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It was a hot summer day in michigan, i decided to pay my friend sean a visit. back in my neighborhood we never called each other, he was just across the street so i would just knock on the door. The day was so hot sweat began to just faintly form on my brow as i reached the aluminum front door. i knocked and peered inside ….no one but chey answered (their dog). i decided i would just stoop down on their porch and look at the flowers potted right along their front porch. i noticed some of the buds had not bloomed yet so i pushed on it POP open up fast and the seeds inside fell to the ground. being young this amused me a great deal so i did another, and another. "HEY DONT TOUCH MY FLOWERS!" i jumped up and saw mr.smith standing there with anger in his face sorry" i muttered humbly. a smile broke from his face "im just fucking with you, come right in, sean and his mom should be back shortly" I laughed half wearily still in shock from his outburst but i took him up on his offer.

I sat down on their couch and watched the race with mr.smith, i noticed him staring at me from his chair on occasion, but i paid no attention i just figured he was looking out the window or something, never til after did i realize what he was really staring at. i got up to go to the bathroom, when i was finishing my buisness i heard him call" hey could you get me a busch from the fridge and get one for you too" I looked in the fridge, got two beers and went back to my orginal seat after giving Mr.smith his beer. Suddenly "shit!" mr.smith knocked over his brusci and it was dribbling all over the floor "could you get some towels for me" i quickly got up and got the towels "i got this for you" i said, not knowing that my minor cleaning task would lead me into one of the most terrible experiences of my life.

I got on my hands and knees and began to wipe up the beer. i felt a warm touching down the crack of my ass and quickly looked up to see mr.smith with a perverted face and his hands going down my pants playing with my ass. he was looking at me like i was a piece of meat, "stop" i said he just looked at me and started to shove a finger into my tight young asshole. "Stop!" i shouted as i got up and took his hands from me. He looked at me and smiled, that sick fuck thought it was amusing to violate me. He took his beer and splashed it on me. "what the fuck" i said "now your gonna have to wash those here i suppose" he said with a sickening grin. he knew i wouldnt tell anybody about this and the beer would make an explanation necesary. "fine as long as you dont try anything like that again" he gave me a towel and i disrobed in the bathroom, i came back out wrapped in the towel and handed him my clothes. as he was in the laundry room i was looking around for some food. "hey mr.smith where are the che…." there i felt it. his thumb was lodged firmly in my asshole, and his hand was carassing my balls. "ouch, oh my god that hurts" he thrusted his thumb deeper "stop" i screamed but there was no escaping him. he started to move his finger in and out of my ass, it hurt like hell and i was so frozen in fear i couldnt scream, and even if i did, he would just have gagged me and that would have been more humiliating

He took his thumb out of my ass and put his index and middle finger in me. the pain was starting to wear off but the stinging of his rough mechanic hands still struck with a sharp feeling here and there. "stop ..what are you doing?" i was really starting to hate him at this point, i felt his scruffy goatee between my ass cheeks and his tounge licking my pink asshole, he pushed his hands under my arms to send me forward so i would bend over more, exposing more of myself for his licking pleasures. he then started to spank me, lightly at first then harder and harder making my ass cheek very red "fuck you im leaving" i pulled away from him and began to run, he grabbed my foot and i fell face first into his carpeting, he must have gotten a kitched knife from the counter because i felt it right against my throat "if you try to run away again ill slit your throat right open, if you tell anyone ill kill you, if you ever do anything to get me caught, ill kill you" i began to cry as he picked me up over his shoulder, he put his two fingers in me again and began to spank me as i lay over him, tears streaming down my face i just kept telling him to stop, my resistance seemed to fuel him, like he enjoyed hurting me, it turned him on, he took me off his shoulder and slammed me belly first on the kitchen table i felt his fingers start to spread my red ass cheeks, and he turned me around to face him, his pants where all off and his well-hung cock dangled in front of me

it began to rise up, and i could tell it was huge, i cringed at the sight of it, and i knew what he would demand of me soon, so i just put it in my mouth and began to suck on it, as it got harder, the more difficult it was to keep in my mouth, he jolted his big cock into my mouth and it started down my throat, i choked on it so he thrust it down futher …i pulled his cock out gasping for air, he gave a smile then picked me up and went into the bedroom

he placed me on the bed and shut the door, then appeared to study me and smiled in his pedophile lust. " get on all fours …and get ready for me to destroy that asshole" i reluctantly assumed the position. with all the power and might he had, he thrusted into my asshole with his giant penis. "still more to go" he grunted as he pushed further into me, "ahhh…omg your gonna kill me" i yelled as he pushed further into me …the pain was incredible, it felt like someone cutting through my intestines. After a few more thrusts i started to cry " now don't do that i still got 2 inches to go here" something inside me was making it hard for him to get all into me. i fould feel my muscles tearing as he continued his perverted onslaught of my asshole. he pulled out. i held my asshole with my hand and quickly lied down crying in pain and fright " don't think its over now" he said " i still have to get all the way into you" "no fucking way" i said " im way too tight ..your going to rip me in half" he laughed and said " yeah i just might" he grabbed my hips and got me back into the doggy style position. i felt the tip of his penis in me, then suddenly a rush of cock rammed into my fragile asshole i screamed loud " STOP STOP STOP ..OWWWW!" he finally ripped his whole cock into me and i felt my blood running down my legs. he then began to fuck me, his cock moved in and out of my ass, making a popping sound everytime he would pull back. "jesus christ" i said "im fucking bleeding" he just smacked my ass and then started to fuck me harder, "ouch ouch ouch" i said with every thrust he groaned i felt the warm rush of his gizz inside of me …and after he pulled out too, it dripped out of my asshole DING DING ..the wash was done …he got up and went to the laundry room …i just layed in pain shocked by what just happened to me, "heres your clothes" mr.smith threw my clothes at me " now get the hell out"

story by: John_4

Tags: fiction spanking first time rape gay boy sex story

Author: John_4

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