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Just got home from a night out with my friends and was feeling pretty good, could’ve been the beers, could’ve been the hotties at the bar grinding their asses up on me but either way I was feeling horny and needed to do something about it. When I got home I went into my room, took off my clothes and threw on a pair of shorts for bed, but thought I’d flip on the computer and check out my favorite porn site (XNXX surprise surprise) and jerk off a little before bed.

As I was clicking threw the pics my cock was getting nice and hard, and I slowly sped up the pace. That’s when I stumbled upon something I never thought I was into but by the feeling in my cock I sure was, it was tranny she was tall with legs that went on forever, nice firm titties probably a C cup, and huge shaved cock and balls. I had heard about trannies or shemales as some like to call them, but never had I seen one that looked this good before. My cock was raging from this gorgeous site in front of my eyes, and my balls were starting to tingle. I quickly tried to find more pics of shemales to jerk too because clearly my cock liked what I was seeing. Some of these trannies looked so feminine until you looked down at their huge bulging cocks, and their tight assholes. What happened next was a definite sign that I liked what I saw. I looked down at my cock and a steady stream of precum was leaking from the tip of my cock and my balls were starting to tighten up just like they do when you’re about to cum. I didn’t want to cum yet because these trannies were really turning me on and I didn’t want the night to end just yet.

I stood up and took my shorts off and was standing there now totally naked with this raging hardon that was craving more attention. I slowly started rubbing my balls with my right hand while I rubbed my nipples with my left, I don’t know why; but I love the feeling of having my nipples played with when I jerk off. After a few minutes of that I sat back down and started looking for some more pics, while still stroking my cock I found some pics of a tranny in stockings and a garter belt, with no panties or bra. This was the hottest damn tranny I had ever seen she was stroking her shaven cock and fingering her ass, which totally turned me on, as the urge to cum, became stronger. I scrolled down the page and the next pick blew me away, their she was lying on her bed with a dildo in her ass, her cock in one hand and her other hand covered in her cum which she was licking. Now I’ve never tasted cum before, but for some strange reason I needed to, and soon.

I stroked my cock faster and faster while staring in awe at this unbelievable site when all of the sudden I got that tingly in my balls that was telling that I was about to come. Faster and faster I stroked until the moment had arrived, I was ready to cum and was fully intent on tasting my own cum. I pinched my nipple and that set me off as the first hot load shot up out of my cock and landed on my chest, which I quickly wiped up with my other hand and proceeded to lick it up. It tasted salty but so nice and warm; as soon as I tasted my cum I shot another huge load, then another and another I had never cum this much before in my life, the more I came the more I licked up off my hands. When I was finally done cumming I felt so relieved. My stomach and chest were covered in cum, so I said to myself you’ve already tasted it and there’s no point in letting a good load go to waste so I wiped it up with my fingers and licked it all off, every last drop. I couldn't believe what I had just done, but boy did it feel good.

After that great session I turned off the computer and went to bed, but couldn't stop thinking about the picture of the tranny with the dildo in her ass! What did it feel like to have something like that inside yourself? I've heard that a guy’s G spot is in his ass but I’ve never really thought about trying to find it. All this thought of trannies, dildos, and G spots was making me horny again and my cock was starting to get hard. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head so I started stroking my cock again. As I stroked my cock I reached down between my legs and rubbed my balls, which were hanging low, I rubbed underneath my balls you know, the area between your balls and your asshole. The area was so sensitive and made my cock get hard faster as I stroked it. I let my finger slide down the area, which felt so good. Soon I was rubbing my tight little hole, I put my finger to my mouth and spit on it, then went back down to my asshole and continued to rub it, it felt so good and my ass seemed to like it because after a little while of rubbing it my ass seemed to open up for my finger and it slid right in. The feeling was so intense, it was painful and pleasurable all at the same time. I let it sit in me, as I was afraid to move it because it might’ve hurt. I again turned my attention to my cock and just kept on stroking it, I was getting close to blowing and I decided that if I didn’t pull my finger out soon that I never would, I pulled my finger out and came all over my belly.

story by: fet_fre

Tags: fiction masturbation cum swallowing anal male solo sex story

Author: fet_fre

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