The next day

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It's about six o' clock in the morning, as you pleasantly awake to find
me licking your pussy with my long and maneuverable tongue…… "You
haven't had enough yet" you asked. I must be licking you in the right
spots cause your voice now trembles when you speak….. I take a break
from my oral assignment only to reply that, "I've been awake for one
full hour watching you sleep peacefully." Still reposed, you began to
unknowingly call out my name as possibly your dreams were becoming

I watched you squirm, I watched you moan. I felt like a
little kid again watching his favorite cartoons as you became animated
from your vivid flashbacks of last night…… I just couldn't help but
to once again get a required taste test of your flesh. " Baby, would you
mind if I spent the day with you." "I called my job this morning and
told my boss I couldn't make it today because something unexpectedly
came up"…..(my dick!) Of course that last part I kept to myself, but
my story was good enough for him, but even better for us. A kiss on the
cheek from you let me know that my idea was I kissed
you ever so gently on the lips and thanked you for the wonderful time I
had last night. "What next", you asked. "Hmmm", I pondered at the
thought. Let's do something wild, something outrageous….. Let's make
love in our own back yard. "That's crazy", you said, "but not as crazy
as I am for you", I retort. I grab you by the hand and lead you to a
place where possibly our kids could be conceived……..

As the back
door opens, I immediately lift you up in my arms and place you on a
chair that was made for one, but strong enough for two. Before I can
even get on top of you, you already have my dick in your mouth. All 9
1/2 inches of my love being sucked profoundly, by your wet
tongue…….. It feels like I'm in heaven as I began to call out God's
name numerous times. Your tongue massages the tip of my head while your
hand gently fondles my balls. You can tell I was about to cum, so you
stopped, and made me beg for more. "How bad do you want me", you asked.
"I want you very badly", I said convincingly.

It's about 6:45 a.m.
and breakfast is now served! I ate your pussy as if I was a starved
indigent. Like a homeless bum who begs for a crumb, I would pay any sum
for a taste of your cum……. I opened your lips wildely and tasted
your sugar walls as you discreetly let out sounds of enjoyment. A 69
would really do us fine. With your body on top of mine, we gave each
other simultaneous pleasure…….. Our harmonious movements seem to
make the Earth shake, maybe it was just all my imagination, but I
definitely felt an aftershock as our bodies pounded together
Last night was only the preliminary, now it's time to
really get it on!!! I thrusted my hard dick inside your wet pussy, and
you screamed my name!!! "Sammy, Sammy baby" you yelled, "give me
more"….. So goddamit I did…….. I got deeper and deeper with every
stroke. My curved nine and a half inch dick had no problem finding your
"G spot". You loved it, as climatic feelings of multiple orgasms
travelled throughout your whole body. This was no love making. My animal
instincts had me fucking you like the beast that I am…… I think the
idea of us maybe being watched made sex even more thrilling. I was
fucking you so good that I had you speaking in tongue. Although I didn't
understand a word you were saying, your expressions did let me know that
this fuck fest was unparallel to the rest……. "Oh God", I yelled, as
your pussy walls began to tighten up making me shoot cum right inside
you. As most guys would have had enough, my dick continues to stay erect
and I still longed for more.

Your ass was my next target for
destruction. Not even you, being "Miss could maintain
composure with my dick fucking your asshole……. You felt the agony
and the ecstasy, but the pleasure made you beg to me not to stop. My
mind contemplated on which hole fills the best, whether fucking you from
behind, or fingering your pussy until I made you squirt out a glob of
cum…… Going back to basics, I got on top of you and began making
love to you like I'm supposed to. Your my wife, my life, and I love you.
I now must take it easy, as I sensuously kiss your neck while I stroke
in a passionate rhythm.

Making love to you is so…..actually very hard
to put into words, but if I was to die tonight, this is where I would
wanna stay buried, the very same place where I once came from. This time
when we came together, it felt so good, and so right!!! We just held and
kissed each other for the rest of the morning. Feeling very sneaky as we
both giggled realizing what we had just done……. It was very risky,
we'll probably never get away with it again. But just as last night was,
this too was a day to remember! "I love you babe". "I love you too", you
say with the sweetest voice. It's time to go upstairs, take a shower and
get cleaned up. But it seems the shower was just another place for us to
continue our love making. Damn, it feels soooo good to be loved 🙂

story by: sam209

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: sam209

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