all the way in. I came in her throat, the orgasm was intense, it brought me to the tips of my toes, bent my knees and gave me a vertigo feeling in my stomach. Once I was flat on my feet, I didnt pull out, though she was struggling, I pretty much bent over top of her in somewhat of a '69' position, I kissed her cunt and pulled out. Sara sat right up gasping and coughing up what I shot in her throat. It was now running down her chin and onto her chest.

She layed back down, her eyes bloodshot and still catching her breath ended up rolling over onto her stomach again. I tore the tape off, freeing her hands and took a few steps back and sat in a chair just to the corner of the bed. Sara now laying almost on her side, her legs in somewhat of a '4' shape, and me sitting in a chair staring at her ass. Her body was now violated greatly and sweaty, as was mine, sweaty. I started to masturbate slowly, once the sensitivity settled, staring at her ass, I mean so many times before I'd be trying to picture her ass and fucking her just to get off, now here I am, fucking her.

I started to grow erect again and climbed on top of her again… she was semi-conscious… I licked and kissed her ass, I pushed my dick into her ass again, there wasn't so much of a struggle this time, still light panting from her, I started to assfuck her again. I assfucked her as she layed on her stomach, she'd still make a fist at times, I would interlock my fingers with hers, hold her bound, I fucked her hard, I really pushed for this last shot, it was straight hard ass fucking until I came. After about 15 minutes of pounding her ass, I could feel it, I started slapping the back of her head, it made everything tense, tight.. just as I came I could still feel her trembling.

I didn't pull out of her ass until the orgasm had faded.

I pulled my dick out of her ass and then felt her ass once more. Put my pants back on but didnt do them up and walked out of the room. There on the couch by the tv, some magazines and such, but what caught my attention, a school yearbook. A page was marked, I opened it to find my picture and around my picture, a heart.

The End

story by: R|A|P|E(machine.)

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Author: R|A|P|E(machine.)

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