A normal day at the gym, or so i thought

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So I decided after I got off from work I would go to the gym for a light workout and got the biggest suprise of my life.

I got to the gym and entered the locker room to change into my gym shorts and as I made my way to my spot in the back right corner or the locker room I noticed a couple guys changing out of their workout clothes and gave them a quick smile and continued on my way. The men were very large black men and looked to be in very good shape. I heard them talking and laughing as they got undressed and started making their way to the showers which is just around the corner from where I like to change. As they passed they shot a quick glance over at me and laughed a little as I am not a very big person by any means. I heard the showers come on and just as I was taking my pants and boxers off one of the men came from around the corner and grabbed me from behind in a bear hug. There was no chance in hell I was going to get away from this big mans grasp. He drug me around the corner and into the shower room which is simply a large open room with multiple shower heads spread apart. Over on the left side of the shower room was two spots with detachable shower heads and curtains and a bench dividing the two. The men had pulled the bench into the middle of the shower room and after he got me into the room picked me up and slammed me down on my back knocking the wind from my chest. As I was trying to catch my breath the large man that had drug me in there threw his leg over me and was straddling my chest with my arms pinned to my side. Once again, I was going nowhere. The mans very large cock was hanging just inches from my face and I could still smell the sweat from his workout. He instructed me to open my mouth and to do as he said so it would be easier on myself. I refused to open my mouth so he took his hands, pressed on my jaw and opened my mouth against my will and as my mouth was opened shoved his large cock into my mouth and began to urinate. I was choking not only from his cock but from the urine he was forcing into my mouth and down my throat. I began coughing and as I did, urine began splashing on my face and running down onto my chest. When he was finished he mentioned that was just the beginning. His friend came and stood above me and told me "I think you need to be taught a lesson on locker room do's and "You sure as hell don't go around smiling at men you don't know because things like this may end up happening to you". His semi erect cock was already at about 7 inches long and about as big around as a golf ball and it was just inches away from my face. "Now I need you to open up and get my cock nice a hard so I can have a nice go round with that cute tight little ass of yours and if you fight me, I can promise you that you will be sorry". I opened my mouth as he commanded and he slowly lowered himself down and stuck just the head of his large cock into my mouth. I was thinking to myself that there was no way he would fit his cock in my mouth, but what I didn't know was that he was going to try his best to get as much in there as possible. Just as he got the head in he thrust hard with his hips and sunk his cock in until it hit the back of my throat and he held it there until I started to tun blue from the lack of oxygen in my brain. He quickly removed his cock from my mouth and told me not to be such a pussy and to take that cock like a real bitch. Was this man really going to try and get that big fat cock in my ass today? I had no clue and now that I saw his cock at its full potential, it looked extremely painful. His fully erect cock now stood at 9.5 inches in length at leaste and about as big around as soda can. He looked at his friend that was standing over my chest and asked "are you ready to have some fun with this little white bitch and his tight little virgin ass"? "Lets do the damn thing" the other guy said and they both laughed at the same time. The one man walked around behind me and I felt him grab my legs and bring them up so that they were almost verticle and the guy over my chest grabbed ahold of them and pinned them between his arms and his sides. I was fucked, literally and I was going nowhere. The next thing that I felt came as a suprise, it was his tongue licking around and over top of my asshole. Then came the cold liquid that was sort of thick in consistancy. I assume it was some type of lube to help with the friction I was about to endure. I felt him ease one of his fingers into my anus and work it around a little to help me loosen up and relax. Just as he removed his fingers from my ass, the next thing I felt made my heart drop. I felt the head of this monster cock gently pressing against my tight asshole and I began to feel him slowly start to apply pressure. I do however appreciate that he took his time to get my virgin ass used to the idea of having something so large shoved into it for the very first time in my life. The pressure was almost unbearable and I felt like I was being torn apart by this monster of a cock. I felt my ass relax just slightly and as it did I felt the head of his cock pop inside. I was in so much pain right now, I had no idea that it would have even fit inside me. He let me get used to the size and when he felt me relax he shoved as hard as he could and burried the rest of this monster cock in my ass and I screamed like a little girl. He sunk his cock up to the point where his balls slapped against my ass cheeks. My whole body was on fire and there was nothing I could do to make it stop or go away. He continued slowly pull his cock out and just before the head would pop out he shoved his cock right back into the depths of my bowels. He fucked me for a good 6 or 7 minutes and then I heard that universal grunt that let me know he was about to bust a nut either in my ass or somewhere on me or in me. As he pulled his cock from my ass it made a loud pop sound and the pain subside for just a few moments, he walked around in front of me and shoved his fully erect cock as far into my mouth and throat as possible and emptied his nut sack down my throat and in my mouth. Once again I could not take the volume which he was releasing and it started to escape from my mouth from around his cock and ran into my eyes and over my face. The guy standing over my chest told his buddy that it was his turn to stretch my ass a little more and proceeded to step from over my chest and as he did I attempted to jump up and get away. Big mistake. As I got up and started foward, I felt a very large hand grab me by the throat and slam me back down against the bench and the man that had just taken my anal cherry was now standing over top of me. As the second guy positioned himself over me and was stroking his cock he said that for my little attempt to get away he was going to make me pay dearly. As his cock grew I noticed that his cock was only about 7.5 inches fully erect but it was every bit of 4 inches in diameter. Luckily I could tell that there was a little lube left from where the first guy literally ripped me a new asshole. As the second guy disappeared, I quickly felt his pressance as his thick cock head was now pressing against my now sore not so tight asshole. As he got his cock lined up with my ass he thrust once extremely hard and sunk his monsterous cock into me and bottomed out with the result of his balls slapping my ass as he furiously fucked me like there was no tomorrow. As he continued to fuck me he gradually picked up his pace and after about 10 minutes of ass pounding action I once again heard that unmistakeable grunt and before I knew it he was draining his massive load deep into my bowels. He realeased at leaste 7 huge spurts into me which felt amazing as it helped lubricate my painful burning asshole. I began to feel his cock begin to shrink while he was still inside me and as he pulled out it still made that popping sound. I was relieved that they had both gotten off and that I would be able to go on my marry way, but what I didn't know was that there were men that had entered the shower room while these men had their way with me and that those two were just the beginning of a very long morning for me and for my ass.

If I like the reviews I will continue with more stories and see where I go from there. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

story by: KevinC

Tags: fantasy cum swallowing anal hardcore rape water sports/pissing non-consensual sex black sex story

Author: KevinC

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