Béla the vampire girl – part 2 (long)

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Author's note: Please read the message at the beginning of part one before reading the rest of this.

The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl
Book 1: Target Girl
Part 2
Chapter 1 />
Jake took suitcase and carried it out to his truck.

“Anything breakable in here?” he asked, grinning at her, still not believing she was willing to go with him.

“No, just clothes,” Béla assured him.

Jake unceremoniously tossed the suitcase into the bed of the pickup, then opened the passenger door and picked Béla up.

“You going to throw me in, too?” Béla asked, startled at the callous way he was treating her stuff.

“No, Jake replied, still grinning at her.

He hoisted her up almost to his shoulders, then turned her around and gently placed her in the seat.

“Thank you,” Béla murmured, definitely not used to being treated in quite this manner, and undecided, even, in what manner she was being treated.

Jake climbed in his side a few seconds later, and they were on their way.

“Where are we going?” Béla asked, then remembered. not still doing that Master/Slave thing, are we?”

“No,” Jake replied, “Not unless you want to.”

“I don’t want to,” Béla told him.

There was an awkward moment of silence as Béla studied the dashboard of the old truck, trying to determine which lever to move to get any heat.

“Heater don’t work,” Jake said, figuring out what she was trying to do.

“Oh,” Béla said. “Where are we going?”

“My apartment,” Jake replied, and smiled at her as friendly as he could, trying to get her to relax. She seemed really nervous.

Béla didn’t say anything for a few minutes, then decided to make some effort at conversation.

“What do you do, anyway?” she asked.

“What, you mean like, work?” Jake asked, looking over at her for a second. He really liked the way she looked even in this dim light. He felt a shiver of excitement travel down his back. He thought he noticed Béla shiver, too, but that might be because she was cold.

“Well, yeah,” Béla said. “I was just curious. About your work, I mean.”

“I’m an electrician by trade,” Jake told her. “That means I’m not doing electrician work.” He grinned. “I read meters for the Metro Gas and />
Béla asked, smiling at him, now.

Jake almost forgot to watch the road – her smile was so alluring. After a quick maneuver to straighten his truck, he paid more attention to the road.

“You get a lot of action roaming through people’s backyards?” Béla asked, grinning at him, now.

Jake’s mouth dropped open. He’d never, ever talked to a girl about having sex with other girls. It was just something he didn’t do.

Béla laughed at his expression. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought… Well,” she sighed. “Never mind. I’m sorry.”

Jake said quickly, regaining his composure somewhat. This was no stranger sitting next to him – last night he’d shot her, then stabbed her several times – and she still came with him tonight. “It’s alright. I, um… Well, I have surprised a couple of ladies I would be lying to say I didn’t take unfair />
“Naughty boy,” Béla giggled. “Who made the first move? When you surprised them, I mean.”

“Oh! Well, one lady, her name was Trish,” Jake began to explain. “I caught her in her hot tub without anything on. You know, the company sends out notices with the bill saying what day I’ll be there, and she was naked in her backyard three months in a row. I kind’ve took that as a sign, you know?”

Béla grinned, wanting to hear more.

Jake continued, hesitantly. “We, um… did it. In her hot tub.”

“Did she like it?” Béla asked, enjoying Jake’s discomfort immensely.

“I guess,” Jake said, not wanting to get any more personal about the other girl. “She has me in every month, even in the winter. I guess you could say she’s my monthly piece.”

Béla laughed as Jake’s face turned beet red.

Jake cried. “I don’t mean it like that!”

“It’s okay, Jake,” Béla chuckled. “I understand. I’m not exactly Miss Purity, here.”

Jake asked, anxious to turn the tables. it like, bein’ a stripper? You get… you know?”

Béla heartily agreed. “I get lots of… you know!”

“So… we’re not doing anything, uh… special, huh?” Jake asked, not certain if he should be disappointed or not.

Béla asked, surprised at his question. “Oh, Of course we are! You’re the first guy in a long time that I’ve packed a suitcase for. I don’t let just anybody shove a gun up my… />
“It’s okay,” Jake interrupted. “I get it. We’re both, um, />
Béla gazed at him more solemnly, now. “You have no idea!” she told him.

“You had a lot of guys?” Jake wanted to know.

the first question out of every man’s mouth as soon as they find out I strip,” Béla replied, more sullen, now. “And I never, ever answer it.”

Jake said. “I really don’t know what to talk to you about.”

“How did you know where to take me last night?” Béla wanted to know.

“Oh, that,” Jake said, glad to have a question he could answer. “Well, I know what buildings and houses are unoccupied – it’s part of my job, you see. And I sort of… Um, well, I turned the electricity on in the abandoned brownstone a couple of hours before I picked you up.”

“And the shackles on the wall?” Béla asked. “They were already there?”

“No, of course not!” Jake replied, actually grinning at her naivete. “I did everything at the same time – got an electric heater, turn on the power and installed the shackles over that old, abandoned bed. I had to get the bed from another abandoned house.”

“That was a lot of effort,” Béla said, impressed at the amount of work he’d put into trying to impress her with his act.

“Yeah, I guess,” Jake replied. “Well, here we are.”

He pulled the truck up to the curb and stopped. Getting out, he halfway climbed into the back and rescued suitcase, then came around her side and actually opened the door for her.

“I have to climb down by myself?” Béla asked, grinning to let him know she wasn’t serious.

“Well, I got the suitcase,” Jake replied, feeling a little lame about not helping her down out of the truck.

Once inside Jake’s apartment, he set the suitcase down and found a light switch. Béla followed, her wide eyes taking in everything. The apartment smelled… lemony. In fact, Jake smelled lemony. No, Jake smelled like…

“You smell like Béla said before she could stop herself.

“Well, I wanted to clean the place up a bit,” Jake replied after a moment.

Béla looked around the apartment. There were posters and pictures everywhere – mostly of over-enhanced females in compromising and often dangerous situations.

Béla murmured, as she moved from drawing to drawing. She had never seen erotic art of quite this nature before. “This guy is really… something. You realize that girls don’t really look like that, don’t you?”

Jake looked at her for a moment. “It’s art. It’s supposed to communicate />
“It Béla grinned. “This guy is really, really horny!”

“I can take them Jake said, not really wanting to get all his posters and drawings wrinkled up.

“No, It’s okay,” Béla interrupted. “I like them. He’s trying to show… the indomitable female spirit, I think. It’s really quite erotic. The more I see, the better I like them. Hum, this wall is different. The girls are />
“Different artist,” Jake explained. “Listen, are you, uh, hungry? Or />
Béla was studying one of the drawings, looking for a name. She finally found it. />
“Uh, no, I mean, yes,” Béla replied. “Do you have anything here?”

Jake grinned. “Yep! It’s in the />
Béla didn’t really know what she might be having tonight. She couldn’t smell anything. Then Jake was back, looking dejected.

“Oven quit working,” he muttered.

“Oh!” Béla replied, trying not to make him upset. “Well, at least it didn’t blow up.”

“It’s electric,” Jake replied, sounding disgruntled. “I just fixed it last week.”

Then Béla remembered his – Electrician. He was embarrassed that something he fixed broke again so quickly.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I’m not really hungry.”

She barely got the words out before her stomach let loose with a loud growl. Jake just looked at her.

“You like pizza?” he asked, frozen, but I can heat one up in a />
be fine,” Béla replied. “Um, Is there, uh… Can I… Where am I going to, um, sleep?”

“Oh!” Jake said. “This way!” He motioned with his arm and led the way into the bedroom. “I’ll get your />
Béla replied.

In a moment, Jake was back and set the suitcase on the bed. Béla looked around the room. There were clothes and junk everywhere. It was obvious he didn’t have another girlfriend.

through there,” Jake pointed toward a darkened door.

Béla nodded and walked over to the closet, which had no door on it. She gave his clothes, what few were hung up, a shove to one side, then went back and opened her suitcase. She’d packed quickly and neatly – a handful of panties and stockings, and several changes of clothing, still on the hangers. Inside the top was all her bathroom stuff. In five minutes, she was completely unpacked.

Jake was gone; probably in the kitchen trying to recover from what was obviously turning out to be a disastrous evening. She decided to rescue him, and quickly stripped off her clothes while he was still absent. She had brought two costumes with her, just in case… and she quickly put one on, now.

The fishnet stockings already had a run, which was why she put them on instead of a good pair. After all, Jake might want to cut them off her like he had last night when he’d ruined her most expensive pair of stockings. Finally satisfied with her suggestive appearance, she climbed into the middle of the bed and faced the door on her knees with her legs spread wide like the girl in the drawing with the demon almost caressing her with those wickedly sharp claws.

She waited.

She waited some more. There were noises in the kitchen, so she knew Jake was there, doing something, anyway.

She was starting to get cold. Then she noticed that the heat vent over the door was closed. Hopping up, she walked over and stretched up to pull it open. The whole thing came down on top of her, covering her with years of accumulated dust and dirt from inside the vent.

“Auk! Fuck!” Béla yelped, spitting dirt out of her mouth. She vigorously slapped and brushed at the clinging residue from the fallen vent, trying to get it off and only succeeding in spreading it all over her.

the matter?” Jake asked, suddenly appearing. “What happened? My God, you look />
Béla was so flustered she couldn’t find words to tell Jake how miserable she was right this instant. She stood in front of him, filthy dirty and mostly naked – her alluring demeanor completely destroyed.

she tried to say. “I… Oh, Jake, I want this to work so much! And everything is terrible! I wanted to dress sexy for you, but I got cold and the vent broke and I’m hungry and dirty, and you’re out in the kitchen doing god know />
Jake said, reaching toward the filthy, crying, practically naked girl standing in the middle of his bedroom. “It’s okay. We’ll get you cleaned up. Okay? Just come on into the bathroom, and we’ll get all this dirt off.”

Béla meekly followed, hoping that, at least, there would be hot water for a shower. There was. After using it all up, she felt a lot better. Coming back into the bedroom, she found that Jake had cleaned up the mess from the broken vent. She could smell food, now, and her stomach told her she was starved.

Wrapping a towel around her, she started for the bedroom door. Jake stuck his head around the corner before she got there.

“Supper is served, Madam,” Jake said, coming into the bedroom and formally bowing. “And if I may say, Madam, you look />
“Thank you,” Béla said quietly, and followed him out of the room.

She carefully sat down at the table and waited while Jake brought a huge, black skillet in and set it down. It was sizzling, and smelled delicious.

“I started with a frozen pizza,” Jake explained as he dished out a mess of wonderfully smelling, but nearly unrecognizable stuff onto a plate for her. “And that looked a little meager, you know? I mean – you deserve so much more than a frigging box pizza, so I added some more meat and cheese and strained some canned tomatoes. I had to use another skillet to heat everything up so it would be ready quick. And so here we are. Chicago style – I hope you like it.”

“It smells wonderful!” Béla replied, smiling at him and looking pleased. The plate in front of her was steaming hot and filled with slices of sausage in a stiff cheese and tomato base of some sort. She had absolutely no idea what to do with it, and looked helplessly up at Jake, who already had a forkful of food halfway to his mouth.

“Oh!” Jake exclaimed, suddenly realizing that Béla didn’t have anything to eat with. Leaping up and nearly knocking his plate off, he ran into the kitchen and got more silverware. As he handed her a clean fork, he said, “Careful, it’s />
Béla replied. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

With the first bite, Béla was in heaven. Jake could cook! This was her first home-cooked meal for quite awhile. Despite the fact that this dish had started out as a frozen cardboard pizza, Jake had made it an incredible delight to eat. She was so relieved, because she was a walking disaster in the kitchen. Everything was going to be all right, now.

After she’d spooned a second helping of pizza topping onto her plate, Jake started to clean up.

“I’ll help,” Béla offered. “Just let me finish, first. This it way too good to waste.”

Jake waited while Béla finished off a second plateful of pizza heaven. Then they both carried stuff out into the kitchen.

“I’m not sure I want you in here,” Jake told her as he led the way. “It’s pretty messy. I haven’t cleaned up from making supper.”

Béla followed him in, looking around with those big, dark eyes of hers. “I’ll help wash up if you want,” she offered.

Jake declined, just rinsing the plates and sticking them in the dishwasher while Béla just wandered around the kitchen, casually snooping into cabinets and stuff, just to see what he had. On the pantry wall hung a dart board. Béla went over to it and pulled a couple of darts out of the target. As she turned to cross the room, intending to play darts while Jake cleaned up, she noticed a small pile of paper – pictures of naked girls from Playboy or Penthouse – some high-class magazine that did more than just spread the girl out and shoot her.

She picked one up and looked at it. She could feel Jake watching her from behind. There were little holes punched in the picture she was holding. Béla recognized them as holes from the darts she was holding.

“You use these for targets?” she asked, interested in finding that out.

“Uh, yeah,” Jake replied, not sure how she’d respond to that information.

pretty good,” Béla observed. not much tits left on this one.” She held up a photograph of a tall, willowy, big-bosomed blonde. There were a couple dozen holes in the page where her breasts used to be.

Using one of the darts, she hung the blonde on the dartboard and walked across the room. Her first dart got the page right in the blonde’s right eye.

“Whoops, I blinded her,” Béla joked. She threw another dart. This on got the picture right in the belly button. “Mmm! Much better!” When she threw her third dart, her towel came loose and fluttered down to the floor.

“Whoa, nice!” Jake exclaimed. be a lot more fun to throw at than some stupid />
“What! You want to throw darts at my tits?” Béla asked, suddenly interested. “Okay, I’m game!”

Prancing naked over to the dartboard, Béla stood in front of it and wiggled her shoulders at Jake.

“Do me, Baby,” she cooed, and pressed her hands up under her little breasts, making them rounder and more appealing.

Jake picked up a dart off the kitchen table where Béla had left several and took careful aim. Béla shoved her chest forward and turned her head, holding her arms back behind her to make a really nice target of her tits.

Jake threw a dart and it sank into the softness of left breast, just missing the nipple. Béla gasped and stared down at the dart sticking out of her. It had gone straight in all the way to the end of the point, but her breast was so soft that the dart dangled, threatening to fall to the floor.

Béla looked up at Jake and discovered he was intently watching her to see how she reacted to being hit with the dart.

“Should I leave it in?” she asked. “I’m not sure it’ll stay there.”

worry about it,” Jake told her. “Just stand there and pose. I’ll pull them out after I’ve thrown them all.”

Béla gave a nervous half-laugh as Jake reared his hand back. He was holding another dart. She quickly resumed her position – tits forward for perforating, please, she thought cheerfully to herself. The next dart hit her right breast. Béla was breathing excitedly through clenched teeth as she held her pose, but she couldn’t help but let loose with a yelp when a third dart got her right in the middle of her right nipple.

“You okay?” Jake called out, concerned that she might not actually like this game.

Béla said, resuming her exaggerated pose. “I was just surprised at how it felt.”

“We can stop if you want,” Jake suggested.

“No!” Béla exclaimed. “I’m having fun. Aren’t you enjoying it?”

Jake replied, then grinned. “I’m enjoying it. I’m glad you’re here.”

The next two darts just missed her left nipple and then Jake was in front of her, gently extracting them. As he pulled each one out, he wiped the blood off that followed the tip of the dart. By the time he was again holding all five darts, Béla was breathing heavily and squirming, holding her legs together and gazing with pure rapture up into his face.

“You like that?” Jake asked, noticing her odd stance and the adoring gaze.

Béla sighed. “Wanna do it again?”

Jake said happily, “Why not!”

Béla backed up against the pantry door again and thrust her chest forward.

“Stick your tummy out this time,” Jake told her. “I’ll see if I can hit your belly button.”

Béla changed her pose and arched her back to display her rather flat, taut belly. Jake sank a dart right into the middle of it, just below her navel. Béla grunted. This felt different than hitting her breasts, but she was a lot firmer down there, and it was still a really sexy sensation.

“You missed!” Béla cooed. “Try again!”

She swayed her hips from side to side, making her belly button harder to hit. Jake’s second dart missed its target, too, and sank into her belly right next to the first dart.

“Hey, buddy,” Béla called out. “If you’re going to aim that low, maybe you want another />
She jutted her pelvis forward, hoping to display enough of her pussy so that he could maybe hit it with a dart.

“Spread your legs a bit,” Jake suggested. Béla did, but it was more difficult to stand that way.

The next dart just missed her vulva, piercing the soft flesh just to one side. The fourth dart just barely missed her clitoris. Béla yelped at it struck her sensitive flesh and immediately pulled it out.

she apologized. “That one took me by />
She displayed herself for Jake’s last dart. It struck below her clit, actually piercing through her flesh and into her pee hole. Béla sprayed the floor in sudden shock for a few seconds until she regained control of herself by pulling it out and holding her fingers against her slit while she healed.

“That was fun,” Jake said, as he pulled the remaining three darts out of her. “But I have a />
that?” Béla asked, sighing with pleasure as he wiped the blood off each healing puncture wound.

“I need to penetrate you with something else,” Jake mused, his voice much more subdued.

Béla smiled and pressed forward against him. Yep, he had a raging hard-on!

see what we can do about that,” Béla mused as she rubbed her pelvis against him.

Jake had his jeans down in only a second, then he was pushing against her, trying anxiously and much too hard to enter her while still standing. Béla laughed in nervous pleasure as she tried to accommodate him by lifting one leg up against his hip.

Then Jake sighed with pleasure as he felt heated insides surrounding his hard member.

“Slow down, Cowboy,” Béla admonished him, breathless with her own pleasure. “You don’t want to come too />
Jake grinned, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he enjoyed the pure sensation of having his hard dick sunk into pussy. Jake’s legs were longer, though, and a lot of weight was pressing down against him. She loved that he was pressing so solidly against her clitoris, and slowly began to undulate her hips, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock.

It took her less than thirty seconds to orgasm. Jake followed about ten seconds later, his jerking pulsations causing her to come again. After that, she was too slippery inside, and his cock slid right out.

Jake was embarrassed at the brevity of his performance and said, “What do you want to do for the other forty-five />
Béla didn’t understand, so Jake invited her to sit down in the living room (on her towel, of course) while he found his VHS copy of Grease. They watched it all the way through with only minimal heavy petting. Béla was delighted.

“I’ve heard a lot of the songs from that,” she told him, “but I never really knew how much fun it is to watch!”

By the time the movie was over, Jake was hard again. He lasted longer the second time. The third time, in bed, Béla managed to have several satisfying orgasms before Jake finally cried quits, unable to come again.

Chapter 2 />
Béla smelled pancakes and wondered that Frank would make them special just for her. He hadn’t for ages. With a gentle waking sigh, she smiled and stretched her legs down the bed, not really wanting to leave the sensuous feeling of dreamy sleep behind. She stretched her arms, but they were being held in place. Puzzled, she opened her eyes.

she muttered to herself as she discovered the problem. “I’m tied up.”

“Morning, Buttercup,” a familiar voice (That’s not Frank!) said from the foot of the bed.

“Um,” Béla mumbled, recognizing him. “Jake. You tie me up?”

Jake admitted. “I didn’t want you getting away in the middle of the night.”

“You thought I’d leave?” Béla asked, surprised at the very idea that Jake might have abandonment issues.

“Well, except for the sex,” Jake grinned, “last night was pretty much a />
“You think so, huh?” Béla replied, smiling down her bare body at him. “I had a really great pizza, an incredibly exciting game of we watched and if I recall, you fucked my brains out – three times. What part of that do you consider the disaster? And you’d better not say ‘that third />
“Okay, you win,” Jake laughed. “Last night was okay. We had fun.”

“Okay? Fun?” Béla glared at him, now. “You need a lot of work on your social skills, buster – especially the part about ‘how to complement a female you just />
I’m sorry!” Jake replied, sounding a little exasperated. “You were great! That’s the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“I was great?” she asked.

“Okay! You were incredible! God!” Jake cried.

better,” Béla conceded. “Now, untie me. I have to pee.”

“Go ahead. You’re lying on a plastic protector,” Jake told her.

Béla whined. “I don’t want to pee all over myself. Let me up! Please?”

Jake stood at the foot of the bed, just looking at her.

“Please, Master?” Béla asked, searching for the right words. She sighed and pulled apathetically on the soft ties around her wrists.

just Velcro,” Jake told her, looking disappointed. “You can get loose if you want.”

Heartened at his words, Béla yanked on her wrist bindings. They came free easier than she expected.

“Thanks, Jake,” Béla murmured as she scooted by, giving him a quick peck on the cheek as she headed for the bathroom. sweet!”

“Yeah, I know,” Jake replied, and slumped down on the bed. “But I really wanted to watch you pee />
Béla stopped and looked back at him. Then she held out her hand, offering to let him join her in the bathroom. Jake looked up, suddenly more hopeful, and reached out to take her hand. Leading him into the bathroom, Béla stepped into the tub.

“Ooh! That’s cold!” Béla shivered as she lay down in the empty white tub.

Scooting around for a minute, she finally managed to lie down on her back; her legs hiked over the sides and her pelvis jutting up.

Taking hold of the sides of the tub with her hands, she looked up at Jake, who was just standing there mesmerized.

she asked.

Jake nodded nervously and watched as stomach muscles tightened. Then a small geyser of yellow liquid sprayed straight up from her tilted pelvis.

Jake whispered in awe as he watched this alluring, sexy girl tilt her pelvis almost straight up. Her stream was shooting almost a foot in the air, then splattering back down on her stomach. “Jesus! That’s />
Béla turned her head up toward him, still pissing on herself and said, “You need to get a life, you know?”

Jake responded, not even hearing what she’d said. He was too entranced watching her. As she finished and the yellow geyser trickled away, he seemed to come out of his trance.

“Now you get to wash me,” Béla informed him, and spread her sparkling wet legs wider.

Jake asked, not understanding.

“Clean me off,” Béla commanded. “I didn’t do this for my benefit, so you need to clean up the mess.”

“Oh, sure!” Jake answered, and looked around for something to use on her.

“Washrag, soap, warm water,” Béla intoned, sounding bored.

“Warm water?” Jake asked, finding a washrag, then turning on the faucet at the end of the somewhat aromatic bathtub.

Béla squealed as cold water splashed on her butt and squirmed away, scooting back and halfway sitting up in the tub. Then Jake was splashing water on her and washing her stomach and pelvis with a slippery, soapy rag. As the water warmed up, Béla began enjoying it more, scooting back down into the tub after a moment and shoving her pelvis up so he could wash it better.

“Oh, yeah,” Béla sighed as Jake’s warm, soapy rag began to concentrate on that sensitive area between her legs. “Do that for about an hour, okay?”

Jake smiled, knowing he was in her good graces again, and softened his scrubbing motions. Soon Béla was sighing and her stomach muscles were twitching. With a brief cry she jutted her pelvis up hard against his soapy hand as she orgasmed.

“God, you’re Jake whispered, staring down in awe at her naked body lying in two inches of dirty, tepid water. “You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever known.”

Béla smiled up at him, her eyes half-closed with pleasure. “Thank you. That’s much nicer than ‘except for the sex, last night was a disaster,’ don’t you think?”

Jake laughed softly to himself. There was no way he’d ever be able to pose or preen or pretend he was something better. Not to this one. This one was too brutally honest, stripping his soul bare naked before her. But she bared herself to him, quite readily, he realized. He wondered if all strippers were like that.

Béla interrupted his reverie by getting up on her knees. Reaching forward, she snapped the elastic band on his jockey shorts and said, “Okay, boy, it’s your />
It took her about three seconds of stroking his hardness through his shorts before it popped out through the slit in the front. Grinning happily, Béla puckered her lips and sucked the end of it into her mouth, giving his cock a long, wet kiss.

“I see you enjoyed watching me degrade myself like that, didn’t she murmured, stroking up and down with her hand. “Or was it washing me afterwards that made you hard?”

Jake grunted, enjoying the unexpected sensations of her hand and mouth against him. “But I liked it the best when you came.”

“Me, too!” Béla agreed, then got serious with her mouth and tongue, wetting him down, then taking his entire shaft into her mouth.

She was only able to take him all into her mouth for a few seconds, then his cock was expanding again, growing even harder. Béla backed off a little to keep from choking, then began fucking him with her mouth. After Jake shoved forward with a little too much excitement and stabbed his cock against her tonsils, Béla wrapped one hand around the base of his cock so he couldn’t do that again; her hand would be too much to get into her mouth.

“God! Can I come in your mouth?” Jake asked, his voice tight with erotic need as his cock began to twitch.

Béla pulled back to say and Jake sprayed cum all over her face and mouth.

Béla knelt in the tub and stared up at Jake, letting his juices dribble down on her breasts and stomach. Jake stood in front of her, wondering where this relationship was going to go, and hoping for one more boon…

“Can I piss on you?” he asked, staring in excitement at the cum on her face and breasts.

“No,” Béla told him, looking disgusted and reaching for the wet washrag. “Two humiliations in one day are enough.”

Jake smiled in defeat. He stood there for a few more seconds, realizing he could do it anyway since she was kneeling right in front of him, then turned away and cut loose a powerful stream into the toilet. When he was finished, he wiped his cum, piss and saliva off, then tucked himself back into his shorts.

Béla had gone back into the bedroom. Jake went in, knowing he had to say something to let her know…

“I really enjoyed watching you,” he began, sounding sheepish, “in the tub – you know? But… I won’t ask you to do that again. I know you didn’t enjoy doing that.”

Béla looked at him for a minute, then said, “Apology />
Jake replied, grinning at her, again.

“What now?” Béla asked. “You want to tie me up again?”

“Um, are you hungry?” Jake asked. “I whipped up some pancake batter. I made some, but I ate them while you were still asleep. But there’s still batter left – I mean, if you want some.”

“Tell you what,” Béla replied with a sly smile. “You go make pancakes. With hot syrup and melted butter. We’ll eat in here, on the bed.”

“Sounds great!” Jake agreed, and headed out into the kitchen.

Béla put on the same fish net nylons she’d worn the night before, and looked around for another g-string. Putting one on, she got a headscarf and wrapped it around her bodice, barely covering herself with the nearly transparent material. Then she climbed back into bed and, figuring out how the bed restraints worked, secured wrists to the headboard as best she could.

She waited, listening to Jake in the kitchen. There was a pleasant pancake smell wafting through after a couple of minutes, and she heard the of his microwave, probably heating up syrup and butter. After that, things started clattering around, then became almost totally silent.

Jake appeared in the doorway with a large tray. Setting it down on the bed, Béla could see plates, two little syrup dispensers and a half dozen pancakes. At the same time, Jake noticed Béla tied to the bed.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to feed me,” Béla informed him, sounding petulant but grinning wickedly.

“No problem!” Jake heartily agreed.

He speared a pancake and dropped it on a plate.

“No,” Béla corrected him. “Put it on my />
As Jake started to put the plate with the pancake on her stomach, she corrected him again. “Just the pancake – not the plate. Put the hot pancake on my />
“But it’ll mess up your, uh, top,” Jake protested, not wanting to do something that might upset her.

“Yeah, it will, won’t it,” Béla replied with a wide grin.

‘Oh! She had a food fetish!’ Jake realized. ‘She likes to be covered in messy, edible stuff. No wonder she didn’t want me to pee on />
Jake slapped the hot, cooked pancake down on her scarf-covered torso and grinned as Béla twisted around, reacting to the heat. Knowing what she expected, now, Jake poured some hot butter on the pancake, which quickly ran off and soaked into the thin material.

Béla hissed at the heat of the butter as it cooled against her tender flesh. Breathing more rapidly now, she said, “Now the syrup. Lots and lots of hot, sticky />
Jake didn’t have to be told twice. He started pouring syrup on the pancake, then moved his arm to pour it on her breasts, then down to pour more on the bare skin between the scarf and her g-string. Béla writhed and gasped under the heated assault, being careful not to lose the pancake.

Satisfied with his efforts, Jake picked up a fork and cut a piece off the pancake on her belly, then stabbed his fork into it, not too gently, and took a bite.

“Um, um!” he mumbled with his mouth full. really good!”

He cut and speared another bite, ignoring the jerk of her stomach when he stuck her with the fork, and held it up. “Want some?”

Béla stretched forward and opened her mouth. Jake moved the fork toward her face, but the bite fell off the tines.

“Oops, sorry!” Jake exclaimed, then stabbed the little morsel where it had landed on her right breast with his fork.

“Ow!” Béla yelped as Jake jabbed her tit with the fork. Then she opened her mouth and he shoved the still-warm, sticky morsel into her face.

Béla happily said, thanking Jake for the treat and swallowing it unchewed at the same time. She held her mouth open for more, like a baby bird begging for food.

Jake stabbed another bite onto the fork, then ate it himself, grinning as Béla whined playfully at her imagined loss. Then, instead of giving her the next bite off the fork, he leaned forward and, shoving his face against her syrup-sticky torso, picked up a large piece of pancake, broke it off from the main section and leaned forward, offering it from his mouth to hers.

With a pleased chuckle, Béla leaned forward as far as her restraints would allow and tried to suck the pancake into her mouth. Jake wasn’t quite close enough and he dropped it. The bite splatted down on her breast and began soaking up more syrup. Jake tried several times to pick it up with his mouth and ended up with a mashed mess thoroughly squashed into the scarf covering her breasts.

They both sighed in pretended frustration, each knowing the other was enjoying all this immensely while Jake went after the last bite of pancake – with a fork, this time. He fed it to Béla and gave her a chance to swallow it before clamping his hands down against her sticky body and greedily smearing syrup and melted butter all over her.

Béla giggled, laughed and thrashed on the bed as Jake rubbed his hands and face all over her syrup-sticky body. He finally got the ruined scarf loose and held it up, letting it drip on stomach and chest for moment. Then, laughing, he put it over his own face and pressed forward, demanding a kiss from his well-secured houseguest.

Béla laughed and kissed him through the messy scarf, but playfully turned her head away when he tried to stick his tongue in her mouth with the scarf still separating their faces.

“Ever fucked a pancake?” Béla asked, noticing how hard he was as he hovered over her.

Jake shook his head, but he got the idea quickly. Without being told, he crudely dumped the plateful of pancakes onto Béla stomach and immediately began to squash them into her belly and breasts, making a terrific mess.

“Save some for down under,” Béla suggested, her legs already spread with Jake kneeling between them.

Grinning, Jake took a handful of squashed pancake and massaged it into her vulva. He took another handful and made sure some got inside her. Then without any further preamble or foreplay, he grabbed her sticky hips and shoved up inside her.

Béla gasped with pleasure and Jake moaned with relief as their torsos slapped together with a sticky sound. They stared, grinning at each other, for a moment, then Jake pulled back with his pelvis and slammed into her again. whole body moved with the erotic impact and a slight moan escaped her throat.

Jake laid down on top of her as he continued his in and out motions, wanting to feel her sticky warmth all up and down his entire body. Béla grunted breathlessly with each thrust he made into her as he worked his arms around and underneath, forcing her to arch her back so that he could hug her more tightly against him.

As Béla became more aroused, she tried to wiggle her hips from side to side, as Jake’s weight prevented her from moving up and down. Their bodies were glued together with the syrupy mess they’d created earlier, and she found she couldn’t move at all. She began jerking as her orgasm got closer and she became more excited. At the same time, Jake was hugging her tighter and tighter, never wanting to let go as his need to merge his body with hers increased.

“Too Béla gasped, her voice barely audible. me.”

Jake hugged her tighter and felt her pussy muscles contract and pulse against his hardness. Béla arched her back, almost lifting him off the bed. There were several crackling sounds and Béla convulsed again, then stopped moving entirely.

“You come good, baby?” Jake asked, wearily raising his head to gaze into her eyes.

eyes were open and staring at the ceiling. She wasn’t moving. Her entire body, including her pussy, felt very relaxed – limp, even.

Jake asked, a rush of terror and adrenaline racing through him as he realized something was seriously wrong.

“This is Jake exclaimed. “You can’t die, you’re />
Jake raised up, still coupled with her, and stared down at her comatose body.

Wake up!” he yelled into her face.

Then he put both hands on her chest and shoved down, hard. The crackling sound he’d heard a moment earlier gave him a horrid understanding. In his zeal to make love to her – to become one with her – he’d crushed her to death. He had squeezed her so hard that her heart and lungs were no longer functioning.

“Oh God!” Jake exclaimed. This was the second time he thought he’d killed her in two days. “Wake up, damn you!”

He continued to shove and push at her limp, unresponsive body for a moment. Then, enraged at her for dying on him, he began to rape her furiously, slamming his cock into her pelvis as hard as he could. In a few seconds, he was coming. He grabbed her by the hips and jammed himself into her as deeply as he could, nearly lifting her entire body off the bed.

Béla gasped and whimpered, suddenly breathing again. Jake cried out with joy and lifted her off the bed, hugging her tightly, again. He heard her ribs crackling yet again as he handled her much too tightly and immediately let go of her, letting her fall back on the bed.

His cock still throbbing with pleasure, he gazed down at his dark-haired little beauty. As she gazed up at him, he began moving inside her again. He immediately felt her pelvis muscles squeeze against him as though she was asking for more.

This time, while making love to her, he was careful not to squeeze her. But the image of holding her dead, unmoving body wedged itself into his mind. It had been a terrifying, but intensely erotic moment for him. As he came again, he imagined that Béla was limp and unmoving beneath him – which was hard to do as she writhed on his throbbing cock in the middle of her own orgasm.

They fell asleep, still covered with sticky syrup and mashed pancakes, Jake still lying halfway on top of Béla. Béla fell asleep wondering why her body felt like it was doing some major regeneration, not remembering she’d been dead for a moment or two. She only remembered that somewhere amongst all those wonderful orgasms, there had been one incredibly fierce, gut wrenching orgasm that had completely annihilated her senses.

Chapter 3 />
Béla woke up and discovered she was in a bathtub. It was half-full of relatively clean, warm water that only smelled slightly of maple syrup. Her hair still felt a little sticky, so she slipped under the water to get it soaking wet before she applied any shampoo to it. After about ten seconds, she was startled by being violently yanked halfway up and out of the tub!

Béla cried, both in pain and wonder at why someone would yank her around like that.

Jake shouted at her. “Wake up!”

Béla yelped. “Leggo! I’m awake, dammit!”

“Thank God!” Jake exclaimed. “I can’t leave you alone for a minute but what you slide right under the water! Are you trying to drown?”

“No! I was trying to wash my hair!” Béla yelled back. “What hair I’ve got left after you yanked it all out!”

“You were drowning!” Jake explained anxiously.

“I was washing my hair,” Béla whimpered, trying not to be upset with Jake for her. “Will you put me down? Please?”

Startled that he was still holding her up in the air, Jake lowered her down so that her feet could get purchase on the slippery bottom of the tub. Béla quickly lowered her cooling, wet body back down into the pleasant warm water. Glaring up at Jake, she twisted sideways, then curled up in the water, lowering her head down and moving her hand through her hair as it floated in the water, making sure it all got wet.

As she sat up again, she said, “Hand me the shampoo, will you?”

Jake handed it to her, feeling silly about his mistake, but realizing that she could have easily been drowning. He’d left her asleep, after all.

“Where did you go?” Béla asked after soaping her hair up and sliding under the water to rinse it again.

“Laundry room,” Jake explained. “Bedding and stuff.”

“Oh,” Béla replied. She let the water out of the tub while she wrung out her hair, still sitting in the receding water. When the tub was almost empty, she turned the water back on and stuck her head under the faucet to finish rinsing the soap out of her hair.

When she was satisfied, she sat up, feeling clean once again, and discovered Jake was still there, watching her.

she asked, concerned. “Is something wrong?”

“What? God, no!” Jake replied, smiling at her. really right.”

He stepped aside to let her go past, then followed her into the bedroom.

“You made the bed?” Béla asked, pleasantly surprised.

“It needed it,” Jake explained. “Especially after what we did to it.”

Béla smiled and hugged him. “Thank you.” She kissed him gently on the mouth, then realized he had a hard-on again as it gently rubbed against her stomach through his jeans.

“Where in the world do all these come from?” Béla wanted to know. you ever had sex before?”

“Well, yeah,” Jake admitted, acting sheepish again, “but not with />
“Wow, what a Béla replied, then sat down on the bed, patting the seat beside her. “Well, come on, then.”

“I… I Jake protested without really understanding what was upsetting him.

“You don’t what?” Béla asked. Gazing up at him, she could see the thought in his mind.

He didn’t want to cheapen the way he felt about her by just fucking her whenever he felt like it. He wanted her to want it, too. Otherwise, it just… wasn’t right.

“Oh, my…” Béla murmured. “Darling, the only reason I’m here is so that we can enjoy each other. Sexually, I mean. I don’t know if this will be a lasting relationship or not, but I plan on enjoying you as much as I can until I make up my mind. So… get over here so I can enjoy you!”

Jake sidestepped awkwardly over to his own bed and sat down. When he sat down, Béla laid back, inviting him to join her once again. She began running her fingers up and down her stomach and across her breasts.

“Do you want to watch me until you’re ready?” she asked, certain that she could get him interested in a very short time.

Jake pondered her question, not certain how to answer it. Was she going to masturbate for him or something?

been watching me since I got here,” Béla continued. “You want to watch me now?”

“What are you going to do?” Jake wanted to know.

Béla leaned close and breathed her words into his face; “Set myself on fire. Wanna watch?”

Without waiting for an answer, Béla stretched back on the bed and rubbed her hands over her breasts, then down her ribcage to her stomach. Artfully arching her back in imitation of a drawing in the living room, she thrust her belly upward and ran her hand down between her legs.

she heard Jake whisper. “God, you’re hot!”

Béla smiled, knowing she could even make that fellow with his erotic drawings come in his pants. She remembered another pose that was drawn on his living room wall and imitated it. The bed moved and Béla opened her eyes. Jake was removing his jeans. His hard-on was beautifully immense.

“You ready?” she asked, knowing the answer.

Jake didn’t answer. He simply crawled toward her, his own body arching erotically, although Béla didn’t think he realized he was doing that. He was Adonis coming to claim his earthly maiden. Béla could see it plainly in his mind, so she acted the part of the erotic earthly maiden to the hilt – which was what Jake did when he made contact with her. He sank it in to the hilt.

They both moaned with pure lust as Jake shoved her down into the mattress, joyfully impaling her with his hardness. Béla wrapped her legs and arms around him, not believing how much loving she’d gotten in the last day. This time, Jake lasted almost a half-hour before he finally shuddered and grunted, pumping his cum deep inside her, then, exhausted, collapsed down on top of her, gasping for air and covered with sweat.

“Oh… (Gasp!) God! (Puff! Puff!)” Jake gasped. Are… So… (Gasp! Pant!)… Oh, />
Béla was still shuddering, her pelvis twitching constantly as she found she was unable to stop coming. Finally, she just sagged under Jake’s weight and let the sensations rage through her body.

After a few minutes, Jake moved, trying to get off her. The slight sensation as he slid out of her caused Béla to have yet another orgasm – her body was that tightly wound from all the sex. She shook beneath him, whimpering, her body completely beyond her control – at least for the moment.

It seemed to Jake that Béla had finally passed out. But every time he moved, she arched upward with a weak semiconscious whimper, and Jake knew she’d just had another orgasm. He’d never known anyone who could come as much as Béla. She was pure sex. That was it, he realized. He’d finally found a girl who was made completely out of pure, raw sex.

Each time he moved, Jake was able to pull away a little further. Finally, he was free and could move without triggering another orgasm from Béla. Now, she could sleep and recover from their sexual marathon. That’s what it felt like – a marathon of sex. In the last day, since arrival, he’d had at least ten orgasms, and she’d had… God, he had no idea. At least ten in the last half hour…

He sat on the side of the bed and watched her sleep. He realized Béla was right. He was always watching her. Whenever she was in the room, he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was the most alluring, if not the prettiest, girl he’d ever met.

He sat, remembering that yesterday, after he’d dropped her off at the club and she’d agreed to meet him again that night, he’d gone back to the abandoned brownstone at the edge of town. He had to turn off the power and clean up any suspicious residue they might have left during their violent tryst.

When he’d returned to that room where Béla had been chained to the wall, the mattress was heavily saturated with her blood. It looked as though a murder had been committed. As he was cleaning up, he found swatches of her skin that he’d pulled off her writhing body the night before. They were dried out, dead, brownish pieces of her.

Holding a piece of dried out skin in his hand, his erection grew as he stared at it and remembered ramming into her as he tore her flesh off her back. He could hear her scream; feel her body writhe in the agony of being skinned alive. He reached down to make himself more comfortable – to straighten his dick so that it wasn’t shoving out sideways so visibly obvious beneath his jeans.

Unable to help himself, he began to masturbate, still holding the dead piece of skin in one hand as he moved his hard-on back and forth inside his jeans with the other. In only a few seconds, he felt his orgasm approaching. Not wanting to soak his shorts with cum, he pulled down his jeans. His cock dropped forward through the slit in his shorts, already dripping cum from its tip.

Taking hold of himself, Jake stroked along the length of his cock, then, wanting more sensation, wrapped the dead swatch of skin around his cock and began to masturbate with that. In seconds, he was coming, spurting slippery, heavy grayish cum all over dead flesh. He used the dead skin to clean himself off, then tossed it on the bed and pulled up his jeans.

Finally finished with his cleaning, he grabbed the electric heater and set it by the door, then picked up a trash bag and went around the room picking up cleaning rags and trash. As he reached the small pile of trash on the bed, he reached down, grabbed some and shoved it in.

Something warm and wet was on his hand. Grimacing, he remembered his little masturbation session and looked down into the trash bag expecting to see the dead skin that he’d jacked off on. He frowned, not really understanding what he was looking at.

The dead, brownish dried out flesh he’d jacked off on was pink and supple, as though it had just been torn from her body. It also seemed a little larger, but it had been dried out, after all. There was no trace of cum that he could see on the swatch of skin as he delicately held it up in front of him.

Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he’d wrapped her soft, revitalized flesh up and put it in his pocket. Once he got rid of the trash from the abandoned brownstone, he returned to his apartment, anxious to look at the swatch of flesh he’d retrieved. When he unwrapped it, he was disappointed to discover that it had died, again. But, oddly enough, it had grown together; the surfaces merging into each other where they were rolled together before it died again. He put it in a glass of water, thinking that if he got it wet, it might regenerate again.

Now, sitting on the bed with the original lying, sleeping peacefully right next to him, he remembered that glass of water and the grisly bit of human flesh he’d put in the pantry. Sliding off the bed, he went to look at it. It was dead and decomposing. He poured the water out through a strainer, then dropped the remains into a plastic storage bag and sealed it shut. With a sigh and a frown, he tossed the bag into the trash. It was just garbage, now.

Standing alone in the kitchen, Jake’s brows furrowed in thought. He had a microscope – almost a toy, actually – somewhere in the spare bedroom in all his stuff that was still boxed up. He went to look for it.

Jake was halfway through the room when a movement by the door startled him.

Béla was watching him. She was still naked. It seemed to be her natural state. By that, Jake thought, he meant that she wasn’t tense, like most girls when they had their clothes off in front of another person. She could be naked and relaxed, even in the presence of others. Being looked at didn’t bother her at all.

“Hi,” said Béla, smiling down at him. all this stuff? Is it all yours?”

Jake replied, standing up and being surprised at how stiff his legs felt from kneeling on them so long. “A lot of this stuff was my folks. I thought someday I might want it.”

“Oh,” Béla replied. “Your folks are… gone, then?”

Jake nodded, trying to pass off the knowledge with a bit of a smile. He didn’t want to think about that.

“I’m sorry,” Béla said, anyway. “Were you looking for />
“Uh, yeah,” Jake said, glad to change the subject. “I used to have a microscope – when I was a kid. I thought I remembered it in here, />
Béla replied. “Well, you probably don’t want some stranger going through your folk’s stuff. But if you want, I can help you look. I know how depressing it can be to go through precious, old stuff from an earlier life.”

Jake replied. “You can help – I’d like the />
Béla smiled and stepped over to an obviously unopened box. Removing the lid, she began to carefully rummage through it. Over the next hour, Jake sat in the middle of the room, mostly talking about his life at home and his folks while Béla carefully went through one box after another, listening, nodding and occasionally asking a question as Jake talked.

“Hey! I found it!” Béla crowed, quietly triumphant as she pulled the little black instrument up out of a box. As she carefully disentangled the electrical cord from other stuff still in the box, she asked, “What do you want this for anyway? Or should I ask?”

Jake replied, suddenly embarrassed, especially concerning the details of ‘how’ he’d learned what he had learned, “I wanted to study… uh… a piece of your skin.”

“Is this a piece you already have, or do you want a fresh sample?” Béla grinned, half-joking with him.

“Well, the piece I had, died,” Jake told her. “But, before, it was alive. Again, I mean. It was dead, then it was alive, but then it died, again.”

“You are seriously demented,” Béla decided. “Hold my hand and just think about it. I’ll get it. Okay?”

A moment later, she understood. She was very interested, and an experiment was definitely in order. But first, they needed to clean up the microscope and get it working again.

A half-hour later, they were in the kitchen. A bloody square on arm was healing nicely, and Jake had a fresh skin patch from her body under the microscope.

“It’s dying,” he told her as he gazed at it. “It looks perfectly normal. The cells slow down as they run out of oxygen, then they just stop. Just like in Biology class.”

Béla smiled, not remembering ever being in a classroom, but she could see the image in his mind, and understood, somewhat.

“How long should we wait until the next step?” she asked, curious.

“Next step?” Jake asked, not understanding.

“You jack off on it and bring it back to life.”

“Oh! That next step!” Jake exclaimed, suddenly embarrassed, again.

Béla smiled as she felt the embarrassment Jake was radiating. He’d jacked off on her, fucked her in every hole, shot her, stabbed her and skinned her alive. He’d even watched her piss herself. And he was embarrassed that he jacked off on a piece of her dead flesh and that she knew about it? C’mon, get real.

“Um,” Jake hesitated, still embarrassed, “about a half-hour, I guess.”

Béla sighed, turned around and went into the living room. Sitting down, she picked up the little packet with the buttons that controlled the TV. Jake followed.

“How does this work?” she wanted to know.

“Press the button that sez ON/OFF,” Jake replied.

Béla looked at it for a few seconds. Then she looked up at Jake, seeming to concentrate. He could almost feel her nudging around behind his eyeballs. Then she pressed the ON/OFF button without looking down at black device in her hand.

Jake didn’t believe what just seemed to have happened, but he had to know, and he had to know, now.

“Did you just read my mind?” Jake asked anxiously.

The TV blared up, destroying conversation for a moment and giving Béla the opportunity not to reply to his question. Jake, distracted by the noise, sat down next to Béla and gently took the controls out of her hand, staring in wonder at her the whole time.

“You can read minds, can’t you,” Jake said, not asking, but needing clarification.

“And you can’t read,” he guessed. “You didn’t know what button said ON/OFF until you saw it in my mind.”

Jake pressed the MUTE button, killing all sound in the room except for their breathing. He waited for her answer.

“I can’t read labels,” she admitted. “I understand ledgers, and I can count. When I want to know how something works, I just look at the levers and dials or whatever, and I can feel the intention of what they’re for. But these little dead boxes are… too… inert. I can’t feel how they work.”

amazing,” Jake informed her. “You mean you can look at something and understand why it was made? And how it works?”

Béla nodded. “Pretty much, yeah.”

“And your English is perfect,” Jake said. “I mean – I don’t mean that you don’t make grammatical errors, but you make the same grammatical errors that everyone does. It’s like you’ve always spoken English. I can barely notice an accent.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” Béla admitted, then asked, “I have an accent?”

Jake replied. “But it’s sooo faint, I can’t tell what kind of an accent it is. It’s like… you leaned a more English that we speak now.”

“Languages are always changing,” Béla replied. “One must keep up with the times, mustn’t one?”

“Now that’s English!” Jake grinned. “I mean British />
Suddenly Jake brightened up! what’s been nagging me about your speech – the way you talk! You have so many different accents that they sort of all blend in together. You have a unique way of expressing />
Béla shrugged, not really wanting to get into a discussion like this. “I’ve traveled a lot. You ken different things from different places. Wherever one travels, the populace is unique. But I will confess, it’s been getting pretty crowded, lately, and crowds tend to destroy />
Jake was silent for a moment. Then he said, “I can’t begin to decipher how many inflections from different cultures you just used.”

“Is your half-hour up yet?” Béla asked, anxious to change the subject.

Jake asked, not remembering.

“Your, or rather, my skin sample in the />
“Oh!” Jake exclaimed, then he was embarrassed, yet again!

“If you want privacy, I’ll wait here,” Béla offered. “If you want help, well, I’m />
She smiled as he left for the kitchen, not answering her. After a few minutes, she could tell it was safe, so she joined him in the kitchen. He was peering intently into the microscope.

“This is amazing.” Jake said as he heard her enter.

“What is it?” Béla asked, leaning up against him.

“Well, look at this.” Jake indicated the microscope to her.

Béla stretched over the eyepieces and gazed down. Her skin under the microscope was teaming with life – tiny, white, wiggling little spermatozoa rapidly nudging each other around. She looked up at Jake, a question obvious in her eyes.

“What did you see?” Jake asked her.

“Living tissue,” Béla replied. “But that was taken a half-hour ago. It was dying when we left the room.”

“Right. Do you know what I saw after I jacked off on the slide?” Jake asked, sounding like a schoolteacher, his embarrassment completely missing in his excitement.

“No. What?” Béla inquired.

“The sperm cells burrowed into the cells that make up your skin like they thought your skin cells were eggs. And then your skin started expanding. Growing, in other words,” he explained.

“Really? Can you make another me like that?” Béla asked, incredulously.

“Well, no.” Jake replied. “At least I don’t think so. If it were possible to grow another you, it wouldn’t be you. Not really, anyway.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

Jake said, thinking for a moment, a metaphysical thing involved that I don’t quite understand. It wouldn’t be you, because you’re you! It would be somebody else that looked like you.

Béla stared at him, eyes wide in />
“Look. You’re missing the point!” he exclaimed.

“What point?” she asked, getting exasperated with the whole thing. “Could you grow another ‘me’ or not?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know!” Jake sounded frustrated. “God. I couldn’t handle two of you!”

Béla frowned at him. “What do />
“The point is, you regenerate because of the something in the sperm,” Jake explained. why, when you fuck a lot, you feel invigorated – more alive.”

“So sperm is good, huh?” Béla cooed, looking smug.

“Well, it is for you.” Jake replied. “It’s like a rejuvenation fluid for you.”

“Why couldn’t you grow another me?” Béla asked, changing the subject back to what she wanted to talk about. “Here. Just carve a chunk out of my hide and go jack off on it until it grows into me!”

She grabbed a knife and handed it to him. “Make it a big chunk!” she exclaimed, presenting her backside.

Jake stared at her in disbelief, then threw up his hands and walked away from her. Béla watched him walk away.

“Would it live as long as I have?” she asked as he retreated across the room, her voice unsteady with emotion.

He stopped and turned around.

he asked, “How long have you lived?”

He stared at her, suddenly wondering if this thing was some form of immortality. His mind began working, putting the pieces together. Her speech indicated the influence of at least a dozen dialects. Any kind of wound healed amazingly fast. And, in talking to her, he found, not the inexperienced twenty year old mind that should be in that body, but someone who’s personality and self-reliance was much more developed than twenty years would permit in most people.

He then wondered, if she’d really lived a long time, how many people she had known and lost. His eyes felt unnaturally teary.

the matter?” she asked him.

“How long?” he reached out and touched her cheek.

She was silent. Then she said quietly, “I don’t know. I’ve always been here.”

Jake’s mind shifted from thinking of her in terms of right now, to thinking of her living for centuries or maybe a thousand years. He began to wonder how alone she’d really be if she’d actually lived that long.

Jake remembered something Béla had said that first time, when she’d danced for him at the bar where he met her.

“You said you learned a dance when you were young,” Jake murmured. “Do you remember being a child?”

“Well, I remember thinking I was young, once,” she said, thoughtfully, “but I don’t actually remember being little, like a child. There had to be a time before I was born, obviously. There were other people, after all.”

“Who was president then?” he remarked, then realized that sounded really stupid and amended his question, “Who was the leader of your people when you were young?”

“I don’t really remember,” she stated, then sat down and closed her eyes in an effort to concentrate. “There was a lot of political unrest. My father made me stay with him in his laboratory most of the time. For my own safety, he said.”

“Your father had a he queried.

“Yes. I remember. It had equipment like what you have,” Béla stated. “Things to look through and magnify and stuff.”

Her face saddened. “He had to leave. They wouldn’t let him take me along, and I was left behind.”

“I don’t Jake replied. “Why wouldn’t they let you go with them?”

“I heard someone say I was she spoke softly, “not pure like them.”

“They wouldn’t take you because of your special gifts?” he asked. “You weren’t enough?”

“No,” Béla replied, gently correcting him. “I wasn’t enough like them. I was too human.”

“But you’re not entirely human, are you,” Jake said. a mixture of races. Maybe even a mixture of />
“I don’t know, Jake,” Béla confessed. “I don’t know what I am. I know I don’t die like humans, but I wasn’t pure enough for my father to be permitted to take me with him.”

“So you’re a Jake explained. nothing wrong with that, except in a few, racially demented minds.”

But if she really is a half-breed, Jake thought, what is she a mixture of? Is she only half… human? If so, what sort of being makes up her other half? That half that makes her… special?

“So, you’re father’s people left,” Jake said, getting back to what they were talking about earlier. “Where did they go?”

“They got on their ship and went away.” Béla replied.

“What did their ship look like?” Jake asked, figuring he could determine the time in history from the type of ships they used then.

“I don’t know.” Béla said, “I couldn’t see it. But,” she added hopefully, “it made a big shadow.”

“A shadow?” he asked, not understanding.

she replied. “On the ground around our house. You could always tell when a ship was there because there was no sunlight around the house.”

Jake sat silently, stunned. He had never believed the silly theory about ‘Ancient and now, he thought, he might be looking at one – or, more likely, half of one.

“What happened to you then?” he asked, after a moment.

“Well, I guess you could say I was ‘fostered Béla told him, thinking hard. “I was sent to a temple far away to live with my new foster mother.”

“A temple?” Jake asked. Maybe now we’re getting somewhere.

“What can you tell me about your new home?” he asked.

“I don’t really know,” she replied, her eyes still closed. “We went to Sumer. I lived in the Temple of Nanna with my foster mother, Enheduana. There were several other girls there, fostered out to the temple, like me. We used to go down to a small market together to get fruits and vegetables. That was about the only time we were allowed outside. Everywhere we went, we were protected by temple guards.”

“Oh, I had forgotten,” Béla added, suddenly smiling, “My foster Uncle Sargon was the King of Akkad.”

“And another thing, every year I was there,” Béla continued, remembering more, “and this was the best part of being there, by the way, we had this big celebration where my foster mother and Uncle Sargon had this sacred marriage ceremony. It always turned into a big orgy thing. Only us girls, we weren’t allowed to get pregnant ’cause temple girls are supposed to be virgins, so, if we participated, we could only allow ourselves to be taken from behind. We could also use our mouths, of course. I was the only one who could be used properly because I was I didn’t have a bleeding cycle, so I couldn’t get pregnant.”

She smiled at Jake, smugly, remembering her early erotic adventures as a temple maid.

‘Wow! She’s always been a horny little slut!’ Jake thought, chuckling to himself.

He wondered, though, about those strange names – Sargon, Enheduana, Akkad. While Béla was taking a bath, he went up on the Internet and searched for those names. What he found was not only startling, but also disturbing.

Sargon, not the chess game, was an ancient king who lived even before the time of David. The ancient country, in what archaeologists now called Sumer, existed even before the coming of the Semites. There, Sargon ruled over the district of Akkad, and Enheduana had indeed been his wife, or rather, one of many of his wives, more ritualistically than physically, although they did partake of each other in a divine union every year to ensure the health and prosperity of the people and the land.

Jake sat, staring at the screen for some time. If Béla was telling him the truth about her childhood, she was at least 4,300 years old! And she herself may well be a hybrid offspring of an alien species! If so, why was she created? And what was she doing here?

Even in our own civilization, Jake knew, hybrid species don’t often breed true, and usually they’re sterile, anyway. He decided it wasn’t surprising that she couldn’t reproduce. Most unnatural phenomenons have a tendency to weed themselves out. He thought maybe that was why her people had left her behind. She existed outside of and wasn’t a part of nature. She was unnatural.

Chapter 4 />
Béla was in the tub, standing up this time and using the new hand-held showerhead Jake had installed. Jake could hear the shower running from the kitchen as he cracked several eggs into a skillet. A wailing cry from the bathroom alarmed him, and he pulled the skillet off the fire and ran in to see what was wrong.

“What happened?” Jake cried out as he swung around and through the open doorway.

Béla called back over the rushing sound of shower water.

“You yell or something?” Jake asked, realizing there wasn’t really a problem.

“Oh, yeah,” Béla replied, remembering now. “Somebody must’ve flushed a toilet or something. The water got really hot.”

Jake replied. “That happens sometimes. There’s not much can be done about that, though.”

“Oh, I didn’t mind,” Béla told him, “I kind’ve liked it, but it was unexpected. I was />
Jake grinned and went back out into the kitchen. She’d probably been working on a very sensitive part of her body with that showerhead and scorched herself. He thought she should be grateful they had hot water. He’d lived in places where not only was there no hot water, but you had to share the bathroom with other tenants. Then he realized that she’d probably lived in places like that, too, and perhaps even more primitive if she was really as old as he believed she was.

Béla came into the kitchen a few minutes later, drawn by the smell of eggs and bacon. She nosed through the fridge while Jake finished setting her place at the kitchen table and found some cheese and a half-loaf of French bread. Adding her little treasures to the table, she sat down.

“Is there coffee?” she asked, not seeing any, or smelling it.

“No,” Jake replied. out.”

Béla grunted. She sliced off a piece of bread and handed it to Jake just as he was about to sit down. “Will you fry this in the bacon grease for me?”

Jake took the bread and dropped it into the skillet, then turned the fire back on. He sat down and was able to take a couple of bites before Béla handed him a chunk of cheese she’d been carving.

“Can you put this on the bread when you turn it over?” she asked.

Jake took the cheese and stood up, then noticed that she hadn’t started eating, yet. you like your eggs?”

Béla asked, then replied, “Oh, sure! I just wanted some extra… chewy stuff. You know?”

Jake grinned and shook his head, then turned away to the stove. After turning the bread and adding the cheese to the surprisingly pleasant smelling bread, he sat back down and continued eating, noticing that Béla was eating, now, as well.

“I was thinking,” she said through a mouthful of bacon. “It’s finally getting warm enough that we could go up to my cabin.”

“You have a cabin?” Jake asked, interested. “Where is it?”

“It’s a ways,” Béla replied. “You take Route Eighty Nine up to Great Falls, then take Eighty Seven up through Fort Benson. Then it’s about twenty-seven, twenty-eight miles north. And the last part of that’s a dirt road.”

at least four hours,” Jake figured. “No Interstate, huh?”

Béla shook her head and grinned. “I’m still getting used to concrete, okay? It would take two weeks to walk that far.”

Jake shrugged, then sniffed the air. Something was burning.

“My cheese!” Béla yelped, and jumped up.

They both got to the stove at the same time. The lump of cheese had melted and was beginning to scorch in the bottom of the blackened skillet.

“Oh, good!” Béla grinned as she stuck her face down almost into the skillet. “It’s />
Grabbing another plate, she held it out in front of her, obviously expecting Jake to serve it right up to her. She frowned as Jake completely missed his queue and sat back down to his own breakfast. She set her plate on the counter and, picking up the entire skillet, dumped the whole mess, grease and all, onto her plate.

She carried her prize back to the table and set it down, only spilling a little of the grease off the edge of the plate as she set it down.

“God, that looks awful,” Jake commented as he bit into a piece of bacon.

Béla grinned, “I’m sure it’ll be just fine,” then dumped her half-eaten eggs on top of the fried bread and half-burnt cheese. It took her almost twenty minutes to finish, but she ate it all.

“Is there any more bacon?” she called out to Jake, who had left the room to get into his power company uniform.

“No, I have to go to the store,” Jake called back out.

A few minutes later he could smell something burning. Curious, he went back into the kitchen. Béla was frying more bread and cheese, but this time it was sticking to the bottom and making a real mess.

“You still hungry?” he asked, incredulously staring at the melting, burnt mess.

“I’m starved!” Béla complained. “You feed me these little tiny meals and it’s just not enough. At the club, I’ll clean out the whole refrigerator – it drives Frank nuts! But I have a really high metabolism and I’m sorry, but I need more than you’re feeding me!”

Jake scraped the mess out of the skillet and onto a newspaper. As he did, Béla was eagerly picking out stuff that was still edible and shoving it into her mouth before he could throw it away.

He stopped and looked at her. “I guess I have been stressing your system a little bit, huh?”

“I guess,” Béla replied, working her way through a chunk of half-burned cheese. “This is really good. How come you never fix it?”

“Fried cheese?” Jake asked. “I never thought of it. I’ve heard of it, though – some sort of Greek dish, isn’t it?”

Béla corrected him around a mouthful of food. “But the Greeks do it, too. It’s all Old World stuff. Sometimes I miss the way food used to be />
“What do you miss about it?” Jake wanted to know.

Béla grinned, licking her greasy fingers, now. “First of all, the portions you Colonists prepare are ridiculous. And you cook everything until it’s dead, dead, dead! There’s no flavor in anything! And God forbid you should find maize in your peas! Send it back! It’s ruined! And cow is the most tasteless stuff I’ve ever stuck in my mouth! Except for sliced bread, I mean! Ever since you barbaric Saxons became a world power, everyone’s forgotten was real food is in their anxious drive to be just like you!

“And you people live on cows!” Béla ranted, starting on another pet peeve. “Cow meat, cow milk – that stuff makes me sick, and you can’t even begin to know what real butter tastes like! Not when it’s made from that flat milk! And you make this cheese – It has no flavor at all! But at least, you had some real cheese. I see you like that.”

“If it matters any,” Jake said, grinning at her emotional tirade, “I usually eat pork or chicken. And I’m glad you like my cheese. It’s expensive, and I was upset when you wanted to cook it, but I guess it’s okay if that’s how you like it.”

“I’m sorry,” Béla replied, more in control of herself now. “I just wanted something different. I was hungry. Sometimes I miss biting />
She sighed. “It doesn’t matter. I have to remember – ‘Now’ is what’s important. Sometimes I get a bit ditzy with all this stuff in my head. I just have to remember to put some things aside and keep going.”

Jake hugged her, enjoying the warmth of her bare body against his shirt. “Do you want to go up to your cabin next week? I can take some time off – I have vacation time I can use. We can spend a couple of weeks there.”

“Maybe have some fun in the woods?” Béla murmured, pressing closer to him.

“I don’t know,” Jake replied, enjoying her closeness. “You have something in mind?”

When Béla raised her head up, she was grinning, her earlier ranting forgotten. be all alone up there – You could do anything you want to me, and I could scream as loud as I want and no neighbors would />
“You liked that?” Jake asked, “Screaming, I mean?”

“I keep remembering our first night, when you did all that stuff to me,” she murmured, rubbing her body against him more amorously. “I want more of that. I want you to take me to the edge – as far as I can go. I want you to shoot me, skin me, burn me – torture me as much as you want.”

Jake bent down and kissed her passionately on her lips, grinding her mouth against her teeth with his ardent desire. Béla moved one hand down below his waist and began rubbing against the hardness she found there.

“I see you like that idea, too,” she murmured, still pressed against his mouth.

“I’m going to be late for work,” Jake mumbled back into her mouth.

“Oh, sorry,” Béla replied, quickly letting go and backing away. Then she grinned again. “Are you saving that for />
Jake asked, half laughing but feeling strangely ensnared.

“Is today the day you get to fuck Trishia?” Béla asked again, still grinning.

Jake’s mouth fell open with an upset gasp. “I wasn’t planning to do anything, but, yeah! Today is Trish’s day. However, I’ve got you, now. I was planning to let her down easy.”

Béla asked. “She got there first, and I’m not exactly in a position to be jealous, seeing as how I normally fuck thirty or forty guys every month, usually in groups.”

“Are you planning to fuck thirty or forty guys this month?” Jake asked, glad that the tables were turned and the attention was off of his perverted behavior.

“I dunno,” Béla admitted. “I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been kind’ve sapped on you lately. You’re really jake.”

Jake chuckled at the flapper pun on his name, then kissed her on the end of her nose. “I gotta go, babe,” and went out the door.

Chapter 5 />
Jake never mentioned Trish again, and Béla never mentioned her daytime visits to her old Target Club or the afternoons she spent with Frank. Frank told her how much her regulars missed her, and she said that, maybe, in two or three weeks, she might be back – who knows about these things?

That Saturday morning, Jake and Béla drove out to the mountains. Béla was having difficulty sitting still during the entire trip. She trembled with excitement as she thought about what she and Jake could do once they were by themselves. Personal mayhem excited her beyond sanity, and she eagerly anticipated the violence she hoped would be inflicted on her. She had been looking for a companion exactly like Jake for a very long time.

“I don’t think we can get your car up that,” Jake said, grimacing at the washed out slope where the road seemed to go.

“This is as far as I’ve ever gotten by car,” Béla told him.

They climbed out and loaded their backpacks. They were carrying mostly food – both canned and boxed. Béla shivered with aroused anticipation as she watched Jake pack two cases of twenty-two caliber shells into his pack. He’d also brought his rifle – for doing a little hunting, he said. A large thirty-six count package of toilet paper topped off pack, precariously strapped so that it was pillowed against her head as she hiked along.

Béla was glad to be outside again. Although the sunlight hurt inside her head, living behind pristine walls using artificial light was even more disagreeable.

This was one of favorite spots. She had purchased this cabin shortly after it was built in the early 1930’s and included it in her estates. Now, as Béla Wilson, she often rented it from her earlier self’s estate, that is, when she wanted to get away. It felt good to be back again.

“Well, no one will bother us up here.” Jake surmised, looking around. “We can pretty much do whatever we please; make as much noise as we want.”

“Whatever you please, and as much noise as I want,” Béla agreed, and went inside.

Jake followed her in and they dropped their packs in the middle of the room. Looking around, Jake was surprised at the amount of ancient weaponry mounted on the walls. There were spears, crossbows, a sword and corresponding shield, several axes and an assortment of leather and metal armor.

“You got a lot of stuff,” he mentioned. “You collect all of this />
“No,” Béla grinned. “It came with the property. Some movie guy owned it. Most of these are props from old movies he made back a few years… back in the />
“How did you ever find a place like this?” Jake asked, completely awed by the primitive and violent d?r.

“Well, the owner invited me and my boyfriend up here,” Béla replied, wondering just how much she should tell him. “There was some kind of special movie they were going to make, and my boyfriend was, like, the… um, contractor. It was his job to make sure his… company got what they were paying for.”

“A special movie for… What?” Jake surmised. “A training film or />
Béla frowned, definitely not interested in telling him. The previous owner and his cameraman, along with two actresses who had been executed during the production of that film were buried under the floorboards.

Béla remembered quite vividly. Her boyfriend, rightly nicknamed ‘the Rat’, had sold her as well as two other, young, wanna-be actresses on the idea of making a ‘Nature Film’ – the catchall phrase the Mob used that covered everything from Prostitution to Porn to Snuff. After waking up and finding herself lying underneath the other two dead girls, sweet, innocent Betty name back then) violently butchered the three men who had planned it all.

At least, she thought she had, but her boyfriend, like the rat he was, managed to survive her feasting and later came after her and the money that was supposed to have been exchanged for the vanished film. But during that period of time when Betty had thought them all dead, she’d ransacked the little cabin and found papers – legal documents – that proved some of the illegal activities he’d been involved in.

Those papers she found also incriminated a few legal types – crooked lawyers, that is, and she used those papers to buy off one of them. It was one of the best investments she ever made, as she gave the one she chose quite a lot of power over the others by exchanging the papers for several pieces of real estate owned by the (now missing) moviemaker. Her little cabin, her gravesite, was one of those pieces of property.

silence let Jake know the general nature of what had probably been filmed here.

“The privacy of this place would make for some interesting porno stuff,” he grinned. “I can just imagine naked nymphs prancing around outside being chased by satyrs.”

Béla smiled and let him have his fantasy. Did he also imagine those naked nymphs being gunned down for the sake of some sick bastard who got his rocks off by watching young girls getting butchered?

Then she remembered why she’d brought him up here. The aura of this place seemed to bring out the raw, normally suppressed cruelty that men usually denied in themselves. Perhaps the moviemaker and his two victims haunted the place. Even Frank, when she’d brought him up here, had done cruel things to her, once he had her completely alone in that very bedroom where everyone had died, that he’d never done before.

Picking up her pack, Béla dropped it on the table and began to put stuff away. Jake started unpacking his own, which contained cans of fruit and vegetables, and a box of half-frozen meat and started putting them away.

In the meantime, Béla went outside to start up the generator that powered the fridge, the water pump and heater and the lights. The noise was a little irritating at first, then became much quieter when Béla closed the shed door where the generator was kept.

no hot water yet,” Béla announced as she came back in, “but if you don’t mind the cold, there should is running water now.”

To prove her words, she opened the faucet in the sink. After a few seconds, the pipes began their gastric protest of their usage, spitting lots of air and occasionally, noisily, a bit of muddy water. Gradually, the amount of air diminished and the amount of dirty water increased until, at last, clean, cold water was coming out of the faucet uninterrupted by any more coughing fits of air.

Béla went outside again and as Jake was finished putting everything away in the kitchen, he followed her, curious about what she was doing. It was completely mundane, but interesting. This tiny little stripper, definitely a city girl from all appearances, seemed to know exactly how everything in her little fantasy cabin worked. Now, she was bleeding off the accumulated dirty water from the water heater. When she was satisfied with the quality of the water spurting out the bypass valve, she twisted it closed and stood up.

“Well, working,” she said, sounding proud of herself.

“You sure know a lot about this old stuff,” Jake said, also proud of her. Then he ‘When I want to know how something works, I just look at the levers and dials or whatever, and I can feel the intention of what they’re

She didn’t know how stuff worked, Jake realized. At least, she didn’t have knowledge of how stuff worked. She could just look at it, and she would know what was needed to make it work. It wasn’t really knowledge. He didn’t know the word for it, and she wasn’t really that smart. She was… aware.

That was it, he realized. Béla was… aware… in ways that most people weren’t. Her perceptions were different. In that respect, her brain, if that indeed was what she was using, was as unusual as her body. He wondered what other abilities she might possess that even she may be unaware of.

amazing,” he said as she turned to go back into the cabin.

Béla smiled up at him as she slipped by, and gave him a peck on the cheek. When he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him, she grinned into his face and said, “A hot shower for me before you get your grubby hands down there – unless you really, really like grungy girls.”

He let her go into the cabin, the followed her in.

“I imagine you’re hungry,” Jake said as he closed the door behind him. All he wanted to do was grab her and mash her soft, tender body up against his, but there were always mundane little things that mattered, like personal hygiene, food, a fresh bed to fuck, or rather, sleep in…

right, I’m starved,” Béla replied agreeably. “What all do we have to choose from?”

Jake shrugged. She knew what supplies they’d hauled up here as well as he did. She had helped carry it all.

“How about sausage and spaghetti?” he asked, thinking of the easiest thing he could fix. “Or sausage and />
“Either will be fine,” Béla replied, and disappeared into the bedroom.

A moment later, she reappeared, lugging a blanket and pillows with her and headed outside. Then he could hear her beating them up, eliminating a year’s worth of dust that had accumulated. Finding a can opener and a large can of spicy tomatoes, he started supper.

Jake spent the next bit of time while supper heated cleaning up the kitchen. Then while Béla was showering, he surprised her by sweeping the bedroom floor. He found several short rugs rolled up in the closet and laid them out to create a soft path for her from the bathroom to the bed.

When she appeared for supper, she was glowing – mostly from the hot water, probably, Jake thought. But she seemed immensely pleased, also. In addition, all she had on was a black g-string.

“Wow! You look great!” Jake replied, wishing he could think of something better to say. ‘Oh, sweet goddess, let me worship your body as it has never been worshipped or something corny like that was all he could think of.

Béla grinned and sat down. “Is supper ready? It smells />
He pulled a pan out of the oven and set it on the table. “It’s ready.”

Béla stared at it and sniffed, her expression one of pleasant surprise. “Baked />
“Spaghetti casserole,” Jake explained as he sliced a large square loose with a spatula and splatted it down on her plate. “Try it. I think you’ll like it.”

She tried it. She liked it. She ate almost half of it by herself.

“Sorry about the bread,” Jake said sometime during the meal.

bread?” Béla asked, suddenly more interested. She actually sniffed the air for a few seconds before he answered, looking rather hopeful, then realizing there wasn’t any, returned to her meal.

“No, there’s no bread,” Jake explained. why I’m sorry.”

Béla replied, already busy with another mouthful. “ ’s />
As she helped Jake clean up, she said, “Tomorrow, we’ll go out and check the garden.”

Jake was surprised. “You have a garden out here?”

Béla grinned. “Not really. Years ago I planted a bunch of roots and tubers that regrow every year if you don’t harvest them all. There should be some good stuff from last fall.”

“What kind of Jake asked, not certain he wanted to eat something called a />
“Oh, beets, radishes, potatoes,” Béla replied. “If we’re lucky, we might find an onion or two that hasn’t gone bad yet.. It’s still pretty early in the year, and the ground is only recently thawed. In a couple more weeks, anything still in the ground from last year will have rotted. But a lot of it regenerates in time for fall.”

Jake scraped out the casserole pan, absently wondering if Béla had learned this lore during her long life, or if this was something else she was simply… aware… of.

Béla went to sleep with Jake’s juices leaking from between her legs. She had been thinking about getting up and taking a quick shower, but was too relaxed and sated to move.

Béla awoke, aware that she had been asleep from several hours. Some sound had intruded on her mind, telling her she should be alert. She tried to remember what it was. It was kind of a scraping sound – heavy steel against… what? The living room wall!

Someone had removed something from the wall in the next room – the room that was filled with dulled, but still heavy and dangerous, weapons of war. There was a slow, creaking sound. The bedroom door? Someone was in the room!

A foot scraped the floor at the foot of the bed! Béla rolled to one side and reached out, quickly flipping on the lamp. Then she screamed!

The rotted corpse of the filmmaker who was buried under the floor was swinging a battle axe down right at her! Béla leaped out of the bed, terrified beyond reason! In all her entire existence, this was her first attack by a zombie!

She ducked as the putrid corpse swung at her again. Its fetid breath gagged her as she filled her lungs for another scream even as a small part of her mind wondered why a zombie would need to breathe. Throwing the axe aside, the zombie grabbed her by the shoulders and began shaking her, its teeth and mouth drawing ever nearer to her throat – its stinking breath gagging her as it drew closer, ever closer…

Then it spoke to her; wake up… For God’s />
Béla! Wake up!” Jake cried, shaking her by the shoulders.

Jake had been peacefully asleep, lying half-way on top of her, unconscious from that last incredible orgasm, when Béla had suddenly jammed her leg up between his legs, crushing his balls and screeching at the top of her lungs, terrifying the hell out of him. A flailing arm nearly broke his jaw as she thrashed about on the bed.

Quickly reaching for the lamp, Jake turned it on, then grabbed Béla by the shoulders. It took all his strength to hold her down as he shouted at her, trying to wake her up!

Béla shrieked. “Get away! I killed you! Get away from me! You’re dead! Dead! DEAD!”

Suddenly her eyes flew open and she stopped trashing, right in the middle of drawing a breath for another scream.

Béla yelled, with much less terror as she slowly realized where she was.

Jake still held her down as she lay beneath him. She was still shaking in terror from her nightmare, her eyes flashing around the room, needing to see, yet dreading the vision of what had attacked her.

“It’s okay!” Jake anxiously assured her. “It was only a dream! You’re alright! You just had a bad dream.”

“A dream?” Béla whimpered, still shaking and looking around fearfully.

Then she took a deep breath. Her trembling subsided considerably.

“I’m alright, now,” Béla assured Jake, her voice still shaky. “You can let go of me.”

“Only if you promise not to kick me again,” Jake replied, smiling nervously down at her.

Béla whispered.

Jake sat up and Béla anxiously looked behind him, making certain there was really nothing there. Then she looked around, surprised that she was still in bed.

“A dream,” Béla repeated, then took a deep breath. “I think I’ll take that shower, />
Jake said as Béla climbed out of the bed. “Does this happen often?”

Béla wanted to know as she cautiously approached the living room door.

Jake clarified. “Do you have them often?”

Opening the door, Béla carefully reached around the corner and flipped the light switch on in the kitchen. She stared into the room for a moment, then sighed in relief. She seemed to be staring at the floor.

“You okay?” Jake asked, climbing out of bed to join her.

At his movement, Béla held up her arms for an instant as though to ward him away, then let him hold her.

“You have these nightmares often?” Jake asked again.

Béla shook her head and murmured, “I don’t dream.”

be silly,” Jake kidded her. “Everybody dreams.”

“I Béla replied, rejecting his statement. “But sometimes I have />
“What kind of vision?” Jake wanted to know. “How do you know it wasn’t a dream?”

Béla sighed, her tone somewhere between anxiety and frustration. “I’m an oracle. I understand these things.”

“So you can interpret what you dreamed about?” Jake asked, hoping he got it right so she wouldn’t talk to him like he was a child.

“It wasn’t a dream!” Béla insisted.

“Then what was it?” Jake cried. “Tell me!”

Béla closed her eyes for a moment and shuddered as she deliberately looked at the images that had terrified her a moment ago.

“Someone is hunting me,” Béla said after a moment. “Someone wants my blood.”

Jake asked in a disbelieving tone. “Why would someone want to kill you?”

“I don’t know!” Béla snapped at him. “But this was a warning! If I don’t leave, I’ll die!”

Jake felt flustered, now. “How soon do you have to leave?”

“I don’t know,” Béla replied. “The zombie swung at me twice and missed. There will be two attempts on my life before I die.”

Jake said, somewhat comforted. “Have there been any attempts on your life />
“Only one,” Béla told him. “But something terrible is going to happen, too. Jake, you shouldn’t have waked me up! I didn’t get the entire vision! I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

“I shouldn’t have what?” Jake exclaimed. “You were screaming at the top of your lungs. You see this bruise on my face? You put it there! You kicked me in the nuts!”

“I’m sorry!” Béla cried, frustrated and feeling unnaturally afraid. “But I needed to find out what />
She stopped suddenly. />
Jake asked, suddenly as startled as Béla appeared to be.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Béla explained, her brow still furrowed as though she was still figuring it out. “You woke me up! You interfered with the vision! You will affect the />
“Is that good?” Jake asked hopefully.

“I don’t know,” Béla whimpered. “I just don’t know. But I should stay with you – at least for awhile, until I figure out what’s going to happen.”

“Can we go back to bed, now?” Jake asked, suddenly weary beyond his ability to think.

“I want to shower, first,” Béla told him.

Jake waited in the bed, drifting off as the sound of running water lulled him to sleep. The bed moved slightly, waking him somewhat, then a warm, damp body was next to his. It smelled of fresh, pleasantly fragrant soap and he rolled over toward it, burying his face against neck and shoulders.

His hand roamed across her stomach and gripped a slender hip, then traveled up her side and her ribs. His hand settled on her breast and Jake sighed with contentment. He thought he heard a low chuckle in her throat, then Béla whispered, “Go to sleep.”

Chapter 6 />
The next thing Jake knew, it was morning. An unidentifiable sound was coming from the kitchen. Someone was… sawing? Tapping? Something. After a moment, it stopped and Jake heard what could only be a tin lid being pried off.

Satisfied that he knew what Béla was up too, he drifted back to sleep. It seemed like only a moment and Béla was sitting naked on the bed, grinning and sipping coffee, then playfully sighing her coffee-breath into his face.

Jake moaned, “Smells />
get up,” Béla gently chided him. “You don’t want to sleep the day away.”

“I Jake asked sleepily. “Why don’t I?”

Béla informed him, be sleeping by />
“Um,” Jake replied. “Okay. Wake me when you get back.”

“I want you to get up!” Béla wailed, whacking him on his rump. “I didn’t drag you all the way up here so you could sleep all day! We’ve barely been together a week and already you’re conking out on me! You wanna walk home across half of Montana, hmm?”

Jake thought about it, seeming to weigh the ‘pro’ of sleeping in, against the ‘con’ of walking home. Béla hit him again. After his first cup of coffee, in bed, he was willing to get up.

“Chicken soup for breakfast,” Jake mumbled as he rinsed the pan. “Who would’ve guessed you could cook?”

“You were asleep,” Béla replied, “and I was hungry.”

always hungry,” Jake noticed, then added as she headed for the outside door. you going?”

“To look for food,” Béla told him. “My garden – />
“Oh,” Jake replied. “Lemme get a />
Opening the front closet door where Béla had hung his coat and stored their backpacks, he stopped and whistled.

“Whew! Look at this!” Jake grinned appreciatively. “Are these yours?”

He was gazing raptly at two quivers of arrows and a rather ornate but simple bow – not a crossbow, but the other kind, like the Native Americans had used.

Béla replied, disinterested. a butt out back that I shoot at.”

“This is nice,” Jake cooed, holding the bow in his hand and wiping the dust off. “You don’t use this for />
“No,” Béla replied. “Those are practice arrows. They don’t do enough damage to kill game. Maybe they’ll kill a />
She watched, halfway interested, more or less to make sure he didn’t break anything as he awkwardly strung the bow. Then he reached in and picked up a quiver of arrows.

Holding the bow in one hand with the quiver dangling precariously in the other, he asked, “Wanna do some />
“Right now?” Béla asked, raising her eyebrows. “Well, I guess. We can always dig for />
They were outside and Béla was explaining, the target down there. You ever shoot one of these before?”

“Okay, lemme show you,” Béla said, taking the bow and notching an arrow up against the string. “You hold it like this… line it up against your cheek. See? Then raise it up a little because the arrow will curve downward with gravity… And… />
With an exciting the arrow vanished from the bow, which was suddenly vibrating. There was no sound as the arrow sailed over the butt, just missing the outer ring.

“Too much tailwind,” Béla murmured. “I’ll probably never find that />
“Can I try?” Jake asked, excitedly.

Béla handed him the bow. Carefully copying everything he saw Béla do, he pulled back on the arrow and the string. Halfway into firing position, the arrow took off as Jake yelped in protest and sailed over their heads, striking the ground about halfway to the target.

“Not bad for the first time,” Béla laughed. get better, I />
Three arrows later, Jake actually hit the butt. They both cheered. Jake looked at Béla as she laughed, thinking how beautiful she was – and how much he’d love to see one of these arrows sticking out of her smoothly curved stomach.

“Now let’s play!” Jake exclaimed, taking another arrow and stepping back.

“What are you doing?” Béla asked as she automatically stepped back, too.

my target!” Jake grinned. “Start />
Oh, God!” Béla exclaimed, suddenly excited as her gut tightened in anticipation. going to shoot at me?”

In reply, Jake raised the bow and drew the arrow back, pointing it directly at her.

Béla laughed and took off across the yard, dancing playfully backwards and away from him. He aimed the bow and shot at her. She squealed and jumped, trying to get in front of the arrow as it flew past her.

“You missed!” She stuck out her tongue. Her eyes were glazed with excitement. “Try again!”

She danced ever farther away, taunting him as he notched another arrow. As he pulled back on the string, Béla ripped open her blouse, displaying her naked breasts and jiggled a nipple at him.

your target!” She blew him a kiss and danced from side to side.

“Maybe you should take off the rest of your clothes,” Jake called to her. “We don’t want to get them all messy and full of holes.”

Béla agreed and stripped off her slacks, dancing on one foot, then the other as she did so, and tossed them in the grass. The torn blouse quickly followed.

She stood, swaying her naked hips from side to side, holding her hands under her breasts and jiggling them at Jake, taunting him.

Jake raised the bow, aiming carefully at her right nipple, and released the arrow. It thudded into her torso right next to her belly button. Eyes wide open, Béla gasped, and reached around behind her with her left hand. When she pulled her hand back around in front of her, it was bloody.

“It went clear through me,” she told him, her voice full of wonder. Then she just stood there, gasping, seeming confused about what to do next as she tenderly ran her fingers up and down the shaft sticking out from her belly. “It’s sticking out my />
“Does that hurt?” Jake asked, seeming concerned.

“Yeah, a little,” Béla confessed. “It feels good, though. I’m getting horny. Shoot me again. Put another one in me.”

While Béla had been playing with the arrow sticking into her gut and out her back, Jake had been walking closer. His second arrow sank into her soft belly right next to the first one, but went a lot further in.

“Uk!” Béla grunted at the impact. Then she gasped, “I’m going to have to… down on my />
is good,” she breathed once she was down, her face flushed and her eyes glowing in excitement. “Shoot me again! Put a hole in me right here!” She pounded her tiny fist against her pelvic bone.

Jake drew another arrow and fired, only five feet away, this time. The arrow drove into her belly, just above her pelvis and sank halfway through her body. She jerked violently and rolls backwards, a guttural sound coming from her throat. Jake could hear the shafts sticking out of her back break off as she laid back on them.

“God! I’m coming!” she screamed, hammering her fists against her smashed pelvis.

“Do it again!” she called out, after a moment. “Shoot me!”

Jake had six arrows left in this quiver. He walked up to where Béla lay twitching on the ground and carefully aimed at her left breast from right above her. Béla lay on the ground, panting heavily, and watched him; waiting.

Jake only pulled this arrow about halfway back, not wanting to drive it completely through slender body, and released it. He watched, mesmerized at the quick ripple the arrow caused as it pierced through her left nipple and drove down through her lung and into her shoulder blade.

Béla lay on the ground, trying to breathe as her lung filled with blood. One hand gripped the shaft sticking out of her breast and her other hand was dug into and tightly gripping her crotch. Her entire body spasmed violently about once every second, and blood began dripping from her mouth.

After a moment, she seemed to relax and concentrated on pulling the arrow out of her breast. She looked up at Jake, her eyes tearing as she choked on the blood filling her lungs.

Realizing what she was asking, Jake reached down and pulled the arrow out. Béla immediately collapsed back down onto the ground, still choking. In the next minute, though, she was breathing easier. Her lung was healing and in some manner Jake couldn’t even begin to understand, lungs were clearing by themselves. Then, she lay, panting, with just the three arrows sticking out of her.

“Are you all right?” Jake asked, anxious for her to respond in some manner.

Béla nodded, still too breathless to speak. She was lying with her legs flat on the ground. But her knees were bent, as she’d been kneeling when she fell backwards. Jake stared down at her bleeding body, knowing with complete certainty that he’d never seen anything so erotic in his life as Béla, lying there with those arrows sticking out of those little, bleeding holes in her stomach.

Reaching into his quiver, Jake pulled out another arrow. Béla watched, unable to raise her head, but not protesting, as he notched the arrow and pulled back on the string.

Jake knew exactly where he wanted this arrow to go. perforated body was a work of erotic art, now. A correct placement of his last five arrows was essential to the completion of his work. He didn’t plan on putting any more arrows through her chest – she liked being able to breathe – but her torso pleaded to him. He let go of the arrow.

Béla arched upward, nearly bending her back in half at the sensation of that arrow going right through her clitoris. It punched through her pussy and dug into the ground, the tip pinning her rump to the ground as it stuck through just beneath her tailbone. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and held on tightly as she shook violently for almost a full minute. Then she collapsed back against the ground again, a glistening sheen of sweat covering her body and mixing with the little rivulets of blood flowing from her wounds.

Jake waited for Béla to look at him again before he asked, />
He watched eyes widen as the meaning of his question registered in her mind. He was so aroused he almost missed her nearly imperceptible nod.

A very sensitive part of the female body, Jake knew, was the area just inside the hipbones, where a woman’s reproductive organs are – where her eggs are produced. Jake’s next two arrows went into those soft, sensitive areas, piercing her soft, smooth flesh and penetrating all the way through and into her hipbones on each side. Béla gasped and whimpered with each new violation of her body, still holding onto the arrow that had destroyed her clit.

Dropping down beside her, now, Jake took the last two arrows out of the quiver and laid them on the ground. Leaning forward, he stroked his hand through her once beautiful, but now sweaty and damp, hair.

“You are so he murmured as he watched her trembling and panting on the ground in front of him.

Béla was still tightly gripping the arrow in her crotch with both hands. Her arms pressed against the sides of her breasts, making them appear larger. This was what had attracted Jake to her side with the last two arrows.

Picking one up, he smiled down at her and laid the arrow flat on her ribs, pointing straight up at the bottom of her right breast.

“Now, hold still,” Jake whispered lovingly, and jabbed the arrow tip up into the rounded bottom of breast.

Béla let loose with a thin, keening sound and began trembling harder as Jake shoved the arrow completely through her breast. In a moment, the bloody tip was pressing against the inside surface of the top of her breast. Then her skin parted at the same instant the keening increased in pitch. Jake pushed the arrow about halfway through her breast so that the sharp, bloody tip pressed against neck.

“I only have one left,” Jake informed her, his voice full of love and admiration. “Do you want it in your other breast, or your pussy?”

Béla whimpered, then realized she could talk again. Swallowing several times as though lubricating her constricted throat, she gasped, “Jam it up… inside me… />
Jake realized she wanted him to use to bow. Picking up his last arrow, he rose up and got his bow, then walked around so that her thighs were spread, one on each side of him. Backing away several more paces, Jake knelt down and carefully aimed his last arrow right at the base of the slit formed by her pussy lips.

He took a moment to admire the definition of each delicate fold of her pussy as the glistened blood from the arrow in her clit trickled down, then fired. The arrow disappeared completely up inside her.

Béla reared up in the air, sounding more like a screeching falcon than a screaming girl, breaking the arrow that she’d been grasping off in her hands. Unable to control her motions, Béla jabbed herself rapidly several times in her pelvis with the bloody, broken stub of the arrow in her hands. Between her screams, Jake could hear snapping sounds that indicated the arrow inside her was breaking into pieces from her violent writhing.

Jake’s cock had been raging and rock-hard since he began piercing hot little body with arrows. He knelt down, grabbing her hips she continued to twitch and convulse, and pulled one of the arrows out of her stomach. He was surprised that he only got an inch or two of bloody arrow out of her. He’d expected to get at least five inches of bloody shaft. That was about how thick her waist was – five inches, and the tips had broken off behind her during her violent seizures.

As he reached for the second arrow sticking out of her, he hoped that the other arrow hadn’t somehow broken off inside her. It could possibly cause internal damage – more than simply being shot with it. The second arrow came out just like the first one – the center part of the shaft missing, as well. But Jake was too horny to care right now.

Brushing aside the last arrow, he shoved his hand all the way up into her bleeding, soaked pussy, searching for the arrow he had shot into her there. Her pussy clamped down hard on his hand and he felt her orgasm, covering his fingers with her juices as he fished around inside of her.

He didn’t find the arrow, so he grabbed Béla by her legs and pulled her around in front of him, ramming his cock into her in one fast thrust. After three or four thrusts, his cock exploded inside her twitching pussy, mixing his load of hot, sticky cum with the blood and female juices that were already there.

Jake’s intense rape and his resulting orgasm seemed to settle Béla down quite a bit. As he held himself up, one hand on each side of her torso, panting with spent lust, Béla gazed up at his sweating face and gave him the briefest smile, then passed completely out, her eyes rolling up into the top of her head.

Painfully pulling himself off her comatose body, Jake sat in the grass next to her and carefully worked the arrow he’d jabbed through her breast out of her body. His efforts caused Béla to twitch a few times, but she didn’t wake up.

This arrow hadn’t dissolved like the others had (the one he’d shot up her pussy had completely disappeared), and his gentle but firm handling of jiggly breast as he worked the arrow out of it was incredibly arousing to him.

Although she was unconscious, Jake got down between her legs again and started fucking her. He couldn’t decide which he liked more – fucking her comatose, unreacting body, or taking her like he had just a few moments earlier. However he took her, sexually, it was always intense, especially when he’d just done something extremely violent to her.

As unconscious body rocked from the force of his motions as he pummeled her, Jake realized he wanted something more from her. The arrow from her breast was still intact, and her wounds were healing, now that the protruding shafts had been removed from her flesh.

Jake sat up straighter and lifted pelvis up almost into his lap, his cock still inside her. In this new position, he could still jut his pelvis forward and create enough sensation to remain aroused.

Stretching to one side, he picked up the arrow and, using both hands, plunged it into belly, just below her navel. Although she was unconscious, Jake felt her pussy twitch at the impact. He marveled that, even unconscious, she could still have orgasms.

Béla kept twitching, still unaware, as Jake slowly shoved the arrow deeper and deeper into her belly. After a moment, he pulled it back out. The tip and almost a third of the shaft was gone. The blood on the remaining end seemed to be bubbling.

He touched his finger to it, then rubbed his finger and thumb together, trying to decide what he was feeling. After a few seconds, he realized that his fingers felt like they were burning. Momentarily panicked, he rubbed blood off his fingers into the grass beside her.

Fascinated and almost forgetting he was fucking her, he shoved the arrow back into the hole in her belly, slowly pushing it deeper as body jerked in unconscious reaction to the new violation. Soon, Jake had the fletching level with her belly. He pulled the arrow out one last time. It was only three inches long. He stuck it back into her and shoved it down with his finger. When it was about an inch below the level of her skin, he pulled his finger out. Her wound immediately began to heal.

He returned his attention to his sexual action as he realized just exactly what he had on the end of his cock. Here was a sexy, female body that could be penetrated again and again with just about any kind of instrument or weapon, and not die as a result. Excitedly gouging his fingers into her soft belly, Jake exploded into her, his cock spasming again and again as he imagined violating her with every kind of torturous instrument he could think of. And there was an entire cabin wall of iron weapons he could use on her.

Then he fell forward, completely exhausted, and lay on top of her, unable to do more than gasp for air. In a moment, he was asleep.

It was afternoon, the sun setting low in the sky when Béla finally stirred, giving Jake a shove off of her.

he said, “I learned something today.”

that?” Béla grunted, still exhausted and badly needing to refuel.

“Your body, in addition to absorbing sperm,” he stated, matter-of-factly, “also absorbs other organic material that invades it. Like arrows.”

“Um. Béla like arrows,” she grunted. “We do again, soon. Yes?”

he stated, “I’m all out of arrows.”

still another quiver,” Béla reminded him, “in the closet.”

“There are a lot more interesting things in that cabin I’d like to use on you,” Jake told her as he helped her up off the cooling grass.

Béla pouted, pretending to be upset about Jake’s disinterest in the arrows. Then she stood up, a little unsteady, and began brushing dirt, grass and pieces of arrows off of her naked, blood-streaked body.

go in and eat something before I eat you,” Béla cooed at him.

They headed into the cabin.

Chapter 7

That evening, after washing up the few dishes they had, they found themselves in the main front room of the cabin, surrounded with old movie artifacts.

“You said you bought this place from a movie producer?” Jake asked as he moved around the room touching and admiring all the instruments of ancient war on the walls. “What was his name?”

Béla replied as she casually watched him. “Artie />
“The Artie Penshaw?” Jake asked, grinning with surprise. “The one who made ‘Back to Egypt,’ and ‘The Warrior />
“That would be him,” admitted Béla.

“My God,” Jake exclaimed, carefully lifting the battleaxe off its hooks. “Then this is the axe that />
He stopped talking and was gazing raptly at the instrument of death. Then he brushed his fingers gently against the edge of the weapon. blood on this.”

Béla had been watching him intently, wondering which instrument he would choose to use on her. With some distress, she watched him lift up that axe. She herself had placed it on that wall almost seventy years earlier, deliberately not cleaning the blood off it as a memorial to an unknown dead />
‘Where am I?’ she wondered as she struggled to turn over in the darkness.

Wherever she was, she was outside. The stars filled the moonless sky. Grunting with the effort to pull herself out from under whatever was weighing her down, she suddenly realized she was the bottom girl of a body pile.

Stifling a scream, she stared at the burden of weight above her, barely able to make out the forms of the two actresses who’d been with her that very afternoon. The two had been lain crossways over her, one facing up, and one facing down. The girl on the top had her breasts pointed at the stars and her arms were pulled back the lie one on each side of her head as she seemed to lean languidly backwards, her open, dead eyes viewing the world upside down.

But her breasts weren’t the uppermost part of the now obviously deliberate piling of dead girls. The top girl’s torso was spread flatly across, with that battleaxe topping off the formation as it protruded from her pelvis. The poor girl had been split open between her legs.

Whimpering with terror and grief, Betty Belview pulled herself free of the grotesque pile of dead girls. Staggering away, she realized she was covered in blood, but she didn’t know if it had belonged to the other girls, or if some of it was hers.

Finally, some distance away, she dropped to her knees and forced herself to take account of her situation. This wasn’t the first time she’d awakened from being killed. All she had to do was keep control of herself until she could feed. She wasn’t about to eat those dead girls, no matter that they were still fresh – not unless the butchers who’d killed them were long gone. Then, of course, she’d have no choice.

The cabin where they’d all been staying was a little ways off. Flickering light from the window betrayed its location. Betty rose to her feet, in hunting mode, now, and approached the window.

Artie and his cameraman, along with her boyfriend, Johnny, were watching a film. The film they’d shot that very afternoon. As she watched, she realized what had happened. It was all right there, flickering black and white on the screen.

The three girls were dancing naked around a pole. Artie and the cameraman were directing them, telling them what to do. Johnny walked up and began watching. Then he was taking off his clothes.

Betty remembered that happening. About that time, she realized she was participating in a porno film. She didn’t really mind. Johnny Dombrosky had done skin flicks before. He had even bragged about it to her. She smiled and waved at him, letting him know everything was all right with her. The camera had captured it all, including Johnny.

Johnny he took off his jacket to reveal his shoulder holster. But instead of taking the holster off, he drew his gun. Betty was the first to fall – a bullet in the back of her head.

Betty gasped as she watched her own death on the flickering screen. The camera followed the other two girls as they were chased and gunned down by a maniacal Johnny Dombrosky.

The atrocities began after that. Betty watched, grateful that the girls had died first and they hadn’t known what was done to them. Watching as the dead girls were collected, Betty saw her loving boyfriend reload his gun, then the camera moved in close on Sylvie’s dead body. Making certain that the gun was visible in the scene, Johnny emptied it into the belly and lower torso of the dead blonde. Betty watched, mesmerized, as dead flesh rippled with the impact of each bullet.

“Aha! That’ll be worth a fucking fortune!” she heard Artie crow from inside the cabin. “God! I’d like to stoke her again!”

“You can,” Johnny laughed. “She's still out there – waiting for the rigor to wear off!”

fuck them all in the morning before we bury them,” Artie decided. “And maybe we can do a little more chopping. You have film left?”

The cameraman must have agreed, because Artie said, “Great! We’ll add that to this, and have a true epic!”

In the next scene, Johnny was joined by another. It had to be Artie, himself, but the camera had made sure his head wasn’t visible. It wouldn’t do to be recognized as a participant in a snuff film.

Betty stared, unbelieving, as the second man, Artie, already naked from the waist down, began fucking poor, dead, gutshot Sylvie. After a moment, he withdrew and spewed his stuff all over her holed belly. Then he rubbed it in, pressing down on Sylvie’s belly so that white liquid seeped out of the holes and mixed in with dark cum.

Betty watched as the men continued to view the film; the cameraman carefully winding it through the projector. Betty found herself wishing she could see the finished product instead of just the negative images on the screen across the room as she watched her own face as Artie grabbed dead Betty by the hair and pulled her over so she was face up.

Betty couldn’t really tell, but she thought she looked pretty gruesome. There were white streaks running down her face from her wide open, dead eyes. She wondered if that was what blood looked like in a negative image. That had to have been what was squeezed out of poor Sylvie.

Johnny came over and there were jerky hand gestures. Betty couldn’t see Johnny and Artie’s faces because the cameraman was holding the camera too low. But it looked like they were arguing. Betty figured Johnny wanted dibs on her dead body because she’d been ‘his’ girlfriend. Then Artie angrily shoved Betty down and stormed away.

Betty thought, watching the charade, ‘Johnny boy sure has a strange sense of />
In the next scene, Johnny was piling the bodies on top of each other. Artie (the darker, fat one with no head) was waving his hands excitedly (that wasn’t all that was waving excitedly, as he was still pantless), obviously telling Johnny how to place the girls’ dead bodies. Jennifer was draped gracefully over the top of Betty, (flat on the bottom… Thanks, guys) and Sylvie (in the middle, her sexy butt aimed at the sky). Jennifer’s breasts and torso looked incredibly sexy stretched out and exposed like that, even in the reverse black and white Betty was viewing.

Then Artie came over with his big wienie and stuck it in Jennifer’s upset-down mouth. He fucked her that way for awhile, then went around to the other end and stuck it up between her legs, and Johnny came up and started fucking dead Jennifer’s mouth.

Artie finished first and squirted his stuff all over the body pile, then disappeared. Johnny was still humping away at Jennifer’s face when Artie came back and handed the battleaxe to Johnny. They seemed to talk for a minute, then Artie left. A few minutes later, Johnny pulled out of dead Jennifer’s face. Then he chunked the battleaxe down into Jennifer’s pelvis. The camera got a really good, gruesome shot of that axe sticking out of her.

That was the end of the film, so far. Listening through the window, Betty found out they planned a morning raid on the dead body pile to film an encore – fucking and chopping the poor, dead girls into gory little pieces for the perverted benefit of whoever had ordered this film.

They retired shortly after that, the men having drunk themselves into a stupor. Betty found it easy to slip in. Unfortunately, the cameraman, the least intoxicated of the trio, awoke as she entered the bedroom. He died first, his barely audible gurgle insufficient warning to wake the other two from their drunken sleep.

Artie was next, as Betty wanted to save her now ex-boyfriend for last. Artie never woke up. As Betty sucked Johnny dry, she tried to wake him, wanting to let him know what was happening, but he was too drunk. He also never woke up.

When they were all dead, Betty ransacked the place, stole everything she could and burned the negative of the film. Those horrid atrocities would never be shown to anyone. She took a heavy spear off the decorated wall and pried up the floorboards. Dropping the satchel of money down underneath the cabin, she pressed the floorboards back into place and fled, not realizing she hadn’t successfully killed her boyfriend.

Béla watched Jake admiring the battleaxe, her mind still a half-century in the past as she remembered stepping out of her bath in the apartment she had shared with her rat-fink boyfriend to find that same rat-fink standing in her living room pointing a gun at her.

“Ya think yer a real Bearcat, don’cha, sweetie,” Johnny sneered as Betty stared at him and the gun in pure shock, the film and the money! But here you are, little Dora come home to roost! Ya must’ve thought I kicked the bucket like Artie and Max to get caught this flat-footed! But now we’re gonna be real copacetic and yer gonna hand it all over. Like, right now!”

Betty snorted in derision and sneered back at him; “I’ll send you a check, bimbo; you ain’t gettin’ Jack from me! Now scram, you two-timing />
Johnny stepped forward, menacing Betty with the gun. “Check this, you little gold digger, I ain’t takin’ the fall for stealing a quarter of a mil, Baby! You’re gonna spill the beans or I’m gonna fill yer chassis full of lead!”

“You already did that, you back-stabbing weasel!” Betty snarled, advancing on him. “Yer gettin’ nothing from me except the high hat and a boot!”

She grabbed his gun and twisted it out of his hand. It went off, blowing a hole in her right tit. She staggered back, dropping her towel and staring in shock at her wound. Johnny took advantage of the moment and, quickly picking up his gun, plugged her six more times.

Betty staggered backward, blood flowing everywhere. Johnny advanced again, shoving the gun up against her nose.

“Tell me where the money is!” he snarled.

Betty took the opportunity to pass out.

When she came to, there were sirens outside. The apartment had been ransacked and Johnny Dombrosky had fled. Betty realized that she’d have a hard time explaining all this blood to the fuzz, so she grabbed a dress and fled down the fire escape.

It was almost a week before she was able to get back to the cabin. Prying up the floorboards in the front room, she retrieved her satchel of money (A quarter mil? Wow!), then dragged the two ripe corpses from the bedroom and dropped them under the cabin. Going outside, she found the half-eaten remains of Jennifer and Sylvie and dragged them back to dump them into the same hole with their murderers. She did a pretty good job, only throwing up three times.

Despite the smell of decay inside the cabin, Betty cleaned everything up and carefully placed the movie relics (the axe and the spear, specifically) back on the wall. The only thing she didn’t clean was the blood from the battleaxe. That, she left to remind her of Jennifer and Sylvie, if she ever came back.

She didn’t return to the cabin (which she now owned) for five years. She was pleased to note that the scent of death had long since departed.

“Hello? Anybody there?” Jake asked, giving a tiny wave at Béla.

Béla blinked several times and looked up at him.

“You look like a big cat sitting there Jake grinned.

“You wouldn’t want a big cat,” Béla replied, grinning elfishly at him. “A lioness in heat will mate thirty times in a single day. And they have sharp teeth and long claws. It can get pretty />
“Wow, how long do they stay in heat?” he asked, deliberately staring at her lower body, as she was dressed in only a shirt.

Béla shrugged. “A few days, I guess; three or four.”

over a hundred times in less than a week!” Jake exclaimed, willingly going along with playful train of thought. “That kind of puts us to shame, doesn’t it?”

“Well, Béla replied, standing up and unbuttoning the shirt she’d put on for supper, “we’d better get busy.”

Jake started toward her, then realized he was still holding the battleaxe. Suddenly uncertain, he gazed at it for a moment, then looked up at Béla. She was watching him again with those dark, alluring eyes that missed nothing.

Jake asked, offering up the axe to her.

Béla shook her head and looked at the hooks on the wall where he’d removed it. Grinning sheepishly, Jake carefully returned it to its rightful position on the wall.

“Nothing in here gets used on me,” Béla informed him. “Not unless you want it ruined.”

Jake remembered his pitted knife and the dissolved arrows, and nodded. />
Then he was looking longingly at the half-dozen knives and short swords hanging on the wall. “Absolutely />
“Not unless you don’t mind ruining it,” Béla replied, repeating herself.

When he looked up at her, Béla had a strange, but friendly, smile on her face. He got the idea that he could use some of these weapons on her, but definitely not the battleaxe. Beside, it already had blood on it – old blood. He suspected the blood might be He didn’t ask her about it again, deciding to let her keep her secret, if she had one.

Chapter 8 />
“Ow!” Béla yelped. “What is that?”

She tossed her head, trying to remove the blindfold, unable to reach it with her hands tied to the headboard.

panic, love,” Jake assured her, suppressing a chuckle. “It’s just a little barbecue skewer.”

Carefully, but firmly, Jake grabbed another handful of belly and pulled upward, then shoved another skewer through the handful of skin as Béla yelped again. She twisted her torso this time, trying to get him to let go.

“Be patient, honey,” Jake cooed. “Just three more and I’ll let you look, okay?”

“Let me look?” Béla asked, sounding upset. “I’ll stick one of those through your dick!”

In response, Jake grabbed a handful of skin on her lower belly, now.

Béla whined, trying a different tack. “Stop that! It />
Jake ignored her and shoved another skewer through her smooth, bleeding flesh.

“What are you doing!” Béla demanded. “It feels like you’re sewing me up!”

“One more,” Jake replied, sounding bored.

Béla growled as Jake pulled on the tight flesh just above her pelvic bone.

A moment later, a hand brushed against her ear for a second, then the blindfold was gone.

“About time, you Béla began to yell.

Then her voice faded away as she gazed down at herself.

she murmured. “I’m all… />
She squirmed gently back and forth, noticing how the long, metal rods felt as her skin was attached, having healed around each protruding rod and she could feel the erotic sensation of her skin been pulled with each delicate motion she made.

“Untie my hands!” Béla gasped, entranced with Jake’s bodywork. “I want to touch them!”

“No,” Jake replied and sat down on the bed next to her. “I’ll touch them for you.”

“What? Ah!” Béla yelped as Jake lifted a skewer with the end of his finger, then let go of it. “Uh! Ah!” He lifted and dropped two more. “What are you doing?”

“Playing you,” he grinned, then gazed up at her. “I plunk the strings, you make the sound. We can make music together!” He laughed.

“What? That’s insane!” Béla protested. no way that AH! That I’m going OH! Christ, will you s-HAA!”

“You sound beautiful,” Jake said admiringly.

Béla was panting with the painfully erotic vibrations flooding through her. she whimpered as Jake another skewer imbedded in her flesh.

Béla yelped as Jake ran a thumbnail down her torso, hitting all five skewers he’d so carefully jabbed through her tender flesh.

This time, it took a few seconds for Béla to stop squirming. Gasping now, she glared up at him, not speaking.

Jake sighed, giving up. “You don’t seem to like these, so I guess I’ll take them out.”

He reached for the one just below her ribcage and gently tugged on it. Her flesh had grown around it and wasn’t willing to let it just slide out. It was stuck. He pulled harder.

“Ow! Stop!” Béla yelped as she began bleeding again.

Jake stopped and they stared at each other for another minute.

Béla conceded, “you can leave them in, for now. I can pull them out, later. Why didn’t the centers />
“I didn’t go that deep,” Jake explained. “These are just run under your skin.”

“Where all my nerve endings are,” Béla pointed out, as if he hadn’t already known that.

“Well, I thought you’d like it!” Jake complained.

“Well, I don’t! So, there!” Béla protested.

“Why the hell not?” Jake wanted to know. “You loved all those arrows sticking out of />
“You loved the sight of all those arrows,” Béla interrupted him. “I was just enjoying all those wonderful little />
“So, why don’t you like these holes?” Jake asked, sounding more and more frustrated.

Béla pleaded, been playing all day. I’m tired. I’m not horny right now.”

you agree to let me tie you up?” Jake wanted to know.

“I don’t know,” Béla whined. “I thought that… maybe… we />
make a really poor lioness,” Jake grumbled.

“Hey! Don’t get personal!” Béla griped. “Now untie me!”

Jake reached up and pulled loose the drawstrings on her knots. Béla sat up, slowly and delicately, hissing through her teeth as her tender flesh pulled against the imbedded skewers.

Gently touching each one with her fingers, Béla asked, “What in the world made you think of this?”

Jake looked at her for a moment, uncertain of how to answer. She didn’t sound annoyed, now, only curious.

“While I was shooting arrows into your hips,” he began, “I was watching the way you just held onto the arrow jammed into your, />
Béla murmured, “go />
“Well, it was like you were a harp, or something – a sexual instrument with a single string, and you were pulling on that string or letting it go slack as you yanked back and forth on that arrow. And your voice went up and down as you pulled,” Jake said, finally running down.

“That it?” Béla asked, trying to ignore the image and the memory of having that arrow buried in her pelvis like that.

“I wanted… I thought I’d give you a few more Jake replied, realizing how dumb he sounded, “to play />
Béla looked at Jake with those magic eyes again. It was like he could feel her inside of him. Then she looked down at her perforated torso and absently plucked the end of a barbecue skewer.

“It feels kind’ve nice,” she mentioned, “now that it doesn’t hurt. I’m not so tightly stretched out, now, so it doesn’t feel so bad.”

Jake sat silently on the bed, definitely depressed and not looking at her. This was the first thing he’d ever done to her that she didn’t like, and it upset him even more than he thought it should. It was just a game, wasn’t it? So she doesn’t want to play. Big deal. Get over it.

Gradually, he became aware of the bed moving ever so slightly in a rhythmic motion. He sat, enjoying the feel of his body swaying gently with the movement of the mattress. Then a soft sigh attracted his attention.

Béla was lying flat on the bed with one hand between her legs. The gentle motion of her hand was what had been causing the mattress to move. Jake knew she was aroused, now. He could smell her, and suddenly realized what she’d been doing, and why.

Béla lay, just watching Jake as she played with herself, getting more and more aroused. The skewers in her belly were starting to feel more erotic, now. She sighed with the pleasure she caused herself when she touched one.

Jake turned to gaze at her, seeming surprised at her state of readiness. He reached toward her, then hesitated, still staring.

“I think I’m about warmed up,” Béla murmured, pretending she was the instrument he’d described earlier. “You can play me now, if you’d like.”

As though hypnotized, he reached a hand toward newly modified torso. Béla shied away, slightly, causing him to stop in confusion.

“I’m an electrical Béla told him with a sly smile. “You have to plug me in to a power source first.”

Jake had been sitting there with a boner ever since he’d put away the silverware and saw those long, thin wires in the bottom of the drawer. He quickly dropped his jeans and went around to the foot of the bed, then climbed halfway on.

“I’d better make sure you’re properly tuned,” he grinned, staring up her bare body to her face, “just to make sure you’re really ready.”

Then his nose was pressed against her clitoris as his tongue licked up, almost burying itself in her vulva. Béla sighed with pure pleasure and lay back, willing to let him do all the work.

Ohhhh!” she sighed, her voice singing out as Jake reached up and ran his fingers over her decorated belly. “ Ooo… yesss!”

She started twisting her hips from side to side as she became more aroused, ignoring her belly, or perhaps using her enhanced sensations as her perforations began bleeding again. She jutted her pelvis forward, seeking harder contact with his soft, eager tongue and hard teeth.

Then he was climbing up her body, making certain to strike his hands and arms against her new decorations so that she cried out with each stroke. He hurriedly shoved himself up inside her, a musical sigh of pleasure coming from his throat, this time, and pulled her halfway up so that she was almost sitting in his lap with her hips jutted up in the air.

Little rivulets of blood ran down her sides, adding their colorful streaks to the dull, drier ones that had flowed down earlier. Béla was sighing audibly with each breath whether Jake stroked her belly or not. When her pussy tightened in her first orgasm, Jake ripped out one of the long metal skewers.

At Jake’s sudden, shocking action, Béla shrieked and bucked wildly, almost coming right off his cock. She writhed wildly and pounded her fists against the bed, doing her best not to grab her wounded belly as she had one orgasm after another.

In another moment, she was settling down, though her stomach more red than flesh colored. Jake ran his hands down both sides of her stomach, striking all the remaining skewers and bringing Béla back up to a loud shriek. As she drew in another breath, Jake pulled loose another skewer, causing a series of short, loud gasps to come out of her.

As she writhed on the end of his cock, Jake moved upward onto his knees, pulling bleeding torso up with him. He rammed into her, hard, several times, then she was coming, again. As soon as Jake felt that internal pulse and the spray of her juices against his sensitive cock deep inside her, he yanked out another skewer.

Béla clamped down on him so hard that he couldn’t move. Her pressure against his cock was almost painful. A high, keening sound occurred, echoing off the walls of the room, then Béla began bucking wildly, unable to control her body as she writhed and rolled from orgasm to orgasm.

Unable to take much more, and realizing Béla was using up all of her own strength with this performance, Jake pulled the other two skewers out, not really able to discern any increased activity his actions caused in her writhing, screaming body.

He could feel his own orgasm approaching rapidly as his cock began to pulse inside the twisting, writhing female beneath him. Grabbing Béla with both hands and digging his fingers in deep, just above her hips, he pulled her squirming pelvis against his and began pumping in cum into her as deep as he could.

It seemed his cock was spasming for a long time before he could even begin to relax. Finally, he collapsed down on top of her, his sweat mixing in with blood and her own sweat. They both passed out within seconds of each other, Jake crushing her into the mattress, and Béla too weak to protest, but not caring anyway.

Chapter 9 />
The fourteen-year-old boy wandered through the woods, sullen and upset that Dad and Mom wouldn’t let him see that movie with Zero Mostel.

not the kind of movie a young boy should see!” his mom insisted and actually his step-dad, reluctantly agreed.

“But you let me go see an’ it had that girl with that Jake had argued.

you say that word in the house!” his mother admonished him. “In fact, don’t say it at all! No one likes to hear that word!”

But she was wrong, his friends loved to say and having an excuse like talking about James Bond’s female adversary was a perfect, legitimate excuse to use the word in public – or at least around his friends and classmates.

He almost fell over her; his mind swirling and his eyes not looking. Staring down, he recognized the girl lying, half covered in the leaves.

he asked, and bent down to shake his classmate’s shoulder.

She didn’t move. Her eyes were closed.

Jake muttered as he knelt down beside her.

Very carefully, he put his hand on her chest, just above her budding breast, right where her heart should be. It was pounding away.

“She's not dead,” he said to himself. “She must be knocked out.”

He felt around her head, searching for a bump or something. His stomach was churning, and he was starting to feel excited – anxious. Sally’s hair was really soft, except where the leaves were in it.

Jake’s breathing was a little ragged by now. He’d had a crush on Sally ever since she moved to Spokane three years ago. But she quickly found her own group of friends, and his out-crowd didn’t mix with her uptown-crowd.

And here she was, helpless, lying in the woods at his feet. He stroked his hand down from behind her head and back up along her neck. He touched her soft, warm cheek, then moved his fingers along her mouth.

She twitched. Then she giggled. Then Jake reared back as she rolled quickly away from him, laughing.

“That tickles!” she laughed, sitting up and grinning at him. “Jake Pesky Stova.”

Jake didn’t reply to that. Instead he asked, “Why were you lying there? Were you hurt?”

Sally leaped up, then fled, laughing.

“Sally, wait!” Jake cried out, half rising up, his arm outstretched toward her.

Suddenly she was behind him, spinning him around and biting his shoulder.

“Ow!” Jake yelped, jumping up. Some painful prickling let him know he’d just lost some stomach hairs.

“Get off me, you oaf,” Béla growled playfully. stuck />
“Not anymore,” Jake grumbled, rubbing his stomach, then scratching his skin to get rid of some flakes of sticky, dried blood. “You bit me!”

“You called me Sally,” Béla replied back. “You yelled her name right in my ear.”

Jake said sheepishly. “I was />
“Should I be jealous?” Béla asked, pretending a frown.

“No,” Jake said. “She was a girl I knew back in high school.”

“How well?” Béla asked.

“How well what?” Jake asked back.

“How well did you know her?” Béla clarified. “You two fuck?”

“What? No.!” Jake protested, then said, “Well, yeah, but not until her Senior Year.”

“Her senior year?” Béla asked, not understanding.

“She was a year ahead of me,” Jake explained.

“Oh,” Béla replied, not having a clue about how one could get ahead of another in time – especially a whole year. “How did you />
Jake asked, not wanting to talk about his weird relationship with Sally. talk about something else. Are you hungry?”

‘That should be safe – she’s always />
Béla replied. “I took a bite out of you, didn’t I?”

“I’ll go fix something,” Jake grinned, happy that he was rid of topic. “Why did you bite me, anyway?”

“Oh, you mean, aside from you yelling some girl’s name in my ear?” Béla asked, following him into the kitchen. “I felt like I was lying under your truck. You were squashing me and I couldn’t />
Jake muttered, opening a can of mushroom soup. “That could be />
Béla wanted to know.

“Squashing your sweet, sexy bod under a car,” Jake replied, grinning at her. “You ever been run over?”

Béla protested. “No, not by a car. Those things are heavy! A horse once trampled me, though. That wasn’t much fun. I didn’t really get off on it.”

“You want to try it?” he asked, perfectly serious, now. “Getting hit by a car, I mean.”

not kidding!” Béla suddenly realized. “You want to crush me with a car?”

“I think you might like it,” Jake told her. “It’s not the same as a horse hoof landing in your />
“Are you tired of me already?” Béla asked, sounding hurt. “You want to squash me flat?”

“No, Sweetie,” Jake replied, realizing she didn’t really understand. “I want you to stand in front of a car and get knocked off the road.”

“That might hurt,” Béla mentioned. “I’ve seen people get killed that way.”

“You wanna try it or not?” Jake asked, challenging her, now. “If not, just say so, and I’ll forget all about it.”

Béla seriously doubted that he would, or even could, forget ‘all’ about it. Men’s minds simply didn’t work that way. Jake had a fetish that he’d violently suppressed all his life. He enjoyed puncturing bodies. Until he met her, he never intended to act out any of his weird fantasies. But now…

“You think I’d like it?” Béla asked, needing reassurance.

“Yeah, I do,” Jake replied. “We could figure out different ways for the car to hit you, you see.”

The soup was hot, so he poured it into a bowl for her. Taking a spoon, he shared with her from the same bowl.

Back in the bed, again, Jake sat next to Béla while she lay naked (as usual for her) on the bed.

“The car could come up and the wheel would hit you right here,” Jake was explaining, pressing the palm of his hand against her vulva. “It would run over you, pressing down here, then slide off. It would be an incredible />
Béla just listened, knowing she would do it, and not believing she would enjoy it. This was major, bone-crushing stuff he was happily discussing with himself.

“Or, here’s another one,” Jake was saying, now. “You raise one leg in the air and catch the hood ornament between your legs. Whoosh!”

He ran his hand up between her legs, his hard knuckles landing where he figured the hood ornament would hit her.

“You are going to owe me,” was all Béla said.

But she did let him make love to her again. He got so horny talking about these impossible situations that she figured fucking him was the only way she’d get any sleep.

The next morning, they hiked down to where they had left the car. It was still there, as expected. This was a pretty remote area of Montana, after all.

“How do you want to do this?” Béla asked. “Do you just want me to stand here?”

“No, lie down,” Jake replied.

Béla lay her naked body down across the dirt road.

Jake corrected her. “I was to run the tire right into your pussy.”

Béla lay down; her body lined up along some dry tire tracks from when someone drove through here in the mud. She spread her legs and looked down the length of her body at the car. “Like this?”

Jake proclaimed, then jumped in and drove the car toward her.

He was going pretty slow, as he wanted to steer the left front wheel directly onto her, driving it up between her legs, over her pubic mound and onto her soft belly. She grunted, then yelped as he felt the wheel bounce over her body and land in her soft curve of her belly. Then the wheel bounced up again and hit the road. That meant Béla was under the car, now.

Jake stopped and jumped out, nearly stepping on her head as he landed. Dropping to his knees, he stared down at her. Her body was dirty from the tire rolling over her, but her eyes were open and she was looking at him. She seemed all right. She looked really sexy with that dirty tire track running up her body from her pelvis to her left shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Jake asked, anxiously reaching down for her.

Béla tried to answer, but when she opened her mouth, blood welled up in her throat. She seemed surprised, then began to choke, spattering her already squashed body and getting some of it right in Jake’s face.

In a few seconds, she was completely out of control, shaking violently and choking on blood, completely unable to breathe. Grabbing her arm, Jake dragged her out from underneath the car and over to the side of the road, managing to turn her over his lap so the blood would drain out of her from wherever she had been ruptured.

After about ten minutes, Béla was breathing, gasping, rather, as her body healed from whatever internal damage she’d taken when that tire, with the entire weight of the engine, had dropped down on her belly and rolled over her ribcage.

Surprisingly, her pelvis had remained intact, surviving the low-speed impact with the hard rubber tire. It was just the rest of her that had suffered.

“Next time… Béla gasped, “when the… tire… reach… top of my… legs.”

Jake was so hard from having her convulsing, choking body hanging over his legs with her head on one side and her legs on the other, that as soon as she was breathing, he shoved his cock up inside her and came in about four strokes.

Béla didn’t mind. She could feel the increase of energy in her bloodstream as her starved body absorbed his cum directly through her cell walls. She tried to squeeze him down there, hoping to get him to come inside her again, but she didn’t yet have enough muscle control to contract her pussy walls.

After another half-hour, Béla was on her feet, again.

“Can I stand up this time?” she asked when Jake said he wanted to hit her again with the car.

“Yeah, just stand there in the road and wait,” Jake told her as he climbed in and started the car.

The motor roared to life and Jake backed the car about a hundred feet away, then put it in forward gear, aimed it at Béla, and pressed down on the gas.

The bumper struck her first, crushing both leg bones. The hood of the car dislocated her hips. The impact threw her sideways over the hood of the car. She cracked her skull on the windshield and flew up into the air. When she landed, she broke her arm and collarbone and ruptured her insides, again. An hour and one ejaculation into her broken face later, she was fine.

“The flying part was fun, but I didn’t care for all the mashed-up bones,” she commented.

She walked around the car, looking thoughtful, judging distances off the ground. She pulled herself up against the front of the car and pressed her naked pelvis against the sun-heated hood ornament. She hissed as the heat penetrated her tender flesh and gave her a small orgasm. Both she and Jake decided that getting skewered in the ass by the hood ornament of a moving car just wasn’t really possible.

“The trouble is,” she concluded, “I’m too tall for the car. It hits my legs and flips me over. It doesn’t hit me where I might like it.

“I know,” she exclaimed, “ If I’m bent over, or kneeling on my knees, it ought to smash right into me!” She turned her naked body and ran up the road.

“Start the car!” she shouted back to Jake. “I’m ready to try it again!”

Jake eagerly started the car and floored it, aiming it directly at Béla.

Béla stopped running up the road. Breathless, she turned and watched the car race toward her. As it approached, she faced the charging car, stooping down so that it would hit her squarely in her midsection. Then she panicked!

going too fast!” she yelped, then tried to dive out of the way.

She managed to dive almost two feet to one side, before she was struck. The car smashed into her rib cage, broke her neck, her back, both arms and ruptured all her internal organs instantly. Her legs were bent backward at the knees and forced under the bumper, crushing all her leg bones. Her skull was cracked open by the headlight guard. The impact threw her fifty feet away from of the car, where she dropped lifelessly to the ground, bouncing twice.

She awoke two days later in the cabin with Jake ejaculating on her breasts. “Ah. You’re alive after all,” he commented.

Jake helped her to the table and served her breakfast.

“Were you trying to kill me?” Béla asked, as Jake dropped flapjacks onto her plate.

“Well, I thought you might like it,” Jake argued. “You said you feel really good when you />
Béla had nothing more to say. There was no erotic joy of any kind in being hit by a car. “Well, we haven’t tried guns, />
Jake marveled at Béla. He had never seen anyone who loved punishment so much. It was like a wet dream had just dropped in front of him, held out her hands to be tied and said, ‘Stab me! Shoot me! Then fuck the shit out of me while I bleed all over you!’

he said, responding cheerfully to his fantasy wet dream. His wet dream ate fifteen pancakes, using their entire supply of maple syrup, then staggered into the bedroom, hanging onto his arm and wincing in pain.

Chapter 10 />
“Ow!” Jake cried. “Be careful! I’m tender down there!”

wrong with you?” Béla asked. “It’s all red and raw! Did you go out and fuck a porcupine while I was />
“No, of course not, Honey,” Jake replied ardently. “It’s just that… Well, I’ve spent the last two days basting you in cum, trying to get you to wake />
“Aw,” Béla cooed. so sweet. No wonder I needed that />
“So if it’s all right with you,” Jake asked, sounding petulant but gazing at Béla with love (lust?) in his eyes, “can you just do yourself while I stick pins in your tits, or something easy? Easy for me, I mean?”

Béla replied, looking thoughtful and perfectly serious. “Maybe if you go get one of the long knives off the wall in the front />
A moment later, Jake was back, holding a saber in his hand. “Is this long enough? What do you want me to do with it?”

“Have you noticed the shape I’m in?” Béla asked. “You hit me with my own car. You must have been going fifty… Are you really that nuts, or were you really trying to kill me?”

“I don’t want to kill you,” Jake replied, surprised at finding himself on the defensive with her. “I just wanted to give you a />
Béla whimpered. “I hurt. Inside. I didn’t grow back together right. My bones are messed up. You…are going to have to fix… what you did to me. You can start with my left knee.”

She pointed down at the unusual looking knob on the side of her knee.

“See that?” she asked, looking up at him. my frigging kneecap! And the bone behind it is out of position. See how straight my leg />
“Wait a minute!” Jake protested. “I’m no surgeon! What do you expect me to do?”

“Fix! It!” Béla growled at him. “When you’re finished with that, there’s lots more!”

“So much for the wet dream from heaven,” Jake mumbled and he knelt down in front of her.

It took him a half-hour to carve her knee open so that he could actually take her kneecap and slide it around to where it was supposed to be. Her fibula, that small bone in her lower left leg (there’s also one in the right leg, but it was okay), had healed out of position and was too short to reach her knee. Jake had to break it, then hold it apart and in position while the broken ends slowly grew toward each other.

Finally, he was simply holding her skin together, checking the progression of her healing every few minutes.

“This is totally wild!” Jake gasped, amazed at not only what he had just done, but also the speed with which body healed. “It’s like you’re made out of silly putty or something. Just push and pull whatever to wherever, and there it stays!”

Béla gasped, out of breath and feeling weak.

She had guided him through every step of the unusual on her leg. It was as exhausting for her as it was for him. It was necessary for her to remain conscious so she could give him instructions. That meant, of course, that she’d had to watch, and feel, him carve on her leg and break that bone.

“Is that it?” Jake asked as Béla collapsed down to her pillow.

She wearily shook her head, />
Her left hip was a lot harder, and he had to finish by himself, as Béla passed out in the middle of yelling at him for accidentally slicing into her femoral artery.

In the morning, she was able to walk by herself, but her shoulders weren’t level, so Jake knew he had more work to do.

“What is there to eat?” Béla asked, sitting down at the breakfast table.

“We have soup left,” Jake told her. “The meat and… Oh, there’s still a pound of spaghetti. We can flavor it with tomato soup. Are you that hungry?”

“You know I am,” accused Béla. “And you know I’m not fixed, yet. But, you did a good job on my lower half. That leaves the dangerous part.”

“What could be more dangerous than slicing the artery that feeds half your body?” Jake asked, trying to make light of her situation.

Béla whimpered and just stared at him.

“Go lie down,” Jake told her. “I’ll bring you food when it’s ready.”

“I’ve been lying down,” Béla whined. “I don’t wanna lie down any more. It hurts too much to just lie down.”

The spaghetti was in the water and the water was heating on the stove. Jake came around behind chair and began massaging her shoulders.

“Jeez, Babe,” he admonished her. “Your joints are really fucked up.”

Béla whined as his hands worked to relax the bunched up muscles in her back and shoulders. “That feels sooo />
“This is weird,” Jake murmured as his fingers dug into and traced the locations of right collarbone. Her collarbone had grown into and become a part of her shoulder blade, merging with that wide flat part of her scapula.

“Jeez, babe, I’m going to have to cut these apart,” Jake realized. “Get up on the table and lie face down. Okay?”

“Right now?” Béla whined, holding her stomach and longingly gazing at the pot on the stove.

“Now is as good a time as any,” Jake told her. “And I won’t have to change the sheets and turn the bloody mattress. We’ll have to burn that, you know?”

Moaning, but not complaining, Béla did as she was told. Jake lifted the battleaxe off the wall. Béla turned her head to watch as she heard the axe head scrap against the wall.

“No!” Béla yelled. Jennifer’s />
Jake stopped, stunned at her words. “Then this blood’s not yours?”

Béla, realizing she blurted out the exact wrong thing to say, shook her head, not trusting herself to say anything right now.

“So,” Jake pondered, “if this is a memorial, like a tombstone? Where’s the />
Béla found herself unable to not look at the floor. Jake looked down at the wooden floor, too.

“She's buried under the cabin?” Jake asked, astounded. “I’m standing on a grave?”

be so Béla admonished him. “Eighty percent of the dirt and ninety percent of the dust on this stupid planet is dead bodies.”

“How can you even say that?” Jake wanted to know. “And how do you even know that? And how do you know a word like, if you can’t read?”

Béla gave a depressed laugh. “I can read. It was just too dark to read those little letters on the control box.”

Jake automatically corrected her. Then he remembered their argument. “Some girl’s buried under your floor?”

repeating yourself,” Béla grumbled, getting uncomfortable lying on the table.

“Anybody else down there?” Jake asked, giving the floor a thump with his foot.

“Artie Penshaw, his cameraman and another girl they murdered,” Béla told him.

FOUR bodies down there?” Jake asked, then, as his mind continued to process what she’d said. “Artie Penshaw is buried here? He’s been missing for fifty years!”

Béla sighed, her turn to correct Jake, now.

“And he killed a girl?” Jake asked, still astounded by this new knowledge.

“Do you question everything I say?” Béla asked, “Because, if you do, that could put a bit of a strain on our />
Jake stood in the middle of the room, his mouth opening and closing at regular intervals. After a moment, he spoke again.

always been rumors,” he began, “about this Penshaw person doing underground work – you know, porn, and stuff.”

“And stuff,” Béla agreed.

“He really did stuff like that, huh?” Jake asked, not wanting to believe that someone with the talent to produce a film like ‘Back to Egypt’ would lower himself to do pornographic stuff.”

“You said he killed a girl?” Jake asked. />
“He filmed her death,” Béla told him. “Hers, and another girl.”

“Oh my God!” Jake said, suddenly putting all the facts together in his head. “This axe!”

He jumped away from the brutal war weapon and it fell to the floor with a loud clang, which caused him to jump again, this time in fear of waking the dead just beneath his feet.

Béla smiled, then winced as a fresh wave of pain swept through her shoulders and neck.

“Oh, God!” Jake said again, this time concerned for Béla.

Béla whispered, “Come />
He walked toward her, slowly, staring into those dark eyes, feeling her inside him, again. Then the shock and surprise of his new knowledge was fading, and he knew what he had to do.

He reached down and picked up the battleaxe. He used it on Béla more gently than it had ever been used before. When he was finished, he held her gory shoulder bones in place while she told him the long, gruesome history of her homey little cabin.

When they opened the floor in the front room, there were no bodies left – only a few moldy tattered pieces of cloth and some hair. There was too much moisture in the ground to preserve anyone for any length of time.

“Well, at least we won’t have to bury them,” Jake said, relieved. “Do you think we should say something? Before we cover it back up?”

“I made my peace years ago,” Béla told him. why I bought this cabin – to insure that life, not death, resides here.”

“I remember that you had a nightmare our first night here,” Jake said. “You were screaming at someone you’d killed. Are you sure you have nothing to say? Here, and now? While you have the chance?”

“I’ve never told anyone I killed Artie Penshaw,” Béla confessed. “But he needed to die. He was a cruel man, and a butcher of young women. But, in a way, I’m glad he’s remembered for the good films he made.”

As lame as her eulogy was, Jake was satisfied that she meant it. He tapped the floorboards down with the same spearhead that Béla had used all those years ago for the same purpose.

Chapter 11 />
A shot rang out in the distance. eyes snapped open at the sound, uncertain of her surroundings for a moment, then relaxed as she realized where she was.

She stretched and sighed, grateful that her body was working right, again, thanks to Jake. But then, she remembered, he’d caused most of that pain and discomfort, so maybe he was breaking even. She’d have to be careful about the freedoms she granted him, especially regarding what insidious devices he could use on her.

Lazily reaching over and behind her, Béla discovered that Jake wasn’t there. His of the bed (usually taken out of the middle because he liked to cuddle) was cold and empty. Sitting up, Béla looked around the bedroom.

There was a fire in the wall unit, causing her to smile for a moment at Jake’s thoughtfulness – she didn’t have to wake up to a cold room, but his clothes, usually hanging on the desk chair near the bathroom, weren’t there.

‘Where is he?’ Béla wondered. ‘I don’t smell anything cooking… oh, yeah! There’s nothing to cook.’

Another distant rifle report let her know where Jake had gone. They had discussed it once or twice, she remembered, now. Looking forward to an afternoon meal of fresh meat, but not looking forward to cleaning it, Béla climbed out of bed and trotted her bare feet over the slowly warming floor, heading for the bathroom.

After her morning shower, she felt a lot better (and warmer). Slipping one of Jake’s flannel hunting shirts over her bare shoulders, she headed into the kitchen. The curtains were pulled back and the morning sun was bright on the kitchen floor.

Checking through the cabinets, Béla found her tin of coffee and set up the coffeepot on a slow flame, then went outside.

It was the last week in May, and the morning air was a brisk, but sunny, fifty degrees. There was no wind. Béla lifted her arms and stretched in the warm sunlight, almost dislocating her shoulders.

She had been meaning to ever since she arrived at the cabin, and now she had the perfect chance to check out her wild garden. Stepping carefully so that she wouldn’t bruise her feet on any rocks, she walked around behind the cabin and began to root around with her hands, looking for anything that didn’t look like a weed.

There were tomato plants coming up, but they only had a few, tiny yellow flowers. Another bushy looking plant with leaves that, to her, looked just like a tomato, was what she was looking for. Pulling one up with both hands, she discovered that she had a sizable potato patch.

Laughing happily, she pulled up several more, then bashed them against each other to get rid of the dirt, and carried them inside to wash. If she was conservative in their use, these little spuds would last two or three days; cooked with soup, or baked in the oven with whatever Jake brought back.

Humming happily to herself, she went back outside to see what else she could find. As the spring-loaded screen door slammed behind her, she saw Jake approaching. The bag he was carrying looked large and heavy.

“Hi!” Béla yelled at him as she waved.

Jake grinned and waved back, admiring the way her shirt had opened with she waved at him. He continued walking toward the cabin, wondering where she was going as he watched her disappear behind the old wooden structure. When he followed her around and saw her kneeling in the garden, he knew.

Turning away, he dumped his game bag onto an old wooden yard table. He had two quail and a rabbit. By the time he had the rabbit skinned and cleaned out, Béla was helping by plucking feathers out of one of the birds.

“Pretty good hunting, huh?” Béla asked when he noticed her.

Jake replied, sounding distracted.

Béla smirked when she realized he was looking at her, again. She’d doffed the flannel shirt because she was getting hot, working in the garden, and it was getting dirty. Now completely bare, loose feathers were floating around and sticking to her as she pulled them loose from the carcass she was denuding.

she muttered, pretending to be annoyed but unable to hide her smile,

“Especially when you encourage me by running around naked,” Jake grinned, and added, “and dressed only in feathers, too!”

Béla said, holding her arms up and looking down at her body. “You think this would be a good costume for the stage? I could strip by picking the feathers off, one by one.”

take too long,” Jake informed her, still grinning at her. have men coming up on stage to help – too frustrated to wait.”

“Would you come up and strip feathers off me?” Béla asked, teasing him, now.

“Not only that,” Jake told her. “I’d knock anyone else back onto the floor if they came up.”

“Ooo! Jealous, too! I like that!” Béla grinned at him.

She set the finished bird down and began fondling her breasts, teasing Jake unmercifully.

Jake protested. “I still have to clean these birds. Now go ’way for a half hour or so. I’m busy!”

Not seeming to mind his obvious dismissal, Béla went back into the house. In a moment, though, she was back with two hot cups of coffee. She was also wearing a wide leather belt, but nothing else that Jake could see. She handed one cup to Jake and set the other one down.

“Thanks, babe,” Jake said, grateful for the liquid breakfast.

Béla reached behind her and pulled a serrated kitchen knife out of her belt.

“Want some help?” she asked cheerfullly.

Jake replied.

They both went to work on the raw meat, cutting the carcasses down into meal sized portions. This was about two days worth for the two of them. In another half-hour, they were both bloody from handling all that fresh, raw meat, but the work was done.

While Jake wrapped all the edible pieces in the game bag to take into the cabin, Béla went in and filled the sink half full of water, then dumped almost a cup of salt into it.

“Just drop it all in here,” she told Jake as he came in.

Now that the blood was getting soaked out of the meat, Béla led Jake back outside and made him undress. Then, rinsing out the shirt she’d been wearing earlier, she washed them both down with water from the spigot that stuck directly up from the well.

“When I get done with you, go get a bucket and rinse the picnic table,” she said as she wrung water from her shirt down his back.

While he did that, Béla rinsed the rest of their clothes and laid them out on the old wooden table to dry.

“All done!” Béla sighed, happy with a good day’s work.

“Not quite,” Jake said, pulling her around by her arm to face him. “You remember the very first time you saw me this />
Béla replied, “I was coming out and you were coming across the yard.”

“And you waved,” Jake continued for her, “and your shirt fell />
“And you wanted to play?” Béla said, finishing his sentence.

Jake replied, picking up his twenty-two and backing away from her.

Then Béla realized what he wanted to play. Laughing with sudden glee, she ran toward the cabin, then leaned against the outside wall, stretching her arms and legs out wide.

She called across the yard to Jake. “Should you get closer or should I assume you’re a better shot with a gun than you are with a />
In response, Jake shouldered the rifle and called out, “Belly button!”

Béla heard a soft ‘pop’ and a hole appeared in her belly button. She grunted at the sudden pain, then began her pain-separation mantra. Blood leaked through her fingers as she held her stomach.

Mentally dispersing the pain throughout her system, she sighed in relief.

“Okay, then,” she said, mostly to herself.

Straightening up, she raised her arms out and jutted her belly forward, ready for another one.

“Uh!” Béla grunted, as another bullet punched her in the stomach.

Her nervous system wasn’t quite up to speed, yet. The bullets still hurt. Taking a deep breath, Béla straightened back up, ready for more.

“Do two or three, this time,” she called out to Jake.

Jake had walked over and shoved their damp clothes aside, just enough so he could lean back, half-sitting and half-standing, and not get his butt wet. It didn’t really matter, since he was as naked as Béla. He looked at her, standing against the cabin wall, dark skin outlined by whitewashed wall with a little trickle of blood running down to her pelvis, then continuing down her legs.

He stroked his hardening cock a couple of times, then raised his rifle to his shoulder. It bucked as he squeezed the trigger. He could hear soft grunt as she was struck, but he couldn’t see the hole. If his aim was true, the bullet had entered her belly just below her navel. That area was already blood red. The blood became a little thicker as the new wound began to bleed.

Béla whimpered as she sank to her knees.

Jake couldn’t shoot now, because her hands were in the way as she gingerly fingered the little bleeding mouths in her stomach. He watched, slowly stroking his cock as Béla ran her bloody fingers down between her legs. She was obviously fingering herself, masturbating just like he was.

After a moment, she stopped and worked her body back up the wall. She wasn’t standing quite as straight, now, but she valiantly spread her arms out to her side, against the wall of the cabin, willing to be shot, again.

Jake put the next one right through her pubic bone. Béla cried out and fell almost immediately, holding herself between her legs. She writhed on the ground for a moment, smearing blood all over her lower belly and thighs. Jake waited, leaning back on the table, only running a single finger up and down his hard cock. Any more than that, and he would spurt his load out into the air and the game would be over.

Béla had a lot more trouble getting up, this time. She didn’t lean back against the cabin when she managed to get to her feet. Instead, she staggered over to Jake and sat down on the wood bench attached to the table.

“God, that was good,” Béla gasped. “I came so fucking hard when you shot me down />
“I still have lots of ammo,” Jake said, smiling down at her. “And after that, I’ve got this,” he added, tapping his cock with his hand and making it sway back and forth to display how rock hard he was.

Béla dropped down to the ground on her knees and said, “I can take care of that, right now!”

Unable to resist, Jake turned and let her take his cock into her eager mouth. After two good sucks, he was spurting into her mouth and down her throat. Béla eagerly sucked and swallowed everything he had to offer. Then she leaned forward against his legs and belly, breathing hard but being very gentle as she kissed along his hairy stomach, just incidentally wiping the excess cum off her face onto Jake.

After another moment, Béla moved, seeming much more energetic than she had a moment earlier. Climbing up Jake’s body, she pecked him on his cheek and said, “Ready for more?”

Jake grinned and slapped her rump as she turned away and ran out across the yard, away from the cabin, this time.

“Moving target!” she called out, laughing as she spun around.

The next game of ‘Target Girl’ had begun.

Three times, as she spun around, a bullet struck into her right breast. She stopped spinning.

she called out, holding her hand to her wounded, bleeding breast. It was getting really sore, and her left lung was starting to fill with blood. “Aim somewhere else!”

Jake called back. He shot her in the belly button, reopening the hole that had just healed.

Béla rubbed the blood from her breast across her torso. Her pussy was starting to throb from the sensations it was receiving from her nervous system. She reached down and rubbed her bloody fingers against her crotch, caressing her hard little clitoris, then straightened back up.

She stretched her body as tall as she could and threw her arms behind her, exposing her naked breasts in the afternoon sun. She was rewarded with the sensation of several bullets ripping into her breasts, each bullet tearing through the soft tissue and into her lungs.

Crying out, she covered her ruined breasts with her hands and squeezed them in ecstasy. Blood seeped between her fingers and dripped down her belly to the ground. She’d never realized that choking could be so arousing.

She turned and walked unsteadily toward a large log lying across the back of the yard, her rump swaying as she put each bare foot down into the grass. Several more holes appeared in her back and buttocks and leaked little red trails down her legs as Jake happily fired away. Then he stopped to watch what she was doing, wondering how she could simply ignore being shot in the ass like that.

She sat down on the log and faced toward Jake, spreading her legs as she leaned back, affording Jake a good view of her blood-streaked pussy. She rubbed her clitoris vigorously a couple of times, smearing dark red blood all over her pussy and the insides of her thighs. Then she raised her arms in the air and lay back on the log, seeming to sun herself. All that was visible now were her red finger-painted legs and that lovely bloody little target right between them.

Aiming carefully, Jake put a bullet directly up her cunt. Crying out, Béla jerked her legs together and twitching uncontrollably for a moment. Then she lay back on the log again. As she did so, he shot her again. This time, she curled up into a ball, coming so hard that she almost rolled off the log. Jake waited, listening to her erotic whimper with every exhalation she made.

Once she was back under control, Béla lay back on the log again, this time resting with her elbows behind, supporting her so she could watch all those wonderfully agonizing holes being created in her torso. Her legs and belly trembled in anticipation of more sweet agony as he raised the rifle again.

Jake put several bullets into her legs, moving his sights up and down her inner thighs like a lover’s caress, leaving red bleeding kisses on her trembling legs. After the third one, Béla threw her head back and cried out as she started to come, over and over. It took all of her willpower to hold her legs apart to the white fire as her thigh muscles were ripped open more with each shot he took.

When he stopped firing again to reload, Béla sat up, catching her breath. She looked down at her bloody legs and pussy, surveying the damage. Her whole body was covered in sweat and spattered with blood. She felt weak and heady from blood loss and her orgasms and decided to turn over and straddle the log. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about rolling off if she lost control again. Splinters from old wood mixed in with fresh oozing blood caked her inner thighs when she moved. When she lay back down, her ass was nicely displayed – an easy target for a horny sharpshooter.

He used up the rest of that box of ammo, shooting them into her ass and cunt while she lay there, trembling and humping the old log and having orgasm after orgasm. She was crying constantly now, both in pain and from her constant coming.

After a while her orgasms had caught up with her and she was starting to heal. Béla lay on the log listening to the silence. Her legs, ass and pussy were on fire. The agony went deep into her belly, gradually easing as her body regenerated, giving her that revitalizing sensation of that she craved so much.

As she lay, healing, she wondered for the first time what happened to all the bullets her lover had shot into her. Then she finally noticed that Jake wasn’t shooting at her anymore. She sat up and looked to see what he was doing.

Jake was walking toward her, his cock raging as he viewed the scene in front of him. inner thighs and labia were shredded from all the bullets that had punched into her sweet and now bloody flesh. The look in his eyes as Jake viewed the carnage he’d created was intense and almost frightening. As he reached her, he didn’t stop moving. He grabbed her leg and pulled her against him, wildly shoving his cock into what was left of her bloody cunt.

She screamed a strange high-pitched, gurgling sound as he entered her. It seemed only seconds before he was pumping his sperm into her bloody belly. He had to hold her down; she was shaking so hard.

Jake’s dick was still hard, even after that second ejaculation. He had never in his life felt this aroused and he wanted it to last as long as it could.

face seemed to miss all the damage the rest of her body had reaped, escaping with just a spattering of blood. Jake dropped to his knees and guided his hard cock into her gasping mouth. After a few seconds, he came again, choking her with his sperm, this time.

He decided that with three loads of fluid’ in her, she should recover soon. He wiped the blood off his dick with a handful of grass and went into the cabin to get a beer.

An hour or so later, Béla came in, dried blood flaking off of fresh, new skin where her wounds had been. Jake let her suck his cock, then he fucked her in the ass. The extra cum seemed to make her recovery easier.

Chapter 12 />
It was evening and Jake had prepared a stew from some canned vegetables and rabbit meat from his morning kill.

Béla was still excited about his morning kill, as well, but not the food part. was favorite new game. She loved being shot at, stabbed or skewered with something.

“You could throw knives at me!” she said, really serious about getting into another game.

“Tell you what.” Jake said to her. look around after supper. Maybe we’ll find />
When they were finished, Béla agreed to rinse the dishes if he found some new torture for her like he promised. Jake got up and checked in the closet. Rummaging through it, he pulled out an old extension cord and metal coat hangers.

something maybe we can try,” he said, cheerfully. “Ever been />
“Well, no,” Béla admitted, not quite understanding his question, but trying to be interested.

“Okay, here’s how it works,” Jake explained, pulling the wires apart. He wrapped the bare end of one wire around a coat hanger.

“You take this wire here and hold on to it,” he explained as he handed her a coat hanger with the end of a wire wrapped around it. He plugged the other end of the cord into a wall socket.

“Sit down,” Jake told her, indicating the old couch next to where he was standing. He held a coat hanger with the other wire wrapped around it. She primly sat her naked butt down on the edge of the couch.

“Lay back and relax, will you?” Jake coaxed her into a more prone position.

“Now, watch this,” Jake said, and touched her bare stomach with his coat hanger. A gagging sound came from her throat and she curled up into a ball as the light in the ceiling dimmed. Jake held his coat hanger in the air.

he explained. “Fun, huh?” Béla lay on the couch, panting and staring at him, her eyes wide with wonder mixed with a little fear.

she said, when she could talk again.

Already, her mind was working on different ways to apply this new toy. She bent her coat hanger into a large curve, then hooked it between her legs, pulling it tight against her pussy and the crack of her ass.

try this,” she said, lying back again. “You touch yours to my breasts and I’ll just lay here and cook. Okay?” She looked up at him, her body still trembling a little from the last shock.

Jake smiled and lowered the coat hanger down. He held it against her breast for a few seconds while Béla shook helplessly on the couch. Her skin bubbled slightly where the metal touched her. Some blood came out of her mouth where she bit her tongue. As he stood waiting for her to recover, he imagined what she must look like between her legs. He could smell burnt pussy meat.

she said, trembling anxiously, “Hold it longer, this time.” Béla took several deep breaths, trying to stop shaking.

“Why don’t I just stick it in?” Jake asked. He was getting aroused torturing her like this. Béla looked at him, licking blood off her lower lip.

“Just jab it into my breast?” she asked plaintively.

He nodded.

“Do it,” she commanded, then braced herself for the impact.

Jake stabbed the coat hanger down, sinking it a couple of inches into her left breast. He stood back and watched her as she shook, his dick getting harder and harder. He unfastened his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

After a moment, Béla fell off the couch, accidentally pulling the hanger out of her breast. Jake spread her legs out, pulling at the other coat hanger between her legs. It had cooked itself against her flesh. As he ripped it loose, Béla screamed and tried to curl up.

Jake held her down and rammed his cock into her pussy through the burnt flesh. It was like taking her virginity as he roughly shoved his way through where her pussy lips had been seared together. Béla cried out with each bruising thrust as he rammed his raging cock into her burnt cunt, tears running from her squeezed-shut eyes. She pounded her fists into the floor beside her in agony.

Jake noticed that, despite her obvious suffering, she made no effort to get away from him at all, and her insides were getting slippery with her juices. She obviously loved what was he was doing to her.

He reached over and grabbed the hanger that had been wrapped around her bottom. As he straightened it out, he savored the smell of her burnt flesh. He jammed it down right through the nipple of her right breast.

Béla screamed as Jake punctured her. Then he reached over for the other coat hanger and rewound the wire where it had come loose. He could feel electricity jangling through his fingers and his cock.

He jammed the other hanger back into her left breast, making a new hole right through her other nipple. Béla no longer had enough control of her body to scream or even breath. She couldn’t do anything except shake.

back arched into the air. Her pussy clamped down on his cock so tightly that he couldn’t move it. He could feel the residual electricity tingling in his own body as they lay locked together on the floor. Girl-cum was pouring out of her cunt. He felt his own sperm rising in his balls and started to come, again and again, pumping it into her electrically ravaged body.

As he finished coming, he pulled the cord out of the wall. Béla collapsed to the floor, completely limp, her pussy suddenly releasing him. Jake stayed where he was for a moment, his shrinking dick slowly receding out of her slippery wet cunt.

After a moment, he put his head down against her chest to hear her heartbeat, then raising himself up, he pulled the two antenna-like projections out of her breasts. The smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils and part of a cooked nipple stuck to one of the coat hangers. As he pulled them loose, he heard a whisper of a moan from beneath him.

‘After all that, she’s still conscious,’ Jake realized.

He was being constantly amazed, especially this week, at her willingness to subject herself to so much pure physical punishment and torture. He wondered if she was actually trying to kill herself.

‘After four thousand years,’ he wondered, ‘is she sick and tired of living?’

Some time later, she moaned and moved her head, looking around.

“You are truly amazing,” she heard Jake say.

She looked up at him lying on the couch wearing just a shirt. He watched her as she tried to get up, then weakly fall back to the floor. He was down on the floor next to her in an instant.

“Here. Let me help,” he said, taking her by the arms. He lifted her up and sat her on the couch. She immediately rolled to one side, leaning on the arm of the couch.

“Some water, please,” she whispered, weakly.

She lay on the couch, sitting up halfway, taking deep breaths. Her body trembled several times as she recovered from her ordeal. She reached for the glass Jake offered, her hand and arm trembling so badly that she couldn’t even hold it. Jake helped lift it to her mouth and tipped it so she could drink. She swallowed once. Then, choking, she spit out the water she still had in her mouth. It dribbled down her face, onto her bare breasts and stomach. Jake wiped it off with the front of his shirt.

‘God, she is so beautiful!’ Jake mused, admiring her perfect skin as he cleaned her off. Then it occurred to him that her skin always looked flawless and radiant because it was always fresh and new. He believed he was beginning to understand the secret of her longevity. Maybe she needed to be killed occasionally in order to stay alive.

He wondered: ‘If she ever died of old age, would that trigger her rejuvenation so that she would come back as a young girl?’

‘Jeez, I’ve hooked up with a Phoenix!’ he thought to himself.

“I’ve never ever come so hard in my life,” Béla said, her unsteady voice interrupting his thoughts. “That stuff really cooks you, doesn’t it?”

She didn’t really expect an answer. She began to stretch her arms and legs, breathing deeply. Jake thought her slender, naked body looked magnificent.

“Oh, God! Everything hurts!” she complained, stretching her back, her arms over her head. “I guess cooking does that to a girl.” She chuckled weakly at her little joke.

“Have you been cooked before?” Jake asked her, admiring her lithe form and hoping she wouldn’t move from that stretched-out position for a while.

“Only once,” she replied, “a little while back.” She lowered her arms and relaxed. Jake, disappointed at losing his magnificent view, sat down at the other end of the couch. He picked up one of her feet and began to massage it.

“What happened?” he asked her.

“Oh, some people thought I was a witch and had me burned at the stake,” Béla said, sounding disinterested in the subject. “I was able to get loose, though, when the ropes burned through. Scared the hell out of everybody.” She laughed, partly to herself, then her face grew somber as she remembered what she had done after that.

“You know,” she said, talking partly to herself, “sometimes you get hurt so badly you just go insane.”

She looked up at Jake, an incredible sadness in her eyes. She knew going insane was no excuse for massacring half the village and burning the rest to the ground. Some of those people she’d butchered that night had been her friends.

Jake gazed at her, entirely missing the emotional ordeal that had just gone through her mind.

“You have so much history locked up in that mind of yours,” he said, admiringly. “Someday we ought to just write down everything that’s ever happened to you – a first-hand account of recorded />
He didn’t understand why she seemed so suddenly upset with him or the dialect she used, but he was sure it was the vilest curse he had ever heard. He continued massaging her foot, not knowing how to respond to her outburst.

After a moment of silence, she spoke more calmly.

happened in the past is gone,” she said quietly. nothing anyone can do to change anything. Dwelling on it is pointless and depressing. It only makes a person want what was.”

important is what you do now,” she concluded, sounding determined and resolute. “Here and now. ‘Now’ is what’s important.”

She offered her other foot for him to massage. When he dared to look up at her, she was watching him, a sad look on her face.

“I’m sorry I blew up at you,” she said softly. He smiled, forgiving her, content just to be with her during this brief period in her long life.

“It’s alright,” he said, kissing her toes.

‘These feet have probably crossed the world a dozen times,’ he realized.

do something different, tomorrow,” Jake said, suddenly brightening up. go hiking up on the mesa.”

Béla laughed, lightening her mood. “That could be fun.”

Jake felt unusually content. It was a strange feeling for him. For some reason, he didn’t feel like torturing Béla tonight. He wondered how long that feeling would last. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Making love to her last night hadn’t been entirely unpleasant, either. It had been a very long time since he had actually made love to a girl; a long time as he experienced time, he corrected himself silently.

Chapter 13 />
They started out sometime after sunrise the next morning. It was now noon, and the overhead sun was hot. Flies were biting (which Béla didn’t mind, but Jake hated), and Jake had his foot caught in an old abandoned bear trap.

“I told you this was a bad idea to come this way,” Béla was saying.

Jake grimaced in pain, only groaning in reply.

Béla didn’t know how, nor was she strong enough, to release the trap. But she was glad it was Jake that had sprung the trap and not her. He was the one wearing boots.

She went looking for a suitable branch to wedge into the trap. It would have to be solid wood, but still be dead enough for her to break off and get it back to where Jake was.

she suddenly squeeked as a huge man appeared in front of her. She slipped in gravel aand slid backward down the path she’d been climbing. He was wearing a heavy flannel shirt and old coveralls, the kind with a bib in front and suspenders going down the back.

He glared at her. you doin’ here?” he demanded.

He seemed surprised to see her where she was, although he sounded like he knew her. His voice sounded gravelly, like he didn’t use it much.

Béla opened her mouth to speak, only to discover her voice was gone. She swallowed nervously, clearing her parched throat.

“Ahem. Ah, we were, hmm, hiking, and we, I mean, Jake, got caught in a, hum, trap thing.” Béla tried to sound as scared and harmless as she could, not knowing if this man was dangerous, as she was unable to focus her mental abilities during daylight.

“I was looking for something to wedge into the trap, ah, to get it off his foot. Yeah. Get it off his foot.” She coughed, and stood silently, looking downward.

After a moment, the big man spoke.

“All right. Where is this ‘trap he spoke slowly. Béla thought he might be dim-witted. A glance into his eyes told her otherwise. He was extremely dangerous and she did not want to take him to where Jake was.

she said, nervously backing away, be okay. All I need is a piece of wood. To get the trap open.” She turned to run away. He was suddenly right behind her, a huge hand on each of her shoulders, lifting her off the ground.

He roared. “Where do you think yer goin’, darlin’? I’ve got you now and you belong to me!” He shouted into the back of her head.

Béla cried and kicked at him helplessly, acting terrified.

The big man threw her over his shoulder and carried her back the way he had come. She couldn’t see where they were going, but as long as they were traveling away from Jake, she didn’t care.

As she bounced along on the huge man’s shoulders, his shoulder bone was bruising her stomach. She felt a stirring of sexual sensation in her pelvic region. She actually tried to suppress it.

‘Not now! Damn you!’ she thought, furiously trying to will her arousal away. But it didn’t go away. She hoped she could remain single-minded enough to be able to help Jake later.

Suddenly the man stopped. He changed his grip on Béla and threw her down like a sack of grain. She struck the ground hard, knocking the wind out of her. She actually bounced.

“Ahhhgh! You asshole!” she snarled up at him.

He kicked her squarely in the face with his heavy boot. She fell backwards, completely knocked out.

Time passed. Béla could hear gruff voices and laughter. She kept her eyes closed and tried to feel her body. She felt numb; her circulation cut off in her arms and legs. She could hear three different voices in the room with her.

After listening to them for a few moments, one of them suddenly said, “Hey! Yer little witch is awake!” She heard a chair slide on a wood floor and heavy footfalls coming toward her.

“Open yer eyes, witch!” A heavy hand slapped her face.

“Ahhhh! Damn you!” she cried out.

Béla opened her eyes to discover that she was dangling from a long pole that stretched across the room, one end on the floor and the other end resting on a heavy wooden beam running across the ceiling. Her arms and legs were tied behind the pole.

she cried, startled at the discovery of her position.

“Shut up, witch!” Again, she received a hard, stinging slap across the face. Her ears rang. Her cheeks stung. But she was now completely awake. She mentally thanked the brute who slapped her, silently promising to pay him back, later.

She tested the ropes that held her hands together. They were painfully tight. She wasn’t going to get away easily. She concentrated on making her wrists smaller.

“Hey! Now we got ‘er, what’r we gonna do with ‘er?” the man still sitting at the table asked. Béla concluded that he was the most dim-witted of the three, but he was also the most vicious. a witch! An’ e’ know what we do with />
‘Christ! Not another burning!’ she desperately hoped.

Béla looked at the man who had slapped her. He was looking at her like he expected a reply.

“Why do you think I’m a witch?” she asked him.

the dim-witted one said, still sitting at the table. “We seen you, lady. Yeah, we seen you dancing around, makin’ yer blood sacrifices. We seen you die and we seen the devil bring you back to life. We seen it all!” He rose up from the table and screamed, />
Béla was shocked! They hadn’t been alone up here after all! Everything they had done had been witnessed! She hung from the pole in stunned silence.

“What! Nuthin’ to say?” the man standing next to her spoke.

She glared at him.

“If you turn me loose, I won’t harm you,” she said in her deadliest voice.

Her remark brought a cascade of rough laughter from all three men.

“Harm us?” the big man who had brought her in said, “It’s us who’s gonna harm you, witch!” He laughed derisively.

Béla thought fast.

“How? If you’ve been watching me, you know I can’t be killed. I’ll always come back,” she spoke earnestly. “If you harm me, I’ll come back for you.”

This brought more laughter from the men.

“And do what?” one asked. “Bleed on us?” More derisive laughter greeted her.

She shut up and thought.

“Well, what’re we gonna do with ‘er?” she heard someone ask.

A chair fell backward onto the floor as the dim-witted one stood up from the table.

“I know what I’m gonna do with ’er.” He walked toward her, a hateful smile on his face.

He walked past her, staring into her eyes, then reached up over her head. She felt the top of the post she was tied to move upward, then she and the post went crashing to the floor, the heavy post pinning her arms and legs behind her. As she lay on her side on the floor, she felt blood dripping from her bruised wrists. Her right arm, pinned under the post, hurt terribly.

The other two men sat down at the table to watch. The dim-witted one reached for a belt hanging on the wall and pulled out a long, curved knife. He walked back and dropped heavily to his knees, right in front of Béla. He roughly took hold of her shirt, tearing it, and carelessly cut it away from her, exposing her shoulder. The blade nicked her arm as he cut her shirt open. Béla endured his stripping in silence.

He grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it off her with a vicious yank. The other sleeve caught on her arm and he slashed down, cutting the sleeve off and slicing her other arm. Béla stayed silent.

“You like that, don’t you, witch!” he sneered at her. He took the knife and ran it down her arm, making a little red trail from her rounded shoulder to her elbow. In a moment, it was healed.

“Look it that!” he said in awe. in league with the devil.”

The two men at the table sat silently. Béla realized they were probably just waiting for their turn with her. It was turning out to be a long, unpleasant day.

The man ambitiously hacked the rest of her clothes off her body, carelessly cutting her several times. She tried to look frightened.

Her clothes were thrown across the room. The dim-witted man reached up, took her left breast in his rough fingers, and fondled it, rolling her nipple between his thumb and fingers. He gradually increased the pressure, squeezing her nipple, hard. Béla allowed a quiet whimper to escape her throat. She hated the fact that she was incredibly horny.

he barked at her. “That hurt?” He grinned evilly.

he sneered into her face. He let go of her breast and grabbed her around the waist with both hands, jerking her body around against the ropes.

“Good lookin’ witch!” he breathed heavily. “Nice cunt!” He shoved his hands between her naked legs. “Nice, hot, wet witch! She likes it!”

He displayed his hand to the others, rubbing his fingers together. They were slippery with her juice. Béla silently cursed her rebellious cunt for betraying her sexual needs.

He reached down, grabbed his knife off the floor, and pressed it against her soft belly.

“You gonna treat me good, ain’t you, witch!” He sneered into her face. She silently glared at him.

He jerked the knife upward, jabbing the tip of it into the soft skin of her belly.

you, witch!” he snarled into her face.

pussy was starting to leak. She was losing the battle with her slutty nature.

“Yer gonna twitch, witch,” her antagonist snarled into her face, “just like you did for him!”

He jabbed the knife in a little deeper. A thin trail of blood trickled down her belly. Béla tensed her body against the pressure of the knife, breathing heavily. Her nerve endings were beginning to tingle. She was getting too aroused to control herself. All she wanted now was to be roughed up and fucked.

She arched her back, pressing her body forward against the knife, forcing it deeper into her flesh.

“You can’t hurt me!” she sneered at him, gritting her teeth, desperately needing to be violated.

The dim-witted man snarled at her and viciously slashed the knife into her belly. Béla arched her back and cried out joyously. Her pussy exploded in orgasm, her body arched against the ropes binding her.

better!” he said, misunderstanding her cry.

He yanked the knife out and stood up. The hole in her belly closed slowly. Momentarily relieved, Béla watched him as he discarded his clothing and knelt back down in front of her, his erect cock sticking out from under his belly.

“Now, yer gonna take care of this, ain’t you, witch!” he said and moved his body so that she could reach his dick with her mouth. Béla turned away, gagging at his stench.

Enraged, the man grabbed her head and yanked her face back around, nearly breaking her neck.

He shoved his smelly cock into her mouth and began to fuck her face.

“Yeah, witch! You better take good care of that, witch! Or I’ll cut off yer fuckin’ tits, witch!”

His litany went on for several minutes, then he roared and spewed smelly, sour-tasting cum into her mouth, choking her. She angrily spit out as much as she could.

“Yeah, witch! Yer a good witch, witch!” he laughed at her. Standing up, he walked across the room, deliberately knocking her in the head as he turned.

Béla sighed in relief. ‘One down, two to go,’ she thought angrily to herself. She vowed silently to suck every last drop of his blood out of him and spit it up his ass.

She heard a chair scrape against the floor and looked to see who her next antagonist would be. She believed the first one was the worst, but you could never be sure.

‘Oh, God!’ she thought as she watched. both coming over!’

One reached around behind her and cut the ropes away from her bleeding wrists. The other was getting new rope off the wall. Béla wondered what they were going to do with her. It had to be better than being tied to this post.

The man cut the knot that tied her feet together and grabbed her arm, pulling her upright. Béla cried out, discovering that her right arm, the one the post had fallen on, was broken.

The two men looked at the broken arm and grunted at each other. One of them squeezed her arm several times, causing her to wince, then shrugged and grunted at the other, who grunted back.

she thought, ‘I’ve been abducted by cave />
He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around, then grabbed her arms, one at a time, and tied her wrists back together. Then he picked her up and threw her onto the table. She landed on her (almost healed) broken arm and cried out as it broke again. She lay on the table, breathing heavily and furiously blinking back tears of pain.

The man who had untied (and retied) her walked over and, grabbing her legs, pulled her down the table toward him. Rough splinters tore at her skin. He rolled Béla onto her back and spread her legs, dropping them off the end of the table. The motion caused her hips to lever upward, exposing her dripping pussy.

“Yer right,” the man said to no one in particular, “that is one fine pussy.”

He reached forward and slid his thumb up and down her crack, smearing the liquid that was leaking from her cunt.

eyes were half-closed and she was breathing rapidly. She could barely contain her excitement, knowing that he would get violent in a second. The nerves in her legs and belly were alive with electricity. She could feel the muscles in her legs and buttocks trembling.

He jammed two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and, turning his hand sideways, wrapped his fingers around her pelvis, his thumb on the outside against her clitoris and his fingers on the inside. Then, he lifted her by her pelvis and pulled her closer. Béla moaned at the intense sensation of his tight grip on her insides. She could feel her pussy pulsing as it tried to either eject him or swallow him whole. She was sure that he could feel it, too.

She gazed down the table at him and discovered he was looking back at her. Their eyes held each other for a moment, then he looked away, putting his attention back on her private parts.

‘Why did he look like he knows me?’ Béla wondered.

She wished the sun would set so she could read their intentions and find out why they were so interested in her. But there were hours of daylight left.

The tall, thin man turned his hand so that his fingers lined up with her pussy and slid two more fingers into her. They slide in easily, as she provided abundant lubrication.

belly tensed in anticipation. If she was reading her psychotics correctly, she was about to be fist-fucked. As she thought of the last time that had happened, she felt herself getting even wetter. Seconds later, she cried out in pain and ecstasy as the vicious man shoved his entire hand up inside her, stretching and tearing her labia. When he stopped, his arm was buried halfway up to his elbow inside her. body convulsed again and again with pure orgasmic sensation.

He waited until she stopped twitching. Then, moving his arm back until his wrist was even with her pussy lips, he made a fist inside her cunt and threw his arm forward as hard as he could, rupturing her uterus and punching through into her guts. Béla screamed again and again as he opened his fist in her intestines, grabbed a handful, and pulled it back through and completely out of her body. Béla screamed, kicking and bucking in pure agony.

As the man wiped blood and shit off his hands, Béla lay gasping on the table, shaking in agony, tears streaming down her face. Her tortured body was covered in sweat.

“I will suck you dry, you bastard! I will feed your living carcass to buzzards!” she swore at him in Sumarian, the first language she had ever learned.

“Man, I am not want’n to do anything with that now,” the third man said, sounding really disgusted.

The first man said, “Ya think it’ll heal?”

was the grunted reply. They stood at the end of the table and watched.

Béla struggled to calm herself. Her ravaged guts were already mending inside her body. What was ripped out and dangling from her pussy was dead tissue, now, and wasn’t going to do anything. She realized that they probably didn’t know that. Perhaps they thought it would pull itself back into place as she healed.

In their own cruel way, she realized, they were experimenting on her just like Jake had. The main difference was – Jake liked her.

One of the men noticed that Béla had stopped trembling.

“She did heal!” he exclaimed. “On the inside!”

The first man reached down and pulled out the gory mess dangling from her pussy. Then, he shoved his hand back up her cunt, avoiding a kick from Béla, and felt along the upper wall of her uterus.

“It’s all healed up,” he announced.

a witch! In league wi’ the devil!” the dim-witted man cried. we gonna kill />
The first man looked at her thoughtfully. Béla gazed back at him in silence.

‘He’s looking at me that way again!’ Béla realized. ‘Am I supposed to know him?’

not afraid of us,” the man observed.

burn ‘er! That’s how they kilt witches!” the dim-witted man was getting frantic with fear.

The first man continued to observe Béla. He seemed quite satisfied just to look at her. Finally he spoke.

“What are you good for?” he asked her.

She answered softly, “For killing you.” She stared back at him. She knew she should hate him for what he’d done to her. She didn’t, and she didn’t understand why.

The first man stood silently for a moment, as though he were judging her. He looked almost sad. Béla again wished the sun were down so she could read him.

not a witch,” he said finally, his eyes still locked on hers. a />
“A vampire!” the dim-witted man screamed. “God! Do you think she bit me?” He pulled down his pants and examined his now-limp dick. “She can’t be a vampire! She was out in the daylight!” he said, looking up. He had satisfied himself that he wasn’t bitten.

a the first man explained, not taking his eyes off her. “An />
The words struck home to Béla. She had heard that accusation more than 4,000 years before.

“What do you know?” she asked him, seriously wanting to know.

“I know you must die,” he said softly. “Even you know it. That’s why you’ve been trying so hard to do it />
“I can’t die,” said Béla, />
“Yes. You most assuredly can,” he replied. “A stake driven through your heart to keep it from beating will kill you.”

“What happened to your accent?” she asked nervously, trying to throw him off the subject.

Her hands were almost free. She knew where the door was. She struggled into an upright position, watching the men at the end of the table. The ropes finally slid off one wrist.

The dim-witted man behind her noticed one end of the rope drop to the table.

“Uh, she’s, uh, she’s loose!” he stammered, frightened out of his mind of a loose vampire, especially one that he’d just face-fucked.

Béla whipped the rope around into the face of the man she’d been talking to and bounded off the table, racing for the open door. Then she was through and free! She felt elated!

Suddenly, her feet were no longer under her and she slammed down hard into the gravel outside the door. Stunned and disoriented, she felt hands dragging her upright.

She looked around at her angry captors, and then noticed the trip rope tied across the bottom of the door. She hadn’t even seen it. She sobbed once, then slumped against the men holding her. They had expected her to try to escape.

“Kill her now!” she heard one say. She heard the others agree.

she pleaded, grasping at straws. you have to perform some purifying ritual or />
“No,” the first man said, “just a stake through the heart.”

Béla stared at him, terrified. He was holding a stake!

“Now you are afraid,” he said. “Very good.” He gazed at her, seeming almost sorry for what he had to do.

The two men holding her shoved her back against the rock wall, into the shade of the building. The first man, carefully staying in the shade of the building himself, picked up a large rock and placed the point of the stake against her breast. Béla shook in terror.

“I’ve been stabbed in the heart before,” she pleaded, frantic with fear. “It didn’t kill me! This won’t kill me either!”

“Yes. It will.” He struck the back of the stake with the rock, driving it into her chest.

“So, you would suck out my blood and feed me to buzzards?” Smiling, he struck the stake again with the rock, and it pierced her heart. Béla was going into shock.

‘He understood what I said!’ she realized, now completely terrified.

Her heart exploded as the third strike drove the stake all the way in. She felt dizzy and light-headed and realized that he was right. She could die. She could feel herself dying right now.

“Throw her into the gorge,” were the last words she heard. The voice sounded very far away.

The other two dragged corpse to a deep gorge a half-mile away.

“How come we have to do the dirty work,” the dim-witted man whined, mostly to himself, “just ‘cus he’s the one with th’ />
They were both sweating profusely in the heat of the late afternoon as they reached the edge of the gorge. They dropped their load face down in the dirt and walked to the edge of the gorge to decide where to toss her over.

“If we give her a good heave ho, she’ll clear that ledge. Then it’s 2,000 feet straight down,” one said. They agreed on that plan of action.

One man on each side, one arm and one leg apiece, they lifted the body up and, carrying it to the edge of the gorge, swung.

limp body flew up and arched out over the gorge. The two men looked over the edge and watched her lifeless form tumble through the air and disappear beyond the ledge just below them.

“She cleared the ledge. They ain’t be nothin’ left when she hits bottom.” It clearly wasn’t the first body they had disposed of.

“What a waste o’ good pussy,” one of them said. They ambled back down the path, satisfied; their job well done.

Behind them, unnoticed, on the ground, lay a wooden stake covered with fresh blood.

Chapter 14 />
Blood pounded through head. She woke up, gasping for air.

What’s a she thought, disoriented. ‘I definitely remember someone saying

She couldn’t seem to get her balance. She opened her eyes. The ground and the sky were playfully circling around her. She smiled and reached out. The ground was very far away.

‘I’m dreaming,’ she thought, ‘Look. The ground is getting easier to see.’

She smiled again, dreamily, and looked around.

‘I’m falling!’ the thought suddenly pounded through her brain, waking her completely.

All her senses were suddenly working. She felt herself spinning around. Air was rushing, screaming past her ears. She could scarcely breathe; it was whooshing by so fast. Automatically, she spread her arms and legs. Almost immediately, she stopped spinning, but continued plummeting toward the ground.

skydivers supposed to have she asked herself.

Doing a quick inventory, she realized she was completely naked. She watched the skin on her arms ripple as the air whipped past.

‘Maybe I can guide myself to a soft place to land,’ she thought, hopefully.

She looked down at the ground rushing up. There were only rocks below her. Becoming more and more terrified, she spread her arms and legs out as far as she could, desperately trying to slow herself down. She closed her eyes, suppressing a scream of hysteria.

Incredulously, she felt the air catch in her arms. She pressed down and felt herself slow down.

Her eyes flew open wide! She was no longer falling straight down. She was also moving forward, soaring downward at a very steep angle.

‘I can fly!’ she suddenly realized.

She looked at her widespread arms. She had wings! How was this possible?

The ground rushed up to meet her and she flapped her arms, her wings, frantically. She got her feet beneath her and hit the ground, hard. Her knees slammed into her chest, breaking several ribs. She bounced and rolled rapidly, feeling her wings tear and fragile bones break. Both her ankles and one leg also broke as she hit the ground.

She lay naked, sprawled in the dirt, breathing rapidly, her heart pounding.

Her heart?

‘I’m alive!’

She reached up and touched her breast. There were only fresh scrapes from the rough landing.

‘Was it a nightmare?’ she thought to herself. ‘Was I really dead? How did I get here? Where is here, anyway?’

Thoughts jangled crazily through her mind. After trying to move once, she did decide not to do anything for at least the while it would take for her broken body to heal.

While she waited, she took a quick inventory: ‘No food, no water, no clothes. All my body parts are attached, and I’m surrounded by a lot of rocks.

‘But where did the wings come from? And where did they go?’

She looked at her arms, turning them around to look at them from different angles. They were only arms.

‘Was I dreaming? If so, how am I still alive?’

She decided she didn’t have the answers to any of these questions, including the most important question: ‘How do I get out of here?’

The practical part of her mind took over. She was going to have to climb out. And, she was going to have to do it soon, before she became weak from thirst or hunger.

Forcing herself up, she twisted and moved around, testing her bones and joints to make sure everything still worked. She looked around the narrow gorge she was in, not really knowing what to look for. She saw a crevice in the side of the cliff that went up a considerable way.

‘I’ve never climbed before, but I can go up that way, I />
She began to climb, doing her best to ignore the fresh scraps and cuts the rocks made in her soft flesh. Four hundred feet up, she ran out of handholds. She dared to stretch her head away from the rock face to peer up. Off to one side, it looked like the crevice continued, but she would have to back down a ways to get over to it.

As she tried to back down to the crossover, her bare foot slipped off and was dangling in space. Gasping in new terror, she slammed her hands against the side of the mountain, digging her fingers in against the rock, frantically trying to find a handhold. She could feel the raw rock tearing at her fingers, her nails breaking. Her bare breasts and face scraped against the rock as she slid backward. Then she was airborne, falling head over heels down the cliff face.

Screaming, she instinctively spread her arms wide…

And glided down to the ground!

Her second landing was much gentler than her first.

She stood at the bottom of the gorge, gazing in awe at her magnificent wings. Her arms extended out at least ten feet. The skin stretched along her arms all the way down to her waist. No, there’re some strange-looking appendages around her ankles, too. She couldn’t decide if she looked more like a butterfly or a pterodactyl.

She decided on the latter. Flying dinosaurs were cool!

She raised her arms – her wings, rather – and lowered them. She felt the ground move slightly under her feet.

She raised her arms and pushed down harder, almost falling over as her feet definitely left the ground for an instant.

‘I can FLY out of here!’ she realized, joyfully.

She knew it would be difficult, and if she got into trouble, it would be a long, long way down. But she knew it was the only way out.

Hoping fervently that she had enough strength for a sustained flight almost straight up, she lifted her wings and beat savagely against the air. In just a few seconds, she was a dozen feet up.

She aimed her body toward a dark spot on the side of the mountain some ways off, and flapped madly toward it.

The ledge she had aimed at was much smaller that she had hoped, but she was able to belly flop onto it without falling off, scraping her breasts, belly and legs. She was exhausted and gasping for air, her throat raw from her heroic effort. It hadn’t taken very long to get here, but it had taken a lot of energy!

She lay; belly, breasts and face pressed against the hard rock of the narrow ledge and carefully moved her wings, trying to fold them more comfortably behind her. She felt her left wing shift forward in her shoulder socket and it changed back into an arm. Amazed and scared, she looked at it, moving her arm back and forth. She would never be able to get off this ledge with one arm and one wing.

She tried to move her arm back into her previously unrealized shoulder socket. It wouldn’t move like that. Finally, reaching backward over her head, like she remembered doing when falling, earlier, her shoulder slid slightly back and into its second position.

Watching her arm over her shoulder, her mouth dropped open in amazement as the bones in her lower arm separated and spread. The finger bones inside her hands were also spreading apart and the flesh of her hand was stretching unbelievably thin, becoming almost transparent.

She cried out, more in fear than pain, as her elbow bent backward, pulled that way by the skin separating from the back of her arm and her side along her rib cage. Turning her head more so she could look over her shoulder and behind, she could see a delicate bone-like structure extending out from her ribs and into her wing, giving her finely stretched skin some structural strength.

Not believing what she’d just experienced, Béla pulled both her wings behind her and shifted her shoulder sockets forward. In only a second, her arms reformed with no trace of her wings evident. Her skin wasn’t stretched out. Her hands moved in the manner they always had.

She sighed as she remembered all the times in her long existence that she had stretched out, almost exactly like that. During some of those moments, she had actually felt her shoulders start to shift back in the same manner that she was able to form her wings. But being fearful of dislocating her obviously weak shoulders in their sockets, she would freeze at that instant, and never once, ever, completed the />
She carefully twisted around so she could lie on her back and looked up the darkening cliff face, still catching her breath. Her eyes searched hopefully for a reasonably sized landing space above her. Spying one she thought she could reach, she carefully stood up, crawling up the cliff face a few inches at a time, not daring to look down.

Bravely, but slowly, she turned around, facing outward, and raised her arms over her head. She took a deep breath and launched herself into the air like a high diver, shoving her arms up and behind her again. Her wings formed almost instantly and she began flapping madly toward her new target.

She landed easily on the much-larger ledge without any feeling of panic and folded her wings down.

‘I’m getting used to this,’ she realized, more than a little pleased with her new body.

Her metabolism was rapidly increasing to the point where she could sustain a powered flight for more than a few minutes. That was a good thing, she decided, because it was getting too dark to see anymore. Her next flight would have to be all the way out the top.

She sat on the ledge, watching stars wink into existence far over her head. The cliff face stretching above her seemed simply to be a darker part of the sky. The stars were blurred for a moment while she blinked away tears.

she thought into the sky, ‘why didn’t you ever tell me I could fly? There were so many things you never told me and then you left me here all alone – all those years />
The stars moved slowly across the sky as she watched and the hours passed as she sat, trying to figure out her whole existence.

‘What am I?’ she wondered. She didn’t have an answer. She never had been able to answer that.

Hours later, she landed at the very top of the cliff and stood, deciding what to do next. Her slender, naked, winged body shone silver in the moonlight. The cool night air caressed her, giving her goosebumps.

Chapter 15 />
Béla crouched on top of the natural stone wall that made up one side of the old mining shack. Her thoughts were cold and calculating. She watched the door, patiently waiting. She could see dark stains on the ground below her and realized she was looking down at her own dried blood, spilled only yesterday. It seemed ages ago.

Her attention snapped back to the door as she heard movement inside. Someone would be coming out in just a few seconds. She resisted mentally probing into the room, suspecting it would be dangerous to advertise her presence to someone who might be aware in the same psychic manner as she.

The door fell open and someone stepped out. Béla pressed herself down against the top of the rough stone wall and waited. She couldn’t tell who it was. She hoped it was the foul-smelling bastard who was the reason she was lying naked on top of this wall.

Stumbling in the dark, the figure moved a little ways away from the shack and began to urinate. The smell of it reached her at the same time as the sound did. It was the one she wanted to kill first.

Crouching low, Béla launched herself off the wall at him and struck him hard, in the back. He grunted and toppled forward. Dropping down next to him, she dove down, savagely tearing open his throat with her sharp teeth. His blood tasted bad, and she spit it out. She sat and watched the dim witted bastard bleed to death, twitching and gasping, unable to articulate his terror through his crushed throat.

She heard a sound behind her and instantly launched herself straight up into the night air. A loud sounded behind her and something hard and hot brushed her foot. She fled a hundred feet straight up, then hovering, turned and looked down.

Damn, it was the one. Béla knew he would be the hardest to kill. A small hole tore itself in her wing. She heard another />
‘He’s shooting at me!’ she realized, and darted farther away. A part of her mind noted that only a day ago, she wouldn’t have minded being shot at.

“Come down, little half-breed, come down and meet your destiny,” he called into the night air. “You have no reason to live, half-breed. You are the last one. There are no more of you left. You are all alone.”

he talking about? Are there others like me?’ Her mind raced. She had too many new concepts to consider in one day.

“Come down, little half-breed, end your loneliness and be at peace,” he called. “It’s what you really want, isn’t it?”

Unable to resist, she called down to him, “How did you understand what I said?” Something whizzed by, too close to her head. She heard another This guy was serious bad news!

Circling back around toward the shack, she was distracted by a tiny red light, dancing on her left breast. Suddenly a large hole appeared where the little light had been and she was knocked backwards. She tumbled, unable to regain her balance, out of the night sky.

“I got her!” she heard someone shout. She realized she had flown right into the sights of the second man.

‘Sucker punched!’ she thought angrily to herself. Then she hit the ground.

She couldn’t see herself and realized she had landed in the shadow of the wall she had been lying on earlier. She could see a little red beam of light sweeping around and realized she had only a few seconds before being discovered. She knew if she fled from them, they would try to hunt her down. She had no idea why they were hunting her, but that left only one response.

She attacked. She had speed and mobility. They had weapons and night vision. She glided rapidly toward her new opponent, skimming along only five feet above the ground. She slammed her body into him and at the same instant felt something take a big bite out of her leg. Their bodies fell, intertwined. Béla snarled as she quickly rolled over onto her opponent and bit through his throat. She sucked a good mouthful of blood down her parched throat before she heard him behind her.

“Well, Abomination, your end is here. And you are here to meet it,” he spoke in riddles.

Béla snarled at him, blood dripping running down her face and dripping onto her breasts. She rose to meet him, only to find she couldn’t stand on her right leg. It refused to respond like a leg should. As she rolled back to the ground, she looked down and saw that there was a huge chunk of flesh torn out of her right leg muscles, just below her hip. Now that she noticed it, it hurt terribly.

“Why are you hunting me? Who are you?” she cried, franticly crawling backward away from him.

“There are no answers for you, Abomination. You are a non-entity. For you, the only peace you will find is in your death.”

She wished he’s stop calling her that. “If I’m a non-entity, why are you talking to me?” she spat at him.

“Yes. Why, indeed,” he said, and raised his weapon. She rolled frantically to the side. The earth exploded where she had just been.

‘God! What’s he using, a grenade />
She continued to roll. Spying a possible escape, she hurled herself up on her left leg and, as fast as she could, hobbled around behind a boulder. The boulder shook as his next shot missed her and glanced off solid rock. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

She continued moving, traveling around the wall and across the sand. She stumbled over the first body she’d killed. Desperate for a solution, Béla stopped and searched his body.

‘Great! He has a gun!’

She grabbed it and fled behind another rock. The earth exploded several feet away. She checked the gun. It was a simple revolver, but it was loaded. It had been awhile, but she knew how to use it.

She could feel the hunter approaching. With all of her senses attuned to him now, she waited. When she estimated the time was right, she rolled out from behind her rock, on the other side, firing along the ground where she believed him to be.

One shot struck him in the leg. He stopped and turned toward her, swinging his weapon around. She aimed higher and shot him in the chest. He laughed at her and opened his coat.

In the early morning light, she watched with awe as the wound closed itself.

like me!” Béla exclaimed, leaping up, still favoring her healing leg.

“There is no one like you!” his voice stern and cold. “You are the last one!”

“The last what?” she screamed at him. She raised her gun and fired her last two shots at his head, then sank down to her knees, sobbing hysterically.

Then she noticed that her opponent had fallen over! Was this a trick?

Béla frantically dragged herself over to where he lay. The little holes in his forehead were already closing. He would wake up in just a few seconds. She searched him as best as she could for weapons and then dragged the device he’d been using away from him. She stopped once she was a few feet away and waited, her new acquisition aimed in his direction. She had absolutely no idea how to use it.

He sat up and looked at her. Then he raised his hand to his forehead, wiping away a bit of blood.

“Clever he said. Then, looking at the device she cradled in her arms, he added, “That won’t work for you. The Praetor will only respond to a true entity.”

“What are you talking about?” she snarled at him, her voice uneven. “How did you understand me? You will talk to me!” she added, raising the device and pointing it in his direction.

“I am here to correct a mistake,” he stated, standing up. “That mistake is you.”

She stared at him, unbelieving.

“I will admit, you hid very well, for a very long time. But now, the game is over.” He started walking toward her.

“I didn’t know I was hiding from anyone,” she answered, her voice fraught with hysteria. “Why should I hide from you?”

“Because you were never supposed to be.” He stated cryptically.

Béla felt totally exasperated. “Never supposed to be what?!” she cried out at him. But she was being distracted somehow. There was a buzzing in her head. Someone was talking to her inside her head.

she cried, into empty air. Then there were images appearing in her mind. She suddenly knew what she held in her arms. It wasn’t just a weapon. It was alive – a living machine! It called itself, Praetor – the Judgement!

As her antagonist reached down to take the Praetor away from her, she pointed it upward, rolling backwards, confused and desperate to get away from him.

Suddenly she knew exactly what to say!

‘Praetor! Protect me!’ she screamed in her mind.

The body looming over her disappeared, completely evaporated.

Béla lay naked in the sand; exhausted, terrified, and sobbing helplessly as the bright morning sun crested the horizon. She didn’t notice the device she had dropped on the ground next to her vanish as the sunlight touched it.

Chapter 16

Jake woke up cold and hungry. He had managed, after hours of effort, to get his foot out of his boot last night and could have gone back to the cabin, but he needed to wait for Béla. She had disappeared around noon yesterday without a trace and he was sure she’d have to come back, soon. If she returned to the cabin and found him there just waiting around, she’d probably get really pissed.

He remembered awakening some time around dawn, thinking he heard a gun firing in the distance. Hearing two more shots, he tried but was unable to determine the direction the shots had come from.

‘It wouldn’t have been her, anyway,’ he realized. ‘She doesn’t have a gun.’

Once he was awake, he decided to wait around for a few more hours – at least until it got warm. Maybe she would show up. Tracking her would be useless. He knew nothing about tracking. If she didn’t come back, he’d have to go out and get a search party to look for her.

It was mid-morning and the sun was climbing high when he finally saw her approaching. He stood up and waved. She looked beautiful. She looked exhausted. She looked…

“Where are your clothes?” he hollered, coming down to meet her. She stopped and looked around herself.

“Oh,” she said. She sounded numb and lifeless. Then brightening a little, she held up a canteen. “I brought water. I thought you might be />
Jake said, enthusiastically taking it from her and opening it up, not even wondering where she might get a canteen.

“How did you get loose?” she asked him, looking down at his feet.

“Oh. Well, I just took off my boot.” He shrugged and grinned, looking sheepish.

Béla just looked at him, shock and disbelief slowly appearing on her face. Then collapsed against him and cried. She didn’t stop crying for almost an hour. Jake figured she must have had a hell of a night and held her quietly the entire time, even though it was so unlike her to act like such a whiny female just for getting lost. If she was as old as he believed she was, she had undoubtedly been lost many, many times during her long life.

Béla finally stopped crying and lay quietly in his arms. She looked up at him, her expression unfathomable. Her intention became more readable as she ran her fingers under his shirt and across his chest. Stretching up, she began kissing and gently licking, working her face inside his jacket collar. In a few seconds, she was kissing and nipping at his collarbone and the side of his neck.

Jake chuckled. “Feeling better?”

He felt her nod her head against his chest. “I will be,” she murmured, her breath hot against his flesh.

All the time he’d been holding her, his dick had been getting harder and harder. Sweet, young, helpless females did that to him. Just the cute, tremulous movements a girl made when she cried were incredibly arousing. Especially if she was naked and letting him hold her in his arms while she sobbed her heart out.

pelvis was pressed against his hard-on, right through his jeans, just as if she were giving him a lap dance. As he ran his hands over her back and around her waist, he was suddenly aware that Béla had lost about ten pounds since yesterday. Whatever had happened to her had been really serious.

Then, as he could feel her teeth against his skin, he knew what she wanted. He lifted his left hand and pressed it gently against the back of her head, letting her know it was all right. He gritted his teeth to keep from crying out at the sudden pain of her teeth biting into his neck.

Then she was feeding. Jake could feel her throat move and listened to the sucking and swallowing sounds she made. With each swallow, he could hear a soft hum of pure pleasure. In fact, he could swear she was radiating pleasure from her body directly into his. Her joy and her feeding made Jake even hornier.

After a moment, Béla reluctantly released him and pulled away, slightly shivering as she did so. Blood seeped down Jake’s shoulder and onto his chest and Béla quickly lapped it up, cleaning him off until his wound clotted. Jake realized that, even as starved as she must still feel, she hadn’t gone after a vein or an artery, and had probably stopped feeding much earlier that she would have preferred.

Béla smiled up at him, seeming to realize that he knew.

Now, Jake laid her down on the warm rock they were sitting on and began to kiss and suck her on her nipples while he gently ran his fingers over her amazingly thin stomach and down her thighs. After a moment, she moaned softly and ran her hand through his hair.

He began working his way down, kissing and licking at her taut belly as she lay stretched out across the warm rock. Soon, he was teasing her between her legs with his tongue. Her little clit was already poking up, barely visible under the hood of her soft female flesh. He licked it with his tongue and was rewarded with a soft moan and a twitch of hips.

Soon Jake was using both hands to hold her hips steady as she bucked her pelvis against his face with her orgasm. Then she lay with her eyes closed against the bright sun, breathing heavily.

Jake needed to almost stand on tiptoe to reach her moist opening with his hard cock. He managed it, and began fucking her gently, just moving the head of his cock in and out of her. After a moment, she seemed to become aware of his limited movements and scooted down on the rock she was lying on so he could shove in a little deeper.

Deciding she was too uncomfortable, Béla sat up on the rock, her pussy tightening pleasantly around Jake’s cock as she rose and put her arms around his shoulders. She scooted down further and wrapped her legs around his waist. Now she was riding him with her full weight on his cock, her clitoris happily grinding against his pelvis.

All too soon he was coming, pumping his semen up into her tight pussy. He kept ramming into her, bouncing her up and down and hugging her tightly until his cock was completely drained. He collapsed forward, dropping her rump back down on the sun-warmed rock. They gently kissed for a few moments, recovering from their orgasms.

go home,” he suggested. “I think we may both need some sleep.”

“And some real food,” he added, wiping a streak of blood off cheek.

Walking along the ridge toward their cabin, he asked, “Are you really okay about not wearing any />
Béla replied, her voice sounding more normal, now. “What would you have me do, take yours? You’d get sunburned. I can handle this weather okay without />
Jake replied, then looking back the way they had come, said, “Speaking of weather, it looks like some kind of storm behind us. We’d better walk faster.”

Béla looked back. She could see the front edge of a low-pressure area looming behind them.

No, it was just the shadow of a cloud. She looked into the blue sky above it to see what was making the huge, perfectly round shadow.

There was nothing there!

Suddenly cold and frightened, Béla crouched and backed away, then turned and ran hurriedly to catch up with Jake. She didn’t look back, again.

End Part 2

story by: dank

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Author: dank

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