Daddy 2, natalie and may

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Daddy 2, Natalie and May

On the way to Santa Ana airport my little girl had her hand on my lap often rubbing my cock. We were talking about everything. As we got close to the airport she asked if there was a private place to park. I pulled into the extended parking garage knowing I would not be charge if I left within an hour. And that there was usually privacy in the far back corner.

I pulled into a spot and my little girl got out and said, “Daddy, I want you naked in this seat,” She pointed to where she was just seating. Quickly I slid towards her pulling my shorts down around my ankles. She was completely naked in a second. My little girl climbed on top of me lowering herself down on my hard cock. Her big tits in my face for my mouth to suck.

She did take her time. I was her sex slave. She was using me. And I loved it. She was riding me hard and fast, without any care for me. My mouth grabbed a nipple and my baby came hard. She slowed her movement for a moment. Then she increased again wanting more.

Bouncing up and down on me again, she was wild and crazy. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a guy watching her ride me. He had a big smile on his face and was obviously playing with his cock while he watched. In a very short time my baby came again, causing me to fill her pussy with my cum. We kissed deeply. “Daddy, that is exactly what I wanted.” She climbed off me and out of the car. She saw the guy. “Do you mind Daddy?, she said looking at the guy. I smiled, which gave her the permission she wanted.

She motioned to the guy, he came to her. She was bent over so he could enter her cum filled pussy. “I hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds,” she said as he moved close behind her. I watched her body react to his manhood enter her pussy. He grabbed her hips and pounded her from behind. I watched my cum drip out of her on the parking garage floor as he kept pumping her. In a short time, he came inside her, then he just turned and walked away.

As I got out of my car, she said, “I am sending Natalie a text about what just happened daddy. And that I will find someone on the plane to fuck me after we are in the air.
“Baby, I love it that you are such a slut.” We kissed, and I left her at the airport.

As I was driving, I got a text from Natalie. Safely pulled over, she asked me to return to the hotel.
Natalie said that my baby girl texted her, giving details about the garage. She wanted me back at the hotel so she could taste my girls juices on my cock. I texted back that I was on the way. She told me where.

I pulled into the parking lot behind the hotel next to building 3. And waited. In a few minutes Natalie’s text told me the room #. I headed upstairs to the room. The cleaning cart was outside the open door. I entered the room and closed the door behind me. Natalie was in the bathroom, bent over washing the tub. I quietly moved in behind her and grab her ass. She said, and turned to face my crotch. She had my pants down in seconds and was licking my cock. “OMG, love the taste of our slut!”

She could get enough of my cock. I was growing harder and harder. I pulled her up, turned her, and pulled down her uniform. I shoved my hard cock deep inside her pussy. Natalie came immediately. Gushing her pussy juices all over my cock and the flood, while moaning aloud. I kept fucking her.

Natalie’s moaning was interrupted by a voice. “What is going on here!” Natalie pulled away from me. She turned, I could see she was scared. “Ms. May, I was cleaning the tub, and all of a sudden . . “. “Just stop,” the voice said, as I zipped up, and turned. “Natalie, this will cost you your job!” This Asian woman said.

“Wait, just a minute, I said with a stern voice looking down at her. She was in a light-colored pant suit with the Hotel logo above her left “C” breast, and only about 5’ 2’’. “You have no idea what is going on here, this young lady is working very hard! I said, as I stepped toward her.

Natalie, had pulled herself together, saying, “Ms. May”, “You need to apologize to Natalie! I said.” Looking at me scared, Ms. May said, “Natalie, I am sorry, please tell me.”

I didn’t let her finish. “Ms. May is it? You are a woman; do you get horny? Answer me! Do you get horny?” I stepped toward her again and she backed up. Natalie stepped between us. Nat put her hands on my chest, showing Ms. May she was protecting her. “I am a woman”, Ms. May said, “yes I get horny.” Natalie turned to face her. “May, I have always wanted to be with you.” As I watched, Natalie charmed May, “Natalie, I . .”, they kissed. I move behind May and placed my hands on her ass. Natalie was still kissing her.

Then May suddenly asserted herself. “Natalie go close and lock the door. And both of you get naked.” We both let her lead. May told me to sit on the stuffed chair. She told Natalie to suck me hard. Nat was down in front of me sucking, as we both watched May strip her clothes off. “I bet Mike loves those big tits of yours, Nat,” she said. May could see my cock fully hard in Natalie’s mouth. “Nat back away a little,” May said, as she moved herself over me as I sat. I knew exactly what she was doing. May lowered herself on my hard cock. “God, you are big Mike! Nat, I want you to suck on my clit as I ride this cock.”

May started slow, she knew what she was doing. “Nat, follow my led, get into my rhythm,” she said. I started to bring my hands up to play with her tits. “No Mike.” I did as I was told. Her movements became faster. A few sounds came out of her. I could hear Nat sucking on her clit. “Oh my god, keep it up you two.” Then May’s body began to shake. Her pussy gushing juices out. “I need more.” And she kept fucking me. She was moving faster and wilder riding my cock. May came very hard, then got off me. She told me to fuck Nat as Nat continued to lick and suck May’s pussy. May was lying on the stuffed chair. Nat’s face was buried into May’s pussy. As soon as I shoved my hard cock deep into Nat she came hard. May saw this and told me to keep pounding her. I did.

“Mike, fill her hole with your cum as soon as I cum,” May ordered. Within a minute all three of us were cumming.

May got up. As she entered the bathroom she said, “you two, just wait where you are.” Nat and I smiled at each other. We could hear the shower. Then it was off. It didn’t give us time to do much.

May said, as she came out of the bathroom, “Natalie get this room ready for our next guest, and Mike, I will contact you later,” And she walked out of the room.

Nat and I looked at each other walking into the bath. Nat turned on the shower. We both stepped in. We were washing each other as we talked about what had just happened. I told Nat May was a dominate, a person who needed to control. And we will find out more as time went by.

story by: lovtwoplz

Tags: fiction first time hardcore domination/submission female/female sex story

Author: lovtwoplz

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