Competition ch 2

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Competition CH 2

Eva was expectedly reclusive the next few days at work. It was obvious that she was dressing in her more conservative clothes, but she still looked like the same slut. She would try and force civility towards me that would have been quite believable had the terror behind her eyes not always give her away her. A week after our little fun, Henry told me that Eva wasn’t going to be in for a while, her daughter was sick and that she would be doing a bit of telecommuting so I shouldn’t expect much from her. This definitely would not do.

If she ends up removing herself from work all together, my leverage on her would become much weaker. So I knew that I had to flex some other way if I wanted her to keep her mouth shut about what I had done to her. I decided it was time to call on Mason. I went to him and showed him the video I had of him and Eva.

I spoke to him with authority for the first time in my life “Now Danny, I don’t want to hurt you or your wife in any way. The only reason I am coming to you with this is because this little whore turns out to have been trying to take advantage of both of us. I will gladly give this little nothing for something exclusively of her. I know you are a man of connections and power and I’m not asking for anything outrageous. I would just like to get rid of this trashy video of two people, for some more leverage against one.

Mason choking back his anger replied “I think I know where we stand. You are a right arrogant prick, Mr. Thanes. But then again I have dealt with pricks my entire life. You will have what you are looking for, and then I trust we will never have this conversation again.”

Two weeks to the day Mason delivered better than I ever could have imagined. He called me over to his office and handed me a binder upon arrival. Inside where several court records with Eva involved in a custody dispute over the last ten years. There was also information about how to get in contact with the father of Eva’s daughter.

“This is a start Danny, but I am giving up a lot for what looks to me more or less like public />
With a sneer he turned his eyes to the screen on the wall and replied “I told you I would get you what you want.”

A video began of a half dressed man sitting in a living room. His face had been edited out by digitally placing a yellow smiley face over his own. He left the view of the camera briefly, but when he returned Eva was there with him. After what looks like a very brief hello, Eva sat down on the couch and Smiley walked up close to the camera. He took an eightball of white powder from an antique box. He made certain to hold it in front of the camera, but the way his body was positioned Eva couldn’t have seen the intentional action.

As soon as he sits, Eva’s hand goes directly for the man’s cock. She slowly rubs it through his gym pants, until he makes a line for her on the table. After Eva takes it, she opens her blouse to expose those exquisite tits that I love. Smiley then dabs a bit of powder above her right nipple and snorts it off of her. Once the line was gone he continued licking and sucking on her enormous tits. It didn’t take long and his pants where down and Eva was sucking on his hard cock. He then reached over to the bag for a little treat for both of them. He dabbed a bit of the powder on his head and then let her go back to work. This really did the trick for him; he was soon flailing under Eva’s glorious mouth. Now Eva was a mean little cock sucker, I knew that first hand, and within about five minutes Smiley was ready to blow. She took the cock out of her mouth but continued beating it forcefully with both hands until he blew his load all over her naked chest. Eva disappeared for a moment and came back with her blouse buttoned. She took the rest of the bag and left.

I excitedly told Mason, “Brilliant Danny, I knew I could count on you. I don’t see any reason I would need that other video now. I can’t even think why I would have had it in the first place.”

Coldly Mason replied. “I will hold you to your word on it.”

I had power over Eva before, but nothing quite like this. I was absolutely ecstatic. That Bimbo with the rock star body was a coke whore; it was so shockingly obvious to me now I couldn’t believe I never saw it before. I adored her exotically white skin and the fact that the only ounce of fat on her entire body was just enough to make that beautifully round ass. Her tits were obviously fake, but they set marvelously on her thin frame. I couldn’t wait to make that delicious body mine once again. I was on my way to her house at once……as soon as I made the required copies of her indiscretion. I was tense with anticipation when I rang the bell.

Half hiding behind the door, she made it very clear she didn’t want to see me “Calvin you can’t be here. I haven’t said anything to anyone. Please. I am not going to. Please, just leave me alone.”

“But Eva I have missed you so. And there is something I need to talk to you about. It is to my understanding that an old fling of yours has been trying to give you a hard time about Nikki. I think it is something I need to come in and talk to you about.”

Scared stiff she replied “I don’t know what you know about it, but whatever you have to say about my little girl you need to say it.”

I repeated in the exact same tone “I think it is something I need to come in and talk to you about.”

She finally opened the door up and moved to the side as for me to enter. It was the first time in a while that I had gotten a good look at her and didn’t try to hide the fact that I was staring her over. Her sexy blonde spirals of hair fell down to where they barely touched the top of her breast. They were bound only in a light blue tank top which was stretched to its limit. Her dark blue shorts matched her eyes beautifully; they were tight against her crotch and were so small that they barely seemed to cover it. She shut the door behind me forcefully and walked over to the couch. From behind the tight shorts didn’t fully cover her wonderfully sculpted ass. They might have if positioned just right, but the way they were partially running up between her cheeks, about an inch of cleavage shown from the bottom of each side. I lightly ran a finger in her great crease as I followed behind her but she never stopped her stride.

“Now what do you know, and what do you want?”

“Perhaps I should show you what I know.”

I put the video in the player and sat down next to Eva. As she watched in horror I took the opportunity to remind myself what her tits felt like. I first rubbed them over her little shirt, enjoying the way her nipples stabbed through it. But soon my hand was underneath and experiencing them the way they were intended.

She turned to me with tears in her eyes. I loved the way mascara streaked on her face, the perfect blue of her eyes framed in black on that angelic white face was to absolutely die for. Staring strait into my eyes, she undid my zipper and then began to suck on my needy cock. Her lips were amazing and she sucked with such incredible motivation. As she bobbed viciously on my dick I watched her ass sticking up into the air. The thin shorts where driven as far as possible into her crack and I soon took advantage of her exposed ass. I gripped one side firmly and stretched and slapped it about. I then ran a finger under the edge of her shorts and found her inviting little asshole. I gripped her cheek firmly as the tip of my middle finger slid into her ass.

The mood was broke by a rattle at the door, followed by the sound of a key going into the lock.

Jumping up from my cock Eva exclaimed “Oh my God, it’s Nikki!”

She stuffed my cock into my pants and fastened me up. She pulled her top down to cover her huge tits but it did little to hide her hard nipples. As the door swung open, there stood a little girl who was absolutely adorable. I knew from the file that she was now thirteen. Leave it to a coke whore mother to let a beautiful little thirteen year old girl dress the way that she had. With the exception of the pigtails being blonde she was dressed like the epitome of a Japanese schoolgirl. She wore a white button down shirt, little plaid skirt not quite to the knee, and white socks high on her calves. I was pleased that the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree and so was my hard cock.

With a pause she squeaked “Mommy is everything ok?”

Wiping her eyes Eva told her “Yes Sweetie, there was a problem earlier but everything is ok now.”

As Eva stood and gave her a hug, I rubbed her ass which still had her little shorts buried deep in it.

As Eva sat back down, she told Nikki “Now go play in your room so I can talk to Mr. Thanes.”

“So this is Nikki!” I said lifting her by the hips and setting her on my lap and hard cock. “Your mommy has had wonderful things to say about you.”

Nikki’s eyes darted over to her mother’s with complete shock. Eva ran her hand across Nikki’s face.”

With a quivering lip she spoke “Its ok Baby, Mr. Thanes is a very good man.”

I smiled at her “My name is Calvin, but you can call me Cal.”

“Hello Cal” she said timidly.

“You see Nikki, a very bad man wanted to take you away from your Mommy, but that isn’t going to happen any more.”

Scared she looked again to Eva. “Mommy you wouldn’t let anyone take me!”

“Of coarse not Sweetie, I love you. Cal has been very good to us and has made sure that nobody is going to take />
“and now you and Mommy are going to be good to me.” I finished.

“What do you mean?” Nikki asked sheepishly.

“Oh come now you are a big girl. What do you think that hard thing is that you are sitting on?”

She looked at her mom who gave a nod of approval before answering “It’s your penis.”

“Have you ever seen a penis?”

Nikki shook her head no.

“No! Well today is your lucky day, little girl.”

Sliding my hand under her ass and lifting her off of me, I began undoing my pants. I could hear Eva choking back but it was Nikki that I was watching. As I exposed my hard prick, Nikki’s eye’s never moved from it.

I stroked it slowly and asked her “Do you want to touch it?”

She once again sought approval from her mother who told her “It’s ok Precious, we are going to help Cal so he can help you stay with me.”

She then gripped my cock but she obviously had never played with a cock before. She pulled it towards her and watched it spring back up amused.

“Mommy, why don’t you show her how it is done?” I posed.

Eva quickly took my dick in her hand and began stoking it oh so proficiently.

“Now Nikki can you rub right here?” I said placing her little hand on my balls.

I think she was trying to distract me from Nikki, because Eva soon had her tongue in my mouth. I did ever so enjoy it so I played her game for a bit, but something in me felt like I was letting her off too easy.

“Now Nikki, just like Mommy.” I told her.

She was able to mimic the motion rather well for being so inexperienced. Her two soft little hands rubbed my cock while I slid two fingers under her mother’s shorts. I knew Eva was in horror about the entire situation, but her pussy had betrayed her. She was so slick and wet I knew she had to of run through her shorts. But I didn’t want to let myself get too distracted.

“Nikki sweetie, now I need you to do the same thing with your mouth.” After a pause of no one saying anything I decided to add to the motivation. “I need you to do this for me honey and then I can make sure the bad man can’t take you away from Mommy.”

Immediately her little head went down. She wasn’t so hot on technique but the image of my cock looking so enormous pressed between the lips of this little beauty was amazing. Just like her mother, the blonde hair framed her face so nicely as she stared up into my eyes, cock in mouth.

Eva jumped in “Here Baby, let me show you how to do it.”

I didn’t know what her game was now. She could have been trying to take the brunt of my attack, but judging by her warm sloppy cunt I almost think that is what she really wanted. She bobbed with the same ferocity that she had shown me in the office. I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to shoot my load into her slutty little mouth. But I had a rare gem in my hands and wasn’t about to let it go just yet.

Pulling her head up by her hair I told her “Thank you. You two have been so wonderful at showing me attention and now it is my turn. I want you both to take of your clothes off for me. Now Mommy knows how I like it, so she is going to go first and then you do it like her ok?

Eva ran her hands up her thighs and onto her stomach, they continued until they reached her beautifully round tits. She made circles around them, lifting and pulling them with her motions. She then focused directly on the rock hard nipples that were darting from her little top. After working them over she finally pulled the top over her head with both hands to reveal them in all their glory. I greedily reached in for a feel of what she had been teasing me with. Soon she faced away from me so I could see that delicious ass once again. She slowly leaned over, pulling her shorts and thong down simultaneously. I couldn’t help but slide my fingers into that amazing pussy. Eva moaned with each successive thrust. Once fully lubricated I then slid one finger into her tight asshole and the moaning got much louder. Eva was so fucking amazing I kept letting her distract me from my prize.

“Ok Nikki, now it is your turn.”

Nikki tried to play with her little titties, but she just didn’t have near as much to work with. Soon her top was off and I was staring at her budding breast. What she lacked in mass she made up for in nipple. They were adorably tiny and extremely hard. I ran both hands over her chest and then pressed both nipples between my index fingers and thumbs. I then leaned in and put an entire breast into my mouth, letting my tongue flicker her pellet of a nipple. I noticed her squirming a bit, but what I took notice of next was far more pleasurable. Eva had started slowly jacking me off while I dined on her daughter’s tit. I relaxed my grip on her and taking her by the hand I spun her about like a ballerina. With her back to me she began to slide down her skirt.

“Uh uh, just the panties for now.” I instructed.

Mimicking her mother’s lean, Nikki removed her panties, revealing the most delectable little ass and pussy peaking out from the base of her skirt.

Without reserve I immediately dove in with my face buried in the innocent little crack so hard that I would have knocked her over had I not stabilized her. Her skin was so fresh and so tender, it was like I had never felt or tasted a pussy before in my life. My tongue was rabid against her virgin cunt, and my nose was buried firmly in her intoxicating asshole. That coupled with increasing speed of Eva’s hand on my cock I knew I was about to blow any second. I had to hurry inside of her. I quickly stood pressing my head into her heavenly little pussy. She let out a slight gasp of pain, but her mother quickly came to her aid.

Taking one of Nikki’s hands and wrapping the other arm around her head she told her “It is ok baby, be strong. You are such a good girl, and I love you and no one is ever going to take you away from me.”

I was bottoming out inside Nikki before I was completely sheathed but it didn’t matter. The extra rubbing of her back wall on the tip of head was enough to drive me over.

“Oh God, fuck yes. Uh, Uh, you beautiful little slut. Ohh, you have such an amazing pussy.”

As my body started to tense, I gripped and spread her tiny little cheeks as hard as I could. With that, my cock started pumping and pumping and pumping shot after shot into her tiny little cavity. As I pulled my sensitive cock from her aching hole, streams of semen followed. I looked down to see both the girls with shiny tears on their beatific faces. They were so beautiful to me, and I cared for them both so much. I kissed them both firmly on the lips and told them everything was going to be ok now.

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