sex stories

Before I begin I wanted to give you my quick profile at the time of this story so I can set the scene.
I am a 25 year old white man from Northern England. Six feet 2 inches tall with short brown hair. I am slim with tanned skin and consider myself to be just above average in looks. I have had several girlfriends (a couple serious) and slept with over 10 different women and so my story begins.
I was working down South with a night’s stay over in a city I had never been to before. Usually I would work away with a colleague to complete the work, however sometimes it would require just one of us. So I travelled down alone, worked until about 5pm and then went to the outskirts of the city to check into your typical motorway hotel. I had a shower, watched a bit of TV and then went downstairs to the restaurant and had my evening meal.
When staying over with a work colleague we would normally have a meal, a few drinks and then head to the local town/city to see what was going on. But the occasional lonesome stay overs just meant I had my food and then went back to my room to masturbate and get an early night. However this time I'd had a couple of beers with my meal, I had completed my work, so I only had to drive home the next day, so I thought I might go to this city I had never visited before on my own.
I got a taxi and ask the driver to drop me off in the centre where the most bars were. After walking past a few bars I went into a well lit up club that seemed at little busier than the others on offer. I went to the bar to find a menu sat on the top, to my delight it was a cocktail menu/bar. Which was great as I've always enjoyed sampling different cocktails with their various tastes.
After looking through the selection I called the barman over and order some cocktail that I had never heard of before. The barman did his usual shaking, throwing and showing off in preparation of the beverage before putting two of the same drinks in front of me.
I shouted over the music to him "I only wanted one mate!" to which he pointed at a sign on the wall which read 'Thursday nights buy 1 cocktail get 1 free' I smiled, handed him the money said "alright, thanks!"
The drink was delicious the first one went straight down and then I started on my 'get one free' I swivelled round on my chair at the bar to scan the room, the club wasn't too busy but OK for a week night. There were a few groups on the dance floor moving and singing to each other to the modern song being played by the DJ. There were a few people sat around various tables dotted around the room. Then there was me the only person in the building who was on their own, even the barman was leaning over into the DJ booth chatting away.
Suddenly I realised I wasn't the only person on my own (and this is where my story really starts) there was a young woman sat at the other end of the bar from where I was with a couple of cocktails sat in front of her. She looked gorgeous; she was slim with long dark curly hair which had a wet look about it and dropped in front of her shoulders. She had tanned skin with a Latino about her. She was wearing a short puffed out black skirt which revealed her long legs all the way down to some strappy black high heels which would make her stand up at about 6 feet tall. She had a tight sleeveless red top which had a large V-shaped neck displaying the cleavage of some large round breasts.
As I finished my drink and was studying this sexy woman across the bar I caught her eye and it appeared that she smiled at me.
Not being a very confident person I chose to ignore this and turned back to the barman and ordered another cocktail from the menu, drinking them both rather quickly.
Soon after I stood up and went to the toilet passing the woman on the way and again as I passed her she shot me a smile. I went to the urinal got my cock out and started to piss. I noticed that I was semi-erect as just staring at the woman and receiving a smile was enough to turn me on. After finishing in the toilet I started to walk back to my seat and realised that I was already a little tipsy from the drinks I had had that evening.

It must have been the drink that made me make my next move as I already said I wasn't the most confident of people and would never approach such a beautiful thing in my normal state of mind.
As I was heading back to my seat I was walking past the woman. This time she wasn't looking at me but I noticed her taking a sip through a straw of a cocktail. I stopped just behind her and said "Hi"
She stopped sucking and swivelled on her chair to face me.
As she did I said "What's that you’re drinking?" "It looks pretty good" I continued
She looked up at me, back at the glass in her hand and then back at me. "It's just a strawberry daiquiri" she said in a accent.
"Strawberry daiquiri, nice" I said leading the conversation "I thought it was, that's got to be one of my favourite cocktails" I wasn't lying it really is one of my favourites. "That or a dune bug"
"A dune bug?" her sexy husky accent replied.
"Yeah a dune bug, you’re not saying you've never had a dune bug?"
"No I have never heard of that one before"
"Oh! You’re going to have to try one they're /> She was smiling and looked intrigued as I grabbed the menu next to her and showed it to her on the list.
"Would you like one? I asked
"Sure, why not?" she said
And that was how I got sat down and talking with Charo.

Up close to her I thought she was hot or at least my cock was telling me she was. She had big lips coated in red lipstick and a small gem pieced in the side of her nose. I wouldn't say her face was beautiful as she had a lot of make-up slapped on, but it gave her that sexy look rather than pretty or beautiful. Put it this way, I had been with worse and she had an amazing body, big jugs, long legs and beautiful hair.
I ordered the 'buy one get one free' dune bugs off the barman and she loved it. We talked about various things as we flirted and drank more cocktails. She told me her name and said she was from Brazil and had moved to England just over a year ago. I told her I was staying over for a night in a local hotel and travelling back up North in the morning. After lots of talking and cocktail drinking it felt like the flirting was at top speed. I'd been buying all the drinks but she then insisted on buying the next round. The drink came in a tall ice cream glass and looked like a pink yogurt. The barman placed the drinks in front of Charo and I and she paid. The thing that was different about this cocktail than the others was that it had no straw. She looked at me gave me that sexy smile of hers and said "This one has to go down in one" then she put the glass to her lips tilted her head back and drank, it was gone down her throat in 2-3 seconds.
She picked up the second glass and handed it to me and again with a smile said "Your turn"
I put the glass to my lips tilted my head back and started to swallow. The liquid was cold and creamy which made it hard to drink fast. After a few seconds of drinking it 'down in one' I started to struggle to keep swallowing. Charo must have noticed that I was struggling as the glass started to tilt forward before I had finished. As it did she put her left hand on the back of my head and her right hand on the bottom of the glass pushing it back up forcing it down my throat.
After finishing the forced drink in one she let go and I put the empty glass down on the bar. 
She looked into my eyes and said "Good boy" and gave me another smile although this time there was something different about this smile it seemed a little more evil and a lot more sexy. Then she put her left hand on the back of my head for a second time and pulled me towards her lips and began kissing me. She stuck her tongue right into my mouth wrapping it around mine as our tongues started to have a wrestle in and out of each other’s mouths. When she pulled away from our kiss she looked into my eyes again and said "So where's this hotel of yours" she didn't have to say anything else and from this moment on we hardly said anymore words to each other for the rest of the night.
I stood up, took her by the hand and pulled her away from the chair she was sat on. We quickly walked out of the club onto the street. I saw some taxis queuing further down the street so still holding hands I lead her running down the street just hearing her high heels tip-tapping closely behind me as we ran together.

We jumped into a taxi, I told the driver our destination and then we started to continue our kiss from the bar. Again she stuck her tongue into my mouth and they started to wrestle. Meanwhile I couldn't help myself from touching this beautiful body that I had been staring at all night. Letting one of my hands run up and down one of her long legs whilst my other hand groped one of her large breasts. They were very large, bigger than a handful, they were also very firm, a little too firm which gave me a strong suspicion that they were fake. I had never been with a girl with fake tits before so this just turned me on even more.
We were kissing very passionately and frantically there was lots of kissing noises, wet slurping sounds between our tongues and the occasional small moan of pleasure coming from Charo. I remember opening my eyes at one point and seeing the drivers eyes in his mirror witnessing us making out. He must have had at least a semi as he watched this soft porn. Whereas I by now was fully hard, it felt like my cock was going to pop out of my trousers.

Soon enough we had reached the hotel so I paid the fair and jumped out of the cab and helped Charo out as well. I took her by the hand again and led her into the building, through the reception, up the stairs and to the door of my room, all the time there was no noise accept from the tip-tapping coming from her high heels.
I opened the door and as it swung open we were all over each other again, our arms wrapped around each other embraced in a forceful kiss. As we were making out I moved her towards the bed as the door shut behind us. We fell onto the bed still locked together, still making wet kissing noises and moans of pleasure.

Then things started to get more serious, she had let me pull down her V-neck shirt and bra to finally reveal her breasts. I was right they were fake, but they were magnificent. Very large around DD (I don't know I'm not good with breast sizes) they had tiny nipples in the centre probably just a little bigger than mine. They were firm and pushed up together by her top and bra. My face dived straight into them, licking, sucking and kissing those cute nipples. I would look up at her and see her enjoying herself but not as much as I was enjoying myself.
After plenty mouthfuls of her tits she sat up on the bed to remove her top over her head to completely reveal the top half her body. As she did this I rushed to do the same unbuttoning a couple of buttons and then pulling my shirt over my head. She was sat there for a couple of seconds on the bed as I was taking in the view.  Her slim body accentuating her large breasts which now sat firm on her chest wobbling a little.
I dived on top of her and started feeling up her breasts again as I went back to her lips for some more erotic tongue action. Then slowly she moved her hand down my body and finally released my cock which was bursting to get out of my pants. As we were kissing her hand had gone under my clothes and gripped my penis pulling it out of my pants. She let go of my cock for a second as it jumped out of my pants bouncing off my stomach. Then she grabbed it again, now a little wet at the tip from pre-cum and at full erection. She ran her hand down to the shaft of my penis and then clasped my balls sticking her long red painted nails into my sac, making me squirm.
After toying with my balls she moved her hand back onto my cock moving her hand up and down it as if she was inspecting what I had to offer down there before slowly starting to jerk me off.
I took this as an invitation that I was allowed to go and play with her pussy. I stopped squeezing one of her breasts with my right hand (still kissing) and pushed my hand down past her flat stomach towards her opening.
I shoved my hand into her skirt to find a blockage in the way, it was warm, it was hard, I chose to ignore it.
Moving my hand down the length of the warm hard obstacle I noticed it was very long yet still I ignored it in search for her pussy. At the end of the length was some soft skin, a sac, I rummaged around the sac to find two large balls. It was then that I suddenly realised as I froze for a couple of seconds still cupping the balls.
She was a he!
Charo was a shemale! 
Quickly I pulled my hand out of her skirt and leaned away from her/him on the bed.

I have never touched a cock before that moment; I had never even seen a hard cock before, except in porno films but never in the flesh.
When I was a young adolescent teenager I used to sleep over at my friend’s house. We use to talk about our genitals, what they looked like, how hairy they had become and what feelings we got from touching them. We would talk about which famous women we wanked over and which girls at school we fancied. The night would usually end with us getting so horny that we would put a porn video on and start wanking underneath our sleeping bags next to each other. But we never showed our manhood to each other, so like I said I had never seen one in the flesh before. This one time when I was staying at his house we were talking about our cocks in our sleeping bags again. My friend asked me if I had ever measured my dick before, to which I said no. He pulled out some measuring tape and said "Shall we do it", to which I excitedly agreed.
He measured his soft first which he said was 4 inches before handing me the tape. Then I reached down into my sleeping bag with the tape, held my cock with one hand and carefully measured with the other. Looking down I read to my disappointment that it was between the 3.5 and the 4 inch mark. (It’s still the same size today)
He asked "what's it say?" inquisitively, I said “three and three quarter inches" feeling humiliated that I was smaller than him.
He then stood up with half a boner poking in his underwear and put a porno on the TV. I gave him the measuring tape and he got back in his sleeping bag. He said "Let's see what size they are when they are big"
We started watching some blonde with big jugs being fucked by some muscly guy with a muscly cock and not before long we were both jerking away under our sleeping bags. Just as the blonde on the TV was being screwed doggystyle he asked if I was ready to measure, to which my cock was as big as it gets so I said /> He fumbled around under his sleeping back and said "it's dead on six /> "Cool" I said
"Is that big?" he asked
"Pretty big I think, I read somewhere that five inches was about average" I replied
he said quite smug
"Yeah you’re quite big already and we're still only young so it might get bigger still" I said
Then with a big smile on his face he passed me the tape and said "Go on, you try"
Again using the same technique as before I measured my now bulging dick. It was a little trickier than last time as my prick was wobbling about in its erect state. Then I looked down and it was just a tiny mark under the 7. I was 7 inches I thought excitedly. (It’s still the same size today)
My friend said "How big?" impatiently.
I thought about how disappointed I felt when my limp dick was smaller than his, so being a good friend I lied. "I can't believe it, exactly six inches as well! Let me just double check" I looked down with my cock next to the tape next to the 7 mark. "Yeah definitely six inches" I said
"Six inches" he said surprised.
/> well good, as if we're both six inches big! That's well good!"
I suspected that he thought I was lying, which I was, just not in the way he thought.
We talked excitedly about how big we thought our cocks were and then finished in the usual way by wanking next to each other to the blonde on the TV.

At this young age and then growing older I came into contact with more cocks, not in the physical way. As I said I had never touched or seen a hard cock before. But I mean contact in the sense that I grew to see and think about cocks more often. For example when growing up in my teens I use to see a lot of cocks on porn films that I watched (and wanked over) I use to think that porn was all about the woman and how sexy she was. Don't get me wrong I love to watch hot women or even lesbians licking and having sex with each other. I use to tell myself cocks were disgusting and I'd pretend not to be watching the cock going in the woman especially when talking about it with other people like my friend mentioned earlier.
But for real porn you need a cock, you need a cock to be nailing that sexy woman to make her even more sexier. At some point I realised this and then started watching more porn where there were two cocks nailing a sexy woman. Then watching three cocks in her and then more.
Soon after I found that I was starting to masturbate more often over porn were it was just a woman giving a blow job or hand job to a guy. I use to love it when he would have a massive dick (imagining it to be mine) compared to her small beautiful face and then he would cum all over it, in her mouth, down her chin, everywhere. When you think about all that sort of porn (BJ porn) is, it's all about the cock and what is happening to the cock.

One day my friend copied me a CD of some porn he had downloaded off the Internet. It was just thousands of different pictures of porn, women with dildos in their pussies, men cumming onto a girl’s face, girls sharing several dicks. It had everything I would start on a random picture in the file and start wanking as I clicked through the pics until I found an image worthy of spilling my semen on. Maybe a black woman bent over showing her massive sexy ass, maybe a middle aged fat milf having cum squirted on her tits or a pig tailed teenager being double penetrated by cocks too big for her little pussy and ass. Like I say it had everything, this one time I clicked on a random image with my cock out and started jerking away as usual. My length was at its rock hard seven inches when I was clicking through the pics and I came across a picture of a woman with long blonde hair and massive tits. Then I noticed it, this picture's main focus wasn't the hair or massive tits it was the cock at the bottom of the screen. She was a transsexual, a tranny, a tgirl, a chick with a dick, a heshe; between her legs was a huge cock sticking out, just sat there. Quickly I clicked past the image telling myself in my head that it was disgusting.
Disgusting just I had earlier in life pretended seeing a guy’s cock was disgusting.
I carried on looking through the pics slowly stroking my cock, but not to the images on the screen but to the image I had seen of the shemale still planted in my mind. A few more clicks later, an image popped up of another cock in-between some female legs, this time she was Thai; a ladyboy. I stayed with this image and started getting faster with my strokes looking at this Thai girl with her legs open and little cock standing up in the air. I wanked as if this was the first time I had touched my cock as I found myself under the spell of this newly found incredible erotic species.
Later that night I went onto the Internet and found myself searching shemale porn videos. I found it unusual at first seeing a hot girl with a massive cock jerking it as she sucked some guy off. Intrigued I got more adventurous with watching transsexual porn by watching more graphic action; a guy being fucked by a tranny or a shemale orgy. This forbidden porn was amazing it had everything I needed; a sexy woman, big tits, a rear pussy and a cock.

As you can see this I had with dicks got more and more. Its peak really hit I suppose when I would occasionally watch some gay porn. I was intrigued after being into shemale porn so much I thought I would try bi or gay porn. It was disappointing, I could wank as I liked to watch juicy cocks wobbling about and going into different orifices. But it wasn't as good as usual porn or shemale porn, I watch it now and again to see if there is anything different but I still prefer porn with a female in it. (Even if she’s the one with the cock).
Even though I watch gay porn I don't think I'm gay as I never look at guys and think 'He's hot' or 'I would like to fuck him'.
The opposite to my personality with women were I am constantly looking at women checking them out and fantasising about sticking my cock into the good looking ones, sometimes even the not so good looking ones.
In fact seeing guys kissing or being physical without seeing their cocks kind of turns me off. So I don't fancy men, I definitely fancy women and I'm definitely turned on by cocks. So maybe I'm bi, I don't know but I suppose it doesn't matter.

The next I had with cock was actual contact. It was the situation I was in with Charo.
I had just ran my hand down Charo's cock fondled her balls before cupping them in my hand and then quickly removed my hand from her genitals and moved away from her on the bed.
For a couple of seconds in my retreat I thought about what was happening. I thought about my past with cock and how much I wanked and fantasise about shemales. Yet there was a beautiful shemale in front of me and I was retreating.
Then Charo's face caught my eye as she started to look upset and embarrassed as she started to retreat herself. Quickly I came to my senses shouting "No!" I grabbed her pulling her towards me I went back to her now familiar lips and put my tongue in her mouth. Then at same time I slipped my hand into her skirt this time knowing what to expect and this time even more excited than looking for her pussy.
Her cock greeted me again as it had done before, I clasp my fist around it and started to tug away. This was the first cock I had ever touched my heart was beating really fast; I was so excited and turned on. Then I noticed she started to kiss me more vigorously again as she may have been momentarily put off by my first reaction. She reached down and grabbed my cock again, I started to quiver this time, I was as excited as the time when I had lost my (straight) virginity. We were now mutually masturbating each other’s dicks whilst still wrestling with our tongues, occasionally I would unlock our lips for air and start kissing her neck or suck on her tits.
It was on one of these visits down to her titties that I finally saw my first hard cock in the flesh. I was licking one of her nipples and looking down; my cock was clearly visible as she jerked it outside of my pants. However hers was hidden by her skirt but then I made some big thrusts with my hand and the head of her penis popped out of her skirt. I watched its red helmet shining with pre-cum as my hand was coming up and down it, yet I still couldn't see all of it yet. Just as I thought I would get my full look at her cock my hand came away from it and it hid back away in her skirt again as Charo started to move and kiss down my body.
She kissed my chest and then ran her Tongue down to my stomach where she started to kiss until she got the head of my wet penis that she had been playing with.
Then she pulled my trousers right down and off, I kicked off my shoes and she pulled off my socks. I was now completely naked lying on the bed with my cock pointing up waiting to be greeted by those familiar lips.
She grabbed my cock at the base moving up the bed and started by giving the tip a kiss as she looked up at me staring into my eyes. Then she started running her Tongue around the eye at the top of my penis several times, I could see a sticky drip of my pre-cum now keeping a constant connection between my cock and her tongue. As before as she had inspected my manhood with her hand she now started to inspect it with her Tongue. She licked down the length of my penis giving me a full view of my own cock by lifting it from the base with her thumb. I remember thinking that my cock looked slightly different than usual, maybe bigger.
Measuring it as a young teenager it read at just a tiny mark under the 7 inch and growing up I occasionally would measure again. (I suppose in hope that it would be getting bigger, but it never did). But on this occasion looking down at it next to Charo's face maybe through the extra turn on it might have gone a tiny mark over the 7.
It was bulging the head as red as I've ever seen it, veins pulsing all along its length. She let go with her thumb as it slapped against my stomach and bounced up hovering slightly above my stomach. She had now moved onto my balls, at first licking at the sac before taking one of my balls in her mouth and started to kiss, suck and wrestle it with her tongue. This made me squirm moving up the bed, she stopped for a second before moving onto the over ball and doing the same and getting the same squirming reaction.
After a few more licks of my sac she moved back to inspecting my length with her tongue. She licked up and down my cock before returning to kiss its head. I then gasped with pleasure as she put the walls of her mouth all around the head of my dick. With the tip of my penis now hidden in her mouth she replicated what she had done with my Tongue and balls by wrapping her tongue all around the head, all this time looking up at me to see the sexual pleasure on my face.
Removing her mouth from my cock she drew a breath before diving back down on it. This time with more purpose with more rapid furious movement as her head began to bob up and down now on my cock. If I hadn't had so much to drink I would have cum there and then and filled her mouth with my seed. Yet I didn't for some reason when I drink alcohol I can last much longer during sex or masturbation before I cum. (I think this is quite common).
She was really working my cock and I loved it as I just laid back and watched my own private porn show. Her black curls where flying up and down and she was making slurping noises on my cock. Then after coming up for some more air she dived again this time more slowly but she started to move down my cock inch by inch sticking it all the way to the back of her throat. I moaned as she got deeper as she tried to get as much in as possible. There must have been about an inch of my cock left visible with my pubes tickling her nose. She held the 6 inches in her not moving before gagging a little and then she came back up for air. As she detached from my dick there was a mass of fluid falling from her mouth onto my genitals. It was a mixture of pre-cum, saliva, sweat and phlegm making her very own cocktail.
She made several deepthroat dives each time I think trying to get all of my cock swallowed down her throat but she never really got past the 6 inch mark, but still impressive as I had never seen any of my past girlfriends get past the 4 inch mark before pathetically choking and giving up. Then after a few more quick bobs of her head and some licks of the tip of my penis she finally departed giving it one last kiss.
I was in heaven I hadn't yet cum but the feeling she had given me and view to match was incredible. She the climbed back on top of me and we started to lock mouths again.
This time she tasted a little different her tongue coated in layer of pre-cum it was a lot slippier in there. As we lay kissing I could feel her cock through her skirt pressing up against my leg. During this kiss I had two main thoughts running through my mind. The first being immense pleasure from the blowjob I had just received and the other was a kind of jealousy.
This jealousy was not just at Charo, not just my ex-girlfriends but at all the people (mainly porn stars) I had witness suck a cock. I was now jealous because I wanted to suck a cock my mouth was salivating at the thought.
This was my opportunity, she had just finished sucking mine and now I could feel her hard treat rubbing along my leg. I pulled away from our kiss and pushed her backwards up off the bed so we were standing. I moved down her body by dropping to my knees. I was so eager to reach her cock that I went straight past her breasts without even touching them.  I got to the bulge in her skirt and then using both my hands I pulled her skirt and underwear down her long legs over her high heels and off. She was now like me completely naked accept for her black strappy high heels.

Standing in front of me while I was on my two knees, there it was standing, pointing up to the ceiling. Trembling with excitement I grabbed the base to bring it down so it was pointing at my face. The first thing I noticed about it was its size, it was huge. I had felt it in her underwear with my hand around it jerking it off so I knew it was thick and long. But now seeing it, it was impressive. It must have been bigger than mine by a couple of inches and it had a slight curve to it like a banana. It was also much thicker than mine, reminding me of the big porn stars cocks I had had jerked off to at my computer. Despite its size there were a few similarities, in that she had veins bursting out everywhere like mine and the head was a deep red like mine craving to be sucked. Also her balls looked of similar size to mine, which made her sac look quite small next to such a big instrument. She was shaven all over which I liked, I always liked my ex-girlfriends to have bald pussy's so I suppose her shaved cock had a feminine feel about (I bet that that's the first cock to be described as feminine ha-ha). There I was staring into the eye of the massive cock holding it with my right hand. I gave it a kiss on the head as Charo had given mine, I looked up at her face and she smiled and gave out a little giggle.
As if just taught by a professional, I the amateur followed the exact same steps my teacher had just shown me. I put my tongue on the tip of her penis and started to lick around the eye. Collecting pre-cum along the way, it had the same slimy texture I had received in my mouth from the kiss she had given me after finishing my blowjob. I then ran my Tongue down her 9 inches, all the way to her soft ball sac. Their I carried on copying what my teacher had demonstrated; I stuck my tongue into the bald cushion and routed around in search for her balls. After several licks I found one, I sucked it into my mouth and toyed with it with my tongue. Spitting it out I went in search for the other one burying my tongue again in her sac. After bouncing that ball on my tongue in my mouth I return to the penis.
I measured it a few times by running my tongue up and down the hard column. Finally stopping on the head back on the sticky pre-cum, it was time to put it in my mouth. I open my jaw as wide as I could and lowered down onto the head. It was large giving me a mouthful I wrapped my lips around it to its ridge.
I again replicated my tutors actions by licking the head within my mouth. It was hard to manoeuvre my tongue in what seemed a little space in my mouth because her helmet was so big but I looked at Charo's face as she moaned with pleasure. Naturally my head then seem to go in to a rhythm as my head had started to move up and down her cock. Before I knew it I was leisurely sucking away as if I'd been doing it all my life. Charo was now moaning quite loudly as I picked up speed and I was loving it. Finally stopping to come up to take a breath I knew it was now my time to make my cocktail.
Again opening my jaw as wide as I could I sunk down onto this huge prick to see how far I could go down. I wiggled the head in my mouth which must have taken me to the first 1.5 inch. Then slowly I moved the cock to the back of my throat, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch. At about 4.5 inches I started to gag, I held it there for as long as I could and then came back for air. I had made a cocktail, sticky fluids falling from my mouth, there wasn't as much fluid as her cocktail but still a lot. Charo was now gasping as she said /> Happy to fulfil her request I went again, past the helmet, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch. I started to struggle as I pushed to 4.5 on the curve of her banana. Then I felt Charo's hands on the back of my head, she wanted me deeper, she pushed me deeper, 4.5 inch, 5 inch, 5.5 inches!
By now I was gagging, but yet I remained stuck half way down her dick. I was stuck but not by choice Charo was moaning as she force fed me her banana. I was choking she wasn't letting go, I was choking!
Her strong pull towards her hips was harder to fight as I was losing strength, I was at her mercy. Then she suddenly let loose and dragged her cock from its victim. Lots of fluid fell from my mouth as I was heavily panting fighting for air to now come into my lungs. After a few seconds I caught my breath looked up at Charo and laughed. She looked at me and said "Good boy" and gave me that sexy evil smile she had given me earlier when forcing the cocktail down my throat in the club.

She pulled me to my feet and we engage in a passionate kiss. As this kiss went on I could feel our erections banging against each other’s, still kissing I clasped the two cocks /> Eager to get a view I pulled away from the kiss and looked down at them together and started to play with them. At first I pulled them both horizontal to measure them both alongside each other. I was right she was about 2 inches bigger than me, maybe more. As I held the cocks together my cock being smaller and skinnier than hers I noticed that my cock looked like it was pissing. It wasn't piss it was streams of pre-cum leaking from my cock. It was covering her cock and mixing with her pre-cum making the cocks glisten together in the light.
With her cock being significantly bigger than mine I recalled my feelings of inadequacy from when I told my friend as a teenager that my soft cock was smaller than his. Yet now staring at these two pieces of erect meat I didn't feel embarrassed at all. In fact it turned me on (that's if I could be turned on anymore) with her dick dwarfing mine I felt like she was my master and I was her slave with my little prick. An amusing thought popped in my head as I said to myself in my mind; "I never thought I would see a girl with a bigger dick than me"

I looked at Charo's face and she looked happy enough to just let me play with my and my master’s cock, so looking back down I continued. I wrapped the two slippery cocks around each other and then banged them together. I had a sword fight with the two and then started slapping the big one with the smaller one. I poked my tip into her sac batting the two balls together with my racket. I pushed hers into my sac rubbing her head against my balls. Then lifting the big one and small one both vertical I brought them together again with her cock towering over mine. At first with one hand I started to masturbate them together, finding it difficult as they were so thick together and slippery covered in pre-cum. They kept leaping from my hand, so to gain control I used both hands clasping them together. With the cocks squeezed in I jerked them as one. I was now consumed by her piece as I felt drunk but not just by the alcohol but by lust as my little dick slid along the curve of her big warm banana. This was great it felt incredible cock on cock, with our balls bouncing off each other’s like marbles, I could hear Charo giggling.
After a few minutes of play I knew what I really wanted, having one taste of cock was not enough. I gave Charo a peck on the lips and dropped to my knees again. Not using my hands as I went down I caught her dick in my mouth and started to suck. Then Charo grabbed her big one at the base and levered it out of my mouth. I went to catch it again using only my mouth but she quickly moved it away and then came back at me as she slapped my lips with her dick. She playfully laughed.
Then hovering it over my lips I leaped for it again with my gaping mouth. She dodged the advance again and this time slapped my cheek with her 9 inches and said "no no no" giggling.
So as I had played with the big one and little one together it was now her turn to play a game. She was teasing me as she would put it close to my begging mouth, I would strike only for her to keeping moving it. She slapped my cheeks, my lips, my chin, my nose, I loved it.
Then holding my mouth open with my tongue sticking out like a dog she started slapping the head against it. I didn't try to catch it I just let her beat my tongue. Then in surprise as if the game had finished I leaped catching the head in my mouth and biting so it couldn't escape. She started to laugh "you got me! You got me!"
She let go of her cock at the base and I had won my prize. Still not using my hands I got to work sucking on the head, then I sent my head bobbing up and down sucking the first 2-3 inches of her cock. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks getting a tight grip of her firm ass. Using her ass as a lever I pushed my face further up and down her cock going at a fast rate making lots of slurping noises. Charo was moaning again as I went faster and faster and deeper and deeper at the same time. I then grabbed hold of the base of the cock and as Charo had done before I started slapping it on my tongue.
Changing tactic again I went back to sucking it fast again but this time wanking the base at the same time as my hand and head moved in unison up and down her cock.
Her moans were very loud now as she moaned god!"
Wanking her cock as fast as I could I pulled my mouth out from around her penis and rested my wet Tongue on it's head. I was now jerking her cock against my tongue as pre-cum was leaking out.
This was a technique one of my ex-girlfriend used to use on me whilst giving me head, I knew I always enjoyed it very much and that's why I performed it on Charo.
"Yeah! Oh yeah!" she cried
She was panting heavily.
"Oh oh god I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"
Quickly as I heard those words I shoved the head back into my mouth and felt her 9 inches twitch. It spat a big drop to the back of my throat followed by a dribble of cum onto my waiting tongue. Still moaning and panting but now in a more relaxed manner. I felt her cock twitching more in my mouth as two more big spits of cum filled my mouth. This was followed by a big dribble, it twitched a few more times but only three more little spits came and the last bit of cum dribbled out. All the time I kept my mouth enclosed around the tip collecting all the discharge.
I held it in my mouth a bit longer to ensure I had collected it all and then she move back pulling the cock out of my mouth. As she did a dribble of cum ran down my chin, I quickly pushed it back to my lips with my finger and licked it up.  She moved backwards and collapse lying down on the bed still making noises indicating that she was still in a pleasurable state of mind.
Meanwhile I stayed on my knees for a while but in a more relaxed position but with a mouth full of cum. Whilst on the floor I moved the cum around my mouth swirling it around with my tongue.
The texture of the juice was like a liquidised jelly, it wobbled in my mouth but in a liquid form. The taste was like no other, I am not able to describe it. Some people I hear say it tastes salty but I didn't think so, like I say I can't describe it, you'll have to try it to find out.
After playing with the warm liquor in my mouth for a while I finally swallowed it all making sure I got every last drop. Again I couldn't describe the taste but I know I would definitely like to taste it again and I know I would always swallow it all. Getting to my feet I walked over to the bed where Charo was still lying. She saw me coming and rolled over to the edge of the bed and took a couple of things out her bag.
The first thing was a square silver packet which she threw at me; it hit my stomach and fell to the floor. I bent over and picked it up and started to open the packet and got the condom out. As I started to slide the rubber down over my penis I started to think.
My thought was; if I'm putting on a condom that means I'm going to have sex. As I unravelled the last roll of condom over my hard prick my suspicions were confirmed as I looked up to see Charo bent over the bed. With her ass stuck up in the air I could see the second object she had removed from her bag, a tube of lube.
She was rubbing it into her asshole and then threw the tube to one side. As I approached her from behind her ass looked very inviting, it was quite large yet quite firm. Then I saw her balls hanging down between her legs with her cock hanging behind them in the background. She beckoned me over by saying "Come on cock sucker, come and fill my ass"

I had tried anal sex a couple of times in the past with two ex-girlfriends. The first time my ex had agreed to give it a go so one night during sex I lined my cock up next to her ass hole and I pushed it at the opening. It was very tight and didn't seem to be going in. After a few stabs we gave up as I could not get it in her tight anus and we were both horny and impatient so I ended up just sticking it in the usual hole as we said we would try it again another time. (We never did).
The second time was with another ex, I approached the subject again whilst in bed once and she agreed. Again lining it up to stick it in her back hole I thrust my weapon in between her cheeks. This time it went in but just, it was very very tight but I managed to get my head in. As I slid the head in and out uncomfortably for a few strokes she finally stopped me saying that it hurt her too much and she wasn't enjoying it. So again like last time I ended up just filling her pussy.
So the first two attempts with ex-girlfriends didn't work out so well from behind, so I was hoping it was going to be third time lucky.

Fill my ass she had commanded I didn't need to be told again I moved over and positioned my cock between her ass cheeks. I poked at her gaping hole with my now rubber cock, my first two attempts missing and stabbing her balls that were dangling down, not a good start again I thought. I wasn't good at feeling around openings with my cock when wearing a condom, whenever I wore one I always seemed to need help in finding the destination. Charo must have sensed this as most girls do and reached around grabbing my cock and placing it into position. With a thrust of my hips and with the aid of Charo's hand this time I hit the centre of her ass. My cock started to squeeze into the opening; it was tight as been my previous experience with anuses.
I pushed harder and as her hand released my cock, the head of my penis was in her ass. After this initial tightness the rest of the space seemed quite easy to slip my cock into. Slowly moving in and out my momentum soon built and I was able to get deeper and deeper until all my 7 inches were buried. With my hips now pressed against her butt cheeks I now held that position as I was as deep as I could go. Again I started sliding back and forth in her ass slowly; it just felt like a normal pussy.
Then I reached around the front of her to grab her cock. When my hand got there I realised she was no longer hard, I grabbed her now limp dick and squeezed it as I thrust my hips faster towards her body. I let her soft cock bounce around in my hand as I was rocking back and too, even in this state it was a handful and felt thick and large. As I was having sex with her ass I started to have to concentrate on not cumming. Evening with extra durability through the alcohol and having less feeling on my tip by wearing the condom the urge to cum was now growing. Because of this I found myself reducing the pace of my thrust as I didn't want to cum yet and end this heavenly sex. It came to the point where I stopped thrusting completely and the movement was now coming from Charo now throwing her hips back and forth. Finally I could stop concentrating on cumming as I got some rest bite when Charo slipped all the way off my cock. By now she was in complete control she turned around and laid me on the bed to change position.

Laid flat on the bed with my prick up in the air I waited to see what she was going to do to me next. At this point I got a glimpse of her now limp cock, dangling between her legs it was as I had felt still an impressive size at about six inches and looked thicker than mine when I was erect. She then climbed up onto the bed and stood over me with one of her two legs on either side of my closed legs. With her back to me I got a nice view of her tight ass again that I had just entered. She then opened her knees as she lowered her butt cheeks towards my dick. Once in the reverse cowgirl position she used her hand to guide me into her hole once again.
She pushed her tight ass down on my cock and started to rock slowly. Then picking up speed she started to bounce on me giving me an incredible feeling. She struggled a little at first as my cock kept popping out of her ass but she would just re-adjust a few times and soon enough she got into a perfect rhythm. Bouncing on me I could hear lots of slapping noise; her ass on my hips, my balls on my ass, her balls on her legs and her cock slapping everywhere. It was then that I got an image I would never forget.

As she was mounted on my dick using me as a trampoline I half sat up using my elbows as support. I then leaned around to look across the bed to where a huge mirror was opposite. It was from this mirror I got my unforgettable image.
It was the part in the shemale porn film that I always would skip too, to wank off too. I could see everything. This slim sexy woman naked on top of me. Her dark curly hair bouncing above her massive tits which sat firm on her chest yet bouncing as well. But the part of this image that I loved the most was obviously her cock.
Its six inches wobbled and bounced everywhere. Up and down slapping her flat stomach and fat balls. Side to side hitting her thighs with her legs wide open. Round in circles slapping everything in its way as it was still leaking some post-cum and spraying everywhere.
I watched in amazement, it was hypnotising watching this sexual display.
It could have been the great feeling from having her tight ass around my cock or the long build-up of this intense orgasm or various other reasons but I don't think it was any of those things that made me finally cum. I think I finally ejaculated to this image of the beauty bouncing up and down with her cock flopping everywhere.

I started to pant loudly; Charo knew I was nearly there as she bounced quicker. My hips joined in the movement of her bouncing as I thrust my piece deep within her ass. Moaning I said "Fuck! Oh fuck!" and following that I let out a long moan.
My cock twitched violently inside her, shooting jets of cum out of its eye. After several twitches in my cock and several moans and swear words coming from my mouth I knew I had filled the condom with semen.
Through my last moans Charo slowly stopped the bouncing into a rocking movement before stopping still just sat on my exhausted dick.
Sitting there for a few seconds she finally lifted off my cock reaching behind her she pulled the condom off my cock in the same movement making a snapping noise. As she did this my entire evening’s effort came falling onto my lap.
It was all the semen from the condom; it fell on to my cock, balls and thighs in huge quantities. Charo looked down at the mess and then ran her index finger from the base to the head of my cock collecting my sperm on her finger tip. She put her finger in her mouth slurped my fluid, looked into my eyes and licked her lips saying "mmm better than a dune bug".

She then climbed off the bed and started to walk away. As she walked towards the bathroom I just watched her in her high heels wiggling away with her cute ass bouncing up and down with every step. Just as she got to the bathroom door. I said "God your fucking hot" as she closed the door behind her she just looked at me smiled gave me a wink and a little giggle.
Whilst she was in the bathroom I just lay there in ecstasy, my cock was worn out, my throat a little sore and my tongue exhausted but I was in heaven. After a few minutes in the bathroom Charo returned. This time she was completely naked as she had removed her high heels. She walked across the room to the light switch with her wiggle. As she walked I was staring at her cock dangling in front of her thighs. It swung as she took each step banging off her left thigh then her right thigh then her left thigh and so on.
Even now not feeling as horny after cumming my gaze was trans-fixed on what was her secret weapon. She flicked the light switch and then tiptoed in the darkness back towards the bed. She climbed onto the bed next to me and gave me a passionate, romantic kiss. (No tongues) she curled up next to me as I wrapped my body around her. I put my hand on her thick soft cock, not ever wanting to let it go, I gripped it and we both fell asleep.

We both orgasmed two more times that night. The first time I was awoken by her nine inch weapon poking my leg. It was dark I didn't know what time it was but I could just about see by a street light coming in through the window. Charo had got on top of me and started to kiss me. My cock shot straight up to its seven inches at her touch. She grabbed it and started to jerk away, at the same time I reached down and replicated her actions on her dick. We were wanking each other for a while whilst having our usual tongue wrestle.
Moving onto her tits I licked away and sucked at her little nipples. She was stroking me fast now with us both panting heavily. I had my mouth stuck on her nipple and my right hand working her dick. She then put her hand on my head and said "down down" in a pushing motion.
She wanted my mouth on her cock again; I wanted my mouth on her cock again.
She didn't have to push my head down to her crotch as I was more than willing but she did anyway, so we knew who was in charge. I went straight around her cock with my lips taking in the head. I started to suck away bobbing my head up and down the whole time Charo didn't take her hand of the back of my head.
She wasn't being forceful with her hand as she had before she was more stroking my hair but kept a constant touch. I could taste pre-cum in my mouth but I quickly licked that up and went back to sucking. As I went up and down her cock I must have been getting down to four inches, back up and back down to four inches at a fast rate. Happily sucking away I must have been down there for at least 15 minutes. All this time my cock hadn't been touch but it was still rock hard as I was so turned on by giving the blowjob.
With my throat getting use to being drilled I must have been now bobbing down to the 4.5 inch mark on her length. Now putting both hands on the back of my head she started to get forceful again as she pushed my head back and forth. Getting more excited she started thrusting her hips so her dick was pounding my throat, she was using my mouth's hole like I had used her butt hole.
I didn't want this face fucking to end so I was disappointed when I heard her groans getting louder. I knew what was going to happen as I felt her twitch in my mouth. I ignored the twitch and carried on accepting her in my throat as she now finally removed her hands from my head. She shot some cum into my throat causing me to gag; I managed to bring it back up to my mouth as she emptied the rest of her balls in there. This time I didn't swallow the cum I kept in my mouth as I wanted to share my prize.
She was still trembling as I moved up her body to her lips. We kissed and she accepted her cum into her mouth. She passed it back to my tongue and I threw it back as we started to tongue wrestle with it. During this fight she had started on my cock again getting into a fast fist pump. Swallowing the cum she made an approval "mmm" noise and now she could concentrate on wanking my manhood. It didn't take long as I was sucking on her tits while she jerked. 
"Oh oh yes yes!" I panted
As I sprayed her thighs, like Charo I didn't release as much as my first orgasm but there was enough of a sticky mess down there. The white liquid went to waste dripping down her thighs as we kissed in celebration of our orgasms.

We must have drifted off to sleep after that kiss as I don't remember.
I also don't remember waking up the second time as we seemed to be in a deep tongue fight when I came round to my senses. This second awakening is very hazy as I must have been half asleep; I don't know who initiated or what time it was again. I just remember we were both hard and were engaging in mutual masturbation again.
We were both moaning in pleasure and the most memorable thing about this time was that I ejaculated first. My balls now empty not much liquid came out and of what did went to waste on her thighs again.
I also recall her not taking too long after me as she didn't have as much to spray as well but of what was left went onto my hand and fingers. This final ejaculation didn't go to waste though as I brought my hand up to our faces and we shared the White liquid jelly licking it together off my fingers. We kissed one last sleepy time and were fast unconscious to the world.

The next time I woke I was alone; it took me a few seconds to come round. Then I sat up quickly realising she wasn't in the bed and scanned the room. No one was there I jumped out of bed still naked and went to the bathroom, she wasn't in there. She must have woken before me gotten dressed and left me to believe it was a dream.
But it wasn't a dream it was the best sexual night of my life. I picked up the used condom from the floor and played with it in my left hand as I lay on the bed and wanked my cock wishing it was hers. My final thought being as I made myself cum, I love cocktails.

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