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Teaching Ann

It was worm spring day, Easter weekend would be here tomorrow so I took a vacation day for a longer weekend. I was at my cabin in the Ozark Mtn.s and looking forward to riding my four wheeler on the back road and trails. With the Honda gassed up and ready to go I headed up a trail to some forest roads. Once one the roads in the remote back county I parked off the road to walk some foot trails, That's when I discovered I wasn't the only one back there today. A vary lovely young girl was riding her horse or pony actually it was a breed that was in between the two.

She stopped to talk and it was obvious she was eager to talk, she said she was visiting her grandparents for the holiday so with the introductions out of the way she asked if I would help her with something. Always eager to help a beautiful girl I said
" I will try what is it "
" Well it's some what embarrassing "
" Good I like helping with that kind of things "
" Ok I have never had a boy friend because my parents will never let me be alone with any one not even other girls"

Right away I could tell where this was going and I liked it, but I pretended to act concerned and try not to make he nervous. So I said

" I can tell you about the birds and the Bees and where babies come from "

" I know all that stuff but I want to know about boys and all thing I hear other girls talk about doing "

" Ok then lets get started "

She slid off the horse and walked over to me and said she wanted to start by kissing, so I put one arm around her and caress her cheek and held her firmly in my arms and kissed her gently.
She was visibly moved by this and wanted more so holding her close I kissed her with just a little more passion, that really got to her. I then told her we could kiss like that and do other things at the same time, she said she was ready but we had to be carful not to get her pregnant.

Walking back to my Honda I got a blanket out of the storage box and spread it out and I laid her down and undressed her. She had the most beautiful pink nipple's and just the tiniest patch of blond fur between her leg's. But she was more interested in me getting undressed so she could see my cock. By now her shyness was gone and she said she wanted to know every thing about Boners and sperm and I planed to satisfy all her curiosity.

We hugged and kissed to start then I kissed my way down her body all the way to her toe's and back up to her pussy and ate her out to a climax then held her in my arms cuddling and caressing her. Now she wanted to feel my hard cock and see it spit sperm. Straddling her I pointed my cock at her tits and let her jack me off, I sprayed cum all over her tit's. She stuck her finger in it and held it to her nose and then she touched it with the tip of her tongue and tasted it. she must have liked it because she wiped up the rest and licked it all up.

It was getting late and she needed to get back to her grandparents farm, but she wanted to meet again the next day. for more fun. Helping her up on her horse I watched as she rode of. I then enjoyed a slow ride back to my cabin and then a stake on the grill for super.

The next day with eager anticipation I rode up to are meeting spot and she was already there and eager to start. On the blanket again we undressed each other and she was after my cock right away and sucked me to an orgasm licking and sucking all my sperm. Now it was my turn to enjoy her beautiful little body I moved on top kissed her then worked my way down to her pretty feet then back up to her pussy licking her clit and caressing the inside of her thighs. I had her so close to coming then I moved up to those sexy pink nipples and then passionately kissing her mouth and rubbing her pussy with one hand keeping her wet and well lubed. I was now going to fuck her tiny little virgin pussy with my big cock, I had to move up to get close enough she was that short. I felt her wetness on my throbbing cock and push firmly against those tight lip but they parted for me. It was so wonderful like having a worm wet hand gripping my cock. Her juice was now all the way up the shaft of my cock, I was in to the root. I humped and pumped her tight little puss until I was on cloud nine.

She had two orgasms before I spewed my second load in her womb as I was two inches past her cervix. After she sucked my cock then I held her and caressed her and petted her off to another climax. We agreed to meet Sunday afternoon.

Finally It was time to meet she was a little late for a change as she was early the other times . I had the blanket spread out and ready when she got there. I helped her off her horse and with passionate wild kiss we got each other naked as I moved to her pussy I stopped because there was sperm leaking out of it I. looked at her and she said I meant some boy at church and after we meant at an old barn and well we fucked. With that she bent down and gave me a blow job after I asked how many boys her answer was three. Well I guess she was a good pupil because now I'm going to have to fuck filthy fourths on this little slut that I helped make.

story by: craigtv284

Tags: fiction first time cum swallowing oral sex male / female teens sex story

Author: craigtv284

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