Charles helps his mother feel pleasure again chapter 6

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They left the hospital for the last time they hoped, his 24 hours of insanity had passed and he hoped to forget all about it and make his Mother the only thing worth his attention.
It was early morning and both were very tired from their ordeals, they got changed and headed to bed, it didn’t take long and Charles heard his door creek open, he looked to see his Mother standing in the open door way.
“Is something wrong Mum?” He asked concerned.
wrong honey, I just didn’t want to be alone tonight Oh I’m being silly.” She said her insecurity evident in her voice as she turned back to the hallway.
He said calling to her, she turned to see him lifting the sheets inviting her to join him, she smiled and slowly approached, she hopped into the slightly warm bed with her back to him, she lifted the sheets over her shoulders and closed her eyes, that was when Sue felt Charles arms embrace her, she opened her eyes not knowing what to expect.
“Do you remember when I was scared or sick, I would come to your bed and you would hold me till I fell asleep?” He asked her.
“Yes I do.” She answered a little shy.
“Well it’s my turn to hold you Mum.” He said with pride and love, she was her baby boy once again, her Son, there was no lust in this moment, no need for sexual gratification, it was just innocent, she smiled as she closed her eyes once more.
“Thank you Charles.” She felt him kiss the back of her head and give her a quick squeeze before he relaxed once more and drifted off into the living death… Sleep.

Sue opened her eyes to read his clock, it read 7am, she lifted the sheet off herself and hopped out of his bed, she turned to look at her Son who’s back was now to her, the night had been nice although she had to admit that he must have had some nice dreams as she felt her beasts being squeezed more than once and his erection pressing into her behind.
Was all she thought to herself as she left his room for the front door, she grabbed her dressing gown on he way to the door and stood there unmoving, she had decided today was the day she would take back her life, the day she would get over her fears once and for all, she had been letting her rapists rule her life by keeping her inside and scared, but not today, she figured she would take it steady, surely getting the mail from the mailbox wasn’t going to be too difficult to start with.

She reached for the door and became hesitant, she looked herself over, the tight gown she was wearing revealed her cleavage and long legs, but if she tied the dressing gown tight then no one would see them.
“No that is letting them win again, I should not fear what god gave me.” She untied the dressing gown revealing her strong legs and ever alluring gap between her breasts that was wider than usual on account of not wearing a bra to bed, she once again reached for the door and turned the handle, she pulled back the door slowly, with each mill she wanted to close it once more, but she fought against her fears, she was going to win, her freedom was all that mattered, it took 5 minutes but finally the door was completely open to her, she could see the walk way leading to her mailbox no more than 15 steps away, all she had to do was get through the gorse door, and down a few steps and then to her target.

She took a step forward and pressed her right hand up against the see through door, it felt heavy against her hand, but she was determined and pushed hard against it taking a few more steps as the door slowly opened to her, she remember that small step on the other side as she continued to push and placed her naked foot onto the cement, that was when she felt a cold wind push against her sending its cold touch down between her cleavage and rustling her hem raising it higher, she stood there like she was frozen, she was fighting a battle of wills, she could hear one angel on her shoulder telling her to move forward, while her devil told her to go back, she took a hard swallow and moved another foot forward, inch by inch, step by step she took another step forward, the ever present urge to run back inside continually yelling in her ear, she felt vulnerable, everything was too open, an attack could come from anywhere.
“No I will not let my fears hold me back anymore.” She thought to herself, she stood up straight, thrust her chest out and began to walk faster to the mailbox, as she approached the mailman turned up on his bike to deliver her mail, she stopped dead in her tracks, the impulse to run back almost overwhelming, she gritted her teeth and bit her tongue.
“Morning The postie said.
“He’s a man and men have cocks, cocks that rape women, like me.” Fear was pushing her harder and harder to retreat, but her resolve was pushing even harder, he noticed her odd expression and her hard breathing.
are you alight.” He asked concerned.
“Oh god he just looked at my tits, oh god he’s gonna rape me.” Negative comments continued to whirl around and around in her mind, the postie could see she was scared and shaking.
I won’t hurt you.” He said with an innocent smile.
“You won’t hurt me?” She asked barely audible.
“No He responded.
“You don’t want to….. To rape me?” She asked the pivotal question that held her mind rock solid waiting for his answer, the postie picked up on the emotional parts of her question, he had assumptions but said.
“No ma’am I don’t want to rape you.” He said getting off his bike, he grabbed Sue’s mail and held it out to her. “It’s alright Ma’am, I won’t hurt you.” He said trying to ease her.
She asked worry sounding in her voice.
He responded smiling once more, she slowly lifted her hand to reach out for the mail, several times her hand retracted itself but once again she reached for it, eventually she felt the paper of the envelopes touch her finger tips, she reached that bit more and grasped the letters, once her grip was strong the postie released his own, she brought the mail quick to her bosom and smiled.
She stood there unmoving.
“Your welcome He responded getting back on his bike, with a wave he continued on his way, she stood there still unmoving as a flood of emotion filled her body, it was joy, she had beaten her first demon and was proud of herself, she turned slowly and with confidence walked casually back inside the house.

She placed the letter onto the nearby table and closed the door behind her.
She screamed at the top of her lung.
“MUM, MUM WHAT’S WRONG?!!!” Charles yelled running into the room half asleep.
“I just went to the mailbox and got the mail from the mailman.” She said proud of herself, a large smile formed on Charles face as he walked over to her arms wide open, he gave her a large hug and said.
“Well done Mum, well done.” He gave her a kiss of congratulations, the kiss didn’t take long to turn French as their tongues began to explore one another mouths, Charles hands moved down Sue’s back and grasped her behind with a hard grip, Sue began to slide her fingers through Charles hair as she held his lip firm to hers.

As she pressed her breasts against Charles’s chest she could feel his erection poking her, Sue unlocked her lips from her Sons who’s face was still but a nose touch away.
“Come now Charles lets not get carried away.” She said biting her lip, she could feel her nipples getting as hard as her Sons cock.
“Your right Mum.” Charles responded before their lips locked once more and once more Sue broke the kiss.
“Come on Charles if we keep this up we‘ll just waste the weekend.” Another kiss of passion and another separation.
right Mum.” Charles responded his breath entering straight into his Mother’s mouth, slowly they parted and yet they yearned.
“Now I’ll got get breakfast ready while you have a shower.” She said turning and heading for the kitchen, Charles watched her, seeing her walk filled with both pride and lust, he gave his sex a rub through his pants and gave out a whisper of a moan as he headed off to the bathroom.

He closed the door behind him and removed the boxer shorts he had been wearing the night before, he looked into the nearby mirror and rubbed his hand across his chin, it had been quite a few days since had shaved last and he was starting to look rough around the edges, he placed the plug in the sink and turned on both the taps until the water was just warm, he placed his hands into the water and then splashed it against his face making sure to get it well soaked, he reached for the shaving bar and brush and placed the brush into the sink making sure to get all the bristles wet, he then placed the brush up against the bar and began to rub the brush until it started to get built up with foam, once he had it to his liking he placed the brush against his skin and began to paint on the foam, several times he returned the brush to the bar to create more foam until his face was covered in the white cream, he placed the brush and bar back and picked up his five bladed razor, he started by carefully shaving from his neck to his jaw, he was very careful making sure not to cut himself, once he was done he washed the razor in the water getting out any excess hair and then moved on to the jaw line until he had a neat set of short sideburns on either side of his face, several times he washed out the razor until his jaw was smooth, he then finished by doing the hair on his upper lip, he then cleaned his razor once more and even slid a towel across the blades to get rid of any remaining hair, he placed the razor back and turned to the shower, he turned the taps to hot and hopped in, he stood there for a moment let the water drench every part of his flesh, memories of yesterday began to flood his mind like the endless steams that poured over his face, he placed his left hand up against the wall under the shower head and placed his right hand on his right breast, with aid from the water he began to slide his hand down his chest, over his soft belly, past his hips and then down to his limp cock, he began to slide his index and middle finger up and down the wrinkled shaft, he felt the curved bump of the start of his head, he had been circumcised when he was barely a newborn and so had no hood to cover his head, the first time he saw others boys were different from him he felt alone, but after his Father had sat him down and explained that he had been done when he was young too he had come to accept it, up and down, up and down he continued to slide his fingers, up and down his shaft as more memories flooded him, he smiled remember the feeling of making out with his Mother in this very shower, how he had caressed her breasts with soap covered hands and that he had gotten her off with just his mouth alone, no penetration necessary, but soon the memories turned dark as he remember the events of yesterday evening, how he had fucked Emily in the toilets, he gritted his teeth remember the feeling of finding out that the condom had broken and how angry she had been, but truly was it his fault, it was an accident, surely she couldn’t get pregnant, he knew that kind of thinking was childish, she had told him he had shot his cum into her womb, it was only a matter of time now until he was told he was a father.

And darker still he remembered finding his Mother almost dead on the floor of the lounge room, in that moment, he had never felt so scared in his life, the possibility of his Mother not being there any longer was too much for him to bare, and then to find out she had only done it because she believed he didn’t love her anymore, everything that had happened in the last week was because of him, with fury he stood up straight and pulled his right fist back and sent it hurtling into the shower tiles before him, the tile smashed on impact, he held his hand there for a moment as he watched his blood begin to seep down the tiles to the drain at his feet and get washed away by the shower, he pulled his hand back and looked at his knuckles that were disjointed and at odd angles.

“Charles is everything alright in here honey, I heard a bang?” Sue said as she walked in on his shower, she saw him standing there holding his bloodied hand unmoving.
“My god Charles what have you done?” She said turned off the tapes and getting into the shower, Charles began to cry but not from the pain.
“I’m sorry Mum, it’s all my fault.” Charles confessed as Sue reached for a towel wrapping it around his hand tightly.
“Oh god we have to get you to the hospital.” Charles just repeated over and over again how sorry he had been, Sue got him dressed and into the car, her phobia had no chance to take hold of her as her Motherly instinct was far too strong for such fear.

It took an hour but Charles finally got in to see a doctor, for a change it was Sue who remained in the waiting room, although now alone her fear was starting to re-emerge, she continually looked around seeing the various men most no more than a few paces away, any one of them, if not all could lose control of their humanity and give into their urges and rape her here, none of nurse would have the power to stop them, she counted fifteen men, she would be destroyed after so many.
“Sue what brings you back here?” Sue’s dark thoughts were distracted as Doctor Gulara takes a seat next to her.
“Charles hurt himself this morning, he’s in getting fixed up?” Sue responded.
“I hope it’s not serious.” Gulara said with some concern.
“He’s busted up his right hand.” Sue explains.
“How on earth did he do that?” Gulara asks confused.
“I’m not quite sure, I heard a bang from the bathroom and when I came inside, he was standing there looking at his hand that was covered in blood, I noticed that one of the tiles was smashed inwards and covered in blood, I can only assume either he tried to stop himself from Gulara interjected.
“You don’t use a fist to stop yourself from falling.” She remarked.
“…. Or he punched the tile.” Sue finished explaining.
“How are things with you and Charles?” Gulara asked.
“Things have been shaky at best, with my condition, phobia’s and emotional state, it hasn’t been easy, Charles has been me, but I fear that this might be doing something to him mentally, no Son should have to help their Mother the way he has been.” Sue looked down feeling a little sad about her words.
“And you, how are you feeling because of the help he is giving you?” Sue looked back at Gulara and said.
“I was shocked, angry and terrified when I first found out, but as time goes on I have come to accept his help, but I’m starting to fear that I’m becoming too dependent on him, there is no one else in my life, our relationship changes from day to day, but I fear the bond between us is changing most of all and maybe not for the best.” Gulara placed her hand on Sue’s shoulder to comfort her.
“You must be strong, but always remember you are his Mother, not his lover…. If you ever need someone to talk to and you can’t talk to Charles, give me a call.” Gulara gave Sue a pat on the shoulder and continued on her rounds.

Not long after Gulara had left Charles re-entered the waiting room, his hand was covered in plaster, the Doctor gave her a few instructions and they were on their way, on the ride home Gulara’s words ran over and over in Sue’s head, Mother…. Not Lover.

As they walked into the house Sue said.
“Charles we need to talk.” Charles stopped in his tracks transfixed by what she had said.
“Talk about what Mum?” Sue walked over to the couch in the lounge room and sat down.
“Charles honey, we need to talk about what we have been doing.” Charles followed and sat by her side. “Honey I am your Mother and I appreciate what you have been dong for me, but I’ve decided that we have to stop.” Charles was slightly crushed by her words.
“But Mum why?” Sue placed her right hand onto Charles’s leg.
“Charles baby I love you, but things between us are sending us down a destructive path, only yesterday I overdosed because I thought you didn’t love me and now this morning I assume you got angry and punched the tile in the bathroom, all this because your helping me feel pleasure again, so we have to stop.” Tears started to well up in Sue’s eyes.
“Mum, yesterday I felt the same way, I felt what we were doing was wrong, but you know what, if the tables were turned you would do everything in your power to help me, as for my fist it had nothing to do with He swallowed hard as he looked at his hand and then back at his Mother. “Mum something has happened and I don’t know what to do.” Sue wiped away the tears and her emotion quickly turned to concern.
“What has happened?” She asked
“I think I might have got a girl pregnant.” He explained.
Sue asked.
“Emily next door, yesterday at school I was in bad mood so I ended up in detention, and because of it I ran into her, well after we got off detention, she and I went to a nearby toilet and had sex.” Charles explained.
you wear a condom?” Sue was slightly concerned that her Son hadn’t thought about it before having sex with Emily.
“No Mum, Emily had a condom but as I was um doing the deed, I came inside, and when I pulled out we found out the condom had broken, it was empty, Emily had said she felt my semen inside her, going as far to say she felt it real deep.” Charles said finishing his explanation.
she on the pill?” Sue questioned a little more concerned.
“No, she said that was what the condom was for.” Sue moved over and took Charles in her arms holding him tight as she felt him shake.
“Charles baby everything will be alright.” Sue said trying to comfort her baby boy.
“I’m scared Mum, I don’t know what to do.” He said, Sue could hear his sadness in his voice.
“Listen to me Charles, she might not be pregnant, we will just have to wait, but you have to be strong.” She pulled back a little and looked into his eyes and wiped away the tears that were starting to form.
“Mum, I don’t want to stop what we’re doing, I love you and if that means we end up committing incest than so be it.” Sue smiled knowing deep down in her heart she felt the same way too.
“Well lets not jump ahead okay.” Sue leaned in and kissed Charles on the forehead, Charles watched as she rose from the couch. “I’ll make us some lunch.” She headed for the kitchen with a warmth in her heart.

They enjoyed a nice casual lunch of sandwiches with beetroot and cheese, there was no talk about sex or the trials that they had tried to overcome, they talked like they used to, talking about social events, news and the weather, but soon Sue was starting to feel a warmth between her thighs, because of the recent events her body had pushed aside her sexual needs, but now with things nice and calm it had picked now to rear it’s head, as Sue took a final swallow of her drink she placed her hand onto Charles’s, she smiled and instantly Charles new what she needed, he smiled back and leaned in planting a loving passionate kiss onto her lips, it may have been short but it was so sweet, they rose from the table and with hand in hand made their way to Sue’s bedroom.

Once inside they parted hands and stood before each other, with every passing moment they removed their clothes piece by piece, Charles took this moment to view his Mother’s natural beauty, just a glance was enough for his cock to stand at attention.
“Your beautiful Mum.” He said complimenting her, she took his hands and pulled him over to the bed, she laid down and he laid gently on top of her, he made sure to keep his sex away from his mother’s love channel lest it agitate her.

Her breasts squashed under his weight as his lips pressed once against hers, their tongues began to explore the now familiar oral caverns, Sue placed her hands on Charles’s strong shoulders sliding her palms up and down his arms and over his shoulder blades, Charles grabbed Sue’s thighs and brought them up against his hips, he slid his hand up and down them making his way from her behind to her knees over and over again, they kissed for what felt like eternity, Charles pulled away taking in a deep breath and released his mother’s legs, he then brought his lips down and kissed the side of her neck, Sue gave out a pleasure filled moan as she continued to feel and massage Charles’s arms and shoulders, he placed small kiss down her neck, over her collarbone and stopped between the cavity of her breasts, he slowly made his way over to her right breast until his lips were kissing her very erect nipple, she gave out a loud groan feeling her sensitive spot being touched so tenderly, Charles opened his mouth and extended his tongue and started to licked gently around her nipple sending small sensations of pleasure through the delicate invisible hairs that surround a woman’s nipples, Sue brought her right hand up against the back of Charles’s head and pulled his head closer making his mouth consume the nipple.
“Baby suck Mummy’s breast like you did when you were little.” She gave out a moan as she felt him begin to suck.

Sue gave out a loud moan as she felt Charles’s teeth latching onto her nipple, she could feel him sucking even stronger as if he was trying to really drink from her breast.
“I’m sorry honey they dried up a long time ago.” She said her teeth ground together as she tried to handle the combined feeling of both pain and pleasure that was coming from her sensitive nipple.
She gave out a groan of relief as Charles’s teeth unlatched from her nipple and he returned to his gentle sucking while he lashed his tongue across her erect peek, slowly he lifted his head and moved his way onto the opposite one starting the process over again.

Once he had finished tormenting Sue’s breasts he slowly licked his way down her midriff and down to her mound, as he glided down he slid his hands down her thighs until he found his target, he took a sniff and said.
“You smell wonderful Mum.” Sue went a little red hearing this.
“Thank you honey.” She brought her hands up to her breasts and cupped them, after all the attention that Charles had given them she figured they must have been lonely, Charles planted a small kiss on her clit before extending his tongue once more and gave it a nice long lick, Sue’s body shuddered under the simple contact.

Charles began to lick his way around his Mother’s lips that were more than welcoming of his tongue, he lapped around and around trying to lick every piece of sexual flesh, slowly he brought his left hand to his face and closed it into a fist, he extended his pinkie and without her knowing started to approach her pussy hole, as his finger barely touched it Sue gave out a loud scream of pain, her body became as rigid as a board under the pain, Charles continued to lap at her pussy as fast as he could to try and nullify the pain, Sue screamed over and over again as Charles thrust his finger in and out of her entrance but he wasn’t able to move very fast as Sue’s pussy muscles were squeezing his finger incredibly tight, he feared if he pulled out by accident then he wouldn’t be able to get his finger back inside.
“OH GOD CHARLES IT HURTS OH FUCK IT HURTS!!!!” Sue screamed at the top of her lungs.
“RELAX MUM YOU NEED TO RELAX!!!” He screamed back before returning his mouth back to it’s job, tears were flowing fast and hard from Sue’s eyes as she tried to cope with the pain, back and forth back and forth he continued to fuck her with his finger, slowly he could feel his finger getting wetter and wetter as he continued his action, slowly Sue started to become relaxed, he pulled his lips away from her pussy and asked,
“How do you feel Mum?” She was still breathing hard letting out a now combined moan of pain and pleasure.
“It feels much better baby, it still hurts but not as much.” With this he took the opportunity to bring his ring finger into action, another surge of pain filled her body but not as bad as the last one, Charles even noticed that it was a lot easier for him to finger her now.
“Your doing great Mum, you’ve got two fingers in you now.” She looked up with pain filled eyes and yet with a smile.
“Really honey?” She asked panting, her head fell back hitting the pillow once more as she tried to hold back even more tears, in and out, in and out he continued to fuck her, her pussy was know making obscene noises as his fingers splashed in her juicy wet hole.

“Oh baby it feel so much better.” Sue said her voice now more pleasure than pain. Baby I want you in me.”
“I’m already in you Mum.” Charles responded with a smile.
“Not your fingers….. You, I want you in me.” She looked down at him between her legs to wait for his response, he nodded his head and slowly made he way back up her body kissing and licking everything he could, he reached her lips kissing her with all the passion he could muster, he reached down and took hold of his cock lining it up with her fully soaked opening, just the simple touch was enough to make her face cringe, he used only his hips to push, she screamed in agony as Charles tried to push himself inside but she wouldn’t let him in, he pushed and pushed, she screamed and screamed, with incredible effort he could feel his head slowly starting to enter her but the strain on his cock was starting to hurt him as well, to him it felt like he was pushing his cock into a brick wall.

“I’m sorry Mum, I Charles said as he stopped pushing and rose his sweat covered body off of her, he turned around and sat at the end of the bed with his face in his hands, Sue lay there covered in sweat and breathing deeply trying to get over the pain that had flooded her body, slowly she rose from her position and sat by her Sons side.
“It’s alright honey, you tried at least, it might take a bit longer but I’m sure with time we’ll be able to do it.” Charles turned his face towards her and smiled.
“I know Mum.” Sue smiled in return.
“Well someone still has to get me off.” Sue said returning to her former position, Charles once again returned to his position between her legs but like before started to push his fingers inside her once more, Sue moaned in pleasure feeling a vast change, she didn’t feel any pain from his fingers, her pussy was still tight but Charles was able to fuck her at a steady pace, he licked and he lapped, it didn’t take much longer for him to feel her pussy tighten around his fingers even more, he knew she was about to cum.
it honey I’m gonna cum, don’t stop.” His thrusts became even more ferocious until she let out a loud high pitched scream and pussy juice flood past his fingers, her body spammed over and over again until her juicy began to stop flowing, Charles pulled out his fingers and began to lap at the remaining juice that still seeped from her, wrapped in her orgasm she felt no pain as his tongue touched against her inner labia.
“Oh baby that was great.” She said looking down at him still between her legs, Charles lifted his head and smiled as he began to make his way up her body and back to her lips, she could taste the remnants of her juice on his lips and in his mouth.

They kissed for what felt like forever, Sue pulled away still feeling a nice hard cock touching her body.
“Charles you might not be able to fuck my pussy, but you can fuck something else.” He looked at her a little confused at first as he waited for her explanation. “I want you to fuck my tits and cum all over my face.” Sue explained, Charles’s smile was large as he repositioned himself so his hard cock sat against her breast bone, Sue pushed her breasts together as hard as she could, forming a nice tit pussy for her Son.
“It’s ready for you honey.” She said awaiting his first thrusts, Charles placed his hands onto the wall and began to thrust back and forth between his Mum’s amazing breasts, he let out a moan of ecstasy, with each thrust forward Sue would lash out her tongue licking his head, she could taste the salty drops of precum that had formed out of his hole.

He couldn’t believe how good his cock felt between her tits, he didn’t know what it was but with every thrust he felt more and more pleasure, he even admitted that her tits felt better than Emily’s pussy last night, but with all the strain of being hard for so long and then failing to penetrate his Mother Charles didn’t last long.
“Mum I’m gonna cum.” Charles cum flew forth like water from a fire hose, shot after shot of thick cum splashed over and over onto her face, she had closed her eyes just in case which was wise of her as two puddles had started form, Charles let out a loud groan as he came for the last time, he sat there on his Mother for a short time, his cock softening and leaving a trail between his Mother’s breasts which were still held firmly together.
“You really needed to cum honey.” Sue said tasting cum as it seep into her mouth with each word, she thrust her tongue out and licked around her hips before bring the cum into her mouth, she swished it around a little and then swallowed it, Charles got off his Mother’s diaphragm and laid by her side.
“That felt wonderful Mum.” He said taking in several deep breaths.
“Ah baby can you get Mummy a towel, I can’t open my eyes.” Charles smiled as he looked at the cum mask that he had given his Mother, he rose from the bed and darted to the laundry cabinet, he came back with a towel and handed it to her, she took the towel and wiped her face as clean as she could, but she could still feel the sticky residue of his cum on her face, the smell was almost intoxicating.

Sue dropped the towel on to the floor and cuddled up to Charles, they kissed once again tasting their unique flavor, Sue placed her head on to his left shoulder and they fell asleep in each others arms.

story by: NightFall-1

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Author: NightFall-1

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