Beth ii ~ sweet sixteen birthday

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BETH II ~ Sweet Sixteen Birthday

Fiction by: Zappa06415

“Ditto />
Beth was becoming the love of my life. Little could be said, or done to stop this rush of emotions coming over the two of us. In one weekend of epic sensuality, this much I knew was true. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for this woman-child. My child!

After coming down from the most electrifying orgasm Beth had ever had, we slowly made our way from the shower, grabbed up our towels and dried off with nearly a word said but there were lots of between us without ever looking beyond our own gaze. Our eyes were locked and our feeling loaded.

I really didn’t realize just how hungry I was, or us, for that matter and suggested we rifle through the kitchen for some dinner after we dressed. Beth went into her room and I, into mine looking for something comfortable and casual for our Sunday night in. I can hear Beth through the adjoining room rummaging through her things looking for something as well

“Daddy? What are you wearing? I have no clue what to put on, if anything” hoping that would illicit a response. It was rather cute. “Daddy? Check these out? I never got a chance to show you what you had bought for me at VS today! Do you have a sec to come in see these??

Walking through the adjacent bathroom and into her room, I was greeting with an amazing site. My little baby girl had on a matching bra and bikini undie set in a really sexy maize color with tender lace around the fringes. Beth looked so drop-dead gorgeous and grown up in the ensemble. Beth posed for a few minutes fishing for compliments that were spilling from my lips simultaneously.

“Oh, My God Beth, You look />
“You think so daddy? Hey, wait right there, don’t go anywhere, there’s more” and proceeded to fashion everything from VS. Next came my favorite. It was a cute burgundy red bra and boy-short set that hugged her ass so tightly showing off her not so virgin ass slit which we enjoyed invading just a ½ hour ago. Next she switched tops and wore a matching silk tank top with the boy-shorts. My cock was already beginning to rage watching this fashion show. And Beth knew, barely taking her eyes off my bulging cock wanting to punch a hole through my shorts. Watching my daughter undress to redress was so sexy and she took her time with each garment, giving me the show of a professional. Next came a new navy blue thong and tight Turning slowly, she gave me a great view of her exposed ass cheeks in the thong and slapped her butt, and giggled. So Cute Beth. Then Beth bent over showing me how sexy her ass hole looked with the floss-thin strip there. She loved this display and loved my reactions, both verbally and physically. Another minute of this and I swear, I’d have raped her right there and then on her bed, floor, ceiling, anywhere.

“Beth, baby, don’t you see what you’re doing to me? This is the most erotic thing I think you’ve done in 2 days now. And believe me, we’ve done plenty”

“Aww, dad, I know! I can see I must be doing something right”, as she looked down at my aching bulge.
“Beth, if you don’t get into something soon daddy may just take all of you right here and now” I said with a giggle.

But that’s exactly what Beth wanted. Beth wanted me to take her virginity so badly. But I had other plans. More special plans. And these plans would have to wait until next weekend when she turns 16. I had something planned that Beth will never forget.

Beth walked past me still wearing the thong and the VS Tee shirt and gave my raging cock a little love squeeze. Mhmm…so hot! And proceeded to throw a pair of her new shorts on. We headed down stairs to the kitchen to start planning something to eat. The sexual tension was so high you could smell it. Scents were wafting off Beth and I. Our body washes and the scent of hormones filled the kitchen.

We did manage to get through dinner in one piece. Enjoying some Angus grilled burgers out side poolside. Beth made a salad for us and shucked corn. We ate and drank outside poolside until the sun was well below horizon and out to sea. We talked forever it seemed about everything that has happened in her life, her studies, the friends she’s left behind, and of course, her rotten-excuse for a mother. Beth asked if it would be okay sometime over the summer to have her friend Lee vacation out here with her for a week or so. I thought it would be a great idea. I know she is already missing her friends.

I must have polished off about 4 beers between dinner and gabbing so I was a little buzzed and light-headed. It was then that Beth began to tell me what transpired between her and her mother that led to her running away. It seems Becki, being the prude of all prudes caught Beth masturbating in the bathtub one night and threw a shit-fit on her about how nasty and dirty she was being. Beth didn’t know how to take all this, but after a week of Becki riding her hard about being a Beth packed and left.

“Aww Baby, I am so sorry about your mom.” And gave her a huge hug. Beth broke down crying uncontrollably. “Beth, you’re here now, everything will always be alright” “you should never feel uncomfortable about your own sexuality and should never let someone tell you any “I love you baby!!”

As I was holding Beth, her crying in my arms, the thought of the first night crept into my head. Remembering watching Beth touching herself and cumming in the bathroom. I know guys and girls are wired different, but to me, that’s one of the hottest experiences I ever had, just watching. I held Beth in my arms with her now sitting on my lap. The moment was so tender. I just kept reassuring her that she has nothing to ever fear here, and this is her home and new life. Relaxing her grasp on me, she turned, raised and faced me. Beth kissed me so tenderly, again, like lovers, on the lips. My hands running through her hair, kissing her soft lips…our hearts pounding harder “Beth, I love you, you know that, right? Tell me you’re okay and you’ll never feel that way again. Tell me”.

Beth just looked into my eyes and said “Promise me daddy, promise me you’ll never leave me”

I was starting to feel the effects of Beth’s rocking motions on my lap and started growing, and growing fast. Beth, sensing this whirled in her seat on me so her back was against my chest now and started rocking harder and harder on my cock. My daughter was giving me a lap dance for Pete’s sake. And a damned good one too! The feeling of her soft, slow motions of her ass crack running the length of my cock was fantastic and so sexy. My hands instinctively reached for her hips and aided in her rocking. Slowing her down when she sped up and vise versa. I wanted to cum so badly right there, but also wanted out of my shorts. I wanted to feel my skin on hers. Stopping Beth and lifting her to the patio floor on her feet, I slid her shorts and thong down around her ankles, with her kicking out of them. Then I released my raging cock from my shorts and positioned Beth back on top of me. Then I reached around her waist and lifted her new Tee up and off over her head and tossed that in the pile of clothes on the patio. Beth began rocking again slowly and assuredly like a pro on my cock.

My hands went straight to her amazing “C” cup breasts and began rubbing and pulling her nipples. Beth loved to have her nipples pulled, and pulled hard! The more I rolled them between my fingers and pulled, the louder her moans became and the faster she began to rock. Her juices were now flowing from her and onto my cock and tummy. The slurping and sucking sounds of my cock pressed into her ass crack filled the patio matched only by our mutual moaning. I wanted to be inside her ass, feeling me stretching her wide.

Beth, rocking her head back and whispering to me, “Fuck my ass daddy, oh please fuck my ass. I need to feel you fill me with your cum. I think I’m ready for this. I think I’m ready to feel more of you inside me. Please Daddy, Please Fuck my Ass!!!!”

Just from the rubbing of ourselves together I could tell Beth was ready to explode with her 1st orgasm and them it happened!! Wave after wave of gushing cum flowed from Beth all over us and my cock. Seeing her squirt on me was such a rush. I had to be inside her and NOW!!!

After Beth’s initial orgasm subsided a little bit, I wasted no time. Asking Beth to lean forward a little I eased the head of my sopping cock at the rim of her asshole. Beth continued to beg for it and I didn’t disappoint. Beth slowly eased herself down onto me very slowly with my hips guiding her.

“Beth, take it slowly baby. Just a little at a time, okay? This may hurt a little bit so please try and stay relaxed.” A trembling was all she could get out. “Now, that’s it baby, a little more now. Can you feel the head of my cock starting to stretch you? This is when you really need to relax your muscles because daddy’s gonna start pushing you down a little more now”

With that, I lowered Beth further and further onto the shaft of my cock. Beth was in a little discomfort for sure, but was moaning over the pain and truly loving the feeling. My cock was buried in my baby’s tight ass. The feeling was overwhelming, so tight, warm, and feeling her muscles contract and expand over my shaft was heavenly for lack of a better term. The air outside was starting cool, chilling the sweat on our bodies. Beth and I didn’t move for a few minutes until she was used to this new feeling in her body. My daughter shifted her weight just a little and began rocking back and forth slowly, propping herself to steady her weight on one hand and using the other to massage her pussy.

“Babydoll, you doing okay up there? Take it nice and slow and just rock on daddy’s cock. Feel all of me until you’re totally comfortable. Is that feeling good Baby?” Beth just rolled her head back to mine softly begging for more. I took that as a />
“Oh Daddy, this feels so great, I can’t believe we’re finally doing this. God daddy, I love you so much. I love the feel of your cock in my ass. Can I go faster daddy?…I want to really feel you fuck me hard, please touching my pussy for you and the feeling is awesome with you in me. Gawwwd, I’m gonna cum hard, so hard daddy…fuck me harder, please, harder daddy…Oh God FUCK ME />
Beth exploded with the most violent orgasm she has ever felt. Pools of cum were pouring from her. I wasn’t quite there yet, but I was close feeling my baby’s hot fluids pour from her pussy, lubing her ass and cock even more. I started to pound harder. Lifting Beth up and down on my raging cock. Oh My God, I can’t believe how tight, and wet my baby’s ass is…

…I exploded, pumping load after hot gooey load of my seed deep into my daughters slick ass. Both shaking, both trembling, both in a new world there was no coming back from. “I love you baby” I said…Beth looked over her shoulder with passion in her eyes.. “Ditto that Daddy”

Monday after an intense weekend;

Now any normal man and father would be feeling pretty uneasy about what’s going on here, right? But oddly, as soon as any thoughts like that jumped into my head, they jumped right back out. It’s really hard for me to explain the emotions I was feeling, only to say they all felt so right and comfortable.

I woke the next morning. At some point in the night Beth had made her way into my bed, so the 1st thing I felt was her warm and tender skin next to mine. Our bodies fit like a hand in a glove. Beginning to stir, I attempted to slip out of bed quietly to go pee trying not to wake Beth. She simply shifted a little, mumbled something incoherent and slipped back off to dream-land. Grabbing a pee, a quick shower and headed downstairs to start some coffee and breakfast. The morning paper was there, as always, and on time. It’s a rite of passage; morning paper, coffee and eats. And a part of my life I’ve grown so accustomed to without failure.

Beth slept in very late this morning, eventually rising about 10:30. “Good morning baby” I said placing a soft kiss on her cheek. “Beth, are you okay? You seem very quiet”

“Yeah, daddy, I feel amazing.!! In fact I feel great. Thanks for letting me sleep in. I am a little sore though, you know…down there” Beth was smiling as she pointed to her bare ass.

“Baby, I’m so sorry we jumped right into that last night. We should have waited until you were absolutely sure it’s what you wanted.” Beth shh’d me with one finger, smiling, and waving her other as if to say ‘no way mister…I WAS READY’.

“Daddy, trust me when I tell you this, the discomfort this morning is well worth the price of admission. No pun intended” And just laughed knowing she made a funny.

“Here, I’ll go grab a pillow for you to sit on” Beth slapped me laughing. It was special to me to see her so happy, laughing, smiling, and those dimples. Those dimples become so pronounced the happier she becomes.

I had to run into the town center today to take care of a few errands. Beth was content to lounge around today and take care of her laundry, lay poolside and soak up some vitamin D. After a quick rundown of the cell number, lunch options, I headed out to the hardware store, to my accountants office and to the market for dinner. When I arrived back home around 4 p.m., Beth was floating in the pool, iPod ear buds in her ears and dozing. After I got everything into the house and put away, I slipped into some shorts to join her. I grabbed up a small-galvanized ice bucket of some beers and cokes. Beth was very particular about her soft drinks brand. I also grabbed to docking station for the iPod so we can both enjoy some music. Our tastes in music varied a little but not all that much. About the only stuff of her’s I didn’t like was the metal.

Still not seeing or hearing me, I leapt into the pool in a huge cannonball, just feet from where Beth was lounging. Startled, Beth screamed then laughed her ass off at what I had just done.

“Miss me babydoll? I said swimming closer to her.
Beth, with this huge broad smile and glistening brown eyes said “Oh God yes. I’ve been thinking about you daddy all day. Sure I’ve missed you, like tons. I kept thinking about last night and how much I really loved the feelings you gave to me. In fact, I was so worked up just thinking about last night that I touched myself to orgasm right here in the pool. Mhmm, and it was so intense”. Throwing the iPod and earbuds on the patio deck, Beth jumped off the float, through her arms around my neck and floated with me. Beth held onto me so tight pressing her breasts into my chest and her legs wrapped around my waist. We floated like that for quite a few minutes drinking the moments in together with little said between us.

“Baby, you like hot dogs? I thought we’d grill some dogs tonight out here with some salads from Market Street Deli.”

“Yes, that sounds awesome daddy” she said as she began toweling off and settled into a comfy Adirondak chair. Beth grabbed up cold coke and her book and walking past me gave me a quick peck on the cheek and a soft ‘I love you daddy’. “I love you sweetie”, and started getting dinner put together.

Historically, the Pacific Northwest weather was down right dreadful May through June. And this year didn’t disappoint. But here now, the tail end of it, summer was here. And so was Beth. My daughter blew into my life with the changing of the seasonal Gods. A good omen surely, I thought to myself.

We had a great time grilling together tonight. We laughed and talked so much more. Every moment I spent with Beth, I knew and more about her dreams and desires. Her taste in foods and music. Her pet peeves. And we talked her upcoming birthday next Sunday. We discussed 1st of all, that she would call her mother to let her know she was doing great. Then what our plans were to be. Beth wanted to go camping for the whole weekend. She knew I loved camping and fly-fishing. Beth expressed a desire to learn how to fly fish, so plans were made to head up into mountains to the state campgrounds along a stretch of perfect trout waters on Friday morning. This way, but late morning we’d have our site all set up and could fish the sundown mayfly hatch.

“Beth, honey, are you sure this is how you really spend your sweet-16th birthday camping along a river in the />
“Daddy, I’d celebrate my birthday on the summit of Mt. Everest if it was with you. Besides, I love the outdoors, camping, and can’t think of a better way to celebrate this day and a more special person to celebrate it with.” Was Beth’s quick reply.

“Excellent, I can’t wait then. We’ll stock up on our gear throughout the week and get our trout licenses, etc. We’ll go shopping too to get you some mountain grunge-wear like jeans and flannels just like all the other yokels around here”. Beth burst out laughing at that one and added that as long as she could still wear her sexy undies underneath the “I wouldn’t have it any other way baby!” And with that Beth got up from the table to sit on my lap with her arms wrapped around my shoulders and neck and kissed me deeply on the lips saying how much she’s looking forward to sucking my cock by the river, and giggled over the thought of being dirty sexy in nature. Beth started rocking on my lap again and I heard a soft moan escape her lips. Her head rolling back cascading her hair down her back.

“Daddy, I wanna feel your cock in me again, tonight, can we?”

I was quick to remind Beth, “Hon, it’s probably not a good idea tonight. You need to let your bum recover a little after the pounding it took last night” Beth knew I was right and pouted. She knew all too well that it would be too painful to have her tiny ass assaulted twice in 24 hours, but could tell she really needed a release which I was more than happy to help her with.

Our subject matter didn’t alter that much as she asked me, “Daddy, why haven’t you fucked my pussy yet? Are you afraid it’s going too far? Are you afraid we’d cross some magical line, like we haven’t already.? Are you afraid of getting me pregnant? You know nothing would make me happier than to feel you take my />
“I know sweetie and trust me, it will be the most special feeling in the world to me as well as you. But I mind as well let a cat out of it’s bag before it suffocates. I was planning a special 16th birthday surprise for you, which includes that”.

“Oh Myyyyy, Yessssssssss Daddyyyyy, Reallyyyyyyyyy? This is going to be the BEST birthday ever, I swear. I can’t wait, I can’t wait” Beth went on and on for several minutes, whooping the refrain of glee and hugging and kissing me like a mad girl in love for the very 1st time. It was so precious seeing her this way. Happy.

Beth, all excited, got up, cleared the table and started the dishes, as I sat out back thinking back on the most amazing weekend I think I ever experienced in my lifetime. It was truly time to head in though as the winds off the cool Pacific picked up. I helped Beth bang out the dishes thought about getting into some warmer baggies and snuggle on the couch with a good movie from the mine vast library. We both sprinted up stairs to change and me, finishing first, headed to the bathroom adjacent Beth’s room. The bathroom doors were wide open and could stop myself from watching Beth undress. I loved her young firm body.

“Daddy, hold on a sec, I’ll be right there, I wanna help.” Beth threw on her sweats and scooted into the bathroom just as I was about to release my stream into the toilet. Softly, Beth took hold of my cock and guided my stream. What a hot sensation this was. Having my daughter hold my cock while I peed. After I finished I instructed her to shake it gently getting the remaining pee off the head of my cock. Then Beth announced it was her turn and spun me out of the way, dropped her bottoms and undies and started to pee. I honestly don’t know why this turns me on so much, but it does. I totally enjoy watching Beth pee and I know she loves being watched. Beth even spread a little farther allowing me total access to this awesome view. When she was finished I handed her a few squares of TP to hand to her and she said, “No Daddy, you do it. I’d really like to feel you wipe me”. Without hesitation, I lowered my hand and paper to her pussy remembering to wipe front to back. Beth shivered tremendously as my hand brushed over her clit and to her slit. Dropping the paper into the toilet, Beth reached up and kissed me, telling me how erotic that was. It sure was too!

Without missing a beat, Beth lowered my baggies to the floor, leaned forward and took my cock into her warm, wet mouth. She wasted no time reaching a hand down to her pussy and slowly massaged her clit while she licked the length of my cock until I was fully erect.

“Beth, you make me feel so good. I love the way your mouth works daddy’s cock. You have gotten so good at knowing exactly what your daddy likes.”

Looking up at me with those huge brown eyes, Beth said “Daddy?, this time, will you cum all my face? I really want to feel the heat of your cum on my cheeks and lips.” With a slight nod I said yes.

Beth was nearing orgasm as I could hear and feel her breathing increase, and her chest heaving. My baby was working my cock like a hungry cum slut now. Taking all of me deep into her throat. The sound of her slurping was a wicked turn-on. Just as Beth was about to cum, her hand clasped onto my shaft and jerked me to an amazing climax…cum shooting hard and straight onto her whole face and extended tongue. Right then, as Beth’s face is dripping with my hot seed, she exploded in a massive, strong orgasm. We both looked down at her convulsing pussy as she squirted all over the seat and into the bowl and onto my thighs

The balance of our week was spent running errands and stocking up and gathering all the camping gear. Friday would come soon enough and wanted to make sure we had everything we could possibly need. Beth even got her 1st trout license. She’s officially an Oregonian now.

And Friday did come quickly too! Early that morning we awoke at the same time and showered together. I really loved bathing with Beth and she adored having her body washed by her daddy and as always, spending extra time and care on her sexy ass and rim. Beth was really getting used to having her ass probed and always came so hard from me finger fucking her tight hole while she masturbated all soaped-up!

After a filling breakfast we loaded the SUV and heading east into the mountains. The weather on the coast was frigid this morning, but as soon as we were a few miles east and heading higher and higher into the mountains, the skies opened to a clear blue warmth filled with sunshine. We checked into the State Park, was assigned our riverside site and off loaded. Camping really is a lot of work these 1st few hours. Much to the site prepped for our massive tent, filling the air mattress, setting up all our kitchen wares, fishing gear and coolers with foods and beverages. This took us all of about 2 hours of sweat and suggested we take a dip in the cool river. Beth and I jumped into the tent, stripped and donned suits. I love her tiny black bikini on her young body. Almost as soon as I saw her in it, I was already getting a Here, however, I’ll have to keep things in check, for I certainly don’t want anyone else in the campgrounds whispering about the perv with the young lady.

The water was indeed cold. Almost too cold, but it did feel good washing the morning sweat from our bodies. Jumping out we found ourselves on a large, flat warm rock and just laid there drying off in the warm sun. Beth’s nipples were bursting from the top of her suit and she looked so sexy. Beth, catching my stare jokingly flipped her top up giving me a great shot of her breasts and laughed out loud.

“I know you want these daddy, but you’ll have to wait,” she said with a wink. The day wore on and was so relaxing to finally be out of the city. We just laid around, flirted and talked each other’s ears off. We talked candidly like old friends and lovers. One thing we discussed in detail was her virginity and how much she looked forward to finally feel my cock inside her. I felt the same way and couldn’t wait to feel her tight pussy envelop my cock.

We also talked about our biggest turn-ons. Beth said it was the feel of having her ass probed when we’re showering together and the feel of my soapy hands all over her body and I told her mine was looking. At 1st Beth had a puzzled look on her face until I explained in detail what I meant by this…

Most men are visual creatures by nature and curious sorts. It’s like we have voyeur hard-wired into our male brains. So, to me, just watching you is such a huge turn on. I love watching you pee, and I love watching you touching your pussy to orgasm. I love watching your nipples harden under my touch, or a cool breeze. And I love watching you watch me.”

With that Beth started rubbing her pussy on the warm sun-baked rock and said, “Like this daddy? Is this what turns you on? Mhmm I can tell”. Beth rubbed her pussy very slowly, cautious not to bring undo attention to us. Very carefully pushing the crotch of her suit to one side, Beth masturbated right there for me. Her orgasm was soft and muffled. Beth was so wet and dripping. I reached a hand to her pussy, felt her heat, her moisture and licked my fingers dry. Doing it a second time, Beth took my hand to her lips and sucked her juices from my hand. I was so hard and could explode any minute just from watching my delicious daughter. We slipped back into the cold river and Beth wasted no time grabbing my throbbing cock and jerked me off right there. Oh man, I need that so badly. I don’t think, in my life, that I’ve ever been this horny before. And that simple orgasm was so erotic up here in the mountain stream.

Back at the camp site, we changed and started thinking about firewood and dinner. That night we prepared an awesome dinner of grilled steaks and baby yellow potatoes. Then I surprised Beth with a Hostess Twinkie and a lit candle in it. We sang happy birthday, she blew the candle out and devoured the Twinkie pretending it was a cock…Too funny. Beth said it was the best birthday cake she ever had and kissed me.

We lost our sun, the fire was toasty and the night was only going to get better. We were both sensing the anxieties of going into our tent tonight. Beth knew what was planned and was getting so wet just thinking of the feelings she was about to experience.

Once inside the tent we dimmed the lantern very low. The soft light played off Beth’s tender young body. Her chest heaving, nipples exploding to be touched, our breathing heavy only added to our desires. One light touch on Beth’s breasts sent a sudden shudder through her whole body, weakening her knees. I could smell Beth’s scent already than before. Kneeling together on the mattress we caressed every inch of our bodies, kissing tenderly, softly all over her shoulders neck and ears. My daughter was kissing me like a woman and not that of a 16-year-old. Her touch was gentle and deliberate, not missing an inch of my stiffening body. Her guttural moans were gentle too and responsive to every inch of her body which I touched. My cock was raging at this point and Beth’s pussy, just aching for attention. I slowly lowered Beth onto her back. Her body looked so amazing in this light. Reaching for her breasts and pulling her nipples a little harder each time, Beth began arching, trying to reach my every move with more force. Taking her cue, I lowered my lips to her nipples, sucking at 1st, then biting. This was really driving my daughter crazy…

…”Oh daddy, please, I need to feel you inside of me, please, please daddy. Don’t make me wait anymore. I can’t take this. I need to feel your cock in me daddy”

Beth was so wet, I mean sopping like never before. I lowered my body onto hers so my cock was pressed against her slit. Beth, taking my cock in her hand ran it the length of her slit moistening us both for what was to come next. Beth positioned herself and guided the head of my cock to her opening. Slowly and together we met each others trust as I entered her, stopping at her hymen. Assuring Beth the pain would be past before she knew I slowly slid in further and penetrated my daughter’s hymen taking her cheery. Beth moaned quite loudly in obvious pain. The moans of pains were however quickly replaced by moans of passion. I could feel Beth’s juices mixing with her blood, making it very easy to slide deeper and deeper into her. With each small trust I buried just a little further until I was buried as deep as Beth could take me. She was so HOT, Wet, and TIGHT around cock. Beth began to relax quite a bit now that her pussy acclimated to my size.

“Oh my God Daddy, I never imagined how great this would feel. Oh My, daddy!! Fuck your little girl, fuck me ready for all of you daddy. I want to feel you cum in my pussy daddy…fuck me…daddy, fuck your baby doll”

We wasted no time pounding each other. My balls slapping Beth’s ass only added to her pleasure and asked me to finger fuck her ass with me inside of her. “Soon baby, daddy wants to give you a good fucking first. Baby, you’re going to feel a different orgasm this time. More intense, because daddy’s going to fuck you deeper and harder than anything before. Mmmm Baby, daddy loves your tight pussy. You like this baby?, you like daddy fucking your tight pussy deep baby?”

“Yesssssss Daddy, ohhhhhhh don’t stop, this is amazing daddy, Fuck me hardddddddder daddy!”

It didn’t take Beth anytime to explode with the most intense G Spot orgasm. Beth was thrashing and bucking her hips up hard against my hips wanting more and more of me inside her. Beth’s nails were digging deep into my back and screaming with each new wave of ecstasy she was experiencing. Orgasm after orgasm flooded Beth’s body. But I was just getting started.

After Beth relaxed a little bit I rolled her over on her tummy and propped her up on her knees. I really wanted to cum in Beth, from the back side though. Beth spread her legs and I guided my cock back into her sopping pussy and buried deep right away sending Beth over the edge again. I then started slowly pumping Beth doggie while I lubed my thumb for her ass. Taking Beth by surprise I slammed the full length of my thumb up her tight ass while pounding her pussy. We were both getting quite audible and worried about other campers, but was soon over taken by my building orgasm. Beth loved the feel of both holes being violated at once.

With in a few minutes we both exploded. Gripping Beth’s hips tightly, pumping hard I slammed wave after hot wave of my seed deep into her pussy. The feeling of this sent Beth over the edge with another massive orgasm.

Oh My Fucking God!! Daddy!!!! Oh My God! Fuck, Oh god daddy, you came in me. That feels so great daddy, I love you!!” and we both collapsed right there with my cock still buried in Beth’s pussy.

story by: zappa06415

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