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I had become obsessed. Natasha was all i could think of. I had to concentrate to keep my mind on work or listen to my wife when we were togehter. Sex with my wife was still good, but I found myself tinking of Natasha to maintain an erection.

I arrived at Natasha's house, on time, the following Thursday night. I performed my usual strip in the foyer.

Again, she called out to me, "In the bedroom, pet."

I ran down the hall and dropped to my hands and knees at the threshold and crawled into the bedroom. I glanced up for a second and saw her naked and smiling. She walked to the edge of the bed, sat down, scooched back so her feet could dangle, and beckoned me, "Come and greet your Goddess, pet."

I crawled to her dangling feet and kissed the top of each foot. She presented her left foot to my mouth and I kissed and sucked each toe and then did the same to her right foot. She slightly raised her feet, and I kissed and licked the soles of her feet. She moaned softly and told me I was a good little pet. She stood and faced the bed and bent her knees putting her ass in my face.

"Greet me, slut."

I sniffed and kissed and licked and sucked her asshole until it mushroomed in my mouth. Her moans became louder and her breathing quickened. I stuck my tongue up her ass and she pressed her ass hard against my mouth, nearly knocking me over. A loud moan filled the room and I knew I was pleasing my Mistress.

She commanded me to lie on my back on the bed. "Tonight we are going to play another game. The gravity game. But, first I must prepare you my little bitch!"

Her cock was rock-hard and her warm balls still hung low and long. I loved the look! She squatted over my face and I was assailed by the nutty like smell of her groin and the smell of her ass. She faced my hard penis, "Open your mouth pet…." I obeyed and she dragged her balls across my face. Up and down and back and forth over my face, finally resting them on my mouth. I kissed and licked her hairless balls and gently sucked them in and out of my mouth. Her moans and groans were music to my ears. She reached back and stuffed both balls in my mouth at once and i licked and sucked them as best I could.

She raised up, pulling her balls from my mouth, "Trianing time."

Her swollen cockhead filled my mouth, she hunched her hips and the huge head knocked at my throat. My eyes bulged, she slapped my dick and she jammed half her cock down my throat. I watched her balls close on my nose then pull away as she began to open my throat with her immense cock. In and out and in and out until my asshole and eyes were bulging from it's enormity. My eyes watered and I could feel my throat bulge.

She jumped off of me and turned me over. She was giggling, "I think you're ready now, bitch!"

She pulled my feet toward my head and tied my ankles together, then she tied my arms behind my back and hogtied me. If tried to straighten my legs I could slightly lift my torso. She slid under me, placed her knees under my shoulders, "Let's see what gravity does…."

She raised me to her cock, I reluctantly opened my mouth and engulfed the swollen head of her cock. She dropped her knees and I gaged as half her cock slid down my throat. Inch by inch my head dropped until my chin rested on her balls and her hard 12" was down my throat. My eyes watered and I furiously breathed threw my nostrils and the sides of my mouth.

I pulled with my legs and raised my torso slightly for a bit of relief. She began to raise and lower her knees, jamming her cock in and out of my mouth and down my throat. She would pull her cockhead all the way back to my mouth then down my throat again. Tima after time after time after time…my throat was getting sore and my mouth and jaws ached; but I sucked and slurpped and sucked and slurpped.

I lost track of time but finally I felt her get tense and I knew a deluge would follow: burst from her lips, her cock pulsated, she grabbed my head and rammed her whole cock down my throat. I could feel and taste her hot cum fill me up. Her cock throbbed against my tongue and I swallowed loads of her cum until she was drained.

I was limp when she untied me and commanded me to masturbate for her. I let fly almost immediately upon touching myself and she made me lick my cum off of her bed.

"See you next week pet." She cooed as I wobbled to my car.

story by: abraxas40

Tags: fiction blowjob cum swallowing domination/submission bondage and restriction transsexual sex story foot or shoe fetish

Author: abraxas40

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