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This is the follow up to ‘First Time’ – if you haven’t already, go and read it!



I am tired after my trip and fall into bed as soon as I get back, not even knowing yet if I have the promotion, my head reeling from the experience. Word has got around, however, and Cija knows I am back. She rings, and I can hear the delight in her voice. I can’t resist agreeing to see her, but tell her how weary I am. I hear a little hesitancy in her voice, but she tells me to come right on over to the private beach below the villa she inherited from her parents. Wearily but with enthusiasm I make my way down to the lobby to meet the taxi.

I was disappointed when he had to go away so soon after our assignation, but he has called me whilst he was away, and I hear on the grapevine that he is back. I look at the phone, hesitating – he must be tired, or I’m sure he would have let me know. I can’t resist calling, and hear the weariness in his voice but he agrees to come over. I have his welcome all planned, and wait on the beach for him, knowing we won’t be interrupted.

We meet on the sand, in the fading light with the moon rising. I was angry with him for being away for so long, but as soon as I see him, all is forgiven and all I want to do is to please him like he pleased me the last time we met. I say a simple hello and kiss him on the lips, and he holds me tight. We are barefoot and I feel the warm sand between my toes, the warmth of his body as I rest my head on his chest, and the hammering of his heart echoes mine. He is wearing simple clothes, a soft shirt and loose trousers with a belt, and I want to tear them off then and there to see his naked body, but I know it will be better to go slow. I wear a low cut slip dress, black and silky, which clings to my contours and skims the top of my thighs. He pulls away from me and looks into my eyes, beginning an apology but I put my fingers to his lips, closely followed again by my own lips, and I kiss him once. I tell him that tonight I am in charge, and he must do as I ask. He smiles and agrees to my terms.

I take him by the hand and lead him across the beach to a palm tree, a blanket spread out on the sand nearby. Here I press him back against the trunk and start to kiss him in earnest, at first light butterfly kisses, our lips barely touching, These change in intensity as our lips remain touching for longer, I gently suck his lower lip and start to tease his lips with my tongue. His tongue also probes and teases until we are kissing deeply, my palms resting on his chest. His hands are on my body, stroking over the fabric of my dress on my back and reaching for my buttocks, trying to draw me closer, but I pull back a little and start to unbutton his shirt, my lips straying to his neck. When all the buttons are undone and his chest is laid bare to me, I reach up and pull him forwards, sliding my hands over his shoulders under his shirt to pull it backwards and down, only allowing it as far down as his elbows, so that his arms are caught behind him and he can only just touch me.

I press him back against the trunk of the tree to secure his arms a little more. He can easily free himself, but he allows me to do this for now, as I am in charge and he is obviously curious as to what is in store for him. My hands and mouth are free to run over his chest and belly, and I start to touch and kiss him there, lightly circling his nipples, first with my fingertips, and then with my mouth. He shudders and leans back against the tree, breathing deeply and surrendering to me for now. I work lower, mouth on his belly and hands on his sides and circling to his buttocks, stroking and kneading.

I kneel at his feet and look up at him as I start to unbuckle his belt and slowly unzip his trousers; his head is back, his eyes closed and his breath is a little harsher now. I admire his restraint and praise him for it, but he still groans as I start to pull his trousers down to his ankles, and I see he is wearing black silk boxer shorts, which I also admire and choose to leave for now. He can no longer keep still, and brings his weight forward so that he can fight free of his shirt and step out of his trousers. Laughing, I stand and as he lunges at me, I retreat to the blanket, and he follows – we tumble onto it, a tangle of limbs.

For a short while I allow him free range of my body – our hungry mouths kiss deeply and his hands explore my flesh under my dress, his hands wandering under my panties to pull my hips to his, pressing me against his hardness. Then I press him onto his back and command him to lie still. He looks up at me as I pull my dress up and over my head, and he sees I am again wearing my black lacy bra and panties. The bra does not remain for long, as I reach behind and undo the clasp, throwing it to the side to join my dress on the sand beyond the blanket, my breasts now bare in the moonlight, my nipples hard with desire.

I throw my knee over him so I am straddling his body, my hips above his groin. His erection is lying impressively under the silk of his boxer shorts, and I slowly lower myself onto it, only silk and lace separating our hot flesh. I lower myself down to kiss his mouth, my hands on his shoulders holding him lightly down, and although he is more than strong enough to resist, again he allows me to do so. My bare nipples brush his chest and I do not know who is enjoying the sensation more – he or I.

Our kisses are harder and more urgent now and I take my hands from his shoulders in order to run my palms over his chest, feeling his nipples hard under them, and down over his belly. His groin is hot and hard against the softness of mine and I break free, first sitting, then standing over him to take my panties off. Quickly I kneel beside him and gently bring my hands under his hips, lifting him up and pulling at his boxers. He half sits up, helping me to free himself, and I pull the silk down to his ankles and off, throwing them aside to join my own clothes on the sand.

Again I straddle him, but he is sitting up now and my knees are wide apart, his hard erection pressing against my belly. His mouth is hot, his breath ragged, and he kisses me roughly – my lips, my neck, my breasts. I have to be more forceful now in order to press him back down, but I do so firmly and he complies, groaning and saying my name. Once more I lower my groin over his, but this time there is no fabric to separate them – I feel his hard cock under my hot wet pussy. I want to make this last a little longer, so I do not remain like this for long and instead I sit to his side and lower my mouth to his groin, bidding him to stay still if he can.

Starting at the tip of his cock, I run my tongue down one side to the base and up the other side again, putting my lips to the head and moistening it with my tongue. Again I lick down and up the sides of his hot shaft, gently cupping his balls with my palm and gently rubbing my thumb over them. I feel him shudder as I continue to work up and down, moistening his cock and working to the front, allowing the head to slip between my lips each time I come to the top. Slowly I start to take more and more of it into my mouth, still sucking and licking with my tongue.

Now he is obviously finding it hard to stay still, and I have a little difficulty keeping up with the movement of his hips, so I decide to change. I would love to sit with my knees either side of his head, but think this would be even harder to control, so again I straddle his groin, this time allowing his cock to start to slide inside me. I am so wet and relaxed, he slips in easily at first until I feel his groin hard against mine, so I stop and squeeze the muscles of my vagina so I can feel his hardness inside me. He arches his back, groaning, and seems to harden more and grow inside me and it is not difficult to feel him there.

He reaches up and cups my breasts, gently pinching my nipples – he knows how sensitive they are and watches carefully for my reaction. He has chosen just the right time to do this, and it feels as if there is a connection between them and my clitoris; it makes me moan with delight. I start to move slowly up and down and lean forward, my hair falling across his face and chest as I move. He also moves his groin with mine, giving me the cue to the rhythm he desires and we start to spiral towards completion; although I had wanted to hold off for a little longer, I know we have been apart for too long and are impatient.

The rhythm becomes harder and faster – he holds on to my hips and takes total control of speed and depth, slamming hard into me – after a while I sense he is close, and so am I. Gasping, I force his hands off my hips and he trembles as I grind my weight down to keep him from thrusting. Instead I make tiny circles with my hips, keeping his cock deep inside, pressing my clitoris onto his pubic bone until I can feel the first shuddering waves of my orgasm start to wash over me. As it continues I no longer care what he is doing, and he grasps my hips again, making a few final thrusts to join me in a shuddering climax, both groaning in ecstasy. Finally he lies still and spent, and I fall onto his chest, both breathing hard and wait until my breath has slowed, letting his cock slide out of me. I reach out to the edge of the blanket where I have left a soft fleece to cover us. I nestle into his side, my head on his chest and pull the fleece over us, and we lie together, murmuring our satisfaction and drift off into blissful sleep below the stars and the moon with the waves gently lapping the shore.


I wake on the beach, feeling her stir by my side, a little stunned at how she took the lead and how eagerly I responded. She is a very passionate young woman and I want more of her – to touch her, taste her, teach her more. Although she was a virgin when we met, she has told me that she has experimented a little, just not gone all the way with any others. I find myself wishing the promotion away, not knowing yet if I have it; I want to stay with this enchanting creature and make her my own, explore the heights and depths of passion with her. I dread the phonecall from head office, wishing we had more time. I resolve to throw everything I can into this new relationship, and hope against hope that she wants me the way I want her.

story by: cijababe

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female romance sex story written by women

Author: cijababe

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