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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.
While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.
These stories are true and not embellished but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later …
/> Wow, what a weekend !

A new girl and her single mother had just moved into the area and despite me being way down in the pecking order Bernadette had rejected all the advances of the guys the local girls swooned over and I had mistakenly ended up with her as my girlfriend.
She lived not far from me and our little gang of locals had accepted her into the group, I was standing next to her and asked Chook if he wanted to head into town for a schnitzel, Bernadette thought I was talking to her and had looped her hand through my elbow saying she’d love to … dunno who was more surprised, Chook or I, but I wasn’t about to say anything and we quickly became an item much to the disgust of the rejected guys in town.

Bernadette was a very cute looking chick although dressing a little strangely for a small country town with her multi coloured almost see through flowing garments, her mum Julie on the other hand was a real stunner who wore very short skirts to show off her toned and tanned legs and loved to display a nice cleavage.

They had left the city about 6 weeks previous when her mum and dad had split up and her mum already had a reputation of not being choosy who she slept with much to embarrassment; every weekend was a party at their place.

Anyway, last night I had gone around to after school, we had got into some pretty heavy pashing and she had let me get my hand into her knickers to get a couple of fingers up inside her much to my delight.

She was really wet and panting after a while so with a bit of urging on my behalf had pulled my hard cock out of my jeans and was slowly jerking her hand up and down the length of it.

After quite a long session of this she grabbed my arm and held on tight while she ground down really hard on my fingers rubbing her clit on my palm as she shuddered to a climax.
I though I was in with a chance but she quickly deflated me by squeezing my rigid cock telling me that “this thing is not going to get into me so get that idea out of your head” … then somewhat appeased my by saying “but we can do a lot of other things” and started jerking me off a bit faster and harder.

I had been at the point of cuming for over half an hour by this stage and was desperate to relieve the tension so asked her to squeeze harder and go faster; she leaned right down over my cock with her head only a few inches away and started pumping harder sending me over the edge in a massive orgasm. Through blurry eyes I saw her jerk her head away and thought I saw some of my cum shoot up into her mouth and was pretty sure I saw her lick a drop off her bottom lip, couldn’t be sure but was I about to get a blow job and was she a swallower? My mind reeled!!

As I slowly came down from my high with her hand still softly holding my wilting cock and the cum oozing over her fingers she asked “are you guys coming round to the party here tomorrow arvo after the footy?” “I could sure use some company”
I answered that I would love to come so she said she would let her mum know and went on to say “it might also make mum tone it down a bit”

So here I was at the footy heading out behind the sheds for a smoke with my best mate Chook during the lunch break before the under 18s started their game and things were really going well.

I said to Chook “I’m going over to after the footy, you guys wanna come over?”, Chook replied “yeh sure” so after our smoke we headed off to find the rest of the gang.
We headed to the score board which had an open air top section about chest high as we could see some movement over there and as we climbed the stairs could hear lots of exited chatter and found most of our team mates all crowded around and could see some bare flesh, we pushed in for a look and almost fainted in shock … here was Anna’s boyfriend sitting on the floor with his back up against the wall, Anna was lying on her back with her head in his lap between his outstretched legs while he had his hands up under her jumper playing with her beautiful firm melon shaped boobs, her jeans and white lacy knickers were bunched up at her ankles, her knees were spread and everyone was trying to get their fingers inside her all at once … it was a madhouse.

She was half laughing half moaning as two or three fingers at a time were thrust up inside her and she was very obviously having a great time and really getting off on it, her boyfriend Brandon was laughing like mad telling us all to come get your winners prize!

Anna was in her early twenties, dead set the most beautiful woman in the whole valley with a lovely face, big blue eyes, long brown hair, the aforementioned melon sized very firm boobs, long slender tanned legs and unusually for the times she had a trimmed bush of black curly pubes.
Every teenage boy in the valley had probably fantasised about her at one time or another as she could easily have graced the pages of any mens magazine … she was an absolute stunner!

All I could think of as I reached in to cop a feel was that they must both be really pissed or on drugs to let this happen, didn’t stop me getting one then two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy while someone lifted her jumper up high to get a better
look at her boobs though.

One of the guys then jumped in between her legs trying to jam his cock in but the boyfriend kicked him fair in the chest knocking him through the crowd on his arse while menacingly saying “NO, I told you kids a feel was all you are getting!!” Anna didn’t seem to care and kept laughing/moaning as the fingers all returned to fill her up again, we all reckoned she would have screwed the lot of us given half a chance.

One of the guys was keeping look out and yelled, the Umps coming so Anna quickly pulled her top down and stood up to pull up her jeans giving us an awesome view of her dripping wet pussy and cute rounded bum as she reached down to grab her jeans, with one last jiggle and a big smile she pulled them up to put an end top all the festivities … it was an event that was talked about for years but sadly never repeated, she seemed quite embarrassed about the whole thing later on saying the boyfriend had drugged her but she sure seemed to enjoy the whole thing at the time.

A few months later she moved to the city and we lost track of her although the memory lives on.

After the footy Chook and I found Colin, Chris and Jeff and we all trooped over to to hang out, Julie had invited 3 guys in their early twenties as well as three other couples over and they had the music blaring with plenty of booze being consumed, we hung out in the kitchen getting some great perves from the four women in the lounge room as they danced around in their short skirts, we were all betting that Julie had no panties on because we hadn’t been able to catch a glimpse of them but Bernadette was getting a bit pissed off with the talk about her mum so we had to drop the subject, didn’t stop us looking though.

Chook and I headed home for Dinner as it got dark as we hadn’t told our parents where we were, we met up later and headed back to via a short cut through the gravel pile and saw Julies car parked next to the cop car.

As we approached we saw Julies car rocking and snuck up for a look, in the back seat we saw Julie on her back with the young constable from town in between her legs going for it, we snickered then gave the car a few pushes before running off into the bushes to watch.

There was a bit of movement and the constable emerged fully dressed then grabbed a torch out of his car and started sweeping the area, we quietly snuck off and ran over to breathlessly telling the others what we had seen.
The others laughed but Bernadette headed to her room so I went in to keep her company.
She was crying a bit saying “why does my mum have to be such a slut, she’s ruining eventually she drifted off to sleep so I went back out to the kitchen to join the others.

Apparently Julie had come back just after we had gone into the room and had told everyone how some little shits had rocked the car and the constable had left her there in the back of the car horny as hell while he headed off to look for them, she had draped herself on one of the young blokes laps and had started pashing on with him.

When I looked in I saw the other two guys chatting and watching their mate with his hand up Julies skirt obviously fingering her while they pashed, two of the couples were up dancing while the other couple were also pashing but it was too dark to see what else they were up to.
As time went on Julie pulled the guys cock out of his jeans and was stroking him for a while.
Julie then lifted up a bit and the guy slid forward in the seat, Julie straddled his legs and facing away from him proceeded to slide down on his cock, we could see it all happening in the light streaming in from the kitchen and was plain to see she wasn’t wearing any panties but not only that, she was completely shaved down there!

Shaved !! this was something nobody did in those days except in the odd porno magazine, we were gobsmacked and had all peeked in for a look.

Julie was slowly pumping up and down when the guys pointed out we were watching, she just loudly said “let em watch, they might learn something!” and started moving faster up and down his pole while watching the four of us peeking round the corner.

Chris was sitting in the corner patting the dog oblivious to it all.

The other two guys stopped to watch and the pashing couple also focussed their attention on the scene, the other two couples stepped outside led by the women and we didn’t see them again.

Pretty soon Julie had gotten a bit tired so the guy had started really pounding up into her, Julie had leaned back and the guy had lifted her top to expose her bare boobs which were not a bad size but drooped a little bit to the sides when out of her bra.
He was trying to play with her boobs and pound his cock up into her at the same time but kept having to slow down for a rest, Julie was moaning quite loudly.
We had a great view as the guy had spread his legs and Julies had spread even further, we could see his nut sack swinging away and his glistening wet prick sliding deeply up inside her as her inner lips dragged up and down his pole.

Next thing Chris stepped through us and walked up to them and sat straight in between the guys legs staring intently at the fucking happening a foot in front of his face … We thought Julie would hit the roof but she looked down at him and just laughed then kept moving.

The other two guys then took the cue and sat down beside her feeling a boob each, Julie started moaning even more so they each started sucking on a nipple getting even more moans out of Julie while Brad was getting very close and was using long deep strokes as he neared his orgasm ….

I must explain a bit about Chris before I go on …

Chris’s twin brother was Colin, Colin seemed fairly normal but Chris was a bit retarded with no idea of right or wrong and was oblivious to the consequences of his actions so poor old Colin had to keep his brother in check.
For a few years now, Chris would just whip out his dick and masturbate whenever the mood struck him, up to 5 or 6 times a day but only lasting 5 to 10 second before his cum dribbled out the end, most times Colin could just say “Chris stop it” and Chris would tuck it back in and continue on as if nothing happened.
It was a common occurrence and everyone in our small town knew about it making allowances for “Poor Colin” who was saddled with the job of trying to control him and trying to ignore Chris when he did it in the shops or on the street.

Chris’s mum was also slightly retarded, didn’t talk, feel cold, heat or pain and never showed any emotion but instead focused on the task at hand with no knowledge of anything else going on around her.
In summer or winter she wore a Mink coat whenever she left the house although in summer she wore nothing at all under it which was something we noticed as kids when she picked up the twins from school.
In winter she wore a thin dress, [one of several all exactly the same] under the coat and at home she just wore the thin dress, she didn’t seem to own any underwear and her largish breast used to hang down and sway a lot with her movement.

Chris’s dad and several other local teenagers had apparently been sneaking in to Chris’s mums bedroom when she was a teenager for sex and she had gotten pregnant.
The parents had waited in the dark one night and sprung Chris’s dad in bed with her.

Chris’s dad didn’t know about the other guys at the time and thought he was the one so agreed to marry her when she turned 16 having the twins a month later.

She turned out to be a fairly decent housekeeper if you told her what to do and he could chase other women whenever he wanted, could have sex with her when ever he felt like it and was pretty happy with the arrangement.

I rarely was invited to Colin and Chris’s house but one time I was there I saw Chris’s dad walk up behind their mum while she was cooking dinner, lifted her skirt up and started fucking her right there in the kitchen, she walked over to get something out of the fridge leaving him standing there with his penis hanging in mid air then walked back to the bench and he just poked it back in and kept going until he grunted a minute or so later and walked off without him noticing me sitting in the other room.

Needless to say I was completely gobsmacked … no wonder us kids were rarely invited inside!

Colin had just caught the tail end of the action when he walked back into the room and got very embarrassed about it but after a bit of prompting told me all about how his father did that sort of thing quite often and didn’t seem to care if the twins saw or not.

Chris must have been in the kitchen and I saw him walk up behind her with his dick out but Colin saw me staring and had turned round and yelled at Chris to stop getting even more embarrassed and glowing bright red … Chris just walked off like nothing had happened while I sat there gobsmacked yet again!

Poor Colin admitted that since Chris had reached Puberty he had a hard time with Chris who had started wanking himself at any time, any where but just lately Chris had started noticing women and would start masturbating if he saw someone in a dress bend over getting a glimpse of bare leg and would walk up and rub himself on them trying to stick his erection in them as he came, he was pretty sure that Chris was now fucking his mother although he had not caught him in the act.

That explained why Colin didn’t go out to town much these days, and only hung out with us when we were mucking around near home.

Bernadette and Julie had both experienced Chris’s problem and accepted it with good humour but made sure the kept an eye on him when he was around.

Anyway, getting back to the story …

Chris had been watching intently for a while then stood up pulled his dick out and started poking it at Julies pussy, Julie laughed and turned to Brad behind her saying “I think Chris wants to go nex … ohhhhh shit !! ” as Chris managed to push his dick in beside Brads whilst cumming at the same time, Colin had already sprinted in to pull Chris off but the job was done so while Colin was apologising profusely Brad came with the help of the extra lubrication and quickly went soft.

Julie’s face went from shock at Chris’s actions to concern at Colin’s apology to disappointment as Brad’s softening cock slipped out, her funny side returned as the commotion died down and she laughed and said to Colin “well since I’m left high and dry you may as well have a turn” and reached out to grab his cock.

Colin jumped back in shock falling on his arse and one of the other guys quickly moved round between her legs and was soon pounding in to her cum soaked pussy.

Julie beckoned Colin forward and started rubbing his dick then pulled it out to stroke it while the guy on the other side slipped his out for Julie to play with, The guy between her was going hard at it and as Julie started to cum he let go an enormous load, we watched in amazement as the cum overflowed out around his dick and ran down over Brads balls.

As the guy pulled out a big glob of cum escaped out of her gaping pussy with a big drawn out “oh yuck” coming from Brad who squirmed out from under Julie.

Without taking her hand from Colin’s cock Julie moved her bum to the edge of the couch and pulled his cock in between her legs where Colin soon got the idea and slid effortlessly in to the hilt in one smooth move.

Julie seemed to be on a big rolling wave of orgasm after orgasm and it wasn’t long before Colin shoved deep and unloaded his cum as well; as soon as he pulled out the other guy took his place keeping Julies orgasm wave rolling on … she was moaning loudly and pulling his arse deep in between her legs

While all this was going on the other couple were on the other couch masturbating each other in the shadows while watching the show, then they got up stood behind the couch where he started fucking her from behind all the while focussing on the action in front of them … pity as we couldn’t see anything as she was pretty hot looking.

Chook and Jeff needed no encouragement and moved over to stand in line with their hard dicks out ready while I sat forlornly at the table thinking I better not try it on with my girlfriends mum.

The guy screwing Julie finally came and Julie stopped cumming so she laid back on the couch letting Jeff climb on for his turn … Chook started playing with her tits and Julie pulled his cock into her mouth where he promptly shot his load … I wasn’t sure if she would swallow or spit but she kept sucking him and swallowed his cum, he didn’t even get soft but kept right on moving slowly in and out of her mouth.

The sight of Julie swallowing must have been too much and the guy behind the couch started groaning loudly as he came and came and came … I’ve never seen someone cum for so long.
As he finished and sunk to his knees, the girl was desperately close to cumming and Brad who had been watching them from the side moved in with his hard again cock in his hand and jammed it straight up inside her then started furiously fucking her with long deep strokes, she came almost immediately in a huge mind blowing orgasm while Brad let go of a huge load at the same time then she turned around, looked at Brad and started screaming “you Bastard what do you think your doing? “ then looked down at her partner calling him all the names under the sun saying “how could you let some asshole I don’t even know rape me like that!! “

Everyone was just staring at her in disbelief … except for Chook who had jumped on Julie after Jeff came and wasn’t stopping for anything.

We didn’t know if she truly didn’t know Brad was fucking her or if she was only saying that so no one would say she was a slut who would let anyone fuck her.

While all this bedlam was going on Bernadette walked out surveying the debauched scene in front of her; apart from me every bloke had his dick out, the screaming woman had moved out from behind the couch and was still abusing her partner while her dress was tucked up into the waistband and a thick river of cum rolled out of her hairy pussy and down her leg, Julie was on her back with Chook still fucking her as if it was the last one he’d ever get and there was a big pool of cum all over the couches centre cushion.

Bernadette then started calling me all the names under the sun saying” how could you fuck your own girlfriends mother!! “ then stormed back to her room saying “I never want to see you again ! “ … great, I was as horny as a Mallee Bull and it looked like not only was I not gunna get laid but I’d lost a girlfriend too!

Chook then grunted a few times as he finished adding his cum to the load inside Julie and sat up, Julie tiredly sat up and looked down as the cum poured from her sopping wet pussy all over the cushion then looked at me and said “You poor thing, looks like you missed out all round, I’m too bloody sore and tired to go again”

With that the other woman walked over and grabbed me by the hand and led me back to the other couch and looked at her partner and said “ I’m the ONLY one who has a say in who gets to fuck me!” then pulled my hard cock out and laid back with her head against the back cushion guiding me straight into her pussy as I knelt between her legs.

I fucked her slowly while she looked straight into her partners eyes daring him to stop her, I was matching my movements with whatever she was saying … “go faster, go slower, go deeper “ etc etc … she was really getting off on telling him what was happening … “I love the feel of your cock as it slowly slides all the way inside me, I love feeling your balls slapping the cheeks of my bum and you get all the way in” etc etc … she was getting really turned on by her own vocalising and her eyes had glazed over then she started cumming explosively just like she did before, the walls of her cunt rhythmically squeezed my throbbing rock hard cock taking me over the edge and I came what felt like bucket loads deep up inside her spasming pussy.
As our orgasms subsided she pushed me off and reached over to him then pulled him down by his now stiff cock and said “LICK ME” … he pulled back saying “no way am I touching that” to which she replied “you won’t ever again if you

I doubt he would have done it if he wasn’t horny as hell but he tentatively poked his tongue out and touched it on her clit; she just grabbed his head and pulled his face into her snatch hard smearing cum all over his cheeks, he was a bit hesitant at first but started getting into it and was soon slurping away feverishly while masturbating madly.
You could see he was really enjoying himself immensely and she neared another wild orgasm just about shoving his head up her cunt as she rubbed her pussy up and down his face as she reach the point of no return and added her juices to the cum on his chin.

Julie had been watching with interest and said “Geezuzzz … anybody want to do that to me!” while rubbing her clit … we all shook our heads with a laugh.

The guy then kneeled up between the womans legs and started to push his rock hard cock in but the women twisted away, looked at him and said to Julie “he will and if he does a good job I might suck him off”
She pushed him and he crawled over between Julies legs so Julie laid back and let him go to town while the woman kneeled behind him and reached around stroking his cock … as he slurped away at the mess between Julies legs he was right on the verge of coming and licking hard … Julie had to tell him to be gentle.

The woman moved her head in front of his cock and took him into her mouth while he licked the cum from deep inside Julies saturated pussy causing her to really start squirming around in enjoyment.

As Julie got close to cumming the guy started to slowly fuck his wife's mouth who’s head was trapped up against the front of the couch, Julie moaned and had a quiet orgasm but the guy started to fuck his wife's mouth very hard and she had to put her hand around the base of his cock to stop him trying to shove it down her throat, there was no way she could get out of it and he grunted time after time after time as he poured his cum into her mouth.

As they recovered Julie tiredly turned over to get up and as I was still hard as a rock and as horny as hell I grabbed her by the hips moving in behind her and said “since I’m the only one here who hasn’t had a turn with you can I … ? “

Julie replied saying she was sorry but her pussy was too damn sore so I moved my cock head to her asshole but Julie quickly said “no way … that’s out only” so I pleaded and said “I’m so damn horny watching all this can I just rub it in here” and started moving my cock up and down the crack of her bum sliding it smoothly on the all the cum that had dribbled down, Julie said “Ok, I suppose that will be alright” so I started to really enjoy the feeling as the liberal lubrication combined with the smooth skin of her bum crack and the twin globes of her bum cheeks on either side of my cock was damn near as good as the real thing, just then Bernadette laid a hand on my shoulder and I looked up then froze as I saw who it was … Bernadette quietly said “I heard all that and there’s no need for you to have to do that” as she grabbed my hand and led me away, Chook had been feverishly pulling himself while watching so he took my place so quick I don’t think Julie even noticed the change.

As Bernadette led me into her room I looked back longingly at Chook stroking his cock in Julies Bum crack thinking “if I only had another minute …”
I was so bloody close to cumming that my cock was bobbing up and down as Bernadette knelt in front of me and took me into her mouth swirling her tongue around my knob before telling me she was sorry for calling me all those names and accusing me of fucking her mum … she had obviously not seen me with the other woman as she said she was sorry I had not had any relief and renewed her sucking on me.

I was not about to tell her about the other woman and pulled my throbbing cock out of her mouth then lifted her up saying “that is not good enough, I want your pussy !” and pushed her back on the bed and just stood there with my cock throbbing up and down waiting.

I don’t think Bernadette was a virgin as we had played around a lot but she had refused to let me put my cock inside her so I thought that this was probably the best chance I had of slipping one in.

After a silent moment Bernadette slowly stripped everything off and moved to the middle of the bed and opened her knees letting me get a good look at her neatly trimmed patch as I moved over her and placed the head at her entrance, she grabbed hold of my shaft and pulled me inward but as the head of my cock slipped just inside she winced a bit and I stopped.

I pulled back and moved my head down to her snatch giving it a thorough licking and lubing her up then moved back up again and popped my cockhead back inside and started to move it slowly in and out of her entrance but not really going inside; as I tried to go deeper she was tensing up, looked as if she was about to cry and pleading with me not to cum inside her so I moved a bit and started to slide my cock up and down her slit instead … I was feeling guilty but not enough to stop trying to get off and as I was so close I decided to move up for a blowjob instead.

As I moved up and straddled her chest she looked at me really strange and said “ no I didn’t mean that, you can do me” but I just shoved my dick in her mouth and said “maybe next time” and watched as the look of relief sweep over her face and she grabbed my bum and pulled me deep into her mouth sucking me off with enthusiasm.

With her bare boobs caressing my balls I started to fuck her mouth getting deeper and deeper until she gagged a bit then pulled back a bit and kept up a steady rhythm as I felt the cum boiling in my balls until I let loose a torrent of cum into her mouth, she was trapped and couldn’t escape even if she wanted to but Bernadette just swallowed and kept sucking until she had completely drained me dry and I had gone completely soft again.

It was only then that I noticed she had both hands rubbing her pussy hard and was still sucking my now soft cock strongly as she shuddered to a climax.

I rolled of her and lay on my back and she cuddled up to me saying “Thanks, that meant a lot to me” as we both drifted off to sleep.

Next morning we were awaked with a start as the bedroom door flung open and Julie stood there yelling “whats going on here?”

Bernadette stammered out “Its not what you think mum!” as she tried to drag the sheet over us; Julie walked over to the bed and looked straight at me and said “did you fuck her?” … I was a bit taken aback after all that had happened and replied “no, we just did some other stuff instead”

Julie straddled both of us [and I couldn’t help noticing her bare pussy as the short flimsy gown parted on either side of her legs] and crushed us both to her breasts as she rubbed the top of our heads saying “Good, keep it that way OK” and squeezed us again.

I could smell the fresh soap and feel her nipple against my cheek through the thin material and couldn’t help getting a hard on as the half open top showed a lot of cleavage.

Julie moved back away from us and as she did her hand hit my erection which promptly sprung back slapping my abdomen, she looked down and laughingly said “you boys amaze me” then purposely flashed me as she slowly moved first one leg then the other over the top of me as she got off the bed eliciting an “oh MUM !!’ from Bernadette.

As Julie sashayed out of the room you could tell she loved the effect she had on us poor males.

I rolled over on to Bernadette with my stiff cock between her legs and started humping her; Bernadette laughed and hit me saying, “you boys amaze me” then grabbed my cock and started rubbing it up and down her slit and over her clit.

She was getting wet but not enough so a slid down and used my tongue to lube her up then slid back into position and started to slide the full length of my cock up and down her slit; the rubbing over her clit soon had her shudder through an orgasm and she grabbed my cock to stop it touching her sensitive clit, I took over the handling of my cock and started pushing the head just inside her entrance, she grabbed my head and looked into my eyes and said “promise not to get carried away”, I replied “I promise” and went back to rubbing my knob up and down and in and out of her wet slippery entrance and down between her bum cheeks.

As I felt my orgasm approach I tried to fuck up along her slit but she was still too sensitive so I moved my knob back down to her vagina, slipped in a little bit then moved it down to her anus and pushed in then before she had time to object moved back to her vagina again: I kept this up for a while and slowly started to get deeper into her arse until the head was popping almost inside.

Bernadette was starting to relax as she trusted me not to shove it deep in either hole, I was holding it in her arse for longer and Bernadette was actually pushing onto me as she started to enjoy herself.

Bernadette then pushed two fingers inside her pussy and slowly slid her arse on to my cock until the head popped in, she held it there and started plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster while I tried to stay still to stop myself from going over the edge.

Bernadette wrapped her legs around me and started to fuck about an inch or so of cock in and out of her arse then as she came she pushed all the way down with a deep guttural AAAARGGHHH and yelled “Fuck my arse … all the way” so I pummelled deep into her until my balls were squashed hard against her bum cheeks and came so hard I thought I could taste myself in her mouth as I kissed her.

We hit the showers and headed down for breakfast with Julie still wearing next to nothing.

Things between Bernadette and i were going really well and even though she still didn't want to let me fuck her pussy she was getting used to the anal and the blowjobs were pretty amazing.

Julie was getting more than her fair share of different blokes and i was getting plenty of pervs and teasing keeping me in an almost perpetual state of arousal when i was around there.

Sadly Julie and Bernadette moved away a few weeks later as the small town gossip got too much and she lost her job.

I never did get to fuck Bernadette or her mum.

story by: Big Red One

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Author: Big Red One

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