Another day's work

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Darlene lie back in a nice warm bath, one leg dangling over the side, thinking pleasant thoughts as she slowly rubbed one off, just for the pleasure of it, a pleasure she’d been enjoying more often lately.

She brought her dangling leg up back into the tub and squeezed her freshly shaved legs together around her active hand. Taking a deep breath, she lift her butt and exhaled her breath with a soft moan as her body released the lascivious pleasure it had accumulated during the last few minutes.

She eventually dropped her ass back to the tub and smiled contently as the movement of the water surrounding her caressed away the tension her body created during orgasm while her hand, still between her legs, massaged away pulsating throbs of post-clitoral satisfaction.

Eventually she rose, taking time to admire the firmness of her breast, the roundness of her ass, and the figure that still turned heads as she walked down the street, in the mirror before toweling away the moisture on her body and donning her bathrobe.

She glide more than walked bare foot to the bar and poured herself a glass of chardonnay before relaxing on the settee and checking the time, made sure she still had the time, the time she was glad she had to herself.

She picked up the remote and pressed the play button flooding the room with the sounds of Strauss’ Blue Danube as she drift with the tunes to the kitchen where she helped herself to a piece of brie before returning to the settee and to sip away at her wine.

By the time her glass of wine was finished, Darlene decided it was time to dress. Walking into her bedroom, she removed her robe and threw it on the bed leaving her standing completely naked in front of the open bedroom window not caring who, if anyone saw her.

Standing in front of the closet, Darlene browse through her wardrobe intently scanning each and every outfit until she found one that she thought best suited the mood she was in, removed it from its hanger and put it on before accessorizing the outfit with pair of four inch stiletto heels then poured herself another chardonnay before returning to the settee and waited for a knocking at the door.

When the knock finally came, she glanced at the clock on the wall then went to open the door. Standing in the doorway, her outfit consisting of crotchless leather panties and a cupless leather bra was clearly visible to any who may have passed.

late,” she screamed at the visitor, “ten fucking minutes late! Do you think I just sit around all day just ‘waiting for you to make my day’? Well I and with that she slammed the door in his face and walked back to the settee to continue drinking.

“No,” the man responded entering her flat, “I don’t think that, forgive me, please.”

“You dare just enter without she fumed kicking him in the groin adding, “Just who the hell do you think you are?” as he doubled over and fell to the floor clutching his testes.

“I’m no one.” He grunted out, “a nobody, I’m />
not even that,” she yelled to walking toward him, even less than sewage.” and, straddling his head, she let loose a stream of urine. Walking back to settee she ordered, “Clean it up.” and immediately the man used the sleeve of his $600.00 suit to soak the urine from the floor.

Her foot landed between his legs a second time, “Not that mess,” she ordered placing one foot on the settee exposing her crotch, “this one.” and as fast as he could move the pained, urine stinking, crawling man started tongue washing the dampness from her crotch.

After letting him lick her for several minutes, pleasurable to her but nothing special, she lift her foot from the settee and kicked him onto his back, the best you can do? Lick me dry? What kind of a man can’t turn a woman on with his tongue? Are you even a man?” she watched him nod his head before adding, “Show me.”

Obeying her command the man stripped naked, his erection bouncing out in front of him until she slapped it. It jumped to his left and as it returned she grabbed it and started yanking it down with several forceful jerks causing him to ejaculate. Seeing this, she let go of the erection and grabbed him by the testes.

“Do you know what these are for?” she asked starting to squeeze them painfully, “I’ll tell you what they’re for, they are there for you to control, and if you she warned tightening her grip and yanking on them, “maybe I should eliminate them altogether and so you won’t have to try.”

The red faced man gasped and dropped to the floor as she let go ordering “Clean that white shit from my floor!” From his hands and knees, the man lowered his head to lick his own sperm from the floor and as he did so, Darlene slid one of her stiletto heels in and out of his asshole until most of the sperm had been cleaned from the floor.

she told him, “I can’t stand your stink anymore. Go take a shower and clean off.” and she sat down again awaiting his return.

Exiting the shower, the man found a maid’s outfit hanging on the bathroom door and, knowing it was for him, put it on before leaving the bathroom.

“So,” Darlene, sitting on the settee with her wine, asked him, “did you spank the monkey while you were in the shower?”

“No,” he started before being interrupted.

“Who said you could speak? Did you hear me say the man shook his head ‘no’, “No you didn’t. Now,” Darlene continued, “did you play with that, that, that tiny little thing while you were in the shower?” again the man shook his head ‘no’. “No you say, let’s just see about that. Stroke one off for me.”

Obediently, the man pulled down his panties and began to masturbate while Darlene drank her wine watching him. she ordered and he obeyed. Before long, she could see he was near orgasm and she warned, “Remember my warning of you losing control,” she bounced her toes several times against the underside of his scrotum and watched as he nod his head, “good, then keep stroking until I say to let go.” she added before rising from the settee and pouring herself another half glass of wine. she demanded again walking back to the settee watching the discomfort on his face.

She sat watching him as she casually took two more well spaced sips. Holding out the glass, she told him, “In here, NOW!’ and the man took the glass from her, sunk his penis into it and grunted out a very painful, much needed release.

Darlene waited for his throbbing to ease. “Good boy.” She said, patting the penis like it was a pet, “And you, “she said to the man scornfully, “for that pathetic little show, you deserve a drink. Go ahead,” she said with a smile, “help yourself.” and the man drank the contents of the wine glass.

Darlene threw his urine smelling clothes at him saying, “Get dressed, get out, go home to your wife. She may want you, but I have no need of something like you.” And, still sitting on the settee, she watched him change into his soiled clothes and leave without another word.

After he left, Darlene put the used wine glass in the dishwasher, took a snifter from the bar and half filled it with Napoleon brandy. She recline on the settee, sipped the brandy slowly, thinking of it as a well deserved treat after another hard day’s work.

story by: controlling

Tags: masturbation humiliation fantasm female domination sex story

Author: controlling

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