Awakenings 5

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Awakenings 5

I didn’t think I would be writing about this anymore, but so much has happened to me since the last chapter, and a lot of people have asked what’s going on, so here goes nothing. Awakenings 1-4 will tell you how much my once simple life has changed, and how I went from a happily married young wife to someone with an almost unquenchable sex appetite. I could blame Randy, the man who introduced me to that life-style, but I know it was completely my own fault. After my husband Stu called and pleaded with me to come back home, I finally did (Read Awakenings 4). I’ll never forget the hurt in Randy’s eyes when I told him I was going back to my husband, try to put my marriage back together. He didn’t plead, but he acted as if I’d just stabbed him through the heart. I guess in a way, I did. I knew after only a day back home that I’d made a colossal mistake. All I could think of was Randy – the wonderfully sexy things we did. After three days, I was already climbing the walls. A month later, when Stu left on another one of his extended business trips, it was the last straw. I left and went back to Washington, D.C.

That morning I dressed in shorts and a soft sweater that clearly showed off my nipples. Checking myself in the mirror, I knew I looked good. I didn’t call Randy. I just showed up on the day I knew he had off. That was a mistake. When he saw it was me, he opened the door, but didn’t invite me in. was all he said.

I replied. “Can I come in?”

He glanced over his shoulder, saying, caught me at a bad time.” I could hear someone moving around inside. I knew it was probably a girl, and it hurt a little.

“I want to come back, Randy. I couldn’t stand being away from you.”

little dick not doing the job?”

I felt my face burning, but just let it go. He’d earned the right to be nasty. I had it coming. “Please. I know you have someone here. I don’t care. Just let me stay and try to make up for what I did.”

He jerked his head for me to come inside and I slid past him through the doorway, sitting my overnight bag down. A really cute girl in revealing shorts and a tank-top lounged on the couch. She was taller than I am, but slender like me. Nice breasts and legs. I suspected she had a nice ass too. That was one of the things Randy always said he liked about me. I was instantly jealous as hell. She smiled sweetly, like she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“This is Jenny,” he said, nodding at a chair for me to sit.

“I’ve got no place else to stay, Randy,” I blurted out almost in tears. I now knew it’d been impetuous for me to fly to Wash D.C. when I didn’t know anyone except Randy.

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “You can stay in my guest room temporarily. My own bedroom is full at the moment. You’ll have to get a job and pay board if you want to stay longer than a week. That’ll be your status – a tenant.”

Jenny got up and smirked as she left the room, strutting cutely. I conceded that she really did have a great ass. I stared at Randy for a minute. “Can you ever forgive me, Randy? I still love you. I do. I want what we had.”

“That may take some time – if ever. You got to me really bad when you left, Baby. I never felt that bad before.”

The hurt in his eyes made my heart ache for him. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, but I just said, “I understand. I’ll be here for you if you change your mind. Anything you want. Ignore me, use me, anything. I’m asking nothing in return.”

“You might not know what you’re letting yourself in for. I’m pretty pissed.”

“Then take it out on me until it’s out of your system. I’ll do anything to have things the way they were.”

That night, was the hardest I ever experienced. I’d wanted to jump Randy’s bones from the minute I’d walked in. Having to go to my own room while he went into the room we’d once shared, taking Jenny with him, well, it was tough to watch. This was Randy’s night off so I knew they would share some of Randy’s ‘love dust.’ I envied them. I hated them. Once they started fucking I hated them even more. I’m rather subdued when having sex. Jenny wasn’t. She screamed and cried-out non-stop all night. At one point she screamed over and over, “Fuck me in the ass! Fuck my ass!” Eventually her screams faded off into whimpers and moans. It wasn’t very long before she started screaming again though. I was so hot I was going out of my mind. Unable to stand it any longer, I got up and went to their bedroom door, listening as Randy’s grunts and yells drove me right up the wall. Finally, I reached out and turned the knob – and found it locked. Tears streaming down my face, I ran back to my bed and covered my ears with a pillow. I had my hand buried inside my pussy until I passed out around 3:30 AM. They were still going strong.

The next morning, their door was still locked and not a sound was coming from the room. I knew the feeling. After a night of using Randy’s ‘love dust,’ we’d been the same way, totally exhausted. It made me angry though. I left, determined to find work as soon as possible. I couldn’t stand this feeling any longer. I was still horny this morning, my pussy burning up. Damn Randy anyway.

I took the bus downtown, about a twenty minute ride. It only took me three hours to land a job as hostess for a café and lounge. Shit, I thought the economy was so bad. The pay wasn’t great, but it would be enough if I was careful. I’d give Randy some time to work past everything, but if it took too long I’d get a place of my own. I couldn’t take many more nights like last night. The ride back went right past the park where I’d allowed a couple of strangers to fuck the daylights out of me a few months earlier. It was sick, but those images suddenly flooded my mind, leaving me wet and shaken. I would not do that again, I promised myself.
No matter how bad it got, I would wait for Randy to make up his mind.

When I entered the condo, Randy was on his Play Station, and Jenny was prancing around in a baby-doll nighty. She looked scrumptious – the bitch. Randy didn’t even look up, but Jenny smiled. “I made some soup. Want some?”

That’s the way it went for almost a week, her being so nice butter wouldn’t melt in her pretty mouth, my nights filled with their grunts, cries and moans as I soaked my own sheets. Twice, when Jenny was in the shower, I actually pleaded with Randy to do me any way he wanted. I reminded him I was the way I was because of him, that I needed it because he’d turned me into a slut. He just shook his head. I ran away sobbing. He was getting his revenge.

I’d married Stu at a young age, in what turned out to be a very vanilla seven-year relationship. Randy had introduced me into a totally uninhibited life-style filled with every kind of sex imaginable. Sex is almost all I’ve thought of since. I realize I’m probably sick, but if I am so is Randy. We were made for each other. Why couldn’t he see that? Riding the bus home from work on my forth day I saw a familiar figure board and then come sit down next to me, even though the bus was nearly deserted. It was the old black man I’d had sex with in the park men’s room, on that day so long ago. I stared straight ahead, frozen, scared to death. After a few minutes, he simply took my hand and placed it on his bare cock. He’d unzipped quietly and I hadn’t even noticed. I tried pulling my hand away but he just held it there, staring to the front. Frantically, I looked around, but the three people who were sitting ahead of us didn’t suspect a thing.

“Please don’t do this,” I whispered. “I’m not like that />
He finally turned his face to me, smiling softly. “Yes, you are.” He looked back to the front, moving my hand slowly up and down on his cock. It was so big. Warm. Throbbing in my small hand like it was alive.
I felt his other hand at the back of my head, pulling it forward. “No.” I said firmly; then pleading “No,” more softly as the pressure on the back of my head grew insistent. My face was only a few inches from his ebony cock, stiff and shiny. I could smell its musk, see a silver drop forming at its tip. My mouth watered as I remembered how it’d tasted that day in the park. Pressure eased on the back of my head, before slipping away entirely. I didn’t pull back. Instead, I lowered my mouth and took his uncircumcised cock in as far as I could manage. It tasted like ambrosia, making me swoon as I gobbled it like it was candy. I finally got most of it stuffed down my milking throat, then sliding back a little as I let my tongue feel the ridges and thick veins as I eased off. Then I was plunging my face back down, feeling that awesome cockhead enter the tight opening of my throat, popping through into my gullet. At that moment, we were the only two people in the world. I was so starved for sex that I would’ve fucked that old man right there on the bus. It came to a sudden jarring halt as he roughly pushed my hungry mouth off his cock and hurriedly zipped up. He stood, gazing down at me. “This is where I get off.”

He exited as more passengers boarded. Like a zombie I got up and followed, my heart pounding like thunder in my throat. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. Scared but excited, my legs felt so weak I could hardly walk. I was having difficulty even breathing, but I followed. After a block, he paused and looked back to see if I was there, then went into an apartment building. I don’t even remember climbing the dark stairs behind him, just him holding the door open for me to walk inside his apartment. He went straight into the bedroom and I followed like I’d been programed. All the days and nights of listening to Randy and Jenny rutting like wolves, seeing their images in my mind, my pussy burning up and soaking my panties all day long, had finally taken its toll. I couldn’t resist what was awaiting me in there, even if I wanted to. I didn’t. I wanted this. I needed it.

I’d go crazy if someone didn’t give me what I needed.

“Get naked,” The old man said, walking toward the bathroom. I instantly heard him leaking into the water.
How romantic, I thought. I’m just a piece of ass to him. Fine, that’s what I wanted, too. Just fuck me and let me go home. I quickly undressed. Trembling as though I had a high fever, I was lying in the middle of the bed when he returned from the bathroom and crawled in beside me. He was also naked, his rod sticking straight out. He was tall and thin and I could almost count his ribs, but his cock was long, thick and meaty. Like the short curly hair on his head, his pubic hair was gray. He climbed onto my chest and tantalizingly rubbed his spongy cockhead over my loose lips as I excitedly gasped for air. Then he just shoved it down my throat, burying it all the way. I could feel his hairy balls against my chin as I struggled to breathe through my nose. Just when I thought I would pass out, he finally pulled out for a second, and then did it again – again – and again. I didn’t fight him. My arms were outstretched to the side, hands clutching the sheets, my open mouth a willing receptacle for his use. He face-fucked me for a long time, then after a while he rolled onto his back, pulling my head to his cock, letting me do the work while he watched. I didn’t disappoint. I lathed his cock and balls with my tongue until they were wet, sucking his loose foreskin as I also tongued it, sticking the tip of my tongue into his pee-hole, and then gently nibbling on his foreskin again. I sucked his cock hard and then softly, harder once more, hearing his pleasurable grunts. I smiled. I was in control here. He needed it as much as I did. I was trembling all over I was so excited. My swollen cunt lips were so sensitive I felt I could cum anytime even without any contact. I’d never been hotter. He pulled his knobby knees to his thin chest, pushing my face into his steamy crack. I felt oh so nasty as I licked and bit downward to his puckered anus, listening to his moans, smelling his musky odor. I was at a stage that I knew I would do anything he wanted of me. He owned me. I was the worst slut imaginable, trembling with the excitement of doing forbidden things with a complete stranger. I was so excited, I was gasping for breath. I slowly traveled back up his scrotum, licking the thick vein on the bottom of his cock, sliding my loose wet lips around his spongy head, making love to it, then swallowing his entire cock down to the balls as he gripped my head and humped upward with brute force. His cum was thick and strong as it hit the back of my throat, coating my tongue, sliding down my throat in slimy lumps to pool deep inside my soft belly, hot and heavy. He shot three long strings, one right after the other. It was like sweet cream to me, fulfilling and satiating my hunger.

Even when he’d finished, his penis remained firm as I continued licking and nibbling his cock and balls. Finally, he rolled me over and plunged his huge cock half-way inside me, fire and pleasure fighting for dominance. Even as wet as I was, I couldn’t accommodate that meaty thing, and it burned my pussy lips like fire. Pleasure finally won the battle as I wrapped my thighs around him, pulling the rest of his fantastic cock into my burning cunt. I think I screamed then. I know I did when he started pounding into me like an animal. It hurt. It really hurt, but it was wonderful. I must’ve been making too much noise, because he finally covered my twisted mouth with his open lips, sticking his tongue down my throat, robbing my air as I greedily sucked the slimy invader deeper, loving it. I followed his tongue to its resting place with my own tongue, frantically biting his lips, sucking them, slamming my hips up to meet the monster cock pounding against my cervix and jarring my small frame like a truck hitting it. This is what I had been wanting. Over the grunts and slapping of his flesh against my ass cheeks, I heard myself deliriously saying, “Fuck me, oh god fuck me . . . fuck . . .”

At that pace, neither of us could’ve lasted long. We simply exploded, straining and shuddering against each other for a full minute, moaning into each other’s mouth, my nails digging into his thin back, legs desperately clutching his thighs, rolling my ass and humping frantically – trying to climb him. Randy had once shown me I could have multiple orgasms, and I had them now until I was completely and utterly drained. Finally when it was over, neither of us moved for a long time. He did first, slipping his limp wet cock from my clutching pussy, as I muttered sleepily in protest.

“Oh, don’t worry honey. We ain’t done yet. Just need to rest a minute.”

I must’ve dozed, for the next thing I recalled was being flipped onto my stomach and raised onto my knees. I felt his hardness against my pussy, slipping inside for a moment, and then it was pressing against my tender anus.

“No,” I muttered. “Not there.”

He laughed. “You liked it up the ass that day in the park’s shithouse stall, baby. Once I get started, you’ll love it now.”

“Please don’t. I’ll do anything else you want.”

Fire consumed me as the giant spongy head of his cock popped through my nether rings. I did scream this time. Loudly. “Shut up and rub your pussy,” was all he said, continuing to push harder. He did wait after a minute for me to grow accustomed to his garth, but then slowly began pushing deeper as I cried into my pillow. He paused two more times before he was all the way inside, then he just let it throb in there for a while. Finally, he began a slow sawing motion in and out as I slipped three fingers into my pussy. I was surprised to find I was absolutely gushing wet. After a while, his slow pace was beginning to get to me and I wanted him to speed up a bit, relieve the itch quickly developing in there. I could feel every ridge on his meaty cock, every throb, the thrill of his big balls bouncing softly against my vulva. I moaned, and pushed backward.

“Ah, baby wants it now, huh?”

I rotated my hips, silently urging him on, letting him know what I wanted.
He stopped moving, his hands resting on my hips. “Wantta ask daddy to fuck your ass?”
I knew he wouldn’t continue until I told him, so I did. “Please fuck my ass.”

“Yes, yes. Please just fuck me. Hard as you want.”

He gripped my hips tighter and began pounding his thick cock into my tortured asshole like he wanted to destroy me. I helped him. I didn’t care. Destroy me, kill me, fuck me to death you filthy old bastard. Remembering that he’d left me hanging that last day in park, my fingers were going the speed of light as I worked my pussy, shoving my hand completely inside, then viciously pinching my clit. I felt him go, his load bouncing off the walls of my colon, spurting inside my bowels, warm and glowing as I also hit the wall, biting my pillow, screaming silently into it, slamming my hips back, rolling them against his punishing cock, delirious, out of my mind. At that moment, he owned me body and soul

I wanted to rest afterward, sleep a while. But as soon as he finished unloading inside me, he roughly pushed me off his cock and said, “Go clean up and leave. I need a beer.”

When I came out of the bathroom, he was watching TV and sucking on a can of beer. “I’m here about this time every Thursday and Friday. You feel free to scratch on my door if you get hard up.”

As I walked to the door I heard him say,” I’m Al.” I realized then that I’d already fucked him on three different occasions in every manner a man can use a woman, and I didn’t even know his name. Was I as low as I could possibly go? He didn’t look up as I closed his door. My anus burned so badly I could hardly walk and my weak legs barely supported me as I made my way back down the dark stairway. I’d never felt so totally used and abruptly discarded. Well, maybe one time – that day in the men’s room at the park.

That night alone in my room was not as bad as it had been. For one thing, Randy didn’t use the on a work night, so their sexual bouts weren’t nearly as lengthy as the previous ones. Besides that, my afternoon with the old black guy had, at least, taken the edge off my frustration. Still, I longed to be in there with him, letting my Alfa wolf have his way with its mate. I could wait now, though. I’d found a way to make it until Randy came to his senses and welcomed me back to his bed. Then, Jenny could go to hell.
I heard my door open, and Randy stood there in his shorts. Shocked, I stared at him in disbelief. “I have to work early tomorrow, and Jenny has a hard time sleeping unless she’s had all she wants. I want you to come in and get her off so I can sleep.”

“Randy! I can’t do that! I don’t do women.”

He turned to go. “Fine. You said anything I wanted. Guess you didn’t mean it.”

Fear shot through me and I raised my hand to stop him. my voice sounded small. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t shut me out.”

“Come on,” he said, heading back to his room. Defeated, I followed. Jenny was spread out on the bedspread, her bald pussy glistening in the dim light of the bed lamp. He silently pointed toward her and I took a deep breath, and crawled onto his king sized bed. Jenny wrapped her arms around me and tenderly pulled me to her chest like I was her lover. She smiled as she kissed my lips, her hand caressing and then pinching my nipples. Strangely, I felt a stirring in my loins. Her hand slid down my belly, coming to rest on my pubic mound. A finger found its way inside and I flooded her hand. She smiled wider as she kissed my tits, slowly working her way to where her fingers were beginning to drive me wild. I felt her hot breath on my pussy lips first, and then her tongue as she licked my clit, sucking me to a quick, mind-blowing orgasm. She didn’t stop there, continuing to pull at my flaps with her teeth and lips until I was pushing my steamy crotch against her face once more, wrapping my fingers in her hair. I groaned loudly, seeing Randy smile.

Jenny’s mouth left me for an instant as she turned her body, her wet snatch pausing directly over my face. It was bald, gapped partially open and glistening wet. I caught a whiff of her scent, deciding that it wasn’t unpleasant at all. I knew what she wanted and lifted my face to tongue her, as she was doing to me. I was instantly rewarded by a gush of fluid wetting my face. What she was doing to my pussy was driving me crazy, so I wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled her closer, burying my face inside her wetness. We both came, shuddering, sobbing, blowing bubbles inside the other’s pussy, holding on desperately so that it would last. When it did end, neither of us seemed inclined to stop just yet. I felt the bed sag and opened my eyes to find Randy’s cock and balls directly in front of my face. For just an instant, he buried it to the balls inside my throat. Then, as I licked its length, I watched him slowly bury that fat, fabulous thing all the way inside Jenny’s snatch. His nuts lay softly, lovingly against my face. I alternated between nibbling them and eating Jenny like I was starving, watching as he slid in and out of her, licking his cock as often as I could, hearing her gasps grow louder and faster as she neared her climax. They came together and as Randy pumped inside her, his thick white cum ran from her cunt directly over my face and into my mouth. I continued sucking at her sloppy opening until I lost my mind in an explosive orgasm of my own.

Randy’s dick now limp, he tiredly slid down in the bed to find his pillow, Jenny between us. Smiling, she pulled my face against her breasts and we all slept.

The next morning, they were already gone when I awoke. My face felt sticky and one eye was stuck partially shut. What a night, I thought as I washed my face and got ready for work.

Yes, there’s more. If I get some positive responses and people want to know more, I’ll ask Cleo to post what happens next.

story by: cleo1234

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Author: cleo1234

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