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It was about 3 months or so before I was back at my cousin’s to spend the night. I figured I was in a pickle. During my last overnight stay, when we got up the next morning, nothing out of the ordinary was said. However, I was sensing some strange vibes from my step-aunt Sue. I did not think it was all in my head, but was not going to say anything to get the conversation started. I was not in a big rush to get back – I was a little afraid of what would happen when I got to her house. I was also getting a pretty fair share of sex – not all I wanted, but enough so that I was not walking around in a state of horny desperation all the time like I used to be. But, the added thrill I had with Sue was always in the back of my mind.

My cousin came and spent the night with me – it was my 12th birthday party – and he begged me to come spend the night at his house. He wanted to see his step mom naked again but he was too afraid to do it on his own. All he had been able to manage was a couple of quick peeks in the bathroom when she was getting in the tub. By now he was jacking off regularly and was becoming quite the horn dog – nothing like me, but a horn dog all the same. I did not plan on going there overnight again but I finally gave in and said ok.

It was about two weeks later before I was able to go to his house. I got there about 10:00am Sat morn and when I went in Sue told to us to be quiet because my uncle was sleeping and had to work that night. Hearing this made my dick stir in my pants!! All seemed normal, I was greatly relieved.

As the day wore on I became more agitated, planning and thinking about later that night! We were all watching TV when my uncle said he had to leave for work – it was about 9:30pm. After he left Sue got a beer and sat down to watch TV. After she drank that one she went for another and when she threw away the can she yelled at my cousin – apparently he had forgot to take out the trash. She made him take it out and told him he could not have company again if he was not going to do his work. She sent him to bed as punishment. I felt a little awkward but said nothing. It was only about 9:50pm and the movie was not over until 11:00 and I wanted to watch the rest of it.

I was lying on my stomach in front of the TV – mostly to hide my boner but also to give me a little peek up her skirt as she sat in the chair across the room. I watched as she drank a couple more beers – I had no idea how much it took to get her drunk because my cousin and I were always in bed before her. When the movie ended I went to bed. My cousin was already sound asleep and I just let him sleep. I am now glad I did.

There was no danger in me falling asleep. My heart was in overdrive, my dick was so hard it hurt and I was on an adrenalin rush. I heard the news end and she went to bed. I heard noises for about 15 or 20 minutes then all was quiet. I waited about 10 minutes more then got up and quietly went to her door. It was ajar and I pushed it open and stepped in. I crept over to her bed and leaned in close to her face. I could smell the alcohol again and figured all was the same as before. I flipped on the small bedside light again and was pleased. She had on the same nightgown as last time. I pulled the cover down; she was lying on her left side, near the edge of the bed.

I took my underwear off and started stroking my dick as I reached down and unbuttoned those three buttons again, I pulled the top open and her right tit easily popped out. I gently pulled back on the fabric enough so that it would stay in place. I began to play with her nipple as I stroked my cock. I could not wait – I leaned down and sucked that gorgeous nipple into my mouth. Once again, the nervousness combined with my excitement got me to the edge really fast.

I stopped stroking my cock and rubbed the head of it over her nipple. My precum lubed it and as I rubbed my piss slit over the tip of her nipple I felt her nipple stiffen slightly. I gently pressed inward as if I was trying to force her nipple into my piss slit. I watched as the head of my cock sank into the flesh of her tit making it pucker inward. I gently moved my cock in tiny circles, feeling her nipple roll around under the tip of my cock. My breathing was getting more rapid. I used my left hand to pull her nightgown up over her hip giving me enough room to reach below the hem and rub my fingers in her furry mound. I was much bolder this time and moving along a little quicker.

I eased my cock off her tit and boldly, but gently, moved it to her mouth. I began to ever so lightly rub the crown across her soft lips as my left hand moved to her nipple. I noticed her nipple was quite hard as I stared to roll it around between my thumb and finger while I began to slowly stroke my cock as I kept it against her closed mouth. Just as I was about to try and roll her onto her back, she quickly reached up and grabbed my cock with her left hand, squeezed it unmercifully tight and looked up at me, her eyes locking onto mine!

I froze! As a matter of fact, I nearly passed out and started to back up a little as my knees got weak. She sat up on the edge of the bed, still holding my rapidly deflating pecker. “I knew it had to be you since nothing has happened since the last time you were here" she hissed at me. "I did not know exactly what happened but now I do!" she continued. “I should just rip your little dick off,” she growled as she pulled on it sharply.

I just looked down, my dick was shriveled now and, to my horror, a long string of precum was hanging onto the end of it and about to drip onto her forearm. I tried to stammer out an explanation but could not. Suddenly all my clever stories and excuses were gone. She just shushed me then barked, "You know this is wrong don't you?" I replied in a whisper "No, not really. Why is it wrong, it feels so good?" “Well, for one you did not have my permission to fuck me” she said then paused, deep in thought. I thought I was really in trouble. “And, it is incest, you little perv” she added.

She sat there for a few seconds, I guess not knowing what to say or do. The precum dropped onto her arm. I said, "Oh man, I'm sorry about that." She continued to set there quietly as a million thoughts ran through my mind. “We are not really related,” I pleadingly said. She relaxed her body a little. Looking back I think she already had this all planned out – she had just not decided how hard she was going to be with me, how much she would “rake me over the coals”.

"Ok" she said "but this is it, it has to stop, it is just wrong, but…..kind of naughty…. and exciting". I could not believe my good fortune – I was not going to get into trouble like I had fearfully anticipated. My cock started to revive in her hand and she got a wide eyed look and said "My god, you are a horny little bastard aren't you?" She asked me how long I had been having sex, when I started, all kinds of stuff as she stroked my dick. I answered as best I could, without giving away any names or anything. I did not want to mess up any of my other deals.

She let go of my cock and pulled her nightgown off and lay back on the bed and opened her arms to me. “At least now I get a little something out of it also – instead of just being used as a little cum dump for you then having nothing for myself but a mess to clean up”.

I crawled on top of her and started feverishly sucking on her nipples, my cock bumping against her furry pussy lips. "Slow down" she said and kind of pushed me back a little. "Do you know how to kiss a girl?" She asked and I said sure and started to kiss her lips, tasting my precum on them. "No" she said, "Down there". I immediately understood, said “yes” and moved down between her legs.

I eagerly locked my lips onto her clit and started to suck on it and rapidly flick my tongue over it. I am glad I had from women prior to this. She sucked in a deep breath and forced out "oh my god, how did you learn as I went wild on her clit. I don't know what overcame me but I seemed forgot all I had thus far been taught about eating pussy and just got real sloppy – licking all over her pussy and ass like a thirsty dog drinking water. Oh fuck, it tasted soo good and made me so hot. My saliva soaked her pubes and ran down her ass crack.

I was not really paying attention to what she was saying – I was in my own little world. My cock was about to burst it was so hard. I started chewing on her puffy pussy lips and then I stuck the index finger of each of my hands into her cunt hole and stretched it open. My other fingers roughly pulled her pussy lips apart and my mouth clamped down hard on her clit. I involuntarily started making a fucking motion as I knelt between her legs sucking on her pussy.

She suddenly arched her back up off the bed and swallowed a scream as she came really hard. I looked up across her taut stomach as she clenched handfuls of covers in her fingers. I saw her exposed tit quiver as her orgasm shook her body. It only took about three minutes for her orgasm to hit her. The added excitement from the taboo of the situation, the movement of my fingers inside her cunt, my lips and tongue going wild on her clit combined with the unexpectedness of me knowing how to "kiss a girl down there", made her orgasm quickly. She flopped back down on the bed and grabbed at my face and said, "Oh, stop,, come here baby, now!"

I rapidly crawled up her sweaty torso and she grabbed my cock as I got close. I never stopped – just came right on up and slammed my cock fully into her twitching pussy as she pulled her hand out from between us. I fucked so hard and fast it was, to me, almost unbelievable. I was totally out of control, my cock a blur as it flew in and out of her spasming pussy! “Fuck me baby, she was grunting as my rigid cock pierced her pussy. She squeezed me tightly against her, those spongy tits mashed against my chest, her hard nipples pressing into my flesh. I continued pounding my cock into her as she locked her lips onto mine and hungrily sucked my tongue into her mouth, cleaning her pussy juice off it. She humped back at me as her wet flesh clung to my young cock.

Within a few more seconds I was crying out and pumping my warm cum into her pussy, which drove me into more of a frenzy. It hurt a little as my pubic bone slammed into hers, but it hurt so good. “Cum baby, cum baby, cum baby” she kept repeating as my cock spasmed inside her cunt. She then squeezed me tightly, wrapping her legs around my back as every muscle in her body tightened and she squealed loudly into my ear as another orgasm tore through her body!

Then, it just suddenly stopped. I lay there on top of her panting heavily. She pushed on me, saying "Move over, I can’t breathe". I hated to take my cock out of her pussy but rolled off her onto my back. I felt the air cooling the sweat on my body. I was as horny as I was before, almost like nothing had just happened. My cock was twitching rapidly, my breathing starting to slow a little.

She rolled over towards me and rose up on her right arm. She said, " Oh shit – look at that – your dick is yummy – still ready to go". Then she kind of caught herself a little, looked at me and said, "You know, after tonight this can never happen again." I said yes, but down deep inside I wanted to say "no, I do not know this can never happen again" but I said nothing more.

She then said, "So we might as well have a good time" and reached down with her left hand and began to stroke my dick. "You are big for your age" she said (btw – I think she was about 26 yrs old) "how big is it?" She asked. "I dunno" was my reply. She sat up and pressed her right index finger against my cock head, making it stand straight up and took her left hand, palm facing my cock and pressed it against my shaft, the bottom side of her hand resting against my pubes. The rim of the crown of my cock was above her hand about an inch. So I guess at that time I was about 5 or 5 and a half inches long. She then put her fingers together, like a “closed peace sign” and aligned them along my cock – it took two of her fingers pressed side by side to completely cover the thickness of my shaft.

I guess she was happy with it because she leaned down and started sucking on my knob. She was really good at it – using her fingers to play with my nutsac and rub my ass as she sucked all of me into her mouth. I was clumsily playing with her tits. I could not concentrate on doing anything to her – it was very distracting to have her suck my juice covered cock like that.

I started grasping at her waist, trying to get her to move around a little so I could reach her tits easier when she, without taking her mouth off my dick, rose up and swung her right leg around over me and settled her wet pussy down onto my mouth. Oh man, fuck, that was just too much! I remember greedily licking her pussy, our juices tasted so good. It was running down on my face as I strained to get my tongue as far up her as I could. My neck muscles were straining to keep my mouth firmly against her juicy cunt. She was taking all of my nasty cock into her mouth and licking the shaft each time she slowly withdrew. Each time she reached the knob, she ran her tongue into my piss slit which drove me nuts.

We went at this for maybe 5 or 6 minutes then she began bobbing her head faster and pulling on my balls roughly. I could feel it building inside me again. The rougher she got the closer I got! I wrapped my arms around her ass pulling myself up as I slid a pillow under my head to hopefully relieve some of the pressure on my straining neck. She wrapped her left hand around and under my leg and jammed one of her fingers halfway in my ass as her other hand squeezed my balls! As she did that she jammed her face down on my cock! This caused me to arch my back and squirt a shot of cum down her throat. She wiggled her finger around in my asshole and nearly pulled my young balls off as swallowed my cum!

My neck muscles could not take any more and I let my head down a little, sinking fully into the pillow, as my orgasm coursed through my body. Her pussy gaped open above my face, the angry red inner lips dripping with wetness. Her hips quivered rapidly as she drained all the cum from my twitching cock. I saw a dollop of my cum slide out of her hole and drip onto my cheek. I wanted to eat that pussy again!

She got frantic and started pumping her hips in jerky little motions, bashing against my face very hard. Her legs slid out, lowering her full weight onto my face. I could not breathe! She rotated her hips as my tongue went up her pussy. She mashed down really hard, grinding her clit against my chin. She quivered, small jerky little motions. She groaned deeply, vibrating my cock which was still deep in her mouth. She tensed up, squeezed and tugged my nutsac again and it felt as if she was tearing my balls off.

Then she went limp and let my cock slide out of her mouth. She also slid forward just a bit and rested most of her weight on me, partially supported by her left arm which was still wrapped around my leg. Her legs rested on the bed beside my shoulders. It was a little hard for me to breathe but I was not complaining – her pussy gaping open just in front of my face had me mesmerized. I could see tiny twitches in it and could see little movements as she panted heavily. I watched as a couple more little drops of our juice and my saliva dripped out on my chest. My cock was still hard, and pulsing against her cheek.

I was not able to cum again for about 45 minutes – but my young cock never went soft – and she did not seem to tire of it. We fucked and licked and pinched and played with each other nonstop. I think she came at least two more times but am not sure. The only thing that stopped us was the sound of the stool flushing – my cousin had awoken and went to the bathroom. What he did or did not see I don't know. But that ended it – for now! Even though she professed how wrong it was, she obviously really liked it, really got a thrill out of it. I may write about the other two times we did it later on.

But, this time is not over yet! After I came again I rolled off her and lay beside her, both of us totally exhausted. She rolled onto her left side and I scooted up behind and spooned her. Shortly after that we both drifted off to sleep. A very dangerous thing to do – had we got caught in that situation it would not have been good. However, we did not get caught. I woke up some time later, I think it was my cousin making noises in the bathroom, but I am not sure. It was early morning, still a little dark outside, the sun just beginning to rise.

As the sleep started to slowly fade from me I suddenly realized where I was, lying on my left side and still spooning her, and it startled me. For an instant my only thought was to flee, but only for an instant! I soon realized my “morning wood” was pressed firmly against her warm, silky ass! I thought “what the heck”, after what we had already done, a little more could not hurt. And, I really did not care if she was awake at the moment or not! I reached down with my right hand as I eased my hips back away from her body. I aimed my stiff dick between her ass cheeks. I pushed forward. Nothing happened. Her cheeks were sticky which made her flesh cling to my cock head, effectively stopping my forward travel.

I rolled back away from her enough to get my left arm up from under me and my hand onto her ass. I stuck my thumb between her ass cheeks and peeled them apart. My splayed fingers were sinking deep into her right ass cheek as I spread it open as far as her spongy flesh would allow. I kept a firm grip on my dick with my right hand as I once again thrust my hips toward her. Paydirt! I felt my cock head slide up her crack and spilt her lips apart. The juices from our previous activities were still lingering between those meaty lips! I felt a very slick hotness as the head of my cock slid further along her slit. I was in a very awkward position so I let go of her ass cheek and keeping my cock firmly between her pussy lips I let go of it also.

I put my left arm back under my body and I wrapped my right arm around her waist and crooked my elbow so I could get my hands up to her fleshy tits. I started to pump my hips. I was getting a little more frantic, trying desperately to get my cock up in her pussy before I came. She began to stir a little, slowly coming out of her slumber. As little moans quietly built deep within her I became more excited. My cock was leaking precum that was combining with our juices from the earlier activities to turn her pussy and ass crack into a slick, sloppy mess. The sensation of her ass cheeks snugly holding my cock in their slick confines as I pumped my hips was about to make me cum. I was becoming frantic! I did not want to a cum between her ass cheeks and on the outside of her pussy lips. I thought I needed a better angle so I scooted down just a tiny bit as I pulled my hips back. I thrust much harder this time, felt a little resistance, then BAM! I was in! Holy Fuck did that feel good. I kept pushing hard and just as I was about to get all the way in she quickly went from the small moaning she was doing just a moment ago to a fully awake Shit!”.

“Wait a sec…OHH, came from her lips as I pulled back and jammed my cock home again, this time getting in as deep as her pillowy ass would allow before that spongy flesh stopped the forward progress of my pelvis. “God-damn, take it easy there” she hissed. “It’s OK but give me a minute” she said. Not sure what was going on I stopped my frantic thrusting and lay there with my cock snug up inside her. “You really should ask before you fuck a woman’s ass – you are almost too big for that” she said. What the fuck?! I thought I thought to myself, what is she saying?

Apparently the resistance I felt when I first entered her was my cock head opening up her asshole! She lay there for a moment slightly rotating her hips. As her movements became more pronounced she slid across the bed, bending at the waist and moved her right leg off the top of her left, thrusting her ass back toward me. This tightened her ass cheeks and spread them apart enough for me to bury my cock to the balls when she whispered “OK” to me.

As I started to pump in and out of her asshole a whole new range of sensations opened up to me. It felt as if there was a tight little band wrapped around my cock and sliding up and down it as I pumped into her. When I fully embedded my cock in her ass the little ring felt like is was wrapped snugly around the base of my shaft and the warm inner walls of her dark tunnel were loosely massaging my knob. As I continued to slide my rock hard dick in and out of her ass she began to moan louder and she moved her finger down to her clit and began to massage it. She started to slowly move over onto her stomach as I kept pumping her ass. I had to push up with my left arm so I could move my hips over, following her movement, until she was flat on her stomach and I was propped up on both arms and fucking her ass for all I was worth! She was moaning much loader now and her hand was working her pussy at a frantic pace. I felt the little ring was much looser on my cock now and I was able to slide in and out of her asshole much faster. My little tummy started to make smacking sounds each time it hit her butt.

She arched her back a little bringing her tummy up off the bed and once again stretching her ass cheeks taut and causing them to spread open for me. She rose up more causing me to come up off my arms and end up erect, on my knees, my hands grasping her hips as my cock flew in and out of her ass. I could feel the tingle in my balls, feel the cum building up as I fucked her ass in a frenzy. There was enough light starting to fill the sky and pout in the window to allow me to fully see what was going on. I glanced down at the union of our bodies and exploded! The sight of my cock sliding in and out of her asshole was too much. I watched that brownish-pink circle expanding and contracting as my cock slid in and out from the crown to the base! I cried out just before the first spurt of cum rocketed up my cock and at that moment she clenched her ass ring around my cock as her own orgasm exploded! Her clinching asshole effective shut down my cum for a couple seconds until I pumped two more times as the pressure increased inside my cock tube until it erupted! I screamed again and slammed my cock so violently into her ass it knocked her flat onto the bed again. I kept thrusting my cock in and out of her asshole as I continued to pump cum deep into her and her fingers flew across her clit as her orgasm peaked! She groaned deeply into he pillow. I fell down onto her heaving back as my orgasm passed. The sweat on her back sent a cool chill through my hot body. We lay there panting heavily until she rolled to her side enough to cause me to roll off her onto my back. As I did my softening cock popped out of her butt with a slurping sound. That was one of the best fucks of my young life.

“That was good baby, but we got to hurry now. Your Uncle will be home soon. We will talk about this later” she hurriedly said to me. She then leaned over, kissed me on the forehead and jumped up out of bed and headed to the bathroom. As she was getting up I looked over at the door and saw my cousin scurry away. I knew we would have a lot to talk about later!

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