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I was still 18 although some time had passed since the last time I was with a guy, Steve. I was out of high school and ready to go to college. It was my first day in school and I was really nervous. My first class was English and I was very nervous. I arrived about 45 minutes before the class started just in case I got lost in the unfamiliar campus. I made it to my classroom without a problem, and decided that 40 minutes to kill would be really bad; after about 10mins of arriving somebody else approached. It was a guy; tall, with long shaggy wavy blonde hair, ice blue eyes and in shaped. At the time I was still too nervous to find him attractive. He looked around; looking lost, and he asked me if I knew where the English class was and if he was late. He handed me his home-printed schedule and I realized that not only did we have the same English class; but we also had 2 more classes together. I told him that he was in the right place but not at the right time he tough he’d missed his first class and I chuckled at his expression. I told him that he was early instead of late, and that I was having the same problem. We chatted until class started and I found out that he had just moved from northern to southern Cali; he had about no friends here and was even more nervous than I was. I told him not to worry about the whole friend thing because the people of southern Cali are very friendly. He smiled and said, “I guess, you seem friendly!” I laughed and then it was time to go to class. We sat next to each other and when class was over he needed help to find his next class, that’s when I told him we had more classes together. He got really excited about this but quickly noticed and tried to hide it. He told me “I’m glad I’ll at least know one person in my next class and in one of tomorrow’s class” I laughed and we headed to our class.

The following weeks were not as good as the first week. Although we did see each other we didn’t really had time to chat. I was beginning to wonder if he was a loner for he didn’t really talked to anyone. About a month passed by and we still didn’t say more than “Hi, how’s it going?” and “Bye, see you tomorrow”. More time passed and suddenly Midterms were a week away. We had lots of studying to do and Brady seemed really stressed about our English class in particular. I offer to help him if he needed it and he was glad I did cuz he was going to ask me for my help. We made plans to study that day after our last class but something came up and we had to postpone. I gave him my email and my cell phone number in case he needed help before we saw each other. At about 9pm I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I picked-up and was very interested to hear a familiar voice yet somehow strange. After he told me who he was I smiled and was glad he could not see my delight from hearing him call me.
He asked: “Do you mind having a study session tonight? Looks like I need the studying faster than I thought.”
I agreed but told him I didn’t really knew of any place were we could study. He offered his house, if I wasn’t to weird out. I accepted and the grin on my face grew wider. I arrived at his house after I showered and got ready for whatever may come. He opened the door and I saw him check me out. I was a little glad about this. He gave me a quick tour of his house and then we moved to his bedroom. A very practical room: one bed, one nightstand, one dresser, a desk and a chair. He moved to the bed and I was a little hesitant to sit in it. He told me to make myself comfortable. I told him: “I’m not sure you’d like that.”
He said: “why is that?”
I replied: “Because I’m comfortable when I’m naked”
Brady’s face went from white to crimson red.
I laughed and said: worry, I came to teach you. So ask away and I’ll teach you.”
He looked me in the eye for a minute and asked: “Do you think I’m gay?”
I stared at him in shock. It took me a while to reply but I finally managed to get the words out “Uh… is this an English question? cuz if it is I need more studying than you do!”
He held me eyes and was serious. I finally had the words to answer his question: “You don’t act gay, but to be completely honest I secretly wished you were”
He half smiled and asked, “Why would you wish that?”
I did a one sided smile and said: “Because there would be more things I can teach you that way”
His smile got wider and he asked: “Teach me things like what?”
That was all I needed, so I moved my hand to his leg and started rubbing it gently with only my finger tips and said: “Uh… I don’t know, something like this /> Shivers went through his body as I moved my fingertips across his leg and closer to his seemingly throbbing dick.
He hesitated a little but soon he put his hand in my jeans and started caressing my leg. He looked up and asked: “like this?”
I laughed. He blushed and said: “I must be doing something wrong because you don’t seem to be enjoying it as much as I am.”
I laughed again and said: only because I’m touching your skin; I have jeans on, but don’t worry we can fix that.”
He smiled and I could see lust in his icy blue eyes. I got up and put my hands in my buckle when his hands grabbed mine and moved them away. I stared at him as he rubbed the outline of my near-9inch cock. My dick started throbbing in my jeans and I was temped to push him away so I could release my cock and shove it up his mouth. He kept rubbing and I started to tangle my fingers in his hair. He got close to my crotch and put his mouth on my dick. His hot breath went through my jeans and underwear and made my dick ache from being restrained by my clothing. Brady started nibbling on my dick. As his hands finally started working to unfasten my belt. I wanted to aid him but as soon as I tried he moved my hands away. I realized that if I kept trying to speed up the process it was only going to delay it. So I let him work on my pulsing dick for as long as he wanted. I was getting closer to cuming inside my pants when he must’ve felt it and finally removed his hot mouth from my jeans and took my belt off with a cracking sound as it came off. He then unbuttoned my jeans and slid them to my knees. He then stared in disbelief as he saw my big dick trying to come out of the softer piece of clothing that held it prisoner. The shock in his eyes was soon gone and lust took over them as he started to move his mouth closer to my dick but I stopped him and told him: “if you do that again, you are going to waist a load of cum in my underwear. So think about how far you’re willing to go tonight before you release my cum in my shorts.” he thought it over and then got up from the bed and took off his shirt without a warning. I saw his chiseled chest covered in a very light layer of hair. his pink nipples looked really nice in all that light hair and chiseled chest. It was a reflex action and before he or I knew it I was clunged to his left nipple. I sucked and licked and nibbled on his pink nipple as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. I then decided to be fair and moved to the other nipple and work it just as well. as I worked on his nipples he pressed my head tighter to his chest as if what I was giving him wasn’t enough to quench his sexual thirst. I need to take a breath and left his nipple that was now harder than steel. I smiled and told him: “This is gonna be the best study session you’ll ever have!” and winked at him. He smiled and said: “It doesn’t have to. We can always have other study /> “I like your thinking” I replied and started caressing his back with just the tips of my fingers. Again this motion sent shivers down his entire body. I realized that he had very sensitive nerves and I was hitting plenty of them with my finger spread out wide and moving in unpredictable patterns.
As I did this I didn’t realize the exact moment when we began kissing. But when I realized it I grabbed hold of his head and pressed his mouth tighter to mine. He must have just brushed because his breath was minty and icy. It felt great! My dick throbbed, and in that moment he broke our kiss.
He looked at me with joy and said: “Finally! Something in which I’m better at it than you are.”
I laughed and told him: “Are you keeping score, cuz I’m about to send shivers down your body for the rest of the night buddy!”
Apparently Brady was going to keep a mental tally to see who was better at things. So far, I was better at the touching ad rubbing and he was better at kissing. The rest was soon to be decided. We continued to kiss and with every moment his tongue was in my mouth I felt my dick getting harder and harder and when I thought my dick couldn’t get any harder he started kissing more passionately and pressing me closer to his body. Brady seemed to like the fact that he was a better kisser and that I enjoyed it!
Brady had taken his shirt off after he had eaten my dick through my shorts. So I decided it was time to return the favor and get him as hard as he had gotten me. I started rubbing my fingertips through his back, and then his arms then back to his back and his oblique. Every time I moved my fingers through his body, he felt pleasure from my unexpected “magic Fingers” his tongue would freeze in place and it would take him a second to start kissing back again. I could tell he enjoyed the touching and he could tell I liked the kissing. We kept exciting each other this way for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality it had only been a couple of minutes.
When we finally broke our hold of constant pleasure I finally took a moment to stare at his well built chest, his defined abs and his oblique that went deep through his short until they reached their destined point at the base of his dick. Of course I couldn’t see his dick yet but I would soon.
I pushed him down on the bed, removed my shirt and went to lie next to him. Again I began touching his upper body and his legs buckled al though he was lying down. Secretly I loved having him this vulnerable because it meant I was doing a good job.
So far, Brady had his shorts and underwear still on while I was down to my underwear and socks. As I lay on top of him and kissed him and caressed his chest, my right arm went south to find the button of his shorts. I began to undo his shorts then in a swift motion I got on my back as I pulled him on top of me while I took of his pants and we still kissed. I could feel his rock hard dick pressed to mine as he rocked his hips back and forth over my dick. I grabbed his round ass and moved him with more fervor over my lap.
I got him on his back once again but this time I lay on y side. I touched his entire body with my right hand and each time I moved my hand down lower. I had just made it to the fabric of his underwear. I was beginning to get nervous again but I continued down south. His dick was tenting his underwear and I finally grabbed a hold of his rock hard dick. I started jacking him off through his underwear and he began moaning harder than he had before. With my finger I opened his underwear and pulled his dick through the hole. His dick felt amazingly soft and rock hard at the same time. I moved my hand down further down a bit more and got a hold of his shaven balls. I took them out through the hole and began playing with them and his dick. We continued to kiss so I hadn’t seen his dick yet, but from what I felt it seemed to be almost as big as mine. I had to lay my eyes on his dick so I broke our kiss and looked down. What I saw shocked me. The head of his dick was purple from being so hard. His soft skin was lighter than his chest and his pink balls were very full of cum and big. His dick seemed to be about 8inches but it was definitively thicker than my dick.
I could resist seeing such a beautiful cock, so with out hesitation I pulled my head to his crotch and kissed the head of his dick. Then I worked my way down his soft shaft kissing every bit of his dick. When I reached his balls I was able to smell his manhood. It smelled great! I sniffed his balls and pressed them to my face. I held my tongue out and began moved it up and down and left to right at his soft shaven balls. I then licked my way up to the head of his dick again. When I reached the pulsing purple head of his dick I licked his head and went for another lick of his balls. I made my way back to the head of his dick as I licked his dick on my way up. I pulled back a little and stared at his beautiful dick. I moved in closer and opened my mouth. I help his dick with my right hand and jacked him dick while I moved my head closer to his dick. When my hand reached the base of his dick I put his dick in my already opened mouth. Neither my lips nor my tongue touched his dick. I moved his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth without touching it. When I had half of his dick in my mouth I closed my mouth and pressed lips as tight on his dick as I could. With my lips pressing on his dick I moved my head up until I reached his head then I rolled my tongue around the head of his dick. I licked the pee hole of his dick and as I did pre-cum came out of his dick. I felt the salty goo in my mouth and I loved it. I licked more but nothing else came out.
Before I knew it I was bobbing his dick, rubbing his balls and leg with my hands. I had completely forgotten that this dick belonged to someone and that someone was being ignored because his dick was causing me too much delight. I remembered this when a hand grabbed my hair and pulled me off his dick. I looked at him and his eyes seemed teary, but he had the biggest smile I had seen on anybody.
Brady said: “WOW! That was something else! The way u licked my dick I thought I was going to cum before you could even begin to suck me. Then you began sucking and I almost lost /> I could only smiled but most of my attention was still on his beautiful dick.

story by: docolude

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Author: docolude

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