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It was a rainy day. I remembered it with grave detail. My brother long gone back to college never to be seen again until god knows how long. And me a senior in high school about to head for a college of my own away from my family, my friends ….away from Cody.

I was hoping that this year would not end or even more never to come because I knew that I would be away from everyone I cared about. I knew Cody didn't like the fact the I was leaving him to go to College with he still another year of school to go. This was the last day of high school, last surrounded with friends every day, possibly the last day I'd ever see Cody again. That thought alone just about killed me.

I arrived at school like it was just another day. But, without a bookbag which held all of my thoughts and dreams. It held my childhood. Even if people say their grown up in highschool their not, they got more growing up to do yet. After that day I would have to grow up even more than I thought I was.

I seen Cody in the halls. God his body was just as hot as the day I layed eyes on him. He seemed distant so I never approached. This was only a fuck-up day anyways. A day for some people to say see you next fall and for others to say good bye. I hated that day! Morning periods were slow. And the period before lunch was no better.
After lunch every body was getting ready for the assembly and then the final bus ride home.

I decided not to go. I decided I should go a clean out my locker, a task that probably should of been done earlier. I was in the sinlent corridor alone. "Hey," I heard a voice say. I turned around and it was Cody. "Cody why aren't you at the final assembly?," I asked him not looking into his eyes.

He change alot soince our first encounter at the beginning of the year. He became less of a party animal and more of a caring boy who's not affriad to show his passion. He almost got us caught one time after christmas break. I was in the locker room getting dressed when he came in and started kissing me. We heard the door start to open and hi-tailed it out off there. We was never caught once except the time with my brother.
He loved me and I loved him.

"Why were you so distant the last couple of days?," Cody asked in a concerned voice. "I dunno! Stress I suppose," I replied silently. I lied. I knew it would be painful just to talk to Cody now knowing that we may never see each other again. "Come on! I know you better than that! Max come on you can tell me," he said as held my two hands. I still wasn't looking at him. I then felt tears starting to flow from my eyes. " I don't want to leave you! I don't want to go away and never see you again!," I sobbed.

Cody got a tissue from his pocket and wiped my eyes and then kissed me. "You must go!, you wanted to be accepted to this school since for ever! Its your dream!,"Cody insisted. I couldn't stop crying. Cody knew how embaranced I would get if someone caught me crying in the hallway so he locked his locker and lead me to the nearest empty classroom.

"Max! Get a hold of yourself I won't let you drop your dream for me!," he said sternly. He completed me. He was the extra push that I needed to accomplish things. He helped me get somewhat over of being shy. "No! I don't want to loose yo…," I started but was cut of by a passionate kiss from Cody. "Listen I know it will be hard but you will get over this Max!," he said. "But, I need you! Please don't mak…," I started and again was interupted by another passionate kiss from Cody.

"I'll tell you what I'll keep e-mailing you and when I graduate I'll find you!,"he said. "Don't be so foolish! This college is in another country half way accross the globe for christ sakes! You never find me there!," I yelled. "No matter! I will find you! Max, don't underestimate the power of love!," he replied quietly. Love he said love. "Love? Yo you…,"I stuttered. "Love you!," Cody said.Then we both kissed each other. "How will you afford the trip there?," I asked breaking our kissing.

" I've been saving up for a while," he said with a smirk. Those damn smirks of his! He knew I couldn't say no to those. He kissed me again and his hands where all over me. Finally his hands reached my now rock hard cock. He unzipped my jeans without taking his eyes from mine. His eyes were so deep. His hand ventured in my pants to pull out my member and started stroking it. "Don't worry I will get to you!," he assured me. He then without another word spoken he went down to my open pants and took the head of my dick into his mouth.

He had gotten really good since the first time. He swirled his tougne arounde the head of my dick. He knew that drove me crazy. While doing so he helped me pull down my jeans completely. While he took inch after inch into his mouth his hand grasped my ass while the other stroked my now shaved balls. Thats another thing we did. Cody and I for the past three months have been shaving each other not just that it looks and feals good, we did it also because the fealing of being shaved down there by someone else just felt erotic.

He was now licking the head of my dick all over. The head, the shaft the base. He reached all parts. Man it felt good! He then started licking my balls. God, he knew just how to do it! It felt so good! He then took off my pants completely. He then went to my back and started licking my ass. He grabbed my ass with both hands and kneeded it. "Oh man! You know just the right things to do to cheer me up Cody!," I said to him. "Well I do my best!," he replied breaking himself from my ass and then back at it again.

His tounge started licking the crack of my ass. Cody then started push his tounge deeper into my ass. He was licking like crazy. Man this sensation was phenominal. Then I leaned over on a desk so he could better access to my ass but he had something better in mind. I heard the sound of his zipper going down and then the sound of his jeans falling to the ground. I knew what was comming so I braced myself.

His 7 incher rushed inside me. He wasted no time. His dick was rushing in and out of my ass. He was fucking my ass hard and he knew I liked it. "Have you been waiting for this all week?," I asked. We haven't fucked in all week and I knew he must be pretty horny. "You knew I would ne horny and you even tanted me Monday with those damn tight pants of yours. Oh man! Your ass is soooo great!," Cody moaned still hamering away at my ass!

"Oh yeah! You like my ass! Fuck me harder!," I moaned. In the heat of the momment neither one of us heard the sound of the door opening. "Well, well, well!," said a voice. We instantly froze where we were a looked over towards the door. "So this is why you broke up with me!," said a girl as she came into the room with her new boyfriend. Cody and I quickly jumped up and tried to get our clothes on as fast as we could.

"What do you want Sara?," Cody said agrily. I then realized where I seen her before. She was the girl at Cody's party that wouldn't give him a blowjob. She was the biggest whore in the school. Since Cody broke up with her she had 6 boyfriends (possibly girlfriends too) and for all I know she could of had more. From what I heard from Cody was that she was like a tire swing, swings everywhich way.

"What do I want?," Cody asked her in disgust. "I wanted a room so I can relieve my friend here but I guess this room is occupied!," she said with an annoying giggle. She had this high pitch voice. She was very beautiful I got to admit, but I can't see why any one would want to fuck her without gagging her first. "Oh your friend is well built! Isn't this funny, your a queer! Wait til' I tell my friends! There gonna laugh!," she said and another giggle.

"Look! First of all were bi! And second, if you tell a soul about this god help you I kill you myself!," Cody threatened. "Excuse me!," said the giant boy she was with. When I say giant I don't mean fat. He was the star quarted back on our foot ball team and he is hot. Tall, slim toned muscles etc. I started to get worried that she would tell my secret to the world, I almost started crying again. Cody looked back at me and then returned to Sara.

"Please, don't tell anyone about this. I will do anything you ask!," Cody said. This was very unlike Cody. This just proves to me how much cares for me. "Really? How intriguing! Is you hot friend willing to do anything I want too?," she said reffering to me who was still standing on the other side of the room half naked. "What?! Why him?,"Cody replied. "Hunny! I allready had you! I want someone new!," she said with another giggle.

She and her boyfriend walked over towards me. She was on one side of me and her newest boyfriend on the other. She leaned on my shoulder and said '' How about it? If you fuck me I won't tell about your I looked over at Cody and then back to her "You won't tell?," I asked looking for some reassurance. "Cross my heart!," she replied. "Okay," I said finally. I removed the clothes that I was trying previously to get on in a rush.

" Okay Travis your next!," she said an then tryed kissing me. Travis wasn't very long removing his clothes. "I change my mined you can do something Cody! You can blow Travis here!,"she said. By that time Travis had his boxers removed and he proudly showed off his 8 inch dick. "You can get on the floor!," Sara oredered me and then she removed all of her clothes. I did as told. She was hot great size tits, good figure and a shaved pussy. She climbed on top of me and I thought she was going to go straight to riding my dick but she got into a 69 position instead.

"Now, you lick my pussy!," she ordered. I never did anything with a girl before. The only stuff I knew was the stuff I saw on porn movies so I tried to mimic one of the actors. I darted my tougne in and out of her pussy. "Oh yeah! Right there!," she moaned as my tounge rubbed over her clit. Once getting the hang of it she started to lick my 7 1/2 inch dick. She was an expert at blowjobs. But then again she had alot of practise.

Meanwhile, Cody was over by the wall taking inch after inch of Travis's long and thick dick with ease. Cody stroked Travis's hairy balls with one hand and with the other rubbed his ass. Cody then inserted one of his finders into Travis's ass(after he licked them). "Oh yeah. I love it when you play with my ass!," Travis moaned. Travis now had Cody pinned against the wall and was now face fucking Cody. Travis was thrusting his member into Cody's mouth with great force. "Oh shit! I'm cumming!," Travis grunted as he thrusted once more shooting load after load in the back of Cody's throat. "I want your ass!," Travis shouted bluntly.

By this time Sara was deep throating my dick. God she was good! I was diving my tounge deeper into her pussy. I must of done something right because she seemed like she was gonning to go crazy. This only encouraged her to go faster and faster on my dick. I then felt a sudden rush of pleasure and then I started shooting cum without warning. This brought on her orgasm and she squirted her juices all over my face. Travis was also climaxing filling Cody's ass full of his cum.

Sara then got on her hands and knees. "Okay now you can fuck my pussy!,"she said and giggle again. I wasted no time. I got into position and eased my dick into her suprisingly tight pussy. The touch alone of her nice warm pussy almost made me cum. I then slowly thrusted my dick in and out with an increasing speed. Once I got a good tempo going I reached down and rubbed her tits with both hands. Man they felt good.

I then felt a familiar fealing touching my ass. I looked back to see Cody getting ready to thrust his dick into my ass. "I got to finish what I started!," he said with a grin and with that he leaned up to me and kissed me. When we broke our kiss he started to slide his 7 inch dick into my ass. "Ohh, yeah! Fuck me Max!," Sara moaned as I plunged into her again and again.

Cody adjusted himself to match our speed so we were thrusting at the same time. Man the fealing of my dick going into a warm and tight pussy while my ass is being fucked is phenominal. "Oh god! I'm moaned as her juices gushed out of her. I kept hammering away at her making her cum go everywhere.

Then Cody grabs my hips and starts thrusting into my ass even faster. Sara's tits bounced with every thrust. "Oh god! This feals amazing!," I moaned. "Shit! I'm cumming!," Cody moaned. Then an instant after his warm milky cum rushed into my ass. "Holy shit! That feaks good! Your gonna make me cum!," I moaned as my dick exploaded into Sara's pussy.

Then Cody and I got up and started kissing passionatly. All I could hear was "Oh poor Travis are you left out? Well I got to do something about that!,"Sara said. Cody's hands were all over and mine all over his while we were kissing. Then Cody broke our kisses and got on the floor and lifted jis legs. "Fuck my ass Max!," he ordered. I was happy to oblige.

I got down on the floor with him and Cody put his legs over my shoulder and I looked into his eyes. It was weird. It was allmost like I was waiting for this momment forever. It felt allmost like our first time did. Then my dick touched his ass. That alone sent waves of pleasure through my body. I then started to to thrust into Cody's ass. His gogeous brown hair staring into mine and mine into his. Inch by inch my dick disapeared into his ass.

Once all in, I heard loud moaning from the other side of the room. "Oh yeah!," Sara moaned which broke my train of thought for a split second which was long enogh for me to have a glance over at them. Travis was humping like a horny dog on a couch pillow. "Your dick feals so big in my ass!," Cody said with a smirk. I started thrusting in and out. I built up to fast speed right away. I was ramming it all into Cody's ass with great force.

I was in heaven! I was once again fucking Cody in his sweet ass. My hand caressed his soft body as I thrusted my throbing dick into his ass again and again. "Oh god! Your ass…is soooo goood!," I moaned as my climax was building. I then started thrusting harder and faster into Cody's ass. I could feal my climax rising. "Cody, I'm cumming!," I said ramming my dick into his ass. My cum shot deep into his ass and I could tell he enjoyed that fealing.

I fell on top of Cody and then we kissed once again. We then got up and looked at each others naked body. I wanted to remember his body for ever. We then got dressed and headed for the door leaving the horny couple behind. "Oh one more thing before we leave!," he said and reached into his pocket and pulled out his digital camera. He then took a picture of the two fucking on the floor right next to the teachers desk.

The flash starled them and then they looked towards us. "If you ever tell anyone about Max and I, I will publish this to the papers and you'll get in a whole lot of shit! he said and tuned around and left with me. We realized what time it was. It was 3:15 and we missed the bus. Cody and I walked down the street (I diddn't live very far from the school). When we got to my house we parted ways and having one more glance his way I waved to him.

I thought to myself "Is that the end of Cody and i?"

story by: Max89

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Author: Max89

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