Boys will be be boys part 1

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A first attempt at a series, hoping to develop more at writing and keep them coming.

I was an early bloomer, what started out as a flat chested, no shape stick body began budding quickly at a young age. By time high school slowed to an end at I had grown into a nice curvy body, large breast that had plateaued at a large DDD cup, an ass that was nice and firm but had the right amount of jiggle as my wide hips swayed down the halls. It was my last week, then I would spend my summer off at my grandpa's, camping with my cousins before I took off out of state for college. I was an intelligent girl but always felt uncomfortable in the body I had grown into especially due to the sneers from all the older girls and the staring from all their boyfriends. It led me not to stray much from academics, I didn't have many friends or even a boyfriend. Soon, I would spend my days surrounded by even more people so a quiet trip with family was much needed, well so I thought.

Grandpa lived in the middle of nowhere, a large farmhouse he had spent his best years building to house all the grandkids for the summer. It seemed to be a tradition for our parents to drop us off and run for weeks on end. It wasn't a bad place to be, acres upon acres of solitude, a pool, four wheelers to drive out to the sand dunes. It was freedom for everyone, no rules, no punishment, no adults aside from the occasional hello when grandpa was working in his garage as you walked by and the small conversation at family dinners every night. There was even a little camp ground in one section of the yard filled with small campers for us to sleep in if we didn't want to sleep in the house, which most of the time we stayed out there. This summer, I'd be joining my brother and cousin, both a year older than me. We were all really close but as I grew older and as my body matured, I would sometimes catch them leering at me or they would play on me by pulling my pants down and running off, ripping open the shower curtain and throwing cold water at me, untying my top in the pool so my tits would fall out of the tiny bikini I was wearing and in my mind, boys will be boys rang, until a few nights after we all settled in.

The boys asked me to stay in the camper with them, not wanting to be bored and sleep alone in the house, I agreed. They had taken the bunks on the far end of the camper and I had taken the bed on the opposite end. It was hot, so I slept in a thin t-shirt, no bra, and boy short underwear. I didn't consider it would provoke any arousal considering I was in the camper with family but I was wrong. As it had gotten later and slightly cooled down, I was finally able to fall asleep. As i drifted off I remember hearing light whispers and small giggles but paid them no mind, boys will be boys. I'm not quite sure how much time had passed before it all began, at first I chalked it up to being hot, and I had been pulling my shirt up to get relief of the heat but as it happened more and more through the night and continuously pulling my shirt back over my tits I knew something else was going on. I decided to close my eyes and pretend to drift off, not long after i heard more whispers, a shift in the trailer and the presence of someone standing over me. I felt my shirt slowly slide up my stomach and push past my breasts. A light cool breeze kiss my nipples and make them hard as the shirt rested above them. I heard more whispers but couldn't quite catch what was said, as my heavy DDD cups laid exposed I was wondering what would happen next… A few minutes went by and nothing happened, I'm sure I was being tested to see if i was truly asleep. I tried to keep my breathing steady as I panicked in my head about my tits being exposed. I heard more whispering and felt weight on the bed, a finger slid up the inside of my thigh and pulled at my panties around the crotch of the fabric, I felt them rest at the side of my pussy lips while someone held the underwear in place. I cracked my eyes and saw my cousin, Travis, down at my pussy while my brother watched him explore me, I made a small noise before he had the chance to do more and watched as they fled as quickly as they could to the other side of the camper. I laid there distraught not knowing what to do, I've only ever made out with a guy let alone have him see me naked. I rolled onto my stomach and wrapped myself tightly in the blanket and fell asleep simply hoping this was some bad dream.

When I woke up in the morning everything seemed normal, the boys were up and around. They hadn't acted awkwardly, maybe I was just delusional. Maybe they were just curious, as I tried to put my mind at ease after all they only peeked at me. I showered and got dressed trying to shake the feeling I had about the night before. I slipped on my favourite black lace thong, I couldn't seem to find my bra, so I had to make due without one, which barely mattered considering I was wearing a halter top dress that didn't need one, it was always my favorite even though it pressed my breast together and out of the top exposing more cleavage than I liked. After having breakfast, I found the boys downstairs, my grandpa had made a lounge in his basement, equip with a pool table, video games and big screen basically their favorite place to be. I hadn't seen my grandparents about, Travis and Carter said they went to town and probably wouldn't be home until later in the day. I plopped down in the recliner and figured I'd hang out and watch them and play video games, not much else to do out here. After about an hour, Travis got bored and went into the next room, he came out with a handful of DVDs, he had the biggest grin on his face. "Dude, look what I found."

I could only imagine what he found, but it didn't take long to see. All the covers of the DVDs had naked women, and some being fucked. He convinced us to watched them, "Come on, they won't be home all day. Stop being a bitch." Not wanting to ruin the fun, I agreed. It started out with a naked girl on the bed playing with her pussy, pushing two fingers into her and grasping her nipple and rolling her fingers around them moaning. I could tell they were both enjoying it, their eyes hadn't left the screen. In a way, I had been too but I shouldn't have been. It made me feel dirty and wrong. The girl in the movie had been surprised when her dad had walked in the room and saw what she was doing, he began yelling but you could see his cock growing in his pants as his daughter pleaded with him. He threw her on the bed and told her if she wanted to act like a slut he was going to treat her like one. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and slammed it in her pussy. I looked over and saw that both Travis and Carter had gotten hard, their cocks bulging in their pants. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I watched the girl get fucked too. After what seemed like forever of watching this girl have her pussy forcefully fucked the girl's dad finally pulled his cock out and came on her clit, drenching the rest of her pussy as a result. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled his cock to her lips and made her suck the rest of his juices off her before the scene had ended. As the DVD went back to the main menu we all just sat there silently without looking at each other. Travis had gotten up to put another DVD in, "Don't you think maybe we shouldn't watch anymore, they could be home soon." I hadn't really meant to say anything but it blurted from my mouth. Travis looked up and smiled at Carter and said, "You're right. I have a better idea."

He put the movies back where he found them and came back out and stood in front of my chair. "Let us see your tits," he commanded. I shifted uncomfortably and said no. He reached his hand behind my neck and untied the halter top and my tits fell out of my dress. Carter stood up and walked over, both of their cocks still hard. Travis reached down and grabbed my tits, squeezing them hard and moaning. He started pulling on my nipples hard and chuckled when i whimpered from the pain while Carter pulled out his cock and started rubbing it in front of my face. He walked around to the edge of my chair and pushed in near my mouth. I moved my head away but he grabbed it and held it back in place and rubbed the tip on my lips and forcefully pushed them apart. As soon as I felt the tip of his cock on my tongue, I heard loud shuffling upstairs. My grandparents were finally home. The boys shoved their cocks back in their pants and ran up and out the cellar door. I had a feeling this wasn't over and with a few more weeks left, I had to do my best to avoid being alone with them….if that was even possible.

story by: lustfulviolentdelights

Tags: teen male/teen female fantasy incest sex story

Author: lustfulviolentdelights

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