Against the grain part 1 (revised and edited)

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Brief character bios:
Bryan is 21 and 5’ 9” with a thin athletic body and bit of hair on his chest and a hairy belly, buttock, thighs, and legs. All of which is a shade of red. He also has a nice complexion with medium length; brushed, light blonde hair and a nice scruff of a red beard. His penis is a nice 6” which looks very picturesque and has a very cute round butt. Likes to think of himself as a red fox and hates to be considered or thought of as a twink. Think of Drake Bell with a full beard and of course the blonde hair and red beard.

Mr. Lucien is 41 and 6’0” with a bit of muscular/stocky build of a hard working dad. He has short black hair with some gray that is business styled and brushed nicely that goes nicely with his modern frameless reading glasses. He has a farmer tan with a good amount of short black body hair that you’d expect a masculine man to have all over his body except his back. He has a bit of a five o’clock scruff on his face that would make a hot full beard. He pretty much looks like Tom Chase as he does in the COLT movie Couples 3. And of course he has an amazing, cliché 9” penis that is nice and thick; think Josh West. And of course an amazingly firm and round ass from always squatting and doing heavy lifting like lumber and mechanical work.

“I just wish I could have a relationship like you have with your wife Mr. Lucien,” I say with glum having dealt with the heaviness of feeling particularly alone today. I guess it was just one of those days where I felt the darkness more than usual.

“Yeah I’d have to agree with you. I’ve been missing that connection with somebody too. It really eats away at you,” Mr. Lucien says with a somber tone while he leans back in his chair staring idly by at his computer.

“See I knew you’d understand what I was saying. It just sucks that I trail off my thought, slapped in the face as my brain finally understands what he so casually threw out there that I almost dismissed it. My head had been down with my jaw resting in the palm of my hands but I quickly, yet discreetly glance up from the floor tiles and see him leaning back with his hands together like he was praying, his fingers outstretched. I see the shine of his gold wedding band off the fluorescent lighting. I always admired his wedding ring. It was a basic band; modest and old-fashioned. And for some reason the word masculine pings through my head. If I stared at it long enough, wrapped around those strong, thick, rugged fingers; it would start to get me excited just thinking of all the erotic inducing ideas. If only he knew the thoughts and feelings I had for him over the past three years. The things I would want him to do with those fingers. But did I even understand those feelings? Immediately I’m filled with anxiety and depression.I don’t want to be gay!

No! I’m not if I don’t want to be! I can’t let this get to me, no, I’ve already figured out I’m straight, alright!

I close my eyes and take a deep breath and carry on. From his fingers I shift my eyes to his. Now acknowledging my attention to his confusing statement; and thus his eyes, he looks away from the email he’s been working on to casually, and ever so slightly shifts his head to peer back at me from the corner of his eyes.

not sure I ffffollow you Mr. Lucien. You do have somebody. You have your wife?” I stutter out more with a questioning inflection then a statement. Then as I think I have it figured out, I start to worry that Mr. Lucien has been feeling the things I’ve felt which made me feel horrible. This was the man that pulled me out of the darkness and dusted me off, saved this lost boy from his demons.

Well, most of them anyway.

If he even felt a twinge of sadness I felt at fault that I couldn’t protect the person I loved as a father.

As a father, right?

“Are things okay between you and your wife? Are you guys having any problems that I can help sort out? Come on, ha-ha, I’ll be your own personal couple’s counselor. I may be young but my mental age is a lot older than my physical age,” I bark out concerned questions and a small joke in hopes of lightening the atmosphere; which I could almost smell having a hint of fear.

“No, settle down there boss,” He says with a chuckle as he assumes regular posture and turns toward me, then crossing his left leg over his right and leaning back again with his hands intermingled and resting on his stomach. His demeanor seemed light and airy but his face was no poker face. There was nervousness in his eyes and it was throwing me off and making me want to throw up.

Oh no, what did I do now? Did I say something that upset him? Did I say something in another class that he caught wind of? Did those fucking bastards up in the office remind him that he wasn’t supposed to be me anymore?

“Relax, you did nothing wrong. There’s just something that I wanted to tell you and with the way the conversion has been going, I feel like the time is right,” says Mr. Lucien almost as if he was reading my mind. Granted it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know when you see a deer in the headlights. But he’s always been able to read my mind. He always knows what’s eating at me and every time is able to assuage the anxiety.

“Well what was it that you wanted to tell me? You know I feel like I can tell you anything so I would want it to be the same for you to me,” I say with an awkward tone. Talking like that, with emotions I mean, always sounds weird to me. Like waiting for the gun to fire and the race to start, he answers.

“Listen, this is important as I’m going to tell you something very personal and risky but I feel comfortable telling you because I trust you, okay?” he finishes with leaning forward and giving me a stern look. I stare blankly at his face and I find myself emotionless. I’m not sure where he’s going with the conversation but I am intrigued and terrified.

“Okay I I say and swallow hard.

“Alright not really married,” he says plainly and quick. Like a Band-Aid. I’m caught off guard, granted I wasn’t really expecting anything. I sit there and let it set in, like venom slowly courses through a victims veins. I’m not really sure what this means or has to do with anything but I start to notice my silence has him on edge.

“Okay so…..what does that mean? You just made up having a wife, but what for?” I ask. I’m confused as to what any of this means.

“Yes and no. I’m not really married but the woman I claim to be married too does exist; she’s a very good friend of mine and she’s aware of the situation,” he finishes with a smirk. There’s a time of silence as I take in his words and digest them.

Why is he telling me this? I wouldn’t care if he was married or not.

“Okay I gotcha, but why would you have to go around with such a façade? And do your family and friends know?” I finally ask.

“Yes my family and close friends know. Honestly, the reason I do it is because I’m 41 years old and not married. I don’t really want any students or fellow teachers prying into my life and having any hasty assumptions. You have a job, you know what it’s like with coworkers asking questions about your personal life,” he explains. This confuses me more.

“Why does a ring define whether you’re married or not when plenty of people go around without sporting any type of wedding band,” I assert. “I mean no one is going to just come up and interrogate you and ask why you don’t have a wedding ring or anything. I mean what could not having a wedding ring on infer anyway?” I ask rhetorically. But almost as soon as I say that I remember his comment about people making hasty assumptions and it hits me However I’m not sure, there’s a couple things it could mean. I need him to confirm it “There is more to you just not being married, isn’t there?” I ask nervously. I already think I know what he’s going to say. But how do I feel about it?

“Yes there is,” he says shyly, almost like a chastised child. It’s at this time that I notice how close he has rolled his chair to mine. How he’s leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs and his hands cupped together and a look in his eyes. But what kind of look is it? Lust? Desire?

Clang! The metal filing cabinet screams as his chair rolls back into it and Mr. Lucien is hunched over, cupping my face and pressing his lips again mine. So many thoughts are rushing through my head, and so much electricity rushing through my body. Is this right? He’s a teacher for Christ sake! Does that even matter though? I mean, you can be friends with anyone and have a relationship with anyone as long as it’s consensual and legal right? Wait, shouldn’t I be enjoying this? I mean it’s the only thing I ever fantasize about when I’m masturbating and when I’m with him. Yes I like this, I want to go so far with him and I want him to take my body over and set my heart free. Wait, am I kissing right? What if I’m not clean enough? Crap how long have I been just sitting here thinking?! Almost on cue, I feel him pull away and hear him fall back into his chair. Fuck! I didn’t react in time.

I slowly open my eyes to see him holding his head and looking down and breathing heavily. And almost as if I’m a fly on the wall I see myself as stiff as a board with my arms at my sides just sitting in my chair. After a minute he looks up and I can see the frustration in his eyes.

am so sorry. I didn’t mean for any of that to happen,” He says as he looks into my petrified eyes. I can’t be scared now, quick! Answer, don’t leave him hanging there.

“It’s okay,” I say in a sigh of relief to show him that I wasn’t disturbed by it. But what if he was? Then why would he have risked such a brash move? Obviously he has some attraction towards you Bryan, think rationally please. Then, what couldn’t have been more than an act of God taking over my body I scoot forward and put my hand on his thigh. Oh it’s so warm, so strong; I can feel it flex and tense up from not only the anxiety of the moment but from my touch. Then I lean in ever so slightly and say in a more confident and seductive tone, “It’s fine with me."

Then it happens the way that I’ve always fantasized it to. He fires forward and puts his mouth on mine as he grabs my arms and lifts me up and slams me into the wall behind us. I let out a grunt as the force he threw me back with was stronger than I anticipated. Granted I didn’t anticipate any of this.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to do that so hard,” he breathes out the side of his mouth as he begins to move his arms from my shoulders to my hips. I can feels his hands trembling but they steady and then the warmth hits me through my shirt. I can feel the restraint that he’s holding back. He wants more. I want more. I want him to taste me; I want to taste him. Our mouths wrap around one another as our lips slide back and forth. I slowly initiate my tongue onto his. I taste the softest moan from the back of his throat as he graciously accepts my tongue with a hug from his. My tongue slides around his mouth and against his tongue, ours mouths getting wetter and hotter. It’s hard to control our breath as we are both practically panting.

“Am I kissing well enough?” I gasp as I was able to pull away to ask my ever pressing anxiety induced question.

kissing fine, excellent to be exact. Relax,” he pulls away to assuage my growing fear. Then we’re both right back at it. We continue our teenage make-out session for about five minutes before he starts to get antsy. His hands haven’t moved much from my hips and sides and my hands have been resting on his shoulders. Again I attribute my courage to a moment of God using me as a vessel but I pull my arms from his shoulders and slide them under his and down to his hips and I pull him in. Immediately as I try to pull him in I feel a poking resistance at my lower abdomen. I pull from his mouth and look down to figure out what is keeping us from getting closer. I’m flabbergasted at the sight of a remarkably large bulge pushing against me.

“Sorry. Here, let me move that out of the way,” Mr. Lucien says with a chuckle as he reaches down and shifts his member to the side and then finishes what I tried to do by pressing up close to me and staring into my eyes. I find myself frozen and nervous. My heart starts to beat fast and I feel a warm flush start to consume me. “Your heart is beating like a humming bird. Relax, we don’t have to do anything at all, we can just go back to sitting down and talking, this was more than I expected to happen,” he breaths in a whisper to me which has me swooning.

“No, no. I want to do this. I really nervous,” I say in a pant. He reaches up and rubs my head with his hand and smiles.

“Yeah so am I,” he admits. This has me confused because he’s had to of done this a hundred times. Well not with an old student at least. We resume kissing while he returns his hands to my hips, although this time he starts to rub them up and down. Even goes further by moving them to my chest and even stopping at my nipples and giving them a small tweak which cause me to grunt into his mouth. I can tell this turns him on because each time I moan his penis flexes and thickens and I can feel its strength through my pants against my leg. It’s with this action that I can tell things are about to get heated. He drops his hands from my nipples and goes right to the bottom of my shirt and begins to lift it up. While his one hand moves my shirt the other snakes its way under and presses against my stomach. At first I’m greeted by a cold touch but it was just the shock of someone else touching me so intimately. An instant after I feel the warmth penetrate my skin. The touch of his hands is not as rugged and calloused as I had thought but surprisingly soft.

As our mouths dance he slides his other hand under my shirt and both my nipples make acquaintance with his soft finger tips. The circular motion of his thumbs around my nipples pushes me past my limit. I begin to let out moans and feel my legs begin to shake. Mr. Lucien senses my rising excitement and removes his left hand from my chest and places it on my lower back pulling me ever closer to him. Now both of our erect members are pressing against each other. I feel his hard sex against my stomach as Mr. Lucien towers over my average 5’9” frame with his tall 6’0” stature. Mr. Lucien moves from my mouth and skates his tongue down my neck to my clavicle and begins to suck and nibble. Oh my God! Something can’t possibly feel this good can it? My legs begin to buckle and I’m astonished to find myself slipping down the wall. With his hand still on my lower back, Mr. Lucien pulls me back up.

“Oh wow! What was that?” He exclaims. He too found my reaction to his biting curious.

“I don’t know, that just felt really good!” I let out in a chuckle. My face begins to flush red with embarrassment. Jesus I can’t believe I just did that. He’s going to think I’m some kind of virgin that doesn’t know how to engage in sexual acts. You are though you idiot. But still, not like I don’t know how to do things.

“Hey, don’t feel he says in a calming voice, again being able to read me like a book. “That was really hot! I wish my body was that />
“Hehe I’m sure you’ve got some sensitive spots of your own,” I say in a seductive chuckle and feeling my confidence start to rise as I reach down and grab his crouch. Oh. My. God. His huge! Really? You’ve got to be kidding me, and so are his balls! It’s almost cliché! It was obvious that he could sense my shock and amazement and started to laugh.

that look on your face for?” Mr. Lucien asks in a humorous tone.

“Err, nothing,” I stammer. “It’s just your…dick is really big.”

“Oh you think? I never really thought about it but I guess you’re right,” He admits modestly looking down at his bulge in my hand. “I can’t say I’ve heard many people compliment me on the size of my penis.”

“Well it’s huge,” I assert as I begin to move back in for his mouth while fiddling my fingers around the head of his dick through his pants. I move my hand up and begin to undo his belt which of course feels like a fricking rubics cube but I’m able to finally get it off. I then undo his button and pull his zipper down to find short black square cut briefs that further reveal his large member and a wet spot at the tip of his penis. “Well someone is excited,” I tease.

“You have no idea Bryan,” he says. “I’m just overwhelmed that this is all happening. But don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly happy that it is,” he finishes.

“Yeah, so am I,” I whisper. “I really want this to happen,” I admit.

“Oh don’t you worry, it’s going to,” he declares. And with that, he’s changed, turning me around and pushing me against the wall again and making it a point to be forceful to show me that he’s in charge. Mr. Lucien is now leaning on my back and kissing the back of my neck while his left hand holds my chest and his right hand is on my lower abdomen pulling my waist towards his as he starts to thrust his crouch slowly and gently against my butt. His pants begin to slide down his legs as I hear the clank of the metal belt buckle hit the floor. The thrusting begins to pick up the pace and soon Mr. Lucien is humping against me hard while now biting my earlobe and breathing into my ear. I can’t help but moan. Soon he is slowly down to a rhythmic heart beat and then finally he thrusts one final time and takes his right hand and pushes my head against the wall and his hips pin my body to the wall and he whispers into my ear, his person completely different.

“Are you ready Bryan?” he’s asks while pressing his body up against mine, and rubbing my head with his fingertips. God those fingers. He licks my earlobe which makes me lose my breath.

I murmur. I don’t know what he’s going to do next but my body trembles and my breath quickens. He must’ve been able to sense my apprehension and starts sliding his large sex up and down in between my buttocks. I look back and down through the corner of my eye and I can see his erect penis pop straight out over the band of his underwear. I glance up to lock eyes with his and he’s flashing a most mischievous smirk.

“Good because this is going inside of you, boy,” He says as he stares intensely into my eyes. Immediately I’m putty in his hands and he has me swooning. The gaze from his eyes and those strong, erotic words he just blurted out put me over the top. I lean back and twist around, grabbing his head and kiss him. Hard.

“I want you to fuck me now Mr. Lucien,” I beg in an overly receiving way after I move my mouth from his. Then he’s off, sliding his body down my back like a slide and on his knees in one quick graceful motion, pulling my pants down roughly along with my underwear which kind of hurt my hips as the belt was forced off too. I can tell he did it on purpose because he looked up and did his trademark charming wink. Sweet Jesus that damn wink of his. It’s so reassuring and…what? Caring? All that matters is the way it makes me feel, I tell myself.

“Holy fuck!” he gasps with his mouth agape. His statement startles and scares me.

“What?! What is it?” I yelp in a frightened tone as I swing myself around to look at him and in the process, slap him in the face with my penis. Oh my god! Did that seriously just fucking happen? Oh man I’m so embarrassed, I need to end this. Something is obviously wrong with me and really? That really just happened?

Mr. Lucien laughs as he rolls up from the balls of his feet and springs up in front of me, still erect as a lead pipe. “I was going to say that you have the sweetest looking ass I’ve ever seen,” he says in a chuckle, still reeling from me slapping him in the face with my dick. My face is in my hands, beat red from slapping him and from his compliment. He places his hand on my chin and lifts my head up and smiles. “Relax, that was cute what you did and take the compliment, I mean it. Your butt is amazing. It’s cute, fuzzy, and round,” he says reassuringly. I can’t help but smile at his comment.

the cat that swallowed the canary smile I like,” he jests as he leans forward and pecks a kiss from my lips. “Now, if you’ll turn back he stops and grabs my body and flips me around, again pushing me up against the wall. going to eat that sweet ass of yours,” he whispers into my ear. He licks my ear and then slides his tongue all the way down my back to the beginning of my crack and then stops. He places both his hands on my cheeks and spreads my ass apart which makes me gasp and clench. “I see you winking at me,” he breathes in a whisper into my ass. His warm breath gives me goose bumps all over. I look back and see he’s looking up back at me. I swallow hard and while still looking into my eyes, he dives into my eager ass with his hungry tongue. Oh my God this feels so good! I scream in my head as he munches on my asshole. I can feel his warm and wet tongue circle and probe my hole which makes me moan and tighten. I can tell he likes it because he squeezes my ass and moans every time I do it.

“That feels so good Mr. Lucien,” I breathe in a hushed tone.

“Yeah you like that don’t you?” he mutters and smacks my ass and then rubs it to lessen the sting. He then peels my ass open again and spits onto the hole following it with his tongue again and I can feel him pushing spit into my hole. He flicks his tongue a couple of times before he leans back resting his backside on his heels, admiring his work.

“God your hole is so pink and soft looking,” He says with a scoff of disbelief and then springs up back to my ear and whispers again. “Okay Bryan, get ready,” he says as he rubs his finger around my hole and moves his spit around. He then takes his left hand and grabs my jaw and opens my mouth. My stomach starts to stir with this action. Such dominance he exerts over me has me yearning for him to completely over power me. Taking his right hand he puts his first two fingers on my lips.“Suck on my fingers, get them nice and wet,” he demands. Oh God this is too much. I feel like I’m going to burst!

“Yes sir,” is all I’m able to whisper out of my mouth before he slides his fingers in and closes his eyes and moans. Hmm, they taste sweet.

“Oh man your mouth is so warm and wet. This will do nicely,” he points out. I suck on his fingers for a few moments before he’s turning me around again, taking his fingers out of my mouth and starting to rub my hole. He begins to tap it and press the tip of his point finger slowly in and out.

“Holy fuck!” I stammer. God this feels so good. It’s driving me crazy. I want this man so badly that I feel the desire tingling all the way down to my belly and my crotch and most interestingly, my asshole. I look back and he’s looking down at what he’s doing and he has an adorable smirk on his face. My heart starts to beat fast. Do I love this man? I’ve known him for six years and we’ve been close the entire time. He knows me better and more emotionally than anyone else. I close my eyes and remove the thoughts as best I can. Best not to think about those things right now.

It’s then that he is looking up at me and smiles with a slight chuckle. He winks and then slides his entire finger into my butt. I squeeze my eyes, wince and moan from the sudden rush of sensation. This is all as new to me as I’ve never had anything up there really. I mean I’ve put my finger up there before maybe once or twice but my finger is so much smaller than his. He pulls his finger out immediately after putting it in.

“Sorry Bry,” He says with concern in his eyes.

“It’s okay, I’m just new to that, but I like it,” I blush.

“I can tell,” He mumbles with closed eyes as he comes back up bringing his face close to mine. He’s now slightly to my left, as he leans in to my ear and whispers, “I want to take your virginity Bryan.”


He kicks off his shoes and pants quickly but leaves his underwear on under his huge scrotum and around his buttocks. He slides behind me putting his right hand in between my shoulder blades, holding me against the wall and I hear him spit and then hear a squishing sound of him rubbing his penis with his other hand. My anticipation is building up to a breaking point. I’m sweating so much, my palms slide down the wall he has me pinned against. He places his moist hand on my hip and squeezes while his hand on my back snakes to my neck.

“Are you going to do that again? If so, give me a little heads up,” I chuckle. Again he’s back to my ear.

“Like I said, I want your he pauses to kiss my ear. of it,” he finishes with a hushed rasp to his voice. With that he presses the head of his cock to my so sorry baby, but this is going to hurt,” he says empathetically. He leans forward and quickly whispers into the back of my head, “relax and push your hole out.”With the ending flick of his tongue forming the T of the word against his teeth he thrusts deep inside me. And I scream.

story by: DragonSanctuary

Tags: school mature first time job/place-of-work fantasy hardcore gay sex story

Author: DragonSanctuary

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