An incest birthday chapter 34

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One chapter left! The series is almost over. Its all coming down to this. Enjoy.

It’s been a whole month since dad said he would give us a chance, and frankly, it’s been a really good month. We made sure to stay out of dad’s way when we were feeling affectionate, and he did his best to be accepting knowing what was really going on. We slowly reverted back to the relationship we had before the day he found the picture, although it took some time because we decided to come clean about everything, from each thing he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, to him actually walking in on sex acts and didn’t know it. he took it about as well as he could, knowing he was sometimes giving advice to his son on how to fuck his daughter, but eventually (the better part of the month) he shook it off.

Mom and dad are back to their normal selves, in fact, we hear them having sex a lot more now than they have been in the recent past. Dad helps out a lot more around the house, cleaning up and helping her with dinner and whatnot, and mom goes out to the garage with him when he’s working on working on a car or building something, and they’re a lot more lovey towards each other, especially when it’s time to go to bed, we hear everything, even when we’re trying not to. We even get more one on one time with mom and dad, whether it’s going to a sporting event, fishing, a car show, or even a dance class, we make more time for each other no matter what we’re doing.

Aunt Lisa even managed to up her life a little bit more. She moved out of our house and back into her own. The people who were handling the fix messed up a few details with what she wanted done so she got away with paying almost seventy percent less than what it actually cost for her remodel. Also the fashion place she works at expanded or whatever and she was one of the people who got a promotion. Her love life even took a turn for the better. She started seeing a guy not too long ago, and even though we don’t know much about him, she seems pretty interested in him by how much she brings him up in recent conversations. We have yet to meet the mystery guy, but we know she’ll bring him around when the time is right.

The Wilson’s are all just about the same as they have been. Steph and Chris are still fucking each other’s brains out while getting close to each other on the love end of things, Marie from what I know is still doing what she’s doing, although I don’t really know what she does to be honest. Whenever she leaves the house dressed up I think of Tommy from the Martin TV show and that running joke about him not having a job. Jim’s catering business is picking up according to Stephanie and Chris. he now gets at least four big clients a week, and is doing really well, and he still has no clue about what Marie and Steph did with Rita and mom, and maybe it’s best if it stays that way, no need to rock the boat if there isn’t a reason to.

Ashley and the Ashley's have all been on their good behavior. They fulfilled their deals about going around and apologizing to everyone they could find for being rotten to them, and Ashley fulfilled her promise to Denise about apologizing to her brother and doing whatever he asked of her, which turned out to be Ashley volunteering herself for the big sister program. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she has a ten year old little sister she has to be friends with from noon to six, and to be honest I think she enjoys it. I haven’t heard anything on how her search for her brother turned out, but I’ll keep pushing until she tells something.
Our life for the first time in a year has been virtually problem free. I mean yeah we have our little squabbles here and there but that’s it, it never carries over and it never becomes bigger than it needs to be. We are about as perfect as we could be in the situation were in. For the last month we’ve slept with the door open, except when we knew we were gonna have sex and be too lazy to get up and open the door, but for the most part it’s been open. Sometimes we sleep in Rita’s room. Sometimes we sleep in mine, hers for a change of scenery and mine for a sense of familiarity. It’s become our new routine now, and everyone in the house is used to it, they even knock on the door before they come in, we don’t have any more need for that color code system we used to use before dad was the wiser about us.

I lay in bed going over all this in my head as Rita slept next to me when there was a knock on the door. I purposely didn’t answer it just in case it was dad; we’d gotten to the point where he was completely awkward around us and a closed door, it was funny, so we liked to make him sweat sometimes. There was another knock and again I lay silent to see if he’d open the door, which he did, but it wasn’t dad this time, it was mom.

“I know you heard me, stop trying to mess with your father,” mom said.

“But it’s fun. We can actually use this to be funny now, so I’m using it.”

“It’s funny until he actually walks in on it, and then what? His son’s cock inside his little girl is a sight I’m sure he doesn’t want burned into the back of his mind.”

“Ok I’ll tone it down a little. That might be a little too much for him yeah.”

“Just a little. Do you ever use Rita’s room? It looks untouched since you got back.”

“We switch between them when Aunt Lisa’s not using it. is she here yet?”

on the way. Have you two made a decision on what you’re going to do yet?”

“We did, we’ll tell you at breakfast, as soon as Rita wakes her dead body up,” I said nudging her.

be too long, food will be ready in about fifteen, not enough time for a />
plenty of time. I like how these conversations are still normal for us,” I smiled.

“They are aren’t they? Among other things. Get cleaned up and come on down.”

“PUT MOST OF THE FOOD IN MY PLATE!” I yelled as she left, waking Rita up in the process.

“Not so loud! I’m having a good dream, and a good orgasm,” Rita said sleepily.

“Well since I’m not a part of it nows the perfect time to wake up!”

She tried to will herself to go back to sleep but I wouldn’t let her until she finally got up and punched me in the ribs for my efforts, which might not be worth it in the long run.

“That was a good dream! You’re gonna make up for that TODAY!”

“When have I not? It’s time to get up anyway they wanna know what we’re gonna do.”

“We still aren’t completely sure. We’re teetering on half and half.”

“Ok then let’s try to tip the balance. What are the pros and cons of />
do the pros first. We get a new start in a new city, no one will know who we are, we’ll be out on our own, nobody will tell us what to do, and the big one,
unlimited sex, />
“Pretty good list, what are the cons?”

be on our own in a new city we know nothing about, we’re far away from family, bills and other finances, those are the only main cons I can think of right now.”

“Those cons could be cons wherever we go, those might not really count as a reason to not leave, except for the being far from family con, that sounds like the
only legit one.”

“So you’re for leaving? You think we’ll be able to just pick up and go?”

have to at some point. If we plan it at least we get a jump on it rather than if it was forced on us. We have to leave the nest eventually, it might as well be on our terms.”

“So we’re leaving? As of right now we decided we’re moving to another city?”

“As long as you agree with it, yeah, we’re moving to another city.”

She sat quiet for a minute, actually giving it some genuine thought, and then she looked up and smiled. do it. It’ll be the first step in our new life, as actual boyfriend and />
“It’s settled then, Seattle here we come, in a few months for however long it takes to relocate to another city. Let’s go take a quick shower before we go down to eat.”

Rita went ahead so she could use the bathroom and I grabbed our towels and phones and headed in behind her. Taking showers together with no fear of getting caught was something we had to get used to, but I think we managed nicely. We didn’t wanna flaunt it because of dad but we didn’t have to be secretive about it anymore, he knew it was happening. I went into the bathroom and closed the door just as Rita was stepping into the shower.

“Come on Randy, you said they were waiting for us downstairs didn’t you?” Rita asked.

“I’m coming, we can’t walk into the hallway naked can we? I had to get our towels.”

I stripped down and stepped into the shower an immediately upon closing the shower curtain Rita had her hands on my cock stroking it to life with a big smile on her face.

“Really? I haven’t even touched the water yet and you’re already molesting me.”

“You ruined my sex dream, I told you you were gonna make up for it.”

“I didn’t think you meant immediately. We won’t have time to do anything now.”

“No time my ass, we have time. You’re not leaving this shower until you make me cum.”

“Can I at least get some soap and water on me first? I’ll freeze standing back here.”

She huffed, but didn’t let go of my cock. “You have a minute and a half, make it count.”

Seeing the look on her face I knew she was serious, so I grabbed my body wash and my man loofa and lathered up as quick as I could, but I wasn’t quick enough. Before I had the chance to wash off even the smallest bit of soap my cock was back in her hand getting hard again.

“Times up. I want some cock, now,” she said as she pushed herself into my soapy body.

She pulled me into the side wall and held her leg up for me to grab and moved her pussy around my cock until she managed to slide it in without either of us touching it.

YES! Pick back up right where I left off,” Rita moaned.

“Shhhhh! Just because ok doesn’t mean we can be loud as hell!”

downstairs anyway, and I’m not that loud, not yet, now fuck me!”

She held her arms around my neck for balance as I held onto her leg and fucked her up against the wall while washing off as much soap as I could in the process. She leaned her head into my neck and sucked on it for a while, and then out of nowhere she bit down on me, not enough to draw blood, but hard enough to leave a mark. I responded by grabbing her other leg and picking her up off the tub floor, holding on to her ass while her legs dangled on either side of me. As dangerous as it was, it was worth the risk. She brought it on herself by biting me. I fucked her as hard as I could while making sure we wouldn’t fall in the process.

“I knew that would get you going, now fuck this pussy baby, fuck it hard!”

“You want it hard? You want me to fuck you so hard you can’t move after?”

“YES! That’s exactly what I want! I want it to hurt every time I take a step!”

While I was fucking her pretty good, I couldn’t go all out because we were in a wet porcelain tub, any wrong move and we were crashing to the floor, so I lifted her off and bent her over so that she was under the water and it was hitting me in the chest, which in turn washed the rest of the soap off. I slapped her ass as hard as I could, definitely leaving a hand print, and while she was rubbing her cheek to make it feel better I shoved my cock back into her.

“You wanted to be fucked hard? I’m gonna fuck you hard!”

She didn’t get a chance to respond because every time she went to say something I would thrust into her and cut off her speech. She had nothing to grab on to other than the hot and cold faucets in front of her, so she grabbed the cold faucet and put her other hand against the wall to keep from hitting her head because of how hard I was fucking her. She tried to be quiet, but with each thrust her moans got louder and louder and her pussy clamped down more and more until she had no choice but to let out a long moan.

yes! Fuck me! Fuck me baby! Feels so />


“Really you two? What did I tell you!” dad said from the other side of the door.

“Sorry dad, we just got carried away,” I said while still fucking Rita.

“I don’t wanna see it, hear it, or know anything about it, not cut it out and get out of there!”

He left and we went right back to fucking each other, not that we stopped in the first place, but dad being there was enough reason to take notice and slow down at least.

“We got carried away? You didn’t think that had any chance of flying did you?” Rita asked.

“It sounded a lot better than sorry dad I’m fucking your daughter, hold on a second!”

“When you say it like that it sounds so naughty, it makes me wanna fuck you />
“I’m not stopping you. You can fuck me back just as hard as I’m fucking you.”

She started bouncing off my cock as fast as I was fucking her, but it caused her upper body to go flimsy in the process, so every other thrust she’d turn the cold water on higher, freezing me, but not deterring me, and then she’d turn the cold water down, scalding me and making me slow down to try to get out of the way. Whenever she figured out it was too hot she turned the cold back on eventually put her other hand on the wall and leaned against it.

stop baby, don’t stop! I’m about to cum, keep going!” Rita moaned.

“So am I, I’m about to cum inside you baby, you ready for it?”

“Yes, cum inside me, I haven’t felt you cum inside me in so long, cum inside that pussy!”

I held onto her hips slamming into her as a rush of hot water hit me in the face, and then in the chest, and then in the face again because of me rocking back and forth. I felt myself about to cum with each passing second, and when it came time to happen I grabbed Rita’s shoulders and stood her up so the water was now hitting her in the chest and squirted up inside her pussy. She gasped each time I squirted inside her, and the water hitting her chest along with my grip on her tit was too much for her to handle, so she came right after I did.

“Yes, I’m cumming! Hold me up Randy, I can’t stand, hold me up! Fuck!”

Her legs started buckling as she came. Luckily I was there to hold her up as she surely would’ve fallen with the weakened state she was in. she bent her arm back to hold on to my head that was buried in her neck as we both came together for the first time in I don’t know how long. When I was don’t cumming inside her I pulled myself off of her and let my cock slip out of her, which made her groan all the way until I fell out, which made her groan louder.

“Dad is gonna kill us. I don’t even wanna go eat now,” I teased.

“Somebody has to go down, and since I still need to wash up it’s you.”

“No I can wait, you still need help standing. We can go down at the same time.”

“Stop being a scaredy cat, you’ll be ok. I’ll be down in like five />
I got out and dried off and went to our room and threw on some walk around the house clothes and headed downstairs just as Rita was coming into the room. She grinned at me knowing I was walking into a deep stare with dad because we were being too loud, well because she was being too loud, and now I had to go deal with the after effects, typical. I slowly made my way to the dining room table where dad was sitting there drinking his coffee with his paper while mom sat the table. I cautiously sat down on the other side of the table and one over so I wasn’t directly in front of him, and when I did, he put his paper down and looked at me.

“What are the rules Randy? Repeat to me what the rules are,” dad said.

“You don’t wanna see it, you don’t wanna hear it, you don’t wanna be anywhere around it.”

“So why am I hearing Rita screaming like she’s being killed in the />
I really didn’t wanna answer that question. “Sorry dad, it won’t happen again.”

“Kids. I know I said I’d give it a try but that’s pushing it. Give them an inch they want a mile.”

“It’s not just his fault dad, I was there too,” Rita said as she came around the corner.

“Oh I know, you were kinda hard to miss. Next time can you please remember that were not living in a bunker? These aren’t soundproof walls so keep whatever
noise you make down.”

“Ok dad, sorry, we’ll be more careful next time. I still love you daddy.”

Rita got up and hugged dad just as we heard Aunt Lisa blow her horn and pull in. I got up and helped mom finish setting the table as Aunt Lisa came in and took a seat.

“Morning everybody. Where’s the coffee? I’m gonna need a full pot today,” Aunt Lisa said.

“On the counter. You’re just in time we’re about to sit down and eat now,” mom said.

“Perfect timing, you just saved me from ordering an egg mcmuffin from />
“So have you finally decided what you’re going to do?” mom asked.

Rita and I looked at each other and I nodded to her to tell them all the good news. “We decided that we are going to move. We’re gonna make a fresh start for
ourselves in />
“Seattle? Why Seattle? You know it rains a lot in Seattle right? Seattle?” dad asked.

“Dad if you say Seattle one more time it’s not gonna sound right anymore, yes Seattle. It’s a pretty good city to make a good start in. They have good job opportunities, good pay, affordable housing, there’s plenty to do, we think it’s as good a place as any.”

“How far away is it? How often will you be coming back to visit? What’s the crime rate? What neighborhoods are you looking in? There’s so many more questions,” mom said.

We’ve done our research mom, we found a good area to live in that’s affordable if we both get jobs, which we will, and we’ll come back to visit often. It’s about a half a day away, so it’s far enough away that we’re actually on our own, but close enough that if we get homesick we can hop in the car and drive back without it killing us,” I said.

“When do you plan on leaving? Are you waiting until you have everything planned out or are you leaving spur of the moment in the middle of the night when we’re sleep?”

have everything planned before we leave. This is one of those things where you have to make sure everything is right, we can’t rush moving out of the state.”

“Have you told Stephanie and Chris? Mr. and Mrs. Wilson? Aunt Lisa asked.

“Stephanie and Chris know already, we were thinking we could all go out together and eat dinner at this place we know, Café Stratos, and tell everybody there,” Rita said.

Stratos? Never heard of it. Is it fancy? Do we need dad asked.

“No it’s not that big yet, but their food is the bomb! We know the waitress girl, she’ll be happy to see us and she’ll take care of us the whole night. It’s a Greek />
“Greek? I don’t know when the last time was I had Greek, I’ll be there,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Yeah it sounds good. Make sure I have enough time to come home and change, I don’t wanna wear a suit and tie to a non-fancy dad said.

“It’s not fancy, but it’s not a dump either, they just didn’t have enough money for a bigger place. Nobody’s heard of it because it’s unlisted and block in by two other I said.

“Ok I’ll take your word for it. We can’t be there no earlier than eight. I need at least fifteen minutes to come back and change. I’m off to work, see everybody />
Dad got up and kissed mom and took one last piece of bacon off his plate before he headed out the door. We like the scoundrels we were took all the food he had left on his plate and divided between us, and by we I mean Rita and I, mom and Aunt Lisa never had a chance.

“I should get going too. Everyone that got a promotion has to be in the office an hour early every day for two weeks for training. Everyone pretty much knows how to do their job but it’s mandatory so the company doesn’t get low balled about cutting corners and whatnot. It’s a twenty percent pay raise so I’m not gonna complain,” Aunt Lisa said.

“If you can try to be here around seven, your work clothes will be fine,” mom said.

“If not I can always raid your closet, we’re still the same size except for maybe a cup size on the tits, but I don’t mind stretching out your shirts,” Aunt Lisa laughed.

“And I won’t mind stretching out your wallet so you go right ahead,” mom laughed back.

“This would be the perfect time to yell but I’ll let it pass unnoticed,” I said.

“If I had the time I’d give your mother a proper beatdown,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Please, you haven’t been in a fight since we were kids, and I beat you up then,” mom said.

“You don’t know what I do in my spare time, I could be an MMA fighter, you don’t know.”

“Not with those funbags sitting on your chest you’re not.”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll be back later and we can test it out to see who comes out on top.”

“You got about as much chance beating me as Sarah Palin does at becoming />
“Haha we’ll see,” Aunt Lisa laughed as she headed for the door. “See you guys later.”

She left and Rita and I helped mom clean up the table and the dishes. Although Rita and I held a conversation and laughed and stuff mom seemed a little distant. Whenever we tried to bring her into a convo she’d casually laugh and go back to whatever she was doing.

“Hey mom you ok? You seem a little out of it,” Rita said.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just have a lot on my mind that’s all. The life of a married mother.”

never bothered you before, come on mom, what’s going on?”

She paused and took a breath. “You know what’s going on. You expect me to be happy with my kids leaving but I can’t be, not completely. It’s different if you were moving on the other side of town, but you’re leaving the state. Our main source of communication will be Skype, I don’t want that, I want to actually see my kids, not see them on a computer screen!”

I kinda felt bad. Mom was putting on an act in front of everyone so she wouldn’t make a scene because it was secretly killing her we were leaving. While I’m not surprised at her reaction, because it’s a mother’s reaction, I am surprised at much it stings.

“Mom, we’re not gonna be that far away, we’re a half days drive out,” I said.

“A lot can happen in half a day. Suppose you come visit for the weekend. You leave Friday at noon, you get here at midnight, you’ll wanna sleep because you’ve been driving all day so now it’s Saturday. We spend the whole day together and go to sleep. You get up for breakfast and have to be on the road at noon, that weekend turned into one day of actual quality time with the rest of the time spend on traveling and sleeping, what kind of visit is that?”

She did have a point. “When we come mom we’ll be here for more than just the />
“How do you know that? Your job might not give you the time off, and even if they did, how could you be sure you both would get the exact same days off?”

“We know it’s not gonna be easy mom but we’ll figure it out. We’ll be back often and when we do come back it’ll be days at a time, not just the weekends,” Rita said.

“And remember if we can’t make it out here you can always come visit us and stay a few days, it’s not like it’s limited to only us coming to see you,” I said.

“Are you sure you’re willing to leave this place? You’ve been here your whole lives, can you just pick up and go start somewhere new just like that?” mom asked.

“We know it won’t be easy, but we wanna try it. Aunt Lisa’s doing it; you and dad did it, so now it’s our turn. Who knows, maybe we won’t like it and move back,”
Rita said.

“So you’re ending this story and starting another? How long will that take?”

“Like we said before, who knows, we don’t know what the next story is gonna be about, or who’s even gonna be in it, we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.”

“Well I guess it could be worse, you could be even farther away than you’re going.”

“Yeah we had New York and Chicago for another option, even />
“Yeah Seattle sounds so much better now. It’ll take a while but I’ll get used to the idea.”

“You will mom, we won’t be far away, we have too much history here, and since everything is ok now we have all the more reason to come back as often as we can. I mean who would’ve thought dad would be ok with us? I know I never thought it’d happen,” I said.

“None of us did. Just make sure you stay in contact with your father. You don’t want him to start thinking, it could be disastrous. Ok that’s enough of this moving talk; do you two have any plans? I know your day doesn’t consist of helping me with the dishes.”

“Well the only thing we really had planned was to stop over Ashley house and then after that head over to Stephanie and Chris’ house, and then later go out to eat, and somewhere in between all that slip some sex in, gotta have the sex in there,” Rita said.

“Of course you do, how can sex not be involved with you two? I would get into that now but that’s a discussion for another day. Go ahead on to Ashley's, I can finish up here.”

“What do you mean discussion? Now I’m curious, what do you mean by that?” Rita asked.

“Nope, discussion for another day, now get on before I find some housework for you to do.”

“You just said the magic words. We’ll be by later to change for dinner,” I said.

be back too late, you know how I hate to be late to dinner!” mom yelled after us.

We headed out the door and into the car and drove over to Ashley's. The talk with mom was a little emotional, but refreshing. She didn’t care about anything that had to do with sex with either of us of any kind; she was concerned as a mother. It was nice that we got to see so much of that side of her lately, but it made me wonder, when would that other side of mom come out? Her sex life with dad has picked up, but would she try to pick it back up with us? Is that part of our life done for good? I was asking too many questions that it was too early to know the answers to so I dropped it before it became a thing.

We pulled up to Ashley's house to see everyone’s cars there, and by everyone I meant Dana, Carina, and Becky. We went up and knocked on the front door, and after a couple minutes of nothing we went around the back and saw Dana and Carina swimming in the pool and Ashley and Becky were suntanning with those big ass shiny reflector things.

“So what you can’t hear us ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door?” Rita asked.

“From all the way back here and with the radio blasting? Probably not,” Ashley responded.

“Come on get out of those clothes and get in the water!” Becky said.

“We only stopped by for a minute, besides we don’t have a change of clothes. We just stopped in to see if everybody was coming out to dinner with the rest of us tonight?” I asked.

“Us? Who’s the rest of us? You found some other friends besides us?” Dana teased.

“Yeah if you call Stephanie, Chris and all of our parents other friends, then yes.”

gathering everybody to let them know you decided to leave town aren’t you?”

“It’s not for sure that’s why we’re gathering everybody. It could be for something else.”

“Bullshit something else, you don’t have a dinner to tell everybody nothing is gonna change. We figured it out a while back with all the times Seattle kept mysteriously coming up.”

Well I guess there’s no point in trying to cover it up since you already know, so yeah, we decided to move to Seattle. Don’t tell anybody else though,” Rita said.

“Relax, we’re not gonna steal your thunder, but you are gonna have to pay for our food, and I’m feeling extremely hungry tonight. Where we going to eat?” Carina asked.

Stratos, it’s about time we took our parents there,” I said.

“If we’re taking parents my dad should come, he’s gonna be back in town in a few hours and it’ll be a good chance for him to get caught up on everything all at once,” Ashley said.

“Yeah that’s good, invite him, the more the merrier. He might even pay for dinner,” I laughed.

“He’s definitely gonna pay if everybody will be there. He won’t let anyone else attempt to pay the bill or even tip. He might even leave a bigger tip than I did the first time.”

“Bigger than ten thousand? Who has money to swing around like that, />
“My dad does, but he’s not snobby rich, he actually gives away a lot of his money to charities and small businesses and working projects and stuff. Last year he
donated over twenty million for housing projects and schools. He’s like Robin Hood without having to steal.”

“Well tell him to give me some of that money, I’m poor too,” Becky laughed.

“He doesn’t do it like that, but if someone needed it he’d definitely help them.”

“That makes you wonder, if he was always so nice and generous, how did you at one point become all bitchy? Didn’t his niceness rub off on you?” Dana asked.

“I blame that on TV shows, and my parents getting divorced, and the whole thing with my brother, it was a lot to handle and I just snapped and never looked back I guess.”

“That reminds me, how are things going with your brother?” Rita asked.

“No progress yet, but I’m still working on it. It’s gonna take a little more time.”

“Who would wanna divorce your father? He’s good looking and has a ton of money, unless he’s horrible in bed. All the money in the world can’t make up for a saggy dick,” Becky said.

“Becky what the fuck is a saggy dick? Who even talks like that?” Carina laughed.

“Trust me, you know what it is. If I’m keeping myself looking good for you as hard as that is to do you better be putting it down in bed, I don’t want a lifetime
supply of />
“OK can we stop talking about sex with my dad! Jeez! What’s wrong with you! Anyway, you guys said we’re going to Café Stratos? What time are we meeting there?” Ashley asked.

“Hey they’re your friends, and yeah we’re meeting there around eight. If you start now you might be finished getting ready with just enough time to get there,” I joked.

“Ha-ha, you have no idea what we go through to make sure we look good,” Dana said.

“Yeah I do. Hours of shaving and plucking, picking out clothes, doing hair and makeup, and finally tying it all together just to reject every guy who approaches you.”

“I’m not gonna do all that work just for any random guy who comes up to me are you crazy?”

“Yeah but night in and night out, and night in and night out, don’t you ever get tired of it? You basically do six hours of preparation for a hundred bucks in drinks.”

“They get to see all the work we did too… look but not good enough to touch,” Carina said.

“Rita do you agree with any of this,” I asked looking for a difference of opinion.

“I never had to do that so I can’t say anything about it. One thing I do know is I’m not gonna go through all that work when I know it’s all gonna be for nothing in the end,” Rita said.

what I’m saying! It’s like they’re only doing it to be the world’s biggest teases.”

“When you got it, flaunt it, otherwise you’re wasting it,” Becky said.

I stared at Ashley again. “Your friends. We just stopped by to let everybody know what’s going on, we better going. Oh and before we leave, one more />
I ran over to Becky and grabbed her up, fighting off her little struggles and tossed her in the water. I looked back at Ashley who pretended to wave a white flag and turned back to the water to wait for Becky to come up, and she was mighty pissed when she did.

“Randy what the fuck? I was tanning you jerk. Now I gotta wash the chlorine out of my hair!”

“I’m pretty strong, so I flaunted it. That is what you said earlier right?” I laughed.

“Oh you’re a bastard, I’m gonna knock your food on the floor later right when it comes out!”

“HEY! That’s a serious statement. There’s no water in the restaurant so I don’t know where you’ll land when I throw you in there. Don’t be messing with my food!”

“Just wait, I’ll get you. You better hope this smell comes out today or that’s your ass!”

“Says the hundred pound flimsy girl, I’ll take my chances. See you at dinner.”

“You know she’s not letting this go until she gets even right?” Ashley said as we were leaving.

“I know, but it was worth it, as long as she doesn’t mess with my food, then there’s a />
As we were leaving I was so caught up in tossing Becky in the water and gloating about it that I didn’t hear her get out of the pool and run up on me. She got about ten feet away before my peripheral vision kicked in and I saw her charging me. I turned the jets on and booked out of there like I was getting chased by Cujo, all the while laughing at the situation.

“Yeah you better run! I’ll see you at dinner tonight Randy, I’ll be waiting on you!” Becky yelled.

I made it to the car way before Rita did and was already inside with it running before she showed up. She casually walked up and got in with a grin on her face like she was trying to hold in a laugh but was about to crack at any second.

“I can’t believe you ran from little tiny ass Becky,” Rita laughed.

“Hey she caught me off guard, survival instincts kicked in,” I responded as I drove off.

“Well I hope you don’t leave me behind next time your survival instincts kick in.”

“Like that one video where the guy pretending to be Jason came out of the water and scared the two people and the guy pushed his girlfriend in the water and booked it?”

“Yeah, you better not even think of doing that. You stay behind while I get away.”

“What? So I’m supposed to stay behind and get sliced up while you get away clean?”

“YES! You’re supposed to make sure I’m safe!”

“That goes out the window when we’re being hunted by a serial killer! If I start running you better start running too and keep up, and for the love of god please
don’t trip and fall.”

“I’m gonna trip and fall on purpose so you HAVE to come back for me.”

“If he’s closer to you than I am when you fall I’ll keep you in my />
“Unloved. What kind of man wouldn’t get brutally murdered for the woman he loves?”

“Go find any man that’s gay or not stuck in the friendzone and take your pick.”

“I bet Chris would let his balls get chopped off for />
“WHAT? Haha Chris would run and we won’t know why until it’s too late. Why are we even at Crystal Lake in the first place? We should all die for being fucking stupid!”

“Yeah that’s true. Still you should be willing to be decapitated for />
“Ok Rita, fine, if we ever get chased by a murderous tall undead bastard I’ll make sure to hold him off long enough so you can get away, which will result in my
horrific murder.”

“Thank you, that’s all I wanted you to say,” she said perking up in her seat.

“Yeah yeah, but if Freddy attacks you in your sleep you’re on your own.”

We drove the rest of the way to Stephanie and Chris’ house with me casually glancing over at her and her still keeping that grin on her face. I may have said what she wanted to hear, but if that situation ever came up she better run faster than me and not fall, there’s no fucking way I’m walking into a brutal death when we’re all most likely dead anyway, fuck that. We pulled up to their house and went in with the keys we’d gotten from them (oh yeah, we all had keys to each other’s house now). We went up to Chris’ room where they both were laying on the bed all cuddled up together watching something on MTV.

this? Don’t even bother to shut the door anymore?” Rita asked.

the point? There’s nothing to hide. If we wanted to do anything the door would be locked, but knowing you you’d still find a way to get in,” Chris said.

“Yeah whatever, in your matching camo pajamas all cuddled up watching sixteen and pregnant, she’s turning you Chris, and you don’t even see it />
“I like sixteen and pregnant! This show’s the shit! I’d watch this all the time even if… ok I can’t even say that with a straight face, she tricked me into watching this.

“Tricked, or bribed?” I asked.

“A little of both, but since she’s pinching me really hard we won’t get into that, owwww!”

“I didn’t trick you, I simple asked you if you wanted to watch this with me,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah with the eyelashes and boob squeeze and smile, yeah it was all />
“I didn’t trick you, whatever. We’re getting off topic, did you guys tell your />
“Yeah we told them at breakfast this morning, did you?” I asked.

tell them tonight. It’s better if more people are around,” Chris said.

“Good because our parents are gonna be there, your parents, Aunt Lisa, Ashley, Becky, Carina, Dana, and even Ashley's father is gonna be there along with the
rest of us.”

“Well. I think that’ll be enough people, and with Ashley’s father coming he might pay.”

what we said, not to mention the big ass tip Denise is about to get.”

“What if our parents have a problem, what if they don’t think we should go?” Stephanie asked.

“Why would they have a problem? You have to leave home sometime,” Rita said.

“Yeah but they only had the idea that you were leaving town in their head, what are they gonna say when they find out we’re coming with you? You think they’ll be mad?”

“Not even close. They didn’t get mad when they found out when you were sleeping together; this is nowhere as big a bomb as that was. They’re ok with they’re ok with />
“You think we’ll all be ok there? Just the four of us I mean?”

“I don’t see why we shouldn’t be. We’ll all have jobs, we’d only need a two bedroom place and with four incomes that’ll be nothing. We have two cars and more than likely we’ll be working in the same area, so yeah we’ll be fine. We have to grow up />
“Yeah but how often are we all gonna be able to come back though? The chances of us all being able to get the exact days off at different jobs aren’t so high,” Chris said.

“It shouldn’t be that hard if we ask for the days off ahead of time,” I said.

“Yeah, days is easy, I’m talking about if we wanted like a week off at a time or something. Seattle is twelve hours away; it’s pointless to just get away for a couple days at a time.”

“I guess that’s something we can figure out when we get to it I guess.”

There was a knock on the door and Jim poked his head in. going on />
“Nothing, just relaxing, kicking back and watching some sixteen and pregnant,” Chris joked.

Jim started to laugh until the title clicked in his head. “I hope you’re watching it out of entertainment and not for informational />
“Yeah dad, just for fun, and torture, I’m being forced to watch it.”

“Whatever Chris you picked the channel, you know what comes on mtv now,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah. Anyways I came up here to borrow Randy and Chris, we’re moving boxes from the attic to the garage and since you’re both here it should go a lot faster.”

“Why? up there so neat and stuff, why move it around?”

“Because the shelves in the garage aren’t being used for anything other than collecting dust. When Rita and Randy went up there looking for the tapes they
would’ve been back much quicker if everything was in the garage, there’s a lot more space in there for />
“Who are you kidding dad, mom told you to do it didn’t she?”

“Yeah. She doesn’t want anyone going up there. She thinks it’s too />
“Mom always has the last word. Especially if it involves any kind of manual labor,” Steph said.

“Not always. I’ve won at least two of the last ten thousand arguments. />
“That just proves my point. Have fun being mom’s slaves for the next couple hours.”

We went to the attic and did a chain line since it was a drop ladder attic so we could get a nice pile of boxes down at a time and then take them outside once the pile was big enough. When we had about twenty boxes blocking up the hallway we each grabbed what we could hold and headed out to the garage, stepping into heat that felt like it rose thirty degrees in minutes.

“Ahh crap dad, you had to pick the day where its frickin two thousand degrees outside to wanna do some manual labor outside?” Chris complained.

“Hey you’re lucky I decided to do it now while Randy’s here to help. Besides, it’s supposed to rain the next few days so it’s better to do it now than get rained on,” Jim said.

“I’d rather get rained on; beats dying of heat stroke.”

“And you’d also mess up everything in the boxes, so it’d be a double whammy.”

“Ahh I’m gonna sweat through this shirt, I don’t have anything else washed,” I said.

“Me either, I guess that means we’re gonna have to wait until it cools down,” Chris followed.

“Ahh no, how do you say with basketball, shirts vs skins, I’ll be shirts, keep moving,” Jim said.

Surprised Jim had an immediate comeback we took off our shirts since we knew we weren’t getting out of moving the boxes. We made about three or four trips before we had to take a break from the heat, but Jim didn’t look like he was bothered at all by the heat.

“Burning up? This is nothing compared to what it was when I was growing up.”

“Yeah well maybe we’re built differently than you. It’s ok though, I’ve been eating like a pig lately and this might help me shed some unwanted poundage,” Chris said.

“By the time we’re done you should have lost at last five pounds in just sweat judging by the way it’s pouring off you. My genes must’ve skipped you because Steph loves the heat.”

a girl, what girl doesn’t like sun? Tanning, beach, bathing suit, it’s a woman’s dream.”

“Well today you’ll either grow accustomed to it more or hate it even more. We have a good ways to go, if you don’t want to do this tomorrow I suggest we get a move on.”

We sucked it up and got to moving the rest of the boxes and everything else from the attic to the garage. We decided to take everything out of the attic and pile it up in the hallway so we wouldn’t have to climb the ladder anymore, especially since both Chris and I almost fell off of it. Stephanie and Rita would come out and watch us move everything but they wouldn’t help, they just made flirtatious eyes at us whenever Jim wasn’t looking, which was pretty often. In about another hour or so we finally had everything moved into the garage, and since we actually put stuff up as we took it in and not just sat it down and kept going we didn’t have to organize anything except a few things that wouldn’t fit on the shelves, and Jim offered to take care of that himself, and we were happy to let him do it.
Chris and I headed to the kitchen to cool off and down a bottle of water, and I used a couple paper towels and some water to wipe as much sweat off me as I could. Once we were all cleaned up we headed back upstairs to the girls but found only Stephanie in Chris’ room.

Rita? Just a moment ago you two were gawking at us,” I said.

“I don’t know, I turned around and she was gone. I think she’s still here though,” Steph said.

“Yeah she’s definitely still here, your cars outside, and her stuff is still here,” Chris said.

“Maybe she went to help your mom with something, I’ll go check,” I said.

I went to look for her in the house but couldn’t find her. I bumped into Marie in the backyard working on what looked like to be a new garden she was about to start and asked her if she seen Rita, no dice, so I went back into the house. I went through again not being able to find her before I realized Stephanie had something to do with it. She’s not gonna just slip away from you and you not notice, they were planning something, so I went to confront Stephanie. I got to the top of the stairs and she was leaning against the door with a smile on her face. I was all set to charge her when the closet door in the hallway opened and I was yanked in.

“Looking for me?” Rita whispered as she ran her hands across my chest.

“So you and… no Rita we can’t! In the closet? Somebody will definitely hear us!”

gonna be lookout, and I promised we’d be lookouts for her and Chris next time.”

“Rita this is crazy, in their freaking closet! But why am I all excited then?”

“Because you’re just as crazy as I am, and because I’m holding your cock in my hand.”

“Yeah that might be part of it, but still, this whole thing />
“No more talking Randy,” Rita said as she smashed her lips to mine to shut me up.

To my surprise Rita’s clothes were already off, she was just in her bra and panties, which I had no trouble getting off at that point. My shorts and boxers hit the floor at the same time and Rita directed me to an area in the closet and had me sit down. I didn’t know what I was sitting on, but it was soft, and the space was cleared out. She had set up the closet for me to fuck her in however long it took her to think of it to when we finished with the boxes and I went looking for her. She climbed into my lap, which thanks to my absence of sight and my awareness of being in an unfamiliar environment heightened my senses, especially touch, so when she sat down in my lap, I grabbed her ass and helped her slide my cock inside her.

“Oooooooh yeah baby, gimme all that cock!” Rita moaned. “Slide it all in Randy!”

We were careful not to make too much noise so we weren’t going crazy on each other, but she did have her arms around my neck as she rode me so she could control how hard she pushed down on me. Her ass cheeks were cold in my hands, probably from being naked in the closet, but her pussy was as hot and wet as ever as I pulled her down onto it over and over.

“Mmmm baby, ride that cock Rita, ride it baby,” I moaned as she nibbled on my ear.

“Yeah baby I’m gonna ride this big cock. Just watching you get all sweaty with your muscles… I had to fuck you, my pussy wasn’t gonna wait until we got home.”

“You never have to, if you want it, take it, you know I won’t fight you.”

“I know, but I like it when you do, you being scared to get caught makes me even wetter.”

“Good, we have the closet for at least seven more minutes of heaven.”

She got up and turned around on me and sat back down on my cock. I felt her hands on my knees as her pussy swallowed my cock over and over, which is something I really wished I could see at that moment, we barely had sex in that position. I wrapped my arm around her chest and pulled her back into me and kissed her along her neck and cheek as she switched from sitting down on me to grinding me. I squeezed her tit so hard a silhouette of my hand had definitely been left there. We saw two shadows block out some of the light the crack under the door made and we paused, fearing it could be either Jim or Marie.

Knock! Knock! Knock! “Jeez are you two done in here yet? It’s supposed to be a quickie you know,” we heard Steph say as she poked her head into the darkness.

be done, get out of here, you’re supposed to be looking out!” Rita said.

“I am, noone’s coming, I’ll give you a signal if someone does, make it fast though.”

“I’m sorry but we don’t know what fast means when it comes to sex.”

“If you don’t want dad getting suspicious of where you two are you might wanna find out.”

“Once again, your job to keep him away, now leave, you’re wasting valuable sex time!”

be shooing me off, I’ll leave when I please, or I’ll stay and watch!”

“Leave, stay, I don’t care, just shut the door please before somebody walks past!”

“Next time, I gotta keep an eye out, these people are having sex in a closet.”

She shut the door with a giggle and we saw her shadow leave from in front of the door. The whole time Rita was trying to get Stephanie away from the closet she didn’t stop fucking me, she was bouncing in rhythm with the words that went in unison to yelling at Stephanie, but she never completely stopped fucking.
She got up and pulled me with her to a wall, and then hopped up into my arms and put my cock at her pussy and slid down on it.

“Uuuuuugh, I’m gonna fucking kill Stephanie when we get outta here,” Rita whispered.

worry about it. She was doing it on purpose to get your blood />
“I’m only worried about keeping your blood flowing for the next few />
“You don’t have to worry about that,” I said as I jabbed her a few times. “You know I can go for a long time, Stephanie talking isn’t gonna make me go soft or />
“Then show me, fuck the shit outta me for the next five />
I grabbed under her ass and slammed my cock into her pussy over and over. She had to lock her legs around me just to keep them from swinging all over the place. All we could hear was the sound of our skin clapping together and our breathing in each other’s ear. Pretty soon she went from casually hanging off my neck to having her arms gripped tight around it, completely giving up her body to me to punish as I saw fit, and man was I punishing it. I let her down, walked her forward until we got to a wall and bent her over. I found her pussy in the dark and forced myself back into her without giving her a chance to get ready for it.

“FUCK! What was that Randy? That felt so fucking good! Do that again!” Rita whispered.

I pulled out, found her hold just like I did before and rammed into her for a second time. She tried to catch herself before she let out a loud scream or moan, but a little slipped past her lips before she was able to catch it. I put my hand over her mouth to let her know to be quiet and grabbed a handful of her hair and had her arch her back with my other hand. I gave her the long hard thrusts we both equally loved without any mercy for how she was taking it, but going by the muffling sounds she was making from her hand that she was using to cover her mouth she was enjoying it very much.

“Yes Randy, yes! So good! Keep fucking me like that baby!”

I let her hair go and grabbed her hips so I could really pound her. I didn’t know how much time we were going to have left in the closet so I wanted to make every second left count. I slammed into her over and over so hard it sounded like someone was getting whipped with a belt. I heard her trying to grab for anything she could hold on to, but I wasn’t letting up. I knew at least Stephanie was out there perving on us, but I didn’t really care. I actually kinda liked that she could hear me fucking the shit out of Rita; it gave me an ego boost. I got so high on my little power trip I figured I could fuck Rita harder and make her make a little noise that Steph could hear and get jealous from, and so that’s what I did. I fucked her a little harder, and a little harder, and a little harder, until Rita lost her balance and went stumbling forward, and me being inside her I went with her. She must’ve been holding on to the door, because in a matter of seconds it swung open and our naked bodies were stumbling out of the closet.

I had gotten a little, ok a lot carried away, so much that I actually forced us to stumble out of the closet. The sudden light after being in the dark all that time messed with our eyes so we didn’t see anything around us right away, but after a little while I could see Stephanie standing right in front of us, and Chris a little farther down the hallway laughing.

“Ha-ha what the fuck! I’ve never in my LIFE seen that happen!” Chris said.

“Chris shut up!” I said. gonna hear you!”

“If they didn’t hear you fall out of the closet they definitely won’t hear me!”

“You just gonna stand there Steph or are you gonna help us up?” Rita asked with her legs shaking just a bit. I think she came just before we took a dive into the hallway.

“A little of both. You know I could hear you fucking even out here. It sounded like someone was giving a round of applause in there. You two fuck entirely way too hard,” Steph said.

We finally gathered ourselves and moved back into the closet, penises and tits swinging in the air like nobody cared, and the smell of sex now seeping out into
the hallway after being in the closet for so long. I didn’t know what we were gonna do once we got back in the closet, finish or get dressed and come out, but we weren’t gonna stay out there like that. We went back in and closed the door, and just stood there, laughing, not knowing what to do next.

“So um, that was awkward. Are we gonna just stay in here now?” I asked.

“Staying in here will be even more awkward, but if you wanna keep going so you can cum we can. I came right as the door opened, I don’t know if that’s good or bad haha.”

“I can pass this time, let’s just get dressed and get out of here. And that’s a good thing, at least one of us, got to cum, it means we didn’t go crashing to the floor
for />
“I kinda liked that part, just a softer landing next time would be nice.”

We got dressed in the dark, which took longer than expected since our clothes got moved around the closet. When we finally got dressed we opened the door slowly to make sure Jim or Marie wasn’t around (I still didn’t know why we were hiding from Marie) and crept out. We got as far as Stephanie’s door before both she and Chris came out of the room laughing at us.

“Well well well, look who decided to stumble back into reality,” Chris joked.

“That was the funniest shit I ever seen! Rita’s titties were swinging as she fell to the floor in mid orgasm and the whole time Randy was still inside her!” Stephanie said.

“Can you be quiet! It wasn’t all that funny, almost lost my orgasm because of that,” Rita said.

“Haha glad to know what’s important. Getting caught having sex isn’t nearly as important as getting off. I need to share your way of thinking,” Chris said.

“For one, everybody already knows, so it’s not a shock. If we get caught, we might was well get off or it’s pointless. And three, everybody knows, so what’s the big deal?”

“If there’s no problem then why’d you have to hide in the closet?” Stephanie asked.

“I can answer that,” I said. “The thrill. She loves almost getting caught. Juices her right up.”

“Yep, sounds about right. Are you two gonna head in now? We cleaned up in there and the sex smell is almost gone. We’ll cover you for about eight minutes, that should be long enough.”

“Please I brush my teeth longer than eight minutes, if you’re gonna stand there you better pull up a chair because you’re gonna be out there for a while,” Chris said.

“Haha yeah sure. Well if you’re not going in we’re gonna go home. We need to go change and get ready. Mom’s probably waiting on us to get back now,” I said.

“Yeah we should start getting ready too. As long as it takes Stephanie to do just her hair we’ll be late even with a three hour jump on time. Seriously, who needs that long?” Chris asked.

“It takes hard work to look this good, you better appreciate me,” Stephanie replied.

about to fight and have make up sex, that’s our cue to leave,” Rita joked.

“Maybe, maybe not, depending on how the fight goes. If I were you I’d get out of here before dad finds something for you to do on your way out the door.”

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea. All those boxes and random stuff was no joke. We’ll see you guys tonight. Try not to be too late, there’s gonna be like fifteen people there />
We walked out the house and back to our car and drove off headed home. The ride home was quiet and awkward, but it was a funny quiet and awkward. We were both trying to hold in a laugh and it was much harder on Rita since she had to focus on driving and couldn’t look over to see what I was doing like she wanted to. I wasn’t doing any better keeping from laughing as I kept snickering every few seconds until I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I can’t believe we fell out of the closet!” I said bursting out laughing.

“I know right, butt ass naked! Something like that would only happen to us!” Rita said.

“Can you imagine if Jim came up the stairs at that moment? There’s nothing we could’ve said to get out of that. What were we cleaning the closet naked because it was too hot?”

“It was pretty hot, and I didn’t do any of the stuff Jim had you and Chris doing.”

“I don’t think he would’ve been too mad though, he probably would’ve gave us a stern talking to or something but nothing lasting. He’s way too nice for that.”

“Way too nice to punish the brother and sister who were having sex in his closet. What kind of world are we living in where that sentence is ok to use haha.”

“One we can finally exist in, especially once we move to />
“I can’t wait, but then again I can wait, it’s hard to />
“I know what you mean. You wanna hurry up and leave so we can be on our own, but you don’t wanna leave because we’d be leaving everything behind. I feel the same way.”

“Yeah. One door closes and another one opens. Maybe after a while we can come back and open that last door again. We might have some unfinished business here.”

“Yeah, maybe. Who knows, things might change, we might move back for good.”

“We’d have to move away first before we could move back, but yeah, it could happen.”

We got back to the house and walked up to see dad sitting on the porch just staring out into the street like I do sometimes. We acknowledged dad and were on our way inside when Rita nudged me to talk to dad. She didn’t say anything, but I knew what she wanted us to talk about, and to be honest I was scared to talk about it for the simple fact that dad might be having second thoughts about something, but she was right, we needed an update on how he felt, and scared or not, I had to be the one to ask him about it.

“Hey what’s up dad, everything going ok?” I asked as I sat down next to him.

“Yeah everything is good, as good as it can be, why you ask?” dad replied.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to see how you were doing I guess.”

“You wanted to see if I changed my mind about you two, am I right?”

“No, I mean not really, yeah kinda, I guess. Ok, yeah I did.”

Dad chuckled and patted me on my back. “You never were a good liar son, you got that from me. Your mom could see through any lie I told her from a mile away.”

“I don’t know, I think I can slip a few past you every once in a while,” I joked.

“Yeah, you already did. I can tell you’re concerned that as time goes by I’ll realize what I agreed to and freak out, but I won’t. It’s still taking some getting used to, but I’m doing it.”

“I didn’t mean to… if you don’t wanna talk about this dad we don’t have />
“It’s ok, I’m happy you brought it up instead of me having to, at least you’re not trying to avoid the situation. This isn’t your everyday problem, well I won’t say problem, this isn’t your everyday scenario. This is one of those things that’ll take some serious time to get adjusted to. After raising you two as brother and sister and seeing you act a certain way with each other, it takes a while to get used to you acting a completely different way, one that definitely does not happen often, well that doesn’t happen often here anyway, I hear stories about the south.”

“I don’t know what you hear about the south, but me and Rita are a special case.”

“Yeah I can see that, and I’m gonna be on your case if you don’t get back to following the rules I set for you. Seriously, in the shower? Did you think everybody in the house was deaf?”

“That was all Rita. I was just trying to wash up and get out. It was all her.”

that horrible lying again, and I didn’t have to look at you to be able to tell either. No man in their right frame of mind would turn down sex with a woman that wants to have sex with them unless there’s relationship issues or they’re a virgin, and those don’t apply here.”

“They could, you never know what you might be hearing or think you hear.”

“Those noises aren’t the noises of a first time, and if you’re having relationship issues I’ll set you straight right now, son or not, she’s still my little girl, you mess with her I mess with you.”

one thing you won’t ever have to worry about dad, I />
He looked at me and smiled. “How does a kid fall in love with his own sister?”

“To be honest dad, I have no idea, it just happened. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I told her I’d take a bullet for her and I took two, and I’d do it again.”

“Yeah. I never actually got the chance to thank you for that. I don’t know if you know, but the doctor said if Rita was the one that got hit, she’d be dead, so you actually saved her life.”

“I don’t remember that, but I feel a lot better knowing it was me that got hit and not her. There was no way I was gonna let that bullet touch her, either of them, not even Ashley.”

“Oh yeah Ashley. The doctor said the same thing about her. She was at the hospital too, even though Rita wanted to rip her spine out through her stomach. She paid for all you treatment, all of it. I guess that’s easy to do when your father is a />
“She actually changed dad, for the better. She’s been a new person since that night.”

“And all it took was you getting shot to knock some sense into her.”

“Yeah that’s what I said. She went around town apologizing to everybody she was snobby to, and agreed to do one thing for that person to try to make amends.”

“Really. I bet everyone had a field day with that kind of power over her haha.”

“One girl made her pay off all her family’s debts, which is nothing to her. Another girl had her lay in a tub with snakes and spiders, and this one guy had her do a week of his community service, she was on the highway in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash for twelve hours a day.”

“And she actually did all that? I must say I’m surprised, and impressed. Normally people say they changed they don’t mean it, but she actually followed through with it?”

“Yep. On everything. I was just as surprised as you were.”

“Paid off a family’s debts? Well you know we do have a mortgage and college and other />
“Nope dad we don’t need to do that. She’d be more than happy to pay it though.”

“Ok since we don’t need to do it then I’ll let you pay the mortgage, the next payment is due in two weeks, one thousand dollars, you think you’ll have the money in time?”

“No, but with that promotion you got I know you will,” I laughed.

“You know how many things had to happen for me to get that promotion? Jim just happened to leave and the client just happened to be the daughter of someone you knew, and you just happened to take a bullet for said client’s daughter. What are the chances of that happening? It’ll never play out like that again even if someone wrote it onto a movie.”

“Probably not, but luckily it did. Everything worked out for the best. Took a while though.”

“Yeah. We better get inside and get cleaned up. The girls are probably out the shower now and you look like you can use one. What were you doing today?”

“Helping Chris and Jim move all their stuff from the attic to the garage.”

been on him for months to do that, I guess she finally cornered him. Well at least it wasn’t a bunch of random stuff, that man is so neat and organized he makes people who have OCD look normal. You should’ve seen his office at work.”

“You should see his office at home. No dirt anywhere. Not a pencil out of place. But everywhere else in the house is dirt and mess and he could care less haha.”

“Ok to the shower before we’re the ones late and not the women, we can’t have that.”

“Yeah we’d never hear the end of it. Good talk dad,” I said before I headed inside.

“Yeah, good talk. We pull out one of these good talks every once in a while.”

I closed the door and headed to our room where Rita was in the mirror with her entire makeup and hair product cases out on the dresser doing her makeup with a towel wrapped around her waist and her hair and those scrunchy foot things between her toes that made her walk like a penguin. It was like she was about to transform into a whole new person.

“Getting a little overly dressed up for just a normal dinner don’t you think?” I said.

“I’m still gonna wear regular clothes, I just decided to paint my nails and toes and try out some new makeup in the process, don’t judge me. So did you have a good talk with dad?”

“Yeah I did. He’s still ok with us. We’re pretty much back to normal, just with an added detail of him smashing my head in if I hurt you, but basically the same.”

“Good to know. Now that I have dad in my corner if you don’t buy me those heels I saw in the store I’m gonna go crying to dad and tell him it’s all your fault.” Rita joked.

“Funny. I’ll just bring up any random time we had sex behind his back and you lied about it.”

You better go get in the shower we’ll be leaving in about an hour.”

“I can wait until fifteen minutes before we leave to take a shower and I’d still be ready.”

“Oh was that a woman joke? It takes time to make a product look this good. Men don’t have much to work on which is why they’re always done so fast.”

“No we’re just don’t need hours for stuff we already know how to put />
“Yeah yeah whatever. Well you missed your chance to shower with me so you’re gonna have to fend for yourself in there. You’re fast anyway so it should matter right haha.”

“Yep. Even if I took an hour you’d still be out here doing your hair. I’ll be back.”

I ran out before Rita could get the last word and forgot everything I usually take into the bathroom with me in the process. I grabbed a towel from the closet and made it work. I turned on the water to find out there was only a little bit of hot water left, so either we needed a new water heater or everyone in the house took a thirty minute shower. I got in and tried to be quick while the water was still somewhat hot but within two minutes it was all gone, and I was forced into the cold shower I so dearly hated. The door opened and I could hear someone rummaging through the drawers where all that beauty crap was kept.

“You might wanna hurry up Randy, there’s only a little bit of hot water left,” Rita said.

“Yeah it’s already gone. Lasted for a whole two minutes before the water went below />
“Well at least I had me a good shower, that’s what’s important right?” Rita joked.

“Just wait until I get out, which should be in the next minute, this water is too damn cold!”

be alright, it’s better than smelling like dirt and sweat around a table of clean people.”

“Yeah yeah, I’m coming out. You can have the bathroom, I’m getting dressed in the room.”

She goosed me as I walked by and put my towel on, and when I looked up at her she was looking in the mirror at me smiling. I pulled her towel down and turned her around and sat her on the sink, naked ass and all and pressed my lips to hers as I felt her up. She hooked her legs around me and gave in to me completely, like she wanted nothing more than for me to fuck her right there with the door open, but I knew that was entirely too risky, and we were on a tight schedule, so I had to give her blue balls, or whatever you call it for girls.

“What? No! you can get me all hot like this and then stop, get back here!”

“With the door wide open? We can’t, plus we still have to get ready to leave.”

“Ahhh you big jerk. This isn’t over. We’re sitting next to each other tonight, I’m gonna make sure of it. you’re gonna get me off today one way or />
“Only you can threaten me with making me perform a sex act on you haha, only you.”

laughing, but I’m not. Don’t order anything you need to eat with your />
She grinned at me as I left the bathroom with my towel hanging half off as I tried to comprehend what she last said. I understood what she was talking about and it wouldn’t matter what I ordered, I wouldn’t be deterred from eating it anyway, hell on most days she tasted better than food anyways. I put on some khaki shorts and a polo and waited on the bed for Rita to come in and get dressed. I heard a car pull up and checked out the window to see Aunt Lisa stepping out of the car in her work clothes which she probably wouldn’t be wearing to the restaurant, which meant she’d be going through mom’s clothes which also meant another half hour before we left. Rita came back in the room with her hair pretty much done and her body glistening like she just covered herself in baby oil.

“Shiny much? It’s just a normal dinner, no need to go all out,” I said.

“I’m not, this is my new lotion, perfect time to try it out don’t you think?”

“By the time we leave it will have worn off, Aunt Lisa just got here, />
“Good, which means I have at least thirty more minutes to get ready.”

I threw my arms up in disbelief. “Come on, we were just talking about this! You don’t have to do all that stuff, you’re fine how you are, without all that preparation stuff.”

“I don’t wanna be fine, I wanna look good. I bet I’m not the only one either. Sometimes women have days where they wanna look their best; this is one of those times.”

“Uugh, fine. I’m gonna lay here while you all look your best, get me up when you’re done. I was showered and dressed in fifteen minutes; you didn’t even have your towel picked out by then.”

“Make jokes, I bet if I went to dinner looking scrappy you’d have a different />
I laughed it off and lay on the bed as she finished getting ready. Mom and Aunt Lisa walked past the door on many occasions, each time carrying a different shirt or skirt or another piece of clothing. I imagined dad was doing the same thing I was in his room or on the couch downstairs. Finally about half an hour later all the women were satisfied with how they looked and we were finally able to walk out the door. All the women decided to ride in Aunt Lisa’s car and dad and I rode in his car. On the way out we had a little debate about which way was the fastest to get there, so we turned what should’ve been a simple drive into an impromptu race. We took a few side streets before getting to the freeway to avoid those lights that took forever to change, and by the time it was all said and done, we were at the parking lot waiting for the women to get there. We weren’t the first ones there, all the Wilsons were already sitting in their cars waiting for everyone else to get there, but at least we beat the girls there. They showed up about three minutes later and were surprised to see us outside the car leaning up against it.

you beat us here? We definitely took the quicker way,” mom said.

“It’s only quicker if you don’t run into downtown lights, which I bet you did,” dad responded.

“Just about every one. We ran a few red lights too trying to make up time,” Rita said.

“Well we beat you all here so none of you get a cookie,” Chris jumped in.

“How long you think before the sundance crew shows up?” Jim asked.

“Four girls and a bajillionaire, their helicopter should be landing any minute,” Steph laughed.

“Well they need to hurry it up, I’m starving. You guys keep talking about this place like it’s the best thing out there, I’m dying it give it a try,” Marie said.

“Yeah all Rita does is talk about the chicken parmesan like its God’s gift to man, so I’m getting that, but then again I’m in the mood for spaghetti, choices choices,” Aunt Lisa said.

We chatted for a few more minutes until a Cadillac truck that looked big enough to fit all of us pulled into the parking spot. It just barely fit into the lines. When it parked the back doors opened and Becky, Dana and Carina flew out of the car with all their mini-skirts on laughing it up, and Ashley and her father calmly got out of the front seats, her father was driving. He walked around to us and came up to me first, holding his hand out for me to shake.

“Good to see you again Randy, how’s everything going for you these days?”

“Good Mr. Jennings, everything is really good. Staying out of trouble and I said.

“Glad to hear it son, really glad to hear it. And how are things going with you Mike?”

be better sir. Everything just fell into place the last couple weeks,” dad said.

“Good good. Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Wilson, and Ms. Stevens I’m guessing?” he asked Aunt Lisa.

“You guessed right, I’m Anna’s little sister Lisa, nice truck,” Aunt Lisa said.

“To be honest I hate it, it’s hard to find a parking spot big enough for it, but Ashley wanted it so I got it for her, but she hasn’t driven it in a long time, why not honey?”

“Uhhh I don’t need that big stuff anymore, a small car is good enough for me,” Ashley said.

“Oh, well ok. I’ll just sell this and get you a small car then. How’s the business Jim?”

“Going really good actually, I’m starting to get my name out there,” Jim responded.

“Well maybe we should go back to your house and you can cook for all of us?”

“The way they all eat, we don’t have nearly enough food,” Jim laughed.

“I can imagine that haha. Well enough of the hi hello, let’s get inside this hidden gem of a restaurant everyone’s talking about. The bill is on me, so feel free to go crazy.”

We all walked into the restaurant, the fifteen of us. There were more of us walking in than there were people sitting at the tables. We weren’t standing at the door long before Denise came from the back area and stopped in her tracks at all of us standing in front of her.

“Hey Randy, hey Rita, are all these people with you?” Denise asked.

“Yeah we decided to bring the whole crew with us out to eat this time,” I said.

“You guys bring more and more people every time. If you keep this up we’ll be packed!”

the plan. With food this good everybody in the city should know about it,” Rita said.

“How many do you have? We’ll push a few tables together so you can sit />
Mr. Jennings counted heads and stepped forward to the front of everybody. “We have fourteen Ms.… Denise they called you? Pleasure to meet you, I’m Jack />
“Hi Mr. Jennings, yes it’s Denise. Ashley’s last name is Jennings too.”

“Yes she’s my daughter, I know, hard to see any resemblance, but she is haha. She’s quite a handful at times, you know her? Has she been giving you any trouble?” he joked.

“Well at first, but since then she’s been really nice, especially to my />
“I’m glad to hear it. Ok I know all these hungry people don’t wanna stand around and talk about my daughter all day, we want to get some food in our stomachs

“I mean, we can talk about me all day, I don’t have a problem with it,” Ashley laughed.

“Yeah I’m with Mr. Jennings on this one, let’s get a table so we can eat!” Chris said.

“We can fit you all over here, there’s two big tables we can push together,” Denise said.

We followed her around the side of the salad bar where there were two big tables near the window. We pushed them together and everybody took a seat, all the adults on one side and all the kids squishing together on the other side so we didn’t have to sit on the adult side. It was too tight of a fit so Ashley went and sat next to her dad to even it out. I was in between the wall and Rita, who was already starting to get touchy feely under the table since no one could see us. Denise had a mountain of menus in her little arms when she came back to the table.

“Ok here’s everyone a menu, can I get your drinks and appetizers if you want one?”

“We won’t make it too hard on you since you’re the only waitress in here it looks like. How about a bunch of pepsi’s and sierra mist for the table, everyone ok with that?” dad asked.

We all nodded and agreed to it would make it as easy as possible for Denise to remember.

“I see these party appetizer trays with everything on them, can we have three of those for the table just to get everyone started please?” Mr. Jennings asked.

“Sure, I’ll be back with the drinks while you decide what you want to order. We have an unlimited soup and salad bar and bread for the table. I’ll be back in a second.”

Denise left and Aunt Lisa put down her menu and looked at Mr. Jennings like she was sizing him up, and the whole thing made him pretty nervous for someone in his position.

“Umm, Lisa is it? Did I say or do something wrong? I feel like I’m being graded haha.”

“No, you didn’t, it’s just you seem pretty nice for someone in a position you’re in. I mean, you have all this money, yet you’re not snobbish or anything, you actually have />
“You can attribute that to the way I was raised. My mother instilled values in me since I was a boy. A rich person has just as much value as a not rich person. Having money doesn’t make me better than anyone, it just affords me nicer things. I tried to instill these same values onto Ashley, which didn’t work until the night of the accident, then she finally got it. I gotta say again Randy, thank you for saving my little girls life.”

mention it, just don’t ask me to do it again,” I laughed and everyone laughed with me.

“See that’s what I mean. Money wouldn’t have made a difference that night, that guy whoever he was had his mind made up what he would do that night, and Randy showed his value by stepping in. You don’t come across people like that every day.”

“That is true. Everyone at this table has some sort of value they bring to it,” Jim said.

“Yeah, like Becky with her million and one outfits for every occasion,” Ashley said.

“Or Carina with her ability to make a joke out of anything,” Becky said.

“Dana with her knowledge of everything going on in the world,” Carina said.

“Or Ashley now, making amends for her old self and volunteering her time,” Dana said.

“I wanna get in on this, Steph with her ability to embarrass me at any moment,” Chris said.

“Chris with his knack to turn anything into a Steph replied.

“Randy with his ability to diffuse almost any situation in front of him,” Rita said.

“Rita being able to turn even the most boring things into a good time,” I said.

“Ok, we’re gonna stop with the kids because if we get involved something will be taken out of context and next thing you know we’re sleeping on the couch,” dad joked.

that supposed to mean?” mom asked.

“Nothing, see now you’re all suspicious, that’s what I was trying to avoid.”

“Yeah well good job of that Mike, now I’m curious,” Aunt Lisa said.

“What about you Jim, anything you wanna tell me?” Marie asked.

“What? No! How did I get dragged into this, I thought this was the kids being nice!” Jim said.

“Ok everybody let’s take a deep breath and calm down,” Mr. Jennings said. “I think we’re all getting a little hopped up because we’re hungry, so let’s forget about that little and order some food. I hear the chicken parmesan here is to die for.”

“You must’ve heard that from me, that’s what I’m getting,” Rita said.

“I’m going for the steak, they made it so good and juicy last time,” Chris said.

“I’m getting the spaghetti, I don’t know who told me it was good but I’m getting it,” Dana said.

“That was me, I’m getting the greek chicken this time though,” Stephanie said.

After a few more minutes of deciding Denise came back with everyone’s drinks and a two bowls of bread and went back to get the appetizers. Almost everybody got up to get either soup or salad or both while we were waiting on the appetizers to come back. We fit everything around our area as neatly as we could just as Denise brought out the trays of appetizers, which looked and smelled very appealing by the way with the mozzarella sticks, sliders, spinach dip, potato skins, and a bunch of other things smashed into three trays. We all finally had our orders ready, which came out to five chicken parmesans, three steaks, two plates of spaghetti, three greek chickens, and Becky was the only one to get a giant chicken ceasar salad. Denise went and helped the remaining customers in the restaurant before putting our order in, which gave us time to enjoy our soups and salads and appetizers, which were as good as expected.

“Are you sure you wanna pay the bill Jack? I mean I know you’re rich and all, but these kids can eat like there’s no tomorrow, they’re definitely taking some food to go,” Jim said.

“It’s fine, go crazy remember? It’s not often everyone’s in one place like this. Hell if the food comes back as good as the appetizers I might take some to go too,” Mr. Jennings said.

“Dad, you should get the word out about this place. Nobody really knows they’re here, and if they get more customers they can expand into a bigger place,” Ashley said.

“I could do that. There’s a lot of openings right off the freeway where some other restaurants relocated, maybe they’d be interested in taking one of those.”

a pretty big expansion from where they are now to I big building like that. They’d have to hire more staff, buy more food, spend more money, it’s a big step. They have to be willing to do all that extra work those first few months when it’s the hardest,” Jim said.

“Speaking of that Jim, I’m dying to know, what made you get out of the real estate business and go into catering? You were a partner with all the works, what made you give it up?”

“I did that mostly to support my family. Now that we’re taken care of I wanted to get into what my true passion was, cooking. I’ve always wanted my own business but I couldn’t afford to take the chance on it early on, so I stayed with the sure thing in real estate. Once the opportunity rose again, I took it, and I couldn’t be happier. Business is good, the money is good, the food most definitely is good, everything is good all around.”

“Well I for one am happy for you Jim, not only because you got to do what you always wanted to do, but because your leaving gave me an opportunity to take your spot as partner, which I did once Jack bought one of the highest selling properties on the market from me,” dad said.

“Which the decision was made that much easier when I found out what your son did.”

“So everything came full circle. It all worked out for everybody,” mom said.

“You know Mr. Jennings, if you’re looking to adopt a Becky started.

“Then you don’t want Becky, I on the other hand am the perfect candidate,” Carina said.

“Please, me and Ashley knew each other first , therefore closest, so it’ll be me,” Dana said.

“I can barely handle Ashley I definitely can’t do three more girls,” Mr. Jennings laughed.

“I tell you one thing, they’ll help you spend some of that money,” Marie joked.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You know what, I’ll do that. Sometime in the next month I’ll take you ladies on a full day shopping spree on the strip, my treat.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Aunt Lisa said. the limit, $3000? $4000?”

the limit. You all have the whole day to go crazy.”

All the women cheered at the idea of an all-day unlimited shopping spree and were going over strategies on how to hit every store within a certain order and amount of time to maximize their shopping. The woman kinda blocked the men out after that point. It wasn’t until the guys struck up their own conversations and a little time passed that they even began to acknowledge us again, and by that time Denise was just starting to bring everyone’s food out.

“Ok so I have half of everything now, I have to go back and get the rest, I can only carry so much and there’s so many of you. We’re not used to this many people,” Denise said.

“It’s fine, we can wait a few more seconds. Good food is always worth the wait,” Jim said.

“Thanks, I’ll be right back,” she said as she went to the back for the rest of the food and came back carrying an equally big tray as the first time. “Ok, rest of the food is here.”

“Such a hard worker for someone your age, we’ll have to give you a big tip,” Marie said.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Are you doing the usual take a plate to go Rita?”

“Yep. Once they all taste the food I’m pretty sure everyone else will too,” Rita said.

“Wait so you eat here, and have a plate ready for when you leave?” Mr. Jennings asked.

“Yep. It’s just that good. You’re gonna want an extra once you try yours, watch.”

“That sounds like a good idea, yes, can you do that for everyone please Denise? Whatever they have we’ll take another one to go, unless you wanna switch
from a salad Becky?”

“Yeah if we’re taking it to go then I’ll switch to a chicken parmesan please,” Becky said.

“Oh jeez, same sides and everything? The cooks aren’t gonna know what to do back there, we usually put out this much food for the whole day, not one />
“It’s a new day Denise, it’s a new day. Pretty soon you’ll be feeding more people than you thought you ever would, maybe even in a bigger building than this,” Mr. Jennings said.

“Oh we can’t afford that, we barely scraped enough money together to get this place. I know you’re all hungry so I’ll get out of your hair, enjoy your food />
She left the table and almost immediately mom, Marie, and Aunt Lisa looked at Mr. Jennings with that same look Aunt Lisa gave him earlier, this time though like he was up to something.

“So what was that? Did you just hint something at her without her knowing?” mom asked.

“Maybe, maybe not, if her parents want to take it,” Mr. Jennings said.

offering them a bigger restaurant, I’m sure they’ll take it,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Maybe not. It could be a pride thing, then a new, bugger business plan.” Jim said.

“Well hey let’s not all decide for them, we finally have all this food in front of us after hearing about you go on and on about this place, so let’s try it,” dad said.
Everybody agreed and shut up and started to eat their food. With everyone who had already been there it was nothing new to us because we already knew how good the food was, but with everybody else there was a bunch of ooh and aahs and staring at the food in disbelief of how good it was. Everyone at the table looked to really enjoy what they had in front of them.

“Wow, this really is good! I can’t believe no one knows about this place!” Marie said.

what we said our first time here. They’re set up in a bad spot,” Rita said.

“This steak is amazing,” Mr. Jennings said. “It’s nice and juicy and the baked potato is cooked just right. “They can make a fortune if they move to the right location and get some />
“So you are gonna offer them the deal then dad?” Ashley asked.

“If they wanna take it, yes. More people should be able to eat this food. What’s this, you said, a Greek restaurant? This will definitely fit in the downtown area.”

“You know, I was thinking of opening up my own beauty Becky started.

“Be quiet Becky, no one wants to wear your backwards fashion styles,” Carina laughed.

wearing my top right now, and Ashley’s wearing my />
“Everybody get’s lucky once in a while. In this case you lucked out with a cute top,” Dana said.

“Rita, Randy, didn’t you have some news to share with us today?” mom interrupted.

We laughed at her willingness to end a conversation just to get a straight answer from us, but we told her we’d tell at dinner, and we were at dinner, so then was as good a time as any.

“Haha mom yeah we did. We thought for a long time about our decision, and we officially decided this morning what we were gonna do,” I said.

“What are you talking about? Did something happen we don’t know about?” Marie asked.

“Yeah, we decided we’re gonna move to Seattle,” Rita said.

The table was quiet for a second. Noe necessarily an awkward quiet but more of an in shock kind of quiet. The only ones most likely expecting us to say that was mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa.

“Seattle? You’re going to Seattle? When are you leaving?” Ashley asked.

“Within the year, well within A year, there’s still some things we need to get situated,” I said.

“Seattle huh? Nice place, rains a lot though. What made you pick there?” Mr. Jennings asked.

“It’s far, but not too far, good economy, jobs, entertainment, a lot of things,” Rita said.

“What made you decide to move to Seattle? You don’t like it here anymore?” Jim asked.

“No it’s not that, we figured fresh city fresh start, it’s time to get out on our own,” I said.

I think it clicked in Jim and Marie’s head why we were leaving when we said fresh start. Their faces softened and they smiled when they figured out we were moving out of state so we could have a chance at being together. Ashley caught on too, she just didn’t say anything.

“Well if you feel that’s what you should do, then go for it, we’re behind you. It’s rare young people get to move away at such a young age, so why not. As long as you have a game plan you’ll be fine, but if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call us,” Marie said.

“Mom, dad,” Chris cut in. “Steph and I decided that we’re going too, we’re moving with them.”

Marie instantly turned to them. what? You never said anything about going />
“We know, we wanted to wait until we were all sure to say anything. We’ve all been talking about it for a while, and the four of us are gonna make the jump to the new city.”

“Any particular reason you decided to move away, or you just wanna get out on your own like Rita and Randy?” Jim asked, fully aware of the real reason they wanted to leave.

“We saw an opportunity when Rita and Randy said they wanted to leave, so we decided to jump on it too. Things will go so much easier if there’s four of us in a new city rather than two. Expenses will be easier and we can keep each other out of trouble,” Stephanie said.

“Hell if they’re moving then we should all move to Seattle too,” Dana joked.

“So how often are you planning to visit? More than five times a year I hope,” Marie said.

be back often, it’s only a twelve hour drive, we can do that easy,” Chris said.

“I believe I can shorten that a bit,” Mr. Jennings said. My helicopter can bring you here and back, the most it would take in either direction is an hour max.”

“You just happened to have a helicopter on standby, that’s amazing,” Rita said.

“I keep one or two in the area if I need to be somewhere fast. As long as I get a heads up I can have a helicopter meet you at the airport and whisk you away back to />
“Thanks Mr. Jennings, but don’t you think you’ve one enough for us already?” I asked.

“You saved my daughter’s life, I can give you my entire fortune and that still wouldn’t be enough. These small favors are the least I can do.”

“Well we’d be fools to pick a twelve hour drive over an hour helicopter ride,” Rita said.

“We could come out there and visit too, see how you’re living out there,” Ashley said.

“We could all come and visit you, maybe not at the same time but we could, and on the days we can’t come to you maybe you all can come to us,” mom said.

“So what I’m hearing is we’re all ok with the four of us going to Seattle?” I asked.

“I’m not ok until we have a full discussion about this later,” Becky said.

all a bit worried, and scared for you, but I think we’re ok with it,” Jim said.

“This is good news!” Stephanie said. “Come on, we can’t be the only ones with good news.”

“Well, we’re all moving into Ashley’s house. Since we’re always there anyway we figured it would be a lot easier to just shack up with the old ball and chain,” Carina said.

all moving in? That’s gonna be an endless catfight over clothes, bathroom time, movies to watch, space, hair stuff, everything! But good luck I hope it works out,” Chris joked.

“Multiple bathrooms, and everyone has their own wardrobe, beauty supplies, and everything else you just said. We’re gonna get along just fine, most of the time,” Dana said.

“As long as you don’t stretch out my clothes with those monsters, we’ll be fine,” Becky said.”

“I have some good news too. I’m moving a little closer to you guys,” Aunt Lisa said.

a little closer, the downtown area or more towards the inner city?” dad asked.

“More like not even five minutes from your house. My promotion means I get transferred back here on a permanent basis because any other promotions after that are here, so I started looking for places around here, and I found one not too far from you guys.”

selling your house? You just had all that work done on it though,” mom said.

“It’s ok, I’m getting paid in full for it, actually a little more. What they want for the house I can pay and have a hefty amount left over, so I’m taking it.”

great Lisa! For you career and that you’re moving back close to us! Jim has some good news too, go ahead Jim tell them,” Marie said.

“Well, as you know, my catering business has been picking up lately, but now I just scored a big hit. A hotel is hosting a reunion party and my name came up through the grapevine somehow, so if I do a good job with this one I can make that a permanent event!” Jim said.

“He’d have every reunion that came up for the next few years!” Marie said.

great Jim, you deserve it. I’m proud of you man,” dad said.

“You wouldn’t be proud because you have my old job would you?” Jim teased.

“Haha, well that helped, but no seriously, not many people get the chance to actually do what they wanted to do, and you’re actually succeeding at it. I’m proud of you.”

“Well this seems like a toasting kind of moment, so glasses up everybody,” Mr. Jennings said to which everyone raised their glasses. “To success, and new beginnings, and a life filled with happiness and great food, whether it be here or Jim’s catering />
Everyone laughed as we all clanked glasses and took a sip of our drink, some of us turning it into a competition to see who could drink the rest of their drink first. We kept laughing all the way until Denise made her way back to the table after clearing off a few others.

“So what are we celebrating? I saw everyone cling glasses,” Denise said.

a lot of good news going around. Jim here is getting new clients with his catering business, the girls are moving in together, Lis is moving back to the city, and the four of them are moving to Seattle to get a fresh start,” Mr. Jennings said.

“Moving to Seattle? But I was just starting to get used to you guys coming here all the time.”

be back to visit a lot. We won’t be leaving right away either. We just wanna get out on our own for a while and enjoy life while we’re young,” Rita said.

at least a half days drive or something like that, won’t you miss our food?”

definitely be coming back here whenever we come back into town, that’s not even a question. We have to get out fill of this place,” Stephanie said.

“Speaking of here, how would you and your dad feel about Mr. Jennings asked.

To where? We don’t have the money to relocate,” Denise said.

“I’m willing to sponsor your move to a bigger building in a more populated area, which means more business for you, which in turn means more money for you as well.”

“I don’t know Mr. Jennings, that’s a lot of money. We’d have to hire more people, buy a lot more food, more tables… I don’t know if we can afford all of that.”

“You won’t have to. I’ll cover the entire upgrade. You just have to promise to keep making the food as good as this and keep them at the same prices and we have a deal.”

“I’d have to tell my dad. We can’t pay it all back right away.”

“It’s not a loan, it’s a gift. You won’t have to pay anything back, ever.”

She looked at him skeptical for a minute. “Why would you do this? You just met us today.”

“I know good people when I see them, and I know good food when I eat it. You’re being greatly underappreciated here. Money shouldn’t keep you from realizing your full />
“Not having money has kept us from a lot of things, but we’re pulling />
“Well when someone has a chance to do something about it, namely me, I take advantage of it. My daughter tells me you want to go to college as well?”

“Yeah, I have a long way to go before I can pay for it though. Ashley gave me a more than generous tip though, ten thousand dollars. That helped me out a lot.”

“That was really nice of her. Two things… one, I can’t be outtipped by my daughter, and two, I don’t want you to have to worry about college. I know that’s why you’re killing yourself here, so I’m gonna make it a little easier for you. I’m gonna pay for your entire four years of />
She took a step back in shock. “No. No Mr. Jennings I couldn’t let you do that, that’s />
“It’s over fifty thousand dollars, and I’m happy to do it, really I am.”

“But Ashley already helped me with my college fund, fifty thousand is too />
“Whatever she gave you use that for your dorm room, or if you decide to get an apartment off campus, but that’s included with my offer so basically you’ll have ten thousand dollars for spending money, or you can use it to buy a car, whatever you want to do with it.”

She tried to hold back tears, but couldn’t. “Mr. Jennings, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, everybody deserves a chance in this world.”

She leaned down and squeezed him in a tight hug. “I have to go tell my dad!”

“May I come back with you? I want to tell him about my relocation proposal in person.”

“He’s not here today, I was gonna call him, but I can give you his number, or if you wanted I can call him to come up here tonight or />
“I can meet with him here tomorrow if that’s ok. What time do you open?”

“At ten, but we’re usually preparing all the food still. Could you come at noon?”

“Noon sounds good, I’ll be here at noon then.”

“I’ll go tell him. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ll be back with your take home trays!”

She walked to the back and everyone looked at Mr. Jennings with a smile on their face, and he was going about eating like he just picked up the mail or something.

“What? They deserve it. Food this good should be out there,” Mr. Jennings said.

“What about the full ride through college?” Marie asked.

“Now she won’t have to work as hard since her college is already paid for.”

“Well aren’t you just a big softy,” Aunt Lisa teased. “I’ll say it again, I had you all wrong. I picked you for one of those obnoxious rich types, not the generous giving kind.”

not all snobs, at least the better half isn’t. I try to do good. If her father accepts my proposal they can be in a new location with a full staff in about three months.”

“I told you the food was good, and you didn’t believe me,” Ashley bragged.

“Looks like everyone thought the food was good, all the plates are clean,” Jim laughed.

Denise walked back to the front with a stack of take home trays. half of them, I wrote everyone’s name and order on them so you know whose is whose.”

“Thank you Denise, you can put the bill on here. Put your tip down for double whatever the food costs,” Mr. Jennings said handing her his credit card.

already doing enough, I don’t need a tip on top of all />
“It’s fine. Whatever it is double it, triple it if you want to,” he laughed.

“Thanks sir, I’ll be back with the rest of the trays.”

“Now since you did that for her you gotta do it for all of us,” dad teased.

“Even I don’t have enough money for all the women sitting at this table,” Mr. Jennings joked.

“Damn right you don’t. Don’t think we forgot about our shopping spree,” mom said.

“I’m a man of my word. Guys, I’ll fit you in once I’ve accumulated the money back that was spent on the women, depending on how much they />
“So in other words, you’ll get your turn in a few months,” Becky laughed.

Denise came back to the table with the rest of the trays. “Here you are Mr. Jennings, all set.”

“Thank you. I’ll be sure to be here tomorrow at noon for a steak and baked potato.”

be ready when you get here. My father said he’ll be here.”

“Perfect. We’ll hash out all the details then. See you bright and early at noon. I hate to leave but I need to get the girls back to the house, my favorite show is about to start.”

“I know how that is. Thank you so much for coming, we’ll see you />
“Tomorrow it is,” he said as he shook her hand. “Ok girls, to that oversized truck />
We said goodbye to everyone as they left and it was just the Wilsons and the Stevens families sitting at the table. Denise sat down with us and put her hands on her lap.

“Can you believe that just happened? A bigger restaurant? Dad is gonna flip!”

“Like he said, you guys deserve it. This food is too good not to be out there,” I said.

“Are you guys really going to Seattle? I was just starting to like you,” Denise joked.

“Yep, we are. Just something we gotta do. We’ll be back though, a lot,” Rita said.

“Good, and remember our deal, you have to come here whenever you do come back.”

“We will. You might not be in this exact location when we do come back though,” Chris said.

“I know right! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to close up and go tell my dad in person!”

get out of your hair then, it is getting pretty late,” dad said.

“I had the cooks put a double serving in your trays, since I know how much you like the food.”

“It won’t go to waste, none of it, I can promise you that,” Rita said.

“I know it won’t. Make sure you come back and see me before you leave for />
“Oh yeah we’ll be back plenty of times before then,” Stephanie said.

“Alright and on that note it’s time to get our fat selves up and get home to sleep off all this food, and then wake up an hour later and eat what’s in the trays,” Aunt Lisa laughed.

“And that’s probably exactly what’s gonna happen,” Marie laughed with her.

be the first time,” I said. “We do that almost every time we come here.”

“Alright I thought we were leaving so she could close up haha, if we keep starting up conversations we’ll never leave, and then she’ll have to make more food,” Chris said.

“The sad part is he’s right. Let’s get going so she can close up,” Jim said.

We all grabbed up our food, said our goodbyes to Denise and headed to our cars. We then again said goodbye to the Wilsons and left in the same cars we drove there in, with the women in one car and dad and I in the other. We were both so full we didn’t feel the need to talk. Dad just concentrated on the road and I leaned my seat all the way back and took a mini nap. I should’ve known better than to do that because in no time we were back at the house, this time though the women beat us back and were walking up the stairs when we got there. We followed in the house behind then to the kitchen where they were putting their trays in the fridge and laughing to each other about something.

“That went surprisingly well. Who knew Jack was so generous,” mom said.

“He’s like that everywhere. He’s given away so much money it would feed the entire city for a month, but he still probably didn’t put a dent in everything he has,” dad said.

“I’m looking forward to that shopping trip. If he was serious about there not being a limit, I already know exactly where I’m going and what I’m getting,” Aunt Lisa said.

“I’ve only known him for a short time, but from what I know he’s serious,” dad said.

“He’s paying for Denise’s entire college stay, and he’s gonna fly us back in whenever we wanted, among a bunch of other things, all because of one little bullet,” I said.

“That ‘one little bullet’ kept his daughter alive. You heard what the doctor said, if it had hit her or Rita, neither one of them would’ve survived. All the money he has wouldn’t have brought his daughter back. You’re on his good side as long as you’re alive. Anything you’ll ever need he’ll be right there ready to write you a check for it,” dad said.

“I’ll just settle for being on his good side for now,” I laughed.

“Well since you won’t take it I’ll be happy to have him write me a check,” Rita joked.

“He’s taking you shopping too. Just get whatever you need when you go.”

“There are so many things to pick from. I need to make out a list so I don’t forget />
“Yeah that’s a good idea, I should do that too,” mom said, and Aunt Lisa agreed.

“Well while you’re doing all that, I’m gonna head up to bed,” dad said, and I agreed.

“Ok, we’ll be up shortly. This shouldn’t take us too long,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Is it me or did that sound like the be ready in five minutes’ line?” I asked dad.

“Yep. That’s exactly what it was. We’ll be sleep before they get halfway done.”

“Real funny dad. We’ll be up as soon as we’re done,” Rita said.

Dad and I went upstairs to our respective rooms and closed the door. I shed my clothes and crawled into bed into complete darkness and just lay there, fully content with life. For the first time in our life, we had nothing to worry about, and I mean in all categories, we had NOTHING to worry about. We had a big group of friends, we had our futures plotted out, well for the most part but we knew what we were doing, and everyone that needed to know about my and Rita’s relationship knew about it, and were ok with it. We were going to a new city with good friends where we could be completely open with each other, which is what we wanted most in this world, and if things got hard, we had plenty of people to fall back on. Life is pretty perfect right now, and only one, maybe two things could make it better. After all that we’ve been through the last eleven months, I could wait as long as I needed to for those two things. I couldn't wait to give her everything she wanted, everything she needed, everything she thought she'd never be able to get. It's nice that Mr. Jennings volunteered to take them out, but I couldn't wait for the day that I'd be able to do that myself. I'd do whatever I had to do, for however long I needed to do it, if it meant making Rita happy. No matter what though, through anything that happens, I'd always be happy, as long as I still had Rita by my side.

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