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Melyssa has been living in my guest house for three months and she is eternally grateful for the fact that I had given her a place to live after she fled from her husband. It is an excellent place for her to hide in as it is an rural area where no one will be able to find her. My ranch is a working ranch with 10,000 acres and Melyssa helped with the chores. I ask very little of her but occasionally I said that it is time for us to make our relationship a more committed one. Melyssa agreed wholeheartedly as she has become attracted to me wishing for more from me. When Melyssa told me this I said that for her to realize the depth of our commitment it will be necessary for her to have a commitment night. Committing to accommidating my sexual appiette.

For the ceremony I had bought her a two piece outfit. It is made of strong denim and the top has loose long sleeves and is form fitting to the hips with a zipper up the front. It fitted her to a 'T'. The bottom of the outfit is a long wrap-around skirt of the same material. She had done up her hair and applied just enough make-up to enhance her good looks. I'm entranced with how beautiful she looked and I took many pictures of her from all different angles. As I jokingly said 'these are your before pictures.' I then gave her to two of my body guards to take her into a building near the barn where the ceremony is to take place. Two of the men took her by the arms escorting her into the building and to a low padded bench which is a foot high. Melyssa begins to feel uncertain about what is happening but they assured her that it is all a part of the ceremony. Thinking that I would not allow anyone to really hurt her she went along with them and sat on the bench as directed. Suddenly they had fastened her wrists to the sides of the bench and bent her legs up and fastened her ankles to restraints. They shoved her down until her ass is at the end of the bench and as her ankles are restrained her knees were up in the air. They spread her legs apart and instructed her to stay that way for the ceremony.

They motioned for me. Melyssa is crying in shame for me to see her in such a position. I came over to her and kissed her on the lips and whispered this is the commitment ceremony and if she want to be my woman, she would go along with it. The ceremony is to make her totally broken of her feelings of pride and from today on her only purpose is to be my woman. Then I undressed standing behind her, I started rubbing her pussy then sliding up to her ass crack. I kneel down licking her and in spite of her embarrassment she found it stimulating. Then I raise up guiding my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I lean over her wrapping my arms around her chest grabbing her breasts and start pushing. Melyssa has seen my cock before when I was getting dressed, she knows it is long and thick. Melyssa screams as I push my large cock head into her tight pussy, she thought that she would be torn. Her screams did no good and soon she is filled with pain as my invading went deeper with each stroke, she has never experienced a cock so long and thick.

As I continued thrusting in and out, a gag was placed in her mouth. There is nothing she can do, the pain is turning to pleasure and her body is responding to my cock which is buried deep in her. I'm buried all the way in and she feels my cock stretching her. It is an exquisite pain and pleasure all mixed into one and she has an earth shattering climax as I send load after load into her in one steady stream of hot lava. My knot at the base of my cock has locked us together. The feeling of fullness keeps her at the peak and she climaxes again and again. After about 20 minutes I pull out of her and she feels a great emptiness. Her restraints are removed and I handed her a robe, I steadied her as she stood up. Bloody white cum is running down her legs. We go back to the house, Melyssa goes to take a long soothing hot bath.

Later I come into her room and watch her sleeping. Gently I move her arms over her head, tying them to the headboard with my belt and I wrap the silk belt from her dressing gown over her eyes blindfolding her. Slowly I pull the sheets down over her body finding her naked and wet. As Melyssa starts to stir I move down her body, tracing my fingers over her breasts, her stomach and thighs. I spread her legs then position myself between them gently licking her pussy until she wakes up. Melyssa holds still for a moment, thinking she is still in the middle of a dream, before realizing she is awake and starts to struggle. Unable to see, and with her arms tied over her head she panics kicking out her legs. I grab her ankles pushing them toward her bound wrists, tying one to them and the other to the other side of the headboard.

I move back to her cunt, lapping at her now spread lips and sucking on her exposed clit. Melyssa bucks against me, crying out as she cum, I hold her down and keep sucking, pushing two thick hard fingers into her, making the orgasm stretch out until she feels faint and weak. She hears me laugh and say I want to see if I can make her squirt before she feels my breath on her pussy again, my tongue snakes inside her, kissing her there as if it were her mouth. I move further up nipping along the lips with my teeth. I clamp my teeth around her clit, my tongue licking roughly over it, three fingers now inside her fucking her rough and hard. Melyssa bucks her hips against me screaming as she cum over and over, begging me to stop, the orgasms now nearly painful on her over sensitive clit.

Melyssa is a limp rag doll moaning on the bed as I untie her legs, climbing up to kneel over her face, pushing my cock between her lips. She licks and sucks at me hungrily as I stroke myself before grabbing the back of her head and giving her it all, fucking her mouth as hard as I would her cunt. Melyssa is choking and gagging, which turns me on more, I fill her mouth with my cum, and she swallows as much as she can, I scoop up the rest off her face and feed it to her. I move back between her legs pushing a finger into her, then another, then another stretching and twisting inside her as she bucks and moans against me. My other hand goes to her ass and another finger goes there, fucking both her holes with my fingers until she is thrashing against the bed, pulling at my belt, trying to free her arms so she can touch me.

I remove my fingers, leaving her hanging on the edge of cumming, flipping her over onto her stomach. I put her over my knee, spreading her legs, and begin to spank her hard and fast, every so often plunging my fingers back into her cunt or flicking at her clit, enjoying her moans and keeping her constantly close to orgasm. When her ass is red and sore my cock is rock hard again. I flip her over and kneel between her legs picking her up by the hips and slamming the full length of my cock into her in one thrust. I hold her on the edge for so long she cum immediately, her back arching towards me offering her tits to me. I continue to slam into her hard, occasionally leaning over to bite and suck at her throat and nipples. Melyssa is screaming constantly so I bend and kiss her, my tongue fucking her mouth as hard as my cock did. She bites down on my lip hard, I pull away and free her arms, lifting her so she can wrap them around my shoulders as I slam into her hard and deep.

Her teeth set into my shoulder biting down hard as her nails dig into my back, I'm slamming into her as hard as I can from this position but it's not hard enough. I drag her off the bed and bend her over the dresser before slamming back into her hot, wet cunt. I hold onto her hips, slamming into her so hard it hurts before filling her full of my cum. I hold her there for a moment before moving round to her head and making her lick me clean. " Melyssa, you are now my bitch. Soon I will fuck your ass." I said.

Melyssa never neglects me as I'm the reason for all her pleasure. Each day if I permit her she lovingly sucks my balls and my cock until I'm ready to come and then she quickly mounts me and has me empty deeply into her. She willingly does everything I want as often as I want. Some days if she is lucky I will fuck her five and six times.

story by: horny fox

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Author: horny fox

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