Broken glass

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There was a flash of lightning and a loud burst of thunder shortly after. Maci turned on the news; it was nothing to be worried about, just a small thunderstorm. She got up and turned off the tv and headed back to bed.

On the way back, she noticed something wasn't right. Her thought was confirmed in the next bolt of lightning. She looked at the door's window and saw the broken glass.

The door had been locked when she went to bed, now it was unlocked. Someone had been in her house. Someone had not only been in her house, someone could still be in her house. Maci ran for the phone to call the police but when she picked up the phone, there was no dialtone.

As she was on her way to her room to get her cell, she heard something fall from that direction and then muffled talking. Maci slowly opened her hallway closet and got in it.

The muffled talking became sort of clear when the two men opened her bedroom door to exit.

"Where is she," one asked.

"He said she'd be right here," the other stated.

Maci listened and thought, 'who said I'd be right here? What do these people want with me?' She couldn't think of any plausible answers to her questions.

"She has to be home; her car is in the />
"Maybe she walked />
"…in the thunderstorm? Try again."

The two men talked more. She didn't recognize their voices.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash at the same time as a flash of lightning and the faint light that was flooding in through the bottom of the door was gone. Maci almost "eeked" but she kept her composure in fear of being found.

The men were quiet. Not used to their surroundings, they tried to make minimal movement. One of the men ran into a table, causing it to tip and come back down with a smack. They were getting closer to her. Maybe they knew she was in the closet. Maybe they knew and were just trying to fool her.

Finally, one spoke up, "let's get out of here."

"We can't…We just need to wait."

What seemed to be hours for Maci was really only half an hour. The closet was getting stuffy and sweat beads were rolling down her face. Second by second her anxiety was rising. She figured she could open the door quietly and then sneak out and head for the door in the darkness of her house.

Maci waited another minute while the men were talking among themselves and opened the closet door slightly. Her heart was racing and she didn't know if she could do it. As she had gotten the door open all of the way, she tried to look around- pitch black. She crawled out of the closet and was making her way to the door when a flash of lightning lit up the whole sky. One of the men made eye contact with her.

"Hey, hey, hey," he was shouting at her. She saw the man, he wasn't all that bad looking. Even from only the flash he looked as though he was in his thirties. He had short black hair and a little bit of facial hair.

She got up from her crawl and ran for the door. Almost making it, she stepped on broken glass and let out a yelp. She was doomed.

Opening the door, Maci went to sprint when she felt hand. Around her, holding her back.

It wasn't hard for the other, unseen man to hold her back. He was 6'2" and 220lbs and she was 5'5" and 124lbs.

He drug her down the hallway and into her bedroom. Maci kicked at him but the man would not let go. Finding his way to her room in the dark, he had Steve, the seen man open the door.

Steve led the unseen man, Larry, to the bed by the shoulder.

"Right here," Steve told Larry.

Larry threw Maci on the bed so she was face down and held her down by the shoulders.

"Are you going to be a good girl," Steve asked Maci, "I think it's best you just behave yourself, don't you think?"

Maci stayed still as she heard something click near her head.

"No, no," Steve started, "we don't want to hurt her, just have a little fun. Right Maci? Everybody likes fun." He ran his hands up the back of her thighs to her ass and gave it a big squeeze. Then he found the seem in her pajama pants and ran his middle finger down her ass to between her legs. "Fun never hurt anyone, right Maci?"

Maci swallowed hard. She was hoping her clothes weren't that easy to get off but she remembered she was wearing pajama pants and a loose T-shirt. Damn those comfy nights.

Steve reached up to her hair and gave it a hard pull. "I asked you a question," he stated as he pulled harder.

Maci whined out a "no."

"Good," he said. "I'm going to have my fun, then Larry over there is going to have his fun, then who knows what could happen, right Maci?"

Maci couldn't believe what was happening to her. Why her? As she thought about it more and more she couldn't find an answer.

Steve made Larry let up off her shoulders. Steve ran his hands up the back of Maci's shirt and to the sides of her breasts.

"Looks like someone was expecting us," he laughed. Maci cringed.

Steve leaned down and bit her on her neck softly. As always being a huge turn on for her, she let out a quiet moan.

"What was that," Steve asked Maci, "I could barely hear that, next time you have to be louder."

Annoyed with her shirt, Steve told Maci to take it off. He was surprised when she did. He thought she was going to be hard to get.

He was running his hands up and down her naked back when his erection suddenly became painful. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to let it free.

"Someone is happy to see you, Maci," Steve said as he lightly rubbed his member on her side. She didn't know why, but it kind of aroused her.

He pulled down her pajama pants and spread her legs. When he found her love hole, he found his hand to become very wet and he let out a small, whimpered moan, barely loud enough for Maci to hear.

"Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying this. You want to have some fun now?"

"Yes," she said.

He made her get on her knees so he had perfect access to her. He got on behind her and grabbed her hips, leading him right into her. It was a snug fit. He rammed his 7" in and out of her like tomorrow was never going to come.

Her moans filled her house and Larry couldn't take standing there any longer. He positioned his head under her size 32C breasts and engulfed one of her nipples into his mouth. She squeeled in delight as the pleasure was raging through her whole body. He moved to her other nipple and she wanted more.

"Harder, faster, harder, harder, harder," she yelled at Steve. Steve followed her commands and fucked her the hardest he had ever done to anyone in his life. Larry slid out from under her and played with her nipples with his hands as he bit her neck. That was it for her.

Her body convulsed in ways it had never done before as she was screaming and squeeling. Steve pumped furiously in and out of her as he felt her tighten like a vice around his member. He couldn't take it any longer and shot his cum into her, sending her even more off the edge. She collapsed after her mega orgasm was done and just stayed quiet. Steve pulled out of her and collapsed sideways behind her, leaving a small trail of cum.

Larry was too excited to just let them stop and rest. He took off his pants as fast as he could, he pushed Steve to the side, and lifted Maci back up on her knees. He drug his 9" cock in the spunk and rammed it into her asshole. She yelped. He pumped in and out a couple of times before shooting his sperm into her.

Larry got off of her and put his pants back on. He started making his way towards the exit.

"Where are you going," asked Steve.

"I have to get out of here. Are you coming?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just hold up," he told Larry. Larry left the room and found his way to the exit of Maci's house. He started up the car and Steve became worried.

"Hey," he told Maci, "I have to go, he's my ride. If you want, I can be back next week, same time?"

"Sure," she said in delight, "but don't bring him back."

Steve nodded to himself. He found his pants in the dark and put them on. Before he left, he gave Maci a small kiss on her back. She'd be waiting for him.

story by: itsasecrethaha

Tags: fiction erotica anal threesome reluctance sex story written by women

Author: itsasecrethaha

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