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I had a raging hard-on and needed to get laid. I was stroking my cock driving around looking for some pussy. I needed a tight, piece of ass. I saw a few women walking down the street and pulled up next to them, showing them my long-thick, raging, hard-on, asking them if they wanted to fuck. I couldn’t find any takers, so I drove on. I saw a convenient store up ahead and pulled into the parking lot. I glanced inside and saw a hot, little brunette, not much older then eighteen, from what I could see. My cock was wet with my cum oozing out.

It didn’t look like anyone else was inside. I didn’t need an audience, just one hot bitch with a nice fuck hole. I stuffed my cock back inside my pants and got out of my car. I didn’t care if she saw my hard-on or not, I was there to get laid and that was all.

When I walked in, I saw she was hotter then I’d seen through the window. She was standing behind the counter working on some paper. She looked up as I walked in and said hi. The first thing I noticed was her voluptuous tits! It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Very nice and supple! Perky nipples, hard and erect, straining against her snug, short t-shirt. She had a sexy little belly button and a nice firm body, soft and curvy in all the right places. I continued looking down her body to her tiny waist, down to her hips and nice round, supple ass that looked so nice in her tight low rise jeans. She looked good enough to eat. Maybe I would, if she was good. The way she was dressed, she looked like a little whore begging for a nice drilling deep inside her pussy. I could hardly wait to see what was inside those jeans.

Long, dark brown hair, down to her ass. Long hair was a major turn on. I like feeling soft, fragrant hair brushing against my face and chest while a hot bitch is on top of me, bouncing up and down, riding my long thick cock. Large, voluptuous tits bouncing against my chest. I was holding my throbbing cock as I was checking her out.

I had my back to the door and quietly locked it as I nodded my head and smiled, saying hi.I walked to the counter and looked down at her cunt in side her tight jeans, her pussy lips spread open by the front seam. I stared at her pussy for a minute, then let my eyes wander up to her magnificent tits.

I asked her for a Hustler magazine from behind the counter. She smiled and kind of chuckled, “We don’t sell those kind of magazines here.” I looked at the wall behind her and asked, “Are you sure? Would you check anyway?” She turned, saying, “Okay, but I know we don‘t have any.”

She bent over, showing me the nicest, round ass I’ve seen in a long time, with her tight jeans riding the crack of her ass, spreading her cheeks. I wanted to feel my cock inside her tight crack. She was definitely getting a good pussy drilling tonight! My cock was rock-hard and throbbing. I needed a good fuck now! I pulled my cock out of my pants. It was stiff and standing straight up, throbbing so hard, it was bouncing against my belly.

While she was bent over, I walked around the counter, grabbing her hips, pulling her hard and tight against my hard cock, humping her nice ass, hard and fast. She was in shock and couldn’t react. I grabbed her arms pulling them behind her, holding them with one hand, and covered her mouth with my other hand. “I just wanna get laid and then I’ll be outta here. Got it? Are the store lights up here or in the back?” She pointed her head to the front by the register. I pushed her over to them, then turned them all off. Putting the place in total darkness. I was panting hard, getting excited as I thought about pounding her pussy. I pulled her hands down, to my cock, rubbing them up and down the long shaft. Her warm skin felt so good on my dick. I closed my eyes moaning. I looked down, watching as I held her hands tightly against my cock. I was so horny and breathing heavy. I asked her in a raspy voice, “Does that feel good against your hands? It sure feels good to me. Take it in your hands and stroke it squeeze it tight, come on, don’t be shy.” I forced my rock-hard dick inside her hands, making her stroke my hot, throbbing shaft. I fucked her hands for a minute as I squeezed them tightly around it. She tried to pull away, but she was no match for me.

I saw some napkins on the back counter and thought they would be good to stuff in her mouth. I pulled her roughly against my chest, whispering, through gritted teeth in her ear, “I’m taking my hand off your mouth, for just a second. Don’t scream or you’ll be sorry.” I pulled her arms hard, “Got it, bitch?!”

She shook her head yes. I grabbed the napkins and stuffed them in her mouth. I needed to use both hands to fuck her. “Okay! Here we go! Keep your hands around my dick!” I continued fucking her hands as I reached around and pulled her t-shirt up, grabbing and squeezing her nice tits. There was definitely more then a handful and mouthful. “Very nice! I bet these would feel good squeezed around my horny cock! Whatta ya think? Hmm? Shall I fuck your tits too?!” I squeezed and pinched her nipples hard, making her whimper in pain. I loved hearing a sexy little whore whimper in pain. “Oh you’re gonna feel a lot more pain then that, in just a few minutes, when I shove my hard cock inside your cunt!”

She moaned and whimpered, shaking her head no, as I reached down, unbuttoning and unzipping her tight jeans. “Yes, sweetheart! I know you want it. The way you’re dressed, you’re askin for it.” I pulled them down past her nice round, firm hips to her ankles, then told her to step out of them. I needed her legs spread open as far as they could go. Rubbing my hands up the outside of her legs, I bit her ass hard several times, making her jump and whimper. “Oh yes!!“ When I reached the top of her legs, just below her nice ass, I spread her thighs apart, checking out what I was about to take. I pulled her pussy lips open, sticking my tongue inside just the opening, tasting her sweet nectar. “You a virgin, honey?“ She didn’t respond. “Mmm! Guess that means yes. Haven’t had virgin for a long time! Your nasty little twat is gonna feel real good wrapped around my dick! I may fuck you the rest of the night!“ I licked the inside of her tight virgin cunt, then up the crack of her ass, probing the tight opening of her cute ass hole.

My cock couldn’t take anymore. I stood up, letting my jeans fall to the ground, bent her over a stool, pulling her ass up and spreading her legs open as far as I could get them. As soon as I had her in the right position, I grabbed my dick, pushing against her tight fuck hole. I circled the head around the tight opening and pushed some more. I continued circling her hole and pushing until I got half my cock head inside, then with a mighty thrust, I shoved my needy cock deep inside, ripping her pussy, punching through her hymen. Her cunt was so tight, I yelled out in pleasure as I punched her hymen. It made my cock feel so good. Better then I thought it would. I grabbed her hair pulling her closer to me, so I could drive my dick in deeper and harder.

I was riding her hard, yelling and moaning at how good it felt to fuck a virgin. She had yelled from the searing pain that went through her body. Her pussy muscles tightened automatically from the assault of my hard, fuck rod. Fuck! It made her cunt tighter and it was squeezing my dick, pulling my cum out. I was watching my dick ride her pussy hard as cum and blood oozed out of the sides. I was cumming hard and fast, squirting my hot juice deep inside her.

“Ahhhh!!! Fuck, baby!!!! This feels so good!!!! Ohhhh, yehhh!!! Your little kitty is so tight!!!! You should see how good it looks wrapped around my thick cock!!!!” I rode her cunt until my orgasm ended and I had stopped cumming.

She had passed out from the searing pain, inside her womb. When I finished cumming, I shook her to bring her around, just before I pulled out of her deflowered, tight fuck hole.

“Wakey, wakey!” I pulled her hair back, leaned forward to her neck, licked the side of her face and whispered in her ear. “That is just the beginning. Now I‘m takin your ass!”

She laid her head on the counter, sobbing and defeated, knowing she was getting fucked and couldn’t do anything about it. She knew she was in for more painful, rough drilling from my cock. “Seems I got your attention now. Just let me have my way with you and I might even make it good for you, before I’m done. But it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, as long as I do!“

I grabbed her ass again, stretching her legs further until she yelped in pain. I aimed my cock at her tiny little ass hole. Prodding and pushing my way in. It was so much tighter then her pussy, it took me a few minutes longer, to push my cock head in. Then I shoved it, ripping through her tight ass. It felt so much better then her cunt, I couldn’t control myself and started riding her ass hard, as soon as I had penetrated! She didn’t scream this time, just fainted from the pain. That’s okay. While she was passed out, her muscles loosened and I had the ride of a life time, cumming cup fulls inside her ass hole.

I watched myself fucking her ass, cum and blood spilling out. What a nice sight. Makin her bleed turned me on even more. My cock was rock-hard and pulsating faster as I rammed her tight ass! I hadn’t been laid in so long, I started cumming again. I threw my head back, yelling and hissing. My body began to tremble, as I started cumming again. UUUHHH!!! Fuck you feel good!!! Oh yeh!!!!” My yelling brought her around again, and she was sobbing from the pain. My orgasm subsided as I stopped cumming.

I pulled my softening cock out of that nice tight fuck hole. “Oh, baby. That was good! I’m still horny! I want your mouth. You might get lucky, if you do a real good job, sucking me and swallowing me, I’ll be satisfied and won’t need anymore />
I pulled her off the stool, forcing her to lay on the floor. I straddled her head, pulled the napkins out of her mouth, and quickly started pushing my cock in her mouth before she had the chance to scream. I held her head steady as I pushed my cock inside her mouth, hitting her throat. She was gagging and coughing and breathing hard through her nose. “If you suck and swallow, it won’t gag you.” She started swallowing and sucking my dick hard, making it grow again. Her hot wet mouth, felt so good! That’s it. That’s the way to give head! Keep sucking whore, make me cum down your throat.”

I rode her cock for several minutes, panting and perspiring and salivating. It wasn’t long and my cock swelled and throbbed hard as I begin shooting my hot, thick load down her throat. I rammed her throat harder, growling and hissing through my teeth, “Swallow it! Swallow my cum, bitch! Swallow it hard! You’re suckin my dick so good! Fuck yeh, your making me cum hard!”

Guess she couldn’t swallow fast enough as I watched the cum oozing out of her mouth. Laughing, I said, “I got a lot of cum, don’t I? Maybe, you’ll be pregnant, and I’ll have to make you my wife and can fuck you whenever and wherever I want? Hm? Won’t that be nice?”

I finished cumming and pulled my cock out. I decided I was satisfied enough and got dressed. I leaned over, pinched her nipples, making her wince and cry out. “I’ll be back soon, for round two. I left her laying there, with my cum oozing out of her orifices. I’d definitely be back for more of her pussy.

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Author: wild_fantasies

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