Angel 5

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Angel 5
©This is a fantasy; any resemblance to real people and places is coincidental.
/> Angel spent nearly three weeks with Snow and the Dwarves. She helped Snow clean house and was learning to cook. Often while the little men were away working, the girls amused themselves with lesbian frolics. They got more and more intense as time past.

The dwarves were at the mine while Snow and Angel cuddled. They were laying in the shade near the cottage. Their hands wandered over each other’s sweat covered bodies. They were kissing passionately, tongues intertwined. Angel exclaimed. “I want to fuck!” Snow smiled. “I want it too! But we are short a few cocks Girl.”

Angel got and idea. “Shove your hand in me! It’s small enough to fit I think.” Angel lay back spreading her pussy lips with her hands. “Go ahead try it!”

“I think I’ve heard of this.” Snow said. “If this works you can do me the same way. Here we go girl. As wet as you are I think it will work.” Gently she slipped two fingers in Angel’s pussy, then three. “Mmmm, that feels good! More!” Angel said pinching her nipples. Snow kissed her clit and gave it a few licks. “Angel gasped in pleasure. Snow followed with four fingers with her thumb tucked under the palm of her hand. “Ooohh yea! “She moaned. Snow went back to licking and sucking Angel’s clit. Then she pushed her hand deeper. “Oooo! Yes, push it in! Fill me up!” With a final push, Snow’s hand disappeared into Angel’s pussy. Then she started pushing in and out inside her full cunt. “Yes! Angel shouted as she shuttered through an orgasm.

The girls kissed deeply while Snow continued to pump her hand in Angel’s pussy. After another orgasm, Snow pulled her hand out. Angel pushed her friend back and shoved two fingers in Snow’s pussy. “You are going to love this girl.” Angel said as she worked four fingers deep in Snow’s cunt.

Angel and Snow enjoyed fisting many other times after that. Their lesbian antics turned out to be a great turn on and source of entertainment for the little men. They especially like it when the girls fisted each other.
* * *
Harry was an excellent Taylor. He decided Angels dress need to be replaced. So he made her a new dress. It was a scanty one piece little thing that looked like Snow’s skirt and blouse combined into one garment. Snow liked it so much he made one for her.

Early one morning the Queen’s Steward came with an invitation from the Queen to the Summer Festival at the palace. Snow’s banishment had been declared over. The presence of Angel and the Dwarves were requested as well. “I’m happy here.” Snow told Marc the Steward. “I’ll come back but I’ll want to visit the Dwarves a few days each month.

“The Queen expected something like that.” Marc said with a grin patting Snow on the ass. your wife object to that?” Snow remarked with a smile.

“Not likely.” Marc grinned. “She and the other ladies in waiting are taking a full year training new squads of palace guards.” He leered at Angel walking across the grass toward them. “How is your new friend doing?”
“Even after three weeks she is still a little shy. She likes you, why don’t you talk to her?” Snow kissed him lightly on the cheek. “If we have enough time I’m sure she would up for a quick romp.”

“Not enough time.” He said ruefully. “The Queen would have sent me yesterday. If she could have spared me…but she couldn’t. So I was ordered to have you start out no more an hour after my arrival.” He put on his best smile when Angel walked up.

“Hi Marc how are you?” Angel smiled timidly at Marc. Marc took Angel’s had and kissed it. “Very well now that I‘ve met you.” He told the blushing girl.

“Do you like my new dress?” Angel pirouetted several times, making her skirt flare out displaying her charms. remarked the Steward.

Angel noted his thick dick crawling down a leg of his tights. “Will you walk with me?” She asked coyly, staring at his crotch. “You may count on it Angel.” He said thinking, “If this girls is shy I’m a Blue Goo.”
The Dwarves locked their cottage; they and the girls followed Marc on the two day walk to the Palace. The short way was blocked, because of construction.

As their party neared the large hostel where they were to spend the night, Stripe and Alonzo, with provisions of fruit and bread in baskets on a cart he was pulling joined the procession. Snow had never met them before so Angel introduced them to Snow.

When they reached the hostel, they found two Sluts already there. The two were Grace, a black girl who clamed to be thirteen but had the slender yet lush body of a mid twenties woman her companion Lucy was a chubby, generously endowed giggly blonde, who claimed to be fourteen.

After a few hugs and kisses, every one repaired to the large common room of the hostel.

This particular hostel was much larger than the usual hostel. It had ten sleeping cubicles with an extra large common room. There were also twice the privies out back, a warm bathing pool, and a special shed for Alonzo and other animals on one side.

Lucy sat next to the dwarf Mark as they ate their dinner of fruit and bread.

Grace laughed as she watched Lucy chummy up to Mark. have him or Luke in her bed or both of them before the night is over.” She told Snow, with a grin. “I’ve never seen any thing like it; if it’s male she spreads her legs for it.” Luke joined Lucy and Mark before the meal was over. Mark and Luke followed Lucy to her cubical.
“That settles that.” Grace chuckled as the three walked off. She looked at the four dwarves left. “Would you boys want some dark meat?” She laughed. “I’ll take two at a time. You be sorry.” She turned, lifted her short skirt and wiggled her ass. In hardly no time at all she chose two teams consisting of Dick and Bob in one, with Harry and Tom in the other. Grace giggled as she led Harry and Tom away.

Angel and snow looked at each other and nodded. With out a word passing between them Angel and Marc walked off hand in hand. “You arranged that, didn’t you?” Dick accused her with a smile. Snow smiled. “I just might want to spend a quite night alone.” Bob snorted. “Fat fucking chance Snow. You‘ll fuck somebody before the night is over.”

Snow sniffed at him and went to her room. Later that night after it was quiet Snow naked padded silently trough a side door leading to the back of the hostel. She looked in the shed finding it empty.

“Humph, it took you long enough. “ An indistinct form in the shadows said with a gruff voice. “I knew you would come. I found a place in the moonlight over there.” Alonzo tossed his head in the direction of a grassy field.
Stripe stepped out of the shadows. He tipped his hat. “I asked Al and he invited me to help out.” He grinned.
“The two of you?” Snow hesitated for a moment. Then felt a sudden flood of fluid in her pussy. “Why not? In for a penny in for a pound.” She took Stripe’s hand and they both followed Al as he pranced toward the grassy field.
“This place is special.” Al said, with pride. Asked Stripe when they stopped by a short flat topped log. “I bred my first slut on this log.” Alonzo said. She made me swear never to tell. I never have. But the memory is still strong.” He sniffed the log and sighed. “I can almost smell her scent.” Al sighed again.

“Enough talk.” Stripe said, standing beside Al. “Suck our dicks Slut? He commanded. “I like feeding a slut before I fuck her.”

“Good idea.” Al snorted. Snow knelt in front of the cat and took out his cock. It was still soft so she took all of it in her mouth. It tasted a little funny but it was still good. “While you’re getting me hard jack off Al’s dick.” Stripe ordered guiding her hand to the ponies cock. Snow gasped around the cat’s hardening dick.
Al grunted as she grasped his cock just behind the flanged head. “Now stroke it slut!” Al said. “Get it hard for your pussy!”

Stripe’s dick was a bar of warm steel sliding in and out of Snow’s mouth. She was surprised how far down her throat she could take it, especially when her chin touched his balls.

Alonzo’s dick was hard and ready. “You haven’t you cum yet? Have you?” Al asked Stripe. “Not yet. “It’s time, let’s do it!” Stripe pulled his cock out of Snow’s mouth, turned her around covering her mouth with a crumpled wad of cloth, and jammed his cock her ass to his balls.

Snow’s surprised scream came out as no more than a squeak. The Cat man grabbed her around the tits and waist. He picked her up and lay over the log. Then he proceeded to slam his thick dick deep in her bowels. Snow half dazed, grunted each time Stripe slammed into her asshole. “Oh, yes!” The cat hissed. “Ass is better than pussy!” He panted and growled fucking the girl faster and faster. Then Stripe yowled like an angry cat as he pumped his tick cum in her ass. Snow shuttered and whimpered through two orgasms almost fainting in the process.

Finished Stripe stood up still holding the girl’s limp form. He pulled out of her ass and laid the semiconscious girl on her back on the log. Snow groaned and shook her head to clear the fog in her mind. With out thinking about it she opened her legs.

“She is all yours Al.” Stripe panted. “Do you need me to help?” Snow focused her eyes on Al and said. “I’ll take it from here.” She groaned smiling at the pony. “Are you going to fuck me or talk?” Alonzo flipped his ears as he inched forward until he straddled her. His big thick cock lay on her quivering belly.

“Oooo! It’s so big!” She cooed, lightly touching the flanged dark head of Al’s cock. The she took the head and pressed it to her swollen cunt lips. “Fuck me!” She whispered. “Oh please fuck me!” She thrust her hips up trying to capture Al’s cock with her pussy. Stripe lifted her ass and put a thick pad under her ass. “Oooo that’s perfect!” Snow cried, gripping Al’s body with her legs. That raised her wet pussy to the best angle. She gripped the pony’s forelegs and pushed.

She gasped loudly as Al’s cock head pushed her cunt lips apart and slipped in her pussy. Alonzo whickered, jamming his cock deeper in her willing cunt. “Give it to meeee!” She moaned, pushing harder on his front legs. Unbelievably half of his monster cock slid into her body.

Snow thrust her hips to the ponies cock taking it even deeper. “Oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She shouted in time to her thrusts. “Give it to meee!” She screamed in frenzy. Al shuttered, this slut was had the deepest and tightest pussy he had ever fucked. He never wanted to stop, but he was near blowing the most tremendous load of cum he could remember.

Snow and Al had an audience by then. Everyone in the hostel had been alerted by Snow’s first scream they watched in awe as Snow babbled and shrieked.

Snow, flushed and sweat covered was deep in her frenzy. Her whole world centered on the feeling of pony cock in her cunt. “Uh! Uh!” she grunted repeatedly in time to Al’s thrusting cock. “Fuck meeee! Oh, fuck me!” She shrieked. Then her whole body trembled violently, as she went into orgasmic overload. Al came flooding her cunt with a huge stream of hot cum. Snow’s orgasms didn’t stop until Alonzo staggered back pulling his cock part way out. She sobbed in despair clawing at his sides stop!” She sobbed, when the pony pulled out to stagger back and sat down with a thud. “No!” Snow screamed once then fainted.

“Is she dead?” Angel gasped. “No” Marc said checking her pulse. He gave Alonzo a hard look.” Did you have fun?”

“Wonderful, the best ever!” Al said in a shaky voice. He ignored the hard looks he got from the girls. Angel and the other girls picked Snow and carried her to her cubical.

In the morning Snow was so sore she could barely walk. The bathing pool had medicinal properties in the water that relieved most of Snow’s aches and pains. In addition, Marc had a frank talk with the pony. He grudgingly agreed to let her ride in the cart he was pulling if she needed to. They set out at mid morning following the path through rich farmlands. Late that afternoon they came to the castle gates.

To be />


story by: starbuck

Tags: fantasy cum swallowing bestiality female/female fisting sex story

Author: starbuck

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