Babysitting sis part two

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Babysitting Sis

Part Two

It was late at night and he couldn’t sleep. He and his thirteen year old sister had had sex together in the family pool earlier that evening while he was supposed to be babysitting her, and now he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He had a raging hard on as the scene played through his mind again and again, one hand stroking the rock hard cock as he pictured what had happened. All he knew at that moment was that he wanted his sister’s tight pussy again, wanted to feel her move against him until he flooded her with cum. A few minutes passed and he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep the way he was. He quietly got up and listened at his door. He could hear his parents breathing as they slept, completely unaware of what had happened while they’d been gone earlier, or what was about to happen just up the hall.

He silently made his way down the hall to his sister’s room, easing open her door slowly so that it wouldn’t squeal and give him away. He slipped inside her room and shut the door silently, then turned to see her laying sound asleep across her bed, the sheet that had covered her young body bunched up at her feet where she’d kicked it off. She wore only a thin tee shirt and pair of panties which did very little to conceal her sexy little body as she slept on her back, pert breasts pointed at the ceiling, slender but shapely legs spread apart. He crossed the room in three steps and sank down onto her bed, the fingers of one hand reaching for the shadowy area between her legs as the other hand brushed aside the tee shirt and found a nipple to play with. She moaned slightly but didn’t wake as he leaned in close and breathed in her scent, at the same time kissing her lips and snaking a finger inside her panties to seek the warm wetness he wanted so much. The nipple he was playing with was growing long and hard between his fingers and the wetness between her legs was starting to soak through her panties as her body responded to his attentions. He moved his lips down over her throat to the other nipple, began to suckle and nibble on it, feeling it also grow as she started to come awake.

Raising his head for a moment, he cautioned her to stay quiet so their parents wouldn’t hear. She nodded her comprehension as she felt his finger slide into her tight little pussy and probe around. Her hands found his hard cock easily as he’d not bothered to put on any pants, and her slender fingers encircled the shaft and began to move up and down smoothly. With a low groan, he started working his way down her torso, leaving a damp trail behind as he kissed and licked past her navel and found the fragrant split between her legs where his finger had already been playing. He rubbed his face against the wet cloth of her panties before sliding them down her legs and burying his mouth against her sweet pussy. His lips nibbled her clit before allowing his tongue to dip between her swollen pussy lips and taste the sweetness of her dripping wet hole. He couldn’t resist the slightly musky scent of her as he kissed, licked, and ran his tongue inside her as far as it would reach. Her hips began to rise up, offering him better access and he shifted just a bit so that his sister could reach his achingly hard cock with her mouth.

He felt her lips brush against the tip of his cock head in the lightest of kisses before she opened her mouth and slid it over the head of his rock hard penis. Wet warmth enveloped him and he held himself perfectly still as she began to suck just the head, feeling her slide her mouth up and down slightly every time she applied suction. He knew she didn’t know what she was doing, but even so she seemed to have a natural knack for sucking cock. Her voracious mouth was causing the muscles in his legs to twitch as she slowly worked her way down his length, swallowing it all. He buried his face as deeply into her as he could, thrusting his tongue into her tight little slit as she moaned around the mouthful of cock. He moved back to her clit, teasing it with his tongue as he slid a finger into her and moved it in and out quickly. She increased her tempo as he got her more excited, tasted his pre-cum drizzling from the tip of his cock. He knew that she was on the verge of getting a mouthful of hot cum if he didn’t pull out, and he wanted to feel her pussy gripping his cock again before he came.

He pulled his throbbing cock from his sisters’ mouth and turned around to settle his hips between her legs. With a groan of satisfaction, he pushed into her wet and willing pussy, feeling her inner muscles clamp down on him as he slowly sank his full length into her. They moved together in the same age old rhythm of men and women through the millennia, reveling in the sensuousness and pleasure of their bodies united. Neither one remembered to keep their noise down, and neither heard the slight click as the door unlatched and swung slightly open. Lost in their lust and need of each other, neither noticed their father standing staring with wide disbelieving eyes at his son and daughter fucking uninhibitedly on the rumpled bed. Neither saw the shock on his face turn to lust at the sight of his daughters’ nubile naked form twisting and writhing underneath the thrusting body of her brother. Neither saw their fathers’ cock rise to a hard and upright nine inches as he spied on his children and suddenly realized that he was jealous of his son being buried in his daughters’ tight little pussy. He turned silently and eased the door shut, heading back to his own bedroom with confusion and lust roaring through his mind at what he’d just seen in his daughters’ room and bed. He slid back into bed beside his wife and reached for her, needing to satisfy the throbbing ache the sight of his children had caused in his loins.

The children meanwhile were reaching the heights of passion together, both about to cum as their bodies met the last few times and they both felt their orgasms start to explode gloriously through their bodies. He drove himself as far as he could into her pussy, their bodies tightly pressed together as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through the both of them. Their limbs trembling from the spasms tearing through them, he collapsed on top of his gasping sister, and then quickly rolled them both onto their sides as he realized that his weight was too much for her. He left her a few minutes later, just after she had drifted off to sleep curled against him, knowing that he couldn’t get caught there in the morning by their parents; and knowing that he would visit his sister every night if he could to enjoy her eager young body.

story by: Irishpassion

Tags: fiction young blowjob consensual sex male/female teen male/teen female incest oral sex sex story written by women

Author: Irishpassion

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