Coming of age

sex stories

“Amy, can I talk to you for minute in my office?”

The young woman who was a college freshman did not know what her supervisor wanted. She had only been on her shift for a couple of hours when she reported to office in the back of the restaurant.

“I just got a call from Melanie,” the manager began. “Something unexpected came up at the last minute and she can’t be here tonight. Can you work part of her shift? I mean, if you have something planned already, we’ll manage somehow. But if you could help me out, I’d really be grateful to you.”

That was more than music to Amy’s ears. Amy really needed her part time job to help make ends meet. Her parents scraped together every dime they could to send their oldest daughter to a public college. Amy lived on a very tight budget that didn’t include a lot of extra money. As a result, she really had no social life.

“No sir, I don’t have anything planned. If I weren’t working, I’d be back at the dorm studying. I can work as long as you need me. Besides, I can use the extra money.”

one reason I asked you first. I know how much you rely on this job. I also figured that you didn’t have a date tonight. Then too, you are a good worker and that’s what I need for our Friday night crowd. It gets real hectic in here after all the high school football games are over. We also have the big crowd in town this weekend for the game on campus tomorrow. I need someone tonight who knows what’s going on. Thank you Amy.”

“No. Thank you for asking me first. Is there anything else?”

all for now Amy. If you need some extra time off to catch up on your studies, just let me know and we’ll rearrange your work schedule. Let me know when you’re ready to take a break. I’ll buy your supper.”

The young woman ate most of her meals at the fast food restaurant because either they were free, like tonight, or at the employee discount. As a result, Amy exceeded her ideal weight by several pounds. That was one of the underlying reasons for her dull social life.

Weight was only one reason she seldom dated. Her skimp budget also meant wearing old or less than fashionable clothes. Cosmetics and perfume were frills that she could easily forego. She often cut her own hair or waited until she went home where her mom could trim it.

Going home was not a lot of fun either. She lived about 4 hours away. All she would hear was how tight money is and how to find ways to cut her expenses or apply for more scholarships. Seldom did her parents ever provide any positive encouragement about her academics or even inquire about her social life. Neither of them were positive role models for personal appearance either. If they weren’t talking about money, they were talking about religion to her and the three other children in the small house.

In short, Amy was under a lot of pressure from a lot of different sides. Her midterm grades reflected the pressure of juggling academics with work and having practically no way to blow off youthful steam. Her dream of being the first college graduate in the family was off to a shaky start.

Shortly after 2 a.m. she clocked out. As she pulled her 15-year old car into the dorm parking lot, she saw that almost every room was dark, including her room. She figured that Sharon was probably asleep.

Quietly Amy stepped into the dark dorm room. She heard Sharon sleeping soundly. Without turning on a light, Amy slowly walked toward the small bathroom they shared with the next room. On her way, she grabbed an oversized tee shirt that served as her nightgown and some clean underpants.

After taking a shower, she went back into the bedroom and placed her clothes on a chair before getting into bed. She thought she probably should let her eyes adjust to the darkness, but it was only a couple of steps to her bed.

she yelled stepping on something next to the bunk bed.

Sharon woke up and immediately began feeling around under her sheets. All she felt was her nightshirt and the sheets.

Amy screamed again when she bent over to pick up the object her foot found by mistake.

“Oh, no,” Sharon cried realizing that her new dildo accidentally fell out of the bed. That is what Amy’s foot found.

Very much like Amy, Sharon did not have much of a social life, nor was she wise to the ways of the world either. Financially she had a bit more money, but a severe case of acne made Amy seem like an overweight beauty queen.

Sharon got down from the top bunk crying and put on her nightshirt to apologize to the only friend she had on campus. Amy didn’t have many more friends either. They sat on Amy’s bed.

Like Amy, Sharon was a young 18. She had short reddish-brown hair on her 5-foot 5-inch frame. She was not really overweight, but like most girls, felt she needed to lose a few pounds. And like Amy, her family lived a couple of hours away. Academically, while college challenged Amy, Sharon struggled. Unlike Amy, Sharon’s folks gave her a better allowance, in hopes she could pay for whatever tutoring help she might need.

“I’m sorry for startling you, Amy. I guess I turned over the wrong way and this thing fell out.”

OK. I’m better now. It was just a shock. I didn’t know what I stepped on. I hope I didn’t damage it.”

Seeing Sharon feel the small slender dildo in the darkened room was one of the few sexual pleasures Amy allowed herself. The only light came from under the hallway door jam or the parking lot lights.

“It’s OK.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Amy asked. “I didn’t know you had one of those. Were you hiding it?”

“No. Actually I bought it this afternoon. I just became so lonely that I decided that I had to try and find out what a lot of the other girls were talking about. You were at work and I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I knew that you got off at ten, so I wanted to get back and use it before you got here. I didn’t know you were going to work late. I guess I showed how stupid I really am letting this thing fall out of my bed.”

not stupid,” Amy told her roommate as she put her arm around her shoulder. “To tell you the truth, I’ve been pretty lonely too. I wish I had some extra money to afford one of these things. But I guess my fingers will just have to do.”

“Would you like to try it? I mean, I’ll go into the bathroom and stay there so you can have some />
just about the sweetest thing that anyone has ever said to me,” Amy said crying. “Sometimes I get so frustrated. I really don’t know if this life is worth it all.”

“I felt a lot better after I finished. I mean I dosed right off and, well let’s not rehash that. Really Amy, you need to give yourself some enjoyment. You’ll sleep a lot better. I’m kind of proof of that.”

“It really did help?” Amy asked.

“Go ahead. I need to go to the bathroom anyway. I’ll just wait until I hear you’re done.”

“No Sharon. I mean, look. We’re friends. I’m not going to let you sit on the commode while I’m in here. Stay with me. Please. I want you a part of this. We’re all each other have. I don’t know a lot about sex, but I do know that it’s meant to be shared. I want share this moment with you, if it’s OK with you.”

For the first time since her senior prom, and only the second time in her life, Amy opened her mouth to accept another tongue. It was her first lesbian kiss.

Neither girl really had much kissing experience but the warmth of each other’s soft tongue went immediately to their crotch. Both began to gently rub themselves clits through their panties as they enjoyed the taste of saliva from another.

“This is really the first time that I’ve ever”

“Me too Amy. I mean you’re doing things to me that I only dreamt about. Please don’t stop. Kiss me again.”

As the two girls began another amorous exchange, Sharon began rubbing Amy’s leg. In response Amy opened her legs, hoping that during the continuation kiss that Sharon would move her hand closer to Amy’s now very moist panties.

The two youngsters used their hands to explore another’s still clothed bodies. Even in the dark room the two could clearly see each other, or at least the silhouette. It was during the third and longest romantic kiss that Sharon moved her hand to the bottom of Amy’s nightshirt and began lifting it. Amy made not attempt to stop her.

“Oh,” Amy chuckled as her raised arms made contact with the bottom of the overhead mattress.

“I’m sorry,” Sharon apologized. “We don’t have a lot of room.”

drag both of these mattresses to the floor. We’ll have plenty of room there.”

After placing the two mattresses side-by-side, both girls knelt facing each other for another lover’s kiss. Even before breaking that kiss, they began lifting the other’s nightshirt. Amy first raised her hands. She knelt only in her panties. Sharon then raised her hands. She wore no underwear.

During the next kiss the young women fell onto the mattress.

“Take off my panties,” Amy asked. She arched her back and hips as Sharon removed the final article of clothing. Now both completely naked, then again embraced each other, feeling naked flesh on naked flesh.

Getting back to their knees, they knelt facing each other so their hands could explore wherever they wandered. In between there were soft moans of pleasure and sexual excitement as the desire between their legs began to intensify all the more.

“Do you want to use this now?” Sharon asked handing the dildo to her friend.

Without a word, Amy took the toy. She touched the dildo tip to below her chin, down her neck and slowly moved it between her young breasts, past her stomach, over her navel, past her lower stomach and finally down to the hair line of her thick and hairy pussy.

“Just let your mind wander,” Sharon whispered softly into Amy’s ear as they gently fell to the mattress. “Take your time and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.”

Amy moved the tip all around her pubic hairline and then onto her hip and leg joints. As she moved to toy to her inner thigh, Sharon gently kissed Amy’s cheek and caressed her short brown hair and tender face. Amy’s mind wrestled between her strict up bringing with her fleshly desires. She finally gave in.

Taking a deep breath, Amy moved the dildo to her very small vagina entrance. With her right hand she pleasured her pussy as the left one pleasured her breasts. She slowly inserted the plastic toy. Sharon gave her another light kiss on her cheek.

The feeling of the small and slender toy was the first time Amy experienced anything other than her fingers internally. She savored the bliss the toy gave her as she slowly moved it in and out.

“Let yourself go wild,” Sharon whispered into Amy ear as she again kissed her friend’s cheek. “Stick it in as far as it will go. The deeper the better. You think that you’ve reached the end, but it’s your hymen. You need to pop it. It will bleed and hurt for a minute, but it’s OK. It’s only natural. Then you’ll be able to go in a lot deeper.”

Amy moaned as she felt the toy rub against the hymen. “Here is goes. Hold on to me Sharon. Please.”

Sharon grabbed both of Amy’s shoulders and kissed her cheek as Amy broke through nature’s wall with a soft yell. She felt the blood, but the fire deep within her being was still blazing. She continued rapidly playing and pleasuring herself, amazed at how deep she really was. The new sensation put her into ecstasy.

Sensing that Sharon was about to kiss her cheek again, Amy turned her head so the two would again exchange a lover’s kiss. During the kiss, Sharon began cupping Amy’s breasts and played with the hard nipples.

Amy moaned again and again. “Please don’t stop. OOOhhhh. Please play with my tits. OOOhhhh. Suck them. OOOOOhhhh. Please don’t stop. You’re making me cum. OOOhhhh. OOOhhhh. I want to cum for OOOhhhh. OOOhhhh. Oh. Oh.”

As Amy concluded her climax, Sharon gave her a long kiss, much longer than any of the others. After caressing each other in silence for a few minutes, Amy spoke.

“You were right. I feel so much better. The little bit of pain was worth it. I don’t want this to end. You need to give yourself the same pleasure again. I want to help you cum.”

Amy picked up the very moist toy to wipe the mixture of blood and womanly secretion off. Sharon grabbed the toy and rubbed Amy’s life juice on her breasts before moving it to her mouth.

“I wanted to taste you,” Sharon said.

“I’m still very wet and very horny. I want to taste you too.”

The two girls then went into a head to crotch position.

Amy felt Sharon parted the hair and spread her wide open. She then felt the sensation of the tongue that was in her mouth moments ago now licking the pink and moist flesh.

In the mean time, Amy looked up. As she spread Sharon apart, there were so many crevices of flesh waiting for her tongue and fingers to explore, Amy felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. She didn’t know which present to open first. All she knew was that everything would go from good to better to best.

As Amy felt Sharon spreading and lapping at her, she returned the pleasure in Sharon’s folds. Instinctively both began arching their backs as the pleasure of the young and slippery tongues on their no longer innocent pussies intensified.

During the pleasures she was both giving and receiving, Amy wondered for an instant why her mother never took the time to explain this part of life to her. She also recalled hearing the same types of sounds she made earlier coming from other rooms in the dorm. Then she forgot about the past, being content with the present.

“Oohhhh yeah,” Sharon moaned. “Keep licking me. Keep licking me. Ohhhh, keep licking me. You’re so good that you’re making me cum.”

As Amy licked all the more, Sharon also stepped up the pace on the other end. She grabbed the dildo and inserted it into Amy’s now open pussy. Sharon found Amy’s clit and began sucking on it.

Amy moaned almost instantly. “OOOOhhhh, keep doing that. Keep doing that. OOOOhhhhh God. OOOOOhhhhh you’re making me cuummm.”

Sharon had found Amy’s g-spot with the dildo and knew it almost instantly. As Amy continued licking and lapping Sharon’s folds, she felt a second orgasm and released it into her partner’s mouth. Sharon’s tongue licked every drop of fluid Amy produced.

“OOOOhhhhh yeah.” Sharon moaned. She could no longer control her lusts and wanted to cum on the dildo. She tossed it to Amy. “Make me cum. Stick this dildo in me. Fuck me with it.”

Amy wasn’t exactly sure what to do but remembered what Sharon had done to her. As Amy watched the dildo disappear into Sharon’s crevices, she found Sharon’s clit and began sucking it.”

“OOOOhhhhh yeah, that’s it. That’s what I want. Keep fucking me. Keep eating me. OOOOOOOhhhhhh yeah. Fuck yeah. OOOOhhhh. Oohh. Oh.”

Sharon’s pussy exploded as Amy quickly lapped the love juices. Sharon was still enjoying the remainder of Amy’s love product.

Ten minutes past before the two got up and changed positions for a long kiss. In the mean time, they just played and explored each other.

“I could just stay like this all the time,” Amy said as her fingers ran in circles around Sharon’s nipples. “I’ve never had anyone make me feel like that. You’re right, I do feel so much better now.”

I haven’t had anyone make me feel like that either” Sharon admitted. “Even when I masturbated earlier, it wasn’t as good as what you did. I don’t know exactly what we found, but it got both of us so damn horny that we didn’t waste any time shooting off.”

Pausing to reflect in silence a few seconds, Sharon continued her thoughts.

the only friend I have on this campus. I think we just became even closer friends than I ever />
“I don’t have many friends either. But I don’t need any other friends as long as I have someone like you. Tell me, did you buy that dildo in a store or get it on-line? Please tell me. I’m going to have to find some money and buy one.”

Sharon explained that she drove to a store in a city about an hour away to protect her identity. She told Amy about the different toys and pricing.

“Do you have to work tomorrow?” Sharon asked.

“Yeah, from one to ten, but I’m off all day on Sunday. With the football game on campus tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to be really busy too.”

do this. Why don’t I pick you up at work tomorrow night? This store is open 24-hours a day. I’ll drive because I know you’ll be tired and I have plenty of gas in my car. But we can go over there and see what they have. If there is something you want, I’ll buy it and you can pay me back />
do all that for me? Oh, Sharon. That is about nicest and sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

just sleep here on the floor tonight,” Sharon suggested. “I can’t bear to sleep alone now.”

In the morning they woke up about ten o’clock and enjoyed sex again before Amy had to get ready for work.

A few minutes before ten, Sharon pulled into the packed parking lot and waited until the top of the hour before entering the restaurant.

“Amy, I hate to ask you now but you see this crowd. Can you work another hour or two?” her manager asked.

“Believe it or not, I am supposed to be meeting someone. My friend just walked in. I’m sorry, but we made some plans to go somewhere />
“No, I’m sorry that I asked you. I didn’t realize you had something planned. We’ll make it fine here. I hope that you and your friend have a great time. You worked hard today. You need to enjoy life more. All work and no play makes Amy a dull girl. And you know what Amy? You seemed to be in a great mood today. I don’t know when I’ve seen you more relaxed and sure of yourself. I mean even when it got really hectic during the rush before and now after the game, you seem different – and for the better to. You and your friend have some fun. I’ll see you next week. Good night Amy.”

After Amy changed in the bathroom, they started on their trip. During the ride she realized that the pleasure she experienced did not stop at the dorm room door. Her manager noticed the change, even though he did not fully realize the specifics. Sex had a positive side benefit.

all I thought about all day,” Amy told Sharon as they pulled onto the Interstate. “I just couldn’t keep you out of my mind. All I seemed to think about is what we did last night and what we’ll do />
“I couldn’t study today either,” Sharon conceded. a big reason for that but also with so many folks on campus and the excitement with everyone going to the game, I just sat and waited patiently for the time to pass.”

The two girls rambled until they passed a large billboard for the store.

where we’re going,” Sharon said.

“I’ve seen that sign several times, but I’ve never pulled over. Sharon, will anyone know us?”

“You never know for sure, but I was in there for almost a half hour yesterday and I didn’t see anyone that I knew. Don’t worry. It’ll be OK.”

There were three cars in the parking lot but they were parked far away from the door. There was a man standing near the doorway in what appeared to be a uniform.

pull in yet. Drive up the street for a minute,” Amy asked.

“Sure. We can wait for a few minutes. That’s OK. I did the same thing yesterday a couple of times. Let’s get a coke or a bottle of water and some chips. Then we’ll come back. But I think those cars belong to the people that work there.”

“Do you think so? Well, let’s just go in now. Who knows, in 15 or 20 minutes there may be 4 or 5 cars there and parked much closer to the front door too.”

Sharon pulled into the very bright parking lot and parked in the space closest to the front door.

“Good evening ladies,” the man said. He indeed was the private security. “Your car will be safe here. I think we’ve already had most of our customers />
The guard’s words relieved Amy. He opened the front door. There was a large black wall inside a small hallway that hid the store goods from view. On the wall hung a large white sign in red lettering. “Must be 18 and over to enter. No children allowed. If sexually explicit material offends you, do not enter.”

To the left was another black wall, with a white sign and red lettering. “Thank you for your business. Please come again.”

To the right was a thick black curtain. Sharon went first. Amy followed. They were the only patrons in the store. Two clerks stood behind the counter – a man and a woman. The store had soft lights. A local rock radio station played softly in the background.

The two girls began to browse around the store leisurely. They passed the DVD’s, video tapes, magazines, oils, candles, incense and other merchandize on their way to the back of the store and the shelves of sex toys. Amy noticed security cameras everywhere.

“Can I help you find something?” the clerk said a few minutes later. “My name is Lisa and if I can help you or you need to ask a question, please let me know.”

just looking right now,” Sharon said. probably going to buy a toy but just not really sure yet what we want.”

Lisa could easily see that she had two novice customers. She seemed about 30 but with the sweetness of an older sister.

“Can I make a suggestion? You tell me much money you want to spend and I’ll show you want we have in that price range. Don’t be afraid. We probably won’t have any customers coming in here for hour or so. Don’t be concerned about someone hearing what we talk about. A lot of young girls come in here. They’re just like you. They’re shy or afraid and don’t know exactly what they want either.”

“I bought a dildo in her yesterday afternoon and now my friend wants one.”

“I wish I was here yesterday afternoon but as you can see, they have me stuck on the graveyard shift. I guess that’s why my manager wants me to work this shift. He knows that some girls wait until very late at night before coming in a place like this. They’re scared of seeing someone that might know them or running into some perverted men. That’s why we have a security guard in the parking lot. Can you show me what you bought?”

“I bought one just like this, only mine is purple.”

“Do you girls know why there are different colors on these toys?”

Amy asked.

“It’s so you can easily tell which one belongs to who.”

Then looking at Amy, Lisa asked sweetly, “What is your name?”

“Amy, is toy going to be for you?”

Amy shook her head but did not say anything.

“My first suggestion is that you buy something other than purple.”

Lisa explained the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases especially when sex partners use and climax on the same dildo. Both girls paid close attention to Lisa talking about personal hygiene.

“What is your favorite color Amy?”

“I like pink and green. I guess pink is my favorite.

Lisa handed Amy the same style dildo but in pink.

“I guess I’ll buy it,” Amy said after noticing the price. She then handed the toy back to Lisa.

The clerk noticed that both girls showed an interest in other more expensive merchandise but figured that this would be their only purchase.

As Lisa walked back to the counter, she winked to her co-worker. He went to a distant part of the store pretending to dust the merchandise.

Handing a small business card to each customer, Lisa said, “Here is my card. Call me or leave me a voice message or send me an e-mail before you’re ready to buy something else. Our web site is on the bottom of the card and you can price our stock. We can also drop ship anything to you in plain brown box if you don’t want to come by. But if you want to visit, and I hope you do, find out about my work schedule. I don’t work for a commission, but I enjoyed helping both of you tonight and hope you’ll come by again.”

“Thank you so much,” Amy said. “I don’t know when exactly we’ll be back but we will be back. I saw a lot of stuff in here that I’d like to get but I’m going to have to save some money first. But you’ve been so nice, we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but here and we want you to help us with our next />
“Me too. I mean, I can probably afford something else tonight, but maybe I better save up to buy something really />
Lisa smiled at both of her young customers as she swiped Sharon’s credit card and put the purchase in a plain black plastic bag that contained no advertising. In the bag she also put brochures that dealt with STD’s and personal hygiene. She wrote some web sites where the girls could learn more about those subjects and also how to make themselves pleasing to each other. Lisa knew that she had earned repeat business.

After leaving the parking lot, Amy took the toy out of the bag and held it for most of the drive.

“Lisa was really sweet. I’m glad she waited on us. Thank you for buying this for me. I’ll pay you back a couple of bucks a week.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that much. In fact, even if you never give me one red cent, I feel like I’m still coming out ahead. I didn’t realize the thing about STD’s. I guess we better take her advice on a lot of other things too.”

As much as Sharon wanted to speed home, she didn’t because of all the police on the late night highway. Still the time passed quickly as they talked about what they learned about becoming a woman. The talk excited both girls. They got back to campus shortly before 1 a.m.

Sharon turned on the lights and got her dildo out of the dresser. Amy pulled both mattresses to the floor. Sharon turned off the overhead light but left a very small wattage light on in the bookcase. They could easily see the difference between the pink and purple toys.

The two girls knelt before each other and kissed romantically, each holding and licking her dildo. They tossed the toys aside as they undressed each other. After another romantic kiss the two went back to the 69-position.

Amy had the purple toy within easy reach. She used both her hands to spread Sharon’s lips apart and enjoy the folds of her womanhood. Amy licked and lapped up the fullness of Sharon’s warmth, placing her tongue into crevices she swore were not there the night before. She had Sharon moaning within a few minutes.

Amy sucked on Sharon’s clit. When she wasn’t doing that, her hand rubbed it while her stiffened tongue delved deep into the wetness enjoying even more the taste she acquired less than 24 hours earlier.

At the same time, Amy felt the same sensation between her legs, as Sharon seemed to improve her pussy eating style overnight.

“Please stick that dildo into me,” Amy begged. “Fuck me with it. Make me cum again.”

Sharon spread Amy clefts wide open and then inserted to toy. Her vagina took it without trouble.

“Oh that feels so good. That feels so fucking good. Keep fucking me. Don’t stop fucking me.”

The sensation Amy felt as Sharon gently twisted the toy while moving it in and out brought Amy off instantly.

“OOOhhhh, fuck. OOOhhh fffuucckkk. Oohhh.”

Amy knew she had to make Sharon climax so she went about twisting the toy in her partner’s pussy. Sharon came just about as soon.

The two stayed locked in their 69, while the gently explored each other’s body.

“Stick your finger in my ass,” Sharon said. “It’s OK. If that feels anything like what I’ve felt already, I want the dildo in it too.”

It was easy for Amy to play with Sharon’s ass because the heavier Amy was on the bottom. Sharon also encouraged Amy by licking her clit to more she played with her ass.

“Poke your finger inside!” she whispered. “It’s OK. I’ve never done this myself but I don’t think you can hurt me.”

Amy spread apart Sharon’s ass. The aroma was far from pleasing.

“I can’t Sharon, but not for what you think.” Amy told Sharon about the odor.

take a shower. You heard what Lisa said and what we talked about on the way back. We both need to be clean for each other. We have the whole night for each other and all day tomorrow. We’re not in a rush.”

Sharon agreed saying that she too had to battle against Amy’s workday scent, which was less than feminine. Sharon took her shower first. Meanwhile Amy looked at the brochure and even accessed one of the web sites.

After Amy finished showing, Sharon handed her a bottle of perfume.

“I think this is the first time in six months that I’ve worn perfume,” Amy chuckled.

“I was looking at some pictures of women while you were taking a bath,” Sharon said. “I think I need to go back into the bathroom and take another bath. Most of the girls I saw had trimmed their pussies. Some of them were even completely shaven. I’m not going to shave completely, but I probably need to trim a lot of this fur. It’ll make it a lot easier to see what I have.”

“Maybe we both need to trim each other. I’ve never really done that before. If anyone is going to take some scissors and a razor down there; it’s going to be you and no one else.”

First Sharon used a pair of scissors and a comb to clip all of Amy’s hair above the comb. Amy was pleased with the new look, but wanted more.

“Shave between my legs,” Amy said pointing to the computer screen with a girl that had a small amount of hair in a triangle above her clit but no hair between her legs or in her ass. “I want to look like that girl when you’re done.”

“I’ll try but I don’t want to hurt or cut you.”

worry. I want to be pretty for you. I’ll be as still as I can be.”

Amy kept her legs wide apart and user her fingers to expose herself. Sharon struggled with the razor, but realized the feel of the cold sharp steel on her warm wet flesh – warm and wet in more ways that one – excited her lover. Amy gasped several times, each time encouraging Sharon to continue. Several times Sharon said that she didn’t realize how many different crevices Amy had.

“How does it look?” Sharon asked about 30 minutes later and handing Amy a small-magnified mirror.

“Oh Sharon, you made me look great. I feel so sexy. I can hardly wait for you to lick me.”

going to have to wait dear. It’s your turn to shave me. I want to be sexy for you. I want you to find and expose all those crevices in my body.”

Now it was Amy’s turn to struggle with clipping and shaving Sharon. Nearly an hour after they last had sex, the two women had a new and attractive look between their legs.

“Now are you ready to stick your finger into my ass?” Sharon asked. “I want you to fuck my ass with your finger first and then with the dildo.”

“If I’m not ready, I don’t what excuse I can use,” Amy chuckled. “Thank you for understanding why I didn’t want to do that earlier. I’m glad that we both waited. We probably seemed like a couple of dumb ass kids to Lisa, but she’ll never know how much we used her advice.”

“She probably knows and is still laughing at us for being so stupid and naïve. But I don’t care what she thinks. All I care about is pleasing you. I probably need to make some basic changes to my appearance anyway. This was a good place to start.”

The two kissed. Sharon got on top again as they went back to the 69-position and began licking each other.

“I didn’t realize how much of you the hair covered,” Amy said as she began licking her lover. “You look so much more like the woman we saw on the Internet. You smell so much better too.”

Amy was not afraid to poke her finger into Sharon’s pussy or ass. That is what Sharon was doing to her. Sharon felt so warm and moist but really she was hot inside. She wiggled around to increase the pleasure sensation.

Amy’s right forefinger explored and fucked Sharon ass, while her left thumb and index finger held Sharon’s hood to clearly exposed clit. Amy moved her tongue from the labia to the clit and back again as Sharon began secreting more juice. All the while Sharon was moaning in pleasure.

“Fuck me with the dildo. Fuck my ass.”

Amy picked up the dildo and slowly inserted the purple toy into her lover’s ass. She watched it disappear slowly as Sharon struggled accepting it. Sharon moved her hand down to help Amy guide it into the anal opening.

“Please make it go in further. It’s got to go in deeper.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Fuck me deeper. The hurt feels so good. Please, stick it in deeper. I’ve never had this much joy.”

Amy applied continual pressure on the toy until finally Sharon had taken about four of the six inches. Sharon was really moaning in pleasure as Amy rhythmically fucked the virgin ass with the purple dildo.

“I can’t get it in any further. If I stick in any more, it will disappear and I won’t be able to pull it out.”

“Just keep fucking me. It feels so good.”

Amy increased the pace of the ass fuck and also rubbing her friend’s clit. She licked Sharon’s pussy until finally Sharon gave the scream of joy. She again exploded into Amy’s lustful tongue.

“Hand me the dildo,” Sharon said. Amy put the toy into her friend’s hand as she continued enjoying the nectar of love. Sharon tasted her ass for the first time.

After Sharon tasted herself, she went back to work on Amy’s now well trimmed pubic region. Sharon admired her razor handiwork as she licked all around Amy’s labia and stuck her tongue into the urethra. Amy was already very moist, but Sharon applied plenty of saliva on her partner’s every sensitive organ. The pleasing fragrance coupled with the desire to make Amy climax repeatedly spurned Sharon on to a new level of pussy-eating.

Amy quietly moaned. “Ooohhh keep doing just that,” as Sharon sucked gently on the clit, while inserting and twisting the pink dildo slowly then rapidly into the vagina. She also began to play with Amy’s asshole but never entered it. As Amy arched upwards, Sharon stuck her tongue into the ass momentarily but then returned to the pussy, which was much easier to access from the top.

“Oooohhhhh ffuucckkk. You’re fucking me so good. Keep fucking me. OOOhhhh. Don’t stop fucking me until I cum. OOOhhhh. I’m going to cum for you. OOOOOOhhhhhhh. I’m cuming. OOOhhhhhh. Eat me now. Oooooohhhhh fffuuuccckkk. Ooohhh,”

The two young women played with each other and their toys the rest of the night. They savored each other’s juices. In the morning they woke up about the same time, still in a head to crotch position.

“Good morning Sharon,” Amy said kissing her cheek. “How do you feel? Is your pussy irritated like mine?”

the way I love waking up. Yeah, there’s a bit of irritation but I think the more we learn to shave each other, that won’t be a problem. How did you sleep?”

“It took me a few minutes to fall asleep. That’s because I was thinking. Sharon, I have something important to tell you.”

“Can it wait until after I use the />
Both put on a nightshirt before using the bathroom and brushing their teeth. They came back to the mattress. Sharon kissed Amy while removing her nightshirt.

“Before we do anything else, I have to tell you something,” Amy said kneeling naked in front of her lover and looking into her eyes.

“Wait a minute, Amy. I have a feeling that you want to tell me something important and I want to show you that there is nothing between us and we have nothing to hide.” Sharon removed her nightshirt. Both women were completely naked and kneeling closely together.

“Friday night when I came in the room, I was a little girl,” Amy said crying. “This morning I feel like I’m a young woman. You’re the reason for that. I think between talking to Lisa and then after we showered and you shaved me last night, I seem to feel much more confident about myself.”

Amy went on as she began holding both of Sharon’s hands.

“I have to call my mother after lunch. I’m going to tell her that I’ve started growing up. I’m not a little girl any more. I’m finally learning how to put the pieces of life’s puzzle together. I don’t know what the final picture is going to look like, but she has to give me some space. I’m not going to tell her all about you and me just yet because she’ll throw a bitch fit. But I will tell her that I’m learning to stand on my own two feet. When I fall, I’ll pick myself up. I’ll live with the decisions I make because it’s my life and not hers. And you Sharon are a big reason for helping me to realize that.”

“Oh Amy, thank you for telling me that,” Sharon said through the tears in her own eyes. Amy continued.

“I’m going to need your help Sharon. Last night I decided to make some radical changes in the way I live. I’m going to lose some of this weight so I can be more attractive to you. I’m going to let my hair grow down to my shoulders. I’m going to start looking like the woman I want to become. If you see me eating too much, please tell me to stop. That’s going to be the hardest part. But I know I can do it, especially with your help. You’re the only person that’s ever really cared for me.”

“I’ll help, but you have to help me too,” Sharon said as she wrapped her arms around Amy’s waist. Their knees, pussies and nipples touched. Amy held Sharon the same way.

“It’s time I became a woman too. You’re right about what happened last night. I feel more confident today, despite being a bit irritated down there. I think my diet and my lifestyle need to change. Maybe eating better and exercise will get rid of this stupid acne. I want to look better for you. I want to get good grades for you. We’ll help each other survive. I’ll be there when you need me, because you’ll be there when I need you. We’ll pick each other up. It’s like we’ve said before. We are all each other really have. Help me become a woman too. I finally have a reason to be a woman.”

“Before I call my mom, let’s enjoy each other as women.”

“And then we have to take a bath,” Sharon said with a big smile. fix our faces and hair then get something nourishing to eat. After lunch you make that phone call. I have to spend about five or six quality hours studying today. Then before we go to bed, let’s work out at the fitness center for an hour. We can shower there. By that time, we’ll be ready for more intense exercise here and night of sound sleep before classes />
The young women kissed and caressed to seal their pact before engaging in their first sex as true women.

story by: Terri

Tags: fiction first time virginity romance lesbian toys oral sex sex story

Author: Terri

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