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Chapter one

Business Meeting

This started as many things do in the business world…with a phone call. The woman on the other end introduced herself as Miss Sunny Starr. I was immediately struck with the unusual name. Seemed like a name fit for a movie queen or, frankly, a hooker: however, something about her voice and the way she put things together in the conversation; quickly put those thoughts away. She was organized, direct and very knowledgeable. Clearly, she had done her homework about me and my company. I was impressed.
Sunny was responding to an advertisement I had placed in a business journal seeking assistance with a promotion campaign. My company was growing at an unprecedented rate and I needed help. Like many small business owners, I had founded the company, and then tried to do way too much on my own as it grew. Promotion and advertizing were areas where I could really use outside help in a hurry.
She presented some information on her company. They were a local firm…for some reason…I was surprised; I had assumed all such outfits were located in the big cities; New York, Chicago. She asked for an appointment, and I agreed. She was to be in my office the next day at three.
Our meeting came off without a hitch. She was on time; dressed in a slim black business suit which was very appropriate for a sales call. What an attractive young woman; dark brown hair, big brown eyes and a smile that was absolutely disarming. She presented a very professional image that provided a big “foot in the door” for whatever she had to say.
Sunny moved directly into a well prepared, sales presentation with very little preliminary conversation. She was convinced that her company was the appropriate agency for me to use, and she knew so much about my business that her sales arguments were very persuasive. Three hours later we were busy pounding out the details of a working relationship, and committing our thoughts to a draft contract.
She was a smooth talented ambassador. Things had moved very swiftly, and I was delighted. Her company had the talent I needed. They were local and that helped in many ways, and she added such a element of confidence to the package.
Our first meeting ended at seven o’clock. She asked if I would walk across the parking lot with her, to a small restaurant for a bite to eat. She disliked eating alone.
One phone call home and a quick stop at the men’s room, and we were on our way.
Even in the casual setting of the restaurant, Sunny never stopped as an ambassador for her company. Skillfully, she moved the conversation from business to my other interests. By the time we got to the restaurant she had me talking about my family and home life.
I knew what she was doing. She realized that there was no better way to firm up a good business relationship with me, than to gain an appreciation for my family and outside interests. He questions were polite and she seemed to provide as much information about her life as she gained about mine. What a
Two drinks and a light dinner later it seemed like we were old friends. She had given me a good understanding of her life as a single, professional woman; and she now knew considerable about my home life; my family and our busy urban life style.
As our conversation had progressed, she, at one point, centered her interests on my wife and how our relationship worked. She seemed to have an unusual interest in the topic which was a bit uncomfortable at first; but soon I realized it was just the curiosity of a single woman in a very different life style. It was particularly insightful how she paralleled her life as a single professional woman, with my wife life as a married stay-at-home mom. The comparisons she drew were nonjudgmental; she could find the advantages and disadvantages in both roles.
What a delightful What a logical thinker; what a quick mind; I was sold on Sunny’s company as the provider I needed for my advertising campaigns.
Three days later she called late in the afternoon to let me know she had contracts in a final form. She suggested that I join her to review them. She would gladly bring them to me, but it would be much easier to make any necessary changes if I came to her office.
Things were moving ahead of schedule…I was delighted. I agreed to come over to her offices late in the day for a meeting.
After a call home to explain my plans, I arrived at Sunny’s address about six that same evening. The address she gave me was not the office environment I expected, but instead a very attractive, very large, upscale stand alone condo. She answered the door immediately and ushered me into a stunning front professionally decorated in black leather and chrome furniture. The marble floors, textured wall coverings, draperies; all carried a black and white theme…very modern and gorgeous. Everything connoted the life style of a young single successful business person.
Sunny was dressed in a long black gown. It accented her dark hair and eyes in a very mysterious fashion. The gown flowed to the floor moving very sensuously as she walked with me from the door back through her condo to an office. My first thought was…what an unusual garment to wear to a business her mannerisms were all business and her opening comments the same.
We ascended an open set of stairs to the second level; black marble with chrome railings. Everything was modern with exotic foreign art work to add just the right touch. Her decorator had to be one very talented person.
Down a hall for a short way and we arrived in her office. Sunny seated me at a small conference table and placed a contract folder in front of me. She busied herself preparing drinks while at the same time enjoining me in a warm thoughtful conversation about my business and my goals for the promotional program. What an impressive lady. Her conversation skills were exceptional. I could tell she was informally accumulating business information that she would need later as she put together our corporate advertising and publicity program. This woman knew what she was doing.
As she quietly talked I began to leaf through the draft contract she had placed in front of Within the first four pages she had captured the essence of what I had hoped we could achieve working together. It was clear she understood exactly what I had in mind for the promotion program.
I must admit, looking back that it was at this point I made my first preliminary work on the draft contract was so complete, so clear, and so to the point that my guard quickly dropped. This was the woman I wanted to contract with…no question. My search had ended. Sunny’s firm was going to get the business for sure.
I had been reading the contract and listening to her comments for about an hour when she suggested we take a short break…she would like me to see more of her condo. She was obviously quite proud of her place. Everything about the evening thus far had been so above my expectations; I was honestly anxious to get away from business for a moment and learn more about this woman. She seemed so interesting yet she had learned so much about my world while revealing much less about her own.
Room by room she began a by interesting comments. Many of her decorative items were foreign things found or her trips abroad. It was obvious that Sunny was a woman of wealth. Her decorations, art work, and collectables exuded money.
The condo seemed enormous. It was on three levels with long halls and a good many rooms on each level. The third level was dominated by a large bar area. It looked like a very high end sports bar, complete with three high definition wide panel televisions over the bar. What an attractive interesting room. Sunny indicated that her work required a good bit of entertainment so the bar area was used a good bit.
Our tour eventually took us to the lower level where her bedroom was the first big room to the right off a long hallway. She opened the door.
What an interesting paintings and art work…a large king sized four poster bed covered with a black satin spread. It struck me that the room was and certainly not feminine. The furniture was heavy; carved out of a very hard dark black tropical wood.
Even from the doorway, I had become so aware of a subtle, exotic fragrance that permeated the entire condo. I had heard of the term “a captivating fragrance” well that was exactly what this was. It was a pleasant scent throughout the condo and it grew even more obvious as we entered her room.
She stepped into the room first, talking continuously. I followed; the only polite thing to do. Her bedroom was so much more than just a place to sleep…it was like a display of her personality; a place where she spent a good bit of her private time. We strolled around the room stopping at various items as Sunny gave me interesting antidotes about how she acquired some of the more unusual things. She had a way of telling enough to keep the listener very interested and yet holding back enough to peak one’s curiosity. Where previously I had been impressed with her business approach, now I was equally fascinated with the woman and her life style.
Our drink glasses were empty when we returned to her office, and I was feeling the effects just a little; enough that it precluded further business conversation. I suggested that I take the draft contract with me for my attorneys to review and she agreed. With that I returned the contract to its file folder and turned our conversation to other were so many things about this woman that interested me.
Our conversation was easy, natural, but I found that very soon she had me talking about my world, again. She was so skilful at moving to subjects that interested her and avoiding my curiosities. Sunny had quickly turned our conversation back to my personal life. She had such interest in my family and our aspirations for the future.
As she talked I was surprised by a revelation. Throughout the conversation, she had said little about her personal feelings so I was really surprised when she got quite personal and revealed that she was extremely jealous of a woman who was happily married and involved in the family life. Perhaps this was why she was so interested in my home life. My wife was a woman completely and solely wrapped up in the married domestic life.
Anyway, her interests in me and my family served to be very disarming. She seemed to truly want to know about my wife and home life. Three drinks and about an hour and half later we were still talking about my family and her drinks had me talking like a parrot. I had revealed all manner of personal our two girls were all the family we were going to have. My wife and I were both in our early thirties and with the girls already well along in grade children were out of the question.
I was amazed at the details I had willingly revealed.
She then turned the conversation to the future. She opened a discussion about our plans for the future and specifically asked about my wife’s interests now that the girls were in school and she had more free time. Did I think my wife could remain contented at home as things moved forward and she had more free time? Was there a possibility that my wife would become active in the business world now that the girls were in school?
Sunny was having a hard time understanding the quiet life style of a woman at home, alone, all day. Volunteer work, library, explored various possible activities that my wife might be enjoying or consider for the future; but one by one I eliminate each as an interest that my wife would pursue. My wife was just too shy and inhibited to get involved.
It came across me that during our conversations I was unintentionally revealing a deep family secret…my wife’s incapacitating shyness.
The truth is my wife has always been very limited by her shyness and inhibition. She has often told me that this has been true since her first recollections in early childhood. Her activity in public has been very limited by a fear of other people. She has very hard time in the company of anyone outside our family, particularly men.
Sunny seem very curious about this problem. She asked several questions and I tried to answer as accurately as possible. I knew it was impossible to understand how anyone could be so inhibited, but Sunny was trying. It was more than just curiosity, she actually had empathy. Honest concern; even though I was sure my deion seemed unbelievable to a woman as outgoing and social as Sunny.
What a wonderful had passed conversations had been I was ready to return home with the first draft of the agreement. Getting these services for my company had bothered me for months. It felt good to have a contract in hand. This was a winner of an evening. Things could not have gone better.
A guilt feeling passed me for a moment. When I arrived, Sunny’s black gown and general demeanor had causes me to think she might be trying to entice me personally to add to the appeal of her business contract. Now I realized that was a very inaccurate assessment; her personal interests in me included my wife and family. Sunny was a straight up as a person could be; a good honest lady who liked people and really wanted to get to know her clients.
We finished our conversation and said good night seated at the conference table in the office. Sunny stood to show me out, but as I stood, I stumbled forward, with a wave of dizziness. I braced myself against the table, feeling unable to move further without falling. Sunny looked at me with concern as I struggled to return to my seat. I was completely disoriented; long hours of work, a late evening, little food, and the alcohol had done me in.
Sometime later I found myself resting on her bed…how I got there I will never know. I was fully dressed, flat on my back. Sunny was seated on the edge of the bed beside me where she was attending to me. One after the other, she was applying cool compresses to my fore head while at the same time she was gently massaging my shoulders and neck.
She would lean over me closely as she gently applied pressures to my neck on either side. She was very close…she smelled good…this fragrance was a strange exotic perfume. I did not stir, I tried to show no sign of returning consciousness; this was so comfortable, it felt so good.
My mind seemed to be clearing a little, perhaps I could stand, but I was not anxious to move. I would test my ability later. I need more rest. I knew full well it was an excuse, but my incapacitation gave me justification to be beneath her in this strange erotic world described by her black gown draped down around me.
Her eyes had changed considerably since the conference table; beautiful yet strong, and dominate; they said “lie still, relax, I am in charge, enjoy the moment”.
She turned away to get another compress and as she did I released the top button of my shirt. She had removed my tie would give her better access to my shoulders. As she turned back, it was obvious she noticed, her hands came back down to resume the massage, and as she did, she opened the remaining buttons, one at a time. Her warm hand now found my flesh; her touch was remarkable. Carefully, ever so gently, she manipulated the muscles in my neck and shoulders and then down to my chest. I was frozen in place. Her black gown came down around me like a dark mysterious cocoon.
I can never remember being so fully relaxed. I just could not make myself move. Finally she leaned down, gave my forehead a motherly kiss, and smiled,
“You seem to be fully recovered, let’s see if you have your motor skills back. It’s getting later; you need to be on your way.”
Driving back home…off and on all night…and into the office the next morning…my mind would frequently jump back to Sunny’s bed. There was something I could not get a handle on; something that was so captivating; something absolutely new to me. I just could not get a handle on it. She had been in complete control of me as I laid there on her bed. She was in charge; she knew it; I knew it. She knew I was enraptured by the control she manifested over me. I was caught up in the submissive role she had placed me in. This was scary.
I have always been a control freak. I have always liked close control over everything in my life, but there, with Sunny, the role was completely reversed. I had never been in a situation like that before in my life. A woman physically in charge of me!
Without further review, I signed her contracts, and had them returned to her early in the day. I even went so far as to send them by courier. She was definitely the woman I wanted doing my promotional work.
With this decision behind me, I plunged into my normal office routine, only to find that ever so frequently my mind wandered to her bed and the vulnerable position I had been in beneath her. The style of perfume she wore would make a wonderful gift for my wife. The day moved along swiftly, things were going great with my company. I have always been a dedicated hard working executive; I have poured my life into this business and my family.
Looking back, my daydreaming was understandable. My event with Sunny had been so unusual. I had been married close to ten years…no other romantic experiences in my life…I had never been so close and so intimate with another woman. It was easy to understand why Sunny’s tender care had affected me a bit. Something about her was captivating, mysterious, and very unusual. This was not a sexual interest, a desire for a fling; it was much different; so complicated.
I was shocked out of my daydream by the phone. It was late afternoon; Sunny calling to enquire about the contract and any changes that might be necessary. I felt a certain pleasure in being able to tell her that not only was there no changes but the contracts were already signed and back to her office. She expressed her pleasure and our conversation ended with a commitment to meet in my office for an initial planning meeting within two weeks. She needed time to clean up a couple other accounts and put together the first phase of her activities for my business. That timing was fine for my business schedule, but I was personally disappointed at the possibility of not seeing her sooner.

Chapter Two

Sunny’s Invitation

Imagine my delight when a short time later she called back to invite my wife and I to a party at her place. Friday night…just a small group of her a light dinner and good conversation. She knew we would both find interesting people to chat with and she would try to make it an enjoyable evening. It sounded like a fun time; I promised to talk to my wife and get back quickly.
The next day I called Sunny, without even talking to my wife and accepted the invitation. I accepted unilaterally because I knew there would be considerable reluctance from my wife and I did not want to wait for the outcome of a discussion with my wife…I wanted to go to the party.
I knew I had a lot of work to do if I was going to convince my wife to attend. The idea of a party at a stranger’s home would be terribly unsettling for her. Just the idea of meeting strangers was terrifying, let alone in a party atmosphere. My wife was not the party
As soon as an opportunity presented itself I needed to begin convincing her to go with me. My argument would be that Sunny was now an important supplier to my company and a supplier I wanted her to know. She had to go. It would just not be right for me to go alone after the invitation had specifically invited both of us.
I knew it would take lots of conversation and coxing to convince her to accompany me. I worked up to the subject very carefully; made my strongest logical arguments; and finally after several attempts I got just the slightest signs of capitulation on her part.
Finally, I gave her the ultimate I would not leave her side all evening. I would protect her from any situation where she might end up one-on-one with a stranger. She nodded that she understood. That was all.
I continued to talk, never asking her to commit, just taking the assumptive approach that Sunny’s party was where we needed to be.
Looking back, she did not really agree to go to the party; it was more like her protests faded into silence. Each time I mentioned the party, I could see her nervousness; her uncontrollable inhibition had such a grip on her. She knew her silence had committed her to attending and she was just plain scared.
Then the issue to wear. This was a big problem. She wanted to look nice, of course, but at the same time she did not want to wear anything that would “stand out”. After some lengthy exploration in her closet, she settled on a light blue tailored skirt and jacket with a beige blouse; very that would look decent, but give her a secure feeling in a very insecure setting.
Her outfit was one that should be worn to church, maybe the office, not out at a party. It screamed dowdy.
There was just one exception. I had bought her the beige blouse as a present. It was very sheer and and conservative under the jacket, but very revealing on its own. I was surprised by her choice. She had tried it on when I brought it home, but since then it had been in her drawer.
I sensed that she might have selected the revealing blouse in an effort to provide a distraction during the evening. Knowing it was a bit sexy, but hidden under her jacket, just might aid in keeping her mind off the tensions of being in a threatening situation at the party.
Smiling, I agreed with what she has selected, and then kidding with her, I laid out a red bustier and little black panties for her to wear underneath. I suggested that having these beneath her conservative blue outfit would make her feel a little erotic and therefore ease the tensions a bit. These undergarments provided such a contrast to her blue suit. I knew there was little chance she would wear them.
The bustier was a cute little kinky thing I picked up for her when I was overly horny on a business trip. It was some kind of sexy…hooks up the back…it fits her very snuggly from beneath her breasts to her waist…red velvet trimmed with black lace. It comes up with underwire support for her nude breasts, holding them very high and making a bra unnecessary.
When I first brought it home, she tried it on and told me that it gave her an unusual sensation. Then she tried it once more, wore it once, and it had stayed in her dresser drawer ever since.
I was actually surprised when she came down later, ready to go, and told me she had, in fact, worn the things I suggested.
I thought about it and in an unusual, somewhat scary situation like this…she wanted the distraction; or maybe she wanted to feel close to me and compliance with my little request was a good beginning; besides her little concession to the exotic was completely out of sight. She knew no one would see it…the jacket would cover all and stay in place throughout the evening.
Probably, even when we returned home, I would not get to see her fancy things. She was so shy even in the bedroom.

Chapter Three

Sunny’s Condo Party

We arrived at Sunny’s condo just after seven. I took my wife’s hand to help her from the car and she held my hand in a vice grip as we moved across the parking lot toward the condo.
Sunny met us at the door. She greeted us with a warm smile and enthusiasm. She was obviously glad we were able to come. Her attentions immediately turned to my wife; so much so, that it seemed like I was being ignored.
Strange feelings, I needed Sunny’s attentions.
It was obvious that Sunny remembered my comments about my wife’s inhibitions. She started right into a friendly conversation with her; trying to make her comfortable. Sunny came across as so came easily to her, but my wife was scared. There could not be two more opposite women.
Sunny led us up an open black marble stairway to the third level where there was a small group of six or seven friends gathered in her bar. They were all caught up in conversation around the bar across the room, enjoying the view out a large window over the pool. Our arrival at the top of the stairs went unnoticed.
For a private bar this was quite the place. When Sunny showed it to me before, I had thought it seemed like a commercial establishment, but now, with Sunny’s sharp, young guests in the room it put that thought away quickly. This was a very private, wonderful place for an upscale party.
Interestingly, her guests were all dressed in shades of black…very a good looking bunch of young business people. I had worn a black business suit so I fit in a bit, but my wife in her conservative light powder blue skirt and jacket really stood out. Literally, she was the only thing in the room that was not black…I could tell she was uneasy.
Sunny led us to a tall black marble table with four high stools. The other guests continued to mingle at the bar across the room, almost without noticing us…caught up in their conversation.
A tall, dark haired, guy was making drinks behind the bar. Shortly after we were seated, he came over to the table with drinks. How impressive, no big to-do about what we would like to drink…he just told us he was mixing these for the group and would like us to sample as that.
While he served the drinks Sunny introduced us. It was all first names, nothing more. He was David; tall, handsome, dark and very, very toned. This guy worked out.
With the introductions completed he joined our conversation in that smooth way the party set does these things.
“Tell me what you think about those drinks.” He smiled. “It’s something new for tonight.” His smile was interesting.
I evaluated his dress and demeanor as he said a few things to Sunny. David was quite hair cut…black open neck shirt and tailored black medallion at his neck…he looked like he had just walked out of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine.
This had the makings of one of those very high classed, posh, urban parties that the young and beautiful attend. I was interested in how skillfully he had joined the three of us. Maybe I was a bit paranoid about her inhibitions, but I noticed how he made a point of standing next to my wife, while Sunny who had been standing between us, moved more toward me…you know as they say at the parties boy/girl, boy/girl. These people had a way of making everything seem so spontaneous, so relaxed.
At least, I might now have just a little more of Sunny’s attentions. To his point, she had exclusively been interested in my wife.
It soon became obvious to me; David had been singled out to join us specifically to make my wife feel at ease. Sunny was such a good hostess, she knew that my wife, being a very shy young woman, would be particularly uneasy in this type of setting and she wanted to do all she could to make her fit in.
The four of us stood enjoying the drinks. Our conversation was pleasant, but, oh, so very trivial.
Sunny and David told us a little about each of the people over at the bar; first names only with a very short comment regarding each. (I.e. that’s Paul near the window…he has a lovely ski-ski-out in Vail.)
Other than the introductions the conversation was very talk about the music…new wave…and this special party drink David had created. It tasted good…not too much down quite easily. He asked for our opinions and got firm approval from Sunny and me.
My wife had not said a word since entering the condo more than forty five minutes ago. She seemed petrified. She stood at the high table with both hands on her drink, looking down at her hands with just an occasional glance in my direction that said
“Take me home,” was written all over her face.
Soon, one at a time, the people at the bar began to make their way over to meet us. Five very GQ guys and two very attractive young ladies, each would politely chat for a short while and then return across the room to their group. You could tell they were experienced party skilled in chatting, drinking and talking about nothing more important than the unusual modern music playing throughout the condo.
It was now confirmed, we were out with the young singles set, but their quiet casual demeanor had made me comfortable quite quickly. The same could not be said for my wife.
David seemed very aware my wife’s uneasiness. He was making a real effort to bring her into a conversation. He talked directly to her, not asking questions, but making her the center of his attention. Her face was blushed with embarrassment. Her hands never left her glass and her eyes never looked up from the table. She was taking small nervous sips of her drink…one right after the other.
It seemed clear to me that Sunny had asked David to try to involve my wife in the evening’s activities. I began to feel sorry for him. He was trying so hard and he was making absolutely no headway, nothing at all. How could he be expected to waste his time with someone who was such a wall flower…so non-responsive?
However, to his credit, he continued, and the evening continued. I was having such a good time chatting with Sunny. The only negative for me was a constant feeling of embarrassment about my wife and her incredible inhibition. David was getting nowhere in his attempt to be social. How long would he keep up the effort?
Time passed. Sunny and I chatted and drank. I was having a good time. What a marvelous hostess. I did not want the evening to be ended early by a requirement to take my wife home.
I was possessed by such a desire to get away for a few minutes with Sunny. I needed to know if that magic of her touch was just a situational thing when I was over here to attend the business meeting.
Then for the first time, I saw a hopeful sign. It looked like my wife might be coming out of her shell ever so little. David had been quietly talking to her for over an hour without any form of response, when out of nowhere she acknowledged his presence by turning to look at him. It was just a glance, but it was repeated and her face looked less pained. It was a big improvement. I let myself relax just a little and for the first time I felt good about her being here. At the least, this would be an adventure in her quiet life.
Soon the entire atmosphere at our table started to improve…to be less strained. Sunny for the first time began to talk a little business with me.
As she talked she turned more and more in my direction. I could watch over her shoulder as David continued talking with my wife. He had actually had her smiling. She was obviously more at ease.
She still had not said a word, but she was looking at him and she did seem to be caught up in what he was saying. This was a first; my wife in a one-on-one conversation with a stranger in public…and a male at that. Even if it was all one sided, I started feeling better.
Sunny had been talking strictly business for several minutes when I realized I wasn’t listening to her. Sunny’s conversation might have been interesting, but I had been too caught up in the dynamics of what was going on between David and my wife. This was not good…Sunny was an important supplier to my company now. I tried to force my attention back toward Sunny. I knew Sunny could not help but notice how distracted I was.
Another drink and forty-five minutes later, she suggested that she and I go down to her office for a few minutes. She thought it would be good to get away so we could discuss business a little better. She could sense how difficult it was for me to concentrate while I worried about my wife ruining the evening.
A wave of excitement passed over me. This was what I had been thinking about so frequently since our earlier meeting.
I looked over Sunny’s shoulder at my wife and the possibility of embarrassing complications immediately swept into my mind. I was pleased to see that David was actually in a conversation with her. My wife appeared interested in what he had to say and she was now even offering a comment from time to time. This had to be a big step for a painfully shy woman; but my leaving the room, even for a moment, was another thing.
I so liked the thought of being alone with Sunny for a few minutes. There was just so much more about this woman I wanted to know. Our earlier moments together had left me with such curiosity about her…almost a hunger. I did not like the feeling of being limited by my shy wife, but the idea of leaving her in this setting really bothered me.
I hesitated and then commented that I really needed to check with my wife if I were going to go anywhere else.
I started to move, but Sunny’s quick hand on my arm stopped me.
“Let me have a word with David.” She said.
With that, Sunny stepped around the table and came up between David and my wife. I watched as she turned to each of them with a smile and a few words. David reacted with a nod first, and I was pleased when my wife followed his lead and nodded to Sunny as well.
In just a few moments, Sunny came back around the table, with a smile,
“Hey, I explained to them that you and I needed to go over a couple of business items and were going to run down to my office for a couple minutes. They had no trouble with it. They are having a delightful don’t think we will be missed. They have discovered that they both like New Wave music and he has her caught up in a little game, guessing the various names of the pieces. Right now he is winning.”
With another smile, she turned to lead the way across the room to the stairs. I followed Sunny with some initial concern, but a glance back at my wife convinced me she was going to be able to deal with my leaving. She actually seemed lost in listening to David…a stranger…a male of all things. She was even looking at him…how unlike her…must be the alcohol. She was smiling. It was a relief to see her with a smile on her face. It was the first time I could remember seeing her at all relaxed at a party.
The thought shot through my mind. What a relief; I have a moment alone. She always clings to me in public.
Coming here was a major step for her. All of her life she has been so inhibited. Even thinking about coming this evening terrorized her. It had stayed foremost on her mind since the moment we were asked. She had been a nervous wreck. It was grand that she was actually talking to a step forward.

Chapter Four

A break out meeting with Sunny

As Sunny and I walked out of the room together, my concerns faded very quickly, to be replaced by an overwhelming sexual excitement. I was actually shaking a bit as we started down the steps. I needed the handrail.
At the bottom of the steps I felt a wave of disorientation like I remembered from the first time I was here. It was similar to the feelings I had, when I needed her assistance before I could return home. Not nearly as strong now but it was enough that I made a special effort to walk carefully as I followed down the next flight of black marble steps holding snuggly to the bright chrome hand rail.
At the foot of the steps, out of sight of the others, Sunny turned, and took my hand. Her grip was strangely strong and
Her touch was magical. My wife’s situation upstairs was completely forgotten. Her firm control was all I was thinking about as we continued downward to the lower level.
Memories from the first time I had been in her bedroom swept over me as we continued downward. These memories had taunted me ever since my first visit here. There was something so captivating about her.
Her movements were strong, determined and dominate; movements that did not give me an opportunity to protest without a major disruption. I remembered that her bedroom comprised this entire lower level…and as she continued down the steps, a sense came over me that I was going where I should not go. This seemed like a last opportunity to change the course of things to come; but I followed her; drawn by a strong desire to know more about the strange sensations she had created within me during our previous encounter.
Without a word her bed room door shut behind us and I heard her snap the dead bolt lock. The light level was very low, created exclusively by three large flat screen televisions which turned down at an angle from the ceiling high above the foot of her bed. Each high definition screen displayed a dark beautiful forest scene accompanied by soft music and the sounds of nature. It was entrancing.
Sunny smiled and without a word motioned for me to sit on the edge of her bed. She stepped up to me so closely that her knees parted on either side of mine as she stood in front of me. Her beautiful black gown flowed open just enough to drive me wild. Her fragrance was pleasant reminder of the strange erotic feelings she had created within me before. She slowly removed my suit coat, removed my tie, and unbuttoned my shirt. She seemed to hesitate between each item, giving me a chance to protest; all the while knowing full well that I would not. Sunny leaned over me so closely.
“I know exactly what you want,” she said softly “I loved seeing you relax the other day…you were so cute when you had a little too much to is good for a guy that works as hard as you do…you know.”
She smiled as her hands found the exact same places at the base of my neck…her intoxicating perfume filled my senses…and the same tingling erotic feeling swept over me. I was back in a strange world where this woman was completely in charge. Indescribable feelings surged through me in waves.
This time her hands continued down my back and then around to remove my shirt. She had gained full access to my upper body. I sat on the edge of the bed, almost trembling, waiting for more, I needed her touch.
With gentle pressure she continued to work one muscle group at a time. She stopped to offer me a drink from a stand beside the bed. I was so caught up in what she was doing, that I quickly took one large swallow and returned the glass to its place. I did not want this to stop…there was something hypnotic about this whole thing. I could not tolerate an interruption.
As if she sensed my feelings, she smiled and with a gentle pressure brought us together in an embrace. My face was lost between her breasts as she gently laid us backward on to her bed, together. The black bed spread had such an unusual texture…it felt strange against my bare back…like satin. I was in the position I remembered so well from the first night. My head found her pillow. She moved on top of me; her hands found my chest muscles on either side and she continued.
As she worked she spread my arms up and out toward the tall dark columns that supported the upper frame of the bed at the corner. I willing let her move my arms as she desired; submission flooded over me. This woman was so dominate and I was intoxicated by her domination.
A warm compress came over my forehead and eyes as she continued to duplicate the first time we were in this room. Now, I was back in the same wonderful, warm erotic world she had introduced me to before. She was kneeling with her legs spread over me at the waist. I could feel the light touch of her gown surrounding me.
My world was dark and warm and hands moved out along my right arm, working each inch along the way. She meticulously massaged each muscle. After she had finished working completely to my right wrist, her attention turned to my left arm. I was quietly gasping, caught up in her movements; she had to be aware of how she was affecting me.
I went to move but found my right wrist tied firmly in place. In no time my left arm was constrained the same way. I lay on my back with my arms fully spread to her will. What an erotic position. A tingling passed through me; I felt my erection mounting harder and harder.
I had to admit it; I wanted sex with this woman…so badly…more than I would admit to than I could ever remember wanting sex. But, this went so much further, so much deeper; an uncontrollable, sensual need for her sexual dominance. I had to be truthful with myself; that is why I was here…that is honestly why I had signed her contract so easily and quickly. From the moment I came to under her control that first night she had really overcome me.
Sunny replaced the warm compress over my eyes and for the first time I saw that the television screens over her bed had changed from the forest glade to views around Sunny’s condo. The one to the left displayed the cocktail party on the third level. There were obviously hidden cameras up there which scanned across the group time showing the bar from one side to the other.

Chapter Five

David Introduction

I watched as the view scanned David and my wife. He had moved two tall chairs to the table. They were no longer standing but were now seated side by side. He was turned toward her, giving her his full attention. She was still looking straight ahead but her body was now turned ever so slightly in his direction. I noted that her hands had become animated and it appeared that she was actually talking. This was remarkable.
It was encouraging to see that my wife was actually in a conversation, and was not just sitting, embarrassed, looking at the floor as usual. A good feeling passed over me; seeing this made me feel less guilty about leaving her and coming down here to succumb to the temptations of this beautiful, strange woman. It also meant that I had a little time…time to lose myself in Sunny’s mysterious world.
The warm compress came back over my eyes and I was back in that warm dark erotic world. My desires for this strange woman were in charge of me and I feared that she knew it. Her touch was like magic; her voice…her gown. She lay down beside me, close to my body, with her head resting on my outstretched arm,
“What do you think of my monitoring my way of keeping track of what is going on?”
She laughed quietly.
“I like to make sure the guests stay happy when I am away from the me feel like a good /> “Hey did you notice your wife? I think she is doing just fine, now. I am so glad you forewarned me. She was every bit as shy and inhibited as you said. With the “heads up” you gave me, I was able to make arrangements to get David to accompany her and employ a little of his charm. I hoped he would be able to keep her happy for a while so that you and I could get away.”
“I have such confidence in David. I like his approach in a social setting. He enjoys entertaining and he is very good at it. He is so natural in a crowd and has a second nature about what a lady likes to hear. It looks like your wife is really beginning to enjoy his company, don’t you think?”
I could hear her words but my mind was completely caught up in what Sunny was doing to me. David and my wife were in another world. I could care less what they were doing! This charming lady had completely captivated me; I craved her attentions.
was all I could manage to say; anything more might reveal how out of control my desires had become for this women.
Now that my wife appeared happy and occupied, the little pangs of guilt I had felt earlier were replaced by raw sexual desire. I needed Sunny. I needed more and more of what she was doing to me.
While lying close to my ear and talking, her hand had slowly been moving on my chest with the magic touch I was addicted to. Everything she did and said seemed so organized. It was like she had a plan…she was taking me somewhere very special and she knew exactly how to do it.
With the conversation over, she came back up over me kneel gently beside my body. She was applying oil to my skin…it was and fragrant like her perfume. She bent up over me exactly as she had that first night. Her touch began to make me writhe ever so slightly and I knew she could sense my movements. She turned and her fingers found my belt buckle as she continued to apply the oil, lower and lower. My trousers slid downward. Willingly I lifted upward and she slid everything off leaving me nude.
Her caring movements continued downward and it was clear she now must be fully aware of my aroused state. My enormous erection had neither surprised her nor caused her to hesitate. She just moved forward with her program undeterred. This was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.
Soon she had my left leg constrained outward to the corner of the bed, and then my right leg followed.
Sunny now had full control of me…I was tied spread eagle flat on my back, on her bed…and it was the strangest erotic sensual feeling I have ever known. The drinks were having a wild effect on me, but her manipulation was even more powerful.
Once again, she changed the warm compress across my eyes and as she did I got another short glance at the video screens. One of the monitors had stopped scanning and was now fixed on my wife and David. He had moved closer and his arm was around her, resting on the back of her chair. She had turned toward him, holding her drink glass with both smiling. Her smile was giddy…like a school girl!
Somewhere along the way, her jacket had become unbuttoned revealing just a little of her pretty blouse.
What a pleasure. Her expressions and movements were carefree; so unlike her in a public situation. A quick thought passed my mind. Maybe she was only feeling the effects of alcohol. I hoped she was not drinking too much as her only real reaction to alcohol was to get very tired and sleepy and I sure did not want that to happen now…I wanted much more time with Sunny.
Anyhow for the moment this was wonderful, all of Sunny’s planning was working. My wife was caught up with David and he appeared to be enjoying entertaining her as well. For a while, she would not be wondering about my being away. I was free to explore this dark erotic world with this dark erotic woman for a while longer.
The warm compress came back over my eyes and forehead, and I was returned to the dark.
Sunny carefully moved on top of me. It seemed like everything she did was designed to drive me wilder. She was sitting lightly astride me at my waist. I could feel her gown flowing down around me and her nude flesh beneath so smooth against my lower body. I moved trying to reach up to grasp her, I needed to touch her. I tried to move…to to place her smoothness more intimately against my lower body.
I felt the constraints around my wrists and ankles tighten outward. I tried to move again, only to find that I was bound such that any movement on my part was I relaxed everything was fine. There was nothing to be gained by fighting the tension, I lay spread to her Any movement that occurred would have to be on Sunny’s part.
Sunny leaned forward over me and I could feel the light touch of her gown move up over my chest. Her lips came down to mine, very gently at first. Then she kissed me could feel her my lips parting them…her fingers taste good…and then in one quick was forced deep into my mouth, as she fixed a strap around the back of my head. I tried to speak, to protest, but I could only make an unintelligible muffled groan. This device was soft, like sponge, swollen, completely filling my mouth and forcing my tongue down and back.
that an interesting little device?” She offered very close to my ear. “I am preparing for wonderful things to happen around here that might surprise you; and I would never want you, or my quests alarmed by an excited outbreak on your part!”
Her hands lifted my head and prop me up on a black pillow as she removed the warm compress from my eyes. It was obvious that she wanted me to see the overhead monitor screens. She wanted me to know exactly what was going on upstairs. She smiled down at me,
“You are going to enjoy this, my love. I sense your wife is becoming a new woman with David…he is such a charming, disarming rascal; yet so skilled in what he does. He just loves the ladies and he is so successful with them.”
The center screen showed David and my wife. They had moved to a black couch somewhere away from the bar. They were sitting side by side and way too close for comfort. Her drink glass was full again.
Concern flooded my mind. Her inhibitions were being tested for sure. It seemed like she was in a trance, but one little breakdown in his attentions could be so embarrassing. She was alone with a stranger, a male, and that could create such anxiety for her. It is as if she is hypnotized by his charm. If that trance breaks down it could be very embarrassing for everyone.
His arm went around her shoulders and drew her more closely beside him on the couch. He whispered something close to her ear and then released her. Together they stood up and she turned as he removed her suit jacket.
She had allowed him to remove her jacket. How unthinkable; my shy wife? What in the world had come over her? This was unbelievable.
He folded her jacket carefully and placed it over the arm at the other end of the couch. She watched with an enthralled look on her face. I was absolutely dumbfounded; she was willing to do this; how out of character for her.
She was standing with her back toward him as if reacting to the new exposure, but he reached for her arm and slowly turned her to face him. She was shyly looking downward, obviously trying to determine just how revealing her blouse really was. She knew that it was quite thin and her breasts were bare beneath it; supported upward by the fancy bustier. She knew from a careful study in the mirror at home that the jacket was necessary if her outfit was to provide the modesty her inhibitions demanded.
His right hand gently came up under her chin bringing her eyes upward from the examination of her blouse, to look directly into his. His smile was his way of assuring her that she looked wonderful and he wanted her to dismiss any concern about the missing jacket. An expression came over her that I will never forget. His affirmation of her attractiveness had just the effect he wanted. She was obviously caught by his admiration.
He took both of her hands in his and turned her slowly back toward the couch. As he did this, the monitor gave a full view of her, almost like it was an intentional effort to display her. It clearly showed that her blouse was so much more revealing than I had remembered. Maybe it was just the light, but it made her look so alluring; like she had dressed very carefully to be attractive for a man. A person not knowing her would think at this point she had come to the party for a purpose.
Then, together they sat down again on the couch. Her eyes never moved from his. She was transfixed by him. His smile seemed to be all she needed to feel that it was acceptable to be dressed as she was. I could clearly see the gentle movement of her thin blouse over her bare breasts, but her concerns seemed to have disappeared for now.
They sat closely on the couch, too closely, talking quietly. Minutes passed, and then he moved even closer as his left arm moved around her back and his right hand moved gently up to her face. He held her very tenderly turning her slightly such that she was looking directly into his eyes. She offered no resistance. She made no effort to move away from him.
The warm smile never left his face and as they turned I was certain I saw a slight smile in return pass over her lips as she moved.
She was now very close to David. She looked sensational sitting beside him.
I guess I had never stopped to really look at her while she was getting ready, I was too anxious to get to Sunny’s party. In fact I can’t remember the last time I looked at her carefully as a woman. I came to the party convinced she would be in that blue jacket all evening. She would look attractive, but a bit dowdy and way too conservative to be off interest to another male.

Chapter Six

My wife revealed

Now she was sitting way to close to him and her thin beige blouse and short blue skirt were way too revealing. She looked charming and so sensual. It was amazing how, just removing her jacket, had changed her looks. The outline of her body could clearly be seen through the blouse. It was obvious to any observer, that she was wearing that sexy bustier. Why had I ever suggested she wear such a thing? It made her look so unlike a woman filled with erotic desires.
Even on the video, I could clearly see her breasts moving with each excited breath she took. They were on display for him and she was completely oblivious; lost in his attentions.
I moaned and tried to sit I could not make any sound or movement. I was helpless. Sunny quietly sat beside me on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing my upper leg. Her silk gloved right hand found my testicles and she began to gently manipulate them. Gently she pulled them downward in my scrotum in a milking motion. This firm movement clearly convinced me of her complete control over me. She could cause me such pain if she wanted, but a feeling of trust passed through me. I was throbbing with desire for her. I was distracted from the activity upstairs for a while. I could hear my own breathing in such a strange way with this device wedged in my mouth.
Sunny looked down from the video monitors for a moment,
“That David is such a wonderful guy. I just knew he could find a way to entertain her and allow us some time together. What magic he has with the ladies. You can be assured, however, that he knows his limits. Sunny has given him his instructions as to exactly how far he can go with her, and he will not go beyond the limits I gave him!”
“They seem to be getting along just fine and his work is much more enjoyable now. I am sure he appreciates his time with her much more without her being encased in that rather formal business suit jacket.”
“None the less, he knows his limits; he is a She ends with a reassuring note.
She looked down at me with a smile and then her gaze returned up to the monitor.
David was holding my wife just as before, but he had begun to gently kiss her. It was like a game. He would slowly move toward her until his lips found her…then move into her eyes for approval. Finding the look he desired, his kiss would come back to her again and again…her lips…then her neck…then back under her ear; time after time he paused to look into her eyes assuring him that she was pleased.
My wife was being worked over by a real gigolo; and it was clear that she was responding in a way I would have never believed possible. My wife, this inhibited woman, who had trouble stopping the mailman to ask for postage, was allowing this guy to come onto her like a freight train. She had never responded like this. She was in completely uncharted territory; things were being done to her that she did not understand and she was responding in a frightening fashion.
Sexual foreplay for my wife was a one way street and until now I was the only movement on that street. When it came to anything sexual, she did what I asked her to do, but that was it…she never suggested, created, or seemed to want to be very involved.
Now, she was absolutely caught up in what he was doing do her. She could simply get up and walk away from him, if she wanted…he was not stopping her…, but it was clear from her responses, walking away was not on her mind at this point, for sure.
The screen to the right still showed a happy group at the bar. They were drinking, standing at the bar, caught up watching the monitors which had come alive over the bar; what these video feeds provided was very entertaining.
It was at this point I realized that David had taken my wife out of the bar. As the camera scanned the room it confirmed that my wife and David were no longer there. He was alone with her. He had taken her to another room in the condo. A smaller room dominated by black and chrome.
This should be very alarming. This all could blow up any minute, but something about all of this continued to give me a roaring erection and Sunny was completely aware of my condition. She was witnessing what the video of my wife was doing to me. Sunny had begun to apply a warm cream to my chest while making sure she did not block my view.
Finished with the cream, she turned to the night stand beside the bed and opened a drawer. A straight razor…not a safety razor we all know…but an old fashion straight razor was laid out in the drawer. Her lips come down to my left nipple and as her teeth gently grasp me…she brought the open razor over, just below my nipple. Slowly she moved the cold steal around the nipple as she held it extended upward with her teeth. The sharp blade made no mark, but it was unbelievable erotic…it was a symbol of her complete domination.
She moved slowly up over me, to possess me, but in a way that assured I could continue to see David and my wife together. It was as if she had them putting on a performance to accompany the erotic feelings she was creating within me. My sexual desires were out of control. My attention was driven back and forth from the video monitors to the reality of what Sunny was doing to my body.
David had my wife’s face turned directly toward him. His hands held her tenderly but firmly and his gentle kisses had established a pattern. He moved from her lips to her neck…then around to just under her ear…then back to her lips. He would move away slightly, pause, look deeply into her eyes, and then return to her lips and neck again.
Her hands were still in her lap where she had placed them earlier, but it was clear she was responding to him. Her elbows had moved back against the couch as his titillation causes her to arch her back thrusting her breasts forward toward him, in a submissive posture. She was trembling. Her breasts were exaggerated in this position and I could see them moving with her quickened breath.
Then as I watched, the impossible occurred. David stopped kissing her, held her head gently with both hands, and whispered something very close to her ear. When he finished, he moved his body slightly away from her, while still gently holding her face toward him with both of his hands. She was positioned such that she was still seated looking directly into his eyes, but her body was turned so the camera had a clear view of her.
Slowly, sensuously her hands came up from her lap and she slowly unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. She only at him…he her head and whispered again. The movement of his lips clearly said…one more.
Then, is lips brushed her neck as she opened the second button.
This very, very, shy woman…how could she…in school she could not undress in the shower with other girls…she undressed in our closet for years…and now she was willingly doing this for him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Once again he whisper “one more” and she responded. Didn’t she remember, with just three or four buttons undone, her breasts would be exposed?
She seemed oblivious to what she was doing…the potential exposure and danger. With just a little of his encouragement, she continued.
All the time he held her head in his hands keeping her eyes focused on his; not allowing her to look downward.
One and her blouse began to open slightly exposing her cleavage. Impossible, this is something she had never permitted before. With each button she hesitated, still looking in his eyes, but he would whisper once more and she would continue.
When she finished opening the last button, the blouse fell open. Her hands stayed suspended in front of her. She made no effort to close it; in fact as he move his lips from her neck, her arms actually spread slightly, almost as an invitation.
His kiss moved to her lips and as he did her arms went back against the couch causing the blouse to open completely and her breasts were thrust forward held upward in an erotic elevated position by the bustier.
Slowly, he turned her ever so slightly; it was so obvious that he was turning her so the monitor camera could capture her even better.
As he turned her, his gaze moved downward, appreciating his progress. She had no bra above the bustier. Her bare breasts were right and heaving from his attentions. Her dark full nipples were held outward toward him above the lace edge of the bustier. She was providing the ultimate, though completely unintended invitation.
Slowly, his gaze moved up toward the hidden camera. His eyes communicate a sinister smile which I was sure all could recognize.
Satisfied, his lips began to move down her neck, Her face was awash in ecstasy as his lips found her right nipple and he slowly, gently, began to consume her breast.
I could clearly hear her heavy breathing; each breath was coming in an audible pant.
Once again I struggled against my bondage. My effort to say something came out as a very quiet grunt. Another man now had complete access to my wife’s breasts and I had no way of way to stop him from enjoying her.
Sunny had made several small tracks with the razor on my chest not to break the skin just to threaten. My attention immediately departed the video monitor as she moved the razor under my left arm. She handled it like an expert.
A moment later, she began to apply this fragrant cream very gently, smoothly; and then she went to work shaving me until my under arms were absolutely nude and smooth. The straight razor had become such an erotic as I was I was at her mercy.
My attention was pulled back to the monitor by motion. David had slowly stood up and turned to bring my wife up from the couch holding both of her hands. She followed his lead as if in a trance. Her elbows were back…she offered no resistance to his suggestion.
While Sunny had diverted my attention David had continued and my wife was entranced, enthralled with what he was doing.
She was standing in front of him with her hands extend to him, but with her elbows still back, erotically. He was in complete control. Her eyes were drawn to his eyes, but now his eyes were sensuously gazing up and down her body as he studied her. She offered no resistance.
After standing like this for a few moments, he released one of her hands and slowly moved behind her still holding the other. In doing so, he turned her such that the camera had a full frontal view. With this move she was now on full display for the camera with one arm secured behind her back in a most seductive, submissive pose that emphasized her bare elevated breasts.
As I watched what he was doing a new reality hit me. This was a show designed specifically for the video monitors. With her on full display in this seductive pose, he stepped up very close behind her and looked past her directly up into the camera and smiled. He had put my wife on exhibit; he was demonstrating his successes, his progress. David was doing exactly what he had been told to do. He was a master at this; he knew he was being videoed. And he was proud of his progress.
Standing behind her, his free hand moved around her waist drawing her back against him…he gently kissed the back of her neck. He held her this way with her body directly toward the just her fancy bustier and short skirt. Gently, his kisses worked the back and side of her neck. She shuddered at his attentions and her nipples grew obviously firmer as her worked on her.
My erection was raging. Sunny pulled me back to reality for a moment with another gentle tug on my testicles, but utter fascination soon returned my interest to the monitor.
David had drawn my wife back toward him, and as he did, her legs parted slightly and her pelvis moved forward to provide more stability. This move exaggerated the outfit she was now wearing. Her skirt was shorter than most she owned but now it was the only protection she had from the camera’s eye. David had her on display.

Chapter Seven


I glanced at the screen to the right above me, the one showing the group enjoying cocktails in the bar. It was clear that the one monitor over the bar was showing my wife and David; her seduction was their entertainment. I was embarrassed for her, but there was nothing I could do or say to stop it. Sunny tugged my testicles again, emphasizing how things responded to her desires.
A cold new reality passed over me; knowing Sunny, she was recording all this as well. This cunning woman was way too smart to allow material like this to disappear without capturing it to be used as a weapon if she ever needed. I was in real trouble. She now had a way to force my business decisions. That is what this was all about.
My attention was snapped back to the monitor as it now showed another young GQ guy had entered the room where my wife and David were. He was carrying a small camera. Slowly, he started to circle her and the video he was taking was being displayed on the second screen above me.
My wife had not seen this intruder. She had been facing away from the door toward the hidden video camera when he entered.
I was certain as soon as she saw him, things would change. Other guy in the room it would quickly change things. No more intimacy. With two guys there…she could never continue this. She would be out of there in a flash.
Then a strange conclusion passed through my mind. The reason this new guy had entered was all part of Sunny’s design. Sunny had arranged for this second GQ guy to interrupt and thereby limit David’s intimacy with my wife. Another guy in the room makes such a difference. The show would be over soon…as soon as she discovered he was there. Sunny was getting what she video footage of my wife, but enough was to end all this.
The camera this new guy was using came up on the third monitor screen and it was even more revealing. As it came on, he was capturing an ever enlarging close-up of her body. David had her head turned to the right to receive his kisses. In this position she could not yet see this new cameraman; but as he got closer, she would certainly become aware that he was in the room photographing her very personally. All this would end quickly when she discovered him.
Still standing behind her, David whispered in her ear, again. When he was finished his lips moved lower to the back of her neck. He released her freeing the arm that he had been holding behind her and permitting her to move away from him a bit.
Slowly her hands came up behind her, in the space between them. She seemed completely in a trance as she slowly unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned the one button at the top that held it in place. She seemed to hesitate, like she was having second thoughts, but then with a slight movement of her hips, she let her skirt fall to the floor, revealing her.
Just like that, she had willing complied with the most erotic of his requests.
I felt my breaths coming in short pants. I could not believe what the video was revealing. This was was stripping. Did she not realize what she had done…what she now looked like? She was willing standing in front of this stranger dressed in just the sexy bustier and little black panties. I could not believe what I was seeing. I tried to tried to set I could make no sound, no sign, of disapproval. I could do nothing to protest or interfere with what my wife was doing.
Then Sunny provide another major distraction. She had finished with my upper body…I was devoid of all body hair above my waist. Carefully she slid downward until my hard erection stood straight in front of her. Oil and then the razor…my pubic hairs began disappearing into a towel. She worked steadily, apparently unaware of my enormous erection, until the straight razor had me as smooth as a area and scrotum; I was being driven to an ecstasy that I would never admit. One slip and she could ruin me for life. Her gloved hand found my now smooth lower body and a shudder of response passed through me.
Her attentions were fully directed at me and she seemed oblivious of the monitor screens above the bed. From where I was bound on the bed it was all I could see, but it was all going on behind Sunny’s back as she worked on me. Things were going on elsewhere in her condo; and, while Sunny was creating ecstasy for me…David was starting to create unbelievable ecstasy for my wife.
They were now moving together; his arms still encircling her from behind. Slowly, as if in a dance…one step at a time…I watched as he moved her across the room toward a large bed. I struggled against my bonds. I wanted to STOP! What he was doing now was very wrong.
Wild thoughts passed through me…this cannot go cannot have sex with anyone…she is so has always been so faithful to me…she will never be able to live with herself if he manages to seduce her. Sex with another man would be too much for her; she could never handle such a thing.
Then for a moment a feeling of relief passed over me; a certainty that she would come to her senses. His intentions would become obvious when they got to the bed. I felt certain she would stop all this at that point. After all, there is another man in the room with them. Sunny knows what she is doing…she will stop things before things get she wants are photos for a power play…that is all.
But, he continued to move so slowly, so deliberately with her and she continued to move with him, wrapped in his arms.
As they got close to the bed David stopped. Slowly, he came around her, still holding her closely, as he sat down on the edge of the bed. She was now standing directly in front of him and very closely, as if at his service. Her bare breasts were exactly at the level of his lips and without touching her otherwise he slowly took her right nipple in his lips and began a gentle tugging motion.
Her reaction was immediate. Her head went back, erotically, and her arms wrapped around his head to pull him toward her. It was a protective reaction; I was certain, but one that any man would find very stimulating, and very easily mistake for an erotic response. His hands had dropped to the bed at his side. His only contact with her was the gentle manipulation of her right nipple with his lips as she held his head tightly, in an endeavor to limit the uncontrollable sensation he was creating within her. It was a reaction on her part…but at the same time…she was holding him in a way that could easily be interpreted by anyone watching as an approving, submissive embrace.
For the first time I became aware that my wife was moaning…it could clearly be heard on the video. The volume setting on the video monitor had been increased. Surely, Sunny could hear this now. Surely, she will do something to stop it all.
This intimacy between them went on way too long, it ended only when David finally released her breast, smiled up at her and reached up to bend her down to him, and bring her right ear to his lips.
He kissed her ear, whispered, smiled at her, whispered again, and slowly she moved back away from him about two steps. She was standing alone in front of him. She hesitated a moment and then her hands went behind her back where one by one she began releasing the clasps to her bustier.
A scream welled up inside me, but it emitted from me as a low, almost inaudible, moan. The device wedged so firmly in my mouth was doing exactly what Sunny wanted.
The second GQ guy in the room had moved around to the left of David and my wife. He was still a little distance away…but he was in a position to now capture everything she was doing, in detail.
His camera showed my wife smiling a strange, sensual smile as without further hesitation she continued doing exactly what David wanted. Her eyes never left his, as she started to release the clasps starting at the top of the garment. Each clasp took a moment, the first two seemed the most difficult, but once released each clasp in turn provided additional freedom to her beautiful breasts. One step at a time her breasts were slowly moving into their natural, full, even more alluring shape as the bustier released around her.
After several moments, the stiff bustier was completely undone and fell to the floor between them. Without leaving the bed, David reached down and moved it to one side and extended his arms in an invitation for her come to him.
As she made the first step toward him, he stopped her, smiled and his lips formed the words I will always remember. “Take them off” It was so clear. You did not have to be a lip reader.
With that the unspeakable occurred. Using one hand on either side she slowly slid her panties over her hips and let them slide to the floor. She offered no resistance, in fact she shuddered and her hands moved upward in a sensual response as her panties released over her hip and slid downward.
Throughout, David had been looking directly into her eyes. Was he looking for signs of approval; Disapproval? Whatever, I was certain he had seen no indication of a desire on her part for him to stop. On the contrary, he could not help but see that she was very, very aroused by what was going on.
Would he have stopped if she had protested? No one will ever know.
She was now standing, absolutely naked, in front of a strange man that she had met for the first time just this evening. This was too much. My erection raged.
What made it even more unbelievable was that the other stranger with the camera continued circling her, slowly capturing everything for the other monitor, and she seemed to remain completely unaware of his presence.
With my wife standing in front of him, now completely nude, David’s hands moved to her waist and he gently pulled her toward him. She responded willingly, moving to him as he sat on the edge of the bed.
As she got close, his arms went around her at the waist and she wrapped her arms around his head his lips return to her breast. He slowly devoured her right breast as she held him in her embrace. She reacted by drawing him even closer and bending forward in passion.
They remained wrapped together like this for some time until David finally released her and moved her away from him just a little. Once more he slowly turned her in front of him. It was like he was studying her.
As she turned, there was no question she could see the camera man. He was standing right there photographing her. Yet, there was no effort on her part to cover up…no shy reaction; she seemed to smile directly at him…she was enthralled. She seemed in a trance.
I watched my wife willing on display. She was moving of her own accord, as David simply guided her in a turn with his hands at her waist. Once, twice, three times…he slowly turned her fully nude in front of the camera. She was beautiful, erotic, and statuesque.
Until that moment I had never fully realized how beautiful her body was. Her breasts were full, accented by her thin upper body. Her nipples slightly turned upward and now much larger, fuller, darker than I remembered. Her breasts had responded so favorably to the attention they had been receiving.
Her skin was a beautiful, light, tone in the soft lights, and her pubic hair was so evident; rich, dark, carefully trimmed; providing such a contrast. For reasons I never understood she routinely trimmed her pubic area in a careful V pattern. It seemed so incongruous with her personality at home. Did it portend hidden desires, I had never recognized. It now offered such a contrast to her beautiful body, and the only protection or her privacy remaining.
The camera man centered a close-up at the level of her beautiful sex and held the same framing as she turned time after time in front of him. Her shapely buttocks, her trim hips, her contrasting narrow triangle of pubic hair…all passed by his camera in a sensual display.
His camera shook ever so slightly. He was sporting an enormous erection. He was enjoying his work immensely.
Sunny moved a black pillow over my face denying me further view of the screens. The last thing I saw was my wife’s attractive body on full close up display. I was back in the dark. Sunny’s hands had finally found my erection. She was wearing silk gloves. Gently she began to stroke me and as her pull became more pronounced I reacted in the only way I could…my back arched upward with each movement she made. She added oil that increased the sensitivity to an unbearable level. Then she stopped. I was sensitive… and so incapacitated I could do nothing to climax and nothing to hide my condition. I lay in darkness, tightly bound to her bed and absolutely ready to explode.
She moved up beside me, sitting on the edge of the bed. She leaned close to my ear,
“My, oh my, how responsive you are, I can certainly tell when everything is just as you want, lover. You are receiving exactly the attentions you dreamed of from Sunny. Correct, lover?”
I had little choice…I nodded.
“How wonderful, and on top of that, your wife is not going to interrupt this business meeting business meeting. Isn’t that wonderful? That’s just the way we wanted it, time together alone, right?”
I nodded again. This woman had me enslaved in a frighteningly erotic cocoon and she knew it. To resist would be fruitless. She had so much to use against me and beyond that she was right. I so wanted and needed what she could do for me sexually and I also wanted the privacy and freedom from my inhibited wife.
“Then here we are…this may be your ultimate sexual fantasy! I want you to enjoy every minute!”

Chapter Eight


Slowly, she once again removed the pillow from my face as her face moved up over mine in an embrace. Her sensual attention was all I wanted, all I had dreamed of since the first time I met her. She was so warm…her lips working my neck and ears….she was unable to see why the monitor above the bed was causing me to go rigid.
The center screen showed David with my wife together, but now, he too was nude. Obviously, while she had been occupied responding as he requested for the camera, he had removed his clothing. They were standing together now, caught up in an embrace which had his enormous erection tightly pinned between them. His back was toward the camera…the well toned muscles rippled in his arms and legs. His buttocks were muscular. He looked like a Greek statue as he held her.
Suddenly, he stopped and, leaving her alone, he moved to the edge of bed. First he sat just looking at her across the six feet or so that separated them; then he lay back with his legs still over the edge, his feet on the floor; all the time looking directly into her eyes. He no longer was touching her. He no longer controlled her movements directly, but the communication between them was overwhelming.
His erection was enormous and fully on display as she turned and moved toward him in response to some unspoken invitation. Her eyes never left his. She opened her legs on either side of his as she moved up toward him, and then she leaned forward over the bed until her upper body came down over him supported by her arms. She had positioned her full breasts directly over his lips. She moved up over him until her breasts were perfectly aligned with his lips. She seemed to know exactly what he would do with them positioned there.
Slowly, gently, he consumed her right breast again and she visibly shuddered. Drawn by what he was doing, she lowered her upper body downward onto him as if to give him even more. Her right arm went under his neck as she drew him closer in a protective reaction.
A moment later a hand moved downward between them to guide his cock upward against the lips of her vagina. It was just a quick movement, but so significant. It happened so swiftly, it was impossible to recognize the hand. Did he do it or could she have placed him there? History will never record.
It was clear he made no effort to enter her. With his sex now positioned against her, his arms relaxed outward down to the bed leaving him spread in a submissive posture beneath her. He remained very still.
It was then I remembered Sunny’s comment about the limitations she had imposed on him. He was not going to enter her. He did not have permission to go further. The sexual tension seemed to drain from his body as he lay there beneath her with his arms spread outward. He was motionless. No noticeable reaction or movement on his part, what-so-ever.
Moments passed. Nothing happened, but then with a quiet moan she began to move. She could wait no longer. Slowly, she began to work against his enormous erection in all inch by inch her vagina began to welcome his swollen member.
This was impossible; my wife had not had intercourse in months. I could not remember the last time. He was so large and so so small and so difficult to enter. There was no way, as frightened as she was; that copulation could occur. But, the monitor clearly captured evidence of moisture, lubrication. What the hell?
Then it happened. I went rigid as my wife, overcome with sexual desire, finally drove downward taking him completely. Then, with David completely buried in her vagina, she collapsed on him with a shudder.
As she did, David’s right hand went behind her head, pulling her head downward until her lips were at his neck. Her arms wrapped around him automatically. What a loving gesture it seemed to be, until you saw him look upward over her shoulder and smiled directly into the overhead camera.
There was no question. This move had been all for the record. He had succeeded. He had not seduced my wife, but rather she had seduced him and he wanted to acknowledge his success. He smiled again and again as his free hand relaxed outward to the bed as if signaling that he had nothing to do with what just occurred. He had abided by the rules.
For a moment I thought it was over. They lay quietly, joined together. My wife on top of him, spread with his sex buried within her. Perhaps that was all that was needed…a video record of this debauchery. He remained absolutely still; as if posing. He had her exactly as he wanted and the cameras had recorded everything.
The guy with the hand held camera had moved such that he was framing directly upward between her beautiful legs; centering on his enormous testicles, drawn tight, engorged, between her soft thighs.
David continued to lay flat on his back arms and legs rested quietly upon him. They were as if frozen. Minutes seemed to pass when the only motion was their breathing. Then it happened, she was definitely the one who moved first. She rose up slightly, looking directly down into his eyes and moved outward on his swollen cock as if to disengage with him…only to hesitate and drive downward on him to the limit; once…then again and in intensity.
He remained very still, flat on his back; both arms extended outward in a submissive position, as if he was committed to her motion.
Within moments her rhythm was established and her quiet moans dominated the audio.
Time after time, his eyes would meet her eyes as she move upward on him but then, as she moved downward to fully impale him within her again, his eyes would move beyond her, up to the camera and a pleasured smile would cross his face.
Time after time, again and again she repeated the same motion upon him. She worked harder and harder; out of control. Then his hands came up behind her to her buttocks and he began to arch upward into her in a rhythmic response to the sex she was giving him. He had taken all he could without a display of emotion.
For the first time Sunny seemed to sense something was going on. Maybe she felt the unbelievable erotic confusion that had arisen in me. For the first time she turned to look upward at the monitor over the bed, and as she did she collapsed downward beside me onto my outwardly bound right arm. Sunny faked a high level of concern as she moved her lips close to my right ear,
“Oh my, what in the hell has happened, lover? Something went terribly wrong up there. Your loving wife is getting herself screwed. What went on with them? All I did was look away for a minute and all kinds of things happen. I always thought that David to be quite the rascal with the ladies but, in this case, it looks like he met his match. She is the one on the top. She is the one taking the action to him!”
Sunny quietly laughed as she snuggled closer to my ear,
“What in the world could I have done? I gave him strict limits as to how far he could go with her tonight. But, it looks like I gave the limits to the wrong person. I think your wife is seduced my employee. What do you think? I don’t really think I can admonish him…do you love?”
She rattled on in a mock concern; she knew I could offer no response. It was a one sided conversation that she was thoroughly enjoying. I looked into her excited eyes. She was enjoying this. There was nothing I could do.
My concentration returned fully to the three monitors above the bed.
The three screens were all busy.
The first screen scanned the bar where Sunny’s party was gathered, drinking. They were engrossed in the video screens over the bar which a duplicate of the three over me here in this room.
The middle screen showed every move my wife was making on David. Her action on him was unbelievable sensual I had to admit, and his response to her only added to the entertainment for the bar people. With each of her downward thrusts on his cock, his smile of seduction would turn up to the camera.
The third screen was unclear, grey, but there was motion on it…dark motion. It took a moment for me to recognize the motion as the back of Sunny’s black robe. It was clear that when she moved one way or the other the third screen would show me bound here in her bed.
A soft velvet blinder came down over my eyes and a thick elastic band passed behind my head. I was back in the dark. I tried in vain to say something. It seemed Sunny had moved from me. Had she revealed me? Of course she had. I could think of nothing else. Everyone up there in the bar were watching David with my wife on one monitor and me, being worked over by Sunny, on the other
I struggled to communicate but I felt her hands return to my erection. I was throbbing.
She wrapped something tightly around me and I felt my pelvis being lifted upward by my penis and scrotum. It was tight, suspending me. I felt metal beneath the tie and realized she was mounting a tight metal band next to my shaved body, around the base of my entire penis and scrotum. I could clearly hear it snap into place after quite a bit of effort on her part. It was tight, very tight, mounted right against me holding my penis and testicles outward.
She lifted the velvet blinders and I looked down at the most enormous erection which, together with my balls, was pulled upward, and distended from my body by a very tight gold metal band. The band was pulled upward by a small cable attached to the lower side of the band and mounted to a device above the bed.
My erection was pulled severely upward and forward. In this position it was aimed directly at my face. I struggled against my bonds, but to no avail.
Sunny slid up near my ear,
“Hey sweetheart, you can watch the TV for a while now… I really think you are now ready to really enjoy the viewing
I looked upward. The picture on the monitor in the middle had softened a bit. It was obvious the lighting in their room had been dimmed. My wife and David had now moved up onto the bed. He had two black pillows under his buttocks and she was working furiously on top of him; down hard against his cock, taking him full length, then upward along his body as if to wring everything from him; time after time in rapid succession.
Sunny laughed audibly,
“Your wife certainly has lost all those inhibitions and started to really enjoy my party. Wow, it looks like she may have allowed herself to get way too involved with my poor David. This is unbelievable. What a woman, what a little Minx!”
She looked down at me bound in her bed and then settled onto my arm bringing her lips up next to my right ear,
“Sunny seems to now have your sexual equipment completely under her control and that is good. What your Minx of a wife is doing to my employee could be enough to drive you to a climax, but suspended as you are, Sunny has that under control for you! She smiled widely. Yes, Sunny now controls that too and that will only heighten the adventure for you …I /> David was in a sexual trance as my wife worked on him. His eyes were now constantly up glued on the camera. There was a grin was frozen on his face as if he was lost in another world; a world of ecstasy.
Audio seemed to get louder. Now I could clearly hear my wife moaning, and gasping as she worked on him. With each stroke she moaned as she was taking him. She was working his cock like a woman possessed. Never had I seen anything like this. I could not believe she could be so involved. She was getting wilder and wilder…and all he did was lay there providing his cock for her service while staring up into the video camera with this very pleased expression frozen on his face.
Sunny had my complete scrotum and penis pulled so high and erect…and now her glove covered hands were working on me. It felt like she was gathering my foreskin beneath the head of my penis. Then there was tightness as she attached something directly to me there.
My eyes would not move from the view of my wife. She had David firmly impaled within her. Her legs would spread wide as she slid downward on him, and then come tightly to his sides as she moved back up along him. She was working everything to a final climax and he only lay there flat on his back staring at the damn monitor. She was completely in charge.
Her sensual moans were so loud now she could be heard loudly throughout the room. Likewise, I was sure she could be heard throughout the bar area upstairs. It was unbelievable. Never, even in the darkest porn movie, had I witnessed a woman so fully engaged in fucking a man.
Her motion and moaning kept growing and growing in a grand crescendo, faster and faster, louder and louder.
Then it could take no more. His eyes came away from the video camera for the first time; the smile quickly drained from his face and he displayed an agonized expression. He forcefully grabbed her buttocks, and screamed as he drew her down to him, driving upward into her vagina to the limit. Every muscle in his body went rigid as he climaxed deep into my wife with a loud snorting moan. Then, in rapid succession, my wife climaxed on David with a wild scream and I climaxed upward directly into my own face.
Just as I did a searing pain went through the head of my cock. Sunny had released a device straight through the foreskin she had gathered. There was a slight odor of burning flesh…she had cut a hole completely through my foreskin directly under the head of my penis. The hole was cut and cauterized in one quick movement of her device.
I moaned and looked downward, as she passed the hasp from a gold padlock through me and snapped it shut.
She then turned toward the foot of the bed and I could watch on the right hand screen as she ceremoniously suspended the key to my cock from a gold chain around her neck and dropped it between her breasts. She had turned so all who were watching back up in the bar could see my submission to her desires. She had me locked. It had all happened so quickly.

Chapter Nine


A black satin pillow came over my eyes and I was sent into a land of blackness and pain. I could feel Sunny working on me. A cool liquid, her tender touch and the pain began to subside. It took several minutes. Then that black satin pillow was removed and I was looking up into Sunny’s smiling face. She was mounted astride me with her black gown flared out about us on the bed.
She slid downward beside me, laid her head on my outstretched arm, and turned as if to direct my attention back to the video screens.
My cock had hurt like I cannot describe, but she had reduced the pain considerably, and now what remained of the pain quickly faded as my attention returned to the center screen where my wife was back on top of David again.
This was impossible; I could not believe it. My wife was still making love to him.
At home when she did it, she was a woman. She had been at this for hours and had a climax to end all climaxes; how could she have the energy let alone the interest in him.
She was at him just as over him. She would move firmly down until she moaned with desire and then milk upward as if to take everything he had. He remained quite still with his arms around her shoulder, his lips locked to hers, and his movements were all a reaction to her continued seduction. One thing had changed; he no longer stared upward at the camera. Their lips were now bound together as they made love. They appeared equally committed.
Sunny’s gloved hands gently rubbing my testicles and lower body. She was enjoying every moment of this. Sunny was the only one who had not climaxed, she remained in control. She was still on a high, working on me, and watching my wife with David, as the two of them continued to amaze me.
What stamina they had. I would never have believed it possible for a couple to climax as they did…and be right back at it again with all this vigor.
It was like they had learned so much about one sexual needs and desires. His hands remained behind her now; working with her to achieve the motion she so desired, but had to establish alone before. He provided that full length driving motion that took him inward until he could not get deeper.
Unbelievably, I could feel an erection returning as I watch my wife work and felt Sunny’s hands doing their magic to my lower body.
Without breaking her surging rhythm, my wife began to set up on him. She had never done anything like this in her life. She ended up astride him jockey style and she had managed to move into the new position while keeping him fully impaled within her.
She was much more revealed to the camera now. Her breasts heaved in keeping with her stroke on him…what a sensual movement.
And then, everything else was was not David. My wife was now fully engaged with the man who previously ran the hand camera.
Her intensity was the same; her intimacy was every bit as intense as it had been before maybe even more. There was just one change; she was now violently, passionately making love to a second man, who seemed to already know her so well.
With my wife mounted on him in this new upright position, their upper bodies were no longer locked in embrace. He had more freedom to move. I watched as time after time he turned toward the camera when she convulsed in another erotic climax over him. He too was playing to the camera above them.
The three wide screens were all alive. Center was my wife taking on this new lover…left was me bound with my suspended erection adorned with a large gold lock…right was the party crowd enjoying all three screens as they drank and talked up in the bar.
Sunny had disappeared leaving me with the video views.
I was helpless but strangely fixated watching my wife with this second lover. She was involved with him like a woman possessed. Her body said she needed all of him and she was getting that and so much more.
She remained mounted on him, elevated, jockey style; working slowly forward and back…up and down on his member. His hands had come up to support and fondle her breasts as she move. His smile played well for Sunny’s monitor.
This went on and on…she would pause only to lean downward every now and then and gently kiss his lips as his arms infolded her in an embrace. She would respond with a climax; shudder; tighten on him and then soon she would return to an upright position and continue making love to him. When she was back in motion his hands would return to her lovely breasts and his eyes to the monitor camera.
His testicles were enormous, engorged, getting larger and tighter and tighter to his body as she worked.
Finally, it ended when she bent forward over him…buried her tongue in his mouth…his arms wrapped strongly around her and he delivered upward into her waiting body. Her reactions were remarkable as she came downward upon him while together they climaxed repeatedly.
They lay still, exhausted. Although she still had him buried within, it looked like she was finished. Ample moisture was now evident surrounding her beautiful vagina. They lie there panting together. This stranger’s semen and sperm had joined David’s deep within the woman who for all these years had been exclusively mine.
Several minutes passed. Then, once again, very slowly, she began to work gently up and down along him, to wring out every sperm in his body.
To all those in the bar being entertained by the video, one thing was very clear; she had been on top throughout, clearly in charge of what was happening; no way could someone blame the guy…he was simply, overcome, and serving her desires.
Once again, I climaxed as I have never climaxed in my life. A spontaneous geyser sprayed upward all over my face as the gold lock altered the normal flow from my cock. I lie alone.
My wife finally slowed and settled down firmly on her lover; her legs along the side of his body. She gently worked him as he repeatedly responded with a sensual shudder in a quiet response to her. Their sex organs were clearly lubricated; surrounded by her bodily fluids along with undoubtedly some semen and sperm which had made its way outward until it was clearly evident now. She was a loaded lady.
Slowly, together they rolled over, still fully engaged. He was now firmly on top of her draining downward as they relaxed.
The wide screens went to the original forest scenes…the soft music came on and a black sleep came over me like I had been drugged; deep, dark sleep for the first time.

Chapter Ten

The new business relationship

Sometime later I awoke. My arms and legs had been released, and my penis was no longer suspended. Sunny lie beside me in the bed and I was turned toward her with my arms wrapped tightly around her. Her lovely, strange, fragrance filled the room and my nostrils. Soft music mixed with sounds of nature played quietly from the monitors overhead. The three wide screens showed deep dark forest scenes.
I became aware as Sunny awakened beside me. Her large brown eyes were inches from mine and her beautiful full lips were parted slightly. Her breath was sweet, wonderful. We were so close, so intimate. What has happened? What a dream I had. Considerable time had passed while Sunny and I slept, I was sure.
She hugged me gently,
“You sleepy head…your awake! My, what we have been through, together. We certainly have a wonderful new dimension added to the relationship between us now, my love. Don’t move too had better take some time to get used to your new jewelry. Here let me help you!”
With that she reached down and brought up a thick gold chain that had been lying on the bed between my legs. I looked downward. My now flaccid penis and balls were completely encased in a gold wire cage locked firmly to the gold band tightly mounted against my body. The head of my penis adorned with her gold padlock was extended through an opening in the cage, downward at an angle; with the long gold chain mounted through the padlock.
She looked down at my body with a smile,
“It would seem to me that your sex now belongs to Sunny Starr my love.”
Her smile was warm,
“I have the only key to your locks. Intercourse for you is impossible unless you come to Sunny and I remove all this. I know you will look forward to that from now on…and I will look forward to your being with me as well.”
She smiled knowingly, waiting for my reply, but there was nothing I could say. She went on,
“Well on second thought, I guess you could go to someone to have it all removed, but, wow! That would be doubly of the questions when someone else saw this installation.
Also think about all the videos of you and your wife which were recorded last /> “I think you will be coming to Sunny for your pleasures, and I think this is just what you wanted; right?”
She wrapped her arms around me and slid down my body until my locks and all they secured disappeared beneath her gown. A moan escaped my lips as she gently began to work on me. I could feel the cage tightening as she aroused me. I was so controlled by her.
The room was dark, but it changed just little as the right screen came on over head in response to a control Sunny sent from the bed side stand. The monitor showed a slow motion replay of my wife with one of her earlier lovers.
I could not tell which one, David or the camera man. It did not matter…she had clearly done them both. I had witnessed her unbelievable erotic behavior and both of them climaxing into her body time after time. Her fidelity with me was ended she had not only had intercourse with another man, she had done it with two complete strangers. I watched again as she worked feverishly on top of one of them. She was a woman possessed. For some reason watching a replay was less personal. I was still aroused by her erotic behavior, but found that I could examine what she was doing much more objectively.
Sunny unlocked my cage and was bringing me to another skill. She turned such that she could do her wonderful thing to me while watching the wide screen. She worked harder and harder…all pain was gone.
My wife sensuously rolled onto her back, legs wide open taking all her lover offered. He was offering plenty; his feet braced back into the bed he was driving down into her with such passion. He came at her from the right, the left and then he would move up over her solidly against her clitoris and drive down to his limit. Strangely, I could not remember her on her back with either David or the other fellow who ran the camera. This may have happened when I was unable to see for those periods when Sunny placed the black mask over my eyes.
Then in a moment it became clear, this was not a replay as I first thought. This was real time…She was with lover; another lover.
My wife was now with a third lover; maybe a forth. How was I to know? Sunny had me in another world for so long and then we slept as my wife continued to entertain these guys.
Then, as he moved up over her I could see his face clearly; my wife was with another of the fellows I had met in the bar earlier in the evening.
This time, she was on the bottom, and he was working her over like I had never imagined a man could. This time she was being used, but even so, she was responding upward with such vigor it could never be called seduction. There was no way to argue, it was two people wildly making love with one another and enjoying it to the extreme.
One frequent view the camera provide was from the foot of the bed and each time it panned across them it captured his enormous testicles becoming tighter and tighter; being bound closer and closer to his body and her vagina.
Finally, he came in big thrusting voluminous climax…my wife came with a loud moan…and Sunny’s gloved hand took me to completion one more time. I was exhausted but even so this climax rivaled any I had ever had. My face received a bath of my own semen once more.
Then, Sunny gently closed and locked the cage and cautioned me again to be careful as I adjusted to my new life. She assured me that the jewelry she had installed on me would give me no trouble if I just left it alone. The device she used to install the padlock cauterized me at the same time. The hole through my foreskin was permanent. There would be no bleeding and very little chance for any complications.
“Just do not attempt to remove it.”
The cage permitted normal functions without any problem.
Sunny went on to assure me that she fully realized the power she now had over my life. She made it clear that she was very skilful at using this power and I would be very wise to fully cooperate.
“Do exactly as I tell you, love, and there will be no problems for you. This is what we both want, and we both know that. You came to me as a very submissive creature and now it is full submission on your part or I will make your life a real hell. When I tell you to do make a do it quickly and without /> Then, she sat on the edge of the bed and watched as I dressed very carefully, not saying a word. My suit trousers were very snug in the crotch a large bulge as my entire sex was held outward by the gold banding and the cage.
Her only contribution was to pull a short length of the chain up over my belt to let it dangle down the front of my trousers as I closed them.

Chapter eleven

Returning upstairs

go up and see what is happening at the party up in the bar.” That was all she said.
I cautiously moved out of the room and up the stairs behind her. Sunny had told me she wanted me to follow her up to the bar. That was it, she said nothing further.
As I followed along, I was suddenly overcome with embarrassment. The people up there had seen everything, I was sure. My trousers clearly revealed Sunny’s installed hardware and this length of gold chain was so revealing against my dark trousers.
The further we walked the more I became convinced I could not face the people at the bar. My steps were very strange with my leg apart much farther than normal and my toes pointed outward in an awkward stance. The gold chain swung with each step I took. This was embarrassing. I knew they had seen everything on the screens.
As we walked, I asked Sunny several times if she would just send my wife down and allow us to get home, but it was as if she did not hear me.
Finally, Sunny turned, reached to take the end of the gold chain and just continued up the steps without a word. She pulled the chain to full length and I could feel the tugging on my foreskin. I had no choice but to follow quietly.
Finally on the landing, Sunny turned back toward me,
“Lover, I will give you a little time to fully understand where you are and who controls your sexuality. I will forgive a few early transgressions on your part, but soon you will realize that when Sunny asks you to do something you will oblige without questions.”
“Right now I want you back up to the bar area for a drink. Act normal. No one will embarrass you. Your wife will be there shortly. Once you get used to this group of people, all this will be very entertaining for you. Now tuck this golden leash back in your trouser, leaving just about a foot or so outside for me!”
She dropped the chain and turned to continue up the steps. I ascended the steps behind her, one at a time. I had little choice but to do as she requested. The chain went back into place just as she had ordered.
Upon arrival on the third floor, I moved gingerly across to the tall black marble table where this had all began many hours ago. No one at the bar seemed to even notice that I had returned. Things at the bar just continued as they had been. The small group continued to drink, talk and enjoy the video entertainment provided them. I climbed carefully onto one of the high stools.
Sunny went over to the bar and soon returned with a tray and several drinks. Two young attractive ladies returned with her leaving only two guys at the bar. Sunny very properly introduced them, and then turned to tell them a little about me.
The one named Sharon moved around the table to stand close to my right. Her hand found mine and enclosed it in a motherly way. She was cute. Diana soon came to stand to my left, sliding her drink around the table. It seem like I was the center of attention for both of them.
What attractive people. They were both dressed in modern, black, sexy attire. I could feel an erection returning, as impossible as it seemed. They were standing way too close to me; and, honestly, in short order the two of them had done the was aroused again. For the first time I realized what the cage did when my erection confronted /> Sunny had been saying very little. She was across the table listening to us, but also fully aware of what was going on at the bar. Judging from her smile, she was really enjoying herself. She had the two of them skillfully working me over. It was like she had sent them to turn me on so she could watch my expression as the cage tightened. In addition, there being with me enabled her to get back to her friends and what was going on.

Chapter twelve

A new woman

I was on a second drink and the center of attention for the two of them, when I noticed movement as more people came up the steps and into the bar.
It was a new group of party people, quietly laughing and talking as they walked in together. Five or six attractive young men and a woman…all dressed as the modern and very sexy. The men all had black at the neck…tight black looked like guys right out of GQ magazine.
The woman was gorgeous, dark mysterious, dressed in a black gown similar to the one Sunny wore so frequently, but much thinner…it flowed open as she came up the steps revealing a good bit of her beautiful body…trim, sensual. My eyes could not leave her body. She moved with such elegance and what I could see of her slim tanned body was absolutely captivating.
Obviously, another of Sunny’s young party set, just arriving for the evening. Thing were not over for sure.
As the group moved across the room toward the bar the woman glanced downward and then closed her gown somewhat; fixing the gold waist band a little tighter to hold it in place. Her movement was so sexy…she was attempting to be a bit modest, but at the same time leave enough open to entice those around her. Both of the guys seated at the bar had turned to watch her as she approached across the room.
It was at that moment that my eyes moved up from the alluring body of this new arrival to her face and I realized the woman was my wife. What a change in the matter of a few hours. What a transformation. I could never begin to comprehend it let alone describe it.
Among the men with her, I recognized David and the two lovers I had seen her with…I could only assume that the other two had been with her as well. I tried to stand to go over and join her, only to be gently returned to my tall stool by the two young ladies beside me.
Sunny leaned across the table,
“What an attractive woman. I just know she is having the time of her life. You can see she is not the least bit anxious to leave, lover. You just stay with us for a while and enjoy the entertainment! She doesn’t even know you are here. You can never tell what all will happen to an attractive woman here at Sunny’s place!”
The young lady to my left gently rubbed along the inside of my leg…found the gold chain and took a firm grip on it. I could feel her grip and immediately I reacted with the beginning of another erection.
Sunny’s control was far reaching. That gorgeous creature knew right where to find the chain and the padlock through the gold cage. With it in hand she controlled me completely.
I watched as David seated my wife very properly on a bar stool facing away from me, toward television screens over the bar. The other men who had come up with them moved in around her, laughing, talking enjoying her presence.
It was clear that my wife did not know I was in the room. She had not even looked around. She was fully involved right there at the bar. Her attentions were completely directed toward the men who had come up with her and the two new ones who were waiting for her. She was smiling, the center of their attentions and loving it.
She was obviously completely caught up in her role as a desirable female. It was like this had been a deeply hidden dream all her life. She had shared such passions with most of these men. Her inhibitions were clearly gone now and she was enjoying sharing these après-sex moments with all these attractive energetic men. They were all obviously having a good time; just a party at the bar.
The two other GQ guys had move down the bar to join my wife and her little group. These two had been at the bar during all her earlier activities. They knew what she had done, but I was certain that she was oblivious to what they knew. She had no way of knowing that these new guys had watched her as she took on David and the others; no way to know that they had been driven wild by her earlier sexual escapades. BUT, would she even care?
As the conversation continued, they moved closer and closer to her…one on either side. She was smiling, happy, sipping a drink and caught up in their attentions; completely unaware that David, the camera man, and the others were slowly moving away. It was like a game plan, a military maneuver, designed to allow the new men to move in.
The taller of the fellows rotated her toward him as they talked and slid his hand down along the front of her gown opening it a little further revealing most of her lovely breasts and a large gold medallion between them. A large gold medallion I had seen before…one that earlier this evening had been worn by David. It now hung between her beautiful breasts accentuating her for these new guys.
She was smiling as the taller of the two, slid his fingers ever so gently down under the edge of her gown and began rubbing her nipple. She couldn’t sit still
Responding to her movement, the other fellow, who had moved behind her, brought his hands up on either side of her from behind, under her breasts, to lift them gently into the caress of his partner. They had her sandwiched between them. They were skillfully working her together. Her eyes were half shut, shining with emotion.
The three of them were now providing entertainment for the entire bar. Her responses to their attentions were the erotic emotions these people loved. These two new men had her just as they desired. I could tell the sexual tensions in the group were overwhelming from clear across the room. I felt my cage me that I now had another erection.
I watched in a trance, as these two guys, stood up, turned, took her hands and the three of them walked toward the stairwell, leaving the bar. My wife had two new escorts leading the way.
The three of them walked directly past my table and down the steps toward the lower level; one escort on each side of her. It was obvious she had not seen me…her eyes were laughing, dancing, and glazed over as if on a drug. She did not realize she was fully on display to everyone.
Her gown flowed open, unattended, to her sides as she walked, revealing her legs and enough of the rest of her to leave no doubt, she was completely nude beneath the gown.
Sharon seated next to me, gently tugged on my gold chain.
“What a show that lady is putting on. What a party gal. She is so attractive and so into those guys…what a grand evening of entertainment at Sunny’s place. She will have taken every male here by the time they are /> “Can we free this for us to be enjoyed a bit, lover?”
She asked softly in my ear.
I felt her fingers move my zipper and deftly reach downward to pull the gold chain out further. She closed my trousers once she had more of the gold chain firmly in hand. She began to gently test it by tugging until she got the reactions from me that she desired.
Sunny sat across the room at the bar smiling, acknowledging that she had temporarily passed control of me to another woman. Then she did a most possessive thing…she lifted the key to my padlock from between her lovely it and let it fall back into place. Clear across the room she controlled me; her movement clearly have you!”

Chapter Thirteen

Encore performance

The center large screen over the bar changed from the dark forest video to a view of another room. My wife and her escorts had just arrived. The two of them turned her to face large mirrors mounted on the wall opposite the foot of a black queen sized bed. One of them stood very close quietly talking to her for a bit, but soon they had both stepped aside out of camera range.
She stood looking at herself in the mirror, turning back and forth slowly, first one side and then the other.
Then, in one easy move, she untied her gown and it slid if off her shoulders falling to the floor. She was standing completely nude directly in front of the mirrors. There was no evidence of inhibition what so ever…she was not only free in every way…is was so clear that she was very proud of how she looked.
She moved slowly in one direction and then the other…arms her beautiful breasts and David’s gold medallion. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair provided her only privacy. She looked so enticing.
A thought crossed my mind. I wondered if she knew the camera was there. Would it have mattered? She was fully exposed as she left the bar area. She was now exposing herself willing to the two new guys with her. She would do the same for a camera. She was not a victim but a willing participant.
Again she turned one way and then the other in front of the time with her hand and arms up and back, adjusting her hair. She was exuding sexual energy.
Everyone at the bar had moved such that they would have a clear view of the video. It was such a party atmosphere; they were infatuated by what the monitor was revealing.
Sunny’s place was far more complicated than I first realized. Just minutes ago the two men who had gone downstairs with my wife had been at the bar, partying with their friends, entertained by video my wife and her lovers. Now they were the entertainment.
As my wife turned in front of the mirrors, the camera moved in closer and I was jolted as I saw her body in more detail. She looked so radiant, so desirable; smooth, absolutely smooth, her skin was like light brown satin. I struggled with my memory of her at home…she was a beautiful woman, but never like this. So alluring, captivating, sensual: the events here at Sunny’s place seemed to have had such an effect on her. She clearly liked the attention and the /> Spontaneously, I tried to stand only to have Sharon gently tug the chain again returning me to her control. I returned to the chair and her free hand moved directly to my caged genitals. She was completely in control of me I could not move.
I watched as my wife turned away from the mirror, walked across the room, and sat down on the foot of the bed. Her eyes were shining in expectation.
The taller of the two GQ guys came into camera view as he walked toward her. He was now dressed only in a short smoking jacket open in the front. As he came into view it was clear that her antics in front of the mirror had been noticed, for sure. His enormous, engorged, genitalia parted the jacket and stood out ready for her. He was enormous.
As he approached she took his engorged cock in her hands and gently rubbed the length of it. Then, I watched as she lay over backward, literally bringing him down on top of her. With legs parted she skillfully guided his enormous member as it disappeared into her waiting body.
With a moan he lowered himself down on her completely. His hands went under her shoulder and up behind her head as he began to stroke full length within her. His lips came down to her lips which parted consuming his tongue. Soon a small rivulet of saliva streamed down her cheek.
Her hands and arms move up and down his well toned back as she achieved the leverage she wanted to pull him deeper and deeper as she desired.
In no time he was working on top of her like an animal and she responded as an animal would…they worked moaned and she took all he had.
It was clear the evening’s entertainment and her performance at the mirror, had him so ready that all he could take was a few minutes within her. His enormous balls constricted, he drove into her vagina to the limit and unloaded with a series of mighty convulsions. She moaned and responded with another grand climax. She was still filled with sexual energy. How could this be?
Exhausted, he lay on top of her as his relieved testicles continued to pump. I watched transfixed as the side of her body convulsed as her internal muscles involuntarily constricted around him. This continued for several minutes. Neither of them in any hurry to end their lovemaking,
Finally, he began to withdraw from her vagina. Slowly, he pulled forth, draining downward into her as her tightening muscles wrung him. Withdrawal seemed to take forever, he was tremendously long, tremendously deep and she was once again tremendously loaded by yet another stranger.
Once finished, he lay over beside her, gently kissed her lips, and then slowly slid out of the bed and out of camera range. It was over.
Finished with him she moved up in the bed and pulled a sheet over her nude body. The lights in the room darkened a little more. There was an audible rustling; movement in the room.

Chapter Fourteen

Encore number two

She turned on her side in the bed to take the hand of the second guy who had walked into view to join her. He stood for a moment at the edge of the bed, absolutely naked, enormously ready. She pulled him down beside her, put him flat on his back, and rolled over, mounting him. It was just as simple as that. There is no other way to say it. She came up over him…her face came down into the cradle of his neck and she slid down and back as his enormous erection disappeared into her body all the way to his balls. She had impaled herself downward onto him.
He gently moved the back satin sheet up over her back as she went to work on him. The sheet began to move. For some reason it was even more erotic than watching their nude bodies. The black satin sheet, in the low light, took on a magical motion that was erotic beyond deion.
She took care of him in less than fifteen minutes. Once again she responded with a screaming climax as he came again and again. Then once again, she slowly wrung out all a man had to offer as she collapsed on his body.
My chain was gently tugged as they finished was quietly moaning in front of Sunny and her friends. Sharon looked at me with a warm smile. Her face was flushed with sexual energy. The video had really turned her on. Gently her free hand came up to my crotch and began to erotically manipulate me.
Sometime during her last sexual escapade, the first of the two GQ guys had come back up the steps to the bar. I don’t know exactly when. My attention was diverted from the screens as he was handed a drink by one of the other guys and dropped exhausted onto a black couch near the wall. There was nothing but smiles, happy chat and hand slapping among him and his other associates.
Movement brought my attention back up to the video screens over the bar. My wife was putting on a new black tight jump suit with a big gold zipper in the front. The last thing I could see was her shoes…high heeled, black pumps with straps up around her ankles. She looked like a very wealthy “lady of the evening” to me.
I sat in silence, fully aware of the mess between my legs. Sharon rubbed up my left leg and smiled as she touched my caged erection,
“My we have to learn to control these things. You will wear yourself out on a longer evening!”
I was still breathing heavily as I heard a murmur and turned as my wife with the last of the two lovers appeared at the top of the steps and entered the bar area. She had been gone only an hour; she had done both of them extremely well, however.
They reached the top step and moved directly toward Sunny at the bar. Sunny sat on a high bar stool awaiting their arrival. The second of the two guys who just did her, brought my wife across the room and passed her hand to Sunny. He proceeded to gently kiss my wife and with a couple quiet words to Sunny he headed off around the bar to rejoin his friends.
I could immediately tell my wife was in another land. She was holding Sunny’s hand, smiling and looking strangely at her and the others close by, while she quickly began consuming a new drink.
Sunny talked directly to my wife for a few minutes. I noticed my wife nodding affirmatively. Not saying much, just nodding in agreement. My wife’s attention was already concentrated on one of the young GQ guys who had moved next to her.
Sunny slowly arose and came across the room to join me.
“It is getting quite late, or quite early, depending on one’s point of view. I want you to head home. It is time you get some sleep! I will get that naughty little girl away from all those good looking men fairly soon and have the limo bring her home.”
“Be good…I am sure you will! I will talk with you on Monday.”
With that, Sunny walked back toward my wife and the activity at bar.
Once there she joined in as my wife who was now talking with another GQ guy who had just joined her. I was certain he had, had sex with her earlier, but he sure seemed interested in her again. They were all over one another physically.
It was interesting to note the smiles that were was like my wife had been in a prison all her life and had just been set free. It was clear that her inhibitions were gone, she was free to talk and laugh and be one of the crowd. It was also clear that this good looking young guy wanted to enjoy her again before the night was declared over.
Without a word, I headed down the black marble steps toward the front door.
The drive home was very quiet; twenty minutes of reflection.
Once home I undressed in the bathroom. Standing there I tried to figure out how to get some of these things off my genitals. Tonight it would be impossible. I was too tired and too buzzed to think straight…I went into the bedroom and fell into bed. I turned so my caged genitals would be away from her if she finally got home and came to bed and fell into a shockingly dark sleep.

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