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I allways was shy in school and when it comes to appraching someone like talking to a teacher about an assignment or a just talking to anyoneI don't know that well was a challenge. Some people wouldn't of guessed that I was shy due to my great looking body. For those out there that would like to know at the time I was slime with stronge arms and a 7 1/2 inch cock. So when it came to the boy on my bus that I really had a crush on it would of probably never of happended if it wasn't for the party. That's where the story begins.

One day on the bus Cody was having this huge party at his house that night(Friday) and invited everyone in the school to come. He said that his parents was out of town for the weekend (this happens alot with his parents). But I arived at the party at 8:30 and the music was booming, the smell of liquor through the air and god only knows what kind of drugs was going around. If this was a larger town there would of been police there long ago.

I spent most of the night sat in the corner trying to hide my boner caused by all the sexy boys that was going around. Most of them were a bit under the influence of all the booze they been drinking. They were getting a bit wild. Doing the usual stuff like dancing on the coffee table singing way off tune with their shirts off. I didn't complain.

By 10pm my dick was screaming for attention so I tried to find the bathroom so I could some pressure. I finally found a bathroom upstairs.But before I could reach it I heard a couple moaning from the master bedroom which was right next to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

My curiosity got the better of me and I slowly jarred the door slightly open. I was surprised and very excited to see Cody fucking a girl. "Oh yeah! Your pussy soooooo warm," he moaned. "Oh god! I'm gonna cum!," the girl shouted. He must of came to because he moaned in unison with her. She got up and started to get dress a couple minutes later.

"Wait baby I still need a little attention down below," he said smoothly. "Maybe later I want to back to the party!,"she said and got dressed. "Come on blow me!," Cody yelled as she left the room.

I then got an idea and I had to act on it now. I slowly crept into the room after she left and by then he was passed out. I slowly and silently took off all my clothes and walk over to him. I slowly climbed on to the bed between his spread legs and started fondling his now limp dick. He never stirred. Man to see Cody naked on that bed onlt encouraged me to continue.

I got his dick to a full 7 inch erection when he opened his eyes. "So bitch! Finally changed your mind? Get to he ordered making a jesture with his head to his gorgeous dick. He seemed well intoxicated. I started stroking his member with my hand. Then I kissed his cock all the way down to his balls. I gently sucked on one and switched to the other.

"That feals great!," he moaned. I then licked from the back of his dick from his balls to the tip of his dick which was already leaking precum (which tasted great). This was actually my first time giving someone a blowjob so I was a bit nervous actually putting his dick all the way in my mouth.

I started to focus on the head of his dick. I licked it and on it sucked like a kid crazy about lollypops. " Oh yeah suck my dick you fuckin' whore!," he moaned. I started stroking his balls. "Yes! Now put my dick in your god damn mouth now before I go crazy," Cody order thrashing his head.

Then without hesitation the his manhood slowly entered my mouth. God what a feeling. I started having trouble half way down and started to gag so I brieflt stopped. "Keep going you cum whore!," He shouted as he pushed my head further down on his dick. I barely had time to adjust. He pushed my head all the way down to his hairy base. Man if this could only last forever. I then slowly released his cock and decended onto in again.

About this point I was starting to get use to the feeling of his 7 inch cock in my mouth. I was picking up the pace and before long I was blowing him like a pro. " Oh god yes! Yes! I'm cumming! Fuck! God yes!," he moaned as he shot a good six shots of his deliscios cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. Then he passed out again.

Then fear of getting caught rushed through my mind. I thought I should get the hell out of there before someone foundout that I just blown their host of the evening. I quickly pull on my cloths and headed for the door.

"Where are you going Max! I'm not done with you!," Cody shouted from the bed. Crap I'm caught!

story by: Max89

Tags: fiction young blowjob gay teen male / teen male sex story

Author: Max89

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