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sex stories

“Sara, is my brother really that good?”

“You know, at sex?”

“You know?” she asked surprised.



“I've known for a while. I saw the two of you in the treehouse from my bedroom window last year.”

“You told your mom and dad?”

“It wasn't me. Shannon,” Rob's and Carol's littlest sister, heard you one day. At dinner she asked what 'fuck me Rob' meant.”

never said anything about it. Neither has Rob.”

“Mom said no one was to ever mention it again. Dad made sure you were using protection and that was it. Is he really that good?”

little brother has a talented tongue. He still has something to learn when it comes to fucking though. Why do you ask?”

“I-I-I haven't ever, you know, with a guy.”

“Had sex? I can't believe that. You're />
“No, you're right. I've had sex, twice. Once when a bunch of us had s party at Kevin's folks cabin. And last month, with Chris.”

“Chris from the football team? Wide receiver stud muffin Chris?”

“Muffin, yes. Stud, no. He needs a new />
“So if you've had sex twice what is it you've never done with a guy?”

“Don't worry. It doesn't matter.” Carol ran from the room, running into Rob in the hallway. Her little brother, two years behinde her, was having sex on a regular basis with a girl from her class. And he was good at it. Carol had had sex twice and neither was a memorable experience. First, Kevin had popped her cherry and just as she'd begun to get comfortable with his invading cock he's grunted and rolled off. She and Chris had gone out a few times. She'd given him a handjob on the third date and on the fourth he decided to go for home. He too had been a major />
Why didn't you tell me your whole family knew we were having sex? I'm so />
“Sara, It's no big deal. My parents were seventeen when Carol was born. They know teenagers have sex. They're just happy we're using />
“Your mother doesn't think I'm a slut?”

“She likes you. You know that. If she didn't like you don't you think they might've said />
“What about your little sister?”

“She didn't understand. She's too young to even have a concept of sex. That's why she asked. Mom sat her down and told her you were just really happy.. That was all good until when our grandparents came over and she yelled, 'Fuck me papaw!' They had another talk after that.”

“I'm never going to be able to look your mother in the eye again.”

in an hour so you have some time to get over it. How'd you find out anyway? That was two months ago.”

“Carol was aking />
“What did she want?”

“She wanted to know if you were really as good in bed as you seem to be.”

“Why would she want to know that?”

“She told me she's never, she's never, oh never mind.”

“My sister's no virgin if that's what she's trying to tell you.”

“So if your parents know we're having sex,” Sara altered the subject slightly, “we can have sex anytime we want? We don't have to sneak around or />
prefer we not fuck on the couch while they're watching tv but I think we can probably get away with it when we want.” Her touched her arm softly and kissed her soft neck.

“Cool. I'll see you at dinner.”

you going?”

She closed the door and walked down the hall to Carol's room. She knocked softly and turned the knob. “Carol? Can I come in?”

Carol was on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. She didn't look up when Sara came into her room. Sara sat on the bed beside her.

“I figured it out. What you were talking about.”

Carol sat up and looked at the pretty blonde her brother was fucking. She had a pretty face and nice B cup breasts very similar to her own. If Carol were to have lesbian tendencies this was just the girl she'd be interested in. She could see what had attracted him to her but what did she see in her brother to get her to go out with him in the first place?

“You know?”

“It' wasn't that hard to figure out. You've had sex but neither guy satisfied your needs. Am I right?”

“It's not like I haven't, you know, before.”

“Had an orgasm?”

“Yeah. But how do you find a guy that can do that for you? I mean, how did you hook up with Rob? You're older than him.”

“It's kind of embarrassing actually. I was at this party. And somehow your brother and his friends snuck in. So me and a couple of other girls decided to play a trick on them. We were going to get them naked and steal their clothes. So we started playing strip poker. You know Mandy? Her brother taught her how to stack a deck. But your brother was better than her. The others were all stripped and it was down to me and your brother. He still had his jeans and I was down to my panties. He offered to play one last hand that if he won I'd make out with him in the closet for fifteen minutes. If he lost he'd strip down. I looked at Mandy and she nodded so I agreed. He surprised us and took the deck from Mandy and shuffled it />
“And you lost?”

“I lost the hand, but won the game. We went into the closet and your brother peeled my panties down. He fingered my pussy while we kissed. Your brother's a really good kisser, too. Then he started licking my titties and I went crazy, literally crazy. I pushed him further down and he started licking my pussy. It seemed kind of random at first but when he found my clit I jumped. He started flicking and sucking on it and I had to most amazing orgasm ever. He was the first guy to do that for me.”

“Then what />
“Then they left the party.”

“You didn't do anything for him?”

“No, he didn't even act like he wanted me to. He just picked up my panties and walked out of the closet. I figured he'd brag all around the school about what a slut I was but if he did it never got back to me. The next week I went out with Will. You know will? We'd been out a few times before. We were making out on the couch at my house and, well, he was pretty insistent that I give him a handjob. I told him I would if he'd lick my pussy, He said if I sucked his cock he'd lick me. Like an idiot I did it. He came, pulled up his pants and left. The next day he was telling everyone I'd sucked his cock. Until your brother punched him.”

“I was wondering why he'd done that. He wouldn't say and was suspended for three days.”

“I know. I got my little sister to get his homework assignments and I brought them to him. The first day we just sat there on the couch. He didn't even say anything to me. The second day he asked me if I'd really done what Will said. I told him yes and he asked why. I asked him why he'd punched Will. He said nobody should talk about me like that. I kissed him on the cheek and left. The next day I asked him why he'd pretty much done everything he could to make me feel good but hadn't asked for anything in return. He told me that my pleasure was his />
“Such a smooth talker, my />
“No, he really believed it. I could tell. So I asked him out. We didn't do anything besides kiss for the first month of dating which really surprised me. I finally had to ask him why he hadn't tried to do anything. He told me he thought I'd been forced to do it the other time. He handed me my panties and apologized. I told him how much I had enjoyed it and missed it, how I had been looking for what he had done for me was what led to the problem with Will. I peeled the panties I was wearing from under my skirt and handed them to him. I took his hand and well, you probably don't want to know all those details, do you?”

“Not really. Not now anyway.”

“I know. My pussy's all wet from just thinking about it.”

“I guess I'll just have to find a guy like my />
“That shouldn't be too hard. We're juniors. You have a car. Start trolling the freshmen. They'll do anything for you.”

“That seems kinda creepy.”

“Any creepier than the junior guys looking for freshman girls?”

“And if you don't find one you can always borrow your brother one night.”

“Don't knock it baby. He was a natural pussy eater. I've been training him for a year now. I wouldn't trade him for all the porn stars on the />
“He's that good?”

“Like I said, he still needs to develop his fucking skills, but he can eat my pussy like nobody's />
That night Carol listened from her room as Rob made love to Sara. She could sense when he was licking her pussy, when Sara had his cock in her mouth, and finally when he'd climbed on top of her and began thrusting deep into her body. Carol fingered her pussy til she came and fell asleep.

Monday began a new life for Carol. Sara ran up to her and grabbed her arm. They strolled past the freshman lockers Sara pointing out guys she thought had potential. The boys were obviously in shock to see a couple of hot juniors in their hall. The freshman girls had envious looks in their eyes.

“How are we going to find the right one?” Carol asked.

“Why does it have to be just one? I've got an idea.”

“Hopefully it's better than the one that ended with you and your friends naked with a bunch of my brother's />
“Actually, it's just that simple. We have a little party. We invite a half dozen of these young men and we invite Mandy and a couple of my friends. We get the guys to agree to play strip poker and before you know it you get to check out the packages and see if any of them have real />
“I don't know. What if Mandy screws up again?”

“She's gotten a lot better. She's been dealing her brother's poker game and he never loses unless he wants to.”

“Why would he want to lose?”

“To keep the fish coming back. Even when he loses one of his partners wins and they split the pot at the end. Have you seen Mandy's car?”

“I thought her parents bought it for her sixteenth />
what they tell everyone, that she's the favorite. It's nicer than either of her parent's cars and nicer than her brother's. He keeps wasting his money on pot and booze. She saved hers to buy the car.”

“When can we do it?”

“Are your parents going out of town />
“I don't know. I can ask.”

“Wait, there's Mandy. Hey Mandy, we were thinking about having a party to find Carol here a nice young pussy licker. We could use your poker skills.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun. Maybe I can find one like Rob, too.”

“She's gonna check when her parents are out of town. We'll let you know.”

“Why not use my brother's place? He's off to the casino Friday night. He's got the poker table and />
“Perfect. With the three of us I'll bring two more girls. Rob'll be there and then four lucky, er unlucky, or really lucky guys.”

“Make sure they're cute.”

“Of course.”

During her library period Sara printed up four invitations to a twenty dollar buy-in poker tournament. Next she had to figure out who to hand them to. She checked with two of her sluttier friends to see if they'd be interested. She told Rob what she and his sister had planned. He wasn't too excited about playing strip poker with his sister but she promised she had it all under control.

“Yes. How'd you know?”

“Because my sister can't play poker for shit. And why do you think I took the deck from her last time. I had played the best poker of my life that night and I barely beat you.”

“I don't know. I think you licked me pretty good in the end.”

“That wasn't your end I was licking.Who else are you />
“We were looking for four guys to balance the table. Freshman />
the ultimate goal?”

“Your sister is in need of someone to make her feel good.”

“So, insecure, not really popular, decent looking, average or above junk?”

“That sounds reasonable. Oh, and not likely to blab to all the rest of the school.”

“How about Mark?” he asked pointing down the hall.


“And Paul?”

“No, that's Angie's brother and she's gonna be in the game.”

“Oh, he's cute.”

“Maybe not then.”

“Who's being insecure now?”

“Ok, fine. Geoff's in. Mike?”

“Which one is he?”

“Tall guy. He's on the basketball team.”

“He's a big one. I wonder if…”

“And Frank. He played in your last game. He'd like a little />
“You know he's going to lose, right?”

“But that means he's going to win in the end, right?”

“When you put it like that…”

“Ok, give these to Mike, Geoff, Frank, and Mark.” She handed him the invitations. “You can't tell them the truth. And nobody else is />
“Gotcha. See you this />
“A little afternoon delight? Sure.”

Sara caught up with Carol and told her everything was set. The girls would arrive early Friday for poker lessons. Even though they had the dealer to help them win they had to know the basics. After their lessons Carol, Angie and Trish would leave to come back after some of the guys had shown up.

Friday finally arrived and the girls took a crash course in Hold'em and Five Card Draw. Then they went out for coffee.

Mike was the first to arrive. “Glad you did this after basketball season. We normally play Friday nights.”

“Are you any good?” asked Mandy.

“I've been playing online for fun.”

“No, silly,” she said touching his muscular arm, “at />
“I'm not the worst player on the team.”

“Do you play much?”

“I started all the games the second half the season.”

“Can you tell me />
the deal with, what do you call them? Jock straps? I mean, they's like underwear but your ass is hanging out.” He blushed. “What happens if you don't wear it?” He stepped over to where the drinks and snacks were.

Mark and Geoff showed up together and the girls followed. Finally, Frank and Rob arrived.

“Ok everyone twenty bucks a piece.” She gave them each a card with a seat number as they paid. Around the table it went, Mandy as the dealer and playing as well, on her left was Rob then Sara. Next was Trish followed by Geoff, Frank, and Carol. Finishing out the table were Mike, Angie, and Mark.

On the third hand of the tournament Rob and Frank got into a betting war and Rob lost all his chips as Frank scooped the pot. “Can I re-buy?” he asked.

“If everyone agrees we can each have one or two re-buys for the tournament. But only for the first hour,” offered Mandy. Everyone agreed and Rob was back in the game. In the next hour Mandy and Mike also had to re-buy.

When Mike stood up to get to his wallet Carol was face to crotch with his tight jeans. They didn't hide much as his semi stretched down his leg. so big,” she said. “I mean, tall. You're so tall.” She stood up next to him. He was more than a foot taller than her five foot six.

“It gives me a great view.” he said looking down.

“Are you looking down my shirt?”

“It's hard to miss,” said Frank. been leaning over the table all game.”

Carol covered the top of her shirt in false modesty.

Carol. You wore that shirt to distract the guys. You didn't even wear a bra.”

Mike sat back down and handed his twenty to Mandy. She gave him a new stack of chips. “Don't worry Mike,” Carol said patting his leg. “You can look all you want.” She felt the bulge she'd seen and the thought of it made her pussy />
They played to the end of the first hour and Mandy anounced a ten minute break. They all left the table and got drinks and snacks.

“Have you decided which one you want?” Sara asked Carol.

“I really like the looks of Mike. He's not the best looking guy but…”

“Yeah, I saw it, too. I almost rubbed Rob off in his pants when I did. I'll let Mandy know.”

They all returned to the table and over the next hour only Trish and Angie were eliminated. The blinds were climbing and soon they were down to four, Rob, Frank, Mike and Carol. Carol was first to act and saw AK. She was short stacked so she shoved the last of her chips in. Mike looked down and saw TT so he called. Rob looked at his stack and back at his cards. He had the second biggest stack to Frank who had yet to act. He looked down again and saw JJ. He smooth called hoping to flop a set and knock out two players. Even with just 79 off suit Frank had little choice but to call into the monster pot. The flop came down JT8 rainbow. Rob checked hoping for action from around the table. Frank checked as well and so did Mike. Each of them had monster hands and knew they had to play it cool. The turn 2 of spades guaranteed nobody would hit a flush so Rob made a small bet, “For a side pot” he said. Both players called while Carol looked dejectedly at the board. She needed a Queen to survive, she was sure of it. The river was a 4. It did nothing for the board. Rob checked but Frank couldn't take a chance on Mike checking behind so he put in exactly half Mike's remaining stack. Mike quickly shoved and Rob did as well. Frank called and the others revealed their cards. Set over set was beat by the bottom straight. “You lucky son of a bitch.” And like that the tournament was over. They paid first second and third so Carol was left empty handed.

“I want to play again.” she said.

“It is still early.” said Mandy.

“We don't have any more money,” complained Trish and Angie.

“Remember last time Mandy?” asked Frank. “You, me, Rob, Trish and Angie all played strip poker?”

“Yeah, so?”

“I'd throw half my winnings into the pot if you want to go again.”

“Keep your money horny boy. You don't pay girls to play strip poker.”

“Ok, then just take it for my contribution to the drinks and snacks.”

“In that case I can afford to raid my brother's liquor cabinet. Who wants Everyone cheered. “Ok, everyone back to the table. A gauntlet has been thrown down.”

“Since there's no betting we need to change the game. Five card draw. Loser of each hand loses one piece of clothes.” She dealt the first hand before anyone could say no.

only 52 cards. How can we draw with only two cards left?” asked Mike.

“I added the two jokers and everyone discards at the same time. I'll shuffle the discards into the four remaining cards and deal. Whe needs what?”

Everyone threw in their discards and Mandy dealt the replacement cards. Carol lost the first hand. “I could take off a shoe but you guys are better off distracted so here goes!” she pulled her shirt up and flung it aside. Her tits bounced gently as they came free. The guys all cheered her on. Her hand went back to Mike's legs and she felt a twitch. This made her happy.

Unbelievably, Sara lost the next five hands in a row. She peeled her panties down and sat back in her chair. The guys had been staring openly at her and Carol for the last twenty minutes. “Is there a re-buy?” she asked.

“How can you re-buy?” asked Frank. naked />
“I'll do something. I'll kiss one of you and get my panties back. I'll let one of you suck my titties and get my shirt and panties back.”

“Or you'll blow one of us and get all your clothes back!” shouted Mark.

my growled Rob defensively.

“Oh, yeah.”

Rob. I wanna play.”

“Anyone else have any attachments at the table?” asked Mandy. Nobody said anything. “Ok, how about this, Mandy draws a card. If it's odd, she makes out with someone random. If it's even, someone random gets to suck her tits. If its a facecard she has to give Rob a blowjob right here.”

“Wait a minute, what if one of us guys gets knocked out?” Mark asked.

“Well, I can't see how making out with one us us would be a negative, and neither would sucking your man-nipples. If you get knocked out you can get back in with your underwear only but you have to lick one girl's pussy.”

“Any girl's but added Rob.

Everyone nodded. Mandy shuffled the deck and spread them out. “Pick a card.” Sara hovered her hand over the spread and slid one towards herself. She picked it up hiding it from everyone else.. She smiled and revealed the four of hearts. said Mandy, High card sucks Sara's tits for one minute.” She shuffled the deck and dealt a card to each other player.

“Even the girls?” asked Geoff.”

“I thought guys liked to watch girl girl action,” Trish said.”

“Well, yeah, but I just went from one in five to one in nine. When one of us guys lose it's gonna be one in four cuz Rob's not gonna let us lick Sara and no way I'm sucking cock.”

“He's right Mandy.” Angie said. “And besides we have two lower payments we can make. I suggest she has the high card guy on one tit and high card girl on the other.”

ok with that?” Nobody dissented. “Everybody flip your card.”

Amazingly, Rob was the high card for the guys while Trish won for the girls. Rob scooted his chair back and Sara climbed on one leg. Trish came around and sat on the other. Everyone watched as Rob and Trish fondled then licked and sucked Sara's tits. Rob even wrapped his arm around his girlfriend and rubbed her fur covered mound. All the guys had to readjust the cocks as the painful pressure was getting problematic. The minute ended Trish returned to her seat while Sara turned away and pulled on her panties. When she bent over she gave them all a great view of her puffy swollen pussy. Sitting down, she pulled on her blouse but didn't bother to button it up.

The next few hands were lost by various players. The girls generously removed their shirts when they lost. Mike lost and was the first guy to take off his pants. “It needs some breathing room anyway,” he said. His hard cock tented out the material of his boxers. Suddenly it seemed like the guys got very bad at poker. The girls were all topless by now but the guys were losing most of the hands. When Mark lost his pants he pulled his jockeys down letting his cock flop out bfore tucking it back in.

“Looks like the guys want to lose,” Trish observed.

“Yeah, I don't think any of you have had more than a pair the last few hands.” said Angie.

“Maybe we need a new rule,” suggested Mandy. “If someone gets four of a kind or better, a random other player gets knocked from the game. Then that person must buy back in and the person with the hand has the option of automatically being the high card.”

“Better yet, if someone gets five of a kind,” said Sara, “all of the others are knocked out!” There was a chorus of hoots and cheers. “Deal, Mandy!”

The guys got better again and soon the it seemed like everyone was taking turns losing a piece of their clothes. Mark was the first to get four of a kind and Trish was dealt the low card. Mark immediately claimed the right to accept her punishment, before she'd even stripped. She drew her card and it was the seven of clubs, She walked over and sat on his lap. She brushed her lips against his then pulled him into a full open mouth, tongue fighting kiss. Their chests were mashed together, Mark was gripping her bare ass. They were both out of breath when Mandy called time. She stood up and posed for the guys before pulling on her panties and sitting down.

time for one of these guys to lose already.” complained Angie.

“I just deal the cards, what you do with'em is up to you.”

Carol looked down and saw 6 7 8 9 all diamonds and the 2 of hearts. She threw away the 2 and waited for her replacement. If she didn't get at least a random five or 10 she'd probably lose the hand. She could hope for a diamond as well for a flush. Heck, a pair would give her a chance. She peeked at her card, one of the jokers! She'd hit a straight flush! She squirmed in her seat. Next to her, Mike let out and exclamation. He'd caught the other joker giving him four Kings. In the dealer's seat Mandy let out an exasperated sigh showing a busted flush.

“So Mandy's busted for losing the hand and two others are busted for the big hands!” yelled Geoff.

“First we'll deal for Mike's four of a kind.” Everybody flipped their card. Carol felt safe with her 8 of spades but it turns out nobody caught anything lower. “And now for Carol's straight flush..” She looked around anxiously to see who she'd knocked out. Mike flipped the 2 of clubs. Rob also flipped a 2, the two of diamonds.

“Do they have a redraw for lowest?” Frank asked.

“They both lose, just like in real poker. If you have the same hand and win you split it up.” commanded Mandy. Neither guy objected really. “Ok, the big hand winners, you have the option of taking your winnings from the loser.” Mike and Carol looked at each other. Surreptitiously, she put her hand in his lap and felt his throbbing cock. They both nodded. Then all we have to do is decide what me and Carol have to re-buy for.” She spread the deck.

Carol pulled and held the card to her chest. What was she hoping for? If it was odd she'd make out with Mike before he licked her pussy. If it was even, he'd suck her tits and they'd probably kiss a bit too. If it was a face card, she'd be sucking that beast she'd felt a few times already. She really wanted that thing in her pussy more than her mouth. Oh well, let the fates decide. She peeked, the queen of spades. She showed it around the table grinning.

“And finally,” Mandy said drawing a card. She flipped it up. One of the jokers.

the joker?”

“My choice, I guess.”

hardly fair.,” complained Geoff.

“You don't even know what my choice is. It might be more than you />
“Yeah, right,” he said doubtfully.

She whispered in Trish's ear and Trish nodded. Trish leaned to say something to Angie and Angie yelled, “Hell yeah!”

“Ok, that's decided. Let's see that cock, Mike. And Carol, you're still wearing your panties,” Mandy said as she stood and slid her panties off.

Mike dropped his boxers and the girls dropped their jaws when they saw his six and a half inch cock standing straight out from his body. Carol slid her panties off and hung them on Mike's quivering cock like it was a a coat rack. Surprisingly, Trish and Angie slid their remaining clothes off as well. The trio of Trish, Mandy, and Angie walked hand in hand to the couch. “C'mon boys, we're gonna give you a treat.” Mark, Geoff and Frank jumped out of their seats and followed the girls. Carol looked and saw Sara climb into her brother's lap. Sara jerked her head to the side and Carol saw a door part way opened. She took Mike by the hand and led him into what turned out to be Mandy's brother's bedroom.

“So we're supposed to, I mean, I'm supposed to um, and you're />
“I don't think it matters now what we're supposed to do.” She pulled his head down and kissed him lightly on the lips. “The games over. We can do whatever we want. You want to, don't you?”

“What about the others?”

“Oh, I think Mandy, Trish, and Angie have something special planned for them.”

“I'm kinda, well,”

He nodded.

“But you want to learn?”

He nodded again.

“Then start by kissing me.” She took his arms and placed them behind her back. She turned her face up to his and he bent his head down. Their lips touched again. She felt his cock pulse between their bodies. Carol grabbed him around the neck and jumped into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his body and felt his steel hard rod along her slit while the hair on his balls tickled her fanny. She opened her mouth and felt his tongue meet hers. They crushed their bodies together, her clasping with her muscular legs and him, grasping her ass with both hands.

She felt it in his kiss. The sudden hesitancy, He tried to ease the sensation he was feeling as his cock was rubbed by her wet pussy slit. She knew what was coming and she knew he'd recover quickly. She clutched his body tight to hers and started grinding her pussy against his cock. She knew it was imminent when he stopped kissing her. His hips thrust forward and she felt a splash of his cum on her stomach. She continued rubbing their bodies together. He gripped her tight and thrust twice more, finally holding himself, stretching his cock against her wanton sex. She turned her head against his chest and listened as his heart beat slowed back to normal.

“I'm sorry,” he said.

“For what?”

“For that. For not, you know…”

“Making me cum, too?”

“Well, yeah.”

“You think we're finished here />
“We're not?”

you ever jerked off more than once?”

“Well, yeah.” he admitted.

“And don't you want to taste my pussy?”

He blushed.

“You do want to lick my pussy, don't you?”

“I've never even touched a, a you know.”

“Pussy? Say it, pussy.”

“Now say, 'I want to lick your />
“I want to lick your pussy.”

“Good, now first we should probably wipe up this mess. You probably don't want to lick up your cum and it's been dripping down my stomach since you came.” He smiled. “You don't do you?”

“Not if I don't have to.”

“You don't have to do />
“But you want me to. You want me to lick your pussy as much as I dream about you, you know.”

gonna have to say it. You want me to suck your cock. You want to fuck me. You have to say it.”

“By god, I want you to suck my cock. I want to eat your pussy and I want to fuck you all night long!”

“Was that so hard?”


Carol'd grabbed a towel from hanging over a chair and wiped up as much of his cum as she could. She wiped between her legs and the surprisingly soft towel felt good against her swollen pussy lips. Carol took his hand and placed his fingers between her legs. She pushed his middle finger and it slid between her moist lips. “Now you've touched a pussy. My pussy. What do you think?”

“It's soft, and hot, and wet. And I like how your short pussy fur feels.”

“You don't prefer a shaved pussy?”

“I don't know. But isn't that kinda weird? I mean, I think those big bushy pussies from old pornos are kinds gross, but I like it like this for sure.” He continued running his fingers through Carol's lips. She was already stimulated from rubbing her pussy against his cock but his middle finger had just caught her clit and and it caused Carol to jump. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you did something right. Here, kneel down at the end of the bed.” Carol sat down at the edge and spread her legs. She exposed her entire self to his gaze. She spread her pussy lips and pointed. “You just touched me here,” Carol said indicating her clit poking from under its hood. “This is what makes a girl orgasm more than anything else.” He reached out and touched it with his fingertip. it, but be gentle.” He touched her softly with the back of his fingers. The soft hair on his nuckles brushed her clit and it sent shivers through her body. “You can touch me here, too,” Carol showed him her open hole and slid a finger in. He followed suit with one then two fingers. “Now lick your fingers, suck them in your mouth and see what you think.”

“Mmmmhmmm, not bad, not like what the guys say.”

“They say that so you won't do what they won't do.”

“Eat pussy?”

“Can I try it?”

“Say it,” he said turning the tables on her. “Tell me to eat your pussy.”

She grabbed him by the hair on top of his head and pulled him down between her legs. “Lick my pussy! Make me cum!”

He licked the puffy lip on either side then dragged his wide flat tongue through the folds of her wet pussy. The tip of his tongue just grazed her clit. Carol's hips lifted off the bed. “Hmmm, you liked that. You want me to do that again?” His new found confidence was driving her crazy.

she mumbled.

“You gotta tell me. Tell me it feels good and scream when it's really good.”

“Get back down there,” Carol ordered. “Eat my pussy!” She rubbed the top of her mound and rotated her hips. His tongue slipped between her legs once more. “Oh yes, baby, lick me, so soft.” She looked down and his eyes, bright blue, looked back at her. He touched her clit once more. This novice, this rookie, was going to give her the greatest orgasm she'd ever had. “There, baby, there, lick my clit! Make me cum!” She felt it build from deep inside and held his face tight against her clenching pussy. She flooded his chin and relaxed as he wiped her pussy lips with his tongue. “Oh baby,” Carol moaned. She laid back on the bed and he crawled up next to her. One hand started playing with one of her tits. She could feel his stiff erection along her leg.

“I did ok?” he asked as if he didn't know.

Carol turned to face him and kissed his lips. She tasted her own juices as her tongue sought out his. “You did good, very good.” She wrapped my fingers around his cock. “How many times is the most you've ever jerked off?”

he asked slightly offended it seemed.

“Because I need to know if I suck your cock and you cum again if you're gonna be able to fuck my pussy.”

he answered excitedly. “It would've been six but I finally couldn't shoot anymore. I was hard still but I couldn't cum.”

“Five? What were you doing?”

“It was last year. My parents went on vacation and hired my cousin to come watch the house. His girlfriend came over and they were fucking in the living room after I'd gone to bed. I watched from the balcony. I came twice before she saw me and screamed. Kevin whupped my ass and threw me in my room.I kept jerking off for an hour.”

so hot. I watched my brother fuck Sara one time. I fingered my pussy til I came.” We lay there in silence for a moment then I propped myself on one elbow. “You know I'm not a virgin?” she asked him. “Does that bother you?”

“Does it bother you that I am?”

“No, it kinda excites me.”

“You want to fuck?”

“First I want to suck this beast. That way you'll last longer when we fuck.”

He moved further up the bed and leaned back against the headboard. “I want to watch.”

Carol knelt beside his body. She took a man-nipple in her mouth and bit it lightly. She kissed a trail down his body til she reached his proud standing cock. It was huge by her standards. Neither of the guys she'd had sex with had had cocks even close to his. “Don't hold back baby.,” she instructed. The sooner this was over the sooner she'd have this slab of meat deep inside her. She took a firm grip on his cock and slid her hand up and down. Her lips opened and the crown of his cock went into her mouth. She swirled it with her tongue. With her free hand she fondled his lightly furred balls. Carol knew from what little experience she had they would contract when he was close. She continued pumping with one hand and took more of his shaft into her mouth. He tried thrusting with his hips but she pushed him down. She felt his balls shrink. He wasn't going to last much longer. She was glad they weren't fucking yet.

“Oh baby!” he cried as he clenched the sheets with his fists. He pulled a pillow over his mouth and thrashed around. His cum shot into her mouth. Guys liked that. She sucked his head and caught a second shot. She backed away and continued stroking while a third and fourth pulse oozed out. She licked his head clean then wiped her fingers on the bed.

His cock still stood straight up. She straddled his body and held his cock head at her open pussy. She lpwered myself and felt his cock invade her body. She stayed there and felt him thrust with his hips. “You like it there? You like your cock in my tight pussy?”

“Oh yes! I want to fuck your tight pussy.”

She lowered herself and felt his cock stretch her vaginal walls. No cock had ever been so deep. She went all the way down and felt his cock against her cervix. She lay on his stomach and rocked her hips. Her engorged clit was rubbing against his body. Mike grabbed her ass and pulled her forward, his cock moved inside of her. She pushed back and his cock filled her once more. Slowly they moved like this his pulsing cock filling her completely. Moving like a professional wrestler he rolled Carol onto her back and lay on top of her. He pulled back by raising his ass then thrust hard into her hot slippery tunnel. She moaned with pleasure. They fucked like that for a minute and she felt waves of pleasure ripple through her body. There was no sign of Mike being ready to finish.

“I want to try something else,” he said pulliing out. She felt an emptiness. He flipped Carol over onto her stomach and lifted her ass in the air. She felt his cock probing for her pussy from behind. She helped him find his new home and he thrust to the hilt with one stroke. Carol was full again. She reached between her legs and found her clit. She rubbed it softly as Mike began thrusting deep into her pussy. He reached for and grabbed her tits, her nipples trapped between his fingers. The stimulation was too much and she came. HARD. Carol's orgasm started in her stomach and rolled down through her body. It sent shock waves to her toes and they curled up. He thrust again and lights exploded in her eyes. He started hammering her harder and faster as her buiilding orgasms continued. Carol felt his cock pulsing and knew he was getting close himself. She reached under and on his next thrust grabbed his clenching balls and held them tight against her body.

“Oh my god, oh god!” He screamed. She felt his cum shoot deep inside her body. He cradled Carol's inert body and lay them down together on their sides. His cock was still gently pusling within her and his fingers caressed Carol's downy pussy covering.

“What the fuck were you two doing in here?” A naked Sara asked sitting on the edge of the bed. “It sounded like we were going to have to call the />
“He got kinda loud, didn't he?” Carol asked.

“Him? You're kidding, right? You were screaming like a banshee for probably five minutes. It was all I could do to keep your brother from running in here and killing Mike.”

“I think you found your orgasm.” Sara said.

“Mike found it for me.” she turned her head and kissed him softly on the lips. She felt his softening cock slip from her worn out pussy. Their combined juices flowed over her leg as well.

“We're gonna have to change these sheets before my brother gets home. You made a real mess.”

“How'd everyone else make out?” she asked.

“Oh, Trish got felt up by the guys while they watched Mandy and Angie do a great sixty-nine. Then they all got down to some serious licking and sucking. Even a little fucking. Your brother and I did our usual thing.”

“What now?” Carol asked.

“We really gotta get this place cleaned up. I brought the rest of your clothes. They're on the chair.” She got up and left the room.

Mike stood up and walked over to the window. He stood there stretching, his sweaty body glistening in the moonlight. Carol walked over to him. She pulled his face down to kiss her lips.

“Do you think you might want to go out sometime?” she asked.

“Ummm, yeah.”

“You make it sound like I didn't have to ask.”

“Can you tell me />
“Is this normal for you? Do you do this kind of thing a lot?”

“This was a one time deal for me. I found what I was looking for.”

“And what was that?”

“You tell me.”

“A caring lover that wants as much joy for you as I received. A lover with a nice body and a hard cock. A lover that's willing to show his emotions and feelings when we make love.”

have put it better myself.”

story by: MysteryMan611

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex exhibitionism first time teen male/teen female virginity cum swallowing oral sex group sex sex story

Author: MysteryMan611

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