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Me and my female bro just chilling like usual. Rate well guys. Tell me if you want another and/or what to do next.


It was my uncle and aunt’s 25th anniversary, and they had family come in for the party. My aunt was my mom’s sister, so my mom’s people came in and so did my uncle’s. On my uncle’s side, he brought his only sister, and his coworkers. I was cool with all of his people, and of recent had chilled with his sister and her kids at the beach. My mom, sister, and I drove down to Jersey to hang at the beach with them, for they lived 20 minutes from the shore; I was about 4 hours away in Maryland. When we drove down my sister got real cool with the two sisters. I chilled with Sarah, the older, who was a year younger than me, but we were in the same school year. Her younger sister was Kathy, who befriended my sister Mary big time. While we were down for the week, Sarah, Kathy and I hung out on the shore while my sister went to her tennis tournament an hour away, and my mom and Sarah’s mom went to watch. We sat at the beach and walked around. I showed Sarah what weed was like, Kathy wasn’t into it. We were kinda all just friends, but that was last summer.

Anyways, about me. I’ m Matt. 160. I work out, brown hair, green eyes. I’m 17, going into my senior year. Sarah was decent boobs and a nice ass. She was a cheerleader, whereas Kathy was a softball player. She was taller than Sarah, and was going into her freshman year. She wasn’t that hot.
Back to the party, my uncle had gotten a bar downstairs in their place and had his porch redone, getting benches and a new hot tub. He got flatscreens and dvr-tv installed. His house was sweet, I lived 10 minutes away. I knew that the girls were coming early because of the family relation, so I volunteered to go over early and help. One, I could spend more time with the girls and two, my uncle wouldn’t care if I had some beer. Once I brought the keg downstairs and the platters were all set, the family had arrived.

I said hi to Julia, their mom, and walked downstairs with Sarah and Kathy. It was empty downstairs. When you walk down, the tv would be next to you on the wall. In the opposite corner is the bar. To the corner on the right is a short hallway leading to my cousin’s room and the laundry room. In the laundry room, a small cut wall lead to a semi-hidden room for storage. Sarah and Kathy and I talked for a bit. I tried a little beer with Sarah, and I started to talk to her some more as my sister reunited with Kathy. Sarah was wearing a white formal shirt, her hair done nice, and a black skin tight long skirt that showed off her ass. Her boobs looked better, and she looked so much better overall since the last time we met. I filled up two cups of beer for me and Sarah, and my sister shot me a dirty look. “I’ll be in college next year. What are ya going to do then?” I said.

Sarah and I giggled and went to my cousin’s room where we watched some MTV. I sat laid back, put my drink on the ground hidden by the end of the couch, and took Sarah’s for her and hid it as she laid across the couch, putting her head on my lap. I felt kinda weird at first. I started stroking her head a bit. I kinda felt like I wanted to be more than a bro with her. Her tits looked great from this view too. Kathy and my sister knew our relationship at the time was nothing serious. We just joked around watching tv making fun of people that fucked up and stuff. We just chilled liked we normally could do. While I was stroking her hair she grabbed my hand and just brought it to her chest, just holding it to her belly button with both hands.

She kissed it later on, and I said “Oh, thanks” in a sorta playful, sarcastic tone. I led her to sit straight up, and got her to sit on my lap. Her sweet butt just moved on my dick a little, and she started to get into it. I was rock hard a minute into it legit, and she cooed here and there. She arched her back and turned her head and looked at me a bit. She was really sexual, and liked it more than me. Her skirt made her look so good riding, the friction was absolutely killing me as we kept going. We heard people screaming, meeting each other, so we stopped.

“What was that?” I asked.
“Felt good to me.” She replied.
I had a semi still, but I had a plan. I grabbed the drinks, gave her hers, and grabbed her hand. I led her to the hall, lept to the laundry room quick unnoticed, and found the hidden entrance my uncle blocked off that he thought no one knew about. Whoops. I moved a bench into the storage room, and blocked it off again.
“Really? Wow.” She said.

I unzipped my shorts, slid my dick out the slit in my boxers, and sat on the benchy-thing. Sarah followed suit by kneeling in front of me, and, very sexually, starting licking my tip. It was light dabs to taking my whole crown in her mouth. She looked at me as she started going up and down, grabbing the base and kinda beating me off as she blew me. The warm, wet blanket of her mouth drove me absolutely nuts, and she kept going. She was being a real pro, alternating speeds and shit. Up, down. Up, down. The damp on my dick built me up inside.
“Sh-Shit. Sarah-“
She took cue, and she slowly stopped, taking me out of her mouth sexually.
“That was /> “Porn taught me well, I guess.”
“Have you blown other dudes before or what?”
“No, just you. I practiced, hehe.”
“Here, grab that />
She walked over to the pole-thing on the wall. I took off her amazing skirt, removed her panties, and kissed her butt cheek. She bent over, and her ass stuck out, amazing as usual. I led myself to her pussy, and entered. I put one hand at her waist, and pushed. I slowly crept forward, pushing through her tightness, and was full length. Then I realized, she wasn’t a virgin.
“I thought you said you’ve never had sex.”
“I haven’t. Hair brush.”
I put the one hand on the wall, and stood up straight. I banged away, and was in total ecstasy. Her ass jiggled perfectly as I collided with her butt quickly. She was so tight, and was amazingly hot and wet. She grabbed her tits as she arched her back up, showing her butt to me more. She turned around to me and started making out with me. I pumped away at her pussy, slamming harder. The hotness was getting to me more and more. Her pussy was unimaginably amazing. I grabbed both of her hips, and started to slow my pace. I took more concentrated, slower pumps, and she moaned softly, trying to keep her voice down my still being sexy.

“Shit. Shi-Oh! OH Shit! YES” She whispered.
really tight.” I told her back.
I fucked back as she started rolling her hips a bit. I stopped, and she just rolled her butt back and forth. The feeling of her control on my dick, and the tightness drove me further. I was almost there again.
“Shit. I’m I said.

I started up again, and she slammed back. The moment itself made me get closer and closer, and the warmth kept me going and going. I gasped as I released. She did too—maybe a bit too loud.
I shuddered and whispered.

My orgasm was crazy- 100 times better than the bj. I leaped every shot a bit, blowing my load deeper and deeper. I pushed into her harder, increasing the pleasure. I pulled out.
“That /> She kissed me before I could finish. Her tongue met mine as we explored each others mouths. I grabbed her nude butt and grasped it a bit. I could feel her sigh in pleasure. I slapped it, and she squealed.
“You rock at sex.” I said.
“Good. Let’s get something to drink.”

We got dressed, and she walked out to my cousin’s room first, pretending she had used the restroom there. I waited fifteen minutes or so, still recovering from my earth-shattering orgasm.
I walked out and greeted everyone, saying hi to everyone. We were in out of the party for an hour and a had arrived. I met up with everyone, and walked out to the porch. Sarah was there alone at the table sitting on the two-seater. I sat next to her.
“Nice to see you again.” I said.
She laughed and hugged me, pretending to the world, hopefully any observers we just met again. We looked around, seeing no onlookers, and sat back.
“So.” I said.
“So.” She said back.
“I don’t want to be the asshole here, but are you my girlfriend now?”
“No. I’m just your female bro.”

I was kind of upset by her statement, but at the same time, I wasn’t. We had a solidified relationship, it wasn’t going to turn into anything special, not in front of our families.
“I still love your ass.” I shot back.
“Good, I guess.”

She put one leg on the ground, and put her other across the seater on my thigh. She showed off her hips, driving me crazy once again.
“Hey guys!”

My uncle walked out, unable to hide his drunkedness to us, and we greeted him. After we talked, we walked back inside. We parted ways, I went to go watch the football game. I grabbed the last seat on the sofa. At the end of the game, Sarah took the open seat next to me.

/> “21-0. Nothing special, and everyone’s /> not. We’re /> “Oh. Have fun.”

She went to help clean up, I finished watching the game, and my mom walked by.
“Son, your sister is staying the night with the girls. Say your /> my friends too. I wanna stay.”
“Cool. I’ll call you at noon /> />
I shot Sarah a text saying I was staying. She replied back with a wink-smiley. Hopefully that would mean something.

“Can I get some stuff from home first?”
I got some extra clothes from home, my laptop, and my camera too. I drove back to the last car leave. It was 2:00. Bout time.

My cousin was at a party in New Orleans, so I got his room for the night with the girls. The room near the bar. The room next to the room where sarah and I had sex. Dangerous location for us hormone raged teens. By the time I got back, the place was in a semi clean state. I looked around for the girls, finding them in the hot tub outside. I left my shit inside in the room overlooking the porch, and took off everything but my boxers. I walked over and greeted the girls.

“Care if I join?”
/> “Hold on.” Said my sister.

She and Kathy got out to get soda, and I took a corner of the tub with my back to the door. Instantly, Sarah moved over to me, went under, took my dick, and started to play with me. I got hard from the playing and the sight of her ass that was protruding the water. She had space from the single jet so she wouldn’t get blasted by the jet. The jet hitting my junk plus her sucking helped me get off. The constant pleasure on my shlong was amazing—she was a master of the art of the underwater. I tapped her shoulder that the girls were back, so she played a fake swim around, and got back to her corner. I turned on full jets so the girls wouldn’t notice anything, including me jerking off to cum. I hid the orgasm the best I could, I tried to make it look like I was stretching out almost. They got back in unawares.
We sat in there for a half hour or so, and we went downstairs to go to bed. I got the sofa, but we only had one sleeping bag. Kathy took the bed and my sister took the bag, so Sarah had to share. I volunteered, so we went head to foot. I waited awhile till our sister fell asleep, then Sarah got up. I pulled up the cushions, making a ton of room for us to lay down. I put my back to the back of the sofa, still cushioned, as Sarah lay down next to me. She snuggled into me perfectly, wearing pink silk pajamas. I put my arm around her, and we fell asleep.

I woke up first, Sarah in the same spot. I got up, grabbed her hand and teased her awake. We were fine, not getting caught be our sisters. I motioned to the bathroom, so we could take a shower. I stepped over my sister and headed in. She sexily undressed out of the silk. I had never seen her fully nude, and she looked amazing. Her boobs were better than i had thought. I got in, grabbed the body washed and lathered up. I wanted to be quick, so we wouldn’t be caught. I scrubbed her back, butt and tits—all to my pleasure. She washed her hair real quick, and I tried to get hard. Once I did, she put one of her legs against the wall, and I lined up with her pussy. I started to go at it—she was tighter than ever. She was so hot from the shower it was crazy. I shushed her again so we wouldn’t wake them up, and I pumped harder. The light jiggle of her butt, and her swinging tits were so sexy. I watched the synchronized movements in a daze, realizing I was cumming finally right when I started. Shower orgasms were always a favorite of mine, they really drained me too. She got out first, playing as if she took hers already. I stood in for another ten minutes before I got out. Sarah was outside in the bar room watching tv.

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